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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Learns She Has ‘Family Ties’, Julian’s on the Brink, Trina Gets to the Truth


On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, two characters were floored at some major revelations; while another continues to run for his life.

First, Laura (Genie Francis), who is snooping around the long-term care facility, is in Florence’s room, when she hears someone beginning to come in.  She hightails it to the bathroom, only to find out and overhear Martin (Michael E. Knight) speaking to his mother, Florence!  When he goes to get her some water, Laura has no choice but to pop out of the bathroom, just as Curtis (Donnell Turner) bursts through the door to tell Martin to keep quiet about everything from this point out.

After Curtis leaves to head back to Port Charles to help Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry), it leaves Laura and Martin to have a heart-to-heart. Martin says how much Florence misses his father, which prompts Laura to tell him that she is his half-sister,  Gordon Gray is her father.   He goes on about how Gordon had a wandering eye, which Laura sadly says she is a by-product of.  She asks Martin why Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is paying for Florence’s care.  Enter Cyrus, who reveals that Florence is his mother, too! This shocker leaves Laura stunned that the man who is out to destroy Port Charles is her other half-brother.


Meanwhile, Julian (William deVry) who previously was visited by the ghosts of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst (Megan Ward), and the love of his life, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) … while in a delusional state … is somehow still alive at the bus station.  He is bleeding out from his gunshot wound.  When a stranger comes to the bus station, Julian asks what time it is, and finds out he missed his bus to Montreal.  Now, he offers the stranger 100 bucks for his ticket, so he can get on the next bus.  Meanwhile, Cyrus’ henchman is on the scene ready to silence Julian, but Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) arrive leaving Jason to take out the gunman and Sonny to go after Julian who got away,   Eventually, Julian and Sonny come face to face, but Julian looks to be on his last leg.


Mac (John J. York) has dragged a very much alive Taggert to the PCPD and demands to know who helped him fake his own death.  Taggert is now played for several episodes by Asante Jones subbing for Réal Andrews.  Portia (Brook Kerr) and Trina (Sydney Mikayla) show up at the PCPD to warn Jordan about Cyrus’ latest ploy.  However, when they arrive they are shocked to see a very much alive Taggert.

An emotional Trina demands an explanation from her father … why he stood by and watched his family grieve for him, without telling her the truth and why he had to remain hidden.  Taggert pleads with her to understand it was for her own safety.  She does not want to hear it and leaves the station with Portia.  In these scenes we must give praise to Sydney Mikayla who delivered a daughter’s hurt and betrayal when she had to play it against Jones, not Andrews, whom she had previously developed an on-screen chemistry with as father/daughter.


So, do you like that GH tied Cyrus, Martin and Laura together? How much more suffering can they put Julian through?  What did you think of Sydney Mikayla’s performance? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.


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Amazing! GH is crushing it right now. What a month! Though I really dislike Cyrus, it’s interesting to think about Laura being tied to a drug kingpin. I also like her being connecting to Martin…IF only he would lose that damn accent. Please find a way to make that go away. It’s just a really bad accent and inconsistent to boot. Overall, a terrific episode!

Oh I like how he has an accent. 🙂 It sounds more like old-timey Savannah to me instead of Shreveport though. If his character 86’d the accent, I would be disappointed. Take care. 🙂

I totally agree with the accent, it is annoying and he is such a great actor.

Cyrus is a bore…not the actor but the character…when is Julian gone for good…and when does Nelle return married to Morgon Corinthos

It’s been going on for years WDV must have offended someone because for years he has been treated awful

Julian’s goodbye tour is going on as long as Cher’s.

Ian Buchanan is a like fine wine – getting better with age.

Connie (and that dress) are a good sight in small doses.

Would’ve been nice to see Carlos and Olivia Jerome. These writers could probably do better by Tonja Walker than Jelly did.

Other than the unnecessary accent, Martin is now somewhat relevant. Will his now being Charlotte’s great uncle change his dynamic with Valentin?

Genie never disappoints. Sydney is a star in the making. Any day John York is on is a good one. Hope Real Andrews is in the mend.

I’m expecting Julian in Hell really soon now. But somebody has to explain how he made it from a bus station in Secaucus New Jersey to that old foot bridge north of Port Charles, within seconds while bleeding out….

Meanwhile Laura seems to be in a Hell all of her own, now that she knows she’s related to Cyrus the Virus. On the other horn, she and Martin might actually be able to have some sort of sibling relationship. Seems like they’re making the effort to make Martin more of a real person, as opposed to the cartoonish lawyer with the Colonel Sanders fetish that he’s been up until now.

Ridiculous choice to have Taggert revealed as alive to his daughter while the temp hire is playing him. They should have saved that scene for when the Real deal was back on the set.

What got me was Diane’s speedy arrival at Jason’s side. I’ve gone from N.Y to N.J and could not believe her explanation. Yes, that did look like the P.C bridge and now both Sonny and Julias are in the drink! I also agree about them using Taggert’s stand-in for those scenes.

Wow! A true soap episode. Laura, Cyrus and Martin are all related! I never saw this coming. Especially Laura and Cyrus. It’s great to have Genie Francis in a major storyline. She’s an amazing actress.

I agree with you. Can not see that trio sitting around the Christmas tree!
Don’t tell anyone but if he wasn’t the terrible man he is, I could almost feel sorry for Cyrus. Good actor that he is, he can really turn on the emotions.

I agree. As I noted down below, the talent simultaneously coming from all three actors was off the charts. And I’m so happy to see Michael E Knight in a front burner storyline. He seems to be finding his sea legs as he fleshes out the character of Martin Grey. The other day I loved how he flashed Valentin (played by his long time friend) a grin when he was called back to the table. Love his natural brotherly chemistry with Laura which was almost instantaneous. Finally, I loved his interaction with his brother Cyrus. The two actors looked close into each others’ eyes and one almost could feel the family history permeating from them.

You said it all. I really love these two actors,and wish they were playing good guy parts, though it wouldn’t be as exciting, right? We know Cyrus can not come to a good end, and Martin while using the law for good and evil, who knows about him. Happy Holidays to you Harry, stay well.

Julian’s exit has been the longest, most dragged out exit story ever!! Get it over with already!! As the only former mobster who actually changed his ways, it is disgusting, as always…to watch murderers Sonny and Jason claim a higher moral ground. But that is par for the course on GH.

Did they REALLY bring Steve Burton back 3 years ago to have uncomfortable chats with Maurice Benard???

Oh My Lands! I was so blown away by Sydney Mikayla’s performance! She really carried all those scenes.
Laura popping out of the bathroom left me scratching my head, wondering how she’ll get out of the hospital without consequences for herself, Curtis or Kevin. After all, these “professionals” lied to get her into the facility. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how her new “family” will impact her quest to take down Cyrus and how she’ll deal with half-brother Martin once Cyrus is removed from the scene.
And, I must say that I enjoyed Julian’s fleeing from Sonny scenes. The “conversation” with Duke, Connie and Alexis was so well crafted. I haven’t seen today’s episode yet, but I did have to laugh when they were to be in NJ and Julian walked onto the same footpath bridge that’s been used a million times when characters are in Port Charles. Boy, he moved fast! LOL!

This is great story. Jeff Kober is a good villan and this will give Michael Knight more air time. GH is must see again.

I know this article is about Thursday’s episode, but omg Friday’s episode was awesome!
I love the scenes between Michael Knight and Jeff Kober. These two actors bring out the best talent in each other. Such a great idea for the writers to make them brothers.
I had been bored with the “robotic” Cyrus Renault but not anymore. His character is far from robotic when he’s sharing a scene with Michael Knight.
I LOVE the way Michael Knight plays Martin when standing up to Cyrus; Completely unafraid of Cyrus.
Great job to both of them and to the lovely Miss Genie Francis.
You can tell the three of them love their jobs.

I could not agree more! That hospital room was positively crackling with talent, charisma and energy. The dynamics between the three characters was off the charts. It was a brilliantly written and acted scene. “ Am I that predictable?” Laura asks. “No, I’m that good,”retorts Cyrus. Oh snap!

Harty, I like the few times Martin has looked Cyrus dead in the face and says “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Martin isn’t afraid of ole’ Cy and I love it. Cyrus is almost subservient to Martin. He does not challenge Martin like he challenges everyone else in Port Charles. Martin ain’t putting up with Cyrus’ nonsense and Cyrus knows it. 🙂

Cyrus still recognizes Martin as his big brother, so I think he respects him for that.

Carrie, yes! I love the dynamics which exist between Martin and Cyrus. The close eye contact and the flickering as of familiarity in their expressions shows so much without telling too much.

Meant Harry, not Harty. Sorry.

Cyrus: “imagine my delight when i discovered i share DNA with such an esteemable woman.” Laura: “don’t expect me to have the same delight, i don’t give a damn about our shared DNA…” Martin: ( MY delight ) that at last, Martin has a breakthrough !!! I LOVE his friendship w/Valentin. these two men are far and away , more interesting in all the other male bonds. Wow… watching @Cyrus: facial EXPRESS’ion (s) as i’ve said from the time he first aired. keep up. (Roger Howarth could get acting lesson) it’s not lost on me, that Cyrus as the oldest child… had no choice in knowing all the family history mayhem and struggled. bravo to Jeff Kober for igniting a good actor that no matter the material is his own show as well. this is going to get even slicker as the bond of siblings take. fly any one

Oh, I guess I misunderstood the men’s relationship. I thought Martin was the elder brother.

Hi Violet! I just know that the brilliant Jeff Kober (whom I know from China Beach and Sons of Anarchy) is about 4 or 5 years older than Michael E Knight so I just assumed he was the big brother. I hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe. Good riddance to Julian and 2020!

PS. Kidding about Julian, love William deVry. The character was just written into a corner with no exit strategy.

Happy Holidays to you and yours too. I did not watch China Beach but recently saw a couple of NCIS L.A and he was being held as a long time prisoner. Very good role for him and great acting chops as usual.

Patrick, I love how you recite the dialogue to reinforce your point. Much appreciated. Yes, you’re right. Jeff Corbin could give many of the actors lessons on how to emote without screaming, smashing the crystal, and rubbing one’s temples in order to demonstrate emotional angst.

I need to praise Genie’s acting skills repeatedly—-her talent is as vast as an ocean. The various expressions/emotions crossing her beautiful face tell a million stories. I was so engrossed as she studied her nemesis’ body-language with bated breath while he interacted with Martin.
I must say that I am beginning ( belying my preconception of both the actor and character) to truly appreciate Kober. Much like Genie, he has the gift of capturing an audience by the diverse expressions on his face. I saw that devilish facade soften as his eyes turned to his mother!! So impressed, I am. The man has a heart?!

Sorry, but I think this educated girl could somehow understand the love her father had for her to protect her in this way, and just be thankful that he’s alive.

I was speaking of Trina above. Good actor. She’s got a mouth on her that’s for sure and she doesn’t mind who she uses it on, be it Cyrus, Curtis, Jordan, etc.

It definitely puts a totally new spin on Laura’s birth dad when everyone heard that she killed her Surrogate dad figure back in the 2000’s Rick Webber and faced a total catatonic mental breakdown in 2005. Fans of Laura are taking a long puzzled reaction to her half blood relationship to both Cyrus & Martin. Shock for Trina regarding her dad’s near death revival, btw Great acting Trina! Let’s hope that both Sonny & Julian survive their fall? Great acting GH Cast & Crew. Forever Loyal Devoted Avid fans from Modesto CA.
Patricia Silva & son Mark L.D. Brown.

I want sonny 2livej

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michael Easton (@iammichaeleaston)

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General Hospital

Lane Davies on Possibility of Extending His General Hospital Run: “I Would Be Totally Open”

This week, viewers are catching the re-teaming of Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn for the second time on General Hospital and the third time in their careers given their storied history as Santa Barbara’s Mason Capwell and Julia Wainright.

Previously, Nancy and Lane played opposite each other and shares scenes as Dr. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis back in 2002 on the ABC daytime drama series. Now in 2024, Davies takes on the role of Fergus Byrne, the brother of the late Neil Byrne, as Alexis tries to get her law license reinstated.

Speaking with TV Insider on his recent return to GH, Davies shared, “I know Nancy was wanting to work with me again. I ran into (former GH head writer) Patrick Mulcahey at (Santa Barbara co-creator) Bridget Dobson’s funeral and we had a lovely lunch together and a lovely visit and I think it was just the synergy of all those things coming together that did it. Patrick saw me and realized that I hadn’t completely deteriorated over the years and thought, ‘Well, this would be fun.”’

Photo: NBC

Lane also shared he isn’t closing the door for more episodes of General Hospital down the line were the powers-that-be to keep Fergus on the canvas.

The popular actor expressed,,”I would be totally open, but that’s all up to the writers and fans and producers and network people and I’m kind of out of that loop. But if it happens, grand.”

So, would you like to see Lane stick around Port Charles? Comment below.
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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Wraps His Run on General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, who has played Gregory Chase on General Hospital, has left the series.  As viewers saw, on the May 20th episode Gregory remembers his life, then seemingly went to asleep.

However, on today’s May 21st episode, is it revealed Gregory, who suffered from ALS, passed away in his sleep. Harrison brought with him extensive television and movie credits from Trapper John M.D., Falcon Crest and more before coming to GH.

Harrison joined the ABC daytime drama series in a recurring capacity back in November 2020 and signed a contract back in June of 2022.  A rep for the show confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Gregory’s exit was storyline-dictated.


Photo: ABC

In story, Gregory Chase was the estranged father to Finn (Michael Easton), as they had a complicated past. He also had a younger  son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory was also the grandfather to Violet (Jophielle Love). One of his last wishes was to see Chase and Brook Lynn (Amanda Set tie the knot.

Over the past few months before the character’s demise, he became close with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Tracy (Jane Elliot).

The death of Gregory Chase will certainly rock Finn and Chase’s world.

So, sad to know Gregory Harrison has departed General Hospital? Comment below.

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