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GH Fan February Returns! Cast Your Vote For Which Character You Want To Return: Courtney, Stefan, Mike or Serena!



Fans you can have some say in this matter! That’s right! ABC and General Hospital have brought back the popular viewer campaign Fan February and it kicked-off today!

Throughout the month, Fan February celebrates the fans that have been loyal for over 51 years with unparalleled access into the show and stars they love.  To begin the initiative, fans of the ABC daytime drama will have an opportunity to bring back a former General Hospital character via an voting campaign.

Voting is currently going on now from Monday, February 2nd through Friday, February 13th where GH fans can vote for one of four characters they would like to see return to the show for a special guest appearance.  The character chosen by the fans will be featured during the GH Nurses Ball in May.  The four characters fans can vote to bring back include: Courtney Matthews (played by Alicia Leigh Willis), Stephan Cassadine  (played by Stephen Nichols), Mike Corbin (played by Ron Hale), or Serena Baldwin  played by Carly Shroeder).   Go to here to cast your vote!

Additionally, fans will have a chance to see never before seen content such as show bloopers and behind the scenes content; win giveaways; share their fan art using #GHFanFeb with the opportunity to see their creations featured on GH social media pages; and get inside access to the stars with live tweeting and Q&As.  During Fan February be on the lookout for special shout outs via social media from the GH cast to winning fans, too!

So after you cast your vote, let us know which of the four characters you want to return the most, and why, in the comment section below!

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Many will say Stefan but i want Mike to return…then they can have Ava’s mom Delia also appear…Delia agrees to perform a song at the nurse ball…at the last moment Dee’s piano player is replaced and its Mike(does he even play piano…id’tk…lol) and what a hilarious wtf look there will be on Dee’s face when she see’s Mike and mistakes him for her husband Roger…GH could use more humor…i’d love it!!!

I am with you!!

Ditto! I loved Mike and it was nice to have Sonny have a normal father. Now Mike would have a new granddaughter, and maybe he could help Michael too. Or Morgan.

I agree it I what Mike cornthios come back

seems like a landslide

dang it…. it should be for DAYS

Stefan Cassadine

I still want JVP : Carlos

Personally, I would like to see Serena return full time! And now that Kim Matula is no longer part of B&B, I think she would make a good Serena.

For a brief return, however, I want to see Courtney come back as a vision for Jake. If he doesn’t have his memory (and true identity) back by the Nurses’ Ball, I think it would be great for him to get a visit from his sister. Plus, having Alicia Leigh Willis back for an episode or two would be spectacular.

Courtney wasn’t Jason’s sister. She’s Sonnys sister, which is why sonny is Spencer’s uncle.

Yes, that makes sense, I confused her with Emily.

Isn’t Courtney Sonny’s sister? Am I remembeting correctly? Weren’t she and Jason a couple?

Yes you are, my apologies, I confused the characters.

Ummm, you are confusing characters I think. Courtney is Sonny’ s sister, not Jason.

Yes, now I remember. Thank you

Courtney wasn’t Jake aka Jason’s sister…they were involved. Emily was his sister. Speaking of Emily I wish she would come back and be with Nikolas!! I think the choices kind of suck, but I would choose Mike or Serena. The original actress is still working and acting so they could cast her!

You’re right, I confused the characters. But yes, I would love to see Emily back! We need more Q’s!

I agree with you about Serena, but I would like to see Carly Schroeder return if possible.

Courtney is not Jason’s sister. She was Jason’s ex-wife and is Sonny’s half-sister. You must be thinking of Jason’s adopted sister, Emily Quartermaine instead, played by Natalia Livingston. I myself don’t care to ever see Courtney, aka Kung-Fu Barbie again. She can remain dead and buried.

Yes, you are right, I was not a regular GH viewer back then so I only vaguely remember the character, but I liked her. And I would love to see Emily back, I really miss her. She’s much better for Nikolas than Liz or Britt or this new Ivy chick IMO

Yes!!!! Courtney, also for Nicklaus. To show him he is going down the wrong path with helena

I’m a big Cassadine Stefan Cassadine..
They bring the thrills and suspense!

Giving my vote to — Stefan Cassadine !!

Yes! Stefan Cassadine all the way to the Nurses Ball!!!

Laura! Duh.

No no no, not Laura, she is boring and very annoying.

boy I second that! bwahahahaha

OMG please bring back Stefan Cassadine!!!!!! But he might be limited on story since Laura isn’t in town, so I will say bring back Serena Baldwin. That will have Scotty on screen more and she would be a good love interest for Michael and Morgan!!

I voted for Serena Baldwin, since I think that character has great long term possibilities. I wouldn’t mind Stefan, but NO NO NO to Courtney

Agreed! I couldn’t stand Courtney!

Love all of these characters, wish they could all come back, lol. But if I had to pick one, I would go with Courtney and the lovely Alicia Leigh Willis. Don’t know if they would be bringing her back from the dead, or if she would appear as a ghost, but I would love to see Courtney get a chance to meet and interact with her son Spencer. There’s so much material there, since she’s been gone for 9 years now. Would really like to see how they played that story.

Loved Stephen Nichols as Stefan, of course Ron Hale as Mike as well, all beloved characters. They can’t go wrong with any one of these four. Great idea by ABC and GH to give back to the fans.

I say bring them all back…

If I could vote for 1 character to leave it would be Robin..

Get rid of sabrina satiago there is no storyline for herdsince she didnt get with patric


I voted for Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols). The return of Stefan would be dramatic and hot… especially at the Nurses Ball. I hope we see Stephen return.

Yes! me too!
Stefan Cassadine got my vote..

(( hope hope hope it will be him !!

Courtney would be great Spencer needs his mother and Alicia Willis is hot and I miss her

Totally agree.

Lemme get this straight. 2 of them are Cassadine related and 2 of them are Corinthos related. And then the wild card thrown in is Serena.

I wouldn’t mind a flash back moment with Courtney, just for the sake of her son. But I think it would be better to bring back Mike. Just to have closure for his storyline and move on.

1 cassadine, 1 matthews (step sister to sonny), 1 corbin (step father to sonny), and 1 baldwin. Courtney had an adulterous affair with Nicholas and a baby, but no she’s not a cassadine either.

I don’t see the point in bringing a character back just for a short lived buzz then crickets with such a bloated cast there are so many characters jockeying for a real storyline. Howe about stopping the GH variety show and write good storylines for the cast they already have .. All of a sudden Sabrina and Carlos popped back up… I haven’t been all that happy with these parade of characters returning anyway.

I waited for Felicia and Maxi to have a meaningful story, its like they barely know each ohter…where is Max Scorpio they put him on recurring,

then they intend to recast Kiki …why? …Nathan must be well liked cause he never has suffered for a storyline and Maxi/s air largely depends on him she seems to only get story in this pairing…

I can go on and on but why bother when they just don’t get it. Poor Elizabeth who is familyless while newbies get family attached to them quickerthanthis. to anchor them to the canvas Liz can’t get a love story that works to save her life…her fans still wait for a significant story…its gotten better but still

Where’s Silas?

courtney. so her son can have his mama

Hi Michael, I love Courtney & Mike. I voted for Sonny’s sis Courtney. Spencer really needs his dearest Mama. We were robber of Alicia. Thank you.

Stefan hands down!

Isn’t it amazing that TPTB couch rewarding the fans’ loyalty by allowing us to choose from 4 characters to return for the Nurses Ball and Laura Spencer is conveniently left out of the choices? These people infuriate me. I hope Tony realizes that even theaters crumble and fall .

I will not be voting, as I don’t really think any of the 4 offered could carry a story line. The closest one to doing that would be Stefan Cassadine, and Helena is already back, so it would just be more of the same, and going after Lulu again. That cards played out already.
The character(s) I would like to see brought back to the show go back a long time. I’d like to see Richard Dean Anderson return as Jeff Webber, having put his demon drug problem long behind him. It would be interesting to see the interaction with Heather.
Perhaps bring back his brother Rick also.

I could see Helena having Courtney all this time, and I can see her in many storylines. Serena would have many storyline options also. I’d rather we meet a new Cassadine, unless they bring back Laura also. Would love to see Mike, but not with a new actor. So I hope it’s one of the ladies.

I want Stephan BUT I’m not voting for him because its a one day shot at the Nurses Ball. I want Stephan back FULL TIME! And really, I could see all these characters coming back full time so I wouldnt vote for any of them.

Yeah Timmm, I get what you’re saying, and I too, would want Stephen Nichols back to GH full-time. Though, from what I’ve read in various websites, the actor may not want to return to DAYS or GH full-time. So, I’ll take what I can get, you know? …a few days of Stefan or recurring, works for me. Yes, I’d prefer him full-time, if Stephen is open to that.

Wow, wouldnt it be nice to turn down work! Stefan must be comfortable. Good for him. I dont see him doing any other acting? Regardless, your right, something is better than nothing but I hate when you get a small taste of a recurring like Duke, Lucy, Scott, Mac and Felicia and then you dont see them for weeks.

I know, yeah, I’m so grateful to have Lucy, Scotty, Bobbie, Duke, Mac & Felicia, and… sporadically Kevin. Though, I agree it is frustrating to see some of these believed characters and actors just here and there. I wish some of them were on a solid contract, like Lucy Coe! 🙂

Bring back Stefan! He was a tolerable Cassadine. With them there is always suspense and drama

It would be great if Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans returned to GH. I know Catherine Bell, died, or maybe she had a twin.

OMG, yes, everyone lives in the end on GH and for those two to walk back into Port Charles would be great! I dont think either of their bodies were recovered?

Totally, everyone seems to live on GH. Yeah, I don’t recall what went down with Stefan and Catherine.

Why do I have a feeling it won’t matter what the fans really think with this “poll”? The GH website does not show a running talley of which character is getting the most votes so we’ll have no way of knowing if who we voted for actually is the one that’s shown. Seems to me that “Fan February” may turn out to be “who the TPTB want and we’ll say it was the fans’ choice regardless of the actual votes.” Some transparency in the polling would be nice.


Stefan Cassadine
But I know they trying to get Courtney for Spencer..but I hope he don’t bring her back for Jason..that’s Sam man..

I voted Stefan but I really want Laura back home! We love Genie Francis and tptb should bring her home!!!!!

Me too!

No fair! Only four choices–and that does NOT include the most popular character of all time–Laura! I’m crying foul! AND I SAY BRING GENIE FRANCIS BACK AS LAURA–beloved character–and bring the REAL LUKE BACK while you’re at it.

Yes bring Genie Francis back as Laura and the REAL Luke back,maybe she could get to the bottom of the Fluke Luke.

Bring back Stefan and recast Serena with Kimberly Matula ex Hope, Bold and The beautiful.

I want Stefan, I think Nicholas could use him now, Bring back a good Cassadine !!!

Truth be told, there are so many GH characters I want back.

First and foremost, Lucky and Laura should have been back for this whole Fluke/Luke story. Laura would be able to see right through the imposter, and I still really hope she comes back at some point for the story. Same with Lucky, he should have been told about what happened to his father, and I would love for him to come back so they can work through their issues (after Luke killed his son).

I also want to see more of Liz’s family back on screen and that’s what I hoped the new actress Kelly Frye would do – bring back Sarah Webber. Instead she’s another useless newbie with no story.

I would love for Emily to return because she and Nik were amazing together. Also, it would be awesome if by some miracle A.J. wasn’t dead. We need more Q’s in Port Charles and these would be the first two I bring back. I love them both and was really disappointed with A.J.’s return. Sean Kanan is probably happier as Deacon on B&B.

Next would be Stefan. He and Helena have always had a bad-blood relationship and it would be awesome to see him come back, team up with Nikolas, and take her down. Plus, Stephen Nichols is always great to watch, I really liked him as Tucker on Y&R.

Serena should return (now that they’ve recast Kiki) as a new love interest for Michael or Morgan. Plus, it would (hopefully) give Scott more story. I could see Kim Matula in the role, or even Kelley Missal.

Mike’s return would be interesting because of Ava’s mother Delia. I would love to see Eileen Kirsten and Ron Hale back on screen together. But truth be told, I’ve forgotten about the character of Mike and don’t see the purpose for his return, other than some comedic value.

It would be nice to see Courtney return because I miss her but again, I don’t see what story she would have. If it was as a vision to Spencer I would understand, but alive? I don’t know about that.

But first, before they start bringing characters back to the canvas, they need to take care of their already bloated roster. There are many characters that can go: Sabrina, Carlos, Jordan, Shawn, Rosalie, Brad, Ivy, Sloane (still don’t know why they recast that role), and for the love of God, recast Nathan! That’s what GH needs to do before they start bringing more character back (whether it be from the dead or not).

i want to see Victor (Thaao Penghlis) come back because we all know he didn’t die at Crichton Clark. That might all play in with Stefan’s return.

Courtney Courtney Courtney! Spencer really needs her right now!
And not for anything she wasn’t a bad character, the writers just kept giving her horrible storylines!

Stefan Cassadine!!!
Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan !!!

he has the most to offer GH and its’ stories and-
Stefan , will bring a whole lot of surprises and suspenses with him !!
He is needed.. 🙂

Yeah! Stefan does have the most to offer on the canvas. He’s got rich history, and it would be a hoot for Spencer to meet his (great) Uncle Stefan. I would love to see those scenes, Stephen has a great smile, and I can only envision their chemistry, too. Lots of good story if Stefan is brought back by fans.

Mike and Delia together, that would be great.

I would say I want Courtney and Serena back .

But if I had to really think about it I want Jake Spencer back from the dead. GH was wrong for killing him off , so I want him to return for Elizabeth & Jason. Let Jason get a Chance to know his son and be apart of his life. Danny needs his big brother , gh can do it they bring others back from the dead why not him .

Another bonus one for me is dillion and Maxie sister georgie

Skye Quartermaine
Lorenzo Alcazar

for the WIN

this couple would steam surpass LIVE overthrow and ignite PASSION

Yes, Patrick- Skype and Lorenzo for SURE!
I miss “Red”

Who chose these four??


none would be my choice to come back but out of the four Courtney because spencer could use a mother.
If I was picking I would want Laura back first and Natalie second.
Maybe later this year for them?

Oops brain freeze that was Emily not Natalie!

I personally would love if ghetto brinca back emily quartermane jason’s sister full time and not as a ghost. If gh can bring so many propiedad back from the seas so why not her. She is an amazing charater and so much great stories to put her in just to give up on her. Please gh help me bring her back . She’s one of my favorite charictors I look up to. Please take it under concitoration. Please make it happen. Thank You so much.

I personally would love if gh bring back emily quartermane jason’s sister full time and not as a ghost. If gh can bring so many charictors back from the dead so why not her. She is an amazing charicter and so much great stories to put her in just to give up on her. Please gh help me bring her back . She’s one of my favorite charictors I look up to. Please take it under concitoration. Please make it happen. Thank You so much.

I voted for Stefan (obviously) but I feel like Courtney will win because of little Spencer .. plus he’s been talking a lot lately about his momma, and they have been saying how he needs her

I want Serena back to give Lucy more story. Also she’s Franco’s half sister. She could also be involved with the younger cast.

neither 1 but Ava Jerome brings the show to interesting hieghts so her character and and to replace solgn for anna devaine back on the show

I hope that Sonny doesn’t DIE please and I hope Kiki stays 🙁


Bring back the most interesting and involved character Stefan.

i think emily should be brought back for good for nichlas and jake

Yes bring Genie Francis Laura back if anyone can figure what is going on with the Fluke Luke she can.

Amen! Amen!

You did not have the one we wanted we wood like to see
Lucky or robin return we watch your shows all the time
We get in to the shows pretty good.
Thank you for your time .

I say stefan. I wish connie or lucky but out of the 4 stefan will do.



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On his screen-time with Steve Burton, Antonyzyn added,  “When Steve Burton was coming back as Jason, I was like, ‘Since Danny never really had storyline with him, maybe I’ll come back out here a lot more and be able to do that with him.’ And then it happened! So that was pretty cool.”

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