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Free Of The Newman Name: Y&R's Eric Braeden & Justin Hartley Play Key Turning Point To Perfection!



Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless featured two powerhouse performanes betweeen CBS daytime drama stalwarts, Eric Braeden (Victor) and Justin Hartley (Adam).

In it, father and son come to a conclusion and a reconciliaton, of sorts, in a key turn in their longstanding feud and relationship that is set to have a ripple efect in Genoa City for some time to come.  After being dragged away and kidnapped to a cabin in an undisclosed location, Adam realizes Victor’s is behind it, and his knee-jerk reaction to his father’s presence is wanting to go back to prison.  Victor informs him that he is safe and removes Adam’s handcuffs.  Finally, Victor admits he went too far with his scheme and revenge plot against his son and in the process tore his life apart.  Victor quietly says,  “I don’t feel good about it.”  He also tells Adam that turning his father in now for the crimes perpertrated against him will not make his his prison sentence disappear.

Victor then goes on to say in a emotional moment: “And it certainly wouldn’t give you what you have always wanted … to be free of your father.”   He then tells Adam what he has set in motion for him:  “You can go anywhere you want, son.  Start a new life.  Free of the Newman name … free of the Newman mantle … just start new.  I will never see you again.   You don’t have to leave your son and your wife, they will go with you.”


Adam fires back, “You’re agreeing to never see your grandson again?”  Then Victor says,  “I grew up alone, without parents.  So, I want you to be a father to that boy, and I’m willing to sacrifice for you, and for my grandson.”  Victor hands Adam a phone and tells him when it rings, Adam should answer it and make the most important pitch of his life.  Adam is emotional and stunned.

As Victor is about to exit the cabin, Adam says, “Dad,  I don’t know what to say.”  (Cue “Nadia’s Theme”, the theme song for Y&R!).  Victor turns back to Adam with, “You know, son …  you and I have hurt each other a lot.  But, I have hurt you more.  This is for family.”  Then Victor puts his hand on Adam’s shoulder and a teary-eyed Adam grabs his father’s hand just for a split second before Victor leaves.

Eric Braeden and Justin Hartley truly played all the the complexities of this damaged father/son relationship within the framework of these two-person scenes and within the dialog.  Both actors in the moment with sublety and nuance, and it doesn’t get much better than this.


Now viewers are waiting to see just how this story plays out next week when Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Connor are reunited with Adam.  Plus, to see the fate on-screen of the Adam character since Justin Hartley is currently filming This Is Us for NBC which debuts next month.

What did you think of the scenes between Victor and Adam on Friday’s episode? Did you reach for the hankies? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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Eric is a master class for the younger actors who have scenes like the one described above with him. Justin has been quoted as saying he really enjoys “working with Eric.” It’s obvious Eric’s talents allow a younger actor like Justin to use all his talents in the dialogue to add depth to the emotional quality of the scenes where there is abject sorrow for a closeness which was never to be. Great writing and scenes worthy of an Emmy nomination. Congratulations to both actors.

It really was a powerful scene! Great stuff!!

Justin and Eric are pure gold..
They are explosive, together..

Apart they both are firecrackers, together they are TNT …

Agreed. Both are outstanding performers; otherwise I would not feel this strong antipathy for Victor. I felt no empathy, regardless.
Eric surely did his job; as did Justin. However, the crux of the scene was to evoke, awaken and stir emotion. Did not do it for me because Victor is/was at the root of all this evil. Please, pardon the cliché, SuzieQ. LOL.
Oh, Victor is a firecracker, all right…..incendiary!!!!! Every move he makes; everything he touches turns to cinders.
Gold, su? Eric,; Justin, definitely. But, Victor has the Midas Touch in reverse.

Well…. The contrivance of it due to Hartley’s break diminished it somewhat for me but it was a good scene.

I can’t remember getting more choked up in one week’s time. It was quite the beautiful scene and Emmy worthy of both actors.

LOVED Friday’s episode! Eric Braeden and Justin Hartley played the scene to perfection! ! When Victor put his hand on Adam’s shoulder and Adam squeezed it back I had chills, and I actually had a bit of sympathy for Victor. And let’s not forget the wonderful and talented Melody Thomas Scott and Melissa Claire Egan. There parts were played to perfection as well. I thought we were going to have to go through the process of watching Nikki and Victor fighting for the millionth time about secrets and lies and Nikki again fighting with a bottle. But not this time. She went riding shotgun with Victor. Priceless. And we also have little Miss Summer being held by the neck by Luca as Jack walks in. You know someone is goi going down in that scene. All this coupled with a hopeful Travis and Victoria hookup, plus the possibility of Neil’s mother, I say keep it coming and I’ll keep watching! I will definitely tune in tomorrow!!

Oh, soap Queen, how right you are. And what about the scene last Wednesday when Adam asked Nick to look after Conner…I had tears in my eyes. The acting and writing were first rate and show what our beloved Y&R is capable of.

I got misty at the scene in the prison. But I didn’t start crying until Nick sat on the floor and started playing with him and he said I’m your Uncle Nick and I am always going to be here for you if you need anything. Priceless!!!!

As I have read elsewhere, this is a planned break for Justin Hartley. Whether or not he comes back after said planned break is a whole ‘nother matter! If not, then we’ll know that the show will indeed have to recast the role of Adam as the character is such an integral part of the fabric of the show and has been ever since Chris Engen initially took over as the adult Adam just as Hope was dying. In all honesty, I’m glad Engen didn’t last long because it brought us Michael Muhney, who really took on the role of Adam Newman and made Adam much more complex that Engen would have ever been able to do. With Muhney gone, Hartley has put his own stamp on the role and made Adam much more likeable and softer, which Muhney for some reason, couldn’t do because of the way in which Adam was being written at the time.

It’s going to be strange to say the least if Hartley is gone for good and another actor takes over the role. I really hope that the show (meaning its new casting director and of course showrunner, Mal Young) take their time in looking for a really good actor who can play all the complexities that are involved in playing a character like Adam and can and are able to stand up to a powerhouse like Eric Braeden (Victor). I think we obviously know that Michael Muhney will not reprise the role. For one, he had a very rocky working relationship with Eric and for another, there’s just too much water under the bridge over the supposed sex scandal that dogged him, which in my mind, he had no part of, due in large part to the fact that he had no scenes with Hunter King and why in hell would he put his wonderful marriage and family in danger in that way. My guess is that the perp was actually the actor who was playing Kyle (Hartley Sawyer???, whom I never liked one bit and have gotten into it with him on twitter way back when) before Lachlan took over. So, that leaves us with bringing in a brand new actor all together who has never been on #YR before.

Thoughts anyone?

My thought, Michael A Finney?
Your writing is superlative….your reasoning sensible….and, your wisdom of not-judging-that-of-which-we know-not-the-true-facts, overwhelms.
Victor remains, thus I get why he is once more ‘projected’ as the ultimate father and hero. But, the disappointment is bitter for me.
I love Eric, I despise Victor….I have not one iota of respect for him or Nikki who should stop standing ‘by here traitorous, dangerous man’. She gives all women, who have ‘burned’ their bras, a bad name.
I should, rather, say, Michael, I am disappointed with the writers. If Justin/Adam is never coming back? Well, we are talking about writers here. And, as such they should have put their writers’s cap on and used their collective skills and imaginations to come up with a more original story; other than running from the law.
Send Adam and family on a much needed vacation without all these detours, such as bashing the guard’s head in. The simpler, the better, the better, the more interesting!!!!! At that point, if Justin is coming back, great!!!! If not; leave the door open for a recast. TPTB are soap gods; they can do anything!!!! LOL.
Even if this time of absenteeism is dedicated to finding a replacement for Justin, the same could apply.
I hope this is what TPTB are planning. I would not like to think that ‘door’ is completely shut and sealed.

Sadly, I know a girl who, no matter what her husband says or does, she backs him. It makes her weak and it makes me cringe!

Well, Timmmy….these are insecure women where chances are, their husbands have instilled these thoughts into their heads. It’s a control thing!!!! It truly is a shame….
I think Nikki fits this category. She has convinced herself ( after years of kowtowing and submitting to Victor) that she loves him so much she cannot survive without him. Nikki, and women such as she, cannot see the faults in their mates; or even if they do see the faults, they close an eye to the situation.
It is called BATTERED WIFE SYNDROME. It’s real and it exists. Many think that said syndrome involves beatings; physical abuse….but, not necessarily. Mental and verbal abuse is just as bad and probably more demoralizing….losing self-esteem.
It’s a general term given to those women who think they have no choice and nowhere to run. There’s help out there. But, these poor women need to be ready….if ever they will be.
So, Timmmy….your friend is not weak, dear friend…..she is stuck in a situation.
But, I do understand how pathetic it makes her look; especially if you feel helpless. So, I get it.
You’re a good soul, Timmmy.

Harry, I have been saying we were not there since this story broke.
Rebecca is speaking generally, I believe. The rest of us, who watch Y&R are speaking specifically.
You are missing the point. Read my comment about the shifting of focus. You will see that you are, in fact, agreeing with me. LOL.
Besides …… Rebecca did not say “we were not there”, Harry. I did. Rebecca argued the fact that even happily married men are pervs. She absolutely is right. But, somewhere along the line, there was a misunderstanding in words.
So, my darling, Harry. Read everyone’s comments on the subject … will realize we all say the same thing….in different words.

I would like to rephrase…..please indulge me.
I must apologized to all men for this phrase, “…..even happily married men are pervs”. It was an honest poor choice of words. Sorry!! My bad!!
It should read, “…..even happily married men CAN be pervs”.
Not all men,or women are the same.

Hi CeeCee…I don’t watch Y&R regularly or B&B or Days. I do however watch them sporadically (especially if an actor from another soap has moved there…and love Justin (so gorgeous AND a fine good actor) who I watched on “Revenge.” I wanted to binge but OnDemand doesn’t go too far back with soaps. However, I do read the posts occasionally if it’s an interesting topic so yes, I read a lot (not as much as you and the regular viewers) but enough. I understand MM was a popular actor and many were beyond upset at the scandal, his termination and that there was divided opinions/sides as to whether he did it or was unjustly accused. I also read that some blamed the actress and/or others for making it up because they didn’t get along with him.

My comment to Michael A. Finley was exactly what I wrote. He did accuse another actor who he (Michael) had an argument with on Twitter. I can understand the bad taste it leaves when arguments ensue whether in real life or on social media. And, it’s disappointing to realize that we might not like an actor who we watch on a soap…or any show, film, etc for that matter. I LOVE when I see or read an interview with an actor ( or musician) I like and they seem genuinely likeable and intelligent and other times I have to block from my mind what a jerk he or she seemed in order to get into their (in the case of soaps) again.

But Michael accused another actor which seems to me kinda off. If the incident happened I sincerely doubt the actress would think…”ooh! I was groped! I epwas sexually harassed! I’m so upset…angry…I think I’ll blame…someone who didn’t do it!” My point is if she was assaulted and sh named someone…and I say IF because yes, I, you, Harry etc weren’t there…but IF it happened I don’t think it’s appropriate for fans to insinuate it was someone other than the victim said. I also think if ZmM didn’t do it he would sue for defamation of character if nothing else. To be tainted that way and not try to clear your name other than protest to one’s fans on social media is questionable. Actors are people and as viewers most of us don’t know these people..we just come to love who they play. Some fans can’t separate that.

As for my comment about even married men can harass, (stalk, cheat, etc) I was again referring to Michael’s comment. He seemed to assume that MM wouldn’t risk his happy marriage or take a chance by doing what he was accused of. My response was IF he did it…than he certainly could risk it as many happy men have done who have cheated, seated, groped, etc. who were in a happy marriage ( again, do we REALLY know it’s happy? but I digress.) Thing is, most of these people don’t think they’ll ever get caught…

Ummm…I don’t think accusing another actor of sexual harassment because you had an argument on Twitter is the way to go. And I think, (aside from the fact that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors and no one can say for sure who has a happy marriage if it’s not theirs…not to mention the fact that people who harass women can do so even if they are happy) if the incident happened, the actress would know who the “perp” was.

I understood exactly what you wrote, Rebecca. I did not realize you watched Y& R. Many have speculated that the incident with Muhney did not happen…. It was designed by another ‘powerful’ actor who did not like Muhney……that the story goes beyond the smokescreen of sexual harassment.
No one knows what the truth is. I never intended that happily married men (or women) are not pervs.
Believe me, I have had catcall thrown my way because of certain parts of the anatomy.
My point was and still is….unless we know something as fact; then we should keep our peace or piece, LOL, to ourselves.

That’s not what Michael is saying, at all, Rebecca. I don’t think he is accusing someone just because of a twitter disagreement. He is saying that it could have been Sawyer because of the conversation’s content.
This was a big story when Muhney left….accusations, rumors and gossip were flying everywhichway.
We were all stunned and very unhappy in losing Muhney, who depicted the complex character; the lost soul; the desolate son of the most powerful giant , without a real family, that was Adam, to perfection.
Muhney actually molded Adam, and played him like a fiddle.
The issue has always been that what happened, never happened.

Mould…not mold, LOL.
Again, Rebecca I don’t want to give the impression that sexual harassment, or any kind of harassment doesn’t happen in the workplace, or anywhere else….it does, and it should not be swept under the rug, by any means.
But, the argument, in this case, has always been: was it a fabrication or the truth??
But, for said argument’s sake, the point a few tried to make, is that even if events did not happen this way, some other ‘force’ made it difficult for anyone if he/she was black-listed.
Unfortunately, the focus shifted from the real issue ( sexual harassment) to arguing , “did he or didn’t he”.
My point….we were not there, sooooo……

Rebecca is right–we don’t know, we were not there and casting aspirations elsewhere is not helping matters.

Hi, Rebecca.
Believe me; I agree with every word you wrote.
As I said to Timmm, my father says there are wolves all around females, ready to pounce.
That litany was instilled in my head as soon as I turned twelve. LOL.
I believe every single one of us girls/women have had “up close and personal” encounters with this very lascivious kind of man. Old men are the worst!! But, we are talking about diseased minds here; not all men or women. Women have been known to sexually harass boy/men, as well.
I have had to use my knee….something my Gran and mother have taught me to do, LOL; on a couple of occasions. My brother has always maintained that I’m like an ant; I can lift an ‘object’ twice my weight.
I do appreciate your point. As I said, when Muhney’s story broke everyone was all over it.
Perhaps it was hard to grasp such a disgusting action by someone we admired as an actor…..are we still in denial? And, here we are, still talking about it. This will haunt him for the rest of his life; whether he did it or not. If he did; then he deserved worse.
Actually, way back when, I did say something similar to your…” No one knows what went on behind the scenes”.
The point is. No one knows. There was much speculation about another actor having had a hand in Muhney’s ” good riddance”.
Now, I completely read what Michael A F wrote differently. He said, he guessed Sawyer did it. I think his point was that anyone could have done it. I don’t know, Rebecca; as this poster’s name is new to me. I don’t think I have seen the name before. I answered him voicing my doubts…..but, he did not respond.
Such behavior should suffer the consequences. My question is: why were criminal charges not brought against him? Who knows??

Hey, Michael,
Do you really think it was Sawyer? He is very active with TV…..guest appearances ( BONES), films, producing, writing etc., whereas Muhney seems to still be ‘floating’, looking for work. What a waste of talent. No one knows what really happened. I’s like to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Perhaps NOTHING went down.
I have maintained since this story broke that none of us is privy to the facts….and, I still believe that.
As yourself, only someone who had lost all sense of reason and touch with reality, would risk so much over….well, you know!!

Yes, Celia, I concur. My mama always says, “There are two sides to every story, and then there’s the truth.” But I would also like to offer this brief list of names: Fenmore, Austin, Kyle (both Mr. Sawyer AND Mr. Monroe), Courtney, Jamie, and apparently soon-to-be history Luca. What do they have in Common? All were “involved” or friends with the Summer character and all are history (keep in mind that Matthew Atkinson had just been given a contract and a month later was unemployed). Is it just me or does that seem strange?

Yes, of course, Soaphound. Never thought about it….Now that I see it in writing, you have a point.
Everyone working side-by-side with Summer makes a BIG, silent exit.
Hmmmmm. Good observation, my friend.
My mother always says, ” Don’t judge lest you be judged”.

You did understand my comment…yes, CeeCee? That even happily married men…or men who SEEM happy to the outside world are capable of sexual harassment. Whether they’re married or not is…despicable. So to say someone is in a happy marriage therefore he couldn’t have done it is kinda not the point. Because ANY man who harasses a woman sexually, even if he’s single, is still way outta line and probably criminal.

I’m not aware of anything that causes smoke, but a fire. In any event, I wasn’t there and I don’t know the specifics or the facts of what went on. I will say that people in an industry have a way of knowing what takes place. Word of mouth. People who may not twll the public will tell one’s very difficult for me to not side with someone who says they have been victimized, simply because that is my own background. That’s not to say that i am incapable of giving the benefit of the doubt. Beyond that ,though who would make a good replacement, if needed. I say give JPL a shot at it. Although, I think he would’ve made an excellent Bolly, but that point it moot now.

Celia, I am not sure to what you’re referring–I was not addressing you when I stated the restated premise that we were not there. I was addressing someone who wrote that they suspected another Y&R actor of sexual harassment based on their Twitter misbehavior.
I was simply agreeing with Rebecca’s feeling that she does not like loose allegations being hurled about on social media. I was not disagreeing with you. Moreover, I feel defensive of both Michael Muhney AND Hunter King when folks make ugly insinuations and allegations about either one of them without knowing what really went down. I believe in the presumption of innocence for both the accuser and the accused. That’s all.

Good post. There will be ONE person whose opinion matters when they cast the next Adam Newman, Eric Braeden, PERIOD!

Yeah, Timmmy….seems that way. Too bad!!

Read an interview done in 2013 with MM their were lots of issues between him and EB that’s ok if you can’t get along sometimes best to move along ! Most people have learned just go with the flow with EB he has been there a long time just let it go MM could not and so it goes. He pulled my sweet SC into it she use to have a great relationship
With EB but no more

I long for the days EB and SC use to have great chemistry as a father in law it is now gone I am sad they worked well together

Sorry!!!! What a crock!!!!! How does anyone, with God-given sense, adjudicate Victor’s last coup?
He put all of Adam’s mishaps in motion. So, are we now (the fans and his family), expected to kneel with bowed head, prostrating at his feet, kissing the the floor those feet have trodden; chanting ” mea culpa”?
Again, Victor is Sonny Corinthos and vice versa……
Needless to say, this ‘thing’ with keeping Victor a direct “descendant” of Le Marquis deSade just to unreasonably redeem him and make him the savior, is sooooo droll. Been there, done that.
Again, the acting by both protagonists was preeminent… the consummate talents they are. And, if Victor had been one’s ‘regular’ Dad doing his utmost to exonerate or help his child in every possible way; then, I would have felt that familiar twist in my heart, as I always do when that painful moment becomes tangible.
As it was? Nothing.

Is Pratt killing him off it sure looks like it from the Promo the whole scene between Nick and Adam did not ring true because when did they become loving brothers? Acting is fine I just am perplexed on when all this sudden love happened I assume Pratt is setting up a love match between Chelsea and Nick.

I agree I felt nothing for Victor because he has been a one note Gillian for so long this was the second time he set Adam up for murder.


Oh, my dear Kay…. Please no!!!! Poor Nick stuck with Miss WahWah. Chelsea will kill him with her constant whiny nagging.
Hey, Mister soapman: deliver Nick from another ‘flipped her lid” female.

They wouldnt kill Adam off. He will eventually run and be off screen. Nick will oversee Connor and fall for HELLsea!

Don’t recast leave it be

Oh, Kay….I know you weren’t knocking it. I agree with you. People still survived without cell phones. My grandfather refuses to own or use one. And, expresses his disapproval with very colorful Scottish brogue…LOL.

Why is Chloe still hanging around in her God awful, ugly clothes?
She gives me the creeps in a Single White Female sort of way.
If she is crushing on Chelsey and wants to be her double, then I wish she’d raid her closet. Then at least Chloe will look good as she gets on my very last nerve. Chelsey’s only saving grace is at least she looks good as she engages in that horrific caterwauling.

Well, Kay. I love your frankness and passion about Sharon and Eric’s working relationship.
Not too many fathers-in-law bed their daughters-in-law. LOL.

Hey my sis says Sharon went to Hawaii to clear Adam from murder charges Chelsa whined ! Love it ! I love my sisters sarcasm she is not in social media does not even own a cell phone! You go sis

Kay, I belong to the spoiled and helpless-without-a-cellphone-generation. I was born holding a cell phone! LOL. I am also told I came out talking…HaHa.. I lose my cell in the house more times than not. I feel lost without it. That’s technology. Yeayyyyy!!
But, good for your sister. No social media for myself, either. Just these boards.
I remember when Sharon went to Hawaii to clear Adam. I loved those days….I really do pine for a little taste of what was….sigh….

Hey I was not knocking it my sis just lives in the dark ages and that is ok we were raised in the dark ages lol you know the great thing is everything is a surprise and in a way I envy her she never hears garbage about the actors or the plots !

The scene today between Mariah and Daniel was everything could you please make him stay the chemistry was off the charts I adore Camryn Grimes I so want her to have a story

Kay–I absolutely agree. Camryn Grimes makes every scene work. Some of the best scenes as of late have been the ones which have transpired between Mariah and Sharon. When soap stories are predicated upon real moments, real connections between loved ones and are character driven, they are emotionally compelling. Moreover, you do not have to blow up sets just to propel the story along. I want Danial to stay as well–you’re right when you assert that the chemistry between Mariah and Danial is “off the charts.”
I like Kevin but do not understand while all these younger and very attractive women swirl around him like bees to honey.

Hi, Harry,
I did respond to you, but I do not see my post.
I misunderstood. I thought you were talking to me. I apologize.
And, yes, I agree. None of us is in a position to point fingers elsewhere. Later.

Yes, Kay. I like the vibe between Mariah and Daniel. But, I won’t get too comfortable….I will, more likely than not, be disappointed. Either Daniel will leave; or, if something should come out of this “reunion”, Mariah will leave with him.
I really am so glad to see them act together as adults. If only……

And you know I made a comment to Suooo about JC I regret that I was just dissapointed in her actions when she was ill and the tribute I am sorry I like a little bit of class every once in a while ! She was a good actress just did not care for the off screen shenanigans ! Still lived her actng

Loved her acting! Dam this I pad

Harry, I understand Kevin’s appeal.
He is pretty cute, and very quirky and funny…
a big plus!

Nanci, Kevin is all that! He just strikes me as the kind of guy you’d want to go to bed with in order to jump on it–ya know, the bed!

Lol, Harry!!
Yes, there’s that, too…

They were good scenes. Loved when Adam called out, “Dad,”, but I don’t want Adam to have to leave and go into hiding.

Sorry, but one decent scene out of a year and a half of plot-driven, convoluted and scattershot storytelling does not cut it – this show is STILL a hot mess of connect-the-dots storytelling.

Pratt is a horrible head writer and needs to be shown the door soon!!

I have loved this show for the past few weeks. Nick getting along with his brother & sitting on the floor with Conner made me cry. Victor brought this mess on himself and the sad part he didn’t do half this crap with the other siblings. He let Victoria go but nothing for Nick, Abby or even Nikki. Although I don’t care for Victor I think he played his scenes like the pro he is and Adam (Justin) was absolutely fantastic. They play so well off each other. Justin Hartley is going places. O .M .G. In one scene as they led him away in chains from the court house he actually even had the walk of someone who gave up. I don’t think there is any kind of scene this guy couldn’t do to perfection. The fact that we have Travis and Daniel back is another plus to look forward too. Is Daniel going to get involved with Mariah? Please don’t put Billy with Victoria. I think Travis & Victoria are as hot as they come.

Love your post, Nikki. Great description of characters….you depict Adam’s walk to the “guillotine” to perfection.
Alas!!! If only I could feel something for Victor, the swine…..LOL.

Yes Nikki, “The Walk!” I mentioned that, as well. He didnt have to say one word, his demeanor and glance said it all.

I’m so glad a few noticed it too. I shouldn’t be surprised I really believe that guy could play any role he’s given to perfection. He just glanced then turned and put his head down and walked away as if he stopped caring, but did you notice him looking at Victor? He really gave him eye contact before he walked away but if you could put words to it. it was like saying “you won, are you happy, you broke me” and I think it broke Victor. I have to tell you if I was Chelsea I would throw that Chloe out of the apartment as soon as she finds out who tipped off the cops & Victor will get even with Chloe as well when he finds out his well planned get away was ruined by Chloe’s big mouth.


The Young and the Restless Pays Tribute to Billy Miller at Conclusion of Episode

On Thursday, The Young and the Restless paid a special tribute to one of their favorite sons, Billy Miller. The actor who passed away on September 15th at the age of 43, was honored by the long-running CBS soap opera at the end of today’s episode.

Y&R shared on social media, “To end today’s episode we paid tribute to a greatly missed member of the Y&R family. Billy Miller will forever be in our hearts.”

Miller, who played Billy Abbott from 2008-2014 and won three Daytime Emmys for the role, was remembered with four photos from his time in Genoa City and as part of the legacy of Y&R.


Since his passing, many of his co-stars from both The Young and the Restless and General Hospital have shared their grief and remembrances including: Y&R’s Jess Walton, Eric Braeden, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Eileen Davidson, Jason Thompson, Finola Hughes and more.

Following Miller’s departure from Y&R, he joined General Hospital to take over the role of Jason Morgan/Drew Cain from 2014-2019.  Billy started his daytime career on All My Children as Richie Novack in 2007.

Photo: JPI

In case you missed Y&R’s tribute to Billy, you can check it out below.

Now let us know, what did you think about Billy’s remembrance from his former soap opera home? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Might Delay Its Premiere, ‘Veep’ Star Matt Walsh to ‘Pause’ His Involvement as Celebrity Contestant Due to Strikes

More pushback for ABC and Disney+’s, upcoming season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Now comes word that ABC may delay its scheduled season 32 debut episode.

After the show was picketed by WGA and SAG-AFTRA members. one of the show’s celebrity contestants is ‘pausing’ his involvement with competing on the show, and that would be Veep star Matt Walsh.

In a statement, Walsh revealed, “I was excited to join the show and did so under the impression that it was not a WGA show and fell under a different agreement.  This morning when I was informed by my union, the WGA, that it is considered struck work I walked out of my rehearsal. I have been and will always stand with my union members of the WGA, SAG and DGA.”

Walsh added, “Beyond our union artists, I am sensitive to the many people impacted by the strike and I hope for a speedy and fair resolution, and to one day work again with all the wonderful people I met at DWTS who tolerated my dancing.”

As previously reported, DWTS falls under SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code contract, which covers talk, variety shows and soap operas and is at play through June 2024. Thus, celebrities taking part in the show, are not in violation of SAG-AFTRA strike rules.

Meanwhile, though an unscripted reality series, Dancing With the Stars is a signatory to the Writers Guild’s minimum basic agreement. DWTS in the the past has employed a WGA writer among its staff of reportedly, 500.  However, given the harsh blowback of participants crossing WGA lines, ABC is now strongly considering delaying its September 26th season premiere of the ballroom dancing/competition series.

So, what do you think of Matt Walsh’s suspending involvement on DWTS? Should the show also pause its premiere till resolution of the WGA strike, at least? The WGA and AMPTP are set to continue talks today on Thursday to hopefully move towards an agreement to end the strike.

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Michael Corbett Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful knew there would be more to the story of how Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) so easily got off the hook from Judge Evan Scott during her hearing on the CBS soap opera. That hearing, set Sheila free from jail and back into the lives of the Forresters and company.

Now, according to Soap Opera Digest, The Bold and the Beautiful is set to bring back Michael Corbett as Evan Scott.

Corbett, best known for his memorable portrayal of villain David Kimble on The Young and the Restless (1986-1991), last appeared as the Judge presiding over Sheila’s criminal case back on the July 24th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Photo: JPI

SOD teased that when Evan shows back up on your screens, ‘a secret alliance’ will be revealed.

No stranger to daytime, Michael also previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow and Ryan’s Hope.

Photo: JPI

Soap Opera News first shared the casting news.

So, do you think Evan and Sheila were in cahoots all along, or is someone else pulling the strings? In a twist, could it have been Sheila’s bio-son, Finn, or someone else blackmailing the Judge to get Sheila released from her prison term? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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