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Emme (Formerly Marcy) Rylan Is Cast As General Hospital's New Lulu Spencer!

Photo Credit: PR Photo

Photo Credit: PR Photo

The connection between Genoa City and Port Charles grows this morning with the breaking news that has been confirmed by various sources and Soap Opera Digest.

Marcy Rylan has been cast as the new coveted role of Lulu Spencer on General Hospital replacing the departing Julie Marie Berman!

Now in addition to that piece of casting news, it appears that Rylan has chosen to now go by the name “Emme” Rylan and has dropped the “Marcy” from her name.

Rylan has been a fan favorite for her roles on both Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless and was recently brought back to the CBS soap after being let-go late last year as Abby Newman.

Let us know what you think of the casting choice of Emme Rylan as the new Lulu?

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I adore her! Loved her on GL and welcome here to GH. I can see her more as Maxie than Lulu, tho. But am thrilled to have her!


this stuff… never cease to amaze me… always something to process…

so what? she was brought back to Y&R ????

I honestly was thinking…. who would they re-cast as Lulu?

This is going to work…… “EMME” aka Marcy Rylan… is natural, adorable, likeable.. has that innate sense… and doesn’t seem to be acting…. she’s in the scene… and this could bode real well for GH and Dante…


Marcy Rylan and the ubber lovely captivating Beth Chamberlain…. mother/daughter duo of springfield.

Wonder if there is any possibility at all that Prospect Park could bring back GL after OLTL and AMC prove successful in a couple of years?

Totally agree, Patrick! Loved GL sooo much!

Hasn’t Emme been great on GH? Love her!

hate her. I want Julie back!!!

Too bad.

Hate her so bad I quit watching so too bad to you, hah!
Welcome back OLTL! GH can take a long walk off a short pier!

Yes. I would love to see Julie Berman back as Lulu Spencer!

Wow,an actor leaving Y&R to come to GH,now that’s a switch.Since I don’t watch Y&R,I will have to wait until I see her as Lulu to know if I like her or not.

Not really, since Genie Francis also went from Y&R to GH. This is really great casting. Unexpected since they just brought Abby back onto the canvas but a welcome surpirse. I think she will fit in great with the Spencer clan and have smoking chemistry with DZ. Nice choice.

Genie didn’t leave Y&R to return to GH.Jill Phelps fired her back in Sept,and she didn’t return to GH until recently.If she hadn’t been let go,she would probably still be on Y&R.

You can’t count Genie, since she started at GH and then went to other shows (like Ceara on AMC) before Y&R.

Not true……she was gonna be on GH anyway for the 50th anniversary

i know… GH is the bot bed of where you wanna be….

kudos to her…

Ok here is another $50 bet the new Abby will be JMB! Musical chairs on steroids!

This is crazy casting news, and k/kay brings a very interesting bet to the table.

I think if I was a soap actor, I would want to be on GH now.

Wonder why the name change?


Hey guys thanks for backing me up probably a crazy idea but if it happens and BB ends up over there I collect $100.00 from my sis and I plan to buy a good bottle of wine to celebrate my genius. Lol!

JMB isnt playing the new ABBY. You lost your bet. Do i get the 50. just teasing lol

I love her as Abby… but I was thinking of who would be a great recast for Lulu and because I love her as Abby and was glad she was back… I did not consider her… but now that I heard this… I think it’s great!!! She will be a great Lulu!!! She is shorter so she will work great with Dante and she actually looks like she could be a daughter to Laura and Luke!!! This is great for Emme because she gets to work with Genie and Tony who are two of the best in the business! I think she is lucky because she is going to the best soap GH!!! Way to go Emme and way to go GH!!!

it’s amazing….

who’d a thunk? huh?

she’s a great actor…. who holds her own… and acting chops right their… with the big wigs…..

I loved her on Guiding Light…. as Lizzie Sjpaulding.
I loved her on Y&R… as Abby …..

now… here she is as the new Lulu…..

she’s got that mystique….. a refreshing au naturale…..

i was “worried” about finding that someone… for Dante….

whew…. when you least expect it….

I think it is AWESOME! Marcy definitely knows how to play a spitfire with spunk that Lulu is and I have a hunch she will have chemistry with Dante and the Spencer family.

How sweetly ironic it is, isn’t it that JFP fired Genie Francis and Marcy, hired Marcy back but only on recurring and now GH has snatched them both and they will be playing mother and daughter no less.

I watch both Y&R and GH but I know JFP’s track record with soaps and I know she is going to keep making mistakes with Y&R so if GH benefits I am all for it!

I am probably more curious to see her chemistry with Tony and Genie, and even Tyler and Jonathan, than anyone else. This will be the teller for me.

She will no doubt get along great with the rest of the cast. I could see her and Kristen Storms really hitting it off. And what a lucky girl! Having played the daughter of Phillip Spaulding (granddaughter of Alan Spaulding), daughter of TGVN and now, the daughter of the greatest super couple in soap history. Some girls have all the luck!

I hate GH and yet I find myself excited by this amazing casting choice. FV just gets things done. He is a mover and a shaker in the business and makes the things he wants happen. YR wouldn’t commit, so GH stole their second to last Abbot right underneath their noses. YR thought they were being clever by bringing her back without a contract, keeping her close but not having to pay her like she was. They included her in their 40th anniversary promo and cast pic but keep her role as a drop-in gig. But here GH was, offering her a sweet role and deal just in time. Good for her!

I won’t go back to the show, but my curiosity of her in the role has me peaked. I don’t think I’ve ever been as interested in watching Lulu as I will be with her in the role (for the first little while anyway until the novelty wears off and my anger towards the show moves beyond my excitement for Emme joining).

more than any thing…. I love your 2nd paragraph….

Luck! Lucky! Luckiest!

to be surrounded by Guiding Light…. I can’t help it…. this is where i first started watching her…. she was the best with Beth Chamberlain….. this mother/daughter duo…. in Springfield.

yeah, she’s racking it up…. the accolades of acting with ubber talent…. and is a standout in the newbie young talent….

she was amazing with Eileen Davidson…. Ashley and Abby! Ta-Da…


I was wondering what was going to become of Dante as well…. this is a coupe that I hope works.

I think she’ll make a great Lulu! This is a good casting decision.


Y&R loss is GH’s gain. They should have signed her to a contract again.

So true, that was dumb move by the higher ups at y&r

There will Never be another Abby Newman! Bad move Y and R!

Interesting…but what’s going to happen with Abby?
She could be good as Lulu. She looks like she could be Laura’s daughter.
I didn’t care for her much as Abby, but I’ll give her a chance to prove herself as Lulu.

Great news!

Could be interesting! I’m willing to give her a chance to make the role of Lulu her own.

Ive liked her since her GL days and im happy she is joining GH. She should do well as the new LuLu. Y&R gets GHs Jason and GH gets Y&Rs Abbey. IV watched both shows so i win both ways but GH is the bigger winner hear.


Love this news! Take that JFP! How ironic that both Genie Francis & Emme who were fired from YR will now reunite on GH as mother & daughter. Will miss Julie but Rylan is a great choice to continue Lulu’s journey. Congrats GH on doing a much deserved one-upping of YR and Phelps!

Well, I for one am not a fan of this at all. Why would you choose to put a person who has no clue about General Hospital, let alone this role? At least Jen Lilly knew GH, why would you not cast her?

How do u know perhaps she is a gh fan and is familer witj the role. She needs to make the role her own so prob better if she never saw the previous lulu

Many actors come to a role knowing nothing but their audition. No big deal.

A lot of actors knew nothing about gh when they first started there, and im sure the people behind the scenes will fill her in on Lulus character and background. Im sure shes not going to play the character without knowing something about the character.

about how to play her. is what i meant to say. dont most actors in anything need to know something first about the character b4 the just jump in and say the dialouge.

if she has that chemistry with Dante… that’s 1/2 the “job”….

2ndly… and this is – don’t sweat it – but… a must…. that mystique and energy of being Luke and Laura’s daughter…. that Julie Marie Berman “captured”… I enjoyed Luke’s tenderness and savvy scenes with Lulu.

i was also worried… Laura needs that connection…. pronto… with out… acting it all out with “just” Luke… you know what i mean…. they have to savor this family’s availability….

GH! Please keep Bobbie on – for a LONG TIME.

do not think it will work

YR’s loss is GH’s Gain! They never should have fired her. Oh well thats what happens when JFP is at the helm! Can’t wait to see her portrayal as the NuLuLu

I will try to keep a open mind because when I think of her I think of Abby the spoiled rich girl, Lulu is more down to earth and was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

well, if you think back… on those who watched “emme” on guiding light…

that would be quite the spectrum…

Lulu would fall in between…

the spauldings… were rich… but they didn’t treat, nor did lizzie act that way…




My very first thought was Marcy (emme?) as Maxie, too. I’m fine with her as Lulu, although she’ll really have to spread her acting wings to bring that uptight seriousness to the role. What really disturbs me is that it seems that JFP is hell-bent on wiping the canvas clean of the Abbott family. I’m really, really trying to like Y & R these days; it’s been around all of my life, but I cant seem to get into these new characters.

I think her and DZ will be great together. Welcome to GH.

awesome! she will make a fantastic lulu!

Home run! Marcy was underused at Y&R and under appreciated. I actually thought of her as the LULU recast before this was announced and I am sure that GH fans will love her. She is a great actress and will bring life to LULU and she will be amazing in her scenes with Dante, Luke, and Laura. People will forget all about Julie just like the actress who USED to play Kathrine/Kate. Good move GH!

I didn’t know Lulu was being replaced. I missed that. Best of luck to the new gal

Nobody can replace Julie. But I’m okay with Rylan. As far as Jen Lilley, I say ditch Kirsten Storms and bring her back to the role of Maxie. She was Maxie when I first started watching GH and will always be Maxie for me.

I have not seen her work. Looking forward to see how she fits in with the current GH crew.

She can do it. I’m glad that she has a contract now. That was a very clever move by GH to get her. I know Jen Lilley had been talked about. Either actress can do it, but I am happy Emme will still be on my screen.

And in case anyone was interested, she pronounces Emme like the letter ‘M,’ not like Emmy.

I will miss her on Y&R, but this is a big opportunity for her.

Loved her on GL! Great casting! Can’t wait to see how she works out as Lulu

I’m not a regular Y/R watcher, but those that are rave about her-so I’ll keep an open mind. I’m just glad Lulu’s not going to be killed off…

Well as a Y&R fan I am saddened by this news. I was just loving having MR or should I say ER back as Abby. I get why she would want to take this plum role that is most likely contract over staying with recurring status, but she was bringing the humor the Abbott /Newman family so desperately needed. I wish her well, but will miss her as Abby.

Do we know if the Y&R will be recasting Abby and who might it be?

They already with a girl from hollywood heights and she will debut on april 22

Now, find a way to bring Beth Chamberlin to the show and I will be happy!

here here….

Beth Chamberlin…. BACK… pronto…. on any of the shows…. Period.


Best wishes to Marcey!

Always hope some of them are able to get into primetime, movies. Can’t be easy to be a soap actor when after a few years your character has to be evil, sleep around to be relevant.

Hmm. I don’t know…if she can tone down the bubbly just a bit, then she’ll be great. But then Y&R was so broken when she was on, prob not her fault. Abby was a mess.

she wasn’t as spoiled… or rich heiress… bubbly… overt…. like Abby…

ie: as Lizzie, on Guiding Light..

so, hopefully, she meshes… the 3 characters… and happy mediums… herself…

Gee, I was kinda hoping they’d cast Mia Korf in the role.

What great news! Loved her on GL. She is very versatile, so I imagine she’ll do very well with this role! Sad to see Julie go, but happy the person to play Lulu is Marcy, I mean, ooops! – Emme.

Great news. Her scenes with Luke and Laura will be great, she can act !

When I heard this, I assumed that it was Crystal Hunt (Ex Stacey on OLTL and the first Lizzie). Maybe crystal will be the new abby (I could see her as Ashley’s daughter)

FYI..Abby was about to a have romance with alex (Ex-Diego on GH)

I was never liked ”Abby”’. . she always irritated me..
I can only hope while in GH as Lulu she will leave her annoying Abby persona at Y&R ..

Emme Ryan is certainly beautiful …. I think the real test will be her chemistry with Dante. If ths works out, there shouldn’t be a problem. Of course I will miss Julie who played Lulu …. I love her and Dante together …. they made a nice couple. But if Dante and the other cast members of GH accept her …. then I think there won’t be any problems. But it all remains to be seen. So many cast members are leaving GH … first Jason, now Steve, Barash, what is the reason for the sudden departure of these handsome young men from GH. I know the reasons they have given …. but am wondering if these are the real reasons???? Sure will miss these guys!!!!!

I have been worried about all the great ones leaving GH too. But will be happy to see Lizzy, Abbie, Marcie playing LuLu ….

One word…….NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Had no idea JMB was leaving. I will certainly miss her. But I like Emme/Marcy a lot and can see her as Lulu.

I’d love to see Jen Lilley get a job, but as Lulu? No.

Sucks for Y&R. Great for Marcy. Really sad to see her go, especially since we just got her back on Y&R and there isn’t much else on the show that is working. She shone as Abby. GH is lucky to get her. She’s a great actress.

Its suck for y&r, cause they did not put her on contract

Not a fan but I wish the best.

I was really hoping for Jen Lily, but I think she will be great! Maybr Jen can be the new Abby!

I will miss the very talented JMB, but I’ve been a fan of Ms. Rylan on GL & YR. Curious to see her take on Lulu.

Why the name change? She’s been a working actress for years…

I’m so confused. First she was on Y&R, then fired, then brought back again only to be fired(?) again?!and when/why did Julie quit? I don’t see her in the role of LuLu at all. Emme is way too vivacious and light, but maybe. Are they recasting her role as Abbey on Y&R? Told ya I was lost 🙁

I was wondering if Abby would be recast too. I was happy to have her back on YR. And NOT the Naked Heiress. Hated that storyline.

The role of abby newmen has already been recasted

i was confused at first….as well.

ie: she was on recurring…. at Y&R… not on contract…

I think she will be great in the role, hope she has chemistry with dominic

Being a fan of Y&R I will miss Emme Rylan aka Abby Newman. Hearing that he is now going to be the new Lulu Spencer on General Hospital is not right, I was hoping that they would keep here on and make the story line more juicy with the new cop in town. But it looks like the mind is made up and she will be the new Lulu Spencer from what the web is saying. Emme Rylan aka Abby Newman will be missed wish it was not true. For a big fan of y&r .

Now, I love Emme but at the same time, I don’t know how well the role of Lulu is going to work out in her favour. It’s going to be a struggle for her, since she’s been somewhat type-cast during her time in Daytime. I’m hoping this works out for the best for her. Hopefully she works out well with the cast, etc.

Ever since Emme was let go from Y&R before the holidays, she has been taking classes at an acting studio. I am sure she can pull it off. She is always working on her craft plus she is supposed to have an upcoming role on CSI.

let her go to CSI…prob a better fit!

I think Rylan is wonderful. She was perfect as both Lizzy on Guiding Light and as Abby on Y&R.
Since Y&R (truthfully, JFP) fired her as a contract player and only rehired her as recurring I think she was smart for taking the role of Lulu.

I doubt she will have any trouble taking over the role…she seems to have instant chemistry with anyone she acts opposite. Frankly, I always found JB a bit boring…sometimes annoying…and never really gave a hoot about the character of Lulu. Now, maybe there will be a bit more life in the character.

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