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GH’s Tabyana Ali Talks on ‘Sprina’: “There’s No Doubt That They Want To Be Together. I Think They’re Just in a Period Right Now Where They’re Trying to Figure It Out”

Photo: ABC

There has been so much discussion on how General Hospital is portraying the relationship between Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) that it is always a red-hot topic on social media.

This week on GH, Spencer brought out the turtle doves as a romantic gesture and gift to Trina, explaining how they reminded him of how much he missed her last Christmas.  However, Trina decided to only keep half the gift. Because they are two doves, she wanted each of them to have one, to remind them always that they are a matched pair and in the end, belong together.

Now, in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Ali weigh-in on the status of Sprina’s relationship:  “There’s no doubt that they want to be together.  I think they’re just in a period right now where they’re trying to figure it out, ‘How do we stay together while dealing with our lives?’ There’s a lot to work out.”

Photo: ABC

Part of what the young couple has to work out is the constant interference of Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), and how Spencer remains determined to be a big part of his baby brother Ace’s life, while navigating whatever relationship he is having with the the baby’s mother, and his ex, Esme.

As to the significance of the turtle doves scene, Tabyana added, “I think it was a beautiful moment. I love doves so much, personally and what they represent, which is, like, new beginnings in life. I think that’s such a perfect representation of them both.”


On the horizon, a trip to the Big Apple for a romantic getaway, something Sprina fans hope will finally give the young couple a break and some fun and romance together.  Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

So, how do you view the current state of the relationship between Spencer and Trina? What do you want to happen next? What don’t you want to have happen next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Not sure why they’re considered the current “it” couple. There’s no passion and the chemistry is palpable.

You would say something like that, I think they do have chemistry and they are best friends in real life. They get along good on and off set. So u r very wrong, they do have chemistry.

All these “soap couples” have publicity people having them photographed and doing things together. So unless you literally know they are “best friends” that’s just something the publicists want viewers to think: they want viewers to believe the fictional couple is really dating or are super close.

As for being the “it” couple, I don’t like them either. There’s nothing “it” about them other than some demanding the black girl gets the prince and if she doesn’t, the writers are racist. And I say “black girl” because that is the issue that it’s become.

No chemistry. Painful to watch. All the other actors support her in every scene and she’s just reading lines from a script like she’s in a high school play

Best friends do not equate romantic/physical chemistry.

I agree, OG Steve—getting along well has no meaning on stage—it’s an act.
There is no “palpable” chemistry because Tabyana does not have the “IT” factor—-she’s neither beautiful nor sexy. —-and, I doubt she would have “it” with anyone because she is too wishy-washy compared to Sydney. No spark and no spunk. In contrast, he is just a hot, hot hunk, and she’s not.

They make a good couple. No one wants an interracial couple. What’s the problem?

Please read my post carefully. Interracial obsession is in your head. Sydney is black—if I had the thoughts of which you are accusing me, I would not praise Sydney now, would I? Get a grip. It’s people like you who take the real power behind the word, “racism” and what it’s impact should have on people’s behaviors and psyche. Stop making inferences. I can read between the lines.

Playing the race card is sooo unnecessary. Chemistry is Chemistry. Doesn’t matter what race the couple is. There is no chemistry between spence and trina…esme? Uh huh…a ton of chem…Joss? A buzz zillion chemistry, it’s not about race, jus more about connecting with the other actor


100,000% agree with you!

Yes what you said- chemistry is or isn’t – not here w this couple

Totally agree- zero chemistry

A weekend in NYC will not be so fantastique. NuTrina.

Do not like them as a couple. They have no chemistry together and why is a 18 year old girl and guy being made the center of GH!!!!????? He is a good actor but Trina is only so, do!

I don’t like them as a couple either but in the story they’re 21.(not 18.) They should be out of college so I’m curious to see how long GH keeps the college story going. (In real life she’s 21 and he’s 24.)

I often wonder how adults can get so fan-crazed over “kids.” People who could be their parents and grandparents in real life spend money to meet them in person and gush all over them. Makes no sense to me. They fawn all over them on Twitter. I can understand appreciating a talented actor’s work, and enjoying their story lines, even crushing on a much younger actor if they’re hot (and of legal age!) and wishing you were still that age, lol… But falling all over people and kissing up to them (as people do on Twitter and probably at fan events) who could be your children; it’s embarrassing.

You know what is actually embarrassing and indicates that you have zero life right now.
Ypu spending significant amount of time in the comment section of an article commenting and replying to comments with crusade of spreading hate, negativity, lackluster criticism.

That is clearly you wasting time on here instead of your own life doing something positive.

Please go in pieces & do not bother replying to me. I do not care

Rebecca’s comments were not geared towards any one individual, yet you get extremely personal. There’s no need for that.

This site offers all (regardless of opinion) the opportunity to post their critiques. Feel free to disagree, but don’t attack a poster.

While I agree on your chemistry assessment, there was a time 45 years ago when the focus on a teenage girl (Laura) saved the show from cancellation and skyrocketed them to #1.

Forty-five years ago all the viewers were young; it was still a newish show and probably the viewers were around the same age…

It’s so clear that you’re only here to spread negativity and hate.

This article publisher should really fact check these comment before allowing it to be posted.

The consistency of the negative comments being granted publication in this comment section speaks volumes about your ethics.

I wonder about the writer fixation on them too. Zero interest- it’s as if they are trying to throw out something woke for interest. Trina is extraordinarily more likable without Spencer. Why force this?

Love Spencer and Trina I blame writers for the stall in this story

I agree with this

I can’t wait to see how the trip unfolds. There are plenty of couples on GH that have no chemistry and Sprina isn’t one of them. Get off the hate gas already. The actress that’s playing her is perfect for the role. It’s so funny how people like to critique but couldn’t do better themselves.

Why does everything have to be hate? You have your opinion and others have theirs. NuTrina is beyond mediocre. My opinion. She dies not have an endearing quality about her. Even when they’re making-out —-well, their scenes lack passion—i sense he can’t wait for it to be over.

Why do you assume people “hate” if they don’t like a couple. I don’t like them together either, what I “hate” is each time someone on Twitter keeps calling her a “queen” and she’s black and she BETTER BE WITH SPENCER! Ugh. Obnoxious.

Thank you Flava for your love & positivity.
Exemplifies what this world should be about.

Nicholas & Tabyana definitely work hard on their craft, have formed a friendship that I’ve witnessed a glimpse of, have great chemistry as Spencer and Trina.

They do everything they possibly can with their busy schedule to spend time with fans, and Tabyana makes it a point to give back to her community which I love.

I am also excited & intrigued to see how this trip to Manhattan unfolds every step of the way.

I love Spencer and Trina as a couple. They deserve to be together and Trina deserves to be happy with someone who puts her first. Spencer finally has someone who truly loves him. They have the chemistry and sparks every time they are in the same room. So, I can’t wait to see their trip to NYC.

Spencer and Trina had the best chemistry in all soaps! Their love for each other is surreal! And I’m happy that they get their alone time together

Not even the best chemistry in their age group on their show. Whether you like their characters or not, there’s a good reason we keep getting Joss & Dex in various states of undress.

I don’t care what people say, Spencer and Trina has mad chemistry. Their love for each other is so powerful and beautiful. Spencer deserves to be with a beautiful loving caring woman like Trina.

I love that this beautiful young black woman Trina is finally going to have her moment with Spencer. They deserve to be together and have the most romantic made love scene ever!

Your comment is EXACTLY why I can’t stand Trina and Spencer. I wish the show never put them together, but now we’re stuck with them. Black this/black that. We can’t just watch a romance; we’ve got to “root” for the black girl to get the white prince. It’s obnoxious beyond words. If race hadn’t been made an issue, if Tabyana (the actress) hadn’t done a YouTube video all of 21 years old telling people it was “time for an interracial couple” as IF she and Spencer were the first ever, lol, maybe I could have liked them. Now? They are the only part of GH I FF; and I’ve never FF’d GH in decades of watching.

Michael I think you should really do something about these racist comments towards Tabyana. When is someone gonna be brave and bold enough to call out the racism?

I’ve read all the comments here. It would be highly beneficial if you pointed out the specific racist comments.

Maybe it would be nice if GH “Sprina” fans didn’t make it all about race. FB, Twitter, they keep mentioning that Trina is black and Spencer better not be with Esme who’s white; that if Trina and Spencer arent’ together after all of this the writers are racist; the topic never ends which is why I posted MY comment regarding it in reply to someone else who just had to mention that Trina is black. To have to hear her race brought up with every discussion about the story has turned me off to the pairing. That’s not a “racist” comment; its a feeling brought about because of racist comments.

I am not on Twitter, Rebecca, but I agree with everything you said.

The only racist comment is made by you who calls racism out. It’s all in your head. Tabyana, black, white or purple is not a good fit for Spenser in my opinion. Sydney , who is also black, was. It is the person, not the color.

Spencer and Trina are the best thing to happen to GH in over a decade!! The chemistry between Nicholas and Tabyana is a rarity these days! It’s something so special that it elevates all their scenes together!! Tabyana IS Trina for me! She’s come in and made the role her own and I’m excited to see the rest of her journey play out on the show!

Sprina is the best thing to ever hit daytime!! Tabyana & Nicholas’chemistry defines both lightning in a bottle & must see t.v, The way Tabyana & Nicholas put their all into their scenes with so much love & always going above & beyond from major to minor details, while ozzing chemistry, makes it a privilege to be a fan.

Thank you, Michael

The chemistry that NAC & Tabyana portray on screen is off the chart. (They’ve DEFINITELY help boost GH’s ratings when they’re on screen – say what YOU want!) I’ve also seen them at GH events, and the “friendship” they have is 100% genuine. And YES, Tabyana is a beautiful BLACK QUEEN surrounded by her LOYAL fans to keep BIGOTED, RACISTS, HATERS like “some” (YOU know who YOU are) from tying to destroy this young, talented BLACK woman. YOU can kick-rocks and fall of the planet earth and take others like YOU along! Please and thank you!

Ratings down this year. Easy to google. People analyze actors of all ages, genders and races on this site. Just look at any of the posts about Nikolas. No one is trying to destroy anyone just offer opinions.

If you don’t like the couple feel free not to watch, and don’t judge others if they do like them as a couple. I think some people enjoy just being negative, and if you don’t like them as couple why read the article.

People shouldn’t be judged if they DON’T like them. I can’t tell you how many times people are called racist by “Sprina” fans if they don’t like them. When the subject of her race is brought up constantly, it’s maddening. Brook Lynn and Chase took forever to get together as did Sam and Dante, Alexis and Neil took forever too (& they soon after killed him off). But the delay with Esme & Spencer is attributed to racism. When Esme drugged Trina? Racism. I mean, how many soap stories are about triangles, women drugging others and getting away with it or other crimes against other characters. Carly comes to mind. But because Trina is black, it became the “white girl got away with drugging the black girl and now might get the guy.” If race is going to be an issue, I’d rather they kept GH a primarily all-white Protestant show. Either diversify with all races/religions, or don’t do it at all. But stop bringing race up in every story, because it ceases to be a soap about characters and stories, and instead becomes a platform for race issues. I personally want to get away from those topics when I watch a soap.

Trina and Spencer are finally getting what most of the people want to see. Love and Romance displayed on screen, showcasing all that chemistry between them. Cannot wait for Sprina to take their relationship to the next level.

Trina and Spencer have no chemistry. I don’t see it and I feel that in reality they themselves feel the same onscreen. Look at other couples on GH. Sam and Dante have chemistry. Dex and Josh do too. But with Trina and Spencer it seems forced. She’s too mousey for Spencer. Spencer needs a girl with a much stronger personality. Someone who will challenge him.

Well with that said, I think you should make your opinion know to the GH writer’s abt. the way they’ve been writing for Trina. Because I actually agree with you abt. that mousey, no POV, completely OOC writing they’ve doing for Trina lately, as well as for Spencer.

Fact–saying over 10000 times the couple is special and highly marking the couple is done to make you believe Spencer and Trina are special, they are not, it is quite the opposite, actually..

A huge casting mistake was made with nuTrina and all the marketing hype by ABC/DAisnet is their way of hopefully saving face..

Spencer and Trins are a horrible couple, no chem, no nothing it’s all forced..

If they write them having sex it will make most people up-chuck..

Spencer and Trina do not have passion, not even a hot passionate kiss they are a total failure..

Imagine them naked and having hot sex neither is good-nuff actor to pull that off..

Well, Chavec is- he has been pulling off the pretending so far..

aha at times he talks to her like she is his little sister-

Them doing the nasty, to me, will make Spencer look like a pedo…

((( to be avoided at all costs!!

Exactly, SusieQ—Well said!

My older sister & I watched soaps witn our mom, aunt & Grandmother when we were kids, but Iv’e never been so invested as I am with Sprina. Sprina brought me back to watching daytime. Spencer & Trina’s chemistry is so amazing, it’s truly In a league of its own, Not just daytime but television all around. From their very first scene together in an interrogation room, I knew this pairing & these two immensely talented actors would have a fan for life in me. I’m beyond elated to see the Sprina lovestory blossom into the next era.Tabyana & Nicholas are the best of the best & can’t wait to see them take the entertainment industry by storm. GH is just the beginning.

Marcus Coloma Should Have Never Left , I Don’t Enjoy His Replacement At All ,

They did have and are bringing back their chemistry… keep them going regardless of the obstacles but no cheating!!! Stay loyal to each other ❤️

I find it interesting that some people think this couple is wonderful, yet many of us (including me) see absolutely NO chemistry between the two characters. I feel like someone said, “We need an interracial couple. Who have we got that we can stick together?” They came up with Spencer and Trina, and that is that! I didn’t like the pair with the first Trina actress, and it is only slightly better with the second. IMO, it is time to give it up as a loss, and find new romantic partners for them both.

Did you notice in their pictures they posed Spencer and Trina looking eyes to eyes and

other pic her head under his chin??

She must have been standing on a ladder..

Again the marketing of the failed couple is fake perception, lies..

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The pic was followed by a video of many of Kristen’s family and friends guessing the gender of her little bundle of joy. Those appearing in the video included: Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew, OLTL) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston, OLTL).

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Kristen appeared on One Life to Live from 1998-2012 and next appeared on General Hospital from 2012-2015.

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Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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Rena Sofer on Her General Hospital Comeback as Lois Cerullo: “She’s Still Loud and She’s Still Mouthy”

When Rena Sofer burst on to the soap scene 27 years ago as General Hospital’s Lois Cerullo, viewers knew out of the gate that this actress was something special, especially how she inhabited the one-of-a-kind outspoken and lovable woman from Brooklyn.

Now as previously announced Sofer is back on the ABC daytime drama series beginning on the October 10th episode. Rena last appeared on the show from 1993-1996, and again in 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal as Lois back in 1995 as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Since Sofer’s original exit on General Hospital, she later returned to the soaps as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2013-2022. However, the fan favorite actually started her daytime career on Loving as Amelia “Rocky” McKenzie, a role she played from 1988-1991.

Photo: JPI

With the current story about Ned Quartermaine’s (Wally Kurth) amnesia and believing he is former rock star, Eddie Maine, it’s the perfect timing for Lois to enter back into the picture to help her former husband and their daughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

Rena spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue about her highly-anticipated comeback, and how she stepped back into Lois’ skin: “It’s interesting to play her at this age. She’s still loud and she’s still mouthy. She was still a lot like me, except with a Brooklyn accent and nails.”

Photo: ABC

As to what fans can expect, Sofer shared: “This story isn’t about me.  The story is about Brook Lynn. The story is about Eddie Maine and Ned, so I need to respect that. This is not about me coming back and telling my story; this is about me coming back and supporting the stories that are there with me trying to create the knowledge of who Lois is now, 27 years later. So that is challenging, but also, part of the fun.”

The talented actress is also keenly aware of how GH fans have wanted her to return to GH for decades: “If they hadn’t spent the last 27 years constantly making little buzzing noises about Lois coming back, or me coming back as Lois, I wouldn’t be in this position. It’s inspiring, and I am forever grateful.”

Looking forward to seeing Rena reprising her signature soap role as Lois Cerullo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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