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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Griffin (The Priest!) Gives Carlos His Last Rites, While A Shocked Anna Can't Get Justice For Duke!



Friday’s episode of General Hospital meant the official goodbye of Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera.  After his long reign of terror and all the twists and turns, Carlos finally succumbed to stab wounds via Julian Jerome (William deVry) that would keep him quiet for good.  As Carlos still had a few breaths in him, and as Anna (Finola Hughes) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) were trying to get a deathbed confession out of him (that Julian ordered the hit that killed Duke), Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) reveals he is a Roman Catholic priest and needs to give the dying man his last rites.

Anna is shocked! How could Duke’s son actually be intervening and keeping her from getting justice for his father and the love of her live, to administer Carlos the proper religious send-off?  Griffin asks Carlos if he has anything to confess, and just as he is about to say something in true soap opera style  … he dies.  Anna and Sonny are beside themselves.  Father Munro now continues with the rites.

Later, Anna is devastated that the one chance they had to nail Julian is gone thanks to Griffin!  When Griffin goes to the hospital chapel to pray, Anna finds him there.  She feels completely duped by the man she welcomed into her life.  He reveals that he isn’t a practicing priest but everyone, including Carlos, has a right to the sacrament.  He says he wants to help Anna forgive and move on with her life. Then, in the best line of the episode, Anna says:  “She finds his lectures insulting!”  

Sonny and Anna meet up and he reveals that since Julian had motive to kill Carlos, she may just get justice after all.  Anna goes into see the lifeless body of Carlos where she is angry and distraught and vows to get not rest till she brings Julian down.

Meanwhile, Julian is in very hot water.  After lying to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) as to his whereabouts when Carlos was attacked, she confronts him about where he was and why he was leaving now to go check on Carlos at the hospital.  Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) stops by to let them know that Carlos is dead.  When Jordan questions Julian’s whereabouts in the wee hours of the morning, he says he was at Crimson and that Alexis and Nina (Michelle Stafford) were there as well.  Alexis says she saw Julian around 2:30 a.m.  Jordan says Carlos was attacked before that. Alexis blurts out that she locked up Julian’s gun earlier so there is not a chance he could have been involved.

Oops, Alexis! Jordan says Carlos wasn’t shot, but stabbed multiple times with a very distinct blade.  She advises Julexis to get a lawyer.  Alexis, now becoming unglued, pulls out the dagger that Helena used to kill her mother … and realizes it must be the murder weapon that Julian used!

This episode featured another brilliant star-turn by Finola Hughes.  Watching Anna agonize for justice has been heart wrenching in the hands of this one-of-a-kind actress.  And we had to say goodbye to the amazingly talented Parise, who you never know could pop up in certain characters minds as they deal with the aftermath of his Carlos’ death.

What did you think of the episode and the performances?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I actually liked Friday’s episode a lot. But much hinges on whether or not the writers have a plan in mind and aren’t just plotting things along blindly. Making Griffin a priest was jaw droppingly good. The reveal made sense to me given we were first introduced to him in a chapel, and ever since he has seemed a little too good to be true. The contrast between his impulse to forgive, and Anna’s impulse to seek revenge, shifted their relationship into dynamic new territory. But that still leaves us with the weird mystery of his gunshot wound and his connection to Nathan. Whatever went down between him and Nathan, did that drive Griffin to the priesthood? See, I am hoping all of this is purposeful on the writers’ part and will have a big payoff, and it’s not a matter of a bunch of writers sitting in a room and randomly saying, “I know! Let’s make him Duke’s son!” Here’s a thought, let’s connect him with Nathan!” “I got it! Let’s make him a priest!” Now given how handsome the actor is, you know they are not going to keep Griffin in the priesthood for long because they are going to want to give him a romantic interest. This too, is a kind of tired soap trope, so I hope they can find an interesting way to match him up with someone.

Am also liking the War of the Roses direction the Hayden/Nicholas story line is taking. It lightens the story, and puts them on a path to figuring out that they are, in fact, well-matched and really do love each other. I’m OK with that. I’ve liked their dynamic and anything that keeps Nicholas front and center s OK by me.

Love that Elizabeth is getting a new house. Can’t wait to see it. Let’s hope they give Becky a nice new set to play on. She deserves it after all these years of being under appreciated by TPTB.

Can’t see how Julian and Alexis can go on after Friday’s episode. She’s finally caught on to him, he’s looking as guilty as heck, and what he did was so appalling – brutally killing someone who was loyal to him – that it’s hard to imagine ANOTHER redemption for this character. I like deVry as an actor, but it’s time for Julian to go to jail and get off the canvas. Give Alexis something else to do besides moon over a man.

What particularly made Friday’s show good was NO JaSam! Gads, these two are bores. OK, Jason has his memories back. Now time for him to decide what his future will look like. If he’s coupling with Sam, fine, I’ll just fast forward through those scenes. But give Jason a purpose, aka a job. Maybe one that is not connected to either Sonny or the Quatermaines. Give Billy Miller a chance to finally make the character his own by giving Jason a new purpose.

And GH, where’s Laura? I bet Genie Francis is chomping at the bit to finally play a Laura who is not defined by Luke. You’ve set up the story, now run it consistently rather than showing us scenes every few weeks.

That’s one of the biggest problems GH has overall that many of us have complained about – such a bloated cast and so many plots going at once that we get snippets of stories every few weeks. So much time passes between tid-bits that I almost forget some stories all together. I hate to be cynical, but sometimes I think the bloated casts are just a way to keep most of the actors off contract, and push production costs down.

Almost forgot, one of my favorite exchanges of the week is when Griffin starts the last rites and Sonny crosses himself. Anna looks at him disapprovingly and he basically says, “It’s a Catholic thing.” As someone who grew up Catholic I loved that little moment because it rang true! I also really liked that Sonny was sort of the voice of reason in those scenes, trying to pull Anna back when she tried to interfere with last rites.

I totally called the priest thing a few weeks back. I’m also guessing that Nathan shot Griffin after catching him with Claudette.

As for Julian, why should he have to pay for his crime? Sonny murdered legacy character AJ and he only did like 20 minutes in Pentonville.

Well said, Melissa. I agree.

Anna will never get justice for Duke…In PC crime pays and makes you the shows new hero…Julian has got to pay-send him to prison and write the character out-same with Ava and all other criminals who commit murders…gosh i miss Edge Of Night-criminals always paid for their crimes and never made the shows heroes-once killed off most stayed dead too!!!…the best murder storyline was when Winter Austen was found not guilty for murder and it turned out she was the murderer but in the end she died and justice was served the way it should be for any murderer!!!

If you wrote out all other criminals who commit murders there would be barely anyone left on this show

You can write villians without being killers…the British soap Coronation Street has been on the air for over 50 years-most of their killers were killed off or sent to prison…American soaps used to be that way…killers were killed off, went to prison or a mental hospital…there have been all kinds of scheming villains in daytime who did not commit murder like Lisa on ATWTs, Rachel and Iris on AW, Linda on Days-killers like Walter Curtain ended up dead and the story moved on with his widow Lenore-that was daytime drama at its finest and how it should be now…it doesnt make sense that GHs Julian for example can do all sorts of criminal activities even murder and yet nothing happens to him-no suspense knowing nothing is going to happen to him-will he go to prison or will his car careen over a cliff and burst into flames-NO!!!…he just walks like a free man in MR. Gangsters Neighborhood!!!

I completely agree curacaoman. There isn’t probably 1 person left on the show who hasn’t murdered someone or attempted murder. Even though they come back to life, they still attempted to kill them. LOL. No can throw any stones here.

If this mess wrote out all the murderers. No more show .Even the child Spencer tried to kill Emma, and cam. Anna may not have killed Carlos, but she certainly tried.

Jim…’Mr. Gangsters Neighborhood’…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Forgive me, dude…I had to laugh…LOL!!!!! Oh…and BTW, I (also) miss The Edge Of Night. Yes.

Take care, Jim.

This is an interesting story but I dont like the way they are writing Anna. She has morphed into a revenge at all costs obsession to get Julian. She will sacrifice legal rights, family, friends to get what she wants. I dont like this, Anna has always been a person of the law. What an example she is for little Emma. NOT! Even Duke wouldnt want this for her.

This was one of the finest episodes GH has ever produced. The time went by so fast that I was gaping at the previews not even comprehending them. Glanced at the wall clock and thought it must be running fast. It was like a vivid dream that left you a bit unsure of your own status for a few seconds. More please.

Okay Anna has become a bit Moby Dickish with her obsession for justice for Duke. She is not even law enforcement so how can she and Sonny be allowed in Carlo’s hospital room. How many times have loved ones been shooed out those rooms, but these two can waltz right in. Frankly I used to like Anna but lately her pursuing her white whale named Julien is making her more unlikeable by the minute.

As for Griffin being a priest, he must have been pretty darn young when he went to Seminary. It takes about seven years of study to become a priest and I am sure medical school and training to be a doctor takes about the same amount of time, so he must have drank a lot Red Bull to pull off training for both– LOL

I was thinking the same thing Mary!

I never thought I would say this’
I hope someone shoots and kills Anna ..

That character needs to put out of my misery..
It’s sad, indeed— that J&S destroyed the greatness of the strong power woman Anna..
I can hardly tolerate watching her, anylonger.. (and that is a shame.

As for carlos– he died magnificently !

Griff.. I knew he was priest/holly whatever very early on, no surprise ..

Anna needs to accept that Duke is dead and move on. Duke was not an angel, he was in the mob. I understand she wants Julian to pay but sometimes life happens and you have to accept that it isnt always fair. Anna doesnt need to die, she needs a visit from an ex- Aussie! MOve on Anna!

Yes. Come back Robert. 🙂

I thought Friday’s episode was great. Anna and Griffin struggling in different ways. Their portrayals were wonderful. Sonny being the last person one might expect to be the voice of reason and adding some dry wit when least expected. You could feel Anna’s frustration as she stood there wondering what alternate universe she had stepped into. The surprise priest to her right. The alter boy mobster to her left. The evil murderer on his death bed feeling deserving of sainthood. Catholics and non-catholics probably chuckled at some of the dialog, for different reasons. It worked. Great job.

I loved the episode with 1 exception. I can’t believe GH crossed this line of all lines, in my opinion they showed nothing but blatant disrespect to the Catholic Ceremony. Not being of this faith I am not sure of the rules but I would assume last rites should be a private matter – if ANYONE else would be present I would think it would be family. On top of that Anna insisting this has to stop right now so she can get her confession?? Seriously GH ?? I also believe Confession is a private matter as well. This just rubbed me the wrong way & a big thumbs down to GH !!

If I am wrong then I retract my post but I don’t think I am.

I’m Catholic and can confirm that when a priest offers to hear the sacrament of confession, final or not, the room is usually cleared for total privacy. The Anointing of the Sick or Last Rites is a completely separate sacrament and does not require privacy. But, the recipient is usually extended the courtesy, if they are conscious, of having family present. I can assure you that most police do not insist upon questioning a patient when Last Rites are being performed. And, in a hospital, no staff would permit detectives or a non-family member, like Sonny, to barge into a hospital room & badger a dying patient who is receiving Last Rites or giving a final confession.

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General Hospital’s Rena Sofer Remarries Sanford Bookstaver

Congratulations are in order for Rena Sofer (Lois Cerullo, General Hospital) and her longtime love, TV director and producer, Sanford Bookstaver. The couple re-tied the knot over this past weekend in a wedding ceremony.

In a post on her Instagram, Sofer shared the details, expressing, “This weekend on what would have been our 21st wedding anniversary I got to Re-Marry my best friend Sanford Booksaver once again!”

The GH star and Daytime Emmy-winner added,”The journey we are about to begin is the most exciting adventure, in a new state and town, but most thrilling is that we get to do it together as husband and wife!”

Photo: SBookStaverIG

Alluding to their time apart, Rena noted, “The three years we spent apart were humbling and heartbreaking but vital to us finding each other again. The love I have for you now is the foundation of my life. I can’t imagine another moment NOT walking through life with you hand in hand and our hearts entwined. You are the love of my life, and it’s not ‘oops we did it again, but I’m so grateful we did it again!❤️❤️❤️”

Previously, Sofer was married to GH and Days star, Wally Kurth (Ned and Justin, respectively) from 1995-1997, and the two share a daughter together, Rosabel Rosalind Kurth. Rena and Sanford were previously married from 2005 to 2017 and share a daughter together, Avalon Leone.

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Will Alexis finally be reinstated as a lawyer? Will Fergus and Alexis actually hit it off since Lane and Nancy Lee Grahn played the beloved Mason and Julia Capwell on Santa Barbara, and Davies was previously on GH as Dr. Cameron Lewis?

Meanwhile, a pregnant Kristina (Kate Mansi) is reeling after seeing her father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) lose his grip and threatening to kill Jason (Steve Burton) and Dex (Evan Hofer). Will her unborn baby be in danger?

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Finally, Finn’s (Michael Easton) sobriety is really tested and it all seems to be inadvertently caused by the Cerullos. First, at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn and Chase, Carmine hands Finn a glass of champagne after his daughter Violet’s performance. Not paying attention, he takes a sip of champagne during a toast.

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Now, Carmine and Gloria send a bottle of bourbon to Finn with their “warmest regards.” However, Finn can’t stop himself from pouring himself a drink.  Will Finn finally give in, and we are off to the races with another addiction storyline for the good doctor? Stay tuned.

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Now, let us know. What do you think will happen with Finn, Alexis and Kristina on this week’s GH? Share your theories in the comment section.

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General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Defends Sonny Going Postal, “It Could Definitely Happen”

Last Friday’s May 17th cliffhanger of General Hospital saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) beating up Dex (Evan Hofer) and threatening to shoot and kill both Dex and Jason (Steve Burton), who is restraining him outside the ballroom at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

For months, Sonny has been taking less than his prescribed dosage of medication to control his bipolar disorder.  The mobster has no idea that he has been duped by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), who is the one that set this dangerous situation in motion, in an effort to eliminate Sonny and eventually Jason from interfering in Pikeman taking over the territory.

One fan questioned the validity of Sonny’s reaction to Dex and Jason after the pei, when he took to X and expressed, “People off their medications don’t necessarily go around hitting people and being out of control. This was the WRONG message to send. I don’t expect anything from Frank Valentini and General Hospital anymore, but you could’ve (and should’ve) stopped it cold.”

Photo: ABC

Maurice Benard replied back to that comment and defended the actions of Sonny given the circumstances. The three-time Daytime Emmy-winner shared, “This is true but when you have a character like Sonny who’s volatile and is drinking and is manic and his thoughts are taken him over it could definitely happen like I said, ‘bipolar ain’t pretty.”‘

GH has portrayed Sonny’s battle with mental illness and the importance of keeping on your meds, plus the issues surrounding it for years. However, some fans have not been pleased by this latest plot point.


The pick-up of the story begins tomorrow on Monday, May 20th where teasers for the episode share: Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina (who walked in on her dad threatening Jason and Dex) and Jason summons Carly.

So, what did you think of the plot point of Sonny threatening to kill Dex and Jason, after beating up Dex, given his growing paranoia? Comment below.

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