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NASHVILLE To Make Alternative Happy Ending Available To Fans, If Show Is Not Picked-Up Elsewhere!


As viewers saw last week, ABC’s Nashville series finale concluded with not a happy ending for everyone!

In fact, it left star-crossed lovers Avery (Jonathan Jackson) and Juliette  (Hayden Panettiere) in peril!  He is awaiting the plane for her return to Nashville, while her plane lost contact and had not been heard from! Creator Callie Khouri along with Lionsgate, one of the main studios behind the show, decided to go with the cliffhanger ending in the hopes it will help jump start the series if the show lands on another cable outlet or online streaming platform for its fifth season.  Fans learned ABC canceled the show in early May.

Now Lionsgate Television chairman and CEO Kevin Beggs told The Hollywood Reporter there is an alternative happy ending that will be made available to fans — even if the show isn’t picked up by another network or streaming service.

Beggs elaborated more on the decision to leave Avery and Juliette apart in the ending that aired on ABC: “There’s a little short-term pain, but ultimately long-term gain because we intend and are quite focused and are in substantive and serious conversations with multiple buyers about continuing the show on another platform.  If we didn’t feel that was going to happen, we might have gone a different way.  The ending we ran was the ending always envisioned for this season. These things are crafted over weeks and months. In our estimation, to go with a quickly assembled too-easy wrap-up is more of a disservice to the fans who have invested four years in this great cast and these great stories. And there’s more stories to tell.”

The Lionsgate chairman and CEO went on to say:  “I’m sure we would figure out a satisfying way for audiences to see an alternative ending — but it won’t be as good as the ending we have given them.  In a perfect world, we’d be making this show for many more seasons. Our hope and intention is to have an asset that continues to grow for many years.”

As to why Nashville filmed a happy ending in the first place for Avery and Juliette, he expressed:  “At the time, it was something we had in our hip pocket, but you never know. We weren’t thinking at that time that we would be going to any other platform.”

So, would you be interested to see Avery and Juliette get a happy conclusion to their love story, if the show does not get picked up elsewhere?  Do you think that Nashville can have its proposed 22-episode fifth season with all of its stars returning including the pricey Britton and Panettiere somewhere other than ABC?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Nashville was the worst primetime soap/series in comparison to; Scandal, How to get away with murder, and the list goes on..
Poor Nashville ate their dust LOL ..
And- that is why Nashville was canceled and the others weren’t.
I think Nashville should RIP ..

Nashville is every bit as good as the shows you mentioned Su; to some, better. The show had six mllion viewers at some point though yes, it lost many in the later part of its run. But it has everything an engaging, qualty show should have: characters to care about, romance, friendship, angst, rivalries, drama, laughter, tears, happiness, music…just an overall cool community vibe that made many viewers want to BE there.
I don’t say this with animosity but each time you’ve posted about Nashville you compared it to the same shows you just cited PLUS you hated the music. I don’t doubt you felt/feel that way. But it’s obvious from your comments regarding GH that shows based on the human condition only, doesn’t interest you. You don’t like romance, friendship, family, feel-good stories, or people with drama. In fact, the mob on GH, the “scandals” on Scandal, the murders on HTGAWM are what appeals to you. By the way, I also watch those shows and I love them. But like some people only like “certain” types of music, comedy, drama, film…others enjoy a broader range. Because the show wasn’t entrenched in the type of excitement you seem to only appreciate, doesn’t mean it’s not excellent.But it’s obviously not for your taste.
Here’s hoping it gets picked up and continues to tell the stories of these same characters with the same actors along with the incredible music. It’s SUCH a well-made, quality show.

what appeals to me is drama.. An intriguing plot, stories that I can’t wait to see what happens next, and that keeps me awake.
Nashville’s was awful and I had need to FF, if live watching it was kitchen time lol ..
Scandal is a ”what next” Nashville was ”another waiting for something to happen”

Not everyone, including me, liked Nashville.. and people not liking it is why it is canceled.. So- I am not alone with not caring for it..


Thank you JK! There are millions of us who hope the show comes back, and soon! 😉

I so agree with you suoooo. Some people just can’t allow another to have an opinion.


I would like that I can only watch it if it’s a network channel if it’s online I can’t see it it has to be on cable direct tv etc I don’t have internet

hi Janice..
In order to be able to post here you do have the internet. So, you’d be able to watch Nashville if it went online..

Not true as per Internet……I am posting from my iPad and it has wifi ….no internet.

Comparing Nashville to Scandal is comparing apples to oranges. They are totally different and I love both.

I loved the show and hope that it continues on in any platform

I loved the show and hope it’s picked up by another network or online platform. If it isn’t picked up, I’d like a happy ending for everyone. Like a 2 hour series finale to wrap everything up. But I really want the show to have many more seasons!!

I loved the show. Especially for Jonathan, Hayden, and Connie. It would be aw some if it got picked up by another network. Either way I’d love for Avery and Julliette to have their HEA.

Loved the show and hope it continues somewhere else.

I disagree with Kevin Beggs. When a show is on the brink of cancellation, it is a disservice to fans to leave them with that type of an ending, particularly when all other storylines have been neatly tied up. I am hoping that the show is picked up by another platform. But if it is not, a second ending won’t take the sting out of that original ending.

Why is it so hard for producers and writers to understand that when a viewer invests seasons in a show, they do not want a cliffhanger or a “figure out yourself what happened” ending to a show?

Hi David.
when a series is canceled, at times it is left hanging.
it has happened before ..
I read and heard Dark Shadows soap left all it’s fans hanging to this day.

sorry you didn’t get closure ..

I think it was a great ending. They didn’t say the plane crashed, they didn’t say she was dead so there’s still hope that she isn’t. I’d have no problem if that’s the way the show ended. It’s a great cliffhanger to continue on, which I hope it does. The way it ended only left me wanting more…

I agree!

I agree…if this was the end, I’m good with it…would love to keep watching, but only on regular tv.

exactly !

I hope another channel picks it up. I hope it’s a network that all of us can watch. Not everyone have cable. Geez, so disappointed with ABC.

I loved the show (it was in my top 5) and I hope it is picked up by another network!!!

I love Nashville and would like to see it continue. Let’s just hope Lionsgate isn’t talking with those clowns at Prospect Park…….

Loved Nashville!!! Very disappointed in ABC for cancelling it. Hopefully another station or Netflix can continue it. The world of cheap reality shows keep going while we lose great, entertaining shows:( Very sad…

Loved, loved Nashville. Very disappointed in ABC cancelling this show. I would love to have another network pick it up and continue the series. But if that can’t be done then we need an alternative ending so every thing can be wrapped.

I want to see their happy ending for sure but mostly I just want the show to continue. Loved Nashville and their wonderful music. JJ and Hayden were the best. Bring on the 5th season

I was happy with how the show ended.. I thought they did a great job with the storylines and not knowing if they were going to be renewed. I am fine just thinking that the plane lost its radar and had to land in a different city and the happy couple were reunited the next day. No need to tie up lose ends…

agree…wrote something similar above.

All My Children died the same death … its brief resuscitation was horrendous on so many levels .. when something dies .. let it rest in peace

I really hope it’s picked up by another tv station as opposed to online where OLTL did not do well. However, if it’s not, I would rather they leave things as they are. This way we can imagine that Juliette came back. It won’t make me feel any better to see another ending since it would just make me miss the show more.

Jonathan Jackson was wasted on that show and I don’t care who disagrees with me on that..

Bravo Rebecca, I do not watch any of those other shows as they are not of interest to me. I started watching Nashville only because of Jonathan Jackson, slightly intetested because of seeing Connie on AHS.

I enjoyed the show from day one, for the characters. Not a country fan at all but enjoy the music on the show. I am pushing hard for a 5thseason, if all goes well a 6th

Su, many of us have asked this question to others regarding the daytime soaps: if they don’t like a show why continue to watch and post on it? Obviously, the majority of comments here are by those who love the show, are very disappointed it’s been canceled and DO hope it comes back. I don’t think there was one Nashvle post BEFORE it was canceled that you didn’t say something negative ie you didnt like the stories or the music.
It doesn”t matter to me how many people liked it or watched it other than the obvious…was it enough to keep advertisers happy. But HOW MANY people liked it doesnt indicate quality. There’s a ton of garbage that appeals to the lowest common denominator that has kept shows like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich and numerous other shows alive for decades, while many great shows, sophisticated, cultured shows, fail.
It’s fine if you didn’t like it. But when you say over and over again how bad it was and things like “poor Nashville ate its dust, lol” you sound kinda smug and condescending to me and perhaps others who loved the show.
I can see posting on GH if you’ve been a fan for years, you don’t like the current direction, an actor, etc. But this is a weekly show only on for months at a time for (thus far) only four seasons. Why bother continuing to put it down to people who are upset it’s canceled?

Thank you Bonnie…

Please bring this show back and stop cancelling good quality shoes with actors.

Yes, please move it to Netflix or something similar. I will pay to see it because I fell in love with the show and all the characters. I will miss it if it does not continue.

I would love to keep watching the show, but only on a broadcast station…I won’t watch on line or pay for a service (for this, or any show, at this point in time).

When a show is cancelled abruptly as Nashville was, it is kind of nice to create ‘your own ending.’ That being said, I would love to see it continue on another network, on cable or streamed. The music – especially in the first season – was extraordinary. Sam and Claire make magic when they sing. Hayden, Connie, Charles, Chris, the Maisey sisters, Jonathan Jackson ~~ stellar talent!

Oops, the Stella Sisters

PLEASE come back Nashville!!! I LOVE the show! I don’t get why it is cancelled!!! Come on, even Carol Burnett loves this show!!


Hayden Panettiere Reveals Filming ‘Nashville’ was ‘Traumatizing’; Writers Used Her Personal Struggles with Addiction, Postpartum as Storylines

Nashville and former Guiding Light star, Hayden Panettiere (ex-Lizzie, GL) opened up about her final seasons on the ABC country music primetime drama, where the show touched too close to home for the actress who played lead character, Juliette Barnes.

In an interview with The Messenger, Hayden shared that during the run of the show from 2012-2018, she feels that the writers, more often that not, pulled from her real life while crafting Juliette’s storylines.

Hayden said on the years she spent filming the series that it was “also very traumatizing because I felt like I was acting out my own life.”

Photo: JPI

Previously, the actress had shared that her dependency on alcohol and opioids as a teenager led to her dependency in her adult life. In addition, Nashville told the story of Juliette’s postpartum depression, which also mirrored Panettiere’s experience who went through the same thing when her own daughter was born.

Explaining what went down behind the scenes, Hayden recalled: “Straight from the beginning, it was like, I’m dating a football player, (and then) Juliette dates a football player. And then they turned her into an alcoholic. Then they turned to her leaving her daughter and going to this crazy (place) in Europe, and it was very obvious.”

Photo: ABC

The actress added, ‘They weren’t doing their homework. They weren’t creating new storylines. They were just looking at my life and going, ‘Oh, let’s just take what she’s going through and put our little spin on it.’ And then, ta-da! It’s done and done.”

Photo: JPI

Hayden added that she didn’t have time to care of herself and the pain she was going through physically and emotionally, so she tried to watch mindless TV and shows to help her calm down. Panettiere also felt that when she knew she had to go back to the set of Nashville, she did, “anything to keep my mind off of that because I knew that next day I was going to be back at it again. I was like, tear central. I don’t even think on a soap opera that I cried as much (as I did) on Nashville.”

Hayden is set to make three upcoming appearances of her A Conversation With Hayden Panettiere live series in New York on February 23 and Washington D.C. on February 24.

So, do you think the Nashville writers literally stole creative ideas for the character of Juliette Barnes based on Hayden’s personal struggles? It certainly on paper seems so. Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Jonathan Jackson Reunites with Stars from ‘Nashville’ for New Tour Across the UK

He won five Daytime Emmys as General Hospital’s Lucky Spencer and now actor and musician, Jonathan Jackson is scheduled to head to the United Kingdom this fall, when he reunites with some of the cast of the former ABC primetime music city drama, Nashville.

Jackson shared on his Instagram, “This has been in the works for a while, and I’m thrilled to announce that the NASHVILLE cast and I are reuniting for a special UK tour this October. I’m excited about this!”


On Nashville, Jonathan Jackson starred for six season as Avery Barkley before the series concluded in the summer of 2018, after it moved from ABC to CMT for its final two seasons.

Joining Jonathan on the Nashville reunion tour are his former co-stars Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, and Sam Palladio. The fab four will play shows in Glasgow, Birmingham,  London, and Cardiff, as they tour the UK.

Photo: GigsandTours

If you are in the UK and wanted to get your tickets early, the presale is already underway.  The general sale tickets will become available tomorrow on Thursday, March 9, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Go to Gigs and to purchase.

With GH’s 60th anniversary just a few weeks away, do you wish somehow Jonathan Jackson was brought back just for even a little while to reprise his role as Lucky? Would you like to see the ‘Nashville’ tour here in the states? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jonathan Jackson (@jonathanjacksonhq)

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Guiding Light

GL and ‘Nashville’ Alum Hayden Panettiere Loses Her Younger Brother Jansen at 28-Years-Old

Just devastating news to report on Monday evening.  Hayden Panettiere’s (ex-Lizzie, Guiding Light, ex-Juliette, Nashville) younger brother Jansen Panettiere has died at only 28-years-old.

According to TMZ,  Jansen died over the weekend in New York.  His cause of death is not available, but there was no foul play suspected in Jansen’s death.  Police responded to a call and came to a residence at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday where they found Jansen.

As with his sister, Jansen was deep into his acting career and was only five years younger than Hayden.

Throughout his career he appeared in Even Stevens, The X’sTiger CruiseRacing StripesThe Martial Arts Kid, The Walking Dead, Major Crimes, and the holiday film Love and Love Not.

Less than 3 weeks ago, Jansen shared an adorable picture on his Instagram with his hair being cut by his big sister, Hayden.

Jansen is survived by Hayden and their parents, Lesley Vogel and Skip Panettiere.

Send your love and condolences to Hayden and her family on the sudden passing of Jansen via the comment section below.

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