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Genie Francis Dropped To Recurring Status By General Hospital As Laura's Story Comes To Abrupt Halt!

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Over the past 24 hours, reports have surfaced on one of the most unsatisfying casting decisions in recent history.  Daytime icon, Genie Francis (Laura) had been taken off contract by General Hospital and apparently dropped to recurring status.

To add fuel to the fire if viewers of the ABC soap opera caught Friday’s episode, they saw Laura making an about face when news came that her grandson Spencer had broken both his legs in Europe.  Thus, all of a sudden Laura was dropping out of the mayor’s race and asking her husband Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) to step in, because she will be gone for awhile, and family comes first.

According to a report from Soap Central on Saturday: “Francis was informed in late 2017 that she would be dropped to recurring status in 2018 — and that executive producer Frank Valentini wanted Francis to appear in about a dozen or so episodes per year. Francis was said to be devastated by the decision and reportedly refused to agree to appear so infrequently.”

Meanwhile. Daytime Confidential, who first broke the story, related that multiple sources say that the popular soap star was bumped from contract to recurring status.

From the looks of things, the GH writing team had to make some quick script changes to make a story exit for Laura, just as she was set to be a major mayoral candidate in Port Charles, and just married the new love of her life, Kevin Collins.

As to Genie’s tenure at GH: There has never been a more popular soap opera duo in the history of the medium then Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura.  Francis has been with GH on and off since 1977, when she debuted as a young teenaged Laura Vining.

Genie exited the series in 1982 and returned in 1993.  She came back to GH in 2002 but contract talks went awry,  However, in the next decade Genie made several returns and in 2015 came back to help send off Tony Geary’s Luke, but as part of that deal received a long-term contract with the series.  There had been many promises along the way that Laura would get a major story of her own.  Was this about to happen and it was kiboshed?

Now fans are upset and are putting it out there, that perhaps, Genie could become part of the story on DAYS which would reunite her with her former on-screen son Tyler Christopher (Ex-Nikolas, now Stefan, DAYS) and reprise her role of Diana Colville, or play someone new!

So, share your thoughts in the comment section below on this shocking turn of events that apparently has led to Genie Francis being off GH.

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OMG I hate this #bestofthebest is Genie Francis

WTF does this show have against this woman?!?! Amidst a bunch of murderes and monsters, she is the calm in the storm, the heart and soul of the show! She is an Emmy winning legend who has proven that she can be just as popular in her 50’s and beyond the spectre of Luke and Laura. I hope the show receives SERIOUS backlash for this!! I think it’s high time for a new Executive Producer on this show. The writing is on fire, but at the end of the day, Valentini is and always has been out of touch with what the GH fans want. Fans say less newbies, he just keeps ’em coming. Fans say they are sick of Sonny and Carly, he introduces them every chance he gets as the “leaders” and “stars” of the show and has them in every story. Fans love and adore Genie, and passionately want her in major story. Just as she gets it, he wants her to appear in 12 episodes per year. Laura and Kevin are one of the most popular couples on the show!! If fan revolt doesn’t change this brain dead decision, then I hope one of Genie’s former shows snaps her up! Cain could use his mother and Jack could use some lovin’ on Y and R. DAYS is pretty top heavy with expensive vets, and her Diana Colville character really had no ties to the show, but she could play the always absent Sandy Horton, or Melissa Horton, or a character of that nature. The show has too many villainesses (well just enough really lol) and it never works well when Genie is cast as evil. Her innate personality is too warm and engaging. As this story has just broken, it needs time to play out. Fan revolts can work!! Rebecca Herbst was fired and quickly rehired in 2011 after massive fan complaints! I can’t imagine fans doing any less for beloved Genie. BONEHEAD move by Frank Valentini!! It is said he took the writers by surprise even! It is clear these writers loved writing for Laura, and when an EP blindsides a writing team in such an abrupt and obvious way (to the point that it was jarring and unbelievable on screen), that is not good for a show! It was obviously a last minute decision made out of time crunch necessity, because there would be NO reason whatsoever that Laura would not have had Spencer flown home to Port Charles so he could recuperate around friends and family who loved him and she could have continued her campaign!! Not that she would ever exploit it, but it would also help her campaign to be shown as a caring compassionate family woman looking after her orphaned grandson!!

Sing it, Jovin!!

I firmly believe the problem is that the man has only seen Genie Francis useful and necessary to show only so long as Tony Geary was present. Even when separated, Laura and Luke on the show still reminded long time fans of the glory days of the most watched romance in the history of the show. Tony left the show in 2015 and Frank Valentini had been waiting for the right time to remove Laura from the canvas. That is what Frank Valentini really is doing here.

I’ll never forget the interview Genie gave April 2016 where she discussed the reason she left GH at the age of 19 and at the height of her fame.

“”I was having trouble with drugs and alcohol. I ended up one night in the hospital. The very next day I was told, ‘I’m sorry, you’re going to have to come back to work tomorrow morning. So I got back to work and somebody came up to my door and knocked. It was an awful moment in which I was told, ‘You know what they said about you? They said it didn’t matter if you lived or you died because Tony was the whole show.’ ”

What a horrible and cruel thing to have said to a 19 year old girl who had just gotten released from hospital. Although in hindsight, I should not have been surprised by that cruelty directed towards Genie. After all, the producers of GH allowed Luke to rape Laura without any legal consequences. Because the fans loved these two people as couple the producers turned Laura’s rape into a “seduction scene”. If I had been in Genie’s place I would never have returned to GH in 1993.

I hope what Frank Valentini is doing to Genie causes a fan revolt the likes of which GH has never seen before. Then when GH begs Genie to come back she tells them exactly where to go and to stay there. I also hope that DAYS and Young and Restless are both working on a way to get her on their shows.

You said it, Jovin….this beautiful, sedate, sensible woman, who, at last, found the man of life in her mature years, is put to the curb. I love what she and Kevin represent….loyalty, love and respect.
TPTB should rethink this and put other unsavory characters to rest.

I totally agree Genie Francis is a treasure and I want to see her on General Hospital as Laura her presence is what draws me in without her the show has no soul.

I agree wholeheartedly with Jovin & Mary , with one exception. I want to see Genie on GH since I don’t watch Y&R or Days. She is as much a star of GH as Laura Wright. She was about to prove it once again with the mayor s/l until TPTB shot her down. Maybe the competition would have been too much for Laura? Do the right thing for Genie or there may be another uproar as there was when you cancelled OLTL & AMC.

The actor who plays Spencer is unavailable and lets face it, Carly and Sonny have way more story possibilities than Laura. Its just a fact. There is no Luke, No Lucky and no Nicholas. Not saying I love Sonny and Carly but the show is built around them and has been. Luke and Laura had their time, its over.

Well said!

Join said it all…thank you !!!!!!

Jovin said it all…thank you !!

ITA about a fan revolt for Genie (just as the one was done for Rebecca (Elizabeth). Someone responded to one of my comments below & we were both thinking this is in step with the “Times Up” movement. Genie & Laura (as well as Jon/Kevin) SHOULD NOT be sidelined due to their age or gender. Genie/Laura is a GH legend & many fans watch GH because of her & loved this mayoral debate story vs. Ned. Laura and Kevin were also becoming a fan favorite. Comment on ABC.COM – revolt!!! Call ABC/GH comment line ph # 323-671-4583. Voice your opinion! Tell them to bring Genie back!!!

Jovin, We began mobilizing right the second Laura receives that phone call from France, for the second time since Frank Valentini has been E.P. We even have started a petition on, making phone calls, texting with long time Friends (In My case) both in front of and behind the camera. Today, during the show there was a Twitter Firestorm, as they always ask Us to take to Tweeting during the show, well today they got their wish, lol… Thousands answered their call, using the hashtag #GenieIsGH… And if you notice, Michael Fairman definitely has receiving tons of comments with his article about Genie. He is pretty great I must say.
Anyway, like I said, We started a petition demanding that Genie’s contract, which by the way was for 2019 and beyond, and that petition we original set a goal of 5000 signatures, since more people were furiously signing, this morning, We had to move it to 7500, and will probably have to move it to 10,000 by morning at this pace.

So, We are fighting back, if so inclined, here is a list of contact information:

to complain: 323-671-4583 is the comment line for the show.
you can also call 818-460-7477 and press 464 to leave a message.
Or, email ;
or write to Frank Valentini, Executive Producer:
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027
Also…..Watch ABC customer care
NY ABC daytime feedback
212-456-7777, ext #464
ABC Media Relations
ABC Daytime Rebecca Campbell
TPTB need to know how outraged we are on this one!


I SO have to disagree with Timmmm! Tim, you say there are way more story possibilities for Sonny and Carly !?! How so?! Sonny’s storylines have been the SAME thing, rinse and repeat, for over 20 years! New mobster comes to town, there is lots of violence and bloodshed. Sonny and Jason ultimately neutralize / murder this threat, until the next one rolls into town. Repeat! ANd YAWN!!!! Laura is in the prime of her life. Newlywed. MArried to a shrink. Connected to all the core families. Mother. Grandmother. Mayor. Friend. Fierce protector. Heart and soul of the show. THOSE are story possibilities, as this is a soap opera, not Mob Wars!

How many other daytime stars had a Top 10 hit about their character?

To Frank and TPTB at ABC:
(I know she’d want it that way)

Steve, “Think of Laura” was classic General Hospital! Love it!

Whilst that beautiful Christopher Cross-penned hit was indeed used by GH as a “theme song” for Laura’s return “from the dead” storyline in the ‘80’s, the truth is it was actually written as a tribute to a “real-life Laura” who sadly died far-too-young. Her photos were sometimes featured on a background screen when Cross performed the song during his heyday….still vividly recall it! Very sad…(I believe she was an acquaintance of Cross via another more personal contact of his…in essence, an actual “friend of a friend!” Or so the musical story goes……)

Another thing, when Gloria Monte was given a mandate to get the ratings up within 6 months or the show would be cancelled. When She learned that the daughter of the late Stage Actor, Ivor Francis, was one of Her Cast Members, she came up with an idea. She took Ivor and Genie to lunch to tell them she had a plan to save the show, that being using Genie front and center in adult storylines, to drawl in the young crowd. So, correct this because quite Frank-ly, if not for Genie Francis and Gloria Monte saving the show, later on Tony Geary, there would not even be a General Hospital still around to fire her from!!! #GenieIsGH and #GHisGenie!!!!

bad bad news, ratings on the way down and so is GH

I don’t recall Genie’s presence giving GHa ratings increase. Steve Burton on the other hand is good for the Neilsen’s. His presence is known on Social Media platforms.

i’m in utter dismay –

when this thread broke : shocked stumped and ANGRY

plain out mad- Shelley and Frank AGAIN turn for the worse

if they think the fab 4 are ALL that (Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam ) they do not carry one iota of emotion

effin piss off

Genie was one of the hearts of the show, she made up for Luke not being there. She was playing a realistic role and always there during the storm to calm everything down. Why should we watch General Hospital anymore when you’re removing an icon. I hope you’re not planning to change General Hospital in situations to more of a lovey dovey soap in the afternoon which it’s not. I’m disgusted and I’ll probably never watch General Hospital again once Genie leaves thanks for all the years I watched it but you’re going to lose a lot of people if not every buddy and I guarantee it with my life. I take it it’s all about power and what we can do I would have thought personally it was about keeping an audience and a good show and one of the best now you can just take General Hospital off the air thank you for the years. By the way I just found out many years ago I was Anthony carries blood cousin meaning Luke and I’ve tried to contact him just to say hello I’m not the kind that we want anything because he’s a soap opera star so please give my Gmail to him and explain this to him. Right now I’m living in Utah I was raised Latter-Day Saint and I would certainly like to say hello to him. I’ve had back surgery in the past it seems to run in the family, my father is passed on, my mom Lori Wilde lives in Utah, and my sister Ted and Darcy Marshall live in Utah, and Lonnie Wilde. So please give that to Anthony and Jeannie I thank you for your years of service and I support you and I will never watch General Hospital again after you leave thank you nor will anybody I know

Hi Patrick! This was CLEARLY not the writers! The writing was just as forced, sudden, awkward, nonsensical, and out of the blue as the decision itself. This writing team was positioning Laura as a major player and force to be reckoned with. They loved writing for her!

Why are they doing this? Laura is a big part of GH. Bring her back.

In 1980!

The Luke and Laura wedding will always be the biggest part of GH

Why Laura! Bring her back!

Patrick I think the writers were blindsided by Frank I have no idea why he did this but he did and she will prevail strong lady ! Would yoreallt want her back if she feels she is not wanted? Heck dye her hair and Brad bring her back as Taylor might help the show ???

Laura is the best actor on this show , bad decision gh , you finally got her with the right guy and you blow it, very disappointed

Genie Francis is a cornerstone figure on GH.It is a slap in the face to ask her to be recurring.She is a huge draw in viewership. The producers must be insane or on drugs.Shame on them.How horribly dissapointing.

Genie is my favorite on the show! Big mistake

Huge mistake GH. You may lose fans over canceling Genies contract. Why would you lead us down this new episode with marriage and running for Mayor to just yank it out from under the viewers? Stupid!

This is absurd. I, and I’m sure many loyal fans, had really been enjoying seeing Genie in the forefront. It seemed GH was starting to have some quality store lines again with her involvement in Charles Street and the mayoral campaign. This news is pitiful. Perhaps if Laura were one to wield a gun or act like a hand grenade rolling around ready to go off (like Nell or Carla or Eva), the writers could just recycle some violent/looney old storylines.

Very pitiful and ridiculous news. I’ve had it with the lack of stability for this show. There’s no good reason for it, besides poor leadership with those who determine the direction of the show. It wasn’t like this in the good old days. Completely idiotic, ignorant and absurd decision. I’ll leave it at that.

Its a shameful travesty and I have just ended my 40 year run as a viewer of GH ! Genie Francis is and always has been the heart of the show !! I’m done !!!

A travesty, yes! So wrong! So long! So gone!
How shabbily Genie has been treated–not just this awful time–but many times over her career at GH. She was used to “save” GH by director Gloria Monty; now no one is “saving” Genie from this ignominious fate. I feel so very, very sad for Genie and for all of other fans. How can anyone be so unfeeling?
I say Genie is the victim of age and sexual discrimination. Who do TPTB think watches GH? And why? The answer: Long-time devoted–and, yes, “mature” viewers such as I. I feel sick. Though I know it would make me even sicker, I would to see the records from the late 70s and the early 80s–and on into the 90s and into 2000 and compare the salaries of Tony Geary and Genie–along with the perks. #metoo, Genie! I know Genie is devastated that anyone would dare ask her to appear just a dozen times a year on a show she was handpicked by GM to save from being cancelled. So very cruel, unfeeling, and unconscionable. Genie, please know that we feel your pain, dejection, and righteous anger. We’ll see you again, I know. You’re strong and can come back from this horrible, horrible injustice. You are the heart and soul of GH–and your love story with Kevin gave us all such a warm feeling and so much hope in these acrimonious times. And you were a bright spot in such an amoral show that GH has become with Ava and Julian, and, yes, the amorality of the character of Sonny. When the Mob became the star of GH, we all lost. But when you came back and they gave you a scrap of a story, we had hope. That hope has now been lost. Calmer waters ahead, Genie! You will “sail” into our arms and hearts in another show or another sweet recording. You will be vindicated. And you will rise! Stay strong and know we will never forget the unbridled spirit of Laura, the character your created and nourished and stayed true to in all the turbulence.

Another thought! Genie has always talked about wanting to do comedy. I challenge some good writer out there to create a comedy for Genie. Women are marching in the millions (just yesterday!) for women to speak out. There is a great audience and hunger for great actors like Genie. Maybe Roseanne can invite her back! 🙂 🙂

I would love to see her in some Hallmark Movies. It’s becoming very popular with some past & present soap stars like Ryan Peavy, Jack Wagner., Cameron Mathison, Kristina Wagner & others.

She can be in a remake of “Golden Girls!”

I’m pretty much done after 35 years too. I was starting to tune out already because the Jason return has turned out awful. It’s all about this Killy nonsense.

But now with Genie, we see Frank at work, nothing has changed. His priority will always be his pets and Vets will be used randomly to prop the show when his pets send the ratings plunging and then when they get a boost like now with Burton, and Frank is safe for a while, he reverts to screwing GH Vets and focusing on his pets.
Just watch Howarth take center stage now as Franco’s childhood abuse is showcased as we watch the 100th attempt to make him relevant on GH. Then watch the ratings plunge as they always do when Howarth is front and center, then a Vet will be brought back to raise the ratings, and then Frank reverts again.

If the plan was for Genie to do a dozen episodes a year then she wasn’t running or going to be Mayor anyway, so I don’t see how the writers had to really make quick script changes, she was going to be out of the Mayor’s race anyway. Now I guess Jon Lindstrom will be gone as well, so Frank got a twofer.

Right, John. I sensed something ominous when out of the blue Laura dropped out of the mayor’s race because Spencer broke both legs while skiing.
My sense of forbearance was intensified when I realized Alexis had just offered Laura her legal services for her campaign on the heels of her turning her ex husband and good friend Ned down for the same services. Now, where shall Alexis turn next now that Laura is out as mayor? Could it be that wife abusing murderer Julian will run for mayor thereby adding insult to injury to this injustice? They better not go there! Could it be Laura was sacrificed to GH’s great redemption gods?
And speaking of Julian, I resent like hell that he removed his black hat and tossed it to Ned. There’s Julian, acting like a self righteous Dudley Do Right, engaging in supreme moral posturing while lecturing Ned about what it means to be a good, upstanding Port Charles citizen. Suddenly, Ned, who has always treated women with kindness and respect (including Alexis) being lectured by slimy, insidious Julian. I am tired of Character Redemption 101 transpiring all of the time on General Hospital. I especially find it galling when that redemption is predicated on propping up the redemption candidate by vilifying a beloved veteran character like Ned. Moreover, I find it especially maddening that said redemption depends on giving other beloved vets less air time and reducing their contract to “reoccurring status.”

Harry, you said it! And very well indeed. I agree–tired of Character Redemption 101!

My gosh, Harry….you called it !! This means that she must have found out recently, otherwise “they” would not have made her go through the mayotal ‘race’, in the first place. Wow!!!! Can “they” do that? Was she blindsided? Awful…I love Genie Francis. Maybe she’ll make a Y&R comeback….that would be grand…..

@CeeCee….No sooner than I posted the appalling prospect that Alexis would be the one to run for the office of Port Charles mayor, I received your supposition of the same. (Oh, dear Lord, perish that thought!!!!!) Well. great minds do think alike, mia amica!

i’m going to cry reading this stuff.

travesty shame pitiful where are their minds

John, she was barely on the show. Go ahead, walk away, its your loss.

She had more of a presence in the scenes she was in than many 3x a week actresses.

As for your Golden Girls comment, Genie is 4-5 years younger than Finola Hughes and Nancy Grahn. Are you suggesting they be “put out to pasture” too?

Certainly not the lovely and gracious Finola!!!! On the other hand….

Lol @ Shay!!!! Not so veiled Nancy / Alexis dislike? Do tell!!!

@Jovin…Well, if the cowbell fits…..Ding, ding, ding!!!!!

Am discharging myself out of GH. I always enjoyed Miss Francis and the Laura character. Both provided a sense of humanity to a daytime drama that has become to reliant on mob violence, an unreal regard for mental illness and consequences for actions, and science fiction. It is a show filled with great talents and rich histories and awesome possibilities built on a solid foundation of a community center, the hospital. What a disappointment.

it’s disheartening what a disappointment this show may be going

Laura and Spencer w/Kevin. you dream of stuff like this

WHAT ? in Gods name have they gone and done? shellacked bombs away


I’m just sick about this. Heartbreaking. I love Laura and Kevin. Stupid stupid decision.

Stupid decision by the show. PLEASE go back to DAYS Genie!

Yes,I like that idea

I would readily LOVE to see Y&R give Genevieve another go round with that hot aussie – what’s his name

that stud

you know him – Robert, Tristan, Colin

Hey, that’s what I just said…LOL… well, Patrick you said it before me.
Imagine Genevieve in a triangle, trying to get Colin back……what will Jill do?

Stupid decisions from tptb are what are ruining GH! The only story I actually was enjoying was the mayoral story and Laura/Kevin! They need to get Genie back asap!!!

Betsy, eyes on your own paper, lol… I have loved the pairing of Laura and Kevin, I remember that first night they spent together at the MetroCourt, and were playing PacMan, and Genie was laughing and having so much fun. And Kevin says, I still cannot believe that you have never heard of or played PacMan, what were you doing in 1980-82??? And that nod to history with Laura’s reply, well I was rather busy during that time… That was “PURE GOLD” right there, and I laughed out loud that I actually could NOT stop laughing, everytime I thought about it, actually had tears rolling, from laughing so hard.

I have LONG said, that OUR ANGEL aka Genie is that rare Actor who can say more with their eyes or facial expressions, than MOST Actors are able to say with a 100 page script…


You said it well, Buddy.


Exactly, Erin. I wouldn’t blame Genie if she never returned to GH. Forty years of their wishy washy s**t where Genie is concerned. Enough is enough. Maybe a competing show will pick her up and give her a kick ass opportunity. And if GH ratings take a hit from this, oh well, they have themselves to thank.

You said it Carrie. TPTB at the alphabet network have never treated Ms. Francis with the respect she has earned and so richly deserves. Supposedly, the years of “wishy-washy s**t” she has endured were related to Geary’s ego. Now he’s gone and they are still yanking her around.

Unfortunately there is no place else to go. Y&R wasted her when she was there. I’ve heard she was unhappy at Days. B&B is the same company at Y&R and I doubt they’d give her anything meaningful to do.

I wouldn’t blame Genie if she went home and stayed there. That would be a terrible waste of her talent; but, I would certainly understand. You can only be jerked around for so long.

I agree, Erin. Also agree with Carrie. I’m done with GH, I hope they do take a ratings hit. Then maybe all the game playing will cease. One can hope!!

the total disrespect – Shelley and Frank just shit on this genre. they STINK bad

I’ve always shared how I thought the salaries of Michael Easton and even Roger Howarth could be better served …..

and they totally served up a huge let

this isn’t going to go away – this has severed GH

This is terrible news, why on earth did they do that to Genie. We love her, she’s the Queen of day time. I was so looking forward to seeing her as Mayor and enjoying her story. Now there’s no chance of that. And if the article is correct, holy cow, only have her on a dozen times a year. God Forbid! I feel betrayed by this, as a long time viewer, seeing the Vets on our show is a warm fuzzy feeling, it connects us with past shows, it shows a continuation of great viewing. When someone with her qualifications is on screen, you have a great show. This is so sad, and so wrong.

I totally agree with you

What a HUGE mistake …… HUGE. !!

agree with you — too bad

betrayed; at a loss ; clear DIVIDE

how could any thing the fab4 do to circumnavigate … they are not good actors

I said all I was going to say what does abc have against her?? I have met this woman twice a sweet human being when they are in the middle of a shit storm in Hollywood you idiots pull this, she was not happy at Days maybe time to just forget it move on! Love ya Genie prayers are with you!

At that time Genie wasn’t happy with DAYS, but time heals all wounds.

The way I understood that situation all those years ago is Genie was upset that there didn’t seem to be a plan for her character, but the truth is she was being used a lot in good story…Now, fast forward to GH and it’s failure to use her and deciding to bump her…a far cry from what DAYS did.

Genie, DAYS and it’s fans appreciated you. And you have many fans who would gladly have you back in Salem. You’re an actor who should be acting and hopefully your acting DAYS aren’t behind you!

*far worse than what DAYS did!

Thanks I agree you are right but not sure Ron is a fan??? But as my best friend said they have not been using her in story for a long time I will always appreciate and admire what she did for the genre and wish her always the best she has a loving family and is that not what comes first?

i watched General Hospital and DAYS since 1966 but stopped watching GH when Luke and Laura left the show the first time. Laura was the building block of GH. I’m still watching DAYS. Genie please come over to DAYS.

YEEEES, 4ever!!!!

“… they are in the middle of a shit storm ”


“Shelley and Frank ” are you their

they truly do think they’ve laid the golden goose… to think that Carly / Sonny / Jason / Sam are going to keep them.

this sucks

Shelly is not to blame here. She was caught off guard — as witnessed by Laura’s abrupt withdrawal from the mayoral race.

Lot’s of other criticisms can be directed at Shelly, but this one is all on Frank!

I think it’s a horrible decision but in all honesty I wasn’t happy with how they utilized her talent/character for the longest time.

First, they barely had her react to Nicolas’ death.

She was given a letter with clues but it dragged on so long and sporadically that I don’t even remember what was in it and if whatever it was was solved!

They then just had her be momma bear/grandma to Lulu/Spencer.

Her onscreen time with Kevin was minimal.

They dressed her like Whistler’s Mother.

She FINALLY gets married, she runs for mayor and then she’s run out of town by Frank?

They gave her such little story that I didn’t even know she was ON contract! And her story wasn’t compelling…just “homey.” Comfy. I thought they were finally going to expand her role and make her more vital to the scene; perhaps as Mayor interact with Jordan, Curtis, Anna, Dante…go against the developer, stand with Alexis on issues

What happens to Kevin? Love his character! Is he gone, too? Thought he’d do the psych thing now that Andre is gone…

Another character brought back only to be discarded….

Well Rebecca they kicked the Queen out of the castle and no I am not going to start blaming other actors it’s show biz she and Tony still have the honor of the highest grossing episode their wedding just still can’t figure this out but like I said prayers to Genie !

agree, k/kay. seem like with Luke, Lucky and Nic gone; now Spencer they just didn’t widen her circle.

If I’m correct Wally Kurth (Ned) isn’t on contract either. But, thankfully, we’ve been seeing a lot of him. Love the character and the actor.

I hear you but I’m not surprised. GH has been going this way for quite some time and I never believed she’d have a real story this time around because the rest of what’s going on is so anti-Classic GH story and vets.

I give it up to Genie for not taking on the 12-ep recurring status and telling them to GTH. LOL Cheers to her!

I kind of wish the other Classic women vets, the few there are, would do the same in protest of Genie’s treatment but I don’t judge them if they decide not to do so. Who knows what’s the best move in the long run. It wouldn’t even be a big deal if ALL three of the other DT serials didn’t take their Classic vets seriously and give them front burner airtime. GH is the ONLY one. The standards overall are higher everywhere else and we’re headed into a new era of equality for women so ABC/Disney had better get with it fast if they wanna survive.


I don’t necessarily think it’s about equality for women. I think it’s actually more of a “relevance” issue. They haven’t made Laura relevant in a long time. Yes, she’s a vet and played an important part of GH history. The Luke & Laura era was all the rage as we know. But as a standalone character she just hasn’t had much to do and her story isn’t the most compelling, for me, at least…and hasn’t been.

On the other side of the coin, she’s been a mother figure for a while now. To Lulu, obviously, but also to Elizabeth. When you throw Lucky and Nic into the mix she was the “heart” for many of the characters and we, the viewers. But, Lucky and Nic are gone, Spencer is off til his next short return and there doesn’t seem to be much story for her even with Lulu and Dante. So I THOUGHT that now that she was married and running for mayor they’d finally figured out what to do with the character. Apparently, they’re going with a different “mayor” and I guess they thought that was the more interesting way to go “story-wise.”

I guess we’ll see. As usual, if there’s enough fan outcry, perhaps a petition, maybe they’ll rethink their decision.

They’ve put quite a few on recurring instead of contract… by character: Ned, Spinelli, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Bobby, Dillon… so it seems it’s an equal opportunity budget necessity!

As for the other female vets protesting with their jobs….that’s way too risky. It’s their livelihood and there’s only four soaps.

It’s a shame. I miss the Laura of yore. Her warmth emanated off the screen.

Rebecca, you may have missed the episode in which Laura gave a from- the-gut, heart rendering performance provoked by the death of her son Nikolas.
It was hard to watch without tears brimming in your eyes and certainly on par, if not better, than Ava’s self-pitying, over-the-top naval gazing scenes which dominated an entire episode last week.
I don’t mean to blame this on Maura West as this is not her fault. However, it’s hard not to see the law of cause and effect in operation here. Ava, a fairly new character for whom most have not made an emotional investment, gets an entire episode dedicated to her while Laura suddenly quits the mayor’s race.

Amen and amen!

Hey, Har..

No. I don’t remember that. Maybe I did miss it…but, either way, for me, Laura seemed to have moved on too quickly. Compare her reaction to Sonny and Carly’s losing Morgan. Now, granted, it doesn’t make for compelling viewing to watch people grieve for weeks on end, but at least it was realistic. I can’t imagine getting over the death of a child in the amount of time Laura did. And, let me clarify. I don’t think anyone EVER gets over loss, but I mean Laura didn’t seem grief-stricken too long. Compare also Anna losing Duke. On the other hand, Monica, too, has never been shown in the throes of grief. The whole Q family disappointed me when AJ was killed. Regardless of the discord in the family, I still felt deep down they truly loved each other. And, yet, his death was barely a blip.

I get that you and some others didn’t feel Ava deserved that much air time. I don’t look at it that way. We all have certain characters that we love and others we can’t stand. So, it falls to reason that if you’re not an Ava fan than you (and others) would feel it’s a waste of airtime and budget.

I think, though, that the writers are looking at it differently than us in the sense that they’re dealing with the whole picture and we’re dealing with our feelings. They’re dealing with budget and we’re dealing with likes and dislikes. They’re looking to the future and trying to lure younger audiences..we, who are long-time fans have loyalty to characters that we grew up with…

So I guess since Laura had been off the canvas for a while, most of the Spencer clan is gone, the Luke and Laura that garnered such high ratings is now in the archives of soap history…they just don’t see the character as a huge draw. I don’t know…maybe they look at their demographics, at how many love the character as opposed to those like Suooo who isn’t familiar with her and not attached to the character and go from there.

If I could I’d bring back a lot of them full time…Scott, Lucy, Bobby, Frisco, Robert, Felicia, Mac…and, of course, Laura. And now, Kevin. Are we to lose him, too?

Believe me, there will be phone calls and petitions and if enough people complain…well…I guess we’ll see what the budget allows. I know you and plenty of other viewers have a list of characters they’d like to see cut… I don’t. Honestly…I’d miss any of them. I HATE Carly which is no secret, but yet I’d rather see them soften her and wipe the smug outta her then get rid of her. I love Franco, Nina, Alexis, etc. So, I don’t know where I’d cut to make room. I’d almost rather them go thirty minutes like B&B to include more vets…

As much as I love Ava, I must agree with you here, Harry…..makes no sense!!

Harry, Buddy, Thanks for your reply below in this thread. The Planet of the Apes’ reference: Priceless! And I believe what you’re saying here is that Genie always gave an amazing performance (as in the episode you mention), yet this is how they treat her…

Just a look at this particular thread — and all the complaints therein — is evidence of how the fans feel about this outrageous decision by GH. Unless they reverse course, they WILL pay a price for this…

You’re absolutely right, Rebecca! You have expertly highlighted the current state of affairs with the character of Laura.

History has shown continual shabby treatment of Genie Francis by the GH brass. This is simply the latest slap in the face in a long line of idiotic decisions. Further, GH has a history of poor treatment (or firings) of veterans.

Bottom line for me: GH has been exceedingly lucky to have Francis. That she has been willing to grace their mob-centric stage with her stellar acting, class, and beauty is far more than this show has ever deserved… What GH truly deserves, based on this and other inane decisions, is to have the viewers leave in droves and get cancelled!

Hi James…thank you.

Oh, I agree with much of what you said and IF my post to Harry appears, I explain further what I think. (LOL, we never know, after writing a soliloquy, if it ever sees the light of day!)

But I’m still not hoping for cancellation. It would be nice if there was some way to show the powers-that-be our anger at this latest cut (I’m still pissed about AJ and Mac and not having Ned full time…) without shooting ourselves in the foot and losing the show altogether.

Maybe fans should stop going to those fan events. They charge A LOT of money to attend those. I know a lot of fans look forward to going (never been and wouldn’t…free? maybe 😉 ) but I’m not sure if ABC gets the money or if it all goes to the actors…

All those things you cite about not being happy about how they used Genie–I concur. They haven’t used Genie very much–though she had a contract for 3 years. We saw her on the average about once a week. “Discarded” is an apt word. Thrown away like a tissue.

Thanks, Nancy.

I didn’t even realize Genie had a 3-year contract. Perhaps MF mentioned it in his post and I didn’t see it but are they breaking the contract (didn’t they break Rebecca B’s?) or just not renewing.

“Thrown away like a tissue..” LOL. Yep.

it all boils down to couples who are gelling

they may not have – even good story – yet look @Mac and Felicia.. JUST LOVE THEM to bits

and when they do show.. Laura and Kevin… heck… it’s like all is right with the world. IT IS

you dream about love… we get to see two

chemistry me out. woah… you don’t mess with two complete

ps: the one thing I was so upset about.. is watching Laura get ballistic about Lulu and Charlotte. w/Valentin.

I agree with you (not utilizing a characters worth) which could be said about all the cast outside of the fab 4… AND its back to Shelley and Frank. NOT GOOD WRITING

get it

Hey, Patrick…

I’d love more Mac. (Doesn’t “Felicia” look gorgeous? The woman doesn’t age!!!)

But, Mac doesn’t seem his old self. LOL…I’m smiling as I write this. As if we know his “old self.’ But what I mean is even the few times he’s been on it’s been kinda goofy…I liked Mac the dad to Robin, Georgie, Maxi, Mac the husband and Mac the very competent head-on-his shoulders capable man who ran the dept and was the giver of good advice.

Talk about discarded! He barely had time to turn in his badge before he was tossed out the GH doors!

As K/kay said…”right in the middle of a sh*t storm in Hollywood.” And then there were this weekends marches. I was also upset when they gave Jessica Tuck/Cassandra, an actress I really like, a terrible character to portray, and then got rid of her as well. But they never seem to get rid of any of the other bad dudes in Port Charles…like Sonny.

I think Cassandra will be back; she’s got good villainess potential!

Hello Rebecca! I got a kick out of your “writing a soliloquy” line. 🙂 I certainly enjoy them, and I’ve written my fair share of them. But to be brief today, I am stating that cancellation is what GH deserves (unless they change course), not necessarily what I wish will happen.

Buddy Lee Brown has (below) admiringly provided invaluable contact information for GH/ABC. As fans unhappy with this decision, we should be making the calls, sending the e-mails, and being squeaky wheels!

Haha…thanks, Jamesj! To be or not to be… 😉

Come on; they bring back Faison maybe for a while and send Laura (Genie Francis) off to be with her grandson shortly after she plans to run for mayor and gets married. I don’t think so. I love Maura West as an actress, but her story-line is getting a little out there. Please keep Genie Francis on. She’s true General Hospital royalty. So sad. I truly don’t know if I’ll continue watching.

Absolutely, Connie Burt!!! Laura is the heart and soul of GH and she was finally just getting re-established as her own person in Port Charles after having to cower in the shadow of Luke for decades in order to placate Anthony Geary’s wishes and now the showrunners are once again sending her off-canvas for more cold storage in the always convenient Europe? For shame, for shame! Why is it this iconic player cannot get the respect and substantial storyline she has both earned and deserved on this soap when we are constantly subjected to the unnecessary ad nauseam antics of such similarly-aged femmes as the obnoxious Alexis, annoying Nina and trashy Ava….all of whom cannot hold a candle to this beloved and well-regarded legacy character??? It truly does boggle the mind….

Thank you Connie and Shay.
And here’s the rub–I think that wife abusing murderer Julian is going to run for mayor.
They better not go there. It just feels like Laura has been sacrificed for that hideous Jerome family.

Hey wis that sweet woman lots of love and let’s wish her the best she should write her memoirs I am sure she would have a lot to say!

Shay…Y-E-S…THANK YOU!!!!! To me, Genie’s character of Laura has ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST female character on the show!!!!! Oh…and Shay…you are SO RIGHT ON about Alexis, Ava and Nina…to me, those 3 AIRHEADS are nothing but UNWATCHABLE AND EVEN MORE STOMACH-CHURNING TV…BEYOND BLECH!!!!!!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Genie Francis deserves WAY BETTER than this…WAY BETER!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, Shay.

Quick correction: BETTER and not BETER. My bad.


You said it, Shay!

“….all of whom cannot hold a candle to this beloved and well-regarded legacy character??? ”

OK – the dams breaking

I mean really.. of course their has to be a hierarchy.. where stuff is left alone

should be written for – “…ad nauseam antics of such similarly-aged femmes as the obnoxious Alexis, annoying Nina and trashy Ava ”

CARLY – she’s such a waste of time… she generates no warmth… she’s immature she’s FAKE

I like using the word beacon… Genie Francis IS. having known.. this.. did they bring back Leslie Webber for what ? a show of good faith ? to slap her down? to shit on the audience ? she had Kevin and Spencer… just ready made

how dare you

LOL, Shay…you’re the best with pinning the right names on characters…
….but, my I find humor in what Harry said, below. Julian for Mayor? How about Alexis? LOL….live happily ever after in the mayoral mansion…frolicking like kids ( barf) to their hearts content. Ha!!

@Harry……Worse yet, Laura has been sacrificed for that hideous Alexis…

Was this done to pay for SB? Her storyline with Kevin is a breath of fresh air. They prove that over the age of 30/40, mature adults can be sexy, in love and vital! I am growing a little tired of the Jason/Drew storyline and GH dropped the ball on this decision. Take a page from DOOL, which is on fire right now, thanks to Ron Carlivati. He believes in utilizing the veteran actors/characters.

Thank you for your thoughts on age and sexuality! There’s a bit of ageism on this site regarding that and it’s nice to hear someone besides me voice that!


Yeah, the timing is suspect. Maurice Benard just re-inked a deal, too. Need we remind GH that these are precarious times and I hope they didn’t lowball her to accommodate the male co-stars, one of which was gone for 5 years. They dropped Rebecca Budig as well when Steve Burton came back. No doubt, Sarah Joy Brown’s allegations about pay inequality are true. Very sad, indeed.

Anyway, back to Genie; this is a missed opportunity for sure. I was only interested in the Charles Street story because of Laura’s involvement and her ability to tap into the rich GH history. They might as well scrap it now. This is so disappointing that TPTB keep treating Genie so horribly. This isn’t the first time they’ve not followed through on creating a front burner story and offering a contract worthy of her. They probably burned the last bridge with Genie. Fool me once, et al. At least Laura didn’t go catatonic.

It is also unfortunate that while GH tries to address relevant topics such as same sex relationships, gender fluidity, transgender, and bullying (Lucas/Brad, Kristina/Parker, Joss’ friend) they only do so for a limited time with characters that see little airtime and are quickly sent off the canvas. No wonder this was the only soap not nominated for a GLAAD award. I applaud the efforts, but do better!

I love, Love, Love GH and appreciate the talents of cast, crew, and writers. This is meant to be constructive criticism to the executives who are making financial decisions that sacrifice what fans want and what loyal cast members deserve. GH is better than this!

I agreed 100%

Come on now Lew! Ron may be writing for vets at DAYS now, but we can hardly say he did that at GH! He destroyed Luke and Laura, he decimated the Quartermaines even further than they had been, he sidelined most of the vets to feature his creations. His GH was an unrecognizable mess!! Under Frank, he seemingly had carte Blanche to do whatever it wanted, and it left GH a broken hollow shell of a show that took 2 years to get back on track! I agree that DAYS is really good right now, and of course Ron gets some credit for that! However, I think Ken Corday and Sheri Anderson (who wrote for the show during the GLORY DAYS) are the ones keeping Ron on a tight leash and reigned in! I think Ken said THIS IS OUR CAST….LISTEN TO SHERI A OUT THEIR PAST…AND WRITE FOR THEM. This show has proven definitively that when you write story for the vets and people the audience knows and loves, the results can be spectacular and spine tingling! It has been a LOOOONNNNGGG time since a soap moved me to tears, but DAYS (of all shows) has accomplished that a few times during the course of the past few months! Theo’s shooting was masterfully plotted um fella story roping in the entire cast, which Ron has proven he is masterful at. The intense emotion along with playing the small character moments are much less his strong suit! So I am saying hats off to Ron AND Sheri, whom I don’t feel is getting enough credit for her contributions in this resurgence!!

I wasn’t a fan of Ron’s, when he became the head writer for OLTL, but while a GH, his writing style grew on me. The guy is creative and knows how to spin an interesting tale. DAYS is benefiting from that. Even the actors seem to be enjoying the stories they are telling. Genie Francis is a good actress and as she has done in the past, will find work elsewhere.

I am not normally a defender of Ron, but Luke and Laura were over a long time before he was head writer. Tony Geary was had no desire to play that story anymore.

@Lew S….Before we speculate that this decision was based upon the need to fund Steve Burton’s return, it should be noted that it’s also been reported that the actress who portrays Jordan was just renewed as a contract player, which begs the question why was this considered a necessity over retaining Genie’s iconic Laura? We are speaking of a character who is so unremarkable that she hasn’t exactly set Port Charles on fire as their police chief…she could have. Easily been replaced by Anna! I certainly cannot understand why such a superfluous player was given precedence over one like Laura, who most certainly must have a much larger, not to mention, more loyal, fanbase! It’s repeatedly insulting behavior like this from the showrunners that loses viewers….and just when it appeared that GH was rounding a corner toward retaining its more traditionally appealing aspects once again! As for the notion of including storylines of mature adults in love, I don’t know why anyone would object to that….it’s not the subject matter that is up for debate, but the manner in which it is presented. Showing like-aged over-50 couples in appropriate love stories of mutual respect and admiration—— as was Kevin and Laura’s ——is a truly beautiful thing, however, imbuing a nearly 60-year old woman with all the common sense and giddy hormonal surges of a schoolgirl lusting after an erstwhile boytoy is another situation altogether!

Well said Shay. ITA. Perfectly on point.

I hope that we also are not seeing less of Kevin.

I’ve made it quite known… Jon Lindstrom portraits sex’y

Your so right, Jon is extremely sexy! 🙂

Yes, they can Lew S…..I think we spoke of this before, my friend… begins at 40. With decorum.
I loved the purity of Laura’s and Kevin’s love scenes.

@CeeCee….And both Genie and her Laura have decorum in spades! Just as an aside, mia amica, this talented actress is also a gifted painter and avid, top notch knitter! (I know you will especially appreciate that latter one…) Her projects are often featured on her Twitter page…just bought more yarn!!!!

It has NOTHING to do with Steve Burton and NOTHING to do with her age, there were no more stories to be told. Countless writers have tried, its over!

At least she was spared the indignity her daughter nearly suffered at the hands of Peter,,, I mean Heinrich!……..Being sent to a cat show! (I thought of you when this was mentioned, Timmmbo…MEOW!)

I think this really glosses over the inequality in daytime. Just a week ago Sarah Joy Brown tweeted that she was paid half what both her male costars, MO and Sbu were paid, even after she won 3 emmys. I believe there is no better example of the systemic sexism in daytime tv than the way Genie has been treated her entire career. Compare it to the treatment Tony got, and it’s a no brainer.

This is unacceptable.

#TimesUp ABC

Well said except is it just Disney/ABC or the other two networks as well?


standing ovation

the systemic sexism indeed

I truly love stating… it’s a good laugh and joke what I witness with : Sonny and Jason


Geary is a male and made more BUT he had leading role, front burner stories that were connected to other stories. Genie did not!

Genie IS a “golden girl”! 🙂

And Genie ALWAYS had a leading role (BEFORE Geary, for heaven’s sake!), front-burner stories that were ALWAYS connected to other stories because the writers integrated all characters in the stories. Have you seen any of the 70s and 80s scenes with Genie on Youtube? Genie was brought on expressly by producer Gloria Monte to “save” GH from cancellation–and she wrote storylines to feature her. Genie was all of 17, carrying the show on her back.

Nancy Dillingham, EXACTLY!!! Before Luke came along, Genie was like 14-15 posing in the basement for Lesley and then hubby Cam Faulkner’s “friend” and when he began telling her that she was only a stupid foolish child, when she picked up the paperweight and hit him in the head, killing him… With Lesley taking the blame and going to jail… IT WAS Genie taking over the role of Laura and Gloria Monte taking Ivor Francis and Genie out to lunch to tell them what she wanted to do with Laura, to save the show from cancellation, by bringing in the younger audience… And it worked, “BIG TIME!!!” I remember in Jr. High aka Middle school, everyone would be talking about what happened the day before with Laura, every single day for about the first 10-15 minutes of My hour long “Creative Writing” class… THAT is what saved the show!!! Also, We lived in Ohio at the time, when the show came on at 3pm EASTERN time, and My Sister and I lived across the track field from school, and would run home to watch #GH to see what was going on with Laura every single day… School let out at like 2:50pm, and before We did anything like eat or go outside to play, whatever, #GH and Genie’s Laura came first… #GENIEISGH!!!

Sorry, I forgot to finish, David Hamilton was the one that at that time, Laura Faulkner killed, lol….

I haven’t watched GH for 50-40-30-20 years and Laura has been little or nothing to me with the exception that she was always a boring character.

ohh I have just been informed that Geni has not been exclusive with GH..
She has spent many years with other soaps. And- if one were to add her years with GH in comparison to her total years with other soaps that GH would come in last.

Anyways.. to the fans of Laura sorry you’re losing her.

su0000, you have your “facts” so wrong! It is apparent that you haven’t watch GH or Genie.

Gh years before your time was about to be cancelled they brought this 14 year old kid along with Kin Shriner made a teenage romance and the ratings went up so respect is all any of ask for her without her all these people from different soaps would not have south jobs might say to them they might want to think the Queen but yes I for one am done with the show wish no Ill will to them but Frank my darling Karma has a way of kicking us back. I think most people are upset at the lack of respect he showed her that is the problem especially concerning the current climate in Hollywood. You take care

I don’t see it as big deal..
she is an actress and they are let go its show business.
She got one award in 2006, that’s it.
Luke was the one that kept on when she Quit and went to another soap..
Luke never left GH as Laura has done.

Both Luke and Laura rose to soap fame because of a wedding.

Laura/Genie is a soap legend as many other’s are and many of the legends are gone, also… it is what can happen.

Laura is not nor ever has been a sop god, she is a legend because of her and Tony and their wedding..

I see Laura from the outside.
I was not watching when Luke and Laura were in their glory days.
I was never a Laura fan, no reason to be.

After reading the thread I saw her fans upset she was cut back and She decided to leave GH once again.
I also read the anger, the upset, the sadness of many.
I wish for all of your happiness that perhaps she will return for all of you.
It is truly seen that her fans are not happy.
So- here’s hoping you will get Laura back.

i’m jumping on the bandwagon just to stick it TOO Shelley and Frank

you were so spot on , from the start.. the snooze fest that transpired and will not let up.. going on 3 years plus.

plus Jean.

the stink on shit is in their corner

hey Patrick ..
Love him or hate him GH never ‘snoozed’ under RC..
It was a shame that FV brought Luke back with the Fluke stuff After RC was writing him out..
Also, it was a shame Luke/Tonys exit was mostly in FV;s hand..
Nonetheless, RC will forever be in the hall of great stories 60’s black & white episode..
I’d bet RC has not turned DOOL into a snooze fest.

GH needs to clean its writer’s house.. it needs new blood. younger blood, Chris seems to be OK..

I dunno, but now being Genie said No to the recurring offered to her I’d bet it is done, she is gone, no further negotiation.

Thank you su0000 for the many of us whole like Genie, are infuriated, and will miss her. Wonder if this will eventually affect one of your favorite subjects…Neilson ratings. 🙂

Just a little info for You up there su0000…
That recreation of the first episode in B&W was totally written by Elizabeth Korte, NOT RC, just to set the record straight…

A lot of us our hurting over this. Time and time again you slam Genienie and ignore her contribution to GH. If you don’t have anything nice to say …

hi Justin ..
I strongly suggest you reread my post with comprehension.
I did not say one bad word of Genie. I did not ”slam” her”,
I had clearly said–
— ”I also read the anger, the upset, the sadness of many.
I wish for all of your happiness that perhaps she will return for all of you.
It is truly seen that her fans are not happy.
So- here’s hoping you will get Laura back” ….

I accept your apology 🙂

General Hospital you suck 50 years I’ve been watching the show and you’ve done this stupid act of getting rid of her come on what’s wrong with you it’s all money using it

I am a writer, yet this news has robbed me of any way to possibly express the depth of my rage. This is a discarding of the show’s very heart, and soul, and link to its most glorious history.

It also reeks of the sexism that is a hallmark of Frank Valentini’s management decisions. Remember his attempt to discard Rebecca Herbst? No male actor has ever been subjected to the leaks about how his negotiations were failing. The announcement that Rebecca Budig was being fired was released the very same week that GH announced Steve Burton’s return. Now, in the midst of what are said to be Maurice Benard’s contract negotiations, it is announced that the show’s great female icon has been essentially humiliated and disrespected in a way that boggles a rational mind. Valentini, one suspects, delights in belittling his actresses when the opportunity avails itself.

Valentini has done something cruel, ugly and, ultimately stupid. I predict that here will be a backlash and protest the likes of which daytime has never seen. Maybe this will be his well-earned Waterloo!

I am going to piggy back on Tristan’s well written voice of outrage in order to offer my vote of concurrence
Utterly outraged. And this, on the heels of an episode which was solely dedicated to Ava. In fact, GH seems dedicated to redeeming the following hideous characters–Ava, Julian, Nina, Franco and of course, Sonny as is par for the course.
And now adding insult to injury. it looks like that scum bag, wife abusing pig Julian might run for mayor in Laura’s stead? I mean, REALLY? And of course Alexis will be by his side making goo-goo eyes at him while Tammy Wynette sings,” Stand by Your Man.” Sure, Julian tried to frame Alexis for a murder he committed and sure, he tried to kill her but hey! His big sister made him do it and his puppy ate his homework.
Laura as mayor could have been interesting, it (she) could have been a contender. When she was young, she was Luke’s prop, his angel and not allowed to be her own person. Later, she was shamefully written into a coma state and wheeled off into the sunset.
This was supposed to be Laura’s time and instead, she got screwed all over again. Looks like we will see her as much as we see Felicia and Mac but Golly, I guess we’re supposed to be thrilled to see the OLTL losers (Franco and Silas) as well as Nina, Ava and Julian.

We can only hope, Tristan! Whilst I wasnt sorry to see newbie Budig or her Hayden depart GH, it’s quite another matter to watch Genie face this situation yet once again! How Valentini gets away with his obviously dismissive behavior against beloved legacy players time and time again in order to protect the interests of his personal favorites who often really add little to the overall impact of the show is beyond me…His stubborn reluctance to address the lack of necessity for characters like Nina, Jordan, Nurse Amy, and yes, even Ava, Julian and Alexis if we’re going to be honest, just reeks of a lack of objectivity. None of them is truly essential to Port Charles and their continued presence only sucks the life out of the soap and takes resources from other more desirable actors that the fans are clamoring to retain or return to the canvas.

Your writing speaks well for itself re Genie. Kudos–I agreed wholeheartedly.

“…this news has robbed me ”

beautiful … robbed of the serial recipe that Laura should be dealt

how can I ? now.. give any credence to Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam / Michael / Nelle / Finn / Franco

CHARACTERS who have NO DEPTH.. why should I feel for them ?

OK i’m always going to give Roger Howarth opportune time. ugh ! even if his salary would be better served with Robin Christopher… Skye Quartermaine anyone?

how can any one swallow any thing now?

Hear! Hear! Tristan.

GH is all mafia all the time.
She’ll end up at Days with Ron.
GH is of no interest to me anymore.

There is nothing at all that would indicate that either Ron or the higher ups at Days would have any interest in Genie. I would rather she write that book that delves into all the underground details of daytime TV production and tell the world how mysoginistic and ugly TPTB really is. She would never work there again, but after THIS time I can’t imagine that she would want to.

That’s an amazing idea Elizabeth!!! (The dirty little soap secret book!) She really should! #Timesupforsoapstoo! 😉

I was just watching gh and was puzzled why the running for mayor storyline suddenly to a wrong turn, then my second thought was that Genie Francis was going on a long vacation and all that change when I saw a tweet from daytime Confidential, for a second I was puzzle and hoping it was a bad rumor, but then soap central said the same thing and now my last confirmation by Michael Fairman, needless to say I’m really disappointed, I don’t even know where to begin or who to blame, but my only comfort is that everyone from fans to several publications are just as dissatisfied and upset with the news that the powers at be will be so embarrassed and reverse this bad decision. GH was on a roll what a bad way to begin the new year.

“…GH was on a roll what a bad way to begin the new year. ”

I truly have been giving GH the benefit of the doubt… I rally about the fab 4 enough

yeah this is bad taste and I can’t see how Shelley and Frank can get out of this one

the writing is weak enough… just to see Laura onscreen when we can CARRIED

This is wrong on every level and so disrespectful to Genie and her fans. I love the show and think the entire cast is excellent but there are several other characters that should go before Laura ever should! I hope TBTB hear from enough outraged fans that they correct this stupid decision!


The Man Landers story was the worst thing in 2017, for sure!

Yes, and how much screen time did they devote to that THING???

i’m in a riotous mood

Shelley and Frank have got to go

“Frank” you think you are all that… RC was never the problem

GH just screwed up. Why put her on recurring? Who are they bringing back that they gave to cut her salary.? The SL was going to be so great with her running and winning the mayoral election. She really deserves better than this slap in the face.

I’m wondering if Genie Francis would have been willing to take a pay cut in return for staying on contract.Now maybe Genie would have said no to taking a pay cut but maybe she should have been asked at least.

Her show minimum guarantee was already so low that a pay cut wouldn’t have mattered. Was Maurice Benard (who just re-upped) asked to take a cut in either $ or minimum episodes?

Gh needs to wake up! We are losing our fabulous Gh vets because of Frank and his pets! Half the cast is new and getting more time than the vets. The fans want GH VETS! Get rid of the waste! Frank and his writers need to go , they suck! Frank is trying to hire all his OLTL pple. Pple need to stop with its SB ‘s fault too this is on Frank!

You said a mouthful!!! Frank and his crew need to go. They are ruining just about every character on the show

He has no respect for long time characters, actors and fans! He and his writers are writing about what THEY want not what fans want. The list of fabulous actors that we no longer have is a joke. To put a long time vet on recurring when it wasnt asked for is insulting! Genie, Steve, Tyler, Tristan and many others deserved better! Frank and regime need to be gone!

I don’t know what Frank’s problem is, but it’s more evident every day he is clueless.

He dares to do this to Genie Francis, the Queen of Soaps. Why? Did he need the money cause he just gave MB, who can’t get through a scene without reading his cue cards, a raise in his new contract?

ABC needs to understand GH fans don’t want their long-time legacy characters sacrificed for the characters we don’t care about like Nelle and Nina.

I was holding on to watching this show by a thread, which gets thinner every day.

And if you take a look at Twitter, a LOT of viewers agree with me

to be so dissatisfied

yes I am

I cannot believe the steer at what drives Shelley and Frank

they think… they truly believe Carly and Sonny are IT. they truly are laying all their eggs on Jason and Sam

OMG… Michael and Nelle.. do nothing
Finn does nothing
so much waste with all the rest of the cast

Michael & Nelle are SO boring.
Carly talking about Nelle is SOOO boring

So disappointed. What is wrong with the writers. I don’t know if I want to watch GH anymore. It’s not going to last anyway, the way they are getting rid of so many great actors. So ridiculous…

I am SHOCKED that GH dropped Genie & Laura’s story!!! I have watched GH since 1978 & I am a HUGE fan! I was LOVING the story of Laura & Kevin as well as Laura vs. Ned in a mayoral campaign. Wonderful to see the homage to history & Mary May Ward & see Laura pick up the torch to save Charles Street. How wonderful it would have been to see Laura & Kevin walk into the Mayor’s manse now just like Laura did so many years ago but this time as the MAYOR and not as a wife (especially with what is going on in today’s world & “Times Up” movement)!!! With some flashbacks of her memories in the mayor’s garden & Luke – not a dry eye would be had! You made a HUGE mistake GH!!!! YOU NEED TO RETHINK THIS!!! BRING GENIE BACK!!! BRING LAURA BACK!!! Don’t be stupid – you’re going to lose a lot of viewers when you were just getting your groove back!!!

Well said Patricia!

Thank you! 🙂

Yes! Yes!

Great post Patricia!

Agree completely! I thought about TIMES UP! too! It is discrimination for age and sex and so much more! Everything was building with her and getting her place back with great possibilities, and it would have been so good to see her as the mayor and really use her in the show!

Thanks for such a fabulous post!

Thank you! I’m so sick/sad over this …. I see all these posts (so many fans are). Genie/Laura is the heart & soul of GH & deserves so much better!!! & it did seem like this Mayor/Charles Street story was really going some place great with Laura , Kevin, Ned and Olivia. Sad. Very Sad. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Im done with GH…

This is shameful, GH needs to do better. I’m hoping the outcry will change things. I’ve already called the GH comment line to express my disappointment in letting Genie go. She’s an icon of Daytime and deserves some respect. I don’t understand what the hire ups at this show are doing.

omg…this is beyond terrible , GH just did a standalone eppy for Ava , a character who is just coming up to a 5 yr run on GH , & they can do all for this character but can’t write for the character of Laura who is an iconic character , & come on FV , you throw GF/Laura aside & then have the gaul to ask GF to do a dozen or so appearances a yr. Why not throw Ava aside & ask her to do a dozen or so appearances a year. And yes , you can bet I am utterly disgusted after hearing this , especially after all the promotion that NV, FV & the writing team gave to the character of Ava for a standalone eppy that was totally unnecessary, this is way beyond totally disrespectful , why even bother tuning in to GH , it doesn’t matter what any viewer wants , NV, FV & the writing team are only interested in their WANTS , & that was made very clear each time an article was posted on this stand alone eppy for Ava , & now GF/Laura gets nothing & I am sure ABC/GH will do their best to explain this , but none of them at ABC/GH can possibly say a thing to explain why this travesty even had to happen.

I know. The Ava-exclusive episode on Wednesday was a bore.

Yes, in the words of Katherine Hepburn: Boyah! Boyah! Boyah! 🙂

Soap Gal! Yes, this exactly. Thank you.

Let’s see, Grade A actress Genie Francis tossed aside for a grade Z actor whose name I can’t say out loud because of the bile that rises immediately after. Perhaps Valentini thinks he is being innovative and wise with these decisions but he is failing BIG TIME. Laura is a vital character on the show. She gives the show history and strength and compassion. And yet all we get is a worn out story about a mobster’s assistant and his inability to have any emotion. He lives to fight, kill and complain. Whatever…Ron Carlivati has DAYS smoking for now………Take a lesson GH….we don’t need more of JM…..we need characters who cause us to care. *sigh* one day the message will come through. Good luck Genie Francis, perhaps a return to DAYS or reprise your role on Y&R…….

“thank you” god I loved Genevieve. she was new real and laid out

a lot of reason came about

@GH. that smarts I never got real enough. I got enough ball from what it is

I was thrilled that Genie Francis was finally getting her own storyline. Maybe Frank Valentini should go . He has made some bad decisions. He let aTyler Christopher and Rebecca Budig and let Steve Burton leave the first time . Genie Francis was finally going to get out of Tony Geary’s shadow.

salute – yeah no matter how long the battle cry

Frank Valentini should be fired

his direction.. w/ Shelley and Jean.. spiraled the spirit of GH. that’s a lot.

I can take god it’s difficult because of let.. Carly sonny Jason sam Michael Nelle finn franco

GOD that’s the whole show

why am I doing this


I always liked the character (and the actress), but I must admit I was thinking recently that her character has been in rather pointless storylines the last year. Too bad Tyler Christopher (and Spencer) are gone, which hurt her storylines.

I think she should see an attorney thru the VERY STRONG SOCIAL/POLITICAL womens movement in Hollywood !!!!! She has had the build up to some GREAT storylines that are just starting to blossom !!!!! Thanks !!!

I hope Genie will post her #metoos–and spill all the shameful things that she has had to put up with. Genie, use that righteous anger to write your truth. I’ll read it! And it can shoot to #1! 🙂
The time is right for an expose on the dirty deeds that happened to you. I’m also a writer–and I’ll help you write it!!!!! 🙂 🙂

Me thinks Genie is too much of a class act to do a “not-kiss-and-tell”……..perhaps she will write her memoirs one day—-I certainly hope so!—-but I sense the time for that moment is not yet at hand. Unlike so many of her contemporaries, this actress is not a desperate fame-w#@re…she doesn’t make a spectacle of herself on Twitter, parade about as scantily-clad mutton-dressed-as-lamb or try to pass herself off as decades younger by conducting herself in a provocative, trashy manner onscreen. She is a consummate, old-school professional whose disciplined work ethic and incredible talent have always spoken volumes in and of themselves…which should be more than sufficient to ensure Laura a place in Port Charles for as long as Genie desires! Alas, the geniuses at GH apparently think otherwise…so be it…..they shall suffer the consequences of their ill-taken decision. In the meantime, this lovely lady will be just fine…As k/kay pointed out, she has a real life outside of the LaLaLand bubble…..a beautiful home, family, and nearly 30-years strong marriage that’s worth more than anything this ingrate-laden soapworld can offer her!

Enough with the attorneys, she is gone, thats life!

But that doesn’t take away what must be Genie’s real pain and our sorrow. Her heart is surely heavy as is mine. I feel her pain and empathize with her hurt.

They would never pull this stunt with MB–Genie at this stage of her career and place in the show’s history should be untouchable–and there is no logical reason for it other than Frank wanted to do it—if I were her I would tell to take their dozen episodes and shove them where the sun don’t shine– if they want to get rid of Laura then they should do a proper goodbye, like TG got- not this lame Spencer broke two legs and she has to go out of town nonsence– respect the lady deserves it.

I agree, except for the part where TG’s goodbye was proper. His exit story was lame. They would just screw up any attempt at a proper exit story for Laura too. It’s obvious they don’t give a damn about her anyway, so I’m glad they wrote her out quickly. I’m sure Genie was ready to get the hell out of there after that crappy 12 episodes per year offer. Disgraceful move by GH.

there I go again… laughing @Sonny and Jason

their big show

GH has made some bad decisions in the past, but this has to be the worst. One of the best was putting Genie Francis on contract in 2015. While her story never really ignited until now with her marriage to Kevin and running for mayor, this really put Laura in a position for great future story! Genie Francis is the heart of GH, and if this is Frank’s doing, he needs to be replaced! He would have never done this to Erika Slezak on OLTL, who was the heart and soul of that show. I’m sure I’m not the only pissed off fan here, but we all need to make our voices heard! Bombard the studio with calls and e-mails. This decision needs to be reversed!

I’ve been watching since day one and I’m so disappointed that Genie is not going to be on any more or not often. She was finally getting a good character as the mayor which would have been a lot more interesting than some of the other story lines. Very disappointed.

Frank (and Varni) needs to get his priorities straight. Legacy characters Laura, Nikolas and Dillon are dropped while deVry, Stafford and Ramsey get contracts for expendable characters?

I gave Frank credit for bringing back a lot of vets (albeit recurring, except Anna). However, you don’t treat one of the stars who literally saved the show 40 years ago in this manner.

Damn right Steve.

This is about the most idiotic decision every made by GH powers that be. I may just quit viewing. Or maybe they want to cancel GH and are doing this on purpose. The storyline she’s in is so realistic and interesting. Much more so than stupid MOB stuff. Real people seldom deal with mobs and people like Faison, who I could care less about. I would prefer so Faison and more Genie. I am so angry about this. And.. if Nathan leaves and Genie’s gone, I may just find more time to read- like from 2-3 Monday – Friday. I just can’t say how upset this makes me and how angry I am at the way they have treated Genie.

I’ve been sitting on this – didn’t know how to express MY anger

i’m stupefied at their mindset – i’ll throw in Jean for good measure

Shelley and Frank have clearly upped themselves heave ho OUT OF HERE

if this show is all about Sonny Cary Jason and Sam.. then it’s all we need to know

I agree. I am not interested that much in old Jason. The mob parts of the story totally disinterest me, If we go back to mainly the Carly and Sonny show with mob enforcer Jason I’m not interested. I fast forward mob scenes, and I’m not interested in the other mob people either- the Julian and his sister mob. I loved Genie’s story and she was doing a great job.

A good reason to stop watching GH. I was happy to see GF finally getting a juicy story, and it is taken away. BTW, I didn’t like the Ava episode. It didn’t always feel like a dream to me. A waste of my time. I feel Ava should live with that small, very small scar as a reminder of her misdeeds toward Morgan. There are too many people in the world who live with some form of scars or disability. I do myself.

I’ve been watching since day one and I’m so disappointed that Genie is not going to be on any more or not often. She was finally getting a good character as the mayor which would have been a lot more interesting than some of the other story lines. Very disappointed.


This is insane. I was so excited to see her upcoming role as mayor, and her.storyline with Jon Lindstrom. Genie should be on contract and have a major storyline. What the hell, Frank V? You are about to lose me as a viewer of over forty years.

I will be tuning out. Genie is GH for me. She brought me to the show and has kept me watching. I’m done

I think this decision is a poor bed decision. We have not had a decent storyline on this show for a long time and those of us who have watched general hospital since the 70s or 80s really miss seeing the older soap stars on like Genie Francis Kevin Collins Lucy Cole and Monica Etc. And it was really exciting to us to see that Genie Francis had a real storyline. we were looking forward to seeing her fight and win the mayoral race and having a real story line with Kevin. I know the fans want her back on a permanent basis please make the way for her to be on permanent. I know that a petition has been started to keep her on the show.

Yes Renee, WE started that petition early today, with an initial goal of 5,000 signatures, I just checked in less than 10 hours, on a Sunday, competing with all the other petitions about Government, NFL Playoffs, AND the SAG-AFTRA Awards; I just checked and We are already over 4,300 signatures. We chose to have the most impact. You can find it on My personal fb page, Buddy Brown or Ronn Rickett on fb. Also, I was up all last night, well since I watched Friday’s show in utter disbelief, and rushed re-write. Since We had multiple campaigns begging them to bring Genie back during the Brian Frons/Jill Farren-Phelps era to no avail. Frank promised Us that Genie’s contract was thru 2019 and beyond, and then pulls this stunt, in addition We started inside with my Friends both in front of the camera as well as behind, and did not stop there, but went all the way up to the top of ABC/Disney. We shall see Monday, if there are any hints or reversals; this being the weekend. Also, Any and ALL please Tweet, call, email, sign the petition, so on and so forth.

Sorry, I meant the petition is on not actup, I don’t know why I keep thinking actup. You will all have to forgive Me, still recovering from the flu, and have been running on about 2 hours sleep, since Friday’s episode…

My apologies…

GH is really trying to get cancelled, they keep letting the best go. I’m ready to quit watching.

I guess it would be full circle. Genie was arguably one of the key players in saving GH from cancellation 40 years ago. If sour ratings over this news cause GH to get cancelled now, then she has the last laugh.

As a loyal viewer for over 35 years I must say FV and the powers that be at ABC messed up again, I’m done with the Sonny/Carly FV show!

-Terrible decision on GH management part. I was really enjoying the history they were bringing back to GH & using some of the older characters and now this terrible decision! I hope they regret this decision and correct it ! You’re not being fair to Miss Francis or the fans !

This is just wrong on so many levels. Genie was finally getting her own story – head of the hospital board and running for mayor to protect Charles Street. She gets bumped to recurring while Maura got a full episode devoted to her and she isn’t even a GH vet! Frank keeps his friends on contract and treats a legacy GH actress like this. GH is going downhill and is barely recognizable now with so many OLTL and other newbies on canvas. Why bother to watch when you don’t know or connect with these characters!

I have been a GH fan for years, and always loved Genie Francis as Laura, whether with Luke or not. I was really happy when she came back and was now a regular again. I was excited to see her have this major storyline running for mayor and was so excited that she married Kevin. I was very upset to learn she has been cut down to basically no role and I have decided that the best thing for me to do is not watch this soap anymore. Poor decision to cut her out.

I am glad Genie Francis said so long GH!! Why should she be on once a month;she deserves so much better.i can only see GH’S ratings sinking w/the “Sonny,Jason,Carly,Sam/Drew hour 3-4times a week.And also with a large cast to begin with. …why don’t they do away with the “needless” characters. …Freako…Finn…Amy…her brother..Peter August (Laura Wright’s.…Kim/Oscar….Valentine & Nina & daughter Charlotte. …Jordan .
Give Maxie a real s/l (especially if Nathan exits)…along w/Dante and Lulu .
Hopefully Ron….will hire Genie as a new character on DAYS…maybe as the “real” mother to
Stephan O Dimera.

Ron’s the writer and does not make hiring decisions. That’s up to Ken, who has a tighter budget than Frank.

Never have like her ever. Nor the guy that not plays her husband.

Well, gee thank you for that insensitive, pointless opinion, Barbara.
You like kicking people when they’re down I guess.

I second that emotion, Harry!

Well as you might be able to deduce, you are in the minority for that opinion.


This disgusts me more than any casting decision they’ve made in years. Just when they finally give Genie a story worthy of her talents, they pull this BS. And why, because they have budget issues, since they have to pay Steve Burton’s ridiculous contract, or Roger Howarth or William deVry, who they re-signed in the past year? Everyone needs to get on Twitter and tweet to Frank Valentini and Nathan Varni, and tell them what a horrendous decision this is.

I’ve been watching GH for 25 years, since I was in high school. I’ve defended Frank and the show many times on this page, and have been the definition of a loyal fan, through so many ups and downs over the years. But the way they treat their veterans is disgusting, and this is really an ABC issue as a whole, because they’ve been doing it for years.

It makes me so sick and so angry that if they don’t fix this and make it right, and put Genie back on contract, I’m seriously done with this show after 25 years. Done!

I too hate what’s being done to Gene (Laura). My question is why?

General Hospital

THIS WEEK on GENERAL HOSPITAL: “He’s Back” as Jason Returns; Sonny Sets His Trap for the Shooter

Monday, March 4th is the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital. In the newly-released weekly promo for the series, in the final moments of it, you see a man with his hands-up about to turn around which looks like it will be revealed to be Sonny’s former hitman.

In the promo, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Anna (Finola Hughes), Spinell (Bradford Anderon) and others are intercut looking shocked at who they find on the pier with voice-overs of characters saying, “It can’t be”, “It’s him,” etc.

The story has been building as to who has been behind the shootings seemingly targeting Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selina (Lydia Look) and others related to the mob. When they locate Jason … is he the Jason we knew prior to the tunnel collapsing him towards the end of 2021, where he was believed to have perished? How is this all connected to the intel that Olivia Jerome was apparently killed in prison?

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) relationship has shown its cracks. When Carly eventually sees Jason, will it eventually pit brother against brother for the love of Carly? And in this case, is Drew going to be portrayed as the bad guy due to his issues since his time at Pentonville which has shown he has become more obsessed with revenge on Nina (Cynthia Watros)?

Photo: ABC

Here’s a look at the rest of this week’s the teasers for the action in Port Charles below.


Jason returns to Port Charles.  Selina and Sonny’s negotiation is abruptly interrupted.  Laura confronts Cyrus. Brook Lynn confides in Tracy. Heather attempts an escape.


Josslyn and Dex are in a frantic situation. Sonny hits a sore spot with John. Anna learns some tragic news. Marshall tells Curtis about his misdiagnosis. Laura acts fast in a crisis.


Anna questions Josslyn and Dex. Olivia and Sonny reconnect. Alexis is apprehensive. Cody and Sasha each make a confession. Spinelli and Ava are in for a shock.


Sonny and Ava share a loaded moment. Drew and Carly have their hands full. Maxie is stunned. Laura offers comfort. Brook Lynn opens up to Jordan.


Carly is taken aback. Nina corners Ava. Sonny gets an update on John’s investigation. Michael tries to convince Dex to stay. Alexis vents to Diane.

Now, check out this week’s promo for GH below. Then let us know, what state of mind do you think Jason will be in when he has revealed himself?  Share your thoughts in the comment secti

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General Hospital

Haley Pullos Attempts to Strike Deal with Prosecutors and Change Plea to “Guilty” for Lower Sentence in DUI Crash Case

At a hearing this week, the attorney’s for General Hospital actress Haley Pullos (ex-Molly) and the LA District attorney met with a judge in Pasadena, California who was informed the parties were working out a “potential settlement.” Pullos did not attend the hearing.

Haley is allegedly attempting to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, that if she changes her plea to “guilty,” that she would receive a lesser sentence which could result in limited or no jail time. Another part of the negotiation could potentially give Pullos a suspended sentence or house arrest.

Currently, Pullos is facing up to three years in prison after she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a DUI and a second charge for a hit-and-run. Pullos was in a near-fatal car crash back in June of 2023, when she drove the wrong way on a Pasadena freeway while she was under the influence. and crashed into a another car.

Photo: Pasadena Fire Dept

The other driver, Courtney Wilder, was rushed in critical condition to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery, and is now suing the GH actress in civil court, plus seeking damages for negligence. Last month, Wilder allegedly added Pasadena’s No Comment Lounge to his lawsuit, where reportedly Pullos was working as a hostess the night of the accident. Wilder is accusing the nightspot of plying Pullos with liquor, and then allowing her to drive home in her car, which later caused his injuries.

Photo: Apple+TV

After the Wednesday February 28th hearing, the judge has now scheduled yet another hearing on April 8 which he said ‘should be the final’ one.

According to the Daily Mail, “Deputy District Attorney Melany Avanessians told Judge Smerling that if no plea agreement is in place by April 8, ‘we will send her to a preliminary hearing’ meaning Pullos would be on her way to a full trial.”

Photo: JPI

Since Pullos’ legal troubles, GH has recast her role of Molly Lansing-Davis three different times. First with Holiday Mia Kriegel, and she was followed by Brooke Anne Smith. The latest Molly, Kristen Vaganos, seems to be a keeper at the moment during the Molly, TJ (Tajh Bell0w) and Kristina (Kate Mansi) surrogacy storyline.

Pullos joined GH as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) daughter back in 2009 and was with the show till the  summer of 2023 prior to the car collision.

What are your thoughts on Haley trying to change her plea to ‘guilty’ to receive a lesser sentence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton’s ‘General Hospital’ Return Previews Jason Has Blood on His Hands

Monday, March 4th is the day that Steve Burton returns to General Hospital in the pivotal role of Jason Morgan. The story of Jason’s re-emergence on the canvas has been kept under wraps.

However, PEOPLE has a first-look photo, and in it, Jason has blood on his hand. Not only does he have crimson on him, but he is dressed in black and standing behind a dumpster.

When viewers last saw Jason it was back in November of 2021, when a tunnel collapsed on him as he was attempting to save his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison). For the past two plus years, every one in Port Charles has believed that Jason had died.

Photo: ABC

Burton’s initial run as Jason was from from 1991 till 2012. After exiting and signing on with Y&R to play Dylan McAcoy, the actor eventually returned to the daytime drama that was his home in 2017. Later, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was let go from the series by the end of 2021 for not adhering to the Disney/ABC vaccine mandates at that time.

While away from GH, he rejoined the cast of Days of our Lives in 2023, resuming his original soap role of Harris Michaels that he played in 1988 and the year prior on the Peacock limited-series Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter Two. With the tape schedule well ahead of streaming, Burton will be doing double duty for a short term, where fans can catch him on DAYS, and now on GH.

Photo: JPI

Previously, Burton said on his upcoming GH storyline, “I got to talk to the head writers. This story is going to be sick. It’s gonna be awesome. So, make sure you keep watching, because the pieces of the puzzle are gonna be fit for when I return.”

Fans should also make sure to catch today’s Friday, March 1st episode of GH as Jason’s return story begins to unfold.

So, what do you think will be how Jason returns to GH starting next week on all-new episodes of GH? Comment below.

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