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GH Recap – Sept 13 – Sept 17th



Brenda narrowly escapes the Balkan’s thugs. Brenda decides to end her engagement to Murphy. Suzanne calls Jason and asks him to come to Rome to protect Brenda. Carly finds out that Jax plans to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Ethan suggests Johnny tell the truth, but he can’t get past his hatred for Sonny. Claire admits she has real feelings for Sonny. Dante and Jason manage to force Johnny and Sonny to broker a truce. Michael decides to brave out the social repercussions of going back to Madison Prep despite his continued emotional turmoil. Kristina visits Sonny upon his return and admits she is glad to see him. Ethan and Kristina share a tender friendship moment. Michael accidentally walks in on Sam all sexy-dolled up for Jason and is mortified.

Carly accuses Jax of thinking of Brenda while he had sex with her. Kate encourages Jax to go for Brenda again after all these years. Sam admits to Maxie that she is starting to feel insecure about Brenda. Jason reluctantly heads to Rome to make sure Brenda is safe. Patrick confides in Lisa that he thinks Robin is overreacting.  Robin arrives in time to “witness” and they mock-fight in front of Lisa. Johnny amends his statement, admitting to possessing a gun during the shooting.  Sonny is exonerated. Claire tells Sonny that she has lost all objectivity about him and therefore cannot ever prosecute him. Lulu admits to Dante that she feared he would break the law to clear Sonny’s name and apologizes for not believing him. Carly makes Jax work hard to convince her that Brenda is firmly in his past. Robin and Patrick hole up at the PCPD to discuss their plan against Lisa. Robin feigns an angry outburst at Lisa who then objects to Robin’s reinstatement. Despite warnings from Lulu and Carly, Nik continues to befriend Brook Lynn. On their first day of school, Kiefer’s friend draws Michael into a fight, as horrified Kristina watches. Dante is called in to discuss Michael’s potential expulsion.  Brenda goes on a flash back journey that takes her through all of her Port Charles men. Brenda returns to her hotel only to be greeted by none other than Jason Morgan. Carly is perturbed when she discovers Jason is with Brenda in Rome. Arriving in Ireland, Lucky assumes the identity of terrorist Ronan O’Reilly. Lucky is confronted by Siobhan, the ex-girlfriend of Ronan’s recent victim. After giving Kristina advice and support over her continued emotional trouble, Ethan meets up with Maya, furthering their romance. Robin, Patrick and Steve continue their plan to get Lisa to reveal her true self. Jax warns Claire that Sonny is using her. Sonny admits to Dante that he is romancing Claire as a rebound from another woman. Carly and Jax admit they love each other and reconciliation seems imminent. Michael balks when Dante tries to press him about what happened in prison.

Brenda refuses Jason’s protection, until she hears Carly on the other end of the phone line demanding he return home. Brenda informs Jason he will be attending a fancy gala as her date. Robin insists on moving forward with the plan to unmask Lisa even though it requires Patrick feign romantic interest in Lisa. Lisa overhears Patrick admitting to Maxie that he is only going away for the weekend with Lisa to trick her. Sonny and Dante bond unexpectedly over their experience of using one woman to get over another love. Spinelli researches the Balkan.  Dante stumbles upon Spinelli’s investigation and reveals he knows about the Balkan. Sonny and Claire make love. Carly and Jax reconcile. Improvising, Lucky admits to Siobhan that Ronan has found God. The Balkan knocks at Lucky’s hotel door.

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I really enjoyed the scenes between Jason and Brenda! Glad to see VMG back and hoping for more scenes with Jason and Brenda.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Trina Leaps Into Spencer’s Arms, Valentin Says ‘Goodbye’ to Victor

After Monday’s episode of General Hospital aired, soap twitter was abuzz with the climatic final moment before its end.

For Sprina fans, it was a ‘must-see’ moment, cementing the already popular duo into the history of young supercouples on the long-running daytime drama series, currently celebrating its 60th year on TV.  Of course, we are referring to when Trina (Tabyana Ali) leaps into a very much alive Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Chavez) arms and they passionately kiss.

How did we get there? Let’s recap. Following the drone attack of the Haunted Star and its wreckage, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) informs Trina they need to return to Port Charles.  She is not going anywhere without Spencer. Trina tells Valentin and herself, she knows Spencer is alive, and she can feel it in her heart and soul. Cue a montage of the relationship between Spencer and Trina.  Meanwhile, Valentin attempts to get her to take Ace back to his mother, Esme.

The agent tells the two that they have recovered a body. Fearing the worst, the two head to check out the body bag.  When they unzip it, Trina is overjoyed and relieved that it’s Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) not Spencer.


Next, Valentin remains in the room with his dead father. He wonders what he’s supposed to say.  He says he’s grateful that Victor stayed away from him most of his life. Defiantly, Valentin promises to make sure future generations of Cassadines are proud of their name. Before he leaves, Valentin is happy to say, “Goodbye father.”

As they are led to the departing plane, Trina with Ace in tow, Valentin, and Laura (Genie Francis) are somber. But all of a sudden, a hand is seen behind the rocks, and Trina catches it.  She cries out, “Spencer!”  Then, Laura gasps in joy, and finally, Trina leaps and runs into Spencer’s arms and all is well for Sprina, for now.

What did you think about the final moment of the episode? Victor’s death? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, but first watch the scene and make sure to check out our latest interview with Nicholas Chavez here.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Last week, was not a good one for GH’s Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).  His father, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) made him a guinea pig for his insane science project by having Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) inject him with the pathogen, while blackmailing his son for answers (to if he came alone to Greenland, or not) if he wants the antidote to save his life.

Strapped to a chair, Victor and Liesl watch the virus take a hold of Valentin as blood drips from his nose. Victor yells at Valentin that he can end his torture at any moment by talking and admitting who his companions are.


Cue James Patrick Stuart to delivering the gut-wrenching drama in the next series of scenes which has earned him Michael Fairman TV’s pick for the Power Performance of the Week.

As the pathogen is rendering Valentin delirious and messing with his vision, he believes he is seeing his mother, Helena Cassadine (in a return from Constance Towers).  Valentin begs his mother to help him.  However, Helena laughs and reveals she is not there to save him but to drag him down to hell with her.  Fighting her, Valentin spouts he is not going anywhere, let alone with her.

Helena continues her torment telling her son that everyone he loves will be better out without him, which crushes Valentin. Next, Helena tells him not to fight the pathogen as soon it will be all over.  Suddenly when he looks up, Valentin sees Anna (Finola Hughes) through the observation room window.


Delusional and thinking he is not really seeing her, Valentin cries out that it’s not Anna, as she fights to make him believe it is.  When Anna finally makes her way into the observation room to be by his side, Valentin is worried that she will become infected with the virus. Next, the scenes between Finola Hughes and Stuart were just so heart-tugging, honest and raw. The two discuss their flaws, their bad sides, their history and why they are drawn to one another, and more.

Throughout all the scenes and in these harrowing moments in the life of Valentin Cassadine, his portrayer, James Patrick Stuart, brought the intensity, the suffering, and the confusion while exposing the emotional root of his character flawlessly.

So, what do you think of our pick for James Patrick Stuart as this week’s ‘Power Performance’? Share your thoughts on the scenes via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Recalls Formula to Stop Mikkos Cassadine’s Weather Machine In Nod to 80’s ‘Ice Princess’ Storyline

Last time, someone saved Port Charles from a deep freeze, it was Luke Spencer (Tony Geary).  This time it was the love of his life, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) who did the trick and saved the day!  But that was just one heart-stopping moment among others on Friday’s suspenseful episode of General Hospital.

As had been teased by GH head writers, Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, along with GH EP, Frank Valentini, the 60th anniversary of the show would feature a throwback to the original iconic ‘Ice Princess’ storyline, featuring many beloved vets, while bringing in the next gen.

In Greenland, Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Laura have infiltrated Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) bunker which was the retreat his father, Mikkos Cassadine would hide in while trying to take over the world.  Laura comes upon an old-style computer where she recognizes the weather machine program on it.  Shocked, she explains to Curtis how the original weather machine used carbonic snow to create blizzards, but it was destroyed years ago.  Laura realizes that this computer is running the same program. When Curtis questions her, it dawns on them that there must be a second weather machine out there that the computer connects to. Laura firmly says Mikkos never did anything without a reason.

Now in 2023, Curtis realizes there are two weapons at play here, the pathogen and the weather machine, when Laura figures out the target of the weather machine is Port Charles. When we cut to Port Charles, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Portia (Brook Kerr) and Jordan (Tanisha Harper) are looking out a window at ‘General Hospital’ and watching snow fall. They are curious as to why there would be snow in May, although they brush it off.

Meanwhile, Laura recalls to Curtis that she is the one who saw the formula for the weather machine. She had buried in her brain when she burned the paper with the code on it.  However, she memorized it.  In a throwback clip, Laura remembers Robert (Tristan Rogers) telling her he always feared someone would come after her because of it.  Asking Curtis if he trusts her, she then enters the formula with the one-shot to terminate the program.  Her attempt is successful, one problem solved, but more danger looms.


Elsewhere, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), who was given the pathogen, thinks he is hallucinating seeing Anna (Finola Hughes), because previously he saw Helena (Constance Towers) talking to him. Anna, who is talking to Valentin through a window from outside his isolation room, promises it is really her.  She wants to get a hazmat suit for him, but Valentin says it’s too late for that.  Somehow, Anna gets into the room, and is now exposed to the pathogen. ‘Vanna’ talks about their connection and love for one another knowing their fates may be sealed.  But hold on! Holly Sutton (Emma Samms) has arrived after her showdown with Victor and has the antidote!  Great performances here from James Patrick Stuart and Finola Hughes.

After Liesl (Kathleen Gati) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) are OK following their confrontation with Victor, they call Carly (Laura Wright) and then tell Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) that Liesl will be back to give her the bone marrow she needs to survive.


Victor, who has escaped, yet again, winds up back on the Haunted Star along with his pathogen-carrying canister. He is furious at learning from Holly that she rendered him impotent when she slipped something back in his drink a few months back.  Victor learns Spencer (Nick Chavez) took off with Ace and Trina (Tabyana Ali). He intends to leave without his family. Victor pours himself a drink and says he need to get the pathogen and antidote someplace safe. When he opens up the canister, he screams “No!”  Next, Spencer shows up.  He demands his uncle hand over the pathogen. Victor says he’ll have to rip it out of his cold dead fingers. Spencer says “fine” and then proceeds to slam his head into the bar.


On the island, Trina with baby Ace in tow meets up with Curtis and Laura. She warns them of the airstrike, but they tell her its been called off from its original destination and now the WSB is sending a drone strike directly targeted at the Haunted Star. Trina panics realizing Spencer is on the boat.  As bomb sounds go off, Spencer is stunned.

What did you think of the action-adventure, escapades, villainy and heroism and the nod back to the 80’s ‘Ice Princess’ storyline during this episode and this storyline? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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