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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who's Behind The Door? The Heart-Stopping Final Five Minute Friday Cliffhanger!



Friday’s General Hospital will be remembered for its effective use of doors!  In a spine-tingling final five minutes, as each door was opened, flung open, or kicked in, someone surprising or something major was happening behind it!

GH executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati, have now brilliantly set the stage for the final showdowns between arch-villains and our heroes,  and the wedding of Patrick and Sabrina!  Will good triumph over evil?  Can Robin ever escape Wyndemere, and tell Patrick she is alive, and stop the upcoming nuptials?

In the last five minutes of Friday’s episode, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) goes to the door as she is preparing to get ready for her wedding, opens it, and looks surprised.  Is this going to be the return of Michael Saucedo as Juan Santiago? Tune-in next week!  Meanwhile, Patrick (Jason Thompson) after taking another gander at the picture frame on the Drake mantle with Robin in it, gets a knock at the door.  He opens it.  Who is there?  Tune-in next week!

Then came the real heart-stopping drama, and how wonderful it was to see again our three amigos or one amiga together again!  Luke (Tony Geary), Robert (Tristan Rogers), and Anna (Finola Hughes), decided to split up and try to find Robin (Kimberly McCullough), Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), Faison (Anders Hove), and Duke (Ian Buchanan) at Wyndemere.

First,  Liesl who has been held captive and tied up along with Duke Lavery underground,  gets freed by Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) who has come to her rescue because of his caring for Dr. O’s daughter, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud).  Nik also stumbles upon Duke!  The Prince is able to untie Dr. O, but is then taken out by Faison and dragged off.   Liesl sees Nik’s gun on the ground and instead of untying Duke, who thought they could put aside their hatred for each other and work together for freedom, decides to turn the tables on him!  Dr. O is all set to shoot Duke!  However, Anna who decided to take the “rabbit hole” comes upon Obrecht and Duke and tells the nutty doctor to drop the gun!  What will happen? Is this the final showdown between Anna and Dr. O?

Luke, who has a long standing vendetta against Faison for brainwashing his son Lucky, and for harming all of his friends and loved ones, comes across Faison in the study at Wyndemere! The two draw their guns on each other! What will happen next?  Elsewhere, Britt was sent to GH to go get the cure and bring it to Robin, so she can administer it to Jerry Jacks  (Sebastian Roche) who is now back in Port Charles thanks to Robert and Anna.  When we left off,  Jerry was tied to a bed post, thanks to Luke!  Will he manage to get free?

Faison had taken Robin away and locked her in a room in Wyndemere, after she spouted off to him and stood her ground and called him every name under the sun that he deserved!  Well, Faison clearly did not take that well.  Robert, casing the rooms in the giant palace, came upon a locked door.  He kicks it in, and lo and behold in a hankie-filled moment Robert and Robin see each other!  Fade to black.

There were additional emotional moments in the episode against all the high suspense.  John J. York (Mac) proved once again what a valuable asset he is to the GH acting troupe in tender scenes with Patrick.  Mac tells his former son-in-law that he will always be family to him for what he did and how he cared for Robin!   Elsewhere, you got to give it to Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) for caring about his bff Sabrina.  In a tender moment, Sabrina recalls wanting to wear her mother’s wedding dress down the aisle and the luck she thought that would bring her in a year where she and Patrick overcame so many obstacles!  Well, sorry to tell Sabrina, there is more drama ahead for her and Patrick, and right behind every door, apparently!

So, what did you think about the moment when Robert saw Robin?  The set-up of all the main players in the Robin return’s story in danger and in showdowns?  Did you think the final five minutes of  Friday’s GH were pretty spectacular?   Weigh-in!

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I was a puddle on the floor after Robert kicked in the door & saw his beloved little girl. The expressions brilliantly played by Tristan Rogers and Kimberly McCullough again showed why they are the greatest father-daughter team ever. I can’t wait to Monday to see the continuation and then soon we will see the best mother-daughter team reunion with Finola Hughes and again I guarantee I will be a puddle on the floor.

One of GHs best moments…i cant wait for Monday…its like the good old days when the cliffhanger had you on the edge of your seat all weekend…i love it!!!

Friday’s show was fabulous! I wish, wish, WISH we could have seen Liz and Patrick’s bachelor party! It would have been a reminder of the old days…a Friends Night Out with “Lick it-slam it-suck it!”! Hungover Liz was so funny! I love Liz and Patrick’s friendship, and Jason & Becky’s scenes were just terrific.

Seeing Luke reunited with his old friends Robert and Anna was terrific, and I loved Anna finding out that Luke had seen and talked to Robin, and that she was there in Port Charles. And then the three of them plotting to save Robin at Spoon Island, and at the very same time Jerry throwing out his fabulous one-liners! Sebastian, Tristan, Finola, and Tony’s scenes were fabulous!

Kathleen Gatti and Ian Buchanan…more scenes with them together, please! I was laughing so hard when Liesl went all Jan Brady and groaned: “Anna! Anna! Anna!”

Brik…such chemistry Nikolas and Britt have! Tyler and Kelly are great in their scenes together, and it’s good to see the softer side of Britt…but then it’s also good when she can snark at Sabrina! Don’t lose that snark around Sabrina, Britt!

Mac and Patrick…John J. York and Jason Thompson’s scenes are always wonderful, and yesterday was no exception. Mac telling Patrick that he would always be a son to him…that so melted my heart!

And the absolute icing on the cake moment without a doubt had to be the moment Robert burst into the room Robin was in, and Robin dashed out ready to attack the “intruder”…only to realize it was her father, there to save her. That look between Kimberly and Tristan…no words, just complete and utter joy and relief. BEST MOMENT OF THE WHOLE SHOW!

So many kudos all around to everyone: Kimberly, Jason, Brooklyn, Tristan, Finola, Ian, John, Tony, Tyler, Kelly, Sebastian, Anders, Kathleen, and to the writer of yesterday’s show, Suzanne Flynn!

One more thing to say…Is It Monday Yet? Can’t wait for the next episode of GH! This coming week is going to be spectacular!

Kathleen was hiliarious…loved every minute of it…great comments there!

Oh yes…our deliciously deceptive “Dr. O.” definitely didn’t disappoint!!!! Whatever transpires in the future, the “Great Gati” must remain in the GH universe…she is an absolute treasure!!!!. Could “Cartini” have been laying the groundwork for her to turn evidence against Faison after her discussion regarding that issue with Duke???? Would be sweet revenge for the humiliating jilting she suffered at the hands of “Cesar!” And a fine start on her road to redemption…or whatever would resemble it for her! LOL…..

Kathleen needs to be emmy nominated next year…

Well said… Sandy!!! Agree!!! Friday’s episode was absolutely awesome!!! I too can’t wait for Monday!!! Everything was fabulous… Sandy said it very well!!!

Thank you Ron and Frank!!! Thank you to the best cast and so many of my favorites in one fabulous episode!!! GH is the best!!! Cannot wait for Monday!!!

I just want to say, as touching as it was, it was such a rewrite of Mac to say he considered Patrick a son. Let’s be real here, under Guza’s pen, Mac never liked Patrick. He put up with him after he married Robin, but then went right back to being a d!ck towards him (not unwarranted given what Patrick did, but it was never a groove he really took himself out of anyway).

Sweet and lovely, and I appreciate RC giving Patrick a better relationship with his ex “father-in-law”. But there was a lot more bad blood (on Mac’s end) throughout his relationship with Robin than he’s admitting to.

I so wish… the writers.. would delve so much further in to Mac and Felicia… mainstays… sure… enigmatic.. as a couple and independantly… why not… they both have a strong lineage to draw from….

Felicia and Maxie.. was so nice to see her supporting her daughter at the custody hearings….

as for big Mac: I find him discerning… lovable… loyal, great… a catch. why not… writers.. delve in to what triggers Mac…. he’s sheltered.. if you will… his love for.. Robin, Georgia.. and Maxie… has two grandchildren…

let him unleash his primate.. his MAN… he’s deelish…

let them get angry… fight.. celebrate… enjoy… romance…

I love Mac and Felicia

That was Juan at Sabrinas door…Ava was at Patricks to tell him about Robin…Noah shouldve been there!!!

And thoses dvds Ava destroyed in previous episode had nothing to do with Connies murder… An embarrased Ava was getting rid of her collection of Richard Simmons ‘Sweating To The Oldies’ dvds because she would die if any one found out she was stupid enough to purchase them!!!

Oh yeah…those two crazy chicks would OWN the place. Talk about the inmates running the asylum!!!!! Would be great if they stashed Faison there for awhile too….I think he would definitely qualify for admission to the Miscavage, as well!!!! And wouldn’t it be fabulous fun whenever one (or more) of them decided (ala Heather…) to break from their confines to take a “walk on the wild side” around Port Chuck????

Thank you, jimh! I also mentioned Noah’s glaring absence….then again, maybe he’s clairvoyant and knows that in the end there isn’t going to be a wedding, so he didn’t bother to make the trip….fingers crossed!!!!!!! (He can come for Christmas to visit with Patrick, Emma and ROBIN!!!!) : )

Hope our mutual fave Dr.O ends up working at the hospital…if Franco can get a second chance so can she…but she can still have some villiany moments!!!

arent’ they keeping us on pins and needles.. ie: the outcome of Dr. O. ???

I want her redeemed… she’s the next busy body.. of daytime…

in the context of Enid… ex- AMC… greg’s mother…

she’s a show unto herself…

GH/disney/ABC : this is a gideons trumpet blaring.. save Kathleen Gati…

@jimh and Patrick…Well if today is any indication, our favorite feisty frau is in no mood for rehabilitation! Once again, “Dr. O.” was wildly wicked and unrepenatently ill-behaved, as she attempted to get the best of Anna. Although it looks like her jig (gig?) may soon be up, I wouldn’t count out the shady lady yet. At the least, she should be allowed to escape for another round of future evil-doing, although I really prefer her somehow remaining a regular fixture at Wyndemere. The presence of Liesel, Faison and their assorted hostages has turned that stuffy old mansion into one house of hilarity, a veritable nuthouse of abnormality. The only loony tune missing is Heather….perhaps if Liesl is sadly apprehended, she could be incarcerated as Ms. Webber’s roommate at the Miscavage Institute for the Criminally Insane. Sounds like the perfect (short-term) solution to keeping Kathleen Gati in Port Charles!!!!

And since Heather always sneaks out…maybe Dr.O can sneak out on occasion too…in any case i dont think…hopefully…that we have seen the last of them!

i was reduced to tears when robert saw robin – OMG!!! i was so happy for robert because he took robin’s “death” so hard because he felt as though he failed to save his little girl……………
jerry jax will probably get away as he usually does so he can return later on & reak some more havoc – i want luke to shoot faison in the head but i want him to survive & be in a vegetation state & i want anna to kick obreit’s @$$ all over wynndemere…………

That scene with Robert and Robin should be summitted to emmys next year and GH should win for best soap just from that clip alone. I would love that fight scene with Dr.O revealing to Anna that the are sisters…that would make it a shocking plot twist(someone else mentioned that sisters thing too sometime ago) I didnt like that Luke shot Faison in the preview scene…Port Chuck needs a Santa this Christmas and i was hoping it would be Faison!!! lol

I absolutely LOVED the ending when Robert finds Robin!!! I could feel the lump in my throat at that moment. So wish Tristan was hanging around GH instead of Y&R.
Pretty sure it’s Carlos behind the door at Patrick’s.

Can’t wait for Monday’s episode and the look on Anna’s face when she see’s Robin!

KUDOS to GH for keeping me so entertained 🙂

I loved the show alot yesterday. I know not everyone likes how Ron and Frank do the show but I love how they do the show and how they set it up.

GH had the BEST Friday storyline and cliffhanger that I have seen for a long time…..All the actors gave superb performances. The best moment had to be when Robert kicked in the door and Robin came running to see who had broken in ….and the shocked looks on their faces were out of this world!!!! I loved Duke and Dr. O’s conversation in the cave and Dr. O’s resentment against Anna – who she despises with a passion. Then who is behind the 2 doors? I do believe it is Juan behind Sabrina’s, maybe bringing her the dress her mother had worn at her wedding and which Sabrina wanted so much. At first I thought it was Ava behind Patrick’s door, and it may be, she has come to tell Patrick that Robin is still alive. But, on second thought, could it be Britt, who was going to the Lab to check on the medicine? I feel that Britt has come to tell Patrick that Robin is still alive. Anyone else have this feeling? How about you, Michael? I agree with you – this is the BEST soap cliff hanger I have seen in a long time…..and can’t wait till Monday to see the results. I also think Ander who plays Faison was fantastic and will hate to see him leave GH once again. His argument with Robin was so passionate that he really flustered and looked the part of the mad villain so in love with Anna, who he knows he can never have, although he will never give up trying. When Faison comes to Port Charles, he brings a lot of excitement with him. I will miss him a lot when he is either killed or put back in prison but I hope the writers will keep bringing him back from time to time!!!!!! Love General Hospital ……BEST SOAP at this time and hopefully forever!!!!!!

Agree completely with you Shirley… about Anders/Faison and Kathleen/Dr. O!!! I really want Anders/Faison back many.. many times!!! He is so much fun even when he is bad. They must find a story to bring him back… PLEASE… RC and FV!!! I adore Anders and want him back!!!

My door guess is;

At Sabrina’s door is someone with her mother’s wedding dress..

At Patrick’s door is Ava to bring tell about Carlos seeing Robin..

I hope this wedding will go down in history as the 1st soap wedding to happen without last seconds drama ..
ie( as Robin or whomever running in to stop the wedding.. sigh ..

And I (REALLY) hope this wedding doesn’t EVER happen…….

Me Too!

love the show every day i laugh cry and the hair on my arms stand up awesome writing and acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone has pretty much covered everything already, but…
WOW!!! I loved every minute of it, and yes I too was crying when Robin and Robert saw each other finally… I know it is going to be Juan with Sabrina’s Mother’s dress at Her door, but was hoping that Noah was the one that showed up at Patrick’s door, still hoping for that on Monday… I don’t think Jerry Jacks is going to get loose, just yet though, I have a very strong feeling that Bobbie is going to show up, at Luke’s door, only to find Her former flame tied up in Luke’s bed… Also hoping that Lukas is not far behind, cannot wait for Him to return to Port Chuckles, setting up a potential love trio between Lukas/Felix/Brad!!! Imagine ALL the drama in store for Lukas: Felix, Brad and not to mention His two sisters, Carly and Sam, WOW!!! Gotta love MY “GH!”

Personally I think Patrick opens up his door and sees his father standing there. Welcome back to Port Chuck Dr. Noah Drake!

If only……but alas, I don’t think Rick Springfield is currently slated for a return engagement!

Yes Friday was great but really I just want Patrick to see Robin it is time to move on

Love all the cliffhangers.. It’s hard to wait for Mondays!!

Loved Fridays show so much!!!

The BEST episode!!! Loved it all!!! Thanks you everyone at GH!!! Well done!!!

This story is so paint by numbers. I’ve been writing this plot out in my head long before I’m seeing it on screen. RC is a good writer (totally old school and albeit a hellova frustrating one) and I know why he’s doing this in this way, but come on, is this not the most obvious story angle they could have possibly taken???

That aside, my heart aches for Robin. I hate what she’s hearing from Emma, Sabrina and Patrick and making her doubt her reunion with her family. We all know there’s not a chance in hell Patrick would ever choose anyone over Robin, but it makes me so sad for Robin to feel like he will. I could only watch those scenes of her overhearing Patrick and Sabrina once; it hurt way too much. I wish Nikolas did a better job at explaining to Robin the abyss Patrick was sucked into after Robin died. Even though he wasn’t in Port Charles at the time, I seriously doubt he doesn’t know, and I think knowing that Patrick didn’t “just mourn” for a few months and didn’t just open himself up for business right after would paint a different picture for Robin on just how deeply Patrick yearns for her.

As for Sabrina, these past 2+ months are my first tastes of her, and I’m in pain watching her too….and not in a good way. She is so sickly saccharine sweet, my G-d! Prom queen extraordinaire! Are there any layers to this character at all? Is she all sweetness and light all the time, or does she ever emote in any other way?? Even when she’s supposedly angry at Carlos, I can’t take her seriously. That poor actress. Lovely as she may be, how much life is there in that one dimensional character?

In short….HURRY IT UP. Get this storyline moving on, and reunite my Scrubs. I’m growing very tired and my patience (which is already extremely thin with GH) is waning. That is all.

Oh and am excited for Maura to have scenes with Jason. Not sure if they ever did, but they’re both so good, they are well matched talent wise.

you did it again…. your paragraph 2 surmises it all.

Patrick slid and ventured unwittingly.. into areas of collapse.. utter doom… Lost… and pathed a road of destruction.. if you will

“…the abyss Patrick was sucked into after Robin died.”

True love knows… will I ache.. for “sharing” … hell yes… I want him Back.

He wants her back…

that glass bubble.. between the two of them is insurmountable.. unbreakable… it’s 2 of them against…


I don’t know.. It’s my interpretation… for.. the greatest love story.. forever.


the writers’ it would seem… are going to make… and it works… Robin and Britt friends… but.. i’d have liked to have seen a squaring off… a scene of how dare you… how could you… it was circumstantial…. let me explain my side of the story…. ” he only has one heart.. and it’s yours”

this is LOVE — a story… that resonates.. and fulfills my stimuli… I Love this

Thanks Patrick, as always, for your positive feedback.

I too am wondering what they’ll do with Robin and Britt. So far, they haven’t exactly talked about what Britt did to Patrick- not in a square off, as you put it, or just discussion. Maybe Robin just has bigger fish to fry she can’t concentrate or focus on anything else. Or maybe Robin is letting bygones be bygones feeling like she doesn’t have too many allies right now and needing every one she’s got. Whatever the case, I hope it is visited too. It’s a beat that needs to be played. But if not, if that leaves for more reunion time for Robin and Patrick, I will surely let it slide :).

@Jules (and Patrick, too! ) The only true “abyss” Patrick was sucked into was “Sabrina!” (But I do understand what you mean about Dr. Drake’s bereft nature following Robin’s “death”…’s such a shame that a worthier woman was not chosen to fill the void.) However, hopefully, VERY soon this entire subject will become moot when the truth about the real Mrs. Drake becomes known….

Jules….If you thought “Sappy” was intolerable thus far, then today’s episode will send you into “sugar shock.” The awesome action and heart-stopping, superior storytelling that featured Luke, Scorpio, Anna, Faison, Duke, Robin and the delicious “Dr. O.” was sadly juxtaposed with the most inane and immature Disney-style drivel featuring the gushing, blushing “babysitter bride” and her “lucky wedding dress.” It was so ridiculous it beggared belief….I actually felt sorry for Rebecca Herbst being a part of that stupidity. (Although glad that she had a nice little moment with her real-life hubby. I had not seen them together onscreen before…funny, I would have NEVER put them together in a million years as a couple, but there you go….LOL.) Anyway, the Wyndemere wanderings were wildly wonderful, as were Ava’s fervent efforts to knock some sense into Patrick about his “late” wife and of course, Britt’s clandestine attempt to retrieve Robin’s “magic potion” to cure Jerry. Her verbal wranglings with the nosy Brad were a treat, as usual, and I have to say I’ve found a new respect for him after today’s utterance regarding Sabrina: “Yeah, I can’t stand her either!” Touche’!!!!!!

Ah Shay. I so enjoy reading your thoughts and words. As a big Robin and Patrick fan, and an admirer of those who appreciate the English language, your posts give me double the pleasure. Don’t ever stop.

Thank you (once again)@Jules! Always a pleasure to hear from you. I’m hoping we will both be pleased with the forthcoming developments in the Robin vs. Sappy showdown. I suppose only time will tell. Team Robin!!!!! P.S. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, although I am aware that Canada does their Thanksgiving a month previous to ours….perhaps you celebrate twice if you are located close to our border? (Hey, there’s always “Black Friday!!!!)

Call me a crazy fan, but I see the writing slanting in favour of Robin in the Robin VS whatshername showdown. The writing might elicit pity for Sabrina, but that’s as far as they’ll get in what feelings they’ll be able to pull from the (majority of the) audience after Robin shows her who’s boss. Heck yeah, Team Robin! Team Patrick and Robin all the way!

And thank you, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. No black Friday here either (or not the real, American one) but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. Do some good shopping for me ;).

And it just dawned on me that we won’t see the fallout from the Robin reveal at the wedding until Tuesday. Drat.

….And by Tuesday I meant Monday, but a long weekend obviously.

It’s been a long day.

Okay@Jules….You’re a crazy fan! (Just kidding….) But I hope you are correct that the writers will grace us with a strong Team Robin/Patrick finish….and that the happy endgame for the Drakes is finally (FINALLY!) within sight….not quite sure about that yet. The extremely obvious effort over the past year has been so over-the-top biased in painting Little Miss “Whatshername” as this magically magnanimous, multi-tasking angel of mercy who rescues the morose doctor from his own grief that I can’t believe there will not be further machinations to still make it all about HER. It’s as if the ptb’s can’t help themselves, they’ve been doing it for so long, and old habits die hard. That being said, the audience’s ill- response to the ferociously forced “Patrina” coupling should be sinking in, and I hope they will now just bite the bullet, admit defeat and move on. It’s over….and actually never really was, except in their deluded Disney-fueled fantasies. Time for a dose of romantic reality with the long-requested reunion of Robin and Patrick….although you’re probably right, we will have to wait through the long Thanksgiving weekend until we witness that ultimate payoff! (You know how it is with us Yanks….when there’s a holiday, everything is put on hold, except for the shopping, of course!!!! Oh well, I’ll do my best to deal with that on Black Friday….) And thank you for your gracious greetings, Jules! P.S. Got your drift on the long “weekend” reference… ; )

Seriously now! When the show can be THIS good without a trace of sonny or the mob….WHY can’t the show steer in that direction??? Sonny and the mob have dominated his show for nearly 20 years….to vocal angry passionate fan dissatisfaction. Yet the show keeps writing for sonny as if he is a hero…in spite of the fact hat he shot his son at point blank range…he recently threatened to kill Carly….the mother of one of his children…he was all set to take out Julian. Sonny is not a hero…he is not one to root for…he is a disgusting hypocritical greasy murdering over the hill thug. His show has been decimated by at least 15 deaths that can be traced directly or indirectly to Sonny and the mob…and with each death…we have to watch sonny shed tears and go all manic and depressed….dude…shit or get off the pot! If you don’t like seeing your loved ones and acquaintances get murdered….get out of the mob. Hand over the territory and do a legit business. It kind of rongs false after 20 years of seeing loved ones die….and just whining about it and doing nothing to hange it. Even Faison…touted as one of GH worst criminals…has nothing on Sonny. Faison has kidnapped a few people and been obsessed and wacko…but he has not held Port Charlea in a murderous mob grip for 20 years. It is SERIOUSLY way past time for the character of sonny to be writtwn off of his show.

I agree with you….

GH created these extraordinaire.. if you will… that catapulted the era… the populace way of thinking… and haven’t relinquished… that it’s stagnant and overpopulated.. with talent that is better left supporting… or backburner.. till story reveals for

digress… animate your stance.. i hear you…. it’s relevant for progression.. that the show must go on…

there comes a point.. when it’s ultimately.. reeling.. that these characters drag.. other characters and newbies.. into the abyss…

’nuff said.

Traci deserved Joe Scully, Jr.
Connie deserved her enlivening Port Charles

it’s soapbox… bantering

my position being: why and much ado about…: Luke and Sonny

Sorry. Totally disagree. Sonny & Carly are an iconic GH couple. It’s true, the last years under Guza were bad. But when he was on, GH was GREAT. I love Ron’s writing and his incorporation of mob storylines is great. GH started the anti hero thing and did the mob the BEST. GH is back and it’s FANTASTIC!

Just saw Friday’s episode and all I can say is that my beloved GH is back! I have been a fan of how Frank and Ron have respected GH’s history and fans ever since they came to the show. I so appreciate how the have kept spoilers at bay and the show is so much better for it! Yes, I’d love to know who’s coming back or some intricate plot points but the satisfaction of actually gasping at what’s on the air is a pleasant reminder of what was so appealing about soaps.

That said, I too, must join in the puddle of waterworks that was the scene of Robert kicking in the door and Robin running out to attack who she thought was Faison! Seeing her stop short and both of their reactions had me in tears! I rewatched that scene back 10 x alone! Y&R must have promised Tristan Rogers the moon for him to leave GH now. THIS is the Robert that we all know & love! Tristan’s character on YR does not have the kind of history that can provoke such reactions from the audience. Robert is back to full rescue mode, kicking down doors, shooting the bad guys…all with a sarcastic quip to fully complete the picture! What’s is so perplexing is that Ron said he was blindsided by Tristan leaving & had story planned for Feb! I respect an actor’s decision to do what’s best for them but my goodness, show me how what YR has planned will bring the same or even more emotional payoff to the audience like what GH is doing now.

I heard that Bobbie will have scenes with Jerry….finally!!! This is the kind history that Ron and Frank are researching and bringing back. Bobbie was engaged to Jerry (formally another actor) but still. What a treat this will be for the audience like me who actually loved them as a couple back in the day. I love GH and hopefully they will win the Emmy next year. I cannot think of a more deserving show…especially one that was on the brink of cancellation not too long ago. Bravo to everybody involved and most of all to Frank & Ron. They have managed to create material that excites the actors and most of all….the fans!!!!

That Liesl chick is just whacked and irrational but she is so funny!! She reminds me of that raunchy German chick from Austin Powers! I hope they can find a way to haveher around. I am not a fan of evil triumphing….but this broad is too funny to even think of as evil. I know the Daytime Emmys usually reward high drama but there is a place for high camp…not everyone can play it…but she commits to it whole hog and just goes for it. Her grim depressing sad melanxholy karaoke song was so funny! I really would like just 1500 milligrams of whatever Ron C is on when h comes up with these scenarios. Lol. She just buys into the lunacy of the character she is playong and makes it seem almost….normal
Lol. She honestly made me belive that she would actually lay a hamburger on the floor for Faison so he could recreate the david Hasslehoff incident
She is awesome.

Fridays episode was fabulous! The good old days of GH are back. I hope GH jumps to #1 soap. Congrats to Frank, Ron, and the entire cast and crew. This has been GH’s year! Standing O!

Simply put: Loved everything about it!

It was a good episode – and without Orange Glow Sonny or his girl friend, FogHorn Leghorn Falconeri – and we were also spared the horror that is FrankenTodd, Creepi and the Slagbeast.

If Ron C. and Co. could do THIS consistently the show would be great.

Friday’s episode was awesome! I watched it over and over again!!

A great week on GH!! This week was heavy on characters that I watch GH for, and light on the ones I don’t like (Sonny, Kiki, Carly, and Franco). Was glad to see Lulu lost the baby. Good to see AJ back–so tired of him being Sonny’s whipping boy during the Connie/murder storyline.

The Anna & Duke Reunion AND Robert & Robin Reunion is FTW! Some nice touches with Sabrina and the dress and Liz being hung over. Friday’s ep was very good.

Wonderful episode, can’t wait for tonight!

Breaking News

Writers Strike Comes to an End; Leadership Votes To Conclude Work Stoppage

It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

Photo: JPI

However, SAG-AFTRA still remains on strike. So, even with the writers returning to work, many productions can’t move forward without their principal actors and performers.

So soap fans, how do you feel about this news for your favorite shows? Glad that the head writers and their writing teams will be back at work as soon as this week from Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful? Y&R’s Josh Griffith, who previously had gone Fi-Core during the 2008 strike, remained at the top rated show during the last several months.

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WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

Photo: JPI

As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Richard Simmons ‘Not Interested’ In Biopic with Pauly Shore Portraying Him

Former General Hospital guest star and fitness guru, the reclusive Richard Simmons, has come forward and addressed actor and comedian, Pauly Shore’s wish to play the 70’s and 80’s pop culture icon in a biopic about his life.

Shore previously took to social media and on X shared a side-by-side of him and Simmons. Accompanying the post, Pauly expressed: I’ve noticed the reactions to me playing #RichardSimmons in a biopic. I heard he’s living in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen, you guys. In the meantime, hit up all the big producers. I’ll see you at @TheAcademy 2025!”

However, TMZ’s sources are reporting on Saturday that Simmons is not in favor of Shore playing him in a film or anyone else, or any biopic on his life.

The outlet shared that Richard’s reaction was that he was aware of the effort behind a biopic, mostly spear-headed by Pauly. but that he just doesn’t want to be involved. Simmons also added that he likes Pauly a lot, but he’s not biting, despite the public’s urging on social media about the idea of a movie on his life.

Photo: ABC

Born Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons, he became part of the public conscious back in the 70’s and 80’s with exercise studios and the ability to help his clients lose weight; many of them were celebrities. Simmons himself, admitted to at one time to being overweight, and getting into fitness helped him maintain a healthy living style and he wanted to help others.

Later, he began a four-year recurring run on General Hospital playing himself from 1979-1983.  Simmons returned to the show in 2013 for the Nurses’ Ball to taunt Lucy (Lynn Herring). He also was host of the Emmy-award winning, The Richard Simmons Show, which focused on personal health, fitness, exercise, and healthy cooking.  Over the last several years, Simmons has withdrawn from public life.

What would you think of a Richard Simmons biopic and if it included some moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes of what went down when he appeared on GH? Do you think it will ever happen given Simmons current position on the matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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