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General Hospital Reveals Nathan’s Funeral Promo: How Do You Say Goodbye?


In a heartbreaking and dramatic promo from ABC and General Hospital, the long-running soap is pushing tune-in to its must-see Friday episode.

In it, Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) funeral takes front and center stage.  Throughout the episode: Maxie (Kirsten Storms) must say goodbye to her husband, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) must say goodbye to his buddy, the PCPD must pay homage to one of their best cops, and a grieving sister and mother (Nina and Liesl, played by Michelle Stafford and Kathleen Gati, respectively) have to try and just get through the day.

One of the good guys has left the canvas in Port Charles.  Now it’s the audiences turn to also mourn the loss of Nathan in this emotional installment of GH.

Watch the outstanding promo after the jump!  Then, let us know if you will be checking out Friday’s GH in the comment section below.

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I ALWAYS wanted Ryan to have an entire episode for himself. NOT A FUNERAL, ESPECIALLY HIS!! TONS of emmy performances will come from this storyline, right Michael?

No more “very special episodes” for any character who hasn’t been on this show at least 10 years.

Somebody started a rumor on another board that a “very special Frodd episode” is coming later this month.

If they do that, it’s time to pull the plug once and for all.

Agreed, sharon…..everyone was golden, deserving an award! Incredible performances….left me crying, sobbing and weak at the knees.
I even felt sorry for Lulu. Poor thing….she will bear the weight of every cruel word ( which is very understandable for Maxie to take her grief out on Lulu) thrown at her…..I suspect Lulu will also feel the sting of Dante’s words and behavior.
Peter and Lulu seem to have struck up a close friendship….how close will they get? ….Lulu will most likely feel so alienated by her husband, she may fall right onto Peter’s bed.

I get the funny feeling we saw this less than two years ago with Morgan’s death, and before that Robin’s death.

0hh crap..
I really hate the crying jag funerals.
I am not a person that inflicts pain and sadness upon my self, I’m not a Soap Opera Masochist …

I will FF through the doom and gloom.
Who would watch something that makes them sad and cry, I don’t get it.

bwahaa the writers want viewers to feel the pain, how sick is that.

Well, hope the watchers enjoy the pain lol ..

(( Soap Opera Masochism, whudathunk ))

I’ll miss Nathan, he grew on me..
Nathan has always been horribly written.
Well, he’s out of his soap opera misery, now.. I wish Ryan good luck..

0ooh and !
I do not know of anybody, in the entire world, that wants to go to a funeral.
Nobody looks forward to going to a funeral.
Funerals are heart-wrenching, they are soul painful.
I don’t know of anyone that would say;
” hey! there’s a funeral at 2:30 pm lets all go, ok!”

Beit a real funeral or a soap funeral there are tears and sadness.
Even, watching a tv funeral is an emotional ride into sadness, and that folks isn’t cool.

I will FF the funeral, I don’t need that in my life, and hopefully watch Valentin 😉 ahh luvs him ..

(( writers can get sickoo at times lol ))

Then why do you like watching ridiculous action sequences, violent murders, disgusting rapes, and other horrible awful stories that soaps present!? Well written and well acted funerals are a hallmark of good soap opera. As always, you have the soap genre confused with thrillers, horrors, and action movies. And again, you leave the room wondering why you watch soap operas.

hi Jovin ..
I like watching my 2 soaps.. As You, I do not like every single thing in them.
I do not like watching funerals they are not enjoyable..
Crime plots do cause heart wretching crying jag of painful sadness.
Soaps do not have ”violent murders” it is not allowed in the daytime, exaggeration is not cool.

Action plots is a whole different planet from painful sadness and crying to feel funeral depression.

I am not a Masochist- I do not inflict physical or emotional pain on myself- some find those things enjoyable as in watching funerals to feel the pain and sadness of them. 🙂

I agree with you Jovin,
Why would someone watch a show that they are so “constantly” critical of?
Give me a break.

”I do not like watching funerals they are not enjoyable..”

the word ”not” was skipped ..

hello fsog..I need to correct you, you are Wrong.
I love my soaps..

I love everything, Sonny, Julian, Finn, Griffin, Ava, Franco, Valentin, Nina, most all and their stories.. I really like my soap with the exception of Lulu.
She must die!

I like everything that does not include Sharon.
She must die..

I, as you and all soap fans, have our likes and dislikes and that has never meant we don’t love our soap.
there are stories and plots I really need to FF, as fans do that.

Soap fans also bitch and whine when their soap is going in a direction they do like, we all do it. But- we should not tell them because they don’t like whatever they should stop watching their soap, that is a bit harsh to tell someone that.
I would never Assume you do not like your soaps and that if you don’t like this or that, you should stop watching, I have never made that comment to anyone.

I do not like to feel sad watching a soap I do not like funerals and I spoke my mind of that fact.
I do not like turning everyone into a saint and redeeming every everyone that looks sideways and I express my feeling of that.

I’m sure you have your peeves, also. Nonetheless, if you were to expresses them I would not tell you to stop watching your soap..

All the soaps have a great many things you like of your soap and many things you don’t like.
Now, we all have to be nice because we fans are all much the same when it comes to liking and not liking, we express what we think of what peeves us off
(ie – the Franco haters heh .. 🙂

Nonetheless, not liking something in our soaps is no big deal, quite normal, and we still watch because we love our soaps and to complain about what peeves us.
It is the way of the soaps ..

Hello su0000,
I need to correct you. You are Wrong, “I never said you didn’t love your soaps”. I said you were constantly critical of them. There’s a big difference there.
Let’s play nice.

I see your perspective, SuzieQ—–you are a soldier—you have seen atrocities….I get it, my friend. The wah, wah, wah turns you off! You love action. Yes?
However, this is what a soap is all about….digging deep within the audience’s essence and touch its emotions. All of us have experienced what Kirsten, Liesl, Nina, Lulu, and Dant etc., have, in our lives….without ‘sappiness’, love, death, deception etc… would not be a soap….I like crying….it liberates me. A good cry is good for the mind, the body, and the soul.
By the way, su? I tend to agree with you about Faison…..he could be alive. After witnessing so many ‘masked’ transformations ( and, it is a soap), anything is possible….I am still waiting for Helena.
You know how I always depict Helena, at the helm of that great, macabre, gorgeous ( forgive the oxymoron) ferry, next to Charon, to her left, down the River Styx crossing to Kokytos…..and voila’….to her right stands Faison….you’d like that, su….
I, also, think that Robin, as Faison’s daughter ( as revolting as that may be) has merit…..could this have been the reason why Anna ‘removed’ Robin from the line of fire, by giving her to Filomena? As Shay, also, intimated, it makes sense.
Peter, as described by Fanny, gives me the creeps, as well…on the other hand, he, as Anna’s son, makes for a salacious plotline…..perfect soap stuff.
Griffin, as THE Devane Crown Prince, would be a welcomed outcome, albeit a bit tame…unless something morbid happened, which compelled Anna to act exactly as Liesl did…..
Yes, the story would answer so many questions for me because I still do not believe Duke is his father….Faison, in Duke mask is so much more compelling. Duke’s? Nah….that guy was as interesting as dust behind the refrigerator.
Anna may have been violated……either way, she and the ‘child’ were separated….
….ahhh, sooo many venues….some doors need to be opened, here…..stagnating…

Suoo, I am kind of with you on this one. I have been attending enough funerals in real life and really don’t want to see yet another one for a character I knew for about two minutes.
But why oh why do you hate Sharon? I love that she keeps rising above her circumstances and never gives up on herself.
Moreover, she’s such a good and supportive mom to her adult daughter Mariah. There’s something inherently touching to me about Sharon.

Oh, my gosh….I just reread your comment, su… are a riot and a half….Lulu must die??
She does look in a daze most of the time…wide-eyed…but I felt so badly for her, by herself…like a little bird, asking for crumbs….
Is she pregnant again?

Goodbye Nathan. Your time in Port Charles was to short.

Though we had a minute, eternity was in it.”

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Norman Cousins.
Harry, anyone who has lost a MOST loved one can attest to the above quote.

Well said, Celia.

Thank you, sir.

You really are quite the romantic, aren’t you, Harry??? Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m reminded of that old expression, “how can I miss you if you won’t go away?” JUST GET HIM OFF THE SHOW ALREADY. I feel the same way about Jack on This is Us…ENOUGH ALREADY.

If you feel the same way about Jack on This Is Us then you’re probably not watching the show regularly. Jack IS This Is Us. Every character has been effected by Jack into adulthood. The entire series is an innovative display of storytelling from the past to the future and back again going through various decades of all the characters lives. There is no taking any of the characters out of this show because of the flashbacks which makes it so unique and allows the audience to continue on their journey with each character dead in the present or not. And, unlike soaps, it’s not done through the “resurrections” of people who have passed but by actual scenes of the characters lives.

Great promo! So sad! Kirsten is amazing with this story!

Poor Maxie. Nathan will be missed on GH for sure. My husband is really upset that he was killed off.

Thanks for the heads up, I be sure to turn out– soap funerals lost all their appeal to me when the character who is supposed to be dead shows up alive in a couple of years or they are shown as ghosts or visions or whatnot–it seems they are written for the sole purpose of giving of giving the actors Emmy reels, as if crying is the only measure of good acting.

Nothing against the actor or the Nathan character, but does anybody else find it troubling that a character who was around for only 2 or 3 years gets a full funeral episode, while several actual long time GH characters who have passed away over the years didn’t get any sort of a sendoff.

You mean AJ? Yes, I find it troubling. No one ever even mentions AJ anymore. Not Ned, Monica, Jason or Drew. It’s like he never existed.

I think AJ got a big funeral the previous time he died, at least. Don’t worry, he will probably escape from Hell again one of these days. He’s done it twice already!

They mimicked the same final scene they gave Sean Kanan. After AJ’s final funeral, wrongfully dead Emily came to escort him up the stairs to heaven. Flash forward 4 years and wrongfully dead Georgie escorts Nathan to the great beyond.

The only “wrongfully dead” character is AJ…..he was killed by the showrunners out of pure spite for his portrayer, Sean Kanan, plain and simple, and the show suffers for it to this day. On the other hand, I was personally pleased as punch to see Emily and Georgie go, as they both were those sort of one-dimensional, sappy sweet, goody-two-shoes characters that wear on me to no end….just as the likewise sainted Sabs also proved to be when she followed in their saccharin footsteps. Even talking about those three gives me a sugar rush…

Yes – I will be tuning in

Will Nathan’s funeral somehow revolve around Sonny with a mention of Morgan? All kidding aside, I will miss Nathan, and I think the actors involved in this story have done an amazing job at portraying the material.

Sonny wasn’t even there. Which is ridiculous, because Dante was Nathan’s partner, and Sonny would want to be there for his son. Carly is Maxie’s cousin (more or less) but she wasn’t there either. Nor was Lucas, who grew up with Maxie.

But Frodd was there. Even though he had nothing whatsoever to do with either Nathan or Maxie. He had to be there. Why is that?

What about Peter, Satan? I found it strange ….not Sonny, but yes to Peter? I understand he found out, belatedly, he and Nathan were half brothers, but no one knows except the audience.
Therefore, to me, his presence was sort of conspicuous… does one explain it? Curious to know.

This looks like a genuine tear-jerker of an episode but maybe we can just revive Nathan. Like… maybe he has not really died… and he can come back after being frozen or after being the subject of mind games… or… wait! That would never work! Who would believe that?

Seriously, an episode as this IS where daytime drama succeeds, genuine emotion, the shock of life turning on a dime, tests of family and love and support.

Yes I will be watching! Ryan aka Nathan did a great job portraying what a stand up guy should be, to his wife and friends and to his department and community. Yes we get caught up in the storylines but that just tells you the actors are doing their jobs the right way. I loved Nathan, I would rather watch him than some of the other people they give so much air time too. I wish Ryan all the best in his future endeavors and I will be looking forward to watching him on something else in the near future.

Nathan deserves an on-screen funeral. I’m very sorry to see RP leave the show. He’s going to be missed. The PCPD needs to hire some more detectives (and I don’t mean Valerie who’s only a patrolwoman unless she got a promotion).

Why couldnt have been Amy instead!


Wow — a beautiful and gut-wrenching promo. The performances have been outstanding, which comes back to the writing — the writers have done a great job with this story. Now if Frank would only bring Genie back my faith in my beloved soap would be restored.

I agree with you. For the first time, maxie almost had a happy ending …they have all done a fabulous job with the storyline. I would like to see Maxie emerge strong and independent… no love story for a while and no spinelli…ugh.

As far as Genie Francis, I have no idea what is up with the way Frank is treating her… SHE IS GH and to not even discuss the contract change to her personally is disgraceful.

I will watch and bet it will be sad

Let him move on ok he will finally get a chance to be something besides FV fantasty

Now he decides let’s throw a Alzheimer’s story in do not need it Maurice can’t do this ok let it go let him wear his silk suits read his cue cards kiss the ring just move on!

The Alzheimer’s story lacks authenticity with a recently recasted character who has been mentioned less than 7 times in the same number of years.

As for Genie how many times do you have to be kicked in the gut move on retire you are a important part of GH it is in the past good luck god bless! Be happy

I think the irony (or further insult) is the Nutrisystem commercials (starring Genie) during GH episodes lately.

Or it’s the company’s way…perhaps with Genie’s blessings…to remind GH what they’re missing! (And keep whatever viewers are left after this latest casting debaacle in a perpetual uproar over the lack of Laura in Port Charles!)

I second that.

Goodbye Nathan ((Ryan Paevey) you will be missed.

All I know is all these women on these soaps wearing sleeveless dresses are going to die of frost bite ! What is with the wardrobe department? Maxie in the dead of winter has a sleeveless dress on please realize viewers are not dumb robots you keep insulting your audience you will end up a cooking or game or talk show replacing you and even if I do not watch them all the time I do not want that to happen.

This was so sad, I liked Nathan and really dont think they should have let him go !

He quit the show. His choice

Omi my eyes are puffy, my heart is broken

I cried my eyes out like I always do. I’ve watched GH since I was 13, when my mom felt I was finally old enough. I am 50 now and have grown up with these people. How could I not cry, they are like my family.

What an awesome episode. Cried my eyes out. When GH is good, it is the best. What a nice surprise seeing Georgie. She should never have been killed off. Her and Alan was the last regimes biggest mistakes.
Every actor did a top notch performance especially Maxie. You could just feel her pain. Loved the end with Nathan and Georgie hand in hand and Spinelli singing “Danny Boy”. Reminded me of the great Ryan Hope soap. What made this so touching is Nathan was such a good guy. He will be missed but good things lie ahead I’m sure for Ryan.

It still boggles the mind that they killed off half of the Q’s, a central family at GH. Killing Alan, Emily, AJ…why??? What a waste and completely without thought on the part of the writers.

Whilst I didn’t mind Spinelli starting the strains of “Oh, Danny Boy,” it was an EPIC FAIL not to have Liesl pick up when he faltered! Her stepping in to finish the song would have provided the most poignant and suitable means for this character to bid a mournful farewell to her fallen son, especially when she was denied the opportunity to speak of him at the church service. (Now that would have been reminiscent of Maeve Ryan…) What is wrong with the showrunners? They consistently refuse the fabulously talented Kathleen Gati her chance to shine front and center in order to allow lesser performers to steal her spotlight, in this case, the pushy Amy once again….just like at the NB. It was downright disrespectful to this wonderful actress, her character of Dr. O and her many fans who were waiting with bated breath to see her take part in her beloved Nathan’s funeral. (And, by the way, both Britt and her Auntie Magda should have been present for the service, as well….wonder if those two are prisonmates???)

Rebecca, I so agree with you about the Q’s. Why indeed?
And Shay? Why Amy had to start caterwauling in the middle of Spinelli’s beautiful solo rendition of “Danny Boy” was indeed mind boggling. Let us hope this is her Swan Song, however an awkward one. Thank God she didn’t start belting out “I Will Survive.”
PS> Am I the only one who thought Franco looked absurd sitting in the front row of Nathan’s funeral? Even Franco seemed to look like he felt stupid there and I fully expected to see Lizzy sporting a T shirt which said,”I’m With Stupid.”

Does anyone know the name of the poem about the policeman that was read at the end of the show?

Hi, Marcia,
I cannot be sure….I think the author is Kathy Farace. I am not one-hundred percent, since I did not DVR the episode…but, the poem did sound familiar.
There are, actually, quite a few poems dedicated to police officers.
Hope this helps.

What was the name of the poem Dante read.???

Extremely rare for an open casket funeral on daytime. Most actors don’t want to do it. And, that makes it rather unlikely for said character to return from the dead.

That of course doesn’t rule out ghostly visits (as Georgie was a pleasant surprise).

That open casket thing, I didn’t care for it, especially when most of the shows, will just have a giant portrait of the deceased. I felt the rest was done in good taste, and loved Spinelli and Amy singing Danny Boy, which has always been a real tear jerker for me. Nina was very good at what she had to say, and I think from things I’ve read about Ryan Peavey, those words and beliefs, came from him. He is very big on helping the homeless and less fortunate, and anyone needing help. He must be a very special man.

I understand the character of Sonny not attending the funeral since he was handling matters of his father. Was there any explanation as to why Carly and Jason weren’t at funeral? Maxie put together Sonny and Carly’s wedding in 2015. Jason sat with Maxie at the hospital for a little while after Nathan was shot. I thought all of them were friends?

@suOOOO. I have to more than agree with you on Lulu. God, if they had to get rid of someone, why not her? She has got to be one of the most obnoxious people on all the soaps. I guess the writers recognize this, and use it to their advantage, and our disgust, otherwise they would not have had Maxie voice the same things, that so many of us have been feeling.
Sharon, I have come to live with. She’s come a long way, and at least she means well, when getting into other people’s business, not being as pushy and obtrusive as Lulu.

I am in awe of the performance by the young lady who plays Maxie during this story line. The I understand the writers gave her the lines but her acting was amazing.

What’s the song

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who Will Turn Out to Be Adam’s Father?

For weeks, General Hospital has been playing up the anxiousness, anxiety, pressures of a college student named Adam as played by Joshua Benard (the son of Maurice Benard) on the ABC daytime drama series.

Adam and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) have become friends, and along the way she seems to be attempting to put together the pieces of what is going on with this young man. In story, what we have learned as it seems that he is receiving unbelievable pressure from his mom and dad, to ensure he has the best grades in order to become a doctor.

On Wednesday’s episode, after receiving a 97 on his test in a do-over, he called his father.  We don’t hear the voice on the other line, only Adam’s.  Apparently, the father was not happy that Adam has to do a make up test, even though he received a high score.

Photo: JBenardIG

So, where is this all leading? Is Adam suffering from bipolar disorder or mental illness? Is he talking to anyone on the phone? Or, is he the son of a current character on the canvas, or a new or incoming villain?

Much speculation has been made that Adam might turn out to be the bio-son of Mr, Brennan (Charles Mesure), presumed to be the nefarious ‘Pikeman’. However, Adam had said that his parents were both doctors. Others are assuming he could turn out to be another child of Sonny Corinthos, but Sonny doesn’t know it, and he was raised by some over-achieving well-to-do parents.

Looks like next week, Josslyn and Trina (Tabyana Ali) may be on the case to try to figure out what is really going on with the guy.

So the questions become … do you think this will turn out to be just a random story featuring Joshua Benard? Do you think Adam till be tied-in more to the Port Charles canvas?  Is Joss spending too much time with Adam and and not enough time with Dex (Evan Hofer)?

In addition, Joshua just turned 19-years-old this week on December 5th.  Shout out to another year around the sun.

Share your theories on Adam. what you think is going on with him, and who could be his father, via the comment section. Now below, check out the scenes between Adam and Joss from Wednesday’s GH.

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General Hospital

Kimberly McCullough Shares Remembrance of the Late TV Legend Norman Lear on the Set of ‘One Day At a Time’

Television legend, Norman Lear passed away on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. The comedy genius who created, wrote and produced some of the greatest sitcoms of all time died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lear’s body of work included: All in the Family, One Day at a Time, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, Sanford & Son, plus the soapy, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been working as a director in the television industry for years now and upon learning the news of Lear’s passing, shared a very touching moment via her Instagram that stayed with her through her directorial career. McCullough had been a director on the reboot of One Day at a Time that featured EGOT winner, Rita Moreno.

Photo: JPI

McCullough expressed: “My hat goes off to your, sir Norman. What a wonderful life you lived. In my very first directing job, only 6 weeks after having a baby, I was feeling fragile and not quite ready to get back to work. On the set of One Day At A Time, you squeezed my chin and said ‘Look at you! A baby directing our show.’ It wasn’t condescending at all. In fact you seemed thrilled by how far we’d come in the industry, giving young women a seat at the table. I replied, ‘I’m not a baby. I just had a baby.”‘

McCullough added: “You gave me nod of approval saying, ‘Even better. You let me know if you need anything.’ That meant the world to me. Thank you for your service of the television industry, of our country and being a stand up human. #ripnormanlear”

In a previous post pictured with Norman Lear, Kimberly shared: “Thank you changing the world with your storytelling. Honored to say I’ve been able to work with you. One time I heard you say “but where is the HEART of the story?” I have a feeling you’ve asked that question a lot…”

The Lear family also put out this statement on the death of the iconic TV genius: “Thank you for the moving outpouring of love and support in honor of our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather,” the Lear family said in a statement. “Norman lived a life of creativity, tenacity, and empathy. He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all. Knowing and loving him has been the greatest of gifts. We ask for your understanding as we mourn privately in celebration of this remarkable human being.”

Tonight, across all network television, an in memoriam card will air at 8PM ET/PT to pay tribute to Lear and acknowledging his influence in the medium.

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s touching tribute to Norman Lear and the passing of the TV legend via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: What are Your First Impressions of Charles Mesure as ‘Mr. Brennan’?

There’s a new villain in town and things are about to get turned upside down for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) as General Hospital circles back around to the looming mysterious ‘Pikeman’ story and who was the target of the shooting at the Metro Court that put Curtis in a wheelchair.

Last Friday, and into yesterday’s Tuesday, December 5th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, viewers were introduced to “Mr. Brennan” who has to turn out to be the dastardly “Pikeman.”

If his portrayer looks familiar, actor Charles Mesure has appeared in numerous television series and film roles including: Once Upon a Time, CastleThe MentalistDesperate HousewivesBones and more. Mesure is also British-born, but moved to Australia when he was younger, accounting for the fabulous accent “Mr Brennan” has on GH.


In story on GH, as Sonny was telling “Mr. Brennan’s” minion, Hume that he would no longer run Pikeman’s shipments through his territory, the guy showed up at Kelly’s Diner with an ominous message for Carly (Laura Wright), although she doesn’t know it.

On Tuesday, in his room at the Metro Court, Brennan is upset that Sonny won’t work with him and tells Hume he plans to stay in Port Charles to make sure the shipments to Canada are ready to go. We also learn that apparently the head of the WSB has taken a leave of absence. Brennan reveals that being the director has its benefits. He then says he got rid of Frisco and he can work remotely and now things are falling into place.

Hume asks Brennan who the intended target is in all of this, and he says both Sonny and Anna. “Brennan’s” goal is to force Sonny’s hand to continue the shipments and more. Meanwhile, Curtis on the case as to who is behind his shooting and more.

So, what has been your impressions thus far of GH’s newest baddie as played by Charles Mesure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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