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DYNASTY’s Rafael de La Fuente Reflects On Being Out and Proud After Conquering His Fears

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CW’s Dynasty just wouldn’t be the fun soap it is without the presence and the performance of none other than Rafael de La Fuente who kills it week after week with his work in the role of Sammy Jo.

In a very touching Instagram post on Wednesday from Atlanta, where Dynasty is shot, Rafael shares where he is at in his life (which is an amazing place) after his struggle with coming to terms with being gay, and how it would affect his chances of garnering work in Hollywood.

Rafael shared: “There was a time when I was so incredibly terrified of being gay and the thought of being out was sooo out of the question because I thought if I dared to be honest and open about who I was, I’d never be able to work as an actor or have a healthy love and family life… I’m currently on set of the show that I’ve been starring in (for 3 seasons now wtf), where I play a GAY character while my gorgeous boyfriend is in my trailer doing some work on the computer.  Ohh, and we’ll be spending Christmas with my family. Happiness and everything you want is on the other side of fear kids. Be bold, be proud, be you.”

Share your thoughts on de La Fuente’s post and if you enjoy his work as Sammy Jo on Dynasty via the comment section below.

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Kudos to de la Fuente for his inspirational commentary and bravery. His work on Dynasty is indeed a highlight of the show!


Sigh…ok whatever. Am I supposed to feel better after reading this? He’s a celeb in a gay-friendly celeb world. What is there to be scared of? I guess he now wants to be a spokesperson and model for people coming out. Guess what? There’s many of us who have been Out and Proud for decades. You’re no trailblazer.


I know nothing of this actor’s life, family or circumstances. Finding ones personal peace with self is an ongoing part of the human journey. I applaud Rafael’s progress on his journey.


Steven, did you even read the message? He’s saying he was previously scared, not now… and “what was there to be scared of?” you ask… Mr. De la Fuente spells it out for you: He thought it would hurt his career (which does happen to gay actors) and he had family concerns (we don’t know what his family is like). He’s not saying he’s a trailblazer. He’s offering hope to young people that coming out can be positive, even if it’s scary (“Happiness and fear is on the other side kids,” he writes.) Since you’ve been out and proud for… Read more »


Steven, I think you’re missing the point here. Everyone’s journey is different. He’s not aspiring to be a trailblazer. He’s simply celebrating living in his truth. This is significantly harder for men of color for a multitude of reasons. I can relate to his post and draw inspiration from it and I’m sure others from the communities he represents can as well.

No hate no shade
No hate no shade

Why the hate. True, but the world isnt always gay friendly even for celebrities. Some people still cant land roles in the industry. He wasnt trying to be original, he was trying to also encourage people by talking about his struggle.


Why can’t we be glad when someone comes out instead of tearing them down? I swear, sometimes there’s more hate from inside our own community than there is from any homophobe. Congratulations Rafael on living your truth. I love you on DYNASTY.


It’s always fantastic to see another positive coming out story, after decades worth of stories citing why you shouldn’t, on pain of rejection, disgust, humiliation, up to and including death. He’s a great actor and such a positive guy. I respect his work and his message.


Good for you! Great character and great show.


Love this, and love him! So glad you are happy and in love! Love you on Dynasty!

Houda Depompa
Houda Depompa

Jo is my favorite character on Dynasty

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‘Dynasty’, ‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘Three’s Company’ Star, Peter Mark Richman, Has Passed Away

Noted character actor, Peter Mark Richman had died at the age of 93 as revealed by his publicist, Harlan Boll.

Richman died this morning at 10:00am on January 14, 2021 in Woodland Hills, California of natural Causes. ,

Peter was a pharmacist turned actor, who appeared in such films as “Black Orchid,” “The Strange One,” “Naked Gun 2 ” and “Friday the 13th Part 8.”

He also starred as Nick Cain in his own NBC series, “Cain’s Hundred,” and in over 500 TV guest star appearances on such shows as “The Twilight Zone,” “The Outer Limits,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Star Trek the Next Generation.”

Richman had recurring roles on “Three’s Company” (as the Reverend Snow) and “Beverly Hills 90210” as well as co-starring roles on series such as ABC’s “Dynasty” as attorney Andrew Laird.   he also played CC Capwell for a time on Santa Barbara in 1984.

Mr. Richman is survived by his wife of 67 years, Helen Richman; five children, Howard Richman and his wife, Cherie, Kelly Lester and her husband, Loren, Lucas Richman and his wife, Debbie, Orien Richman and his wife, Alevé, and Roger Richman; as well as six grandchildren, Jenny, Lily, Max, Julia, Oliver and Danica.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, funeral services will be held privately and at the convenience of Mr. Richman’s family. Memorial contributions in honor of Mr. Richman can be made to the Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF).

Share your remembrances and condolences on the passing of Peter Mark Richman via the comment section below.

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Michael Fairman TV Names The Best and Worst in Soaps 2020

In a year like no other, 2020 will always be remembered for how the coronavirus pandemic changed the course of all of our lives. The film and television industry were greatly impacted; and your favorite soaps had to shutdown production in the spring; leading to several months of airing of rebroadcasts.  Only Days of our Lives, which at that point has been shooting many months ahead of air, had original episodes to carry them through.

Now faced with having to follow strict safety protocols, the soaps all eventually got back up and running and had to find innovative ways to keep the stories moving forward, and the love stories daytime is known for still translating to its audience while keeping cast, crew and production safe.  We can’t say that 2020 was one of the best years of story on the soaps, because it wasn’t.  However, there was still enough to keep us hanging in.

So with that said; as 2020 comes to a close, we take a look back with our annual list of the Best and Worst in Soaps.  As it does every year, Michael Fairman TV  take this opportunity to pay tribute to the tremendous work of the talented men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes, whose tireless efforts in the grind of producing and acting in this genre’s format is a feat in of itself.  In addition to naming the best moments and performances of the year, there were several not-so-stellar moments featuring characters, storylines, and more, that get the dubious honor of some of our “Worst’s”.

While we know many of you have your own views, picks and choices, and while you may disagree, or agree with ours, we encourage you to let us know your thoughts as well.  Most of all, respect everyone’s opinions, as you wish them to respect yours.

Finally, we want to wish our wonderful community here at Michael Fairman TV and soap fans everywhere, a happy New Year.  It is all of you with your passion and devotion to the genre itself, which make this such a unique medium that we all squabble, and delight over week after week, month after month, and episode after episode.

So here we go … The Best and Worst in Soaps … and with that… 2020 out! Thank God!

Photo: JPI


General Hospital  

In a year which was not daytime’s best by any means, it could be broken down by pre-pandemic episodes and return-to-production-amid pandemic episodes.  And when we broke it down by heart-tugging moments, surprises, twists, returns and vision, we landed on GH as our pick for the Best Soap of 2020.  While not everything was a home-run or close to (more on that in our annual list below), it had enough for us to keep us wanting to see what happened next, and its return to taping new episodes this summer felt like (not sure it was intended that way),  a solid re-set for the show which brought viewers: Dante and Britt back on the canvas, the final and devastating arc of the Alzheimer’s story and Mike’s death,  Laura front and center, Kim Delaney’s debut as Jackie Templeton, delving into some deep history of the iconic soap, the explosion at the Floating Rib, which caused quite the stir for fans of the series, and more.  In the first half of the year, Taggert returned, Nikolas revealed himself, and the truth about baby Wiley FINALLY came out.  But above all else, the cast of General Hospital rose to the occasion no matter what the material and delivered and left us with many memorable moments in 2020.


The Young and the Restless

The juggernaut that is Y&R, unlike GH, seemed to lose more of its footing when returning from its Covid-19 production shutdown.  It was hard to care about most of its storylines; a lot felt predictable, scenarios we had seen before were shown again, etc. And that is shame, when  Y&R features the amazing talents of: Jason Thompson, Sharon Case, Eric Braeden, Mark Grossman, Amelia Heinle, Michelle Stafford, Melody Thomas Scott, Greg Rikaart, and more, who delivered with the material they were given.  Making it even more obvious, was during the shutdown the airing of classic episodes of Y&R reminded viewers what the show was like in its glory days.



Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor – General Hospital

This year with General Hospital being our pick for Best Soap, it would not have been without the creative storytelling decisions by Chris and Dan. The co-head writer’s depiction of Mike’s decline with Alzheimer’s and the effects it had on him and his loved ones was raw and true-to-life in many respects. They told all the right beats of the story – never short-changing it for those in the audience who have watched their mother, father, husband, wife, partner or friends die from this most horrific disease.  In soaps, it’s easy to cop-out and move through a story, but Chris and Dan took their time, and this son, of a mother who died from Alzheimer’s, appreciated the love and care they took with the story.  Additionally, how can you not love Laura being back in the mix and now connected to two brothers she never knew she had… Cyrus and Martin? These were just a few of the reasons; they were our choice for Soapmakers of the Year 2020 – our highest honor.  Read the interview with the honorees here.

Photo: JPI


Brad Bell – The Bold and the Beautiful

Our “Soap Vanguard” honors goes to someone in the genre who in the past year moved the medium forward, and for 2020 that has to go to B&B’s head writer and executive producer Brad Bell   Through Bell’s unrelenting tenacity, he got his show to ultimately become the first American broadcast television show back in production amid the pandemic.  With that, it shed light on the soaps again through the mainstream media, who ran major stories on how Brad planned to get back into production and keep his cast safe.  2020 will go down as the year, actors kissed mannequins, or had their real-live spouses sub for a deep lip lock, or kept socially-distanced in heavy dramatic scenes, all started by Bell.  Later, he smartly wrote a mannequin into the storyline, which gave us the Thomas thriller with his demon doll, Hope.  And in the middle of all this, Brad addressed one of the social issues of our time – opioid addiction – utilizing his rock star young leading actress, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, but telling the story in “Operation Warp Speed” time. Yes, the story and Steffy’s recovery all happened too fast, but Bell did not want the audience at home, who was already suffering from depressing circumstances in their lives due to the impact of Covid-19, to have to watch months of harrowing story.



Genie Francis – Laura Collins – General Hospital

When the Daytime Emmys roll around in the summer of 2021, the field of women vying for the Lead Actress prize should include the incomparable Maura West, who once again was outstanding in everything she was given in 2020; plus Sharon Case, Nancy Lee Grahn, Finola Hughes, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Laura Wright, and Genie Francis.  Now while Genie was on in spurts during the pre-pandemic GH and then not till the fall with the return to production, she reminded us all just why she is the icon, and why she is GH’s earth mother and moral center.  When you think of her scenes back in January, when Laura is blindsided that her son, Nikolas, is alive and knew it for three years and did not tell his own mother! When you think of the scenes where she has a heartbreaking goodbye with her daughter, Lulu (Emme Rylan) now that she has to be put in a long-term care facility; when you think of her going toe to toe with her new nemesis and half-brother Cyrus Renault, Francis played the beats and we felt for Laura; partly because it’s ingrained in us and we are conditioned to want the best for Laura, but mostly because Francis just seems to get better and better with time.



Jacqueline MacInnes Wood– Steffy’s Opioid Addiction – The Bold and the Beautiful

There wasn’t a more gut-wrenching performance in the soaps this year, then watching the strong and independent Steffy Forrester succumb to opioid addiction – something that is happening to millions of people – who simply need painkillers to help through surgery, a physical trauma and then find themselves unwittingly dependent on them.  Jacqui delivered in extremely intense scenes none more so than when she comes for her child wielding a knife to use on her family, or the moment she is shaken to her core, realizing she is an addict and admits it out loud to herself.  Yes, it all happened in record and condensed time, but Wood’s performance will stand among the best of this, or any other year.


Alison Sweeney – Sami Brady DiMera – Days of our Lives

The perfect soap marriage really is Alison Sweeney as Sami as written by DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati. Under Carlivati’s tenure, Sami gets the best lines, the best moments, some outrageous situations, and Sweeney plays them to the hilt.  Remember the custody trial for Allie’s child? And all the strings Sami pulled; including out of nowhere letting loose Jan Spears on Salem?  And what about that Ericole wedding cake fight with Nicole? Sweeney’s portrayal makes Sami one of the all-time best characters on the soaps and every time she makes a return it lights up the long-running NBC daytime drama.

Photo: ABC


Maurice Benard – Sonny Corinthos – General Hospital

It’s this simple … Maurice Benard did some of the finest work of his entire daytime career playing every heartbreaking turn of a son wanting to remain connected to his father, after finding common ground with each other year’s later, only to have their relationship ripped away from them by a foe they can’t defeat … Alzheimer’s disease.  Maurice’s unforgettable performances from:  Mike’s passing, to the funeral episode, to everything in between was gold.  For anyone who had lost a parent to this disease, Benard illustrated the grief, and the hopelessness and the dreadful decisions one has to make along the way when caring for the afflicted.


Max Gail – Mike Corbin – General Hospital

The Alzheimer’s storyline could never have been as effective if GH did not have the absolute right centerpiece. Max Gail is a phenomenal actor, who the audience grew to love as Mike Corbin.  The final leg of his performance from the summer until Mike’s ultimate passing was masterful work.  Max made us grab for the hankies 50 times over


Photo: JPI


Marla Adams – Dina’s final moments – The Young and the Restless

Fans also had to say their final goodbyes to the character of Dina Mergeron who also died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.  With the pandemic putting a wrecking ball through most of the story, it had to be wrapped up and Adams, played Dina’s final scenes to heart-tugging perfection.  In it, she becomes lucid after seeing the Teardrop of Love and says a goodbye to each of her children, before going to heaven to ultimately meet up with John Abbott.

Photo: ABC


Lisa LoCicero – Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine – General Hospital

If you want to talk about heartbreaking scenes, look no further than when Olivia goes across the world to see her son, Dante, who is being treated for some form of PTSD.  She hasn’t seen her son in such a long time, and she just wants to see him and hold him. But Dante would not let her in the door of his room.  That gave LoCicero one of 2020’s most gut-wrenching moments that any mother watching would feel for her child.  Couple that with Liv’s James Bond adventures with Robert, her fights with Ned, and still showing us the realness of the girl from Bensonhurst, LoCicero was on point every step of the way.

Photo: JPI


Matthew Atkinson – Thomas Forrester – The Bold and the Beautiful

If you would have told us, that we would have witnessed a story between a mannequin and a guy who clearly has gone off his rocker (we later find out he had suffered a brain bleed/trauma) and it made for some of the most intense riveting drama of 2020, we would say, “What universe are you living in?” But this is life amidst Covid-19, and the story inspired by the use of mannequins as scene doubles truly showcased just how talented Matthew Atkinson is.  Here he showed the confusion, the conflict, and the terror, the obsession with Hope and her mannequin, and so many layers that it was exhausting watching him in episodes, so it had to be for him as well.  A great performance, and let’s not forget, he was stellar prior to the mannequin story, too.



Mike’s family says their goodbyes before he passes away – General Hospital

All of Mike’s family gathered and had their moments alone to say their goodbyes.  In it, the characters visualize moments with Mike that are in the future that they will never have.  We also were treated to Vernee Watson (Stella) helping get Mike comfortable in heartbreaking scenes before his death.  There were so many wonderful moments played by Laura Wright, Rebecca Herbst, Maura West, Steve Burton, Eden McCoy, Chad Duell, Maurice Benard and more, that it truly showed the strength of this acting ensemble.

Photo: JPI


Chloe Lanier – Nelle Benson – General Hospital

Nelle manipulates and comes up with despicable plots all in her vendetta against Michael and Carly. Then, she turns on the water works at the right time to get people to fall for her victim-routine! Chloe Lanier delivered and played all the complexities of Nelle. Now, when will she be revealed to be alive???? When will we see Nina and Nelle find out they are mother and daughter?

Photo: JPI


Kassie DePaiva – Eve Donovan – Days of our Lives

When an unhinged Eve was revealed to be responsible for Ben’s kidnapping, Kassie DePaiva had to take her character on a very dark turn and make it believable, even though the circumstances of: putting an I Pad screen on top of a dummy version of Ciara in a wedding dress, and trying to fry and destroy Ben’s mind were outrageous.  When all was said and done, Kassie’s guest arc was pretty sensational.


Jeff Kober – Cyrus Renault – General Hospital

When Cyrus first appeared on GH, we thought, ‘Who is this guy’? Is this just another bad drug lord for Sonny and Jason to go up against as in Batman and Robin vs. any villain from Gotham City? But we soon found out; Cyrus would wind up being a complex villain tied to Laura Collins and more, and Jeff Kober is excellent at bringing the menacing and troubled Renault to life.

Photo JPI


William Lipton, Eden McCoy, and Sydney Mikayla – Cameron, Joss and Trina – General Hospital

It’s not often that a soap finds success with a consistently great group of teen actors.  Often fans want the teen scene off their screens, but in the case of GH’s Cameron, Josslyn and Trina, the actors are so good in their roles that they don’t feel like filler, but instead a part of the fabric and future of Port Charles.  Lipton is intense when Cameron is agonizing over the plight of Franco, or losing his friend, Dev.  Sydney Mikayla delivered in a recent scene with a substitute Taggert as her on-screen father and showed she can make the most out of heavy emotional material … and she holds her own in scenes with the one and only Maura West, too.  As for Eden McCoy, soaps has their future leading lady, a chip-off-the old-block like her on-screen mother, Laura Wright.


William Utay – Dr. Rolf – Days of our Lives

Two years running for this honor! Whenever Dr. Rolf pops back on to our screens – this time from the slammer, William Utay brings the shtick of crazy scientist, Wilhelm Rolf, and we are here for it.


Kathleen Gati – Obrecht – General Hospital

Two years in a row also for Dr Rolf’s would-be Port Charles German counterpart, Liesl Obrecht.  Kathleen Gati always makes the most out of every scene Obrecht is in and we are also here for that!

Photo: JPI


Kelly Thiebaud – Britt Westbourne – General Hospital

The”Britch is Back” twice in one year.  In March, she popped up out of nowhere to help try to save her friend, Brad Cooper, before he was whisked off to Pentonville, and then later in the fall, Britt shows back up in Port Charles, wait for it… as the new Chief of Staff at GH.  Kelly plays Britt to the hilt and we love anytime she is back on-screen. We hope she stays that way for a long time to come.


Emma Samms – Holly Sutton – General Hospital

When the planned story of the return of Holly Sutton had to be put on hold because Emma Samms was battling Covid-19, the producers of GH were clever enough to get her to film herself in London, and have the character turn out to be alive and held captive, meaning we could get more to this story once this pandemic is far from gone.


Kim Delaney as Jackie Templeton – General Hospital

The daytime world was rocked and in a good way with the news that former All My Children darling, Kim Delaney (Ex-Jenny Gardner) was heading back to ABC daytime and to General Hospital.  Then it leaked that she would be playing none other than ace journalist, Jackie Templeton made soap-famous by Demi Moore.  Now Jackie is in the mix with some intriguing story that ties her to her son, Chase, and the obvious drama between her, Finn, and Gregory.  Great casting choice.

Photo: JPI


Emily O’Brien – Gwen Rizczech – Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives Gwen has a score to settle, she was even willing to fry Abigail’s brain.  She is manipulative, but there is definitely some terrible pain underneath all in the capable hands of Emily O’Brien – who fans first loved as crazy Jana Hawkes on The Young and the Restless and now as Salem’s Gwen


Jake Lambert – Days of our Lives

When Jake the mechanic showed up looking just like Stefan O DiMera, obviously they were twins.  But the difference between the two is startling thanks to the performances of Brandon Barash.


Amanda Sinclair – The Young and the Restless

When mystery woman Amanda showed up, it was not very hard to figure out she would be the twin of Hilary Curtis Hamilton, and the story really never took off.

Photo: JPI


Writing off #Wilson – Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey- Days of our Lives

What was the point of writing off a super couple who are also representing the LGBTQ community on daytime, when there are so few depictions?  How do you let go of these Emmy winners? Call us confused.


Nelle Benson – General Hospital

I mean, c’mon! All of Port Charles should be lining-up to bitch-slap Nelle, not only Carly!


Laura Collins – General Hospital

Two big wallops in one year: First, Laura hauls off and slaps her son, Nikolas in the beginning of 2020, and at the end of 2020 hauls off and slaps her half-brother, Cyrus!


Jennifer Horton Deveraux and Kate Roberts – Days of our Lives

Well, this honor has to go to DAYS, Jennifer and Kate, who had some serious slapping going down following the reveal that Kate slept with Jack, while Jen remained in a coma.

Photo: CW


Rafael de La Fuente – Sammy (Sam) Jo Flores – Dynasty

Sammy Jo lights up Dynasty whenever he is on-screen and we got to see de La Fuente sing a tune or two with bestie Fallon in season three to boot! Now, will former Y&R star Lachlan Buchanan return in season four so Sammy Jo can have some lovin’?


Elizabeth Gillies – Fallon Carrington – Dynasty

Here is one uber-talented gal.  She plays the reboot incarnation of Fallon Carrington with humor, zest, and Gillies can sing like nobody’s business.



Back in May when the season three finale of Dynasty aired, they had to cut their planned episodes down a few due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production – which left us wanting to see Fallon and Liam’s highly-anticipated nuptials, which could not be filmed.  But either way, Dynasty is pure soap on steroids each week, complete with wicked humor and enough cliffhangers to keep us wanting more.

Photo: JPI


Heather Lindell – Jan Spears – Last Blast Reunion – The DOOL App

Back at the end of 2019 and into January of 2020, The DOOL app launched its digital drama series, Last Blast Reunion, which included the return of the cray-cray Jan Spears; played to perfection by Heather Lindell.  In this series, she kidnapped Shawn and tied him half- naked to a bed, and had a bomb in an anniversary cake ready to blow up the “Last Blast Crew”, and she made us remember why we couldn’t wait to see what good ole’ Jan would do next?  The stint went so well, that Lindell was asked back to the air shows and make a guest appearance in the fall, ultimately disrupting Shawn and Belle’s attempt at getting hitched.


Sean Kanan – Sam Stevens– Studio City

In the final week of 2019 and then into January of 2020, Sean Kanan’s Studio City became must-see digital viewing.  The show had a look and feel all its own and Kanan’s portrayal of an actor on a soap who’s life off-screen has gone off the rails, reminded us all of why Sean can bounce from the dramatic to the comedic with such ease.

Photo: JPI


Ben and Ciara – Days of our Lives

Rob Scott Wilson (Ben) and Victoria Konefal (Ciara) brought to life the unlikely pairing of a former serial killer and the well-to-do renegade daughter of one of Salem’s most respected cops, and made it work for the last few years.  So much so, that their #Cin fan base remains one of the most active and vibrant on social media.  Rob and Victoria’s commitment to the material they are given (in extreme circumstances – see below) is unwavering and we, the viewers, never question the two characters love for each other.


Ben and Ciara – Days of our Lives

How much can one couple endure within a one-year span?  First, Ben is ready to be served up a lethal injection for supposedly murdering his sister – enter Ciara to save the day by a split second! Then, they finally tie-the-knot and a bomb goes off right after the “I do’s”.  Next thing you know, Ben is kidnapped and tortured by Eve to get him programmed to kill his bride!  And wait for it … then… when Ben is hot on the trail of Vincent (who has kidnapped Ciara) the car she is in blows up!  And yet … we have hope it will be a better 2021 for #Cin.  What do you think #Cinners?


Ben and Ciara –Days of our Lives

When the nuptials of Ben and Ciara were taped months ahead of air, pre-pandemic DAYS, the show went all out for their young signature couple.  This wedding had EXTRAS … translation…a lot of people in the church!  A beautiful gown for Ciara… an explosion and special effects … and some beautiful vows and performances by Rob Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal,   It was the wedding to remember of 2020.

Photo: JPI


Wally Kurth – Justin Kiriakis – The Wedding of Kayla and Justin – Days of our Lives

In a sensational scene, Justin must admit to Kayla as they are just about to say their “I-do” that he overheard Steve saying he wants his sweetness back.  In a stroke of friendship, and heartbreak, Justin tells Kayla to go to Steve and that he will always love her. We were on set the day that Kurth delivered this performance and the cast and crew applauded his work. It was that good.

Photo: JPI

MOST BORING COUPLE (three-way-tie)

Kyle and Lola – The Young and the Restless

Kyle and Summer – The Young and the Restless

Theo with Lola– The Young and the Restless

Any way you sliced it, we weren’t that invested in Kyle and Lola, or Kyle and Summer or Theo with Lola.  Were you?

Photo: JPII


Peter and Maxie, General Hospital

This pairing becomes even more increasingly hard to tolerate the longer they are together.  Maxie is no dummy and she seems completely oblivious to the fact that her beau, is a duplicitous killer and beyond unscrupulous.  Get Maxie back with Spinelli stat or someone, anyone!  To make matters worse, Paxie is about to have a baby.  Make it stop!


Julian Jerome – General Hospital

Was it really necessary to have Julian spend weeks of suffering before his ultimate demise?  William deVry gave his all to Julian Jerome, and it felt a bit cruel to us to have him shot, shot again, drown, and whatever else was done to him,. Yes, Julian did unforgiveable things, but wouldn’t one bullet suffice?


Women’s Right to Vote – General Hospital

We have to admit when we saw the previews for this; we thought this will not work.  How is GH going to tell a compelling hour of TV on the suffrage movement given the constraints of daytime?  But boy we were wrong! The story was crafted complete with historical references and gave the GH all-star female cast, different roles to play.  Laura Wright was just one of the standouts in the episode, which was an important remembrance of how far women have come especially for the female audience- which is the primary demo of the soaps.



Sharon Case – Sharon dreams of how her cancer diagnosis will affect her and her loved ones – The Young and the Restless

Breast cancer awareness was a major part of Y&R in 2020, thanks to the story where Sharon has to deal with her cancer diagnosis.  In a standalone episode from back in February, Sharon goes through a series of dreams/nightmares of what it will be like going through her battle and ultimately possibly dying or losing everyone in her life along the way. She is visited by her late daughter, Cassie, and in the ultimate hankie moment Sharon has a request that her daughters sleep next to her for the night.  We see Faith and Mariah on each side of her as Cassie watches over them.  Case played this one to perfection and honored the feelings of women everywhere who face this diagnosis.

Photo: NBC


Mother’s Day – Days of our Lives

Back in late January, Days of our Lives aired a week’s worth of episodes that kept being interrupted by the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump, leaving viewers to have to watch on digital or mobile platforms, mostly.  This is when we learned what happened to Adrienne on that fateful night when she was involved in the car crash and Will believed he was the responsible party.   The performances by: Wally Kurth, Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith in these episodes delivered hankies x 10 moments.  Justin losing his wife, Sonny losing his mother, and both of them so outraged at a guilt-ridden Will, they could not even look at him.  All of these gentlemen should remember these scenes come Emmy time.


The Alzheimer’s Storyline – General Hospital

This story hit so close to home for so many viewers and was delivered with such care, understanding and most importantly respectfully to the dying and their families, that as we have stated before it will be remembered as a GH classic for years to come. The performances were outstanding, the writing on-point, the direction top notch, and we cried along with it every step of the way.


The murder of AJ Montalvo – The Young and the Restless

This story was to explain Adam’s bad behavior- that he killed a guy when he was a kid.  Adam blocked it from his memory – Victor helped cover it up.  When the dust settled, and Adam found out the truth and how Victor protected him, he became more venomous against his father and everyone else.   When you deliver to the audience a murder of a character no one ever saw before, or cares about, and try to tie it to a characters’ troubled past – it’s doomed to fail.

The Teardrop of Love – The Young and the Restless

For weeks we heard “Teardrop of Love”, “Teardrop of Love”.  While, it brought inner peace to Dina in the final moments before she passed, and for Jack, who found it for his mother just in time, later it became part of a sappy story with Kyle and Summer.  We were hoping for a bigger story behind this after all the build-up. Are we missing something?

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Steveno – Days of our Lives

Brain chips are us! Just how many characters can get implanted with these babies? This time it was Stephen Nichols turn to reappear on the canvas but this time with Stefano’s memories in him, and acting like Stefano, not Steve Johnson, and without his eye patch.  To make the plot all the more preposterous and to get our beloved “Patch” back, Anna DiMera had to throw a high heel shoe that hit the guy in the eye reversing the whole thing and there we have it … we have our anti-hero Steve back, black eye-patch, and all.

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Rebecca Herbst – Elizabeth Webber Baldwin – General Hospital

She is a treasure for General Hospital and loved by its longtime fans.  In 2020, we got to see Herbst display some beautiful work, especially in her scenes with Maurice Benard and Max Gail in the Alzheimer’s storyline, or dealing with the trauma and the trouble of her relationship with Franco and her son Cameron, or her “flirtation” with Nikolas.   However, Herbst is capable of driving story and it’s time this Most Valuable Player is given something more worthy of her talents.

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Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary as Victor Newman, and Newman Enterprises 50-year Gala – The Young and the Restless

Y&R went all out for its iconic star and well it should! On-screen we had the Newman Enterprise 50th anniversary gala, complete with moments of honor from his family and guests including: Meg Bennett (Julia) and Robert Parucha (Matt).  The art installation that was created as a gallery of Victor and his life was also in tribute to Braeden, and it was very impressive.  Off-screen, Eric had one of the most heavily-attended celebrations with speeches, surprise guests, and even many members of the cast of GH came by to salute the man who has meant so much to daytime.


Peter August – General Hospital

How much longer can the unpopular Peter August go on getting away with murder and sabotage?  He orchestrated Drew’s death, framed Obrecht, was in cahoots with Helena Cassadine from way back, if memory serves us.  It’s time for this guy to face the music!



Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn – General Hospital

Finally giving in to her desires to reconnect and be with Neil, the new man in her life, Alexis has a night of glorious sex with the guy, only to go get him some coffee in the morning to realize he is dead in her bed.


Nancy Lee Grahns’s “Covid Support Group”

While everyone was at home during Covid-19, many daytime stars were creating content and chief among them was Nancy Lee Grahn.  Her pandemic digital series, Covid Support Group featured Grahn with some of the all-time greats of daytime; Jane Elliot and Kim Zimmer that had us wildly entertained.

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Liam Spencer -– The Bold and the Beautiful

So let’s set the scene.  Liam walks in to Thomas’ apartment and see a shirtless Thomas (in the dark no less) kissing what Liam believes to be his wife, only Thomas is kissing the Hope Mannequin.   We think Liam needs some glasses!  Next, after hightailing it to his ex-wife, Steffy’s place, the two have some drinks and then have sex.  Later, when Liam is in for a rude awakening from Hope herself, that Thomas was making out with a mannequin, not her, he has egg on his face.  Dude!

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Justin Gaston for Donny Boaz – Chance and Abby’s Wedding – The Young and the Restless

When Donny Boaz came down with Covid-19, just around the time Y&R was to film their big wedding of Chance and Abby; to be a the centerpiece of their 12,000 episode celebration, the show brought in Melissa Ordway’s real-life hubby, Justin Gaston to play Chance.  It worked like a charm.  You believed even more that Chance and Abby were in love and Gaston did an excellent job at coming through at the last minute and saving the day!


Briana Lane as Brook Lynn and Lindsay Hartley as Sam – General Hospital & Cady McClain as Jennifer – Days of our Lives

2020 was the year of jolting temporary replacements, some due to Covid, some due to other issues such as maternity leaves, etc   GH replaced Amanda Setton with Briana Lane in the role of Brook Lynn and Kelly Monaco was subbed for by soap vet, Lindsay Hartley. Both women did terrific jobs at keeping the characters alive when they were in heavy duty scenes.   Meanwhile over at DAYS, Daytime Emmy winner, Cady McClain came to Salem to keep the character of Jennifer alive, and in major story; while Melissa Reeves stayed with her family in Nashville during the pandemic.  A job well-dine by all three women.

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The Hope Mannequin – The Bold and the Beautiful

The Moss – Carly and Sonny’s Kitchen – General Hospital

Two props on daytime TV also became social media stars! First, without a doubt the Best Prop of the Year honors has to include B&B’s Hope Mannequin.  The creepy doll was everything! Over at GH, the moss in Sonny and Carly’s kitchen became wildly popular too.   Can there be an Emmy award for this in 2021?

Now let us know if you agree with our picks, or have picks of your own for the Best and Worst in Soaps 2020 via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

General Hospital and Dynasty Star, Emma Samms Shares Her Battle With “Long Covid”

While General Hospital fans have been curious to find out just what is the true fate of Holly Sutton who is believed to have died, sending Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) on a mission to find out just what had happened to her, Sutton’s portrayer, Emma Samms has been going through her own difficult time since testing positive for the coronavirus back in March in the U.K.

Samms was never hospitalized for her symptoms related to the virus, but according to a report and interview with The Times, she has been suffering from long bouts of tremendous fatigue, where even small tasks like talking on the phone or doing gardening have become difficult for her.

Emma revealed, “This panic-inducing level of fatigue has been less startling and immensely compromising … and it fluctuates. I improve slightly, have a couple of good days, and assume I am on the road to recovery, only to go right back to feeling horrendous.”

The popular actress has a condition currently called “Long Covid”.  However, researchers and doctors  who are working closely on COVID-19 are still unsure why certain people have been unable to recover, nor how to treat the condition, which mimics Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The actress who first became soap famous for GH, later appeared on the original ABC version of Dynasty as Fallon Carrington.

Send your thoughts and well-wishes to Emma during this difficult time, as we know many General Hospital fans would love to see her back on the ABC daytime drama series as a very much alive, Holly.  Comment below.

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B&B’s Matthew Atkinson chats with Michael Fairman about the wild ride of the Thomas/Hope Mamnequin storyline currently on The Bold and the Beautiful.Leave A Comment

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