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Former GH and B&B Star, Antonio Sabato Jr. To Launch ‘Conservative Movie Studio’

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In a series of tweets on Thursday former soap opera heartthrob, Antonio Sabato Jr. (Ex-Jagger, General Hospital, and Ex-Dante, The Bold and the Beautiful) announced his plans to launch a conservative motion picture studio, for projects he says Hollywood would shy away from.

Antonio wrote: “We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do,  No more blacklisting and no more injustice from the socialist’s elites.”

About an hour later, Sabato added in a follow-up tweet: “To all conservative producers who want to make a change this is the time, get in touch with me, and be part of our team.  Right now we are In pre-production with Trail Blazers our first in line for many more & first to start our studio.”

On Friday, Sabato tweeted on the response on his intent to create a conservative-based movie studio: “The amount of people being blacklisted in Hollywood is astounding. I have never received so much support and so much love and also wanting to be a part of my new venture with our new studio. Incredible times and we will do it together.”

Sabato has been a very staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and as he says ever since he declared his support of him at the 2016 Republican National Convention that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood and lost out on several projects.

Back in March, Antonio spoke to Variety where he revealed he had to ‘sell everything” to “pay all my debts”.   He went on to say, “I was blacklisted.  All my representatives left me, from agents to managers to commercial agents. I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids.  It’s been terrible. It’s mind-blowing. It’s a disgrace. It’s tough, because if you’re in that environment in Hollywood and you have something to say that they don’t like, they’re going to let you know.”

So, do you think of Antonio’s plans for his conservative movie studio, and how he relates he has been blacklisted from Hollywood since he showed his support for President Trump? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.


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I’m sure he can get bankrolling from Charles Koch or some other oligarch to fund movies that nobody’s going to be watching.

Remember that Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” trilogy? Yeah, that really broke all the records at the box office, didn’t it?

But then, I’m the Devil, so I’ll probably watch these movies (assuming they ever actually exist) and treat them as comedy, just like I do the FundaMENTAList “Christian” propaganda movies (like those “Left Behind” flicks, which depicted my son, the Antichrist, as some sort of cartoon supervillain)

I am going to try very hard to be professional in this response. Mr. Sabato, Jr., has limited talent. Most of his success came from riding the sex symbol train. The reason he is being blacklisted is because he is being a complete idiot. His being a conservative has NOTHING to do with it. Believe however and vote however you want, that is your right as an American citizen, but to blindly support a human who cages children, ignores a killer pandemic and is a blatant racist shows that Mr. Sabato Jr.’s blacklisting is a consequence of his actions and words. Start your studio sir. I do not believe for one second that you have a large following. I don’t believe that any of the creative arts community is backing your type of world view. Just remember this: you have had no career since Melrose Place and that was over thirty years ago. Do something like real estate or advertising consulting but stay clear of doing Hollywood. It’s not your strong suit. You are the pure meaning of this expression: Beauty is best served silently. In plain English: please stay at home. Forever!

Love it!!

I’ve heard this Antonio Sabato Jr. guy speak..
A bit sickening –
he is not right in the head..
Perhaps a Psychiatrist could help him.

I can not understand stand the minds of radicle people
but- other of the same mind can
so– I’m sure he will succeed ..

I hate to say this, but Antonio has no talent in Hollywood, this guy loves Trump. Antonio is a dirt bag and hates gays and is a racist. Antonio has not aged well, I never want to hear his name again.

So, you are gay, he is not, so you dog him about him not aging well? Real mature!

This site is getting too political and heated for my taste…its not a fun site anymore so i think if it continues im leaving it for good!!!!

As is the world! Maybe check back when the 4 soaps are back on and people will attack each other more over Sonny and Jason than politics!

What makes you think George is gay?

Once I thought he was one of the hottest guys on tv. I was a teen,It was the time of CK ads and Melrose Piace. Then he did a couple of gay themed movie. He did full frontal scenes. I thought he was hot and brave.
In the last few years,after reading his pathetic tweets about politics and life, I honestly believe he is not the smartest mind on the Planet. He lacks depth. Too much ego, not so much talent.
Kimberlin Brown is a conservative and a Trumper, but she has talent, a sharp mind, sense of humor and is down to earth.

Good luck with that buddy!.

Everyone’s comments on this page proves he is right. I think what he is doing is a great idea.

I am so ashamed that i used to like him on GH. He is so awful. His comments on homosexuality and Islam is disgusting

That he’s right about what, though? I say more power to him if he can make this conservative studio idea work, but his whimpering about being “blacklisted” in Hollywood strikes me as just more of the usual boo-hoo-ing I’ve been hearing for a while now from conservatives who can’t handle social backlash now that they’re the ones on the receiving end rather than the ones dishing it out. Free speech is a Constitutionally guaranteed right, and he’s freely exercised it as far as I can tell–but free speech has never been (and was not intended by the Founding Fathers to be) some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card that insulates one from the consequences of what one says. Mr. Sabato has been vocal in backing a President whom many people find incredibly repugnant, both in his personal behavior and in his political actions. If he’s lost jobs because of it (back to that in a minute), well, sorry, pal, but when you use your First Amendment right to say things that people find appalling, you’re telling people who you are, and that can have consequences. That said, we have only his interpretation when he says he’s being blacklisted; it’s at least equally possible that he’s just experiencing the logical career trajectory of someone whose earlier success was based more on good looks and a hot bod than acting talent. Translation: He’s not young anymore in a youth-worshipping profession, and his career is suffering because of it. That’s crappy, and I’ll give him his share of sympathy because it’s wrong–but he’s hardly the first actor that’s happened to; the rest just don’t have this handy scapegoat to blame it on. (Truth told, I have more sympathy for the women it happens to, because it happens earlier and more pervasively to women in Hollywood. But it’s wrong that it happens at all.) He’s had to “sell everything” etc.–dude, did you never look around you and realize that this happens ALL THE TIME to actors, that it’s a crazy field in which you can be hot one day and ice cold the next? You made no preparation at all for this contingency? That part, my friend, is squarely on you.



Hollywood is made up of such a diverse group of talented and creative people from all walks of life who traditionally support and work side by side with one another to create art. I don’t think Mr. Sabato’s alienation from Hollywood has as much to do with his belief in conservatism as it does for his support of Donald Trump. There are many Republicans who do not support the current president and many people in Hollywood would not alienate them. Mr. Trump has very vocally said disparaging words against Blacks, Jews, Women, Full Figured Women, Mexicans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, the Disabled and pretty much almost every other group at this point. Why would the Hollywood community want to work with someone like Mr. Sabato who obviously lends support and follows the ideology that is inherent in Donald Trump?

Reading the comments here and it saddens me that people who profess to have such open minds and preach inclusion are such hypocritical bigots. I’m not a Trump supporter but I am growing very weary of the vitriol of both sides. Y’all need to grow the F up and get on with your shallow lives.

I agree.

Right on Jeff !! It’s going to be ok we are all children of God and when he has had enough of us destroying each other he will step in !

Biden has Alzheimer’s any day he will lose it totally and disgusting that they keep him up there god have mercy on their pathetic souls ! I would know better then anyone I watched my sister for six years go thru this shame on the democrat party they are pathetic ! John f Kennedy would be a conservative in this environment no way would he back this disgusting shit up

NO ONE should be blacklisted for their political views. And that IS THE PROBLEM. Agree with Jeff that everyone needs to get a backbone and stop getting their feelings hurt. Grow up and realize that everyone has their own views and should be listened to. You don’t have to agree or to even follow them. Maybe a conservative studio would help offset this liberal cancel culture. Good luck Mr. Sabato! You are gonna need it with all these hypocrites.

BINGO. Nail on the head. Why cant Antonio express his views without everyone so aggressively coming at him bc he doesnt support who they like? Are we still in America? Good Lord, people!

Well we have now blinded policemen we have now destroyed federal buildings businesses statutes dragged people out of cars beat people up at airports delis it goes on and on! Had enough? Locked and loaded this house

Which brings me to my next question… after hearing gun nuts talk for decades about how they need to arm themselves in case of government tyranny, how come there’s not a single word from the NRA or any other such group when literal fascist mercenary thugs without a shred of legitimate authority are kidnapping US citizens in plain site on the streets of Portland??

America went into a toilet spiral in November 1980, and officially ceased to exist when the Supreme Court was allowed to overturn a Presidential election 20 years after that.

The Orange Imbecile currently occupying the office (whose election was only about 1/666th of a percentage more legitimate than the Chimp installed by the Supreme Court) isn’t even competent enough to put up with the pretense.

This year started out with the opportunity to elect a decent mortal who might have restored the REAL America (the one that FDR built and started the best 50 years of the USA’s existence, at least in economic terms)

But the Wall Street Corporatists wouldn’t have that. And then the pandemic handed them the perfect excuse to effectively cancel the primary season, and certainly any actual campaigning. With the corporate media fully complicit in the hijacking of this primary, just like they were in 2016.

So a Devil can’t tell you when the REAL America is coming back…. but it sure ain’t happening anytime soon, regardless of what happens in November. And the pandemic is only a small part of what’s standing in the way of that.

Antonio, good luck but you would probably have to have cardboard cutouts in most of your movies since the Hollywood zombies would never cross each other! People can laugh but those same fake celebs covered up Epstein and Weinstein cruel acts for years to protect their careers! Its no laughing matter!

Timmm…The Hollywood-Weinstein coverup wouldn’t surprise me. And how many others of them had their own “audition couch”? But I hadn’t heard about Hollywood celebs covering up Epstein (and in my mind, his Bonnie to his Clyde who is even worse since she is a woman herself). But I have heard about and seen pictures of other very highly placed, “prominent” people who seemed to know both pretty well. I still haven’t been sold he committed suicide while in jail.

Sabato can pursue any career opportunity he wants, let the marketplace decide. But what I’m wondering is why there needs to be a CONSERVATIVE movie studio, or any other socially tagged one. Isn’t there enough of this going on in the country at large? I’ve been watching a lot of TCM lately, and there have been several famous and revered actors who were Republican conservatives, some who served in the military. Didn’t seem to hurt their careers. And then there was Reagan. But if you really want to get into Hollywood hardcore blacklisting I hope we never see the likes of again, there was McCarthy.

Reagan was actually a Democrat when he was an actor. No seriously, there’s a recording you can find on YouTube of him campaigning for Hubert Humphrey, Harry Truman, and other Democrats of the day. Really mind blowing stuff for those who only know the right wing icon of the 1980s.

Don’t know exactly when he went wrong, but Nancy & her father probably had a lot to do with it. They turned him to the “dark side”.

It’s a great idea and about time too. I’m sick of these brainless liberals that are trying to destroy our freedom. ✝️✝️

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Marty said in the book “Pufnstuf & Other Stuff: The Weird and Wonderful World of Sid & Marty Krofft” (1998), written by TV critic, David Martindale, “Sid was always ‘the artist’. He never did have a business sense. So I came in and filled that vacuum.”

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