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GH’s Maurice Benard Takes On Role Of John Gotti In Upcoming Lifetime Movie

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Who better to use their mobster experience playing the iconic role of Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, and put it to good use, when taking on the role of a real-life mobster than Daytime Emmy winner, Maurice Benard?

As revealed over the past weekend, Maurice Benard is hard at work filming a Lifetime Movie based on the life of Victoria Gotti called “The Victoria Gotti Story”.

Sharing the news via his social media, Benard expressed: “Thank you lifetime and everyone involved 4 a Beautiful opportunity.”

Recently, John Travolta played the notorious New York mobster in the movie Gotti released earlier this year.

The infamous Gotti, had a wife and a daughter both named Victoria.  So as to which point of view the film is focusing on is yet to be released.

So what do you think of the casting of Maurice as John Gotti? Intrigued to see the Lifetime Movie when it debuts? Comment below

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ahh ha!
Good for Maurice!
Portraying Gotti has to be a thrill for him.

As for that network/ Lifetime, I never tune in, it’s sorta lame.
but– I’ll have to tune in to see Maurice as Gotti ..

((and! as I was channel surfing I came across that MeTV and saw it was that barney Miller show that Mike/Max was in so I took time to see Max as Whorowits/whatever..
ahaa he was the umm ‘slow’ character..
it was fun to see Max so young))’

Again– good going Maurice.
Strut your mobster-self !!!

I agree su000

I agree, su000. I’ll watch the movie also. And might I hope that this project will give us a respite from all the Sonny-centric tales in full swing right now?

I wonder will the movie will air?
Maurice/Sonny has not been absent to have started to film in his upcoming movie..
I think it’s far away until air time.

Hi, Soaphound,
It’s been a while……LOL.
My father-in-law and my husband’s nonno are stunned over this. I could never understand why these film makers cannot ‘hire’ an authentic Italian actor for such a role.
I guess if one is not Italian, one will not understand. There is an affinity among Italians that exists nowhere else. This is a mockery to all Italians, and they will take offense. Italians are a close-knit lot and they will not appreciate someone who looks nothing like what an Italian looks like, play one of them. “Dante”, Dominic Zamprogna, for instance: typically Italian…compare the two.
I will guarantee that there will be backlash over this just as there was an uproar from Latini when Al Pacino played Tony Montana ( SCARFACE). At least, many Cubans are white, but no Italian is Hispanic. That’s like a Jew playing a Pakistani, or vice versa.
Furthermore, Pacino killed the accent. He perfected it. Speaking Italian, even the dialect, and especially the accent is an art. No way will Maurice accomplish this.
When will these people get it straight? Italians are not of mixed race. They are white, as are Spaniards, French, Pirtuguese, Greeks, and the rest of Europe.
The least these “producers” could gave done was hire someone with the right facial features and skin hue.
I am glad many think Maurice will excel in this….how can he, though? He does not look the part. Even Italian mannerisms which can only be home-grown; that is, it’s a lifetime accomplishment of being reared by Italians and living within an Italian circle ……it’s a tough ‘art’ to follow or imitate. I cannot see it, at all. Forgive the tirade. LOL. You should have heard my nonno-in-law.

Hi Celia. It’s funny, I agree (as a grandchild of 3 Italian immigrants) with much of what you say. And I’m sick to death of Italian-Americans being marginalized in our role of building the middle class of the U.S. And of being casually derided as EYE-TALIAN. Really? From where…EYE-TALY? But then I think of the many great performances from actors who didn’t match their characters’ ethnicity: Meryl Streep in SOPHIE’S CHOICE, Marlon Brando in VIVA ZAPATA, Natalie Portman in JACKIE, and many others. I definitely agree that casting non-Asians as Asians is deplorable…remember Katharine Hepburn as a Chinese matron in DRAGONWYCK? Laughable! So I guess I can see both sides. But how I miss the camaraderie of growing up in our Italian/Jewish/Black neighborhood when everyone just got along…I guess I was blessed!

Hello, Soaphound,
I know exactly what you are saying. I have known my husband since I was six.
He grew up in North Boston……I, on Long Island’s south fork…..but our families met on Martha’s Vineyard where we spent our summers in our respective homes (South beach)….. Edgartown’s Katama area.
I went to University in Boston…..and, albeit he’s a few years older than I, I did catch up!! HaHa??????!!!!!!
So, as my family, his is also extensive……my husband’s parents and grandparents are Italian immigrants…..the most colorful people one could ever meet.
As a child, Soaphound, were you struck by the fact that many of these beautiful people didn’t have to say a word? Communicating through gestures said it all? LOL….I still get a kick out of watching this!! It’s like watching a comedy skit..
As far as Maurice….nothing against him, but, he is the wrong ethnicity, the wrong color, the wrong stature, the wrong characterization, the wrong speech pattern. The wrong culture!!
He doesn’t even have an American accent, albeit he was born in California…..American born Hispanics keep their ethnic accent for some reason…..So, how will he perfect an Italo-American accent from the Bronx? Have you ever heard a Bronx accent? John Travolta, an Italian from Jersey, couldn’t even perfect it……..
Katharine Hepburn as an Asian? WOW!! That’s rich!! No, I haven’t seen that movie. I will make a point of it, next time I visit my grandparents. They possess every classic movie imaginable. They are obsessed. LOL.
Did you know Ms. Hepburn went to Kingswood Oxford in West Hartford, CT? It is my Alma Mater’s sister-school, Choate Rosemary Hall…..
And, Jackie Kennedy attended the third—-Miss Porter’s in Farmington, CT.
We are so lucky to have had the privilege of growing up amongst such a wealth of color, authentic, rife with stories ( barzellette)!that danced before our eyes…..amazing people—like sharing a piece of the rainbow!!

Celia, it’s no surprise we get along…your open world view is what makes life fascinating for me also. So many great people in my past helped me become the best parts of who I am today. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the more intimate, emotional soap stories, rather than the mob action or cliffhangers. Different strokes. I like people-oriented stories because that’s what I grew up hearing. Real life is not only stranger than fiction, but more interesting as well. One self-correction: the Hepburn movie is DRAGON SEED. DRAGONWYCK stars Gene Tierney and is a much better movie. What do you think of Brandon Barash temping for Tyler Christopher on DAYS? I’m all for it. Miss him on GH.

Yes, my friend….we are people’s people….I love interacting with any culture….’Tis, indeed, what makes the world go ’round.
My background is pretty colorful, too…..I’m half Viking!! Can you see me on a hilltop, blond hair streaming and blowing in the wind as I blow my horn bugle? LOL.
The Dutch and Scottish parts of me are quite tame…double LOL.
Hmmmm…..Barash? I wish he would make his visit permanent…..Lord forgive me, but Tyler gets under my skin. Me no like!!

Well, you know Barash is Jewish? And he’s playing a DiMera? Aren’t they Greek? For shame! 😉

No, Rebecca. The DiMera’s are Italian. Again, I am not talking about one’s faith…..I am talking about race. Maurice Benard is not white; Gotti was.
However, that’s not even the issue. I am just saying that the Italians I do know are very sensitive over the idea that non-white actors portray Italians in a role.
The same happened when Jennifer Lopez ( who looks very much of mixed race with a defined Puerto Rican, Bronx accent) played an Italian maid in Manhattan? Even the Puerto Ricans complained about that.
I know for a fact that Puerto Ricans are very proud of their heritage….yet, I get it–it’s a role.
As far as Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh–both should be heard….choosing her position goes against the judicial system. That’s not how it works. The accuser goes first–states her complaint/grievance/accusation, then the accused is given the chance to respond to the accusation—-both with credible fact.
This is not a one-time ‘thing’… is a behavioral problem, and it seems that Judge Kavanaugh has NOT one black mark against him, so far…..
We do not know–he said, she said, without definite facts–let’s hear it. But, to assume he is guilty before hearing the accuser FIRST so that the accused can defend himself, is a farce.
The timing is too convenient , as I see it—-let’s get to it because to destroy a family is a sin in my book.
If this is true, it will come out.
I was groped when I was barely 15…. so I get it!! My mother took care of it, and There were witnesses.
Let’s forget Trump, Clinton and Ellison ( whose accuser has medical documentation and police reports; yet, the dems silenced everything and he is still running for AG).
I want to be fair anf sagacious about this. Let’s forget for whom we root and be fair. I think we should all be on the side of the truth, without jumping to conclusive accusations.
Too many events do not add up, while so many others do– for instance: Kavanaugh’s mother, who was a judge at that specific time, foreclosed on the Blaseys’ home for not paying taxes or something to thst effect ( not sure why)…..Mrs ( judge) Kavanaugh was following the law…
How do we know if Dr Ford had had a ‘thing’ for him and he ignored her. I don’t know; it’s possible….simply speculating, here. So, Rebecca, you follow me? Payback, perhaps?…..these rumors are just that, until the truth shines through.
It is imperative for her to be heard and for him to either clear his name or suffer the consequences. After four decades? Again, it is not up to us. This is why Congress “gave birth” to the justice system…..

Hey CeeCee; let’s start with our fictional people first. Don’t know why but I actually thought they were Greek! But, here’s an example of people of different heritage playing others; Billy Flynn is Irish, Brandon Barash who will be stepping in for Stefan O is Jewish. My point is, as you stated, with some “looks” it’s hard to tell. Others it’s obvious. I still don’t know why it matters unless it’s a historical figure of great importance, like with my example of Jesus. I see you didn’t respond to that example. It makes no difference who believes in Jesus as the Son of G-d or just a person in history, either way he was Jewish. And though there are blond haired, blue-eyed Jewish people (my cousin has red hair, blue eyes and freckles) Jesus was a Sephardic Jew which would make him dark-haired with an olive complexion. As said, I’ve yet to see him portrayed as such or even by a Jewish actor. So, I’m not sure why there’s all this “discussion” about an actor who plays a pretty good mob boss and has had a lot of experience doing so playing a gangsta; well-known or not. Gotti’s no hero. And, though you bring up that Maurice isn’t “white”, I’ve never considered him anything but. Maybe not “Aryan white” like the good ol’ nazis adhere to, but then again Italians, Greeks, European Spaniards and many others didn’t fall into the nazis “definition.” Which is ironic since they fall into mine of white “trash.”

As for Kavanaugh vs Ford, there will be no “justice.” The good ol’ boys are being forced to let Ford have her say but there’s no doubt that he’ll be voted in. And, yes, I tend to believe her over him. Did you ever think the Church scandal would be so vast? Did you ever think that THOUSANDS of boys would be sexually abused? But they were; and there were massive cover-ups.

This is not a political debate. This is not republican vs democrat as some would like to make it. But it IS about a woman being believed and not scoffed at. Or asked why she didn’t say something sooner. She is a Ph.D. An educated, successful woman who is a professor and research psychologist who runs a clinical psychology program where she teaches statistics, research methods and psychometrics and has been a consultant between pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She’s no “little woman” who needs or wants the exposure. She has a lot at stake; her reputation, her career, her husband’s, etc. Since none of us were there, why believe him over her? Because he’s the “right” party and therefore he must be sided with? Many black people didn’t want to believe that Bill Cosby or OJ could be guilty because they were black. People, they claimed, were out to get them; to destroy their reputation, etc. Sometimes it’s not about “sides” ie color, religion, party, but about hearing the alleged victim’s side. You already are “suspicious.” Of course it’s the timing; why should she keep quiet when she’s bottled up this information all these years and this man’s about to ascend to the highest court in the United States? So, yes, if she was ever going to come forth the time would be; should be, now.

Our “justice system” has been made a mockery since Trump stumbled into office. He denigrates our system, the FBI, the democratic nation he declares he loves. He said he’d “drain the swamp” and yet he brought in one person more corrupt than the next. If someone looking like Bannon ever slithered his way across the halls of General Hospital we’d all be clamoring about what a sleeze he is. A Breitbart whispering in the “presiden’t” ear? Nazis and alt-right saluting Trump? The “president” endorsing a pedophile? Mocking a man with cerebral palsy? Separating children from their parents? Do you know how many kids are STILL not back with their parents? This entire sham of a cabinet is a nightmare and those of us who see it/know it can only hope people get out and vote. People got too lazy. Hopefully they’re awake now. The parade of shady people that Trump has brought in, the racists, anti-Semites, anti anything that doesnt walk, talk or earn like them is unprecedented. The desire to control women (which is ironic since the republicans want less regulation, less govt involvement) sounds more like the countries we oppose. Controlling whether a woman can have an abortion? Approving establishments that don’t want to serve gay people? Trying to get gay people out of the military? These are antiquated beliefs, much based on religion. Religion, in every religion, is personal. What you follow and how you live your life is personal. Trump is a narcissist and him putting Kavanaugh in power would be another feather in his cap. Doesn’t matter to him if Fords story is true; He’s been accused of molesting numerous women himself. Women who side with this type of man set all females back.

Hey, Rebecca,
I agree with you… not get me wrong. But, no one can attest to witnessing anything untoward regarding Kavanaugh. Who knows, really? I just do not like to jump on the band wagon, especially when neither has been heard. I find these women ‘iffy’…..Plus, the democrats started pounding on all Trump’s ‘picks’…. regardless of whom it was. I am so sick of the shenanigans ….the level-headed democrats see both sides…..let’s find out!! Then, interject. That’s all. We are all American, we are all human with flaws…..But, it seems to me everyone on the liberal side has a bone to pick with everyone. And, I’m not even republican!!
But, sexual harassment has no room to exist anywhere. At the risk of sounding repetitious, where’s the proof?
As far as Trump, I do not regret voting for him.
I find it strange that these accusers speaketh now. we shall see.
Oh, I did answer regarding Jesus….it just didn’t post.
What I said was that we do not know what Jesus, in fact, looked like…..He’s an image, painted by man…..a visual of what one ‘assumes’ He looked like.
LOL… beautiful Billy Flynn. Well, Chad’s mother was not Italian….I believe Irish? ….with blond hair and blue eyes. Stefano found out Chad was his son not too long ago. And, the original Chad was darker with brown eyes, I think.

Hi CeeCee; actually, yes, we do know what Jesus probably looked like; well, the features he had. They’ve taken skulls and data from men who lived in his time from his origin/religion and deduced a reasonable representation. I think it was PBS many years ago and it was, I believe, an archeological study done by Christian theologians. There must be others, as well. But, yes, he was Sephardic and Sephardic are of olive complexion. They also derived that he had dark curly hair. So, all those lily white, blond, flowing hair images are just the “ideal” that one race came up with. But it’s not the reality.

I honestly don’t know how you cannot regret voting for Trump. Of course it’s your right and if I remember correctly, your family supports him, too. I know you have a mind of your own but, still, many times we’re influenced from what immediate family think/feel. Not sure if that’s effected your opinion or if you’d like him even if your family was dead set against him.

Personally? I don’t know how anyone can support him. You’ve said there was some personals connection and he ‘s a “nice man.” Well, nice men don’t separate children from parents. They don’t think there are “good people” in nazis. They don’t make fun of handicapped people.

He’s also extremely emotionally immature. For a grown man who is POTUS to tweet like he does, to talk about the amount of people who attended his inauguration, to give and call “names” to people who he doesn’t like, (like many do in grade school) to fight with Alec Baldwin because he’s insulted, (and yet he ignored an alt right meeting in Washington who saluted and praised him). His priorities are all about self. When I say he’s a narcissist I’m not just throwing out the word; he literally displays psychological impediment. Just because he has money doesn’t make him anything other than wealthy. Not smart, not wise, not mature, not compassionate, not empathetic, not a man of the world.

He is a con man. I know that’s been tossed around a lot but how can one not see it? How can one ignore the “Trump University” scandal? How can one ignore that he said he’d show his taxes but never did? How can one ignore the stupidity of him saying he could shoot someone and they’d still support him? He is THE least presidential person to ever sit in that house. And the majority who voted for him are either racists, white supremacists, anti-semitic (except for the Jewish people who think he supports Israel which to me is just to align himself with a huge voting block, Evangelicals, the same reason he picked Pence.). He’s not a “man of the Bible.” A man of the Bible would be compassionate. He is anything but. He speaks to crowds like he thinks he’s a rock star on tour. He thrives on the applause. He threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans when they lost everything; like, that was supposed to make them happy because he was there and he was, what, tossing out his guitar pick to screaming fans?

He talks out of his mouth to what will work. He speaks to gun lobbyists and gun owners because he knows they’ll vote for him (and he loves the NRA money). He lies and says the “opposition” want to take away their guns which was never true to begin with. But he plays with minds who don’t do the research on their own and he manipulates and they buy it; sorta like Hitler did. (By the way, he was a big fan of Hitler. Has read his book several times and apparently took a few notes in the way he addresses his supporters: “us” vs “them.”

It’s all very strategic. But, hey, master of the con. Art of the deal…

As for liberal? I’m not a liberal. A lot of liberals hate the Jews; so, no, that’s not me running along beside them. I’m just looking at this objectively.

As for the DeMeras? I realize why I questioned if they were Greek. I confused them in my mind at the time I wrote it with the Kiriakis clan!

I am rmbarrassed to even read my own writing: I apologize for all the typos and malapropism…..Correction: dire straits.
Too many typos to even count!!
Always in a hurry!! Sorry. Forgive me?
Again, I am glad we are where we are…..communicating without rancor!!

Hi CeeCee; Just saw this; I think the “without rancor” was to me? If so, yes! I agree! LOL: can’t say we don’t keep on trying!

Thank you for being the voice of reason, CeeCee. I always enjoy your posts because they are measured and quite logical in nature….you take into account both sides of an issue before you speak through common sense, not ideological talking points!!! (And you don’t name-call and try to negatively pigeonhole people ala Alinsky tactics…) Of course, in this particular case, I wholly agree with you on the Judge Kavanaugh matter….this clearly contrived scenario is just too pat and convenient with the timing and all…extremely suspicious, to say the least! Just more delaying tactics to deny this exceptionally-deserving and eminently-qualified man a place on the highest court in the nation…and I pray it doesn’t succeed. In other words, when all else fails…This is nothing more than a complete and total farce, as was that shameless smear attempt aimed at Clarence Thomas. Talk about dusting off the old leftist playbook! Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me the depth the Democrats will plumb in order to prevent the will of the American people, who in great part, elected our president in order to place his imprimateur on the court system, which has long been badly in need of resoration to constitutional principles. You are also correct about #MeToo getting out of’s simply another weapon in the Marxist arsenal that the left is using to get rid of its enemies, even if they have to take out some of their own Big Kahunas as collateral damage in the process….for them, the end always justifies the means! This entire anti-Kavanaugh “Hail Mary Pass” from the usual suspects stinks to high heaven, and I hope that at the end of the day, it goes down in flames, because it’s so obviously as fake as those laughable claims of Russian collusion. Enough already! #IStandWithBrett!!!!

Hi, Shay,
I’m pretty sure I did respond…..did not post, perhaps?
I certainly did not mean to ignore you……very busy substituting…, everyone chose late summer and fall to get get married this year.
We were invited to six weddings…..four of which I am one of the bride’s maids.
Sooo stressed out, LOL….
…, on that note….let’s discuss Oscar. For the first time in several months, I had the best cry…..a release I needed to have. I’d rather laugh, but crying was good.
Oscar is officially my favorite character. Such a ‘big’ man for one so young. He is killing his scenes……absolutely Emmy-worthy. I love this kid!!
Let’s have a miracle. Save Oscar, writers….
I am so tired, Shay….Zombie crawling into bed…
Until next time….nighty-nite…LOL.

Oh, I do so love autumn weddings, CeeCeeGirl! You didn’t per chance attend a certain “conscious coupling” in the Hamptons this weekend??? Lol…But seriously, I hear what you are saying…most of my replies never wend their way to you either and I am assuming vice-versa…coincidence? I rather think not….it’s like reading a book with half of the pages missing…no continuity whatsoever! Totally frustrating, to say the least…and it’s not just where you are concerned…..I’ve had numerous remarks to all sorts never make post, even though the vast majority are totally pleasant and innocuous in nature….not provocative or broaching controversial topics, which me thinks means that they are often pitched simply to give the appearance that I’m aloof and disinterested in others, when sooo is not the case! At any rate, I have not been viewing GH for awhile…much too busy and not all that enthralled with the bulk of current storylines, although the return of Laura—-and possibly my great favorite, Britt, too—-will be altering that fact. Shall be a nice change of pace from the real life soap opera we have been forced to endure as of late from the radical leftist freakshow emanating from the Senate chamber…enough already! (Oh, yes…I still stand with Brett!!!) In terms of Oscar…I concur he is a brave and commendable young man who is wise beyond his years…we need more like him both in soap land and real life, but on the other hand, his death would provide high drama and on a show featuring a medical setting, we should have a truly memorable death that actually matters, every now and again…It’s certainly not very realistic when everyone who’s anyone makes it out alive of these stunt disasters and illnesses, time and time again, now is it????? Glad to hear you are back in “class”…hope you are substituting in the English department and holding those “Shakespeare Fridays” again…Just be glad that you aren’t responsible for lessons in civics or current events…whatta holy mess that would be given our current national nightmare occurring in the DC swamp! Later, mia amica!

Hi, Shaybelle,
Forgive me for taking so long answering you….finally returned from a 4-day ‘wedding’ stay, in Montauk. Last one, thank God!! I vowed to stop wearing stilettos for the rest of my life!! My poor feet!!
I will be sharing classes, back and forth, with another teacher ( she’s expecting). And, yes, one of the classes is English.
I am very happy for Laura’s return…..I haven’t caught up….just had a chance for a couple of episodes. I did catch up with Y&R and Days….I sort of snuck into the suite and caught a couple of eps….
I am working my way backwards. ….so glad to see Laura, but not her characterization of a shrew.
I do hope she catches on to Kevin…..she did appear puzzled a couple of times….you did say she would not be fooled so easily.
As yourself, I am still hoping for a Britt return….did you catch her in the TALTZ commecial?
Today’s episode was extremely boring for me. This Morgan-worship, especially an empty tomb, is ridiculous. He’s not there. Better to observe his death by praying before his picture. Something tells me that all this ‘fanfare’ is to herald his imminent return?
As far as Nina, I think we will be regaled with a surprise twist…..not so sure Sasha is her daughter. Iffy. I still believe it’s Kiki. Nope!! I won’t give up.
Current events? You mean current mayhem?
I have enough arguments with some of my family members. So, I have simply learned to shut up!! Too stressful.
Amazing how some of us are capable of reading body language and some of us are not. Adult woman switch to Little-girl talk did not fool me. Soooo…..
….no boat-rocking….LOL
Nite, bella….❤️

Well, CeeCeeGirl, I’m glad you survived the marital marathon in Montauk…and I hope your feet have recovered so you may live another day in stilettos, but you needn’t apologize for your brief absence and lack of rapid response. I figured you were simply enjoying the long holiday weekend! (A belated Happy Columbus Day to you and your extended Italian family ….) At any rate, this is my second reply to you in the last 24 hours…in the prior one, I discussed the GH developments you had mentioned, as well as gave my sincerely-held take on the appalling behavior of the left in reference to the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Of course, both were apparently deemed unsuitable for posting! To say that this all-too-familiar consequence is a blatant example of ongoing bias is a gross understatement. We can be subjected to an endless barrage of nasty, inaccuracy-filled commentary against our president (including his appearance, even though we were told that it was verboten to remark on such matters in reference to soap characters….) and yet, those of us who see things differently are not given a similar opportunity to express our views. If discussing politics in a balanced manner is that much of an affront to the website, then why not be honest and just ban the subject altogether? It’s bad enough that a diversity of opinion on soap opera storylines and charactes is so heavily censored, but really, if a fair and open debate on far more important issues is not permitted, then just say so and quit wasting the time of people who make the effort to participate in the process, because it’s beyond tiring to have to either constantly stifle oneself or face the moderating wrath when we dare to comment outside the realm of an obviously favored singular perspective. Just on the initial subject (casting matters…) upon which you so eloquently elaborated alone, I had something new to offer, and thought why bother when even pleasantries and general chit-chat are so often remanded to the trash heap? I really miss the intelligent, informed discussions we once were able to share here on a more than hit-or-miss basis…and that’s the only reason I even attempt to continue the dialogue with you. I guess having to walk on eggshells around those in real life isn’t enough these days…now we must even hold our cyber tongues in order to garner any consideration toward being part of the conversation here. At any rate, I just wanted to you to know that your always welcome thoughts had not been ignored…have a good day, mia amica…and enjoy your time in the classroom where I expect your students are much freer to speak their minds than we presently are permitted on this website. Later…

Ciao, bella,
Yeah….the bias runs rampant!! Too stressful to watch the obscenity in the streets of this beautiful land…..THE MOB, by definition, Shay—no matter how it is spun….we all have a voice and we should all be heard with words not actions. If there is any fairness within social media, bias should not exist. Protest with civility….not resort to such vile tactics.
Both sides of the aisle need to meet in the middle, but infringing upon one’s civil liberies? Gone too far. Engaging in perilous “oration” will not end well. We have seen that—before our eyes…Congressman Scalise!! Why? I want peace. I love everyone!! There should not be ‘sides’….only parties who agree or disagree in a friendly manner. I guess that’s asking for the moon.
There are many other venues, Shay, where we can be heard without worrying about fairness. It will print. Twitter, Google and Facebook are beggining to see the light after being castigated for the bias.
I can clearly see Mme Defarge knitting away, as the spectacle of violence unfolds, with her pleasure, before her eyes.
There is no civility left. No dignity!! To incite such radical behavior goes against all that America represents.–no due process–
I guess we must acknowledge Darwin and his philisophy…..yet, ’tis so primitive…..going backwards, we are. Neanderthal living!!
I wish there were a healthier, more constructive way to air our grievences and differences—-alack; not meant to be.

My dad wasnt Italian but also communicated with just hand gestures-well he used certain fingers that is!!!!

HaHaHaHaHaHa…gotta love you, Jimmy!!

I agree wholeherily with your outlook.that many great actors in the past portrayed a character of OF a different race or ethnicity very well. And, in turn, many great Italian actors such as Al Picinno, Sly Stallone, Leonardo de Caprio, portrayed characters as not necessarily an Italian in many roles. Your last two sentences, says it like it should be. We’re all equal, no matter what race or cultural ethnicity.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when the nonni let loose! I don’t blame them for their righteous indignation in the least, CeeCeeGirl! Just look at how many hissyfits have recently been pitched when some big name actors were cast in roles that specific “communities” felt could not truly “represent” them….those perfectly capable performers were summarily dismissed from the projects to be replaced by more suitable candidates, all in the name of placating these special interest groups and upholding their “pc” agendas. Yet, this latest piece of curious casting is supposed to be applauded, particularly when there are so many talented Italian actors who could have offered a much more authentic portrayal of the larger-than-life Gotti. But then again, as you have pointed out, Italians are an ethnic group included within the caucasian race, and no other demographic is currently more maligned than white males of a certain age! It seems that any means to denigrate them or usurp their places in our society are considered not only acceptable, but desirable, personal qualifications and individual achievement notwithstanding… it truly does beggar belief!!!

Oh, yeah, Shaybelle…..I know exactly to whom you are referring.
“Me-Too” has gone too far. Beware!! Every white male we encounter is out to get us….as young as ten years old!! …..unless, he follows a certain ‘established social group’…evidence be damned!!
Amazing how “Demokratia” has become “Democrapia”.

CeeCee. Don’t assume ” me too” has gone too far. Women have not had a voice since forever. Victims are coming out now BECAUSE of that! If they’re not believed now, can you imagine what type of chance they had then? What about the Catholic Church and thousands of young boys that were sexually abused? You know the silence around that. You know many of those boys were afraid to speak up.

The entertainment field is taking the accusations way more seriously than the White House. Trump was accused of assault and even said he grabs pussy because if you’re “famous they “let you.” And yet he manages to twist it around. He backed an accused pedophile. He’s trying to disparage an educated woman with several degrees who has nothing to gain and everything to lose (she’s had death threats) because he and “the party” no pun intended, want their man in office. Even Ivanka has tried to talk him out of it.

Amazes me how one can be on the side of a fictional character, Kiki, and hate Bensch, but not believe a real life woman. Or at least give her the benefit of the doubt.

Correction: judicial system; not justice. Two completely diferrent ‘entities’, independent of each other.
Oh, Rebecca,
Lest I forget…..Remember Ted Kennedy and the Dyke Bridge in Chappy, MA? I don’t mean remember the ‘accident’. We are both too young, LOL….but, you know what I mean.
His pregnant mistress’s car went over and she drowned under suspicious circumstances.
He swam the length to the other side ( so he said) which is Edgartown and alerted the police three days later. What happened to him? He became a senator, no less.
Then he had the ‘blanks’ to accuses Bork of mistreating women ( a sexist to boot)…
we must learn by our mistakes and not repeat them.
Double standard? I hope not!!

So, in other words, CeeCee, we are to be wary of own fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and many other white males, like extended relatives, friends, mentors, educators and professionals, who have blessed and enriched our lives through the years with their impeccably-behaved presence? I don’t think so…if we cannot vocifierously defend what has been in my own—-and I suspect, your—-experience with the vast majority of (caucasian) men we have encountered who are truly upstanding individuals and do not conduct themselves in a manner unbecoming without being accused of the “r word,” then humanity really has reached the point of no return! I will never apologize for harboring admiration and respect for the countless males that I know are deserving of it….no matter how often repeatedly lame and, quite frankly, tedious, attempts are made to deride and defame me for it!

Shay; I really think you’re confused. This is a soap site. Breitbart is a different link.

LOL! Yep, those poor, abused white men. “No other group as maligned than white males of a certain age?” “Their place being usurped in our society?”

Haha…the alt right would be proud. Where’s the barf option.

Was there ever a Jewish actor who played Jesus? He hasn’t even been represented with the right coloring; for years he’s been hanging on people’s walls with long flowing blond hair and blue eyes. Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic “film” about the Crucifixion cast a non-Jewish actor, James Patrick Caviezel, to play Jesus. But he did manage to cast a bunch of smarmy looking extras to represent his vision of the “Jews in the crowd.”

How about Moses? Last I looked Charleston Heston wasn’t Jewish.

How about the many Jewish actors who never get to play Jewish roles: even on GH! Matt Cohen a priest? Why not a “Jewish” doctor? (Duke could have had a son with a Jewish woman?) GH doesn’t even HAVE a Jewish doctor! So, in this case, it’s not even that non Jewish people are playing Jewish people; we’re just not even visible in the town!

On another note, I had no idea John Gotti’s wife was Jewish! (Her mother was.) Never knew that.

I digress. It makes no difference what ethnicity the actor is who plays a real figure from life unless minority ctors who are rarely given good roles are passed over for a white actor to play someone from their culture. Gotti was a criminal. Bernie Madoff was a criminal. Know who played him? Robert DeNiro. It’s called acting.

Jesus, on the other hand?…’bout time a.Jewish actor plays the part,

Yes, Rebecca…agreed. It is called acting. But, Jews and Italians are white…..
This is not just my feeling….the actor/character, in such a role, should be as closely suthentic as possible.
I don’t know, I think Maurice is all wrong for the role…by the same token, it’s a TV movie……
I didn’t know Gotti’s wife was Jewish either.
I am soooo good at pin-pointing an Italian….it’s usually in the eyes—and I don’t mean color since my husband’s parents, grandparents and siblings all have either blue or green eyes.
The only problem I have is that many a time, I cannot tell a Jewish person from an Italian. Many Jews and Italians resemble one another……especially Mediterraneans.

True. CeeCee. (about Jewish, Italian, etc looking similar to some extent. I’ve been taken for Italian many times, especially in my “dancing in the club” days! LOL). I went out with a Sicilian guy for two years during college (his parents and grandmother didn’t speak a word of English and he came here when he was three). When his grandmother met me she took my face in her hands and started talking to me in Sicilian? Italian? I don’t even know. I did get a fantastic baked eggplant parmigiana recipe and one for fried cardoon. Ever hear of it? Delish. LOL; I digress again!!!

Point is she thought I was her background and my then- boyfriend had to explain to her I wasn’t. I’ve had a few Italian boyfriends. There are also Italian Jewish people (Modigliani was an Italian Jewish; one of my favorite artists.) But, still, it usually (I say usually) makes no difference to me who’s playing a part as long as the acting is good and I “believe.” I have a feeling Maurice will knock it out of the park. Give him a chance. Have you seen The Godfather? James Caan played Sonny Corleone and Caan is Jewish. Good acting. And we’re there..

Hi Rebecca,just like to chime in with this. I would watch Maurice play Santa Claus, if he wanted to, and although I think he will be really good, I can also see another actor, who is Italian play the part and that would be Leo DiCaprio. YUM!

Hi Violet!

To be honest I’m not even a big Maurice fan. I can’t stand Sonny for a lot of reasons but I absolutely adore him compared to how I feel about Carly. But, objectively, I think he can do this role justice and I don’t think “race” matters one iota. I never even thought of Maurice as “non white.” Never even entered my mind. I’m not even sure he isn’t. I just can’t believe this is even an issue for some. I CAN see it as an issue if a minority hero is the subject of a film and actors in that minority are barely given ANY roles. So, to have a white person play him/her would understandably upset them. The opportunities should be open to all. But in this case; not even a blip on the radar.

LOL; as for DiCaprio? He’s a tad too good-looking to play Gotti but he has more than the acting chops. He’s a superb actor and can probably play anyone. And there is the magic of makeup… 🙂

I’m so looking forward to watching his new movie.

Can’t wait to see it. What’s the date of release..

Can’t wait to see this movie. I know Maurice can do as good, if not better than John Travolta.Kind of looking forward to seeing a bad, meaner side, which we hardly ever see with Sonny.

I’m with you, Violet. MB is very good at playing a character’s sinister side but with humanity. John Travolta is good in certain roles but he’s about as threatening as a pack of gum.

Great choice, Maurice “Sonny” is the perfect man for that role, I am a true fan of GH since 1978 and since Sonny Jones the cast back in 1993 he has really given it a spin. I am confident that he will do the same in this movie. He has a unique talent for the art. My best to Maurice

Yes, love Maurice – when do we get to see this?

Can’t wait to see it he will be great

I think Maurice Bernard will do a wonderful job playing John gotti

I’m so excited to see this Lifetime movie with Maurice Bernard playing Gotti. I did see the documentary on the life of Gotti with his son in it & enjoyed it so much.. I can’t think of anyone more capable to portray the notorious mobster than “Sonny Corinthos”. He’s an excellent mobster character on General Hospital that my husband & I have been watching for forty plus yrs. I would love to know when this is going to be aired on TV. CANT WAIT!

Congrats Maurice Bernard happy about the news. I recently bought the “Gotti Movie” with John Travolta but some unknown reason I am unable to see it. Let me know when the Victoria story movie is coming to life time?

Congrats! Maurice, I been watching him on GH for 40 years. I think he will do a fantastic job. You do not need to be a certain ethnic to be the perfect person to play a role. All you need is the ability to be a extremely and talented good actor to play the role. Once again congrats! Happy for you. Can’t not wait to watch.

I love watching him on general hospital he would b good as gotti he already plays a mobster the role will b befect

Breaking News

‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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O. J. Simpson Dead at 76: Real-Life Murder Trial in Which He Was Acquitted, Changed the Trajectory of Soap Operas

Former Pro Football superstar, O. J. Simpson, who became infamous for being on trial for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, has passed away at the age of 76 of cancer.

Simpson’s family put out a statement sharing, “Our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”

It was the murder trial that overtook the airwaves back in late 1994 and through most of 1995 that changed the landscape of daytime television forever, and in particular soap operas that many will recall.

Photo: AP

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson, O.J.’s former wife, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were brutally murdered. When O.J. became the prime suspect, a wild pursuant of him by the police while in his white Ford Bronco was viewed on every network by some 95 million viewers. This June marks 30-years since the incident.

Ultimately, Simpson was charged with Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders, though he was acquitted in what was dubbed The Trial of the Century.

The trial permeated the airwaves of every network and any time of day. Networks consistently interrupted soap operas while covering the day in and day out of the spectacle that was this star athlete and TV and film star’s trial.

With many of the soaps pre-empted on a regular basis, the public fascination of Simpson’s trial was to many better than a soap opera as it has all the ingredients. Writer Dominic Dunne noted the themes via an article in Vanity Fair of “interracial marriage, love, lust, lies, hate, fame, wealth, beauty, obsession, spousal abuse, stalking, brokenhearted children, the bloodiest of bloody knife-slashing homicides, and all the justice that money can buy.”

Because of the trial, soap operas lost a significant amount of their audiences. The murder trial went on for 11 months from November 9, 1994, to October 3, 1995.  They never were able to fully rebound as reality television became the next big thing.

O.J. Simpson is survived by four children: Arnelle and Jason, from his first marriage, and Sydney and Justin, from his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson.

So, do you remember being frustrated that your favorite soaps could not air during the O.J. trial, or did you find the murder trial more intriuing than the soaps themselves? Comment below.

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‘Melrose Place’ Reboot in the Works with Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton

Looks like some of former residents of Melrose Place will be getting back together in a revival of the popular Fox primetime soap opera of the 90s.

Now comes word that original series stars, Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton are set to reprise their signature roles of Amanda Woodward, Jo Reynolds, and Sydney Andrews.

The project is currently being shopped and looking for a TV or streaming home and coming from CBS Studios. The new offering is written by Lauren Gussis, and in story, Melrose Place picks up years after the original series and would provide an update on the characters, one of whom may no longer be with us.

Photo: Fox

In the premise, former residents will reunite “when one of their dearest friends dies suddenly.” However, things don’t go smoothly when old traumas, the reigniting of old romances and old resentments, and new secrets are revealed. Thus, throwing our characters into chaotic drama that’s reminiscent of the past, but with a much more modern perspective.

The original Melrose Place debuted on Fox back in 1992 and aired for seven seasons till 1999, and followed the young residents of a Los Angeles apartment complex. Locklear’s Amanda was a ruthless advertising executive. Leighton played Jane’s sister Sydney and Zuniga played photographer Jo. The cast also included: Marcia Cross, Josie Bissett, Andrew Shue, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Thomas Calabro, Doug Savant, Rob Estes, Brooke Langton, Lisa Rinna, Kristin Davis and Alyssa Milano.

According to Deadline, more original cast member will sign on if the show gets the green light. This is not the first time a Melrose Place reboot has made its way to television.  The CW revived the series in 2009 with a new cast which lasted only one season. However, Locklear, Zuniga and Leighton all made guest appearances.

So, do you hope a Melrose Place reboot with several of its original cast makes its way back on network TV or a streaming platform? Comment below.

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