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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Is Morgan Corinthos Bipolar?



Could it be that Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), the son of Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard)  is actually suffering from Bipolar disorder just like his father?  That was the twist brought up on Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital! 

As Morgan is at the courthouse with his girlfriend Kiki (Hayley Erin), since she is set to take the stand as a witness in the murder trial of her father, Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton), Sonny and Carly are worrying about the young man, whose actions over the last many months are leading Carly to the conclusion that Morgan may suffer from the same mental illness as her husband-to-be!

Carly says to Sonny, in bringing up the sensitive subject of bipolar disorder to the mob boss: “There is a genetic component and that means it can be inherited.”   She goes on to list the events that have transpired since Morgan has hit young adulthood: “Morgan was a sweet, calm little boy, and when he hit his twenties he has completely changed.  If Morgan is bipolar, he is at the age where we would begin to see the signs.  Let’s just think about the things he has done:  He had a gambling problem, he tricked Kiki into marrying him, he slept with Ava (Maura West), he joined Julian’s (William deVry) organization, and what about that night at the pier with Michael (Chad Duell) when they got into a fight?  Michael hits his head and fall’s into the water and Morgan takes off.  He was going to leave him and let him drown!  He loses control when he is angry.  Let’s just look at him right now then …  acting out sexually is  a symptom.   He got back together with Kiki and right away he sleeps with her aunt.”


Things really hit home for Sonny though when Carly goes on to say “Morgan was really depressed when he found out that you were Avery’s father, and not him.  Sonny, God knows what else he’s done.”  A shell-shocked Sonny then utters:  “If I passed this on to my son and he killed somebody.  It’s on me.”

So, do you think Morgan is suffering from Bipolar disorder?  Does it help make sense of all the characters past and present behavior and his sleeping with Denice AKA Ava while he is in a relationship with Kiki?  Would you like to see how Morgan suffering from this mental illness would play out within the Corinthos clan? Do you think Morgan killed Silas then?  Share your thoughts below!

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I think that Morgan suffers from extreme entitled spoiled child syndrome, not bipolar disorder. Although I think that Bryan Craig has matured into a much finer actor than he started out as; unfortunately, I think that Morgan’s development is stunted. I wish the writers would give Bryan a more meatier and juicer story to work with because I think that the actor has developed over the years. Honestly, and this may seem far-fetched, I think that Madeline killed Silas. I may be mistaken-because I haven’t watched daily; but, did Silas discover what Madeline and Ric were up to-plotting and scheming Nina? If so, and he found out that Ric had that ridiculous crying baby app on his photo in hopes of driving Nina insane-then I could see Madeline killing Silas. It wouldn’t be her first murder, and she absolutely despised Silas. Again, this may be completely far-fetched. But, I don’t think the murderer would be as obvious as Ava or Morgan. Ava has already been written into a corner with the murder of Connie and Morgan is too dumb to commit a crime and connected to too many legacy families.

Thank you–I came in here to say the same thing–well done.
If you know anything about bipolar disease, you know that Morgan has not exhibited any signs of it–he’s just a stupid (fill in blank–rhymes with ick).

“…Bryan Craig has matured into a much finer actor than he started out ”

I totally agree.. with; that Bryan Craig should be “tested” with more layers

he’s in 2 modus operandi

1. involved with Denise/Ava or Kiki
2. or being tempestuous with mom and dad; Carly or Sonny

??? where’s Michael… not that I miss him… off somewhere with Sabrina?

I hope it’s not Madeline… heck… if I have to choose either or… at this point i’d choose Donna Mills over Michelle Stafford

I really hope the new writing team… spiff up and treat us to better story for Nina and Franco… now talk… about stifled emmy winners … what a let down…
we have all been so patient… and yet, I still love them

for the life of me… the only thing I can think of … to let Ava off the hook and return to her former glory… is that … Denise has been on much longer than we realize… she was the one that killed Connie… is that plausible? whatever it takes to get Maura West’ Ava front and center

I feel GH was going to write Morgan bipolar when BC joined back in 2013. Jean Passanante was at GH then by the way. It seems they started him off with the gambling addiction & other issues but then dropped the sl idea. I know Jean’s head-writing hasn’t aired yet, she is in the credits now currently breakdown writer. I just wonder if it was her idea or RC’s to start this possible bipolar sl? Here’s hoping if they did do it it would last longer than “TJ was profiled in a ritzy department store” s/l they ended before it began.

dmr, I was thinking the same thing about Madeline being Silas’ killer…I feel that it would add and interesting wrinkle in the murder mystery

I agree…it’s between Rick and MadMaddie. I don’t think Ava killed Silas. I believe she suspect Morgan, that’s why she is acting so guilty and nervous. She’s trying to steer suspicion away from him. I am inclined to think that whoever is leaving the show is the culprit. Anyone’s contract up?

Morgan is bipolar…but has anyone noticed Heidi, the mental patient Nina talks to…Heidi is unresponsive and doesnt talk…she just stares off into space…she is in a catanoniclike state…thats how i look sometimes after watching a bad episode of GH…lol

Ha, ha! Jim, that is priceless.

Shes a writer for GH!

I think they are all that way…lol

I am finally caught up, Jimh, albeit I FFed through many scenes…but, Heidi blinked, at one point…LOL.

what? would make Carly an interesting character

outside of meddling in every one else’ life

I near gagged and laughed out loud myself… as “Jake” declared him and Carly BFF.

LOL… Carly just got right in to it… started laughing giddily and they hugged

OK Carly

“… Let’s just look at him right now then … acting out sexually is a symptom. ”


I miss Sarah Joy Brown

Me too my friend. Sarah was the original Carly. She is a wonderful actress.

So do I, Patrick, so do I. And, Tamara Braun, gosh, after that special anniversary episode from 2014, with the 3 Carly’s, shoot, I’d love to see all three of them somehow in scenes together for a special story! that would be WILD!!!

Sarah was amazing for sure but I also think Laura Wright is pretty good too.

I think this has the potential to be a GREAT story for all involved. I can only imagine the performances Bryan, Maurice, & Laura are going to bring to the table.

I’ve wanted this story for S&C since Morgan was a pre-teen. S&C together & united working to help their son-perfection IMO

Hope so makes sense(something stories havent been doing lately) & would probably be great because the whole Corinthos clan are filled w great actors.

“Great?” Not Michael or Morgan! Okay maybe?

They had better not be headed that way as a defense. Totally inaccurate. Surprised Mo would go along with a false depiction of this important subject.

ohh geez..
for godsake not another nut case.
This bipolar stuff is stupid in entertainment.
Soap diseases are written for entertainment, not to be taken seriously.

Y&R has the cry cry Sharon and that is never ending dumb stuff.
GH has Sonny but at least he isn’t a constant cry cry like Sharon..
The new writers from Y&R luv diseased inflicted characters for boring drama.

No doubt, within a months time they will have written in at least 2 cancers cases, a blind guy, a PTSD guy, an alcoholic woman with MS, and a couple of transplants, they will have a drug addict and 2 or 3 alcoholics, too.
That is how they write at Y&R the drama turns around diseased characters LOL !
bigger and better drama is if the character is dying from whichever disease.

Anyway, I hope Morgan is not turned into Sharon burning down houses and has a crooked neck looking sideways at me lol ..
aha! gotta luv this stuff..
— keep GH disease free!!!

theses past weeks after Luke have been really good! RC brought his A-Game 🙂

(luv Nina a true nutter, Franco is sane; he’s a very cool odd, I love him!

I’ve been liking GH the last few weeks, too. As far as all the “diseases” on Y&R, maybe it should be called the General Hospital of Genoa City.

su0000!!!!! I hope you’re sitting down because I could not agree with you more!!

ohh oh!
c’mer Harry, have a beer.. lets talk.
I also agreed with you recently, a couple of times!
That is not right. nope, not right..
We can blame it on the universe!
The moon was in the 7th house and Mars Was crossing Venus and Saturn was on the dark side of the sun, or some such thing that made us agreeing, fer shur ..
Ok- we’re fixed .. 🙂

What she said. 🙂



“…Anyway, I hope Morgan is not turned into Sharon burning down houses and has a crooked neck looking sideways at me lol ..
aha! gotta luv this stuff..
— keep GH disease free!!! ”



you know who should nut up?


Julian is so wasted on her

so many RULES with spinster Alexis

gotta be mob free
and do not lie to her supreme being

Rumor is Carlos is well and alive.

Hopefully he is alive and kills Sabrina thinking its Anna on a cold misty night on the docks!

Hey, Timmm!!! If that were to happen, it would almost make me wish for a return of that mangy madman!!!!! (Although it would have to be an awfully heavy mist to mistake the sleek, petite Anna for the ever-expanding Sappy!)

The more awareness that this show, or any other show, can bring to mental illnesses with an informative spin the better. People need to know that certain behaviors unchecked can be the result of an illness and not necessarily a character flaw. Congrats to GH for taking that thoughtful road and even considering it as a possibility. This is what daytime drama is about.

hi Mateo..
No.. it doesn not correctly inform people.
Bipolar on soaps are written for entertainment, not medical facts..
The writers are not professional doctors nor medical advisors to write anything medical, they write for entertainment using whichever aliment for drama.
I can imagine Doctors who deal with bipolar people cringing at how it is portrayed in a soap opera which is fictional writing.

It is best that unqualified people should not write bipolarism in fantasy not of real life, soap operas, soaps writers are not certified medical advisors.]

If Morgan is bipolar what he does and how he does whatever’s is entertainment story telling and written for soap drama, not actually factual.

How great that you can explain it to all us klutzes. We’d be lost if we didn’t have you to explain EXACTLY how it is.

I guess Agnes Nixon wasn’t as smart as you, when back in the day before she sold her enormously successful shows to ABC that she refused to write any medical stories that weren’t factual because of the dangerous misinformation it would give to the viewers.

Thank God you’re so much smarter and clued in than she is, eh?

The topic being discussed in that environment allows for others to learn about the illness known as bipolar. To correct your obviously ignorant comment above let me start by saying that every television show has medical consultants on staff to garner facts about any said illness. It’s called responsible writing. Of course it’s done for entertainment. This is a soap opera and it’s a drama so it has to be portrayed dramatically or it would be a documentary. Writers are not unqualified to discuss a topic such as illness. Most responsible and literate writers research a topic. And any research done about those who suffer with bipolar mental illness show that the symptoms discussed are common signs of bipolar illness. Also the actor portraying Sonny Corinthos deals with the bipolar illness himself in real life so I am sure he has a lot to offer to the cast and writers about what it is like to deal with. So before you speak, research, learn and gather information before you say I am incorrect because I am not. Nothing on television is completely factual. Nothing. But the information disseminated allows viewers to have discussions about the topic and learn more about it. The topic of mental illness being discussed in any forum is needed now more than ever. If you think I am wrong there take a look at the world news and then tell me I am wrong.

Yes, diseases are often written for entertainment on soaps, but some soaps do consult doctors or experts in certain fields of study of whatever s/l their knowledge is needed for. Maurice has bipolar and openly speaks about it now specifically to help others. Anyway, I don’t like how Sharon is written at Y&R. It’s straight-up WRONG!! That is not bipolar. I know the Y&R writers wrote for Sharon while they were there, but they didn’t write that horrible sl when she burns down Victor’s ranch & marries Victor!! GAG!! If GH wrote this in I think Maurice could guide the writers. It wouldn’t take much but surely it would be much better written than Sharon’s supposed bipolar sl!

I don’t object to many sl’s if it’s written well. Just write well!!

Mateo, what I was trying to say (but said so badly because I was writing in haste) is that manic depression (bipolar disorder) is complex.
Sure soaps historically have dealt with their public awareness duties dealing with such issues as breast cancer or heart disease, but trying to touch upon the subject of bipolar disorder is an all together matter. As I am sure you know, manic depression is a chemical disorder of the brain causing surges of dopamine to ebb , flow and then retreat wildly into the frontal lobes. Excuse the overly simplistic layman’s explanation but the end result is dramatic and intensive mood swings. The higher we soar the harder we fall leading to crippling depression. I have not seen wild mood swings in Morgan, have not seen him act manically high only to crash, and finally, I have not seen him suffer from delusions of grandeur. Yes, he has been down but there has always been a viable explanation for it. There is a difference between being clinically depressed and just sad. My point is that if soaps are going to take on bipolar disease, they need to do so with responsibility. Su00 alluded to Sharon from Y&R having bipolar disorder–this was also really badly handled. They had Sharon burning down houses and switching DNA samples as result of her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. People who have this disorder do not usually turn into sociopathic criminals–what a disservice!
For a brief moment, Sonny’s manic depression was dealt with responsibly but then they had him drinking alcohol while he was taking lithium which is a big medical no no. And bipolar disease does not explain or excuse his cold blooded killing of AJ and his overall dumb thug behavior anymore than it explains Morgan’s dumb thug, spoiled brat behavior.
Sometimes people are just a holes–Morgan might be one of them.

Mateo, that would be fine if Morgan exhibited signs of bipolar disease. I happen to know a lot about it, and Morgan has shown NO signs of it.
Moreover, this actor lacks the acting chops to pull this off.
And oh my God! I am totally agreeing with Suooo yet again. But this time, she is RIGHT!
Now I have to go outside and make sure the sky is still blue,

There’s definitely a change in the air when this happens. Maybe it’s the apocalypse?! 🙂

Exactly, Harry! Just this week there was news that those with high IQ’s are particularly more prone to this mental affliction, hence, that should definitely preclude Morgan as a candidate, since he certainly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed! In light of that bit of information, I’m also at a loss as to why SonnyMumbles suffers from this particular malady.

Mateo, I am in TOTAL agreement with you! Yeah, soaps can offer escapism, but they also have deep history in telling good drama, which sometimes includes cancer, bipolar disorder, anorexia, alcoholism and so on and so on. It all can’t be about CAMP!

So Morgan shows no signs of bipolar? Hmmm, let’s see, some signs of bipolar disorder are agitation, depression, sexual hyperactivity that is sometimes compromising or devastating to another person, racing thoughts, increased self esteem or grandiosity…sounds like Morgan Corinthos to me. To the commentator who stated that Bryan Craig does not have the acting chops I beg to differ. That young actor has massive skill and intensity. He is amazing in his role. This will not be specific to any one person. There are many types of bipolar disorder with varying levels of intensity. But using the basic criterion as listed on the symptoms list on both Web MD and The Mayo Clinic, there are several signs indicating a possible diagnosis of the aforementioned bipolar disorder. I am not an expert on any mental illness. I am not a psychiatrist but I do respect the writers for exploring the possibility of an illness being passed on to another family member. Even Sonny Corinthos, who loves his children so much can feel badly about passing it on, even though there was nothing that could be done because genetics are completely subjective not objective. I love what GH is doing so all the whiners and complainers need to start knitting sweaters or collecting stamps if they are unhappy with what they are watching. You all have a choice….use it wisely.

I want to be entertained NOT educated, its a soap!

If you want entertainment watch repeats of Carol Burnett. That statement is just too much but at this time I just can’t…i just can’t.

It’s all about the entertainment, Timmm..
And people dying of cancers etc is not entertainment it is simply using a condition to create soap drama which is basically fiction..
Diseases are used for drama to make people sad and cry lol..
No soap can ever diagnose, treat, nor correctly portray a soap disease of the real world. It is used as a tool for storytelling drama..

An example;
The Y&R writers Jean and Shelly (now GH’s HW’s) gave Y&R Michael sex cancer lol.. Turned his cancer into an ED story/whatever lol
It showed no reality nor informed anyone of anything medical information lol

(they also gave— Niki MS, and awakened her alcoholism, Neil blind, Paul’s transplant, Phyllis coma, in on Delia’s death, Dylan’s PTDS, and made Avery the Cupcake Queen, that was really sick, too

(the new GH writers are big huge on giving people diseases!! wow huh!
GH is has none of that, it is relatively disease free..
Jean and Shelly, are sure to diease up GH, give people cancers, blindness and all kinds of debilitating diseases..

I hope Morgan will not be a bipolar.. there is no cure.
All they need to write he is not taking the meds to go on a crazy rampage lol ..
The way the new GH writers wrote Sharon’s bipolarism, we can only pray Morgan escapes them, their bipolar writing ….

I’m going to vehemently disagree. I was riveted by GH sl’s: Stone’s AIDS (1 of the best sl’s of all time IMO), Monica’s breast cancer, BJ’s heart, when Lucy was a surrogate for Dominique & Scott when Dominique was ill & passed away before the baby, Serena, was born, Robin’s HIV diagnosis was stunning & beautifully written & the ripple effect it had on canvas. I even enjoy Sonny when he gets off his bipolar meds & goes to his dark place. Although rape isn’t a disease, Liz’s rape in the park where Lucky then found her & helped her heal was my favorite sl of all time. Of course, these were older sl’s back when masters were behind the pen. Beautifully written, no beats skipped, masterfully acted. None of this disease of the week, like Ashley’s 2 day brain aneurysm & Michael’s pathetically ignored & frankly, not told cancer sl recently on Young and Restless. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

Pretty sure the writers are going down the bipolar road w/Morgan if I’m reading BC’s recent statements about the sl correctly. They would have to really lay him out w/more symptoms, IMO, but it’s not a far stretch. Sonny’s bipolar is the only decently written & even remotely close bipolar sl I’ve seen thus far on daytime. Sharon’s bipolar on Y&R isn’t even worth the type.

You must not watch the nightly news because with all the violence and hate its nice to tune in to a campy episode of GH.

I would explain a lot– I am not against this being a story line as long as it is an honest depiction of the disease and not an excuse to have Morgan go off the rails– I would love a truly well written story about it and if it can bring Dr. Collins back even better.

You may get your wish, Carly mentioned Kevin the other day.

I think it’s a great twist to the storyline. One I hadn’t thought about but would explain some stuff.


Nah, he’s just a moron. After all, he is the spawn of Sonny and Carly so why the surprise he’s an idiot?

This is true, boes! On the other hand, me thinks that Morgan’s biggest malady is arrested development along with a hefty dose of ADHD! He cannot seem to focus on much beyond his immediate physical urges!

Maybe if Morgan got a JOB he’d have more to do than jump from bed to bed. He’s always drinking at a bar or out to eat what does he do to earn this money he always has? What a deadbeat!

Remember that Maurice Bernard is bi-polar and has always insisted on a realistic portrayal of the disease.

Only interested in a possible bipolar story if they keep it short and not string it out for a year.

Also, after watching GH yesterday, I think they should seriously consider changing the name to Mobster Inc. Not that I would like continuous disease/ gun and car injury/ very sick baby stories/ with doctors and nurses going in and out of patient rooms and looking at their charts.

Don’t mind some of the gangster/dark side/crazy stuff…I think it adds to what makes GH interesting. But the current focus, again, seems to be on the Corrinthos/Jerome stories which bear no resemblance to the original GH characters and families. It’s not that I want to stay in the past…I like new well written stories, characters and actors. But at least relate them back to GH, or change the name.

Rose, I would rather they not do it at all. Yes, Bob Guza was exercised sensitivity and thoughtfulness with Sonny’s diagnosis…..initially.
But there was no follow through. I have not heard Sonny mention his disorder until just recently and he is seen swinging back alcohol–something one is not supposed to indulge in while taking lithium.
So, if they cannot do this right, I say do not do it at all.

If this can be done tastefully with a realistic portrayal it has potential to be an impactful story. If they handle mental illness like most soaps do, I’m concerned. We’ll see.

Just make him bi and him and Brad can hook up!


I don’t know if Morgan is bipolar or not, but I wish he’d let his hair grow out. Don’t care for this look on him.

I’m not a doctor so I don’t know.

We should ask Peter Bergman, Michael. He played a doctor on TV!

Why does he have to be one or the other? One can be bipolar AND a spoiled punk bitch at the same time. I’m guessing Morgan is both.

Always write for these types of characters. Potential goldmine.

I is ah luvin Morgan a whole bunch !!
Morgan is a great character 🙂
but—- I want his hair back!!!!

Guza created Morgan and then he was sent away, he vanished!!
RC brought him back- a great move!!
Bryan has done very well with the character, he has greatly improved to a gold star!

BC said in an interview him shaving his hair is part of the upcoming bipolar sl. I’m serious. Not sure what that has to do w/bipolar but I guess we will see.

Morgan/Brians head is not shaved..
It is a popular guy cut, many have the style, no big deal..
I still see him as a messed up guy, many guys are messed up but not bipolar..
Morgan has a messed up life he just needs to get it together..

Morgan is definitely a spoiled, rich child who wants all the cake and icing too. He is so jealous of Michael and wants everything he has (like all siblings) but bipolar is an hereditary disease and I’m sure like others have said that the writers have probably cleared their writing with people who would know. Maurice is a walking encyclopedia on the disease. I would say the writers have to come up with something to explain away some of the things Michael has done or otherwise he would be painted in the bye-bye corner for sure. I really don’t believe he killed Silas because he “loves” KiKi and wouldn’t want to hurt her by killing him but I think he probably saw Mad Madeline doing the good doctor in. GH has killed off or otherwise sideline too many great characters in the short past and she is an expendable character. Besides if she is the culprit it will clear up the story for Nina and Franco.

You said “to explain away some of the things Michael has done.” I believe you meant Morgan. Yes, looks like it’s coming.

Hopefully now that Scotty has broken Ava down in court and she has confessed to being Ava, the storyline that flew around about it coming out that KiKi is really the child that Nina supposedly lost. Even if Morgan turns out to be Avery’s dad, there will be no reason for Ava to be spewing her venom around. Besides I still think she was the one who offed poor ole AJ in the hospital and it wasn’t Sonny to killed him. It isn’t possible for everything to be Sonny’s fault on GH. I hate it that Silas was killed off but now that Ava has come out and will incarcerated for Connie’s death, she wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet on how she had lived after escaping from prison and it would have framed Silas for that. She has been painted into the bye-bye corner so why not put AJ’s death on her so Michael will finally forgive Sonny (he has enough on his plate). Maura West is an excellent actress but Ava is dastardly with a capital D, almost as bad as Helena Cassadine. Ava and Morgan certainly have some chemistry though.

When did this happen?’ Are you a day ahead of us?

Morgan is bipolar he is simply screwed up..
He is a messed up guy, a f-up but so are many people that doesn’t make them bipolar..
writers need to be very careful with giving a character bipolarism, for one- it is not curable.

Great show Friday cant wait for Monday.

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