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GH Summer Promo: Julian Goes Postal On Finn, Liz Plans To Take Down Hayden, Maxie Is Stunned About Nathan's Past!



General Hospital picks-up today with several major new storylines that just opened up since the conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball.  Now ABC has released a summer promo for the Emmy-award winning drama series that features clips from the week ahead.

Look for an overwraught Julian (William deVry) to put the blame on Finn (Michael Easton) for the condition that has landed Julian’s  son Lucas (Ryan Carnes) in the hospital fighting for his life.  This after Lucas received an injection in the neck from an unknown assailant, and that in turn ended up ruining his nuptials to Brad (Parry Shen).

Meanwhile look for the mystery of,  who threw Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) out the window …  or …  how did he land on the rocks bloodied, and now is nowhere to be found to pick up steam with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) standing up to Hayden (Rebecca Budig) with plenty of soapy bitchery, and a catfight between the two.  Will Liz be the one to finally get Hayden out of Nikolas’ life?

And Maxie (Kirsten Storms) looks completely stunned when she sits with Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and says to her man, “Oh, my God.  You killed someone?” Will we finally learn more about the backstory of Claudette and Nathan and Griffin (Matt Cohen), since now Bree Williamson is on her way to play the role of Nathan’s ex  in July?

Watch the first summer promo from GH after the jump.  Then let us know:  Who do you think was behind Lucas getting that mysterious injection?  Do you hope Liz wipes the floor with Hayden? Do you still think the end game for Maxie is with Nathan, or could Griffin ultimately be her man?  Comment below!

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OK. Lots of good mysteries. Let’s hope they are paced out well and don’t drag on and on and on. We never did get the reason why Brad had to marry for legal reasons, did we? So no more of that. They need to start picking up the pace on Laura’s mystery soon instead of advancing the story once every few weeks. Same with this Claudette/Griffin business. If they are going to introduce two new mysteries with Nicholas and Lucas then they have to start advancing the other mysteries they’ve had on canvas for awhile.

Amen Melissa! These “New” writers have been here long enough to clean up these stories that are floating around. Brad is holding a candlelight vigil over Lucas, this is a good time for him and Felix to have the Rosalie talk while they are waiting out Lucas’s fate.


Oh please please please Elizabeth get rid of Rebecca Buddig!!!!!

Please yes!

I second that emotion, Jillie. Alas, even though the Hayden character is an abysmal failure they will not give up. They will keel reinventing her while giving her family members with the hope of anchoring this floundering character.

No, too talented!

Nathan thinks he killed Griffen….

Jimh…Well if that’s the case, shouldn’t Grif come clean????
It Isn’t very “FATHERLY” of him to keep this hidden.

It also wasn’t very “fatherly” of him to dance and strip at the Nurse’s Ball!! LOL

Tell me more. How? Why?


Whose behind Lucas being injected– Nurse Amy– she showed up and people started dying

Do I want to see Liz wipe the floor with Hayden– only if they do windows too

Do I think Nathan and Maxie are end game or will Griffith be her man–neither I think her big love is still out there—someone with substance who would never be part of Magic Milo wands

And that man is Spinelli…


Spixie are a joke of a pairing. Maxie and Spinelli behave like brother and sister instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. Yuk!!!

Interesting mention of nurse Amy. Her gossipy personality reminds me of nurse Amy Vining from years ago on the show. Interesting that they picked Amy as this new one’s name. I can’t believe GH would pay to bring on such a character, unless it is her behind the killings. Maybe it’s Faison with a new mask and new accent!

My money’s on Dr. Mays. Did you notice that Dr. O said he was Lucas’ doctor of record? Didn’t know that, but it ties in with my theory.

Good one, Rodd.

Very plausible– also Dr. Mays doesn’t care too much for Finn so he might be targeting his patients— setting Finn up, or maybe doing some kind of research and choosing patients who might suddenly die so if they do, if wouldn’t set off any alarms. And as Doctor he would have the expertise and access to the drug involved. It is good guess, I just wanted it to be Amy because I don’t like the character and was hoping if she was the killer she will be gone soon– not a Sherlock Holmes type of reasoning for choosing her as killer, but as soap viewer who wants to see certain characters go- it’s brilliant choice-LOL

@Mary SF.
Possibly, Mary. But, I think it is Finn who is conducting some kind of experiment. I said way back when that Finn may have contracted a tropical disease during his missionary work? Whatever ails him is not diabetes. Or, he injected himself with the virus and is experimenting on himself. All for the greater good.
( aside: I sense a stirring of something between him and Hayden).
Rodd’s theory makes the best sense. Dr. Mays may (lol) have discovered something about Finn and is setting him up. Dr. O is also a possible suspect.
Whoever it is has some colossal grudge against Finn.

There is a good possibility that Liesl is setting Finn up. Hmmmmm. Maybe!!
Brad mentioned that whatever Lucas was injected with was an infinite amount, thus causing vascular problems. Heart attack? But, what impressed me was the fact that Finn reacted to the name of the drug. What was it? Did not catch it. Administered as an anasthenic? Is it what he injects into himself? He seemed jarred, somewhat. Is that the same drug Finn stole from the hospital’s stash/cache?
Is Finn Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Does he not remember his dastardly deeds? I had to ask…LOL.
So many scenarios. Is Nik’s disappearance related to Lucas’ almost fatal attack? Is it the Cassadines? Is it Faison? Maybe it’s Rosalie. LOL.
The same old ‘tragic incidents’ with the same old suspects.
The only new suspects are the Berlins, if at all.
What if Roxie sporadically turns into Godzilla and devastates PC??

Hey, Godzilla is my comment thing…but ill share-lol…anyway, i think it could be Rachel’s unseen Daddy!!!

Sorry, Jimmy. I must have missed your comment. I did not check in for a few weeks.
As I said on many occasions….great minds think alike.
Yeah, her mamma is a possibility…or papa, LOL.

They already have The Thing-its called Nina-lol

or her momma???


That character was 1000 times more interesting in her handful of appearances than Rachel Berlin, daughter of Raymond Berlin master of the off-camera Ponzi scheme could ever be.

What happened to Rosalie? Is she floating out in the “unresolved” world? I don’t remember her leaving or her part being resolved–she just faded away into that great sunset of unresolved stories? Anyone?

No apologies…i love it that you mentioned Godzilla too…one of my favorite monsters…now i hope Nik washed out to see and returns as The Creature From The Black Lagoon-lol

Now, that’s funny. How about THE THING?

Maybe Helene can also be a suspect…maybe Finn is Valentin Cassidine in a mask???-lol

Yes, Jimmy, good call. I did mention that the Cassadines ( anyone of them) is a good possibility. I don’t know if I can honestly say the mystery is intriguing to me, though.

First, let me just say my little dream pop, I know who this is, I missed you! Secondly, I hope you and your family are okay and you are safe!

Now, Gh, I’ve said from day one, Liesl is still a villain and she is setting up Finn. The only way this is not true is that Michael Easton is only short term as Finn and he is the bad guy and will be killed off?

I cannot get into ANY stories with Maxie or Nick because there will be substitutes in their place. Nick should have stayed missing until Tyler returns. With Maxie, Ms. Storms seems to have life issues and I would let her go and hire Jen Lilley ASAP!

Love ya C!

I love you too, Timmmbo.
I made it clear from the get-go, my Timmmy….no subterfuge.
Whenever there is an illness in any family, everyone is affected. It is touch-and-go for my great-gran. Thank you for your concern.
I desperately hope Finn is not a temporary character. I truly believe he is experimenting to find some kind of cure in which we are not privy to yet.
Thus, he is valiantly trying his best. I can honestly say I am stumped about Lucas. Why? And, did we ever find out what was wrong with Bobby? Was her fainting spell the catalyst conducive to Lucas’s doom? Weird way around it!!
I am not into Nik, so I, for one, will not miss him…and, will accept a substitute. Maxie? Well, that’s a filly of a different color. She’s my girl.
My vexation is targeted toward Sonny (as usual) and Carly. It is so exasperating to listen to these two talk like a normal couple with normal issues when everything about them bespeaks of lunacy and Mars. I want to throw up. Carly is the hurt party? She should know what the bond between a mother and her child is all about. But, spite, winning, and self-centeredness rule her brain.
Sorry, it’s a soap…I need to remember that, and not get so involved. LOL.
I must also stress that Ms Wright is one of my favorite actresses. So, my feelings for Carly or Sonny, do not reflect the actors. Later.

He Celia very sorry to hear about yor families situations I have a sister that we moved down here that has dementia getting worse and so glad I got thru finishing my degree etc she was an excellent drama teacher and now can barely run a DVD breaks my heart! I have been asked to help on a high school track team this summer think I will do it just to get my mind going again! Keep us posted bless your heart hang in there!

Looks good! Im totally into Hayden/Liz feud.. Reminds me of early Carly vs Every female. I think Claudette will also be fun to watch! I know we are getting a lot of new people but realy they are better than Valerie, Lulu, Dante and Olivia… i just don’t feel like LuLu has been the same since the recast and unfortunately tha brings Dante down.. He did not work with Valerie, so unless they keep him and do a story about him,he should go.

Your right, Lulu isnt Lulu anymore and Val and Dante suck!

The word on the street was they were being written out

We can HONESTLY add a few others to that list!!!

Did anyone else notice the shadow of a person next to Nick on the rocks when we first saw him. I slowed down my DVR and watched it multiple times and yup, a shadowy figure is standing right next to him. I am guessing he was dragged away.

I like everything Finn and Julius- no FF when they are on my screen.
I like Nikolas and Hayden- no FF
Maxie and Nathan bore me – always a FF needed after 3 minutes of them.
I really like Liz but she needs beatdown.

(I’m waiting for the Queen of Mean Helena to get back into action .

Yes, yes, yes to Helena, su. She could already be amongst the ‘good’ people of PC. Is she the mysterious mischief maker?
I just had a thought. Finn is looking for a cure of sorts and is conducting an experiment to save lives, not destroy them. His test subjects were those elderly patients who died. I am assuming something went awry.
But, I vehemently do not believe he tried to kill Lucas. We are reacting exactly as TPTB want us to react.
I do agree with you…Finn and Julian are compelling, albeit Julian is a cobra.
I suppose Nik’s and Hayden’s weird relationship makes one wonder what makes these two tick?
I think that beneath all that ‘hate’ there exists a distorted love, but love, nonetheless. At least, I think she love him.
But, I see Nathan and Maxie in a different light from yours. I love this couple and I am counting the days until Kirsten comes ‘home’….I hope!!!!!

Awwww, thank you, Kay. My GG is a strong lady. She will be 99 in September. She has all her wits about her, but her ‘angina pectoris’ is making itself known. We all help out, as she lives with my Gran. That’s the problem. My Great Gran loves her independence. She can be very stubborn.
I want her to live forever….it does hurt seeing her so down.
Good luck this summer, and congrats about your Masters.

Yes, I think Helena is still alive? But, why, oh, why are the writers stuck on one evil character? Can’t they conjure up a new story? Let’s see–the Cassadines have been in the storyline for over 35 years now. Come on, writers, get a new super evil one–or else a fresh idea!

Well that’s kinda contradictory. Demanding legacy characters…and the Cassadines are THE resident evil at GH. But now, with the thought of a resurrected Helena or other Cassadines involved, you’re hoping it’s some “new” evil. The writers must have whiplash from shaking their collective heads!

Yes, and Finn and Julian and Hayden can “float” on away as far as I am concerned.

Who will Maxie wind up with? The bigger question is why should I care? I’ve never understood the appeal of the shrill Maxie and the two possible objects of her affection who are two dimensional at best.

Do I hope Liz wipes the floor with Hayden? You betcha — but we all know Jean and Shelly adore Rachel Berlin, daughter of Raymond Berlin master of the off-camera Ponzi scheme so that ain’t never gonna happen.

Who gave Lucas that mysterious injection? Since Jean and Shelly are in charge I’m going to say that it’s Dr. Mays who is setting up Finn for taking over Tracy’s case and making him look bad. Does it make any sense? No, but then look at the rest of this show: Tracy thinks she can just keep Sabrina’s baby because she’s a certified foster parent; Sonny says he is going to keep Avery so the court order is instantly null and void; Molly comes home from the Nurses Ball and fails to mention that her step-brother’s wedding didn’t happen; Bobbi didn’t even bother to call Julian to tell him about Lucas.

If this show hopes to make it another year it needs new writers ASAP.

I agree it was weird that Julian didn’t know about Lucas until hours later, perhaps it was even the next day. I’m unsure of how time is passing on this show. And Molly was so cavalier about it. I enjoyed the Nurses Ball but there was something about it that was bothering and then I realized what it was once Molly said she had been “working backstage”. Why didn’t we get to see Molly and Christina at the ball? For that matter, where were Alexis and Diane who said they were going to get manicures for the event? It seemed like we saw people fleetingly or not at all. I have to guess this was a cost saving measure so they didn’t have to pay too many actors for appearing in too many scenes at the ball. This despite yet another heavy handed product placement. I guess that’s just the state soaps are in. They have to be super cheaply made or not made at all.

Lol, Melissa. I think TPTB, namely the writers, forgot that Julian is Lucas’ father. As Alan says, it doesn’t have to make sense. DOUBLE LOL.
The ‘manicure’ was an excuse to appease the beast, Julian.
I doubt Alexis was in any mood to attend the ball. The woman is walking on thin ice…..stuck between a rock and a hard place of her own making.

Alan, you are correct when you maintain that Jean and Shelly really adore Rebecca Budig. They wrote for her when she played Greenlee on AMC.
Not sure what the fascination is but they are not going to give up on the character of Hayden until they drive this daytime drama into the ground.
I just hope they do not try and make Lizzy the bad girl once again in order to prop up Hayden.

That’s what I said, Alan. Where do Tracy and Carly get off? What is wrong with this story? All the blackmailing ( all soaps, right now) is soooo contrived to fit the lazy writing.

The only father Lucas has known was Dr. Tony Jones who JFP the dragon lady killed off!!!! I only hope she gets hers that she is ripped from Y &or and they get on their knees and beg Kay Alden to come back to Y&r

k/kay…E-X-A-C-T-L-Y!!!!! Also, as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing left for that JFP witch to destroy at Y&R. Oh…as I may have mentioned in a previous post on this site, I hope and pray to G-O-D that JFP N-E-V-E-R gets her hands on B&B and/or DOOL!!!!! A-n-d, o-h, y-e-s…Kay Alden needs to come back to Y&R…N-O-W!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, k/kay.

Absolutely, Kay. I loved Dr Tony Jones and Brad Maule was an amazingly talented actor.
Why do we never ever hear anyone mention Tony?

If anybody cares Brad Maule who plated Tony Jones lives in Austin tx he is a radio talk show host don’t beat him up ok! Very nice man should have got the Emmy for the BJ storyline it stills sends chills up my spine his performance ! I miss those great actors they truly were what made daytime on the map

When he leaned down and tried to hear her heartbeat after they had given the heart to Maxie was stunning! These are the moments you remember I cried like a baby that’s why someone get in charge again please

Love Tony and wish he were on ice and returns!

k/kay…thanks for the updated info on Brad Maule. And, y-e-s…back then, Brad should have won the Emmy for the BJ storyline. To me, that was Brad’s BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!!!


Watch it on you tube again it is gut wrenching we don’t get that anywhere on any of the four that are left viewers should write we are the ones with th the ideas etc we follow we know when they step in it. Just please before I totally give up write one just one scene where you tea by heart out then I will back off and let all of you self implode

Alan, alll good points; I thought of them as well. And really? Sabrina takes the time to listen to Tracy rail on her instead of telling her where to go and scooping her baby up in her arms? And …why didn’t Ava throw in Sonny’s face how he took Michael from AJ…and the (finally though ridiculously short- lived and seemingly forgiven) resentment, anger and devastation that caused. As for Molly, I was more frustrated when I thought she knew Lucas was in the hospital; was a little less frustrated when it seemed she just thought he was a no-show.

I don’t think Ava knows the sordid Corinthos history with tearing children away from their biological parents. Even if Kiki was married to Morgan, Sonny & Carly wouldn’t divulge that to their sons willingly. They always like to look like white hats instead of the black hats they are. The only person who knows the gory details & was a witness to it all firsthand is Jason, who did the actual dirty work IIRC. I keep hoping it ends up in a custody trial where Jason is forced to tell the court what he did & on whose behalf, and that Sonny loses custody permanently. AJ is dead. Michael is an adult. There might even be a statute of limitations on the charges of intimidation & coercion. But, Jason could come clean for Monica’s sake. She’s forgiven him privately. But, he always let Carly & Sonny get away with it. I wish that as a parent now, Jason would see how wrong that was & have a change of heart.

There are so many actors I like on GH but none of these stories excite me. Its a 17 second clip so we will see.

Nina must go.

Hi KansasGuest,
I know a lot of us say this over and over…and over and over again 😉 but the fact that Sonny and Carly never pay for ANY wrong they’ve committed is beyond frustrating to watch. It’s one thing to make Sonny a mob guy and deal with his enemies. it’s another to let him (and Carly) walk all over their frenemies. By that I mean I make a distinction between other mob guys, killers, threat to personal safety as opposed to people he’s known and despised his whole life, lol. He never, that I recall, physically harmed anyone in Port Charles whom he didn’t like other than AJ. But once he crossed that line, once CARLY crossed that line by dousing AJ with alcohol and setting him up…cumulatively…the horrific things they’ve done!!!! With ALL the Quartermaine’s money, with Edward being the family man, take-no-prisoners personality, how did he or any of the Q’s not continue the fight to take Michael back for AJ. His drinking? There’d be plenty of Q’s back then to supervise Michael. But to leave him with the mob? And still be cordial with Sonny and Carly? Even now, knowing Sonny killed AJ?
As for Jason, it’s ridiculous that he hasn’t mentioned AJ once. You would think with the return of all his memories, which includes his family, he’d also remember the brother he once loved before brainwashed against him by Carly and Sonny. This show, no matter who writes it, has yet to right the wrong against AJ and is a continual source of anger for many of us. They threw us a bone when Michael grieved and turned against Sonny, then undid it all by his return to him.
I do think Ava, basically everyone, knows that Sonny and Carly kept AJ from Michael. She lived in the Q mansion a bit and snooped her way through it. She saw the budding relationship with AJ and Michael… Morgan, too, knows. Remember he would put AJ down to Michael and Michael would defend him?
And, funny, but I guess good ol’ Sonny didn’t need Ava to throw Michael and AJ in his face as I suggested As we saw yesterday, he thought it himself, though he STILL plans on filling Avery’s head with garbage and making himself and Carly look like saints. Carly has the nerve to claim Ava’s child as her own? Please, give Ava her fearless, ruthless self back and take the smug outta this insufferable duo. I really can’t stand to watch them anymore.

Dearest CeeCee….I’ve been too busy to post as of late, but just wanted to send my love and prayers to you and yours. During your absence, I had one of my “intuitions” that something was amiss within your family although I’m saddened to know that I was correct this time around. Of course, best wishes to your obviously amazing great-gran….may she celebrate her 1OOth and beyond! And welcome back to you! You’ve been missed here big time! I shall look forward to getting back into the “conversational swing of things” quite soon…until then, take care and God Bless!

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