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Genie Francis Back To Work At GH! What Will Happen When Laura Runs Into Ryan?

Photo Credit: ABC

General Hospital fans who demanded Genie Francis return to her iconic role as Laura on the long-running ABC daytime drama series got their wish, and on Tuesday, Francis shared photos from her GH dressing room.

Genie returned to work with some awesome gifts and a welcome from her passionate and loving fans.  Via a tweet sent out this am, Francis expressed: “Look at the beautiful flowers and balloons that were in my dressing room when I returned to work at General Hospital! A special thank u to the fans”

Now that Laura is back on the canvas, she is immediately headed for trouble, because her man Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) is locked up in Ferncliff, unbeknownst to her.  In his place, is his twin brother, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), who has a penchant for murdering people.  Will it take Laura, who has fought through all the Cassadine battles, Frank Smith, and more to take down Ryan, and free her true love Kevin?  Stay tuned.

Photo: GFrancisInstagram

As well, General Hospital EP Frank Valentini previously promised in a recent interview with Michael Fairman TV that Laura would also have her own story too, relating: “We have actually two big stories for Genie, and there is a little bit of overlap in them. When she comes back she jumps right into the big story, and the audience will know what the story is when they see her return.”

So, excited to see that Genie is back to work at GH?  What do you think will happen to Laura when she is back on screen come October? Comment below!

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Sidenote to GH producers: Try not to screw it up this time!


Welcome back, Genie!
EP’s of all four remaining soaps you must pare down your bloated casts, utilize vets, and read your own show’s bible/identity. Write with history in mind always…there is no need to create new characters.

I do not watch GH religiously, however, will tune in because of admiration and familiarity with Genie. She is like family.

Make us care. Make us cry. Make us laugh.
Come on, GH, B&B, Y&R, Days…know who you are, what you are all about, and own it.

Do better!

Am with you… The hospital needs to be the center but it takes people, a core family. SPENCER. Laura and her three children and grandchildren. Let’s recast and clean house if we have to. We need a strong core. I would like to move away from violence and science fiction too. Thrilled Ms. Francis is back and hopefully forefront.

Cid, could not have said it better but all too happy to concur, as you’ve touched on things that vex so many of us. Witnessing this genre wither away has been so painful and the prospects for the remaining shows are very concerning. While I don’t have the answer for a resurgence of this wonderful genre, my fear is, neither do they. At least Y&R is trying something different in their storytelling—and they’re doing this as the top-rated soap, so good for them for shaking things up in an attempt to stem the tide of audience erosion! As a GH viewer, no doubt, we have a murderers’ row of a cast, an embarrassment of riches wrought from consolidation, but in so doing, GH lost its identity and has remade itself into something unrecognizable and difficult to root for. Cid, you have passionately implored the EP’s to “read their bibles” and to “write with history in mind,” among other things that we hardcore fans clamor for. As it relates to GH, they show signs (e.g. on, “The General Hospital Collection: The Best of Jason and Sam”) of understanding and heeding their history, but on screen it’s fleeting or conciliatory at best, and rather insulting to the longtime viewer, as TPTB forge ahead with the who’s who of daytime royalty under the auspices that this passes for GH. I don’t know about you, but certainly not the GH that I remember.

And yet, I hang in and will continue to do so, because I’m part of the most loyal and committed demographic the TV ratings system has ever known, a daytime soap opera fan (albeit a male, who doesn’t really count)! And while not apparent from this post, as someone that’s been conversant with the ABC line-up from Ryan’s Hope straight through to The Edge of Night, I’m actually a huge GH supporter and have great respect and appreciation for the decades of entertainment they’ve provided me, however, I just don’t get the sense that there are any world-beaters at the helm that will transform it, or dare I say, allow it to exist well into the future. My reservations are with the level of caretaking of this venerable show, and at best, it’s pedestrian. Do better, indeed!

Hi Reed,

I totally understand and comprehend that times change…Radio to TV to Online/internet. The soaps are that special art form which connects us, family. The strong have survived and even thrived during foolish network interference and lazy unimaginable writing. I whole heartedly want the “Fantastic Four” to keep on keeping on. Positive there are long-time writers on each show/staff that should have been promoted or given the opportunity to

Something I think about – my blind grandmother watched (listened) to the soaps on radio in the 40’s and later television in the 50’s-70’s…our entire family grew up with daytime. If one cannot “listen” to the shows and cannot follow the acting, dialogue, writing and be compelled…without looking at the screen, that’s the test.

The key demographics are the baby boomer and gen x. My young nieces and nephews could careless and do not have the attention span or time to invest. What the suits/writers/networks should be doing, in my opinion, is court and market to the retiring folks who made these shows so successful in their heyday…my mom, aunts, uncles, cousins. Tell the stories about those second marriages, grandkids in college, getting older, starting over after a death or career change. How the world doesn’t tell you or prepare you that being an adult never ends. And do not write down to the viewer, make us think, connect. The audience isn’t stupid.

Elieen Davidson’s Emmy reel from her, Days, win is the perfect example. Click on that YouTube clip – one does not need to watch the screen, you can listen, understand the plot, history, and the voice acting was compelling. It’s in the writing. The truth is easy to understand and clear. Not convoluted or difficult to follow.

I love thes shows, champion these shows, respect these shows.

This interaction/dialogue with you, Reed, is what these shows are about. Immediate connection. A bond.
Soap fans are like family. And we never forget!

Felt good to get this off my chest.

Greeting from SF Bay.


Bold, who are you?
Young, who are you?
GH, who are you?
Days, you are finding your groove.

I’ve been preaching the same. Be Bold, the Gen x, Boomers & OLDER (parents in their 90’s) should be target audience. WE have $ & in a lot of cases more than the youngsters and we influence their buying(message to advertisers). Daytime Serials formula has always been a 2-4 families and the people in their lives. The hook is your families are still their decades later, with kids, grands maybe a new spouse. Most people don’t know contract killers/mobsters that never go to prison and are welcomed at all social events.Most aren’t happy your kid is marrying the local killer. Of course we need bad folks, drama, but there is so much happening in this country to draw on and entertain us in the afternoon doesn’t have to be soft porn, sometimes the sexiest things are in words, looks.
Bring back music, dialogue that can tell the story if you out site from the visuals..up the vocabulary and the age focus of “the stars” (bring back our peers), parents, grandparents. ** Think of Laura on GH “waking up” after 4 (ha) years, finds out what the kids have been doing, but her family was around her, same house, same hospital. But babies had been born, ex husband re married, son became a cop… It should be the same when someone who has been watching but misses a few years because of work, family obligations etc. “HOME”, where you know everyone, familiarity.writers, have you taken a look at “the villages”, or the housing developments that Jimmy Buffet inspired? $$$$$$ and the time to watch your show. DO Better #GH.. Do better, daytime.

Cid (and Rose from Kelly’s Diner), you’ve articulated so very well the best the medium has had to offer–and still can offer! These shows are pillars, unlike anything we will ever see again on our screens, because let’s face it, nobody’s looking to create a new serial, there’s just not the wherewithal to do so. The best that we can hope for is that TPTB truly understand and appreciate the place in our culture, society and hearts, where these shows reside. Society places great importance on history—we have museums, statues, landmarks, endangered species, and other designations to preserve that which deserves protecting. At the same time, we have companies, some of them once vibrant and venerable, and yet they have fallen by the wayside, due to their inability to adapt and offer what the consumer demands, or in some/many cases, due to mismanagement and neglect. So, where does the unique medium of soap opera fall? Relegated an artifact of The Paley Center for Media? Placed on the endangered list? Or, perhaps chapter 11 bankruptcy (at least then we can restructure and reorganize!)? While I appreciate the continued outlet the networks afford our remaining shows, a place in their line-ups, I do question their motivations beyond that. Is there even the slightest hint of innovation or synergy going on at these companies that can be extended to these shows? We’re no longer talking about standalone TV networks, these are multi-media conglomerates covering many platforms, some of which are actually delivering the content into our homes via streaming, cable, wireless, and satellite—services we pay for! And if “content is king,” why are they not doing more to leverage their assets to ensure the best product—even if the origins of that product date back to 1937 and The Guiding Light? Since when did “old” equate to no longer viable? Such an apathetic bunch, the whole lot of them!

What was it for you that elevated the medium of TV viewing? Was it Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing, something written by David E. Kelley, perhaps 24, or maybe the Sopranos? TV has evolved and gotten so good, so there should be no dearth of creativity there, even if we are in revival and reboot mode. And not for nothing, but how many times can you remake these super hero movies? The answer being, I suppose, until they stop making money. So why can’t the soap medium benefit, be elevated, experience its “next act?” Considering soaps have been the proving grounds to launch many a career, you would think the entertainment industry would hold a fierce fondness for a genre that keeps so many employed. How about giving back to a medium that has given so much to so many, and to an audience whose time commitment can be measured in hours, days, weeks, years, and decades–far exceeding any commitment of price of admission, or cost of a DVD or download. If there’s not even an inclination to “take care of their own” within the entertainment industry, infusing it with renewed creativity and purpose, then I’m not sure what the lowly fan can do to ensure its continued existence, other than keep watching, I suppose.

Long live the remaining four! And you can do better GH, but I still love you!


Sad you both do not live in SF Bay…you could join my free Meetup Group “Soap Dish”…gathering of soap lovers daytime/nighttime discuss the state of soaps, 2018, and also reminisce about those moments acting, writing, humanity and humor. If I get enough members, a holiday party or masquerade ball is the plan.

I do enjoy the mysteries, twins, villains, and back from the dead…when produced with insight, thought, and intention or long term planning. Keep us wanting more!

By the way, it does take two…Deirdre Hall’s sparring contribution was also key to Eileen’s, Days, win.

B&B (viewer since day one, 10th grade): had a huge opportunity with, Sheila’s, last return. Such a shame it was rushed and not paced correctly. Showdown with Eric/Quinn/Family COULD have been 6-9 months!

Y&R (adult viewer since 8th grade): make attempts to watch when I can. As a toddler, vividly recall car going off the cliff and the hospital scene with Phillip. My aunt said I must have been 5 years old.

Days (on and off viewer since 7th grade): not a die hard fan, OLTL (has my heart), my show and Santa Barbara. DAYS does get props/credit/accolades they are doing soap opera and writing for their audience.

GH (viewer since 2nd grade): Mom had me watching, Barbara Jean, and her bad deeds. I love Laura, however, Bobbie can make me cry too.

As an 11 year old – I would stay home sick 2 weeks to watch AMC/Nina or OLTL/Tina. Finally my mom got me my own VRC in high did not have a reason to cut class. Shocked that I got into a good college in SO CAL with all my absences.

Give me a reason to come home and unwind or marathon watch with coffee on a Sunday. Been fast forwarding GH and Young. Bold is an easy 20 minutes working from home and having it on in the background. Days has had me in my office with ear phones on lunch or ferry ride to SF.

Happy these comfort shows are here. Family. You cannot pick your family, however, you can love them anyway. Doesn’t mean we have to like them all them time!

Pardon any spelling or grammar, SNAFU’S.

Have a greet weekend EVERYONE.

Please let it be involving Nikolas. It’s been way too long for the character to be gone without a body turning up and i can’t stand seeing Valentin on the screen being somewhat of a decent guy at times when we are supposed to think he killed Nikolas. It’s time for that part of the story to come to a resolution.

JPS has been hinting recently that his time on the show might be ending soon. Valentin is sure to play a part in the reveal of the mystery Cassadine.

I don’t know what ya’ll see in that Laura character…
I’ve never liked her.
must be that whoopie wedding deal, it sure brought her fame.
Anyways, I can only hope this time around Laura won’t irritate the bejesus out of me.

heh! well, always a chance that Ryan will off her lol ..

ohh before ya throw shoes at me; not everyone has to like Laura ..

and to the anyone that confuses the actress with the character, not me, nothing to do with the actress.
Laura stinks lol

Oh, suOOO, can’t you let us Genie fans have a moment of unbridled joy? Come on!!!!!
PS When did you climb under a rock 🙂 Climb out now; I won’t even throw rocks at you metaphorically speaking, of course!!!!
PS 2 It wasn’t “that whoopie wedding deal” that makes us love Genie; it her ability to take the role/writing and wring out every bit of drama from it. Give her that, please! Remember that GH was her second role–she’d only played in one episode of family–and, with her acting she garnered lifelong fans. No small feat!

You Are consistent.

I won’t hold it against you SuOOO. You’ve only watched GH in the bad years, you didn’t watch it when it garnered 10-12 million viewers. You don’t understand the actors that help build the show you’re now watching. I won’t hold it against you that you can’t show some appreciation to a woman that, like it or not, helped to save this show from cancellation in 1978.

As I have said–
It has Nothing to with the actress.
It the Character, I find the Character annoying.
As for the actress I have nothing.

(word for the day — comprehension 🙂

And as I keep telling you, that character is what saved this show. Do some research! Watch the show from 1977-82, maybe then you’ll understand that the show centered around the character of Laura.

So happy that Genie has returned. So looking forward to Laura In Action! I want her to be an active character on the screen and lead. She’s a brilliant actress, so we hope ABC and GH executives keep their promise. I hope to see Laura at the forefront for a few years. I wonder if we will see a recast Nicholas and Spencer. I know, I know, the show is overpopulated, but it is time, that the show, writes off many of the characters that aren’t serving the show. And, actually, I’d love to see a recast Lucky, too. Why not? He is such a legacy character as well. Well done to GH for listening to fans, finally.

Delighted to have her back! Genie is always a sight for sore eyes. But poor Laura! She will come back to discover her husband is suddenly different and just not that into her but he will be clearly into Felicia. This isn’t the first time Laura has had a husband who fancies Felicia over her. Remember when Luke had an affair with Felicia? Laura is going to channel her inner Jan Brady and say with a huff,”I swear. It’s always Felicia, Felicia, Felicia.” I just hope Laura doesn’t start wearing a black Afro wig while trying to be the new Laura Spencer.
(footnote–frame of reference-The Brady Bunch).

Funny Harry.

The Luke- Felicia temporary pairing was only surpassed in ick factor by Sonny-Emily.

Agreed, Steve!

not sure Sonny/Em surpassed it.. both make me queasy.

Kristina Wagner and Genie Francis are the same age, yet Luke seemed much older with Felicia than with Laura.

Laura doesn’t need a Jan Brady reference to put on a silly black wig. She’s probably got one in her closet from the “Lloyd & Lucy Johnson of Beecher’s Corners” days.

Satan, I was thinking the same thing.

Cannot wait to see her back on my TV! Welcome back, Genie!

The jokes on Ryan…Laura isnt really Laura but a fake who is one of Ryans thought dead victims killed off camera!!!!-lol

If i was doing this story i would feature Felicia more…she would have disturbing visions of Ryan’s murdered victims causing her great streess and anxiety…Felicia is in a one car accident striking a tree…she is injured and in a wheelchair for weeks…Mac convinces Felicia to seek treatments for her mental health and they visit Dr. Kevin Collins unaware he is the evil twin Ryan…one dark and stormy night when Mac is away helping Robert…Felicia is alone in her wheelchair when a Ryan breaks in wearing a mask ect and attacks Felicia nearly killing her…meanwhile Laura notices a change in Kevin/Ryan who blames his distance from her because she was away from him way too long…will he convince Laura their marriage could be over…will Laura discover Kevin is really Ryan before he makes another attempt on Felicia’s life…by mistake Ryan kills Amy thinking she was Felicia!!!!

wonder if Ryan adds a bullet scar..or if Laura will even get to see that the scar isn’t there? I really don’t want Ryan kissing Laura, he might say something about an old sweatshirt.

Can’t wait! I continue to be amazed TPTB continue to de value Genies/ Lauras meaning to so many in the audience. Instead story continue to be focused on the same tired characters and new characters we are not invested in

At least give them credit for giving Kevin/Ryan a major storyline. Never thought that would happen. Lindstrom is still captivating in the dual role.

Welcome back, Genie! NOW I will begin to watch GH again. 🙂

I really wish ABC and General Hospital would promote Genie’s return. They need to add her to the GH Cast page. They never had her on this last time.

I’d settle for a solo last page on the opening credits like Burton apparently negotiated. Looks kind of ridiculous when the first two panels have 4 characters each then “Just Jason” on the final panel.

Love Genie. So glad she is back and hopefully to stay. Love Genie and Jon acting together.

I love Genie and the character of Laura. I think she raised the bar as a young actress for all of daytime back in the day. Her and Leslie have one of the best mother/daughter relationships in daytime history. She’s still the best crier, lol!And I like her and Kevin together. This could turn out to be a really good story for all involved and for the fans.

Breaking News

Jason George Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Main Cast for Upcoming Season

Soap opera alum Jason George (ex-Michael Bourne, Sunset Beach) is rejoining Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular for its upcoming 21st season.

According to Deadline, Jason will reprise his signature role of Ben Warren. Previously, the actor played Ben since season 6 of the ABC medical drama. Later, George became a series regular for seasons 12-14 before departing to join the ‘Grey’s’ spinoff, Station 19.

With Station 19 now canceled, it paved the way for George to bring Ben back to Seattle Grey’s Sloan. Over the past seven years, Jason was a mainstay on the firefighter drama and would make appearances and crossover to “Grey’s’.  Both series are produced by Shondaland and ABC signature.

Photo: ABC

In story, the seventh season of Station 19 had Ben tapping leaning into his medical skills while questioning his future as a firefighter in light of his shoulder injury. Then, in the Station 19 series finale, Ben told Captain Herrera that he was going back to finish his surgical residency. The story all fits together because when Ben was a fifth year resident at Grey Sloan, he found a way to pursue his other dream as a firefighter without jeopardizing his chances to return to the hospital and medicine one day.

Photo: NBC

George was featured on NBC’s Sunset Beach from 1997-1999 as lifeguard Michael Bourne and his love interest, Vanessa was played by Sherri Saum (ex-Keri, One Life to Live) who is also the wife of the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, One Life to Live)

In a post on X, following the story of his rejoining Grey’s Anatomy, George posted a video with the music from “Welcome Back Kotter” and the words “Well … it WAS kind of hush-hush. But now it’s official. Where my scrubs at?”

So, glad to hear Jason George is returning as a series regular to Grey’s Anatomy? Comment below.

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Breaking News

General Hospital EP, Frank Valentini, Reveals Former Cast Member is Coming Back and Teases, “I Think That The Audience Will Go Crazy for HIM”

There are some big changes afoot at General Hospital over the summer, and one of the biggest ones was revealed by the series Daytime Emmy- winning executive producer, Frank Valentini.

After winning the series fourth consecutive Outstanding Daytime Drama Series award, and 17th overall in the history of the 61-year-old soap opera, Valentini spoke with ABC 7’s On the Red Carpet at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

When asked what to expect coming up, the exec dropped a bombshell. Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

Photo: Disney

Now. speculation is running rampant of just who could it be! Is it possible that Jonathan Jackson will reprise his five-time Daytime Emmy-winning role of Lucky Spencer? Still others have thought it could actually be Greg Vaughan (because he may have wrapped his run on Days of our Lives months ago, along with Arianne Zucker, who departs later this summer on-screen) reprising the role of Lucky.

Photos: ABC and IMDb

Could Valentini being referring to the return of John J. York as Mac Scorpio; who had to exit the series to undergo treatment for myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple smoldering myeloma (two blood and bone marrow disorders), but who recently returned a month ago to the set? Or, might it be the return of two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Bryan Craig, as a now very much alive Morgan Corinthos? Fans are also wondering if GH somehow lured Nicholas Chavez back to the role of Spencer Cassadine; a role he vacated at the beginning of this year to film his leading role in Ryan Murphy’s Monsters anthology series as convicted murderer Lyle Mendenez.

In addition, Steve Burton (Jason), Kate Mansi (Kristina), and GH head writer, Elizabeth Korte, also shared some storyline intel with On the Red Carpet of what lies ahead through the summer months for Jason, Kristina, and all of the Davis women.

Watch the entire video package below.

Now weigh-in, which male actor is returning to General Hospital? Who do you hope it will be? Share your theories via the comment section.

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Breaking News

RATINGS: Daytime Emmy Audience Up 39% From Previous Year; Marking 4-Year High

Friday night’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS drew solid numbers according to the overnight ratings. The ceremony brought in an average of 2.82 million total viewers making it the annual daytime kudofest’s largest audience in four years.

The last time the Emmys drew more eyeballs was during the virtual ceremony during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in June of 2020, which averaged 3.3 million total viewers.

Meanwhile, over at the network’s streaming companion, Paramount+, and according to TV Line, Friday’s Daytime Emmys were up over 87% from last year, to make it the largest live streaming audience to date for the show.

Photo: NATAS

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

Photo: NATAS

Speaking of four in a row, Laura Wright (Carly, GH) and Steve Burton (Jason, GH) ripped open the final envelope of the night revealing that it was ABC’s General Hospital that would take home the coveted Outstanding Daytime Drama series award. That makes it the 17th time overall that the 61-year old soap opera has received this honor.

In the top acting prizes of the night, it was B&B’s Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) winning back-to-back Lead Actor Emmys, and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford taking home the gold for the third time in her career for her role as Genoa City’s Phyllis.

Photo: NATAS

The show also featured a touching In-Memoriam segment that reflected just the amount of loss and mourning the daytime community has gone through this past Emmy season, and Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, producer B&B’s Edward Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award honors.

What do you think of the preliminary ratings for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award? Is it an encouraging sign that the daytime audience remains steadfast and die-hard? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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