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REPORT: Kassie DePaiva To Make A Return To Days of our Lives!

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Over Memorial Day weekend, DAYS fans and even Kassie DePaiva’s former on-screen aunt at OLTL, Robin Strasser (Dorian), have been excited about an item posted on Jason 47’s facebook page.

In the post that has been picking up steam, it relates that DePaiva, one of this year’s Lead Actress nominees at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys will be reprising her role of Eve Larson on the NBC soap later this year, but there is word yet on the length of her stay.  So far DePaiva, nor DAYS, have publicly confirmed this report.

Many longtime DePaiva fans were downtrodden when she was written-off DAYs last year, while ending her on-screen run at the beginning of 2016.  Since DAYS still tapes months ahead, it could be several months, as indicated in the Jason 47 post, before DePaiva is back on-air.

Robin Strasser answered a fans tweet about the report of a DePaiva return tweeting:  “AHHH! INDEED:) OUR DAYS JUST GOT HAPPIER! Congrats to #DOOL & the many fans of @KassieDePaiva I’m one of them XOXOX”

So if this item is confirmed true, do you think Kassie is coming back for a short visit, or a longer stay? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Well, can’t argue with this one. She made it her own, and even though it took months, they finally properly massaged her into the canvas and then made her go, even had her with a new job, new outlook, and she wasn’t even in Jennifer’s circle. That is success to me. Hopefully they can capitalize on this and hopefully they have some real story for her like they did before she left.

Yes, ma’am….!!!!!!! Love it!! I do hope she’s back permanently. Fingers crossed.

If they are killing Teressa off she might be back for just the funeral but i hope she stays!!!

Really, Jimmy? I hadn’t heard about Jen Lilley/Theresa leaving/ killing her off. Awwwww, gee!!

I’m afraid Teresa will be hurt when Zander returns or even killed off and her family will be back for her when she goes off air! Please leave the door open for her to return, she is great for the show!

Celia…my fingers are (also) crossed about Kassie DePaiva permanently returning to DOOL. Oh…and BTW, TPTB getting rid of those GOD-AWFUL teens would seriously DOUBLE MY JOY…DEFIANT LOL!!!!!

Have a good one, my dear.

It certainly sounds like Mizz Jeannie T is going to die! Jen is leaving, three high profile stars returning…probably for her funeral. i can’t imagine her willingly leaving her son or Brady. Or maybe she will have an accident, and be in a coma, or disfigured so they can then find a recast for her. I hope they don’t kill her off. She is a legacy character with unlimited potential!! We as viewers say that after all these years of fake or presumed soap deaths, that death lacks the emotional impact it should have. But on the flipside of that, too much death, as DAYS has proven in the last year, can also become desensitizing and have the same non-impact because it’s just too much for viewers to invest in.

As much as I love Kassie, and her acting, I never felt she fit the role of Eve. The role of Eve was ill conceived to begin with back in the 1980’s when her sudden appearance aged Shane by about 10 years. And Kassie is 2 years older than the actress who played Eve’s mother, Karen Moncrieff. Kassie’s performances in the wake of Paige’s murder were raw, powerful, and extraordinary, and she every bit deserved her Emmy nomination and could have easily taken home the gold. i am not taking anything away from her acting, and many will probably disagree with me, but her and Eve were just not a match. I also don’t see any viable long term love interests for her, and the rivalry with Jennifer, if continued, would only serve to make two 50 year old women look like immature, aging schoolgirls who can’t let go of the past.

It will be nice to see her on our screens for however long. If it is short term, great. If it’s a longer stay, I am not opposed to it. I always love some Kassie. I just wish they had cast her in a different, more connected role. Sandy Horton, Melissa Horton, Sarah Horton, a sister of Kate’s…etc.

About the teens, I don’t think they are as bad as you think. LOL. At first, I was not impressed. And the writers have saddled them with WAY too heavy of material for their current abilities. But somehow, their awkwardness and tentativeness works. Teens ARE awkward and fumbling and learning on their path to adulthood. Teens are not poised and professional and knowledgeable. This group has a natural ease with each other though, that really makes you believe they have been lifelong friends and relatives. The writers just need to lighten the load!

Like really, Ciara is just raped, and she is looking around for “older, more exciting” men? It would seem to me a rape victim would want to be with someone who knows her, who gets her, who she feels safe with, and comfortable with. But, again, on the other hand, sometimes rape sends girls spiralling into different courses of action which they never would have otherwise. I just have historically hated when soaps feature young girls with “crushes” on older men. It makes the man in question look like an idiot, and it makes the girl look desperate, delusional, and near psychotic. Normal teenage crushes are normal, but most girls don’t act on those crushes, or think there is any kind of a chance to be with the object of their affection. I get that it is a nod to history…to when Hope was her age and had a crush on Roman, but it was even creepy then, before I even really knew what creepy was!!

We have just come off of several years of explosive storytelling…with Brady being involved with older woman Kristen, Abigail being involved with older man EJ, JJ being involved with older woman Eve….Enough!! Let the teens be teens. Claire wants to be a singing star…well, NBC has a highly rated singing competition show called the Voice? why not do a crossover? Have her audition for The Voice in Salem, and have the judges make cameos!! Sometimes crossovers can be cheesy and forced, but really, at this point, who cares? You could promote the heck out of that crossover!! Soaps are struggling. We just had to watch a supposedly sexy scene between sonny and Carly on GH where Laura Wright had to do a mini commercial for Aveeno lotion, and make it sound organic! LOL. Point is, they are doing what they can to fund and finance these shows and keep them on the air. At the end of the day, it all comes down to good writing, which Days has just proven, with the Jennifer episode…they are capable of breathtaking, outstanding soap opera!!

Hey, JayJay,
It’s always good to see Kassie and have her grace my screen. Sadly, from what I have been reading on this site, she comes to bid farewell to Theresa. I am speechless……which is something very rare for me. Or so I’m told. LOL. Later.

I was hoping Teressa would fall for Chad…dont want it to be Ciara…a Teressa, Chad and Abby triangle could be interesting but they dont write those pretty well anymore-the best was AWs Rachel, Steve and Alice back in the 70s….

I could be your protoge, Jim!

Celia…I have been such a big fan of Kassie’s ever since she played the role of Chelsea Reardon on Guiding Light (Oh, how I miss that show!!!!! S-i-g-h.) back in the 1980’s. Any-hoo, even though Kassie’s upcoming appearance is probably short-term (or whatever), having Kassie back is better than ‘no Kassie at all’. Y-e-p.

Later, my dear.

She is truly one of the soap greats . She was poised to take the lead when ms Strasser and Ms. slezak stepped down.

If this is true, great news!!

It’s good she’s coming back, but it’s most likely a short term visit to wrap up Theresa’s storyline…Jen Lilley quit and speculation is Theresa will marry Brady and die!!

I hope Kassie stays!

They are killing her off???

Most likely since Kimberly, Eve and Shane will be coming back. I hope they don’t kill her off, but with these writers it’s most likely. They don’t have much imagination.

I hope it isn’t to make room for Susan so she could snatch Brady. Do not like that she-weasel.

Oops….I mean, Summer.

It will be a Titanc moment like that cruise ship to disaster storyline.. Unfortunately it will end with ALL the characters on board for some of reason with the final Days scene of the ship sinking while Caroline sings any boy…fare thee well DAYS…

Danny boy

As far as I’m concerned, Caroline hasn’t had a decent storyline I-N Y-E-A-R-S!!!!! Just saying……….

Jenn Lilley quit Days, Kassie is probably coming for Theresa funeral. Please sign Kassie, to a long term contract. Days listen to us fans, we love Kassie. She is a wonderful actress.

Thank the soap gods kassie is so talented. I loved her as chelsea on guiding light!!

Me too, the most innocent character she has played for sure but those were great times.

Wasn’t gl great? I still miss it terribly and sometimes if I’m home will turn on the tv thinking it’ll be on lol

Yes it was, and I’ve done the same thing over the years.

wow this news made me cry

this return should be long-term

Does DAYS – need – to do this to get this show back on track

on the other had …. argh!! @4EVER… Jenn Lilly “quits” this bites

I already feel bitten, Patrick. I haven’t cared much for Theresa since she was tamed. She should’ve stayed the wild beast she was!

this thread is a double whammy

which is what I wanted to say

one gone another one coming back

two must see actresses… two ships crossing

but… in any event… even SOD commented on how they miss the Theresa of ole… when she was thee *itch and bad girl to the T

WHICH is… no small feat… when her character is lauded as such… and you cheered and roared for Jeanne Theresa Donovan… LOVE THIS WOMAN

any way… it’s going to break my heart… I love Jenn Lilly acting choice

WOW discovering her on GH… wasn’t that an implosion and combustion that just took hold

argh! I’m sure their will be more threads to follow.. but… i’m not ready to digest this news

I’ve always thought… her presence … her REEL… is as REAL as it gets… she’s a plus credible actor that has proven

this is going to go down…. like father like son…
When John Black and Isabella … went this route… my ALL’time.. favorite love story.

I digress… why should the character die… ??? leave the door open

Not to burst you bubble but it looks like it will be short term. Jen Lilley that plays Theresa is leaving the show and the actors who play her parents Shane and Kimberly are coming back for her exit story. I just hope it’s not for a funeral.

@ Patrick, I agree, Kassie deserves to return as Eve long-term with, or without Theresa’s presence. She had an interesting connection with Justin, that must be fully explored. She also has a link with Claire and her talents as a singer. Eve also has been changed after losing Paige and, it’s time that Eve changes her life around for the better… perhaps with Justin? I hope DAYS makes the right move and offered her a long-term contract. She’s a leading lady! And, she owns the role of Eve.

Absolutely agree with you Jeremy. I have wanted to explore the Eve-Justin relationship since the first time I saw them together. Oh please powers that be, bring Kassie back on contract.

Days needs her badly. She can make anything they write watchable.


It’s obvious she is back only short term for Theresa’s exit story. Days already has the actors playing Theresa’s parents Shane and Kimberly coming back, so it looks like it might be for Theresa’s funeral. Of course they will kill her off, they are obsessed with killing off characters, not much imagination with these writers.

But I am glad that Kassie and Eve are coming back, even if it’s short term.

PLEASE, please, please…. give her a story line that is worthy of her talent!!

Whether it is a short visit or a longer stay, I’ll be happy to watch Kassie as Eve again. I hope tptb realized the mistake they made by letting her go. and have offered her more than just a short visit. She and AM have mad chemistry and Eve and Eddy need to be explored.

Hgw do you know this to be true

I am so very happy the wonderful Kassie DePaiva is coming back to Days. She should have never been let go. Kassie is a terrific, powerhouse actress. I hope this is a permanent return.

No! I wanted her to come to General Hospital! She could play a love interest to Franco and maybe they’re have a history together. Maybe they could dub old oltl footage of them so it can show their history!

This would never happen, but if Stafford ever left, Kassie could easily replace her as Nina. But then we are still left with those burning questions…WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHY DID THEY HIRE A MARQUEE SOAP NAME TO PLAY THE ROLE OF FRANCO, POSSIBLY THE MOST REVILED, DETESTED CHARACTER IN SOAP HISTORY?? WHY ARE THESE CHARACTERS TIED OR ANCHORED TO NOBODY?? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THEIR MOSTLY FILLER STORYLINE? ELIZABETH AND FRANCO, REALLY?? FRANCO, THE SERIAL KILLER CHILD ART THERAPIST? On and on. I get this is fiction, but this has been a mess from the minute Howarth became Franco!! Hospitals don’t hire serial killers to work in enclosed spaces with children!!

It will be good to see her back on TV. Is it really necessary to kill off yet another character? This is getting to be monotonous.

I don’t want Jen/Theresa to leave.

Me either, she is one of the best things left on Days. Love me some Theresa and Kate.

nobody has yet to say where they herd all this is it true

Jen Lilly confirmed her exit/quitting the show on her Twitter page I guess! If Kassie comes back, they need to make it permanent! Loved her as Eve….all due respect for Mary Beth Evans, but Depaiva and Finola Hughes deserved the win this year!

Oooooooh, noooooo!! I don’t want Theresa/Jen to go! The girl is uber-talented though and is on to greener pastures. I wish her well. But I have to say “awwww, nutz”. Such untapped potential in that character.
SO glad to hear about Eve/Massie returning – such potential there, too. Hope they give the actress a storyline worthy of her.

i’ll have to take comfort with:

“…But I have to say “awwww, nutz”. Such untapped potential in that character ”

well said… DAYS never tapped in to her ALL

Glad to hear Kassie is coming back. She is a good actress and has spunk. Days needs some spark and life. I hope they write her good storylines and tweak Eve a bit. Kassie can be a dynamo, but she needs to have the right character and storylines. She may fit in better now that there have been major cast changes and storylines.

Just a side notes – Days is a revolving door with actors in and out – makes a lack of consistency, but on the other hand can spice things up a bit if the shoe gets my dance. With that said, they should balance it out – not too many people in and out. Keep the Vets storylines strong and in the forefront.

I’m with jaybird369; the teens are terrible ; except Theo. His acting autistic is okay. I don’t want Jen to leave the show; she’s one of the people who makes Days watchable.. However, I do agree that she’s too tame.

Teens storylines are terrible. Almost as bad as Kayla’s constant negativity!

Maybe Kristin will come back and kidnap Theresa to get even for her taking Brady and the baby

The whole show needs a major overhaul if you ask me. Kayla’s constant complaining is annoying, the teen storylines are just awful – the show was a little bit better when JJ was having an affair with Eve while trying to guard Paige from that unsavory news. At least at that point the show was somewhat compelling.
Now, the show in my opinion is draggy and monotonous, nothing interesting is going on – and for me, without Will, Sonny, EJ, and Sami on the canvas, it just doesn’t attract me in the same manner.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jada Reveals Everett Is Her Ex-Husband Bobby Stein

On Monday’s February 19th episode of Days of our Lives, viewers are getting closer to the root of the story of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris).  There has been speculation for months as to just how the talented Blake Berris’ new character would be … a good guy, or a bad guy. But, what if he is actually both?

In story, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Rafe (Galen Gering) are at the Brady Pub and she comes upon on Everett with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and freaks out. She reveals that Everett is her ex-husband Bobby Stein! Everett denies even knowing Jada and thinks she is mentally unstable or something. Jada even shows him a photo of her with him (sans his beard) from her phone. Everett throws it off as everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Jada accuses Everett of gaslighting her. She goes into the back-story of when she discovered he cheated on her, and she served him with divorce papers, but he turned into a “ghost.” Everett stands by his claim that the two of them were never married.


Stephanie flashes back to Everett revealing he had retrograde amnesia when he initially came out of his coma citing maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t remember Jada.  Next, Jada goes off on him saying she can tell by the look in his eyes, he knows exactly who she is.  Jada warns Stephanie to not get ‘sandbagged’ by this guy any longer. She then threatens Everett that he will be found out and get what he deserves. Next, she torms out of the pub as Rafe follows her.

Alone with Everett, Stephanie becomes upset having a few more startling realizations. First she asks Everett, “Are you really not Bobby Stein?” He admits to having gaps in his memory, but not years of relationships or marrying someone.


Then, in another flashback, Stephanie remembers Everett telling her he bought an engagement ring before his accident. Then, Stephanie recalls a conversation with Jada how she found a large credit card charge from a jewelry store and that Bobby hadn’t bought anything for her in several months.


Stephanie is shocked, and tells Everett if Jada is telling the truth, and he’s really Bobby Stein, than she’s actually the other woman!  Next, Stephanie decides to leave, while Everett says this makes no sense, and they should talk about.

So, what do you think of this story … that it appears Bobby Stein is also Everett Lynch? What do you think will eventually be revealed? Comment below.

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Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Back to DAYS

Look who’s coming back to Salem for another return! Next week, fan favorites Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) and Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant) return to Days of our Lives.

Circle the Monday, February 26th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, when Elani arrives in town to check on the health status of Paulina (Jackée Harry).

Previously, the actors left the show when they went off-contract in 2022. However, last year, in 2023, each made a return for a guest arc.

Photo: JPI

Now, on their latest visit, Lamon Archey told Soap Opera Digest,“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again.”

Photo: JPI

It will be also nice to see Eli interact with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), now that his grandmother is trying to cope with the loss of the Horton house.

Looking forward to seeing Sal and Lamon back in Salem? Comment below.

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Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith to Play a Young Tom and Alice Horton on Days of our Lives

Next week on Days of our Lives, viewers will get to see the back-story of the romance of Tom and Alice Horton through the lens of a trip down memory lane.

With the Horton home burned to the ground after it was purposely set on fire, there will be plenty of memories for Doug (the late Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) et all to speak of as they mourn the loss of the beloved staple of Salem.

For part of the story, DAYS has hired actors Zach Chyz to play a young Tom Horton and Sydney K. Smith to play a young Alice Horton as viewers will get a glimpse of what it was like when Tom and Alice first moved into their beloved home.

Photo: JPI

In real life, following the death of Macdonald Carey in 1994, the series killed-off the character of Tom, and Alice’s passing was written in the show after Frances Reid passed away back in 2010.

Smith has appeared on The Goes Wrong Show, while Chyz previously had a role on The Rookie.

So, looking forward to how Days of our Lives will tell the story of young Tom and Alice? Comment below. But first, check out next week’s promo where the young Tom and Alice are featured.

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