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Genoa City Says Goodbye To Katherine Chancellor! Did You Reach For The Hankies During Y&R?



Yesterday, The Young and the Restless aired its second part of Katherine Chancellor’s memorial.  For many long time viewers, and those who know how the cast of the number-one soap was deeply affected by the loss of their endearing legacy cast member, Jeanne Cooper, the episode had a lot of pressure on it to be highly emotional and impactful to its loyal audience and to give the iconic Cooper and her Grand Dame of Genoa City Mrs. C., a proper send-off.

There were some stunning moments on Wednesday’s episode.  Chief among them the flawless performance by Jess Walton (Jill) and the monologue she gave as she recalled the entire history and span of the relationship between Katherine and Jill to the attendees at the memorial.  Yes, for many fans, they called out they had seen the same clips one too many times.  But for others, seeing this incredible super couple at work throughout the years, was a glorious remainder of their incredible chemistry.  Did your heart not break in the scene where Katherine is carried out of the rumble in the “Out of the Ashes” storyline, where she tells Jill she loves her?   To Jess Walton, you did Jeanne proud.   Throughout the entire span of the two episodes, it was Walton who was it’s lifeline, who we shared the laughter, grief and sorrow over losing one of the most beloved characters of all-time in television, period.

As Corbin Bernsen (Jeanne Cooper’s real life son) speaks as Father Todd and reads, “My blood lives on through my children, how I have watched them grow up with pride..”, The Young and the Restless “Nadia’s theme” is played as the action shifts to Bernsen putting down Katherine’s urn filled with her ashes, and then the montage of each of the cast members as their character at the memorial saying one line, or giving just a emotional look, while laying to rest a rose by Katherine.  Quite the honor for a character on a soap.

Another touching performance was turned in by Doug Davidson as Paul Williams, who finally received his letter from Katherine to marry the one whom he loves.   But while those have complained that the impromptu marriage of Christine (Lauralee Bell)  and Paul should never have happened and took away focus from the memorial, still others feel and came to understand that in this episode, Y&R was attempting to tell  the story of a death and a birth, if you will.   What made this particularly emotional is knowing the back-story of how close Doug Davidson and Lauralee Bell were to Jeanne Cooper.   And every time you watched Davidson, whether it be at the memorial, or at the impromptu marriage proposal and subsequent “quickie” wedding, he was incredibly moved, as I am sure, by the spirit of his dear friend Jeanne Cooper throughout the taping.

As for the ending, what can we say?  How delicious was it to see enemies, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Jill share their love for Katherine, get along and help each other in their time of sorrow?  And one final heart-tugging moment … they both see the ghost of Katherine watching them!  It is a dramatic moment which concludes with Katherine’s plaque with her birth date and her death.

So we ask you, was it a five hankie-filled episode for you?  Were you happy with the send-off that Y&R gave to the character of Katherine Chancellor?  Did you watch it again to perhaps understand the meaning behind it?  Or, are you amongst the fans who feel this just did not cut it?  For us, knowing Jeanne Cooper and loving the character of Katherine Chancellor, it was hard not to grieve …  and we did have to reach for the hankies several times over!  Share your thoughts below!


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I misted up.

It was nice to ‘see’ Mrs. C at the end and I liked when they laid roses by her urn and spoke to her.

Also loved all the flashbacks. And Father Todd officiating.

I loved it, and understood the *point* of the wedding. However, I didn’t need to SEE it. I think having Paul merely proposing to the bug would have sufficed. Who cares if they get married or not? Lauralee Bell is never on the show.

It was VERY touching. I reached for the hankies several times til my tear ducts ran dry! I love that they respected the entire history of Katherine and Jill. The Hologram at the very end was reallllly touching!

jess Walton stranding ovation… of the cast I thought were good,,,loved the clips ,,but im sorry the wedding,,just reminded me of why I stopped watching this show last year,,,this was not the time to celebrate a re birth as u put it,,it was a time for all involeved be a viewer or part of the young and the restless,it was time to say good by not I do

I don’t watch YR on a regular basis , But I watch MRS . C’s goodbye and I thought it was great . The great J Cooper would be honored . Daytime will miss J. cooper

I liked the Wedding, & I get it, but what is the point, cause we all kow she will never be on the show. I really want them to make Murphy more of a used character. Id love to see Mrs. C wishes be that Murphy come on & keep an eye on Jill.

Just wait, we haven’t had the reading of the will! Hopefully Murphy will still have a major part in this storyline!

I loved ..
the music,
into song sung by Danny,
Katherine’s special opening credits,
Jill & Father Todd’s speeches,
Jill & Nikki’s conversations,
the flashbacks ( wish there were more though),
Delias invites ( except the fact that if was Nikki’s suggestion. What? Not Grandma Jill’s? Stuff like this makes me think the writers don’t even know the family trees)
I would have rather had one day and just focused on this. Katherine & her loved ones.

HATED, and did not understand why Mac and Philip were not there. They wouldn’t have been hard to get for one day and they wouldn’t have been expensive. They didn’t even need lines. Available, cheap, & no writing needed, so WHY? I heard that TB wasn’t even asked and he wanted to come; and they had 4 Macs to choose from. The lack of those two made the memorial seem less real, it kept me out of story here and there because they WOULD have been there unless physically unable to, meaning gravely ill, injured, or dead. Yes people miss funerals, but THESE people have JETS to send. It was really a sign of disrespect that these characters would have NEVER shown to a woman they loved. NEVER. Katherine raised Phillip for awhile and was like a mother him.

Mac and Phillip were not characters attached by script to Katherine for 5 minutes like Devon, they were in-story for YEARS with her and were actually part of her life. They were front-burner classic stories. Not to mention both Mac and Phillip would have moved heaven and earth to be just to be there for THEIR parents, Brock and Jill. A very bad decision.

Instead we had a wedding? Who gets married at someone’s funeral? It ruined the mood. Jill was just finishing up and I was in tears then they interrupt and switch to Murphy passing a letter back to Paul that had nothing to do with anything. Not to mention poor Nina & Danny, they come for a funeral and on top of that they have to watch the ones they love marry someone else? That was mean, and took the joy out of it. Cricket didn’t even seem all that happy, it looked like she was shocked and went along with it because she was on the spot. How can she say no to Katherines dying wish? No wonder Nina had to go to Paul’s on day one of the memorial. I thought it was out of place & unnecessary, little did I know how much more “out of place” was yet to come on day two.

Annoying- The Avery & Nick commercial. I don’t mind Avery but she was out-of-place since no one else brought a date. Neil & Devon, and others didn’t have their other half. If they must pick cast members, how about Tracy or Noah & Summer? They all knew Katherine. That said, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me this if Mac & Phillip were there. But the sight of Avery INSTEAD of those who REALLY should, and EASILY COULD HAVE, been there made me fume because it was an insult to the memory of Katherine Chancellor the character!!!!

Well to be fair they did mentioned Mac. It was before the memorial in the living room and Jill said something to the effect that both her and Brock had tried to get Mac to come, but Mac refuses stating something big was going on that she couldn’t explain but it was preventing her from being there. This sorta fit with something that happened months ago when JT phoned Vicky saying she might need to take Reed for a while because something big was going on. So fingers crossed at some point the writers will let us know on screen what the heck that is all about. As for Philip there was no mentioned of him at all. No clips with him in them. All I can assume is JFP has some issue with either TB or the character being gay.

TB thinks that they wanted no gay characters, and use thay the reason.

Yes, I would love to know what the hell is going on D.C. with JT, Reed, Mac, the new baby, etc. Months ago it looked like a big mystery was unfolding with JT texting Victoria about some trouble then NOTHING. It was mentioned another time or 2 but still NOTHING. Reed will probably come home & be 18 yrs. old–ugh.

Supurb 2 episodes. Another highlight for me was the scene between Cricket and Nina, done with no dialog, when Nina offered herself to be Maid of Honor. That was 25+ years of BFF, and for me the emotional impact of that scene was great.

Agree, it was precious!

Loved the first day & loved the second day up until the wedding hijacked us out of having more time with our beloved “oldies” (Brock, Gina, etc.) reminiscing about the good old days.

And the park set is as phony looking as can be.

RIP Katherine Chancellor.
RIP Jeanne Cooper.

Perhaps Christines wedding was added to keep the Bells happy? MAB & her Highlight Hollwood pal are going to have a hard time criticizing YR if Lauralee is part of it. Supposedly she has a big story coming up. If JFP can keep the Bells happy there wont be any objection to placing
her favorite guy front & center.

The wedding did not belong in the good bye..
It was out of place..
I was shocked that the wedding was thrown into that beautiful moment meant for Jeanne Cooper/Katherine ..
The writers upstaging the moment with a stupid wedding for couple that is not even all that much, was really a dumbass thing to do ..

Outside of the wedding fax pas , Jeanne Cooper/Katherine’ s good bye, was very moving to tear drops ..

I liked danny and cricket better, they are true soul mates.

I’ve been watching since 1981 but haven’t tuned in any this week because I’m doing my best to avoid Chelsea and Dullan who are being shoved down our throats six days of the week.

As much as I loved Jeanne Cooper/Katherine Chancellor, I guess I didn’t love her enough to make it through another episode of the worst soap opera on the air (thanks, Jill Farren Phelps!)

I got the point of the wedding, however, I think the wedding itself took too much airtime that could have been better spend. I mean I could have done without the scene where the women all gave Christine the traditional things a bride should have a wedding.

I thought it strange that Cane got more air time for his speech than Brock her son. There could be a lot more clips involving the two of them, assuming those shows still exist. I thought Esther would be more inclined to speak about the time Katherine help her deliver her baby rather than see that cake fight with Jill.

And although the cat fights with Jill were famous, it would have been nice to see some of the more tender moments, other than the one we got. I also was hoping Jill would recall the last time she saw Katherine going up those stairs– that was Jeanne’s last scene and it should have been included.

I think everyone experiences and ideas about the character Katherine would be difficult to put on the screen. For me some moments rang true, others seemed off, and others seemed forced– but over all it was a fitting goodbye but no, no hankies for me. The thing that got me, was reading in Michael’s interview with Doug and Lauralee- that Corbin put some of Jeanne’s real ashes in Katherine’s urn — that made me cry, perhaps a delay reaction of some sort, but gesture was real and sometimes real is better than anything a writer could come up with.

The scene of Katherine saying “goodnight” to Jill was included…….

Thanks Scott, good to know. I was watching live, must of missed it on bathroom break during the commercials one day— don’t have a PVR, should have dug out the old VCR for it– didn’t think I was gone that long. Oh well, I appreciate knowing they didn’t leave out such important scene– afterall

That scene, I rewound & watched again. God.

I found that the best performances during the course of this storyline were given by Jess Walton, Doug Davidson, and Tricia Cast. Corbin Bernsen deserves major kudos for getting through the memorial episodes without breaking down. But for most of the rest of the cast, no matter how much I may like them or their characters, I was underwhelmed. Oddly enough, the most effecting scene of all was weeks ago when Jill went to tell Jack that Katherine had passed–Walton and Bergman said more with facial expressions and non-verbal cues than words ever could…

I wanted Katherine’s sendoff to be great, but her
thunder was stolen. If that producer and writers
go to DAYS, they’ll ruin that show too! It was
supposed to be Katherine’s day and no one else!!!
When somebody dies and they’re honored with a
sevice of any kind, everybody’s lives should be put
on hold out of respect. Y&R dropped the ball; a ball
they have not been catching!!!

I feel throwing that wedding in was terrible more so considering Christine and Paul had little to with love of Katherine and they both had little to with the life and times Katherine C.
It was terrible to give Paul& Christine a spotlight during Katherine’s memorial., there was no real connection…

I was bothered by Cricket and Paul marrying. Not because it intruded on Kay’s memorial but because Kay always knew Cricket belonged with DANNY.

My point exactly! Danny was her soulmate.

Bravo to Jess Walton (Jill)! However, other posters are right: Thom Biertz (Philip), Mackenzie & Chance should have been there. And where were Gloria (Judith Chapman)? Dina Abbott Mergeron (Marla Adams)? Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland)?

Could have done without seeing Cricket OR the wedding. (Another contract character married to a noncontract character — these soap marriages rarely work.) Lauralee Bell is the only piece of the Bell legacy I DON’T miss. Doug Davidson (Paul) certainly deserves a more dynamic leading lady.

Michael always mentions Y&R being #1 when
introducing a story of that show. The problem
with that statemen is it is a half truth. Y&R is
#1 in the ratings, but dead last in entertainment!
Y&R is hurting the soaps. When people see Y&R
they think there is no sense in watching the others
because Y&R is #1 and crappy, which leads them
to believe the others are pissy and crappy!!!

I agree..
constantly referring to Y&R as the #1 soap is very misleading, it is really not all that good.. And declaring it as #1 soap is doing harm to the excellent soaps with lower numbers but much higher in diversion n greatness..
Y&R may be rated as top numbers but it is far from being the best soap as numerous fans how also watch GH, have said that Y&R simply is not the best soap..
How Y&R gets the high numbers is totally unbelievable..
(like a fixed race)
GH is very much better in many ways..

I agree, but I also know DAYS has been better
since DAYSaster last year. I think the ratings
system is screwed up!!!

I”ve just read through all the comments, so will not go over many of the similar points discussed. A few different observations I will make are concerning some of the behind the scenes crew efforts.
First, the music chosen was really lovely including the special song which Michael Damian only was able to sing off the actual scene for a ‘sound check.’ The actual singing was not included. I felt that should have been put in the second day’s memorial hour and eliminate the sudden wedding which felt highly inappropriate. After all, Michael Damian’s presence on the show was really reduced to visual clips of him sitting in the memorial guests.
Secondly, the setting of the memorial, although neatly presented, seemed to brightly lit for an outdoor park, it seemed like a park in someone’s brightly lit living room. The setting for a few Paris scenes, which weren’t Paris, were much more life-like.
I would like to compliment both Patti, make-up and George, hair stylist and the other’s in hair and make-up for the great job done mainly with the woman’s hairstyles. Melody’s hair was especially detailed. And given the bright lighting in the so-called park, the make-up on all the cast was well done so as not to have them appear too pale.
Those who edited the clips from many years ago spent some hours researching the specific scenes. However, I do agree with someone else who commented that the cake fight was not a scene I through was showing the real essence in great acting between Jess and Jeanne over all the years.
To jam in a quickie wedding at the end of the two episodes, irregardless of who married, just seemed wrong. With Jeanne’s son there acting as Father Todd, I can only imagine what he really thought about officiating a wedding after just finishing the memorial for Mrs. C., (His real life mom.) I have to wonder if anyone thought of his feelings about the addition of the wedding in the memorial episodes. Would anyone want to attend a funeral and then within a few minutes, flip over to a wedding. No matter who the couple may be.
Finally, I’ve never felt a chemistry between the characters of Cricket and Paul. They have always seemed more like friends or even a brother-sister type of relationship. So, the wedding had that added addition of my asking, “Why are they getting married?”
Was Jeanne honoured in these two memorial shows, Yes. But could they have been more focused on the Mrs. C character without the diversions of Cricket/Paul, Nick/Avery? Absolutely.

Many of the same feelings as others have posted. I think Trisha Cast is amazing and would rather it was Nina & Paul that married. I just don’t see any spark between Paul & Christine.

Although, I wonder if Jill’s remark about Mackenzie isn’t a hint that the character will be returning to the show and they have not cast the part yet so rather than bring back a former actress they had her be absent. If they brought back both Mac & JT it might be the next conflict in Billy & Victoria’s marriage. We know that happy couples = boring couples according to TPTB.

As far as Philip…it was pretty lousy of them not to bring him back especially knowing that TB was anxious to be a part of the memorial show.

I was just glad they didn’t try to shoehorn some of JFP’s pets into the memorial – like Tyler and Leslie and the god-awful Dylan. Abby & Traci would have been there because of Katherine’s long relationship with John and to support Jack.

Other than the absurd wedding of two very back burnered characters it was great. Jess Walton was amazing and she and Melody Thomas Scott could make the next great “supercouple” since Jill and Katherine.

Beautiful episode!
Chris and Paul’s wedding was a surprise but beautiful!

If there was a wedding at the service for Alice Horton
on DAYS, I would have wanted to blow up Burbank


Am I the only person who found it ridiculous that Sharon was not in attendance at the memorial? No matter what direction the writers are taking the character of Sharon she should have been there!


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