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Donna Mills To Reprise Her Role As General Hospital’s Madeline Reeves

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Knots Landing favorite, Donna Mills (Ex-Abby) is on her way back to Port Charles.

Donna will reappear on General Hospital this month as Madeline Reeves, the murderess sister of Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), and mother to Nina (Michelle Stafford), and the woman who was the legal mother to the late Nathan West (Ryan Paevey).

According to EW. Mills will appear briefly. Donna last appeared on GH in September of 2015, when GH fans saw that Madeline was sent to prison for the murder of Silas Clay (Michael Easton).  Donna first appeared in the role back in March of 2014.

So, how do you think Madeline will pop back up on the canvas, especially given the latest developments of Obrecht and Nina? Share your theories in the comment section below,.

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finally! great news!! hope she’ll have scenes with Leslie Charleson. was such a same not to see them in scenes last time.

i miss her. so much.

I have always thought that Nina’s child is alive, hidden away by Madeline.

Oh, mike….you have no idea how I second that! ….Or, maybe you do…..I still maintain Kiki is Nina’s child. …..I never stopped saying it!!!!….inserting it here and there.
However, your point ( that MadMaddie has him/her) would make as good a story line as Kiki’/.

I always thought Nelle looked more like Nina’s daughter…maybe it is Kiki and their will be a custody battle for her-why not-lol

Oh, Jimmy, my friend….we could belabor this until two Sundays come together.
Just as agreeing with Lynn, earlier today…..the baby looking like a Corinthos? That is impossible, but looking like Morgan who is a Corinthos makes sense in the soap world. Do the PTB think anything out? So I put their thinking cap on and thought….ok, it can be.
As far as a custody battle…hmmm…Kiki is too old: she’s her own custodian.
I still believe she is Nina’s. If I say it long enough; they will listen. LOL….look at them; tall and reedy…..Silas not tall enough; unless one of the parents were tall ( as Nina)…..Ava? …..completely different body shape.
I remember when you proposed Nelle being Nina’s daughter. I did agree with you because I thought it was a fantastic idea–twins, anyone?…..better than Nathan or Peter being Faison’s sons. He was a little twerp….Peter, even taller than Nathan….and, while Liesl was perfect as Nathan’s Mom, Anna as Peter’s?…not so much… It would have made more sense if Faison had been a tall man…..or Anna a tall woman…..genetically, it doesn’t jive, does it?

Well,her character is still in prison, so perhaps Nina goes to visit her mom. Or,Obrecht is caught&sent to the same prison as Donna Mills’character is in.Remember,they are sisters.

Or she is questioned about her whereabouts, or where she might go.Don’t forget Madeline still has family there, her niece Britt, who would know more about dear old mutter.

I don’t know. I haven’t been watching.

Nor I–but I plan to watch Genie’s return–to see if they do indeed give her an exciting storyline.

Good to have Donna Mills back..
I desperately need something new and different.
GH has be singing one note, a monotone note, same ol’ same ol’..

GH needs to SPEED UP.. 6 months-year long stories are overkill of boring.

The writers are not qualified to write intruding Shorter stories, they don’t have the talent nor the imagination to create stories of shorter length because that would mean instead of boring us with One looooong store they would have need to write perhaps 4 shorter stories and they are not capable to do so.

Hope Donna Mills brings something NEW , unpredictable, to my screen..
(not holding breath lol)

You know su000, I’ve loved Donna Mills since LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING, the 60s/70s soap she starred in with Leslie Charleson. And, of course, PLAY MISTY FOR ME and her fantastic Abby Ewing on KNOTS LANDING. Madeline may be wicked but Donna makes her a guilty pleasure. I’m looking forward to her return.

Uuuuu….Soaphound….I love that…”guilty pleasure”. Must use that line. I thought it was only used for Swiss chocolate???? HaHa and LOL.

She will be in the same prison with her own sister Dr. Lisel…still wish she would turn out to have a fraternal twin and its Monica…Monica would be related to them both..this would also be a nod to when they played sisters on LIAMST…

That would be too much fun, Jimh! I do so hope “Mutter” and “Magda” meet up behind bars…toss The Britch in the mix and you will have a Westbourne Family reunion truly worthy of the word! (Though no Nina, please…enough of her already!)

Hi, Shaybelle,
Has Liesl been apprehended? I must have missed that episode.
Imagine them all together in prison.
But, without Nina, the ‘Coven’ would not be complete. I love these ‘witches’…LOL.
I LOVE my Nina as much as I love Drew…..and a few more worthy choices….

To the best of my knowledge, Liesl is still “at-large,” CeeCee, but in my fondest wish that she somehow remains on the GH canvas, I am concocting any necessary scenario in order to achieve that end. Given that DM’s “Magda” is making a return appearance, it would seem such a waste were the “Swiss Sisses” not to be reunited for another catty round of “happy family,” albeit temporarily so…Perhaps Obrecht will spring Maddie from prison, along with Britt??? ‘Twould be great fun to see them all together again “on the lam” from the law!!! P.S. Nina not required…sorry, mia amica, just had to toss that one in there!!! LOL….

Imagine if Liesl comes back in a Laura mask…..nah; ‘they’ wouldn’t dare, would they?

@CeeCee…I think Liesl has been permanently put off faux facades since her “Anna antics”….Faison saw to that with his kinky request for her “wear the mask” during their much-anticipated, yet ultimately-unfilled, whoopie session at Windemere….Lol! P.S. Replied to your lovely comments at the “Laura thread” and it actually posted!

Ahh, I see, Shay…..she finds fakeness distasteful? LOL…I guess she’s authentic despite her ‘antics’.
It makes no difference to me, or you, for that matter…mais oui? We love her anywhichway.

Yes, CeeCeeGirl…we do love our Liesl! In our eyes, she can do no wrong…especially when she is wrongdoing! After all, that is her forte’…

I will never understand how the comings and goings work, Shaybelle…..
Who or what determines the ‘fate’ of characters?……with the exception of those actors/actresses who want to terminate their tenure, of course.
Kathleen’s personification of Liesl is and has everything…..a personality that made me both laugh and cry. Why allow her to slip through their fingers?
If this show is as moribund as many have said; shouldn’t TPTB try their best to feed it in order to sustain it?

In the current state of GH, I would say a great deal comes down to money, CeeCee. When one considers how much it takes to keep the “favored few,” fat and happy, not to mention the continual funding of Frank’s penchant for an endless parade of newbies and “intersoapers,” there is little left to offer a contract to someone as supremely talented and beloved as Kathleen Gati…and her magnificently monstrous creation of Liesl Obrecht! More’s the pity! This amazing actress takes whatever too-occasional scraps are provided to her flamboyant femme of a character and spins them into gold! Whether in terms of comedy or drama, she nails it each and every time! Having said that, since the magnificent Ms. Gati has not been exclusively hired for the GH canvas, she is free to take her clearly in-demand talents elsewhere, and she does! More power to her, but a sad state for those of us who desire to a greater emphasis upon the sinister schemes of her outrageously outre’ Dr. O.!!!!!

Again, you have slain me….your post is unreal, Shay. Perfect writing …succint, yet tells a story.
I guess I hadn’t thought of ‘budget’….of course, money, or lack thereof, impinges upon whom stays and whom goes…..but, I can thing of a couple or threevwith whom I could part without sorrow…..and it wouldn’t be sweet. HaHa….❤️

You and me both, CeeCeeGirl! We all have our favorites and bete noirs amongst the denizens of Port Charles…and I suspect most of ours wouldn’t necessarily comport in relation to the current GH cast, but I do celebrate the fact that we, along with many others, agree upon and applaud Kathleen Gati’s exceptional efforts as Liesl…she is a shining example of creating a full-fledged soap character from an initial showstring showing as a fleeting one-off….this used to be how iconic daytimers initially made their mark and entered the eventual pantheon of legends…I hope that Dr. O. is well on her way to becoming a member of that prestigious club! Obrecht is too valuable a player to be sent off to soap limbo, never to be seen or heard again! (Maybe she’ll turn up in Cassandra’s clinic storyline….she has probably skedaddled to Europe by now….). At any rate, thank you for the always much-appreciated gracious comments, mia amica!

it would be fun if they have a prison story with the sisters together if written right and a touch of comedy!!!

A campy “Women in Chains”-style storyline ala Ron C could be great fun!

Hi, Jimmy,
Yeah, but only if they find Liesl.
I wish I knew more about what you and Soaphound are talking about…..Must be a really fantastic feeling to have been part of that era.
I envy you guys!!

It leaves me with fond memories of the greatest soap opera era…i am also watching vintage episodes of The Doctors serial which i watched when it originally aired…if only all soaps survived the wiping process and being shown-you could had seen how great the soaps once were…but having come from that era always makes me an old-which i am…lol

Hopefully we will see about 5 seconds of her as her sister’s cellmate and then be rid of both of them forever. One of Re-Ron’s useless creations.

Oh come on now, Satan. Liesl suffered terribly from overuse and overexposure during the Carlivati era, especially at the very end, and some of the story nonsense that was contrived in order to keep her front and center was utterly preposterous (I’m thinking especially of the way she ended up as the head of the hospital), but she was hardly “useless” given her connections to others formerly on the canvas. With less screen time, she’d have been fine; Kathleen Gati has always been fun to watch, even if I sometimes wished she was on my screen less. Madeline, I’d agree, was more disposable, but she too had her moments, and she wasn’t really around long enough, or taking up enough screen time, to be a serious impediment to any viewers who didn’t like her. And having her around got us Donna Mills for a while–always a plus.

Lisel was a one and done character. To cartoonish!


Ahhh, my T…
I’d rather watch Liesl than Carly….or Dr Kim….well, I was going to say Jordan, but she’s leaving.

I like Kim! I forget she was even Carly at one time!

Hi, T,
It’s not that I don’t like Kim..”.Actually, I do.
I simply do not trust her. Don’t ask me why, LOL….I do not even know….a visceral feeling.
There’s more to her past with Drew in which she is not divulging. For good reason or not? Who knows!!

I got ya babe! Now, it seems like Liz Hendrickson’s character has a past with Drew. TRIANGLE!

Yes, T….I got that same vibe….
I think there is a story there between Drew and Margaux.
I hope so…..nothing dark, though. I’m done with the GH macabre.

Kathleen Gati is the best casting find during Frank’s run. She’s embodied Liesl with equal parts evil and fun. Who else could call Elizabeth “mousy Nurse Webber”, Anna “that twit” and Felicia “the Aztec”?

I agree, bury BOTH of them!

I can’t believe they are letting that murderous old bat out, after killing Silas and helping Rick swindle money from her own daughter. I loved Donna on Knott’s Landing, etc.but I can not stand her character on GH.

Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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O. J. Simpson Dead at 76: Real-Life Murder Trial in Which He Was Acquitted, Changed the Trajectory of Soap Operas

Former Pro Football superstar, O. J. Simpson, who became infamous for being on trial for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, has passed away at the age of 76 of cancer.

Simpson’s family put out a statement sharing, “Our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”

It was the murder trial that overtook the airwaves back in late 1994 and through most of 1995 that changed the landscape of daytime television forever, and in particular soap operas that many will recall.

Photo: AP

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson, O.J.’s former wife, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were brutally murdered. When O.J. became the prime suspect, a wild pursuant of him by the police while in his white Ford Bronco was viewed on every network by some 95 million viewers. This June marks 30-years since the incident.

Ultimately, Simpson was charged with Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders, though he was acquitted in what was dubbed The Trial of the Century.

The trial permeated the airwaves of every network and any time of day. Networks consistently interrupted soap operas while covering the day in and day out of the spectacle that was this star athlete and TV and film star’s trial.

With many of the soaps pre-empted on a regular basis, the public fascination of Simpson’s trial was to many better than a soap opera as it has all the ingredients. Writer Dominic Dunne noted the themes via an article in Vanity Fair of “interracial marriage, love, lust, lies, hate, fame, wealth, beauty, obsession, spousal abuse, stalking, brokenhearted children, the bloodiest of bloody knife-slashing homicides, and all the justice that money can buy.”

Because of the trial, soap operas lost a significant amount of their audiences. The murder trial went on for 11 months from November 9, 1994, to October 3, 1995.  They never were able to fully rebound as reality television became the next big thing.

O.J. Simpson is survived by four children: Arnelle and Jason, from his first marriage, and Sydney and Justin, from his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson.

So, do you remember being frustrated that your favorite soaps could not air during the O.J. trial, or did you find the murder trial more intriuing than the soaps themselves? Comment below.

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