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Y&R's Peter Bergman Dishes The Jack/Marco Showdown & His Soap Life As A Doppelganger!

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless viewers saw the prelude of the anticipated showdown between Jack Abbott and his doppelganger the womanizing, dangerous, criminal, Peruvian drug lord Marco Annicelli!  Now as the men come face to face … will Marco survive Jack’s payback since the tables are turned, and he is the one who finds himself tied up?  Is it finally curtains for the man who took over Jack’s life while Jack was held captive far, far away from Genoa City and his loved ones and his wife Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)?

All of this was served up, of course, on Mr. Abbott courtesy of an unholy alliance between Marco and Jack’s nemesis, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)!  But prior to Jack landing at the Abbott Cabin to confront Marco, he apparently got Jabot back from Victor as the two titans dissolved their unholy alliance.  They even shook hands in front of key women in their lives – Phyllis, Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle)!  But, what is really going on here?

Getting to play two roles at one time is something that three-time Daytime Emmy winner Peter Bergman has never had the opportunity to do in his enduring daytime drama on-screen life. On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Peter at the CBS TCA Summer Party 2015 to get a preview of: the big showdown, what will Jack’s plans be for Victor and Adam Newman (Justin Harley) who perpetrated some pretty shady dealings at his expense, and what he thought of stepping out of his comfort zone to play the lascivious Marco, and more.  Here’s what the incomparable Peter Bergman shared.

Have you enjoyed your very first doppelganger story experience in your soap career?


PETER:  You know, it was a wild journey.  I got to do things I had never done before.   I am always asked, “How do you keep making this fresh?”  They keep giving me new stuff to do and this was particularly true with this story, and so I had great fun.  It wore me out though.  I had 55 pages of dialog one day, and maybe two days later would have 53 pages.  True story!  It was the craziest thing.  It was crazy time, because we tape more than one show per day.  They just figured, “Well, Peter can do this!” (Laughs)  So we decided to shoot two full episodes and then some scenes from a third episode in one day.

Jack and Marco meet for the first time, and it looks like the fur is going to fly!

PETER: Wow! Yes, Jack was meeting Marco, and neither of them was a very happy fellow at the time. (Laughs)

When Marisa (Sofia Pernas) drove Marco into the steely waters and he was believed to have drowned, were you at that point happy that he was “killed-off”?

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PETER:  There was a little part of me that was relieved.  But you know what?  I really did have fun.  There was something that tickled me so much … that Marco found Ashley (Eileen Davidson) so hot!  I drove Eileen Davidson crazy!  She was ready for Marco to be drowned, believe me! (Laughs)

Did you and Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) not have a good laugh about all of this … that Phyllis could not tell that she wasn’t sleeping with Jack … when she was having sex with Marco? (Laughs)

PETER:  Gina was such a good sport, because Marco was getting a little “handsy” with Phyllis!   If Marco ends up truly gone, there probably will be some people on set going, “Thank God!”, because I almost ruined some friendships! (Laughs)

Now, Jack has got to exact his revenge on Victor (Eric Braeden) for what he did to him, right?

PETER:  This changes the dynamic of Victor and Jack forever.  I mean, forever.  I don’t think Jack needed too much encouragement to not like Victor, but he got plenty.  Jack is actually a very forgiving guy, but there are limits and we have definitely found them.

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Since playing the dual role, you have lot of material that you could submit for Emmy contention this coming year.  Do you agree?

PETER:   It depends.  I am a great believer in Emmy tapes that break your heart.  This wasn’t heartbreaking stuff, it showed capability.  I believe Emmys are about grabbing people’s heart, so we will see about that.

Overall, the ratings have been improved on The Young and the Restless since Chuck Pratt Jr. has taken over as head writer and as his stories are enveloping the canvas. The show has been running close to 5 million viewers a week.

PETER:  The ratings have been much improved.  I watch the show where initially I thought, “What’s with this little Scooby-Doo group? And by the way, those people are fantastic, but now it all makes sense.  I watch Justin Hartley (Adam) and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) knocking it out of the park.  I think Gina Tognoni has proven to be so much more than we thought we were going to get.  We expected a lot from her, and we got so much more than we even expected.  She is pretty amazing!


Where do you see Adam and Jack’s relationship going?  Adam executed some very underhanded maneuvers to get where he wanted in the company at the expense of Jack, which has included passing himself off as Jack’s biological son!  Do you think we will see more of the fallout from all of this in the future?

PETER:  Yes, that will continue to be a thing.  That Adam would benefit from Jack’s misfortune, doesn’t sit too well with Jack.  As well, look for more with Jack and Ashley with the amazing Eileen Davidson.  You ain’t see nothing yet!.

Would you be up for playing Marco, if the writers informed you they had yet another story for him, and they need you to continue to play him?


PETER:  I am always game!  I really trust these writers, I really do.

Watch the final moments of Wednesday’s episode of Y&R below as the confrontation between Marco and Jack begins!

Then weigh-in: How do you think this will end? Will Marco die? Will he get away? Will it be revealed that Jack and Victor hatched a plot to rid the world of Marco, and then next they will turn on each other in  a massive way? What do you think of Peter Bergman’s comments that he shared in the interview?  Have you enjoyed seeing his performances in the dual role?  Comment below!

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The double Jacks’
I seen better and I’ve seen worse..
What is important is Petter had a good time and got to shine!!!!
Most all soap actors want to have the role of a double, and Peter deserved the honor..

Y&R has become much better…
2013 and 2014 Y&R was horribly slow dull and near comatose boring.
(those writers, Jean & Shelly, were fired and now the dual Queens of Snooze are with GH) and Pratt has brought Y&R back up from the near fatal drop..
Pratt, love or hate him has brought Y&R back and doing very well..

If I had my way for the next year;
I would put Jack down and keep Marco … 🙂
Marco and Victor facing off would be awesome fun !!

I love Jack and he’s an incredibly good actor, but, for me, he simply didn’t make this idiotic doppleganger story work. It was all too easy – he even had Marco over-pronouncing words like Jack does when Marco had private conversations with Victor.

I agree. Jack/Marco did not do it for me.
And, Victor walks tall, again. What was that bandage on Marco’s earZ. Did Victor put a tracking devise on him? Or put some kind of ID symbol to tell him apart from Jack? Hmmmm, if that is it? What an ingenious idea!! LOL.

Poor Peter….what a lame story he has had to endure….I’m seeing the two Jacks on the roof of the Jabot building fighting and the letter “J” falls from above and crushes Marco…thus killing him and ending his reign of terror…oh wait, that happened to Mary Duvall being killed by the letter “C” on the soap Santa Barbara….writers would never retell storylines would they???? LOL..just teasing…….and how many times can you do a doppelganger story…i think one has been done very year since 1990…..

Horrible, isn’t it?!?

I can barely make it through an entire show – just lame, convoluted, plot-driven so-called storytelling!!

Peter Bergman has hit it out of the park–through his vocal intonations and mannerisms, one can really tell when he’s playing Marco. Jack never seems frightening to me but Marco does. Just look at the look of fury on his face in the picture above!
Yes, it requires suspension of disbelief and yes, it’s kind of silly but it’s fun and the story is told well.
I love what Peter says about Gina’s performance–I do so agree.

Its a DOPElanger storyline thats been done to death!!!

Ah, Scott! Thank you for the flashback to my favorite soap of all time … SANTA BARBARA. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pratt pulled that out of the repeat pile of storylines.

@ Harry: You are missing the point – this type of plot-driven garbage has been done to death! “Kind of silly” doesn’t begin to describe this mess!!

Glad you are being entertained – this 34+ yr. viewer is not – this show and the actors deserve better than this utter nonsense!

I loved SB…i would watch reruns of that anytime!!!

Bart, being something of an intellectual, no one has ever accused me of missing the point before. Certainly not when discussing a soap opera. That is a new one. I am sorry I ventured on the side of positivity–it’s not something I do too often.
Yes, it’s been done to death but redundancy does not necessarily negate entertainment value. Perhaps you’re the one missing the point.


I would really like to see Victor killed off. I just can’t stand that creep. I do hope your right I want Jack to realize Adam was always loyal to him. Adam needs Jack & vice-versa. I hate that they made Harding a killer. I love his acting and him & Kevin together are amazing. It would also be nice if we could kill off Summer. Watching her TRY to act is just sickening. It would be nice to see Harding with Abby. There so different. It would be funny. Love Mariah & Kevin also.


excellent stuff….

everything I agree with

the one thing that i’m glad to commiserate with…. “what a danged shame” that it has to be Harding… I just read the last two SOD Issues… and , this man just draws you in for your own reason… LOTS

CAN any one share? what is going on with Ashley? is that “brain?” aneurysm… going to do her in? is she back burner…. it sure seems to me, she has been from the start of her 2 year contract? doesn’t make sense to me… that they are not capitalizing on her emmy win and BIG TIME resurge from her DAYS catapult

I just LOVE her

ps: i’m sorry… but all the pressing , just doing your job, hailing that everything is on the up and up… doesn’t follow here. I think Peter Bergman knows it’s time to move on from this doppelanger… at least he’s thanking his lucky stars… that actors; Adam, even Chelsea, and Phyllis are carrying the show

I forgot to add : I’d love to see Chris McKenna (Harding) added to the DAYS cast!

i’m a ditz… he was featured in a snippet in SOD.. that he’s glad to be back… just not as the killer… he took time off from Y&R to continue on with another show, that’s what I gathered from the article

I think he’s the bee’s knees’

DAYS prod : catch him

Aw…..Just finished watching today’s show. I was still hoping it wasn’t Harding. Although he never admitted to killing anyone it looks like he’s going to be the fall guy. I think going to bed tonight I’m going to dream I’m the writer. Real Jack kills Victor with Marco’s gun. They then take Marco to the station where Marco sees Harding being booked, he freaks grab’s a gun to kill Harding but is pushed out of the way by Kevin and the gun goes off and kills Summer. Now there is nobody to accuse Mark for anything. Marco is a wanted criminal in El Salvador so everyone just assumes he’s the killer and Harding gets off. Paul is a little angry for Harding pulling a gun but knows Mark just needs time off because he’s over worked. How do you like that? No more Victor,Summer, or Marco and we get to keep Harding. That damn Summer everytime she’s involved in something we lose someone we love.

Agree with you 100% … its almost unbearable to watch the old fossil winning in every ludicrous situation … been watching since 1984 but I do not like Pratt’s idea of what the Y&R should be at all!!!

Y&R has improved in pacing and I will give the writers credit for that. However when I watch Y&R I can’t help but be reminded of storylines from Melrose Place that ran in the 90’s. Chuck Pratt’s writing is dated and not very fresh. I think he has a tendency to make each and every woman on screen either crazy or a raving bitch. The other head writer, JFP, plays favorites and it’s so obvious. Watching Summer (Lindsay Lohan wannabe) and Dylan in every story is trying because neither of them can act their way out of a paper sack. Victor is a villain and we all know that BUT they have taken his actions way too far and he is almost unredeemable. I love Y&R. It’s one of my favorite shows but it’s in a precarious state with the wild eyed storytelling. A good mix of the characters and action is always a blessing. But too much of either is still a little much. Peter Bergman deserves MASSIVE kudos for his acting abilities during this crazy story. I recognize what heavy work it is to portray all that craziness and still convey a sense of reality to it. Peter Bergman has done that. Mr. Bergman deserves an Emmy for his work. That is what it’s supposed to be like. All I can say is that ratings be damned. Y&R has been the number soap for a long period of time and I don’t think the Pratt/Phelps team can take all the credit for that. They may have switched up the pacing but like every shiny thing that starts out all sparkly it will eventually fade and neither one of those writers has a very good reputation in the industry. Eventually it will catch up to them, I just hope it’s not before every great actor on that show leaves for greener pastures. They seriously can not afford to lose another top notch actor.

Your post is similar to several of the things I’ve been posting, esp the 90’s Melrose Place s/l’s and character assassinations. Every woman went crazy & every man turned into a thug but the women loved them. I don’t think you can write a daytime soap, especially one that banked it’s success on family & relationships, like a slick nighttime soap. You just can’t.

I’m sick of hearing about the magnificent ratings because not so much in my eyes. Since Pratt took over they’ve a few good, record highs, but fell back down by the next few wks. I’m not trying to take anything away from them. JFP lost a LOT of viewers when Billy Miller & Michael Muhney exited the same day!! It took her a long time to build the ratings back up but she did & they were back near 5million when Pratt took over. He hasn’t pushed them over into another stratosphere. IMO they are close to the same as Y&R has been for the last several years. Check Wikipedia & see for yourself.

I agree with you 100% except that I have not seen that Pratt has ever been “shiny and new” and unless they make the last 2 years or so all a dream and bring this soap back to where it used to really shine, I hate to say that I’ve actually considered not watching it … watching all women being portrayed as mindless, weak, abused, selfish, unkind, evil, stupid is just not my idea of good writing. I used to think the Y&R just wouldn’t make it without the old fart Victor but now I have to say that Pratt has taken him to a point where he is black and evil and totally unredeemable … I don’t like a show where every storyline has to revolve around Vic Newman. He has no redeeming qualities at all. What’s unfortunate is that it seems it will never change because its the Eric Braeden show every bloody single day and I’m so sick of it … wonder why I keep hoping that we will get Bill Bell’s Y&R back.

Love the interview and love the pace of the show!!!! Kudos to CP for bringing my Y&R back to the excitement it used to be. 43yr watcher.

This is not “Y & R”, not by a long shot!!!

Agreed. I guess we are never going to see the Chancellor mansion again.

What an insulting six months for long-time Y&R fans. Pratt has made this once great soap into a cartoon. I don’t care if the ratings doubled. It’s garbage.

Insulting was finding out that Devon was Katherine’s grandson … garbage. Insulting was Jill and Lauren being sisters …. garbage. Insulting were the previous writers.

THREE good points.

I’m still trying to figure out how Marissa got Marco tied up all by herself.

the 2015 version of y and r is best summed up as this: details don’t matter. The show has had a barrel full of blunders since this “writing” started on Valentine’s Day.

Bergman is quite the gentleman in voicing his praise for all of this. If only he could say publicly what he really thinks of his character (I think contract forbids negative publicity by cast members) compared now to what lines and stories he had 25 years ago.

Ratings up? There must not be ANYTHING else to watch in this time slot. Ratings up? I smell a FIX…. you know, like Florida and presidential election votes.

LOL, Regina. That’s funny….I am thinking the same thing. Hmmmm, it’s called Y&R Magic…..or, Marissa has super human strength.

Peter is such a good guy and good things happen to good people. Although some of you hate the “Two Jacks” story, I found it riveting because of the talent of Mr. Bergman and the upper hand that Jack/Marco have on the Mustache. I see an Emmy in the future for Peter. His only competition is Anthony Geary who was amazing in the black and white episode. Perhaps a tie?

What about when Gabriel was reveled as Adam?

Its been too long. Justin is a handsome guy but he is no where near as good of an actor as the last Adam.

Timmm Guess we will have to agree to disagree. The last Adam is long gone & not coming back so we have to let go and put him in the past. No I don’t think Justin is as good looking as the last Adam but he’s equal if not better as Adam in his acting ability.

I did too, Timm.
I also found Peter Bergman to be quite funny playing Marco. The tacky golf clothes and the constant fondling of Phyllis was rather amusing to me. I also thought it was humorous when Jack as Marco started lusting after Ashley–he was Greg Brady to Ashley’s Marcia Brady.
One of my favorite scenes was when Phyllis overhears Jack speaking fluent Spanish in his sleep while also calling out Victor’s name. Phyllis tells Victor this and Jack (Marco) comes in and says to Victor in his whimsical voice, “People will say we’re in love.” And of course, the mustache just glowers.

Peter Bergman is a talented actor that I’ve enjoyed watching for years. He gave a very professional and I’d say diplomatic interview regarding this horrible story. Two Jacks? Really? Phyllis was raped, REPEATEDLY. Marco didn’t get “handsy”. I think tptb are trying to downplay that sick aspect of this story. I think what really gets me about this s/l is that even after everything that has happened, Victor still has the upper hand . Jack is still shown as weak and unable to stand up to the “Black Knight” I’ve watched this soap for years and know how this ends, Victor WILL.WIN. Marco will die of course so they’ll be no proof of there ever having been a doppelgänger . I great story for the talented Mr.Bergman would have been Jack FINALLY beating Victor because that is something we’ve never seen . It would have been a way for PB to stretch because we’ve never seen Jack as the winner.


Heidi, you’re right–it was rape. I also think Kelly raped Jack when she was holding him hostage.

Totally agree with Harry. Jack and Phyllis are both rape victims thanks to Victor. He really needs to pay for the multitude of crimes he committed in this storyline alone. Victor needs to go down.

Amen Heidi! Bergman is fantastic, that was never in question. But enough is enough. I waited and watched through this whole storyline for an actual PAYOFF! I wanted to see both Jacks in the same room at the same time, along with tons of family and witnesses and most importantly, VICTOR! I wanted a showdown with Marco and Victor being arrested! Instead we got none of that. Instead what we get is episode after episode of Jack being stupid and worrying more about saving his own behind than righting all the wrongs that have been done to him and Phyllis!

I suggest y’all wait for the conclusion ..
There is more to come..

(it ain’t over- wait for it 😉

“… 1 great story for the talented Mr.Bergman would have been Jack FINALLY beating Victor because that is something we’ve never seen . It would have been a way for PB to stretch because we’ve never seen Jack as the winner. ”

pause… for a moment of silence



Eric Braedon has been done , for so long
his portrayal of Victor is nil

he’s become so uninteresting… and , the only way for Y&R … in this current day realm… of keeping this show viable… is to catapult the Abbot’ as the heralded first family

what is the point of revisiting the Newmans? nothing comes to mind

I celebrate MTS and still love Victoria… otherwise… the Newman MEN have been shooting blanks

I am not a Jack fan, never was….but, I despise Victor. Jack has done his worst many times…he has not always been on the up-and-up. But, I am rooting for Jack, now.
Victor? My stomach roils and rebels each time I see him. Furthermore, Nikki’s nose is constantly up in the air;……amazing how those nostrils can’t smell the rat that is her husband.

Enough, enough, enough. At this point I am tired of the story of two Jacks, though I enjoyed the concept. For me, if we don’t see the horror that Victor started blow up in his face that lead to the death of he grandchildren’s loved ones, etc. etc then it is time to stop watching. Every person deserves to get their disgust for him screamed to the rest of Genoa city. There is no excuse for what he did to all, from using a sick woman like Kelly to the constant lies to a daughter whose loyalty knows no bounds.

RIGHT! Let us not forget that Victor unleashed Crazy Patty onto Genoa City in order to reek havoc in Jack’s life which ended with the killing of Colleen, Tracy’s daughter.
And Victor got her heart!
I agree–we need to see Victor finally get his comeuppance.

Victor will only get his ”comeuppance” in a family or business way..
He is Victor!
Victor is top dog and will stay that way..

Harry-Stacy Haiduk is reprising her role as Crazy Patty and will air early in September. No end to the crazy train in sight for Y&R!!

I agree, Harry. However, don’t you think Karma’s a bitch? …..considering how shabbily and shamefully Jack treated Patty when they were married? It is Jack’s comeuppance, as it were.
Now, I am waiting for Victor to fall without a net. That will make me smack my lips in utter relish.
Nonetheless, I agree with everyone else that nothing ever happens to Victor….he always comes out on top. ….bitter pill to swallow.

I too have enjoyed the fast pace storytelling, and of course the acting is always top notch. But, if CP doesn’t make Victor pay, and I mean REALLY pay (serious jail time, loss of his empire, and loss of his family), then it doesn’t matter what else he writes for Jack/Marco, it won’t be a satisfying, successful storyline. I hope Mr. Pratt understands that so many viewers are sick to death of Victor always coming out on top.

I so agree that Victor definitely needs to pay. Everyone in town needs to finally see what a soulless demon he is. His conspiracy with an international drug lord put everyone in town in danger. He is responsible for the deaths of his granddaughter’s husband and grandson’s fiancee. His entire family should kick him to the curb. He has no respect for anyone but himself. He should be penniless and become a permanent resident of the iron bar motel.

Victor will never pay, never..
His character can not pay, then he would no longer be Victor.

The only way Victor can be written to pay is in a personal way, his family leaving him, and that will last a month.
Y&R runs on the Newmans.

Suoo, today Victor was sternly admonishing Paul Williams on the phone for allowing his son Dylan to play cop. Victor really cracked me up when he bellowed, (as only Victor can do) “Get your boy out of the police station and back to making cappuccinos”
He also made me laugh when Jack stupidly and badly tried to imitate Marco causing Victor to smile and say,”Nice try, Jack.”

It’s like watching a modern version of The Emperor has no clothes, and those who collude with the lie.

Never really a fan of doppelgängers. That being said Peter did a fantastic job, in my opinion it is time to end it. Let’s get on with more Adam storlines. There are so many places to go with his character.

Playing a long-lost twin or doppeldanger, if you prefer, is almost a shoo-in to an Emmy. Julianne Moore and Martha Byrne (from ATWT) each got one, and I think Camryn Grimes got one when she first started playing Mariah, but I’m not positive. I know people on other shows have played dual roles, but I can’t name them. Polish up your Emmy reel, Peter, and write your speech for next year!

Fun to see Peter play the bad guy. He did such a good job. Y&R has always had such good acting by good actors it is truly a joy to watch. Just keep it coming!!!

Peter Bergman is super. I loved him on AMC all those years ago. While I’m not a regular Y&R viewer, I have enjoyed him in this duel role. I’m so glad he acknowledged the depth of Gina Tognoni. She was terrific as Kelly Cramer on OLTL. I’m sure she learned a great deal from her years of work with the great Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak.

Thanks for the interview Michael– now I don’t have to scream (private joke)

Personally if they can’t redeem Harding for the murders I would like to see him be the one to kill Marco. Perhaps Marco is about to throw Jack over a cliff and Harding pushes himself and Marco over instead– or there is bomb– an good old fashioned explosion is always a soap stable for “killing” characters without the need of a body to prove they are dead. But it will be Harding to throw Jack out of there of there while he is trap inside with Marco as a building goes kabooom.

( If they go the explosion route, please blow up Victor’s office– it is one of the few sets JFP hasn’t updated and I for one am sick of looking at that silly portrait of his that’s been there what since the 80’s)

As for Jack being ticked at Phyllis for not knowing Marco was him, perhaps someone should refresh his memory that he couldn’t tell the difference between Patty and his girlfriend Emily when Patty took her place. And I don’t know for certain but wasn’t Jack and Phyllis together when Shelia took over Phyllis’ life? He couldn’t tell the difference– so give Phyllis a break Jackie.

O shoot looks like my hope that Harding would be the one to take down Marco has gone down in flames– o well.

Love your ideas, Mary. I like Harding and wish he could stay. I really do not relish the idea of Dylan playing cop.
He told Paul that when he was a little boy he liked to pretend to be a policeman. I bet he liked to pretend to be a cowboy too but you don’t see anyone offering him a job as a cowboy.

Harding is gone. He has a prime time gig and someone much smarter realized his talents.

Thanks — it is always a bit dangerous as a soap fan to imagine your own endings because the reality is normally never as good– LOL.

As for Dylan, I don’t mind he is a cop. Whether we like it or not they have made this character front and center so it is only fitting that he do something more interesting than pour coffee and hold Sharon’s hand. Granted the way he became a cop is bit far fetched, but not more so than Abby becoming COO of Newman Abbott at her age and level of experience– so sometimes we have to let stuff like that go for the great good.

Although it is too bad GC doesn’t have a sheriff department, then Dylan could be a cop and cowboy just like McCloud– am I dating myself with that reference?

Too about losing the actor playing Harding, Y&R is becoming just as bad as B&B about hiring great talent then not doing anything with then until it is too late and they are out the door.

Hi, Harry.
I will never understand how these writers make their own illogical rules, and expect the viewer with even a semblance of intelligence accept their dictates. How does a police chief send a lay person on the field, as a police officer without training, to investigate multiple murders? Whatever happened going through the rigors of boot camp? Police Academy?

2015 has been excellent for The Young and the Restless, and every single day has been not-to-miss. I was worried about this Marco storyline, but the amount of twists and turns they’ve taken with it have kept me on my toes. However, I don’t want Marco sticking around for a long-term period of time. The entire cast and crew of the show are doing incredible work, and I cannot wait for more!

Y&R has greatly improved under Pratt !!
Y&R after firing Jane and Shelly, the head writers who brought Y&R down to its lowest ratings from boredom.
GH took them both on, now GH has the Queens of Snooze as its head writers ..
Y&R gain GH’s lost..
— crazy stuff lol ..

For me, Jean and Shelly, alongside with Tracey, were not bad in their positions as co-headwriters. Their issue was their speed and the intensity in their writing. If they had been as intense as Pratt has been and more fast-paced, I think they’d still be in the position. But that being said, Pratt has done wonders for Y&R, and truly has made it a soap opera worth watching once again!

Im worried now for GH but sometimes a change of scenery does anyone good and maybe the ladies will reload GH in a positive direction.

Well, it has been 100 percent better than 2014!

I am not a fan of these interviews. I like Bergman very much and he seems intelligent. I read these type of things and immediately believe the answers are less than honest. The interviewee simply talks about how wonderful everything is — the writers are talented!! the new actors are amazing and already dear close friends of mine! I don’t fully believe the remarks and frequently wonder if the remarks have been prepared by the show’s public relations department.

I like Bergman very much and he seems intelligent. As a veteran soap actor with over 25 years of employment on Y&R, Bergman must fully comprehend the changes over to the show over the years and how much the focus of the show has drifted from the fundamentals that it religiously followed for three decades. Even Helen Keller would have noticed the revolving door of writers and producers that has been ever present for the past decade, which clearly is NOT a sign of stability or long-term viability for the show. I would prefer if Bergman (or any other interviewee) were more honest in their answers. Does Bergman really think the “Marco” plot has been outstanding? If so, what are his thoughts on the glaringly never addressed issue of how a wife would not notice a sexual difference with the doppleganger? Is he concerned about the direction of the show? Was he alarmed by the constant change in writers and the resulting (and often jarring) shift in the direction of plots and even personalities of established characters?

I understand why Bergman gives these noncontroversial remarks —- He wants to hold onto his job. Also, I am not advocating that every interviewee “trash” the writing or fellow actors. However, I don’t think it is out of line to expect something a little more frank and honest than the type of fluff remarks that Bergman gives in this article.

I read-
there is a clause in the contracts forbidding them to say anything negative etc about the writers and actors etc..
They, by contract can only praise the soap so to say..
After they leave it still may be binding, it depends on the network’s contract.

I don’t know if that is true but, assuming if such a clause exists and applies……….

Then why do these sites bother with these completely uncandid interviews? Moreover, why does someone like Bergman even bother giving the interview?

I will never be president of the Eric Braeden fan club. He appears to me to be a prima donna with big ego. However, I have seen comments/interviews from him that seem like he is honestly giving us his opinion. Braeden is not always giving the fluff answers that Bergman is doing here. I may not agree with Braeden’s comments but I appreciate his efforts to speak candidly. Jeanne Cooper also gave straightforward comments as well. In particular, on THIS site, there is an interview where Cooper remarked that the current state of the Jill/Kay relationship “sucked.”

I don’t think actors should always “rock the boat” with interviews but my opinion of some, like Bergman, slips when they never give a completely honest assessment of things.

Rather than playing up the Marco storyline, Bergman could have remarked, “I’ve had some issues with the Marco plot and there are certain things that I would have done differently. However, it has given an new opportunity — the chance to play multiple characters and take a momentary break from Jack. I thank the writers for that.” This would not have been a nuclear criticism of the plot but would have acknowledged the obvious issues with it while being grateful for the work.

Maybe I’m being too hard on Bergman. However, the Marco plot has been poorly written. It is a bad omen that this is the main storyline given to us by writers new to the show. Y&R deserves better. The fans deserve better. Bergman and the other veteran actors deserve better. I just wish that sites like this and actors like Bergman would acknowledge the obvious at times —- The quality has slipped over the past decades and continues to do so. Surely, they see this. I’m a mere viewer, not a “soap insider,” and this is readily apparent to me.

Have you ever met Peter? Let me just say, he is as genuine in person as he is in this interview. He is not a person who rocks the boat with controversial answers and opinions. He is grateful for his long career and lets face it, he is most likely happy to do something totally different with his character. Look a likes have been done to death but I respect his take on this tried and true soap angle.

Timm, met him a long time ago when I was an undergraduate and he came to my university to participate in a charity soft ball game. I agree with your assessment. He is very gracious, very humble and not at all full of himself.
I do not disagree with you Barb. I am not a huge fan of this story either, but I love Bergman. For me, he makes it work.

I think many actors on soaps (not just Bergman) feel that with the genre itself in trouble, they need to act pretty much as cheerleaders, casting everything in the most positive light possible so that they’re using every possible opportunity to maximize viewership. That’s on top of the motivation, which has always existed, not to criticize TPTB, because it’s so easy to find your character the victim of an explosion or a serial killer because you’ve ticked off the headwriter or the executive producer.

So I do get what he’s trying to do, and I don’t blame him for it. (And after all, he’s an actor–he may as well put that skill set in service of PR for the show by acting like he’s thrilled to pieces with everything and thinks it’s the best writing since Shakespeare, even if he really isn’t and doesn’t.) PB has a long-standing reputation for being a consummate team player and all-around good guy, so it’s not surprising to see him casting things in the most positive light possible.

That said, it doesn’t make for very satisfying interviews. Given that they’re the ones who have to put it on the screen and make it believable, one imagines that the actors are even more aware than we are, as viewers, of all the little matters that don’t quite make sense, of all the details that don’t quite add up, of all the things that just don’t quite work. As a viewer, I’d at least feel validated if the actors would acknowledge them. But on the other hand, it wouldn’t change my viewing habits one bit, so maybe it’s wrong to expect it. (On the other hand, a fluff interview isn’t going to change my viewing habits one bit, either, so perhaps it’s best to acknowledge that I’m not the kind of viewer these interviews are aimed at.)

I do agree with you about Eric Braeden, Barbara. Victor bores me to tears, and I’m not always sure how to feel about EB, but I appreciate his candor in interviews. I guess he’s one of the few who feels secure enough in his job to think he can be so candid (and Jeanne Cooper would have likely been, also), and he strikes me as shrewd enough to understand that championing bad writing and bad production decisions ultimately ISN’T going to lead to good ratings and job security (though often his cranky comments seem to have more to do with a personal agenda).

Thank you so much for this interview. I appreciate you giving more coverage of Y&R, DOOL and B&B.

Peter Bergman, Gina Tognoni, Eileen Davidson, Cameron Grimes, Greg Rickard, pretty much everyone at Y&R have been great. I never miss a day. I could do with less Dylan and Devon, but overall it’s been pretty good.

I too wish they would redeem Det. Harding. He’s been great and seems to be a fan favorite. Dylan as a cop is ludicrous.

I love Harding! His ringtone cracks me up!

Harding is a breath of fresh air!
I can only hope to see more of him.

what is way off;
Marco is most wanted by the FBI and all other agencies. And Paul never informs the FBI that Marco is hanging in GC..
And Dylan, the Cappuccino boy lol is acting like the lead defective questing Victor and Harding and being an instant detective, investigator.
It would be at the least 15 years to even accomplish that status and Dylan hasn’t even passed a nutter test LOL that is all way too crazy.
Dylan= Colombo Jr. when he gets to the door and turns for that last question that is when Y&R becomes great camp.. LOL
But yeah! Y&R needs Harding! A fan favorite..

Gina doesnt do it for me.

I actually did not like her as Kelly on OLTL, so I was surprised how much I like her as Phyllis. I used to love to hate MS as Phyllis, but she was just so checked out the last few years on Y&R I was glad she left. I thought it would be a hard role to recast, but I am loving GT’s Phyllis.

It’s boring to me. Insult me, switch it up on me, speed the pace or drag it slow, make me laugh, make me cry, make me mad, horrify me, but don’t BORE me!

The doppelganger sl should’ve ended 3 months ago.
Neil revenge sl should’ve happened 6 months ago.
Cabin murders should’ve been solved 3 months ago.
Adam’s reveal to all of GC & busting Sage as well should’ve happened 2 months ago.
Dylan should’ve been deputized 3 months ago not at the END of cabin murders sl.
Sharon should’ve gotten her daughter back 3 months ago.
Kevin & Mariah should’ve figured out the doppelganger avenue w/Jack months ago because she was hired by Vic as a Cassie’s doppelganger

We didn’t even get to see Avery’s rapist. He was caught offscreen. All of Pratt’s reveals are anti-climactic. Zzzzzzz Even Neil & Hil on that mountain today- Zzzzzz

Thank you for saying so concisely what I’ve been feeling in great frustration for so long 🙂

Harry and su0000 seem to get it. I do. Victor ALWAYS wins! Its his character. Its what pisses the fans off! Eric is doing his job. His list of crimes are off the charts but its the way the Mustache rolls. Lets face it, Eric has complete control over Victor. He is not ever put in a position of weakness UNLESS he has a story where he goes off soul searching or perhaps looses his memory. You’ll never see him carted off to prison without a short stay and having prison people working on his dime. Look at how upset Jack is with Victor over Marco. For god sakes Victor brought Marco to town and he basically raped Jack’s wife and did Jack lay a hand on Victor? No. I’m sure its in Eric’s contract that he is never to appear weak. I love the character of Victor. I dont agree with his actions but it is a character. Y&R wouldnt be Y&R without him.

Timmm–Victor just cracks me the hell up! He’s the Donald Trump of daytime. he says and does something outrageous and then offers no apologies and rationalizes his behavior as if it were SANE
I Tweeted as much to Eric Braeden and he laughed and said,”I just need his hair–how does he do that?”
He has a sense of humor about his character and I appreciate that.
PS. I will try and forgive you for putting me in the same sentence as SU00!

Thats crazy Harry because I was watching the Republican debates a couple weeks ago and the Donald so reminded me of the Mustache!

But why is “what pisses off viewers” a good thing, Timmm? At this point (and for years, really, ever since it’s been apparent that “Victor is never allowed to lose”), Victor really, really bores me, and the character rarely adds any interest to the show for me, at least partly because it’s built-in, from the beginning, how any plot involving Victor is going to end. It also tends to torpedo the characters that surround him, because after all of these years, characters like Victoria and Nikki seem like idiots to keep forgiving him; it gets harder and harder to work up any sympathy as they get hurt by the plotting and scheming, because by this point, it’s tough not to think “Well, kiddo, you deserve it.” That’s no slam on somebody like Melody Thomas Scott, who I think keeps Nikki surprisingly interesting regardless, but even a talented actor can only do so much with a character who continues to make exactly the same mistake over and over.

What happened to jill anyone know

I wish Jill and Gloria would return.

I can only surmise that they needed an extra budget to write for 2 Jacks for 6 straight months. 2 Jacks and 0 Jills. I feel Mr. Pratt is transparent. It’s just the old men that are viable on this show…All the women are victims, crazy, ho’s or all 3. The only female over 50 is Ashley & she barely has a sl. Basically she trots round w/hots for scuzzy Ben. Victor is God and Jack/Marco not far behind him. It’s a man’s world at YR.

Jill just doesnt have the same appeal since Katherine died.

How did they show jack and marco in the room at the same time!

How much longer will Victor continue to get away with his dirty ways?

I haven’t watched the show in a month. Looks like I didn’t miss much! Yawn!

What a disappointing end to this story. Victor commits unspeakable acts without consequence. Again. How lame. We lose Harding. Dylan is the hero. Jack and the Abbots continue to lose to the Newmans at every turn. UGH! I just can’t.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Chelsea and Adam should be happy! Will we every know who killed Billy’s daughter? Was it really Adam? I don’t think so. Come on writers. Fix this! Still missing Michael Muhney!!!!! Since he is gone for good unfortunately, please let Adam live again out in the open as Adam! What an awesome character he was. Please let him take on Victor and win!

if all of that happened then I’d have my show back! I so wish. The mess that is posing as the Y&R really makes me very sad.

Bringing Patty William’s back is almost enough to make me stop watching. Story lines with her have been over done.
Also Sharon stealing Sages baby has been overdone. I dbon’t know why any character on this soap has a baby with all the stealing or switching story lines have been over done.
And finally I couldn’t wait for you to get rid of Ian during his last run. I can’t believe you are resurrecting his character.
There is a thing over over doing old story lines. Try something original.

Breaking News

‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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Y&R’s Hayley Erin Previews Her Role in Horror-Thriller ‘New Life’

While she has been tearing it up as Claire aka Eve on The Young and the Restless, Daytime Emmy winner, Hayley Erin is also starring in a riveting horror-thriller called New Life.

In New Life, Erin takes on the role of a mysterious woman named Jessica who is seemingly the run. The premise offers, that Jessica is being pursuit by a resourceful fixer named Elsa, is hired to locate. Two different and unique stories are linked and converge, as the stakes of the pursuit explode to apocalyptic proportions.

Taking to her Instagram to promote her role in the film, which drops on May 4th, Hayley expressed, “New Life brought new meaning to blood, sweat, and tears. I’m so proud of this film and everyone involved, cannot wait to share it with you all… in select theatres and streaming MAY 3rd!!!”

Photo: MovieTrailers

Several of Erin’s co-stars from her time on General Hospital as Kiki Jerome, including bff Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle) and Maura West (Ava) shared their enthusiasm after checking out the trailer.  Lanier shared, “Best actress in the world, love you.”  West said, “I cannot wait. Congratulations!”

New Life, hits select theaters and streaming platforms on Friday, May 3rd.

Now below check out the official trailer, and then let us know if you will be watching Hayley in this complete departure from her role as Claire/Eve on Y&R in the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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