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GH’s Roger Howarth Talks Franco’s Childhood Abuse, If Friz Can Be Happy, And Bad Guys On The Soaps


He’s an original, respected by his peers, beloved by the fans of the soap opera genre, a Daytime Emmy winner, and can make any scene he is in intriguing and draw you into wanting to know what will happen next.  We are talking about General Hospital’s Roger Howarth (Franco)

This soap veteran who played One Life to Live’s Todd Manning and As the World Turns, Paul Ryan, has a history of portraying complex bad boys who have done some dastardly things, while yet, at times, displaying a heart of gold.

In Port Charles, Franco has had a violent and dark past (yes, the character had a brain tumor which explained most of his heinous acts), but with that comes an underlying danger that often rears its head for the character, as well as others. Earlier this year, GH viewers witnessed Roger’s heartbreaking performances as Franco came to grips with, and recalled the sexual abuse he suffered as a child by his abuser, Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan). This added yet another layer to Franco’s tragic past, while as fans know, the show has tried to find ways to redeem the character and make him someone to root for; which Howarth does a mighty fine job at doing any way, no matter what material is sent his way.

Coming up this fall, “Friz” fans are anxiously waiting for the nuptials of Franco to his lady love, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Can Franco get out of his own way and find some peace and love as Liz’s new hubby? Only time will tell! Michael Fairman TV caught up with Roger to talk about: his recent tough and impactful storyline, his love and commitment to his craft, and the importance of bad guys on your favorite daytime dramas, and more. Here’s Roger!

You delivered Emmy-worthy performances during Franco’s storyline where he remembers his childhood sexual abuse.  How did you feel going through that as an actor?  Were you hoping that it was going to help explain more about the emotional make-up of Franco?

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ROGER:  I’m very proud of the work that we did, and I think everybody pitched in.  I liked being a part of a story that encompassed several different characters and everybody’s different points of view, and I think everybody was pretty well-represented.  In terms of an explanation … I just think it was my job as an actor to put myself in that situation and have the character live through it.  Whether it explains something to the audience, or not, isn’t something that I can control, so I didn’t really engage in that.  I do believe that their intention might have been to offer an explanation to Franco’s behavior, and his impulsiveness, and his deep-seated anger and his desire to control.  Historically, I think real people do kind of repeat behavior, until they remember.


I always felt GH has tried through various storylines to humanize Franco in some way, because of the horrible things that the character has done in the past.  They obviously want Franco to also be this leading man on the show.  With that, does it get muddied up, or problematic for you when trying to play the character? 

ROGER:  It doesn’t get muddied up for me, because I’m pretty much a worker-bee in that I get a script,  I learn the script, I perform the script, and the other actors and I are responsible for just our acting.  I do think that it might have presented a problem for the writers, and that they were trying to address what you’re talking about. But, I don’t think that fish know that they’re swimming in water, and Franco doesn’t know that the audience thinks he’s a bad guy. (Laughs). You, know what I mean?

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There was this recent scene where Franco is kind of pulled in to the situation at Ferncliff by Jason (Steve Burton) in an effort to help free Carly (Laura Wright).  It’s clear Franco doesn’t want to be there, and he is going back in forth with his conscious on this, and the right thing to do, and whether he should help Jason out.  Franco doesn’t know how far to go with it.  What do you think those of those kinds of moments?

ROGER:  Well, I wasn’t there when Franco and Jason were interacting, because it was a different Franco (played by James Franco).  I know that when Steve came back, the writers knew they had to address the fact that while Elizabeth and Jake (Hudson West), and the other Jason (now Drew, played by Billy Miller), had a perception of Franco, that they couldn’t necessarily ask the original Jason to see Franco, differently.  From Jason’s perspective, Franco was, in fact, the old Franco. So, from what little I know about the old Franco and the old Jason relationship, I think Franco has a real need for Jason’s approval.  In those scenes, I thought that here was a guy who was doing something and he wasn’t sure what was motivating him to do these things.  I thought that it was kind of cool and beautiful in that the pleaser and the killer are kind of different parts of the same person.  I think on a very basic level, he really wanted this other man (Jason) to like him.   I thought that was very human, so I liked that part.   It’s like, everybody else thinks he’s a changed man, so why does this one person just not see him for who he really is?”

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What do you think about the relationship Franco has with Drew, who was the brother he grew up with as a little boy, before Drew was taken from the family?

ROGER:  I think that is an important relationship for Franco to have.  Drew was a key to his past.  I think moving forward these two will have a bond, despite themselves.


Do you think that if Franco found happiness and actually married Elizabeth, and it actually worked out, that he could deal with it?

ROGER:  I don’t know if that’s a Franco issue, or a human issue.  I think that people say they want intimacy, and they’ll do everything they can, and when they’re actually confronted with the possibility of it, they do sabotage, and they do run away, and they do find a way to screw it up.  I think that’s part of the hook.  Her perspective is something that I would hope would be written into the story, also.  Elizabeth has her past, and these two people are complicated.  I do think there’s something really sweet about the way that these characters feel about each other.  What I hope is that we’ve set up a dynamic that the audience is hoping that they can manage to be together.  I hope we are appealing to the part of the audience that doesn’t want to screw up their own lives.  (Laughs)

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Franco is great with Jake, and Liz’s other children, as well.  Why do you think that is? 

ROGER:  I think there’s an honesty and spontaneity to him, and I think Franco’s developed those survival skills, because of his own history.  He relates to kids on a really honest level that I think some children appreciate.

What was it like working with Greg Evigan in Franco’s childhood abuse storyline?

ROGER:  Greg was fantastic.  He did a great job, particularly when Franco actually got to confront him.  I think he was very successful in having his character’s point of view be heard.  For as dark and twisted and perverse as Jim Harvey’s thinking was, that character didn’t know that.  What they wrote was a man who said that he really loved these children, and that’s really difficult to write, play, and be a part of.  I think Greg owned it and did a really good job, and I think he was committed.

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Would you have liked to have had a scene with Franco and his father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner), where Franco went to his dad, and told him about the abuse he suffered as a child?

ROGER:  I do think that different roles provide different flavors, and there were some scenes in the park for instance, where Franco did tell Scott what had happened to him, and Scott’s reaction was very generous and supportive.  Franco told him what happened to him off-camera, because I’m guessing that the network thought there were some sensitive issues, and they never actually said the specifics of what happened to Franco, which is tasteful.


With what is going on in the world today with the news cycle, stories of sexual abuse are sadly more commonplace.  Do you think they wouldn’t get into more specifics about the abuse, because of this being a daytime soap opera and its audience?

ROGER:  I can’t tell whether they can’t say it, or they know who their audience is, and they can just point to it.  I think with the Bensch/Kiki storyline for example, they left things to the imagination.

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I thought that it was so sad what Franco went through.  That a molestation of a little boy happened over and over again.   It must have affected you when playing out this story.

ROGER:  I did get upset and sad.  I just can’t imagine that one person would do that to another person.  As an actor, I’ve played characters that have done horrible things, and it’s surprising to me that people are so resilient.  It’s just so sad what we do to each other.

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Do you want to see your character progress in his life, or continue to be tortured by his past?

ROGER:  I think that the dramatic tension of it all is: “Will these people figure out their stuff?” I think that is intensely human and beautiful.  Every relationship is problematic for one reason or another, so I really hope that there’s a rooting value.  I don’t think that there can be a rooting value without an obstacle.

Have you ever gone to the powers-that-be to tell them what you’d like to do, or see happen next with your character?

ROGER:  No, I don’t get involved in any of that.  I’m not the best judge of what we do.  I’ve learned over the years that we have to commit to everything, because sometimes the things that you think are problematic wind up being the fan favorite.  So, I’m more of the: “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it, and I’ll try not to screw it up.” (Laughs) They shouldn’t let the inmates run the asylum. (Laughs) Because then you get into a weird situation where you’re saying, “My character wouldn’t do that,” and that’s really limiting.  That’s the whole point of what we do.  It’s supposed to be challenging and out there and large-scale.  We are supposed to be really brave and accept the challenge.  We aren’t supposed to control where these people go.

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Will you tweak the lines of dialogue in small ways to fit your character, if necessary?

ROGER:  Very rarely, and honestly, not as much as people think. I work really hard to make it appear spontaneous.  By the time it comes on air, I’ve said it forty-five times.  You just have to see that character think that thing for the first time on the TV, because Franco didn’t get a rehearsal.  He doesn’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth, and the stimulus are supposed to happen to these characters, and you’re supposed to watch them react in real time.  Franco is a spontaneous human being, and I do think there is a responsibility for some characters like Nina (Michelle Stafford), and Franco and Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) to have a different set of synapses. I’ll give you an example: Elizabeth is going to the stand for the Kiki (Hayley Erin) trial, and they wrote a line where she says, “I’m going up there,” or something like that, and Franco says, “Good luck,” and then he turns downstage and says, “Me too.”  They didn’t know that the guy at the “Me Too” trial can’t say, “Me too,” so I told them that I would like to say, “Me also.”   So, there was a conversation about it, and they just wrote a different line.   I didn’t just tell them I wasn’t going to say that.  So, there are some conversations.  There are fewer conversations now than there were in New York at One Life to Live, because our head writer at the time, Ron Carlivati, was physically in the building.  At GH, there is a three-hour time difference between L.A. and N.Y. where most of our writers live, while we are taping on the west coast.  So, who do you talk to?  For the most part, it doesn’t happen.  There’s a luxury for me to even change “Me too” to “Me also.”   I do think that we are supposed to come up to the floor with a set of ideas and a way to get it out of our mouths.  I do think that they give me a bit of a longer leash, primarily because they understand that I kind of can’t do it another way.


What do you think of Franco’s relationship with Obrecht? What does he really think of her?

ROGER:  I think he really appreciates her support.  I don’t think her at times, insanity, bothers him.  I think he appreciates it.  I think he doesn’t want Obrecht to do harm to people, but expects her to be peculiar.

How would you feel if they wrote that Franco did harm people again?

ROGER:  Great.  Then we will do that.  It could be.  It is a little strange, and it seems to me, that they’ve grown reluctant to have some of the primary characters on the canvas behave poorly.  I think we do ourselves a disservice when we bring in a fantastic actor to play the bad guy.  I don’t know why the child abuse of Franco wasn’t from his actual father, Scott Baldwin.  How cool would that have been?  I do think that soaps need bad guys.

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What do you think about the journey you’ve had as an actor?  Do you feel that you’re a better actor now at this stage in your career?  You started out, I believe, when you were found by an ABC casting search and development program.

ROGER:  There was something that brought in to ABC: Michael Weatherly, Laura Wright, Rebecca Gayheart, and Roger Howarth.  We all came onto Loving at the same time, and I was terrible, and they fired me immediately.  I really thought that it should be played the same way that you play Shakespeare. (Laughs)  I was abysmal. I look at it that I am half-way through.  I made it to halfway in my career.  I’ve got another twenty-five years in me.  I don’t know what that will ultimately look like, but I just like acting.

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You’ve never lost the passion for acting?  Some in your profession often sound jaded about it after doing it for a long time.  Do you still get the same thrill when you hit the set?

ROGER:  Every time I walk on a set, I think it’s amazing.  It’s cool what I do.  I love it.  I love what I do 100%.

So, are you looking forward to Franco and Liz’s upcoming nuptials? What did you think of Roger’s performances earlier this year when Franco recalled his sexual abuse at the hands of Jim Harvey? What did you think of Howarth’s comments about how key bad boys are on the soaps?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.


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  1. Deanna

    August 31, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    I have admired Roger for many years. He is a very gifted actor. The pairing of Franco and Liz. Roger and Becky are fabulous together. Looking forward to their wedding!

    • Carolyn

      September 4, 2018 at 4:39 pm

      I love his facial expressions.

  2. Sher

    August 31, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Great interview. Roger is my favorite soap actor .

  3. Jenn

    August 31, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Excellent read! That’s for posting this interview Michael. It’s always great to get perspective for someone as talented and intelligent as Roger Howarth.

    • Carolyn

      September 4, 2018 at 4:40 pm

      I never saw Roger do an interview like this

      • Jenn

        September 5, 2018 at 2:39 pm

        He rarely does any interviews. When he does though, it’s always a great read.

  4. mike

    August 31, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    The best actor on daytime.

  5. Lucy D

    August 31, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    What a smart dedicated actor Roger is. I am in awe of his talent and his dedication to his craft

  6. Denise A Daniel

    August 31, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    I’m so happy you did this interview because Roger rarely does them. Franco & Elizabeth are hands down my favorite characters on GH. I’ve loved Becky since she first appeared 21 years ago. It never dawned on me that they could pair Becky & Roger but they are like lightning in a bottle together.
    They can seamlessly handle the angst, the banter, the romance, the comedy. The journey of Friz falling in love was truly rare for today’s soaps. They had the classic slow build which is unheard of now. Six months before a kiss & 18 months before they slept together. I can not wait for their wedding.
    Great interview but I wish you’d asked him about the partnership he has working with Becky. Maybe you can get an interview with Becky closer to the wedding.

  7. Soaphound

    August 31, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    Franco seems to be a polarizing character, but I like him and think Roger Howarth is a dedicated, creative actor. I hope they continue Franco’s evolving friendship with Drew; Roger and Billy are dynamite together. But heck, when is this wedding going to happen? Their engagement is lasting longer than many marriages.

  8. Joanna Dotson

    August 31, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    Roger brings up some issues. He is a marvelous actor whom I have admired for a long time.

  9. Jimh

    August 31, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    Still prefer Todd…

  10. Pat Sasso

    September 1, 2018 at 5:34 am

    I love Franco. Bad guy or good guy you just like him. He is such a wonderful actor that he draws you into his character and you react. Remember Him from As The World Turns and I felt the same way. Like His new Haircut

  11. Joanne

    September 1, 2018 at 6:39 am

    Thank you for this article it’s so great to hear Roger’s perspective on his character and career. It’s easy to see why he is so well liked and respected in the industry, he really understands his craft. I would love to see a joint interview with Becky for the wedding!

  12. Shan

    September 1, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Such an insightful interview! Roger’s answers go beyond the usual talking points and bring a unique perspective from the actor’s lens. I am hopeful that his fabulous work this year is recognized at the Daytimf Emmys.

    Thx for sharing and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an interview with his acting partner, Rebecca Herbst, soon!

  13. Rodd

    September 1, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Fabulous interview, fabulous actor! Never tire of watching what he does.

  14. Kat lee

    September 1, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Roger is one of my all time favorites. I loved him as Todd Manning, which was my introduction to this actor. I won’t say That the cleansing of Franco has been easy on the fans of JaSam, which I’m unabashedly one. I often think that we all suffer from PTSD from the original storyline. I was never happy with the “brain tumor” story and the get a free pass from accountability, that was given to the character. Nor was I thrilled when they paired him with Elizabeth for two reasons, one, she is a rape survivor and two it grates that he is helping to parent Jason’s son. The last thing that bothers me about this storyline and character is that his victims (pre removal of said brain tumor) are expected to just “just get over it”. It will take time and smart and gentle writing for the fans to reconcile this. All that said, I can think of no other actor on this planet that could humanize and redeem Franco better than RH. Roger is the ONLY reason i am even giving it a chance.

  15. su000

    September 1, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Franco is too mushy wussy..
    Roger can play a great edgy bad boy with a heart of gold.
    This powder-puff Franco is a stale bore, he needs to get his darker bad boy side back and still hold onto his good side.

    Putting Franco with Liz (the mother nun) was a bad move.
    He was 100% more interesting/colorful/vivid/intruging with Carly and Nina; Franco and Liz are like toe-nail clippings BLAHHHH.

    Franco should never ever be a mushy wussy stale bore, never.

    • BabyMarie

      September 3, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      I agree I have always loved RO HO wen he plays bad guy.. he doesn’t play a good goodie two shoe.. I 2ould love to see him to go back to being Dark again.. I don’t feel he should be paired with Liz who is a Rape Survivor.. I liked Franco with Nina and Ava him and honestly O Brecht would be great together.. my fav with him was Blair on OLTL.. please bring the Dark side back out of Franco..

  16. Barbara

    September 1, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Roger is a great actor but i would like him better with nina or ava.i am hoping franco and liz break up

    • BabyMarie

      September 3, 2018 at 12:08 pm

      I agree

  17. nancy dillingham

    September 1, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    I like his attitude very much–and he is articulate about the way he works–and candid and upfront with his opinions. I like that; however, he came on to play a character that he “set” the character before he got that. A bit unfair for him, granted.
    BUT the violence that the writers have done to the true (evil, black and white) character is a barrier he can’t get over. So he does the best he can with what he is given. Too bad. They should have let the evil Franco lie–and brought him on in a totally new character on a blank canvas that he could put his own imprint on. He’s a talented and dedicated actor. But I don’t/can’t ever root for the current storylines (haven’t watched BUT will when Genie returns) that he is playing. Again, too bad. I love the humor bits that he throws in and his spontaneity. The totally dark original character along with the violation of the character by reviving him exemplifies a lot of what is wrong with current GH.

  18. Tracy

    September 1, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    I am really unhappy with this interview! The majority of Roger’s scenes are with Rebecca Herbst but he didn’t pay her one compliment! He talks about Franco has changed but admits he doesn’t know much about the old Franco. Roger says he thinks the show is reluctant to have the primary characters behave badly – is he on another show? No way can he be talking about GH with their nonstop redemption arcs! Roger thinks the show does itself a disservice when they bring in great actors to play bad guys – the disservice is to the audience who gets stuck with a character who isn’t likable and again, those nonstop redemption arcs! I didn’t like the interview but the part that bothered me most was Roger suggesting that Scott should have been Franco’s abuser because that would have been cool! Cool for who? Not for Kin Shriner who would have had his entire character re-written into a scumbag! Not for the audience who have watched and loved Scotty since 1977! We have seen Scotty as the sweet and earnest young lawyer who was crazy in love with Laura Webber and devastated when he lost her to Luke. We saw Scotty become bitter after losing Laura and begin scheming. Scotty always competed with Luke and Scott entered into some shady activities but they were always about money or nailing Spencer and/or Corinthos. Scott adored Dominque and was crushed when he lost her to a brain tumor. Scott loved his kids; Serena, Karen and Logan and we NEVER saw any indication that he was an abuser! Roger is being horribly disrespectful in wanting to re-write the story of a GH LEGEND! Especially a legend portrayed by Kin Shriner who seems to be a friend and mentor to the entire cast!

    • rebecca1

      September 2, 2018 at 5:31 pm

      I agree with you, Tracy. I have mixed feelings about this interview.

      First, it seems to me that the actors (I don’t know how many but judging from Laura Wright’s and now Roger’s, don’t take the time to learn the history of their character. They seem to play to whatever’s happening in “their” time.

      On a soap, particularly a soap which is a genre of continuity, a genre where audiences spend YEARS with certain characters, the actors should know who they’re playing and what happened in their character’s past. I’m still reeling from Laura Wright not seeming to know that AJ and Carly had a confrontation on the stairs years ago when she was pregnant and to this day Carly tells the lie that AJ pushed her.

      Laura Wright AS Carly has told that story, but yet in an interview I read with her when the interviewer asked if she thought it karma or interesting the way the writers repeated history; having Carly being the one accused of pushing Nelle down the stairs, Laura brushed over it, said she didn’t know about that and went on to another thought.

      Here, we have Roger saying, “So, from what little I know about the old Franco and the old Jason relationship, I think Franco has a real need for Jason’s approval. In those scenes, I thought that here was a guy who was doing something and he wasn’t sure what was motivating him to do these things. I thought that it was kind of cool and beautiful in that the pleaser and the killer are kind of different parts of the same person. I think on a very basic level, he really wanted this other man (Jason) to like him.”

      Ummm; yes. He did. He does. I mean, the whole thing about Jason and Franco WAS their history, how Franco tortured Jason and Sam, took Sam, made them think he raped her, made them think he ordered the rape on Michael, etc. So, I think Roger should know a lot more than “what little” he says he knows. And I think that Franco wanting Jason’s forgiveness, understanding and approval is obvious. Whatever happened to actors discussing motivation for their character’s actions, thoughts, etc? I know there are a lot of lines to learn and much more work than in a weekly show or a film; but before accepting a role (or upon accepting it) it would seem they should be fully aware of their character and their character’s journey.

      Since when was there “different points of view” in Franco’s childhood abuse story?” I don’t see Jim Harvey as having a “point of view.” He was a perv child molester and I didn’t get the sense that he was some innocent, deluded creature that thought he really “loved the boys.” No, all along they played it that he kept Franco’s mother scared to do anything because Harvey was menacing; we saw what a criminal he was. This wasn’t some sick, misguided soul. Yes; he had a sexual perversion/addiction; he was a predator. I do believe they say in real life people who commit acts like this have their brains wired in some sort of malfunctioning way which is why they need therapy, etc. But Jim Harvey was NOT a sympathetic character and didn’t play it that way.

      Roger seems to be a deep thinker about the human condition which is great. But when asked specific questions about Franco he seems to have relied on that rather than get into Franco’s mindset.

      And, REALLY? Scott Baldwin be the sexual predator!!!!??? No; it wouldn’t be fun to see that. Viewers who have watched for decades and love this character, who know this character, who have fond memories of this character wouldn’t find it fun, entertaining, engrossing, compelling or anything other than unbelievably astonishing, unbelievable and as if someone had ruined the beloved memory of someone they had grown up with in real life.

      That might be an interesting twist in a film or an eight-episode limited series, but not on a longstanding soap with a much-loved character.

      • Lucy D

        September 3, 2018 at 12:40 am

        First, Roger mentioned Scotty as an example of using characters on the show as villains, not that specifically Scotty should have been one.

        Second, he was hired to be a completely different version of Franco than James Franco was. They obviously were trying to erase most of the traces of that character, so not sure why Roger should have studied James Franco’s performance. Plus James Franco’s character was a disgusting person, created for buzz, not for story.

        I think as horrible a person as Jim Harvey was, he did think he was doing something out of a perverted sense of love. His controlling Betsy was just part of the bargain.

        As fro Becky, he said several times how the two of them had created this sweet story and that he actually thought Liz should get more of a POV.

        • rebecca1

          September 3, 2018 at 11:54 am

          Actually, if you reread the interview, Roger specifically said “I don’t know why the child abuse wasn’t from his actual father, Scott Baldwin, How cool would that have been?” There is no misinterpretation there.

          Second: I know who he was hired to play. I know who Franco was in James Franco’s version and I understand how they redeemed the character in order to keep Roger on the show. I am a huge fan of Roger’s and was thrilled that in the midst of a bad decision to cast him as Franco, they found a way to turn it around (although there are fans who can’t seem to let go of the first version and won’t accept the explanations for his redemption.) Be that as it may; still not my point. I didn’t say he should have studied James Franco’s performance. What I DID say was that actors should know the HISTORY of the characters they are playing.

          I don’t agree regarding Harvey’s twisted sense of love. If he was a great guy in all other respects; the last guy you’d suspect because in all other areas he was a stand-up, good guy, I’d say maybe. But he came to the show taunting Franco, he tried to make Franco think that nothing had happened in their past, he tried to turn Drew against Franco and told him that Franco had always been trouble even as a kid, he schemed against Ned and the city of Port Charles for his own gain. So, I don’t buy the poor, misunderstood pedophile. He was just a creep.

          Can’t comment on Becky; that’s for Tracy to address if she feels like replying.

          As for Roger? Loved him on OLTL and love him on GH. I also think he sounds like a very down-to-earth, intelligent person. Still think he needs to brush up on “his history.”

          • Lucy D

            September 4, 2018 at 1:21 am

            I did not say nor mean to imply that Harvey was misunderstood or anything but a horrible person. What I said was in his head he thought he was not a creep.


    • JMER

      September 15, 2018 at 6:50 am

      I agree with Tracy and with Rebecca1 as well. If not knowing history is the only way for these actors (and Roger is highly likable, no doubt) to navigate these scripts, that’s a red flag for this show.

  19. Pam

    September 3, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you for this interview. Personally I believe Roger plays better dark and not the goody, goody. He doesn’t sell good well at all. You see him light up when he is plays the darkness. I hope they let him go back to playing dark. No Friz wedding for me not a Friz fan at all.

  20. Patrick

    September 3, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    “… He’s an original, respected by his peers, beloved by the fans of the soap opera genre, a Daytime Emmy winner, and can make any scene he is in intriguing and draw you into wanting to know what will happen next. We are talking about General Hospital’s Roger Howarth (Franco)” this is all very good and nice. TO A POINT . it’s a lot of “fluff” and “FOLD” I am once again throwing in the towel… on Roger Howarth’ Franco – AND – Michael Easton’ Finn. BOTH of them buoyed marqueed a star


    they both once again… WERE stars in their previous respective show : “One Life to Live

    Finn and Anna look like mother and son. this is the most disturbing part of thee show. that Frank Valentini , Shelley, and Chris ACTUALLY believe this pairing to be ????? !!!!! they are like brother and sister… the writing is not cute enough… for Anna… the come hither… the direct approach by Finn … the dalliance and word play are just so nauseatingly sweet.

    Franco is always being catered to… no matter what the story.. be it timely… the molestation story came and went too quickly…

    every since the Nurses Ball and RH return from vacation he’s on the front lines continually.. his person @ the hospital … nothing is working in and around him… save for Rebecca Herbst who, had Roger Howarth not had in his corner…

    there’s so many disjointed story or lack thereof with no depth and no acting out of character to offer any meaning to this show

    let me also add… this whole debacle with Laura Wright … HAVING THE OPPORTUNIY ????? to finally act something out ?????? she didn’t… she was safety netted and rescued by Jason. ALL the aura mystery ie: Laura Wright acting talent… has left the building… she’s once again ensconced with Sonny and Jason… these three amigos who are overly heralded as thee show.

    this show stinks

    there’s something wrong with General Hospital – Frank Valentini you are now nearing the end of your 4th year at the helm. YOU NEED TO BE FIRED or do your job and replace Shelley

  21. Timmm

    September 4, 2018 at 4:32 am

    I didnt know much about Roger coming to GH. I liked Todd. I was glad when James Franco and Franco died. THEN to resurrect him, WHY? So, I have always had a bad taste in my mouth for Roger’s Franco. BUT, him and Scotty are magic and him and Greg Evigan were the best! Now, as I read this interview, I see that this guy Roger LOVES what he does, respects his craft and lets the writers write and does his job! I admire that!

  22. elm1951

    September 4, 2018 at 9:51 am

    i have adored roger since his early days as teenage todd on oltl – no matter what character he plays he does not ever disappoint……………..very talented actor!!

  23. Debbie Reider

    September 4, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Great interview! Roger has such an appealing way of speaking. He really draws you in. What a terrific actor and beautiful personality. Can’t wait to meet him in November. Totally stoked!

  24. Patrick

    September 4, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    “…I think that’s part of the hook. Her perspective is something that I would hope would be written into the story ”

    GEEZ – at least we may be seeing a glimpse of Roger Howarth “championing” Rebecca Herbst.. HIS only reason for existing on this dire show. ham any one

  25. Patrick

    September 4, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    so much ^^^^ wordy went in to his discussion about his relationship or LACK OFF .. with either Jason or Drew. I mean really … with RH schmoozing hamming and “courting” the audience if you will.. is all that he’s doing. WHEN he helped Jason rescue Carly with his car… Jason basically dumped him off at the hospital… where Franco tried to offer his presence… she said nothing and they drove off !!!!! I was so floored and livid that this is what is going to continually happen… WHY would the writers extend any emotionally bonding with Jason ??? or Drew ???? Drew certainly has the emotional depth to trigger something between he and Franco… otherwise it’s easier for the writers to give Jason a punching bag. this threesome that’s been building A YEAR NOW .. since Steve Burton returned… has gone nowhere…zilch expectation . so much for the twins and older brother.. however one looks at… i’m just glad that this threesome is NOT WORKING… dag all the overload sucking up any and all airtime as it is… WHEW ! Jason and Sam and Drew SUCK… it’s apparent that this went south… couldn’t be happier. Shelley and Chris NEED to be held accountable. especially all the garbage they are writing about Anna and Finn

  26. Kt

    September 5, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Loved this interview. Roger Howarth is so talented and so much fun to watch. So happy w the way Franco is written & I love his pairing w Elizabeth.

  27. Maria

    September 7, 2018 at 7:40 am

    Roger is such a giving and intelligent actor. It’s no wonder why his cast mates speak so highly of him. He’s an actors actor. He’s unpredictable about how he’ll approaches a scene. But totally predictable that he will treat the scene and his acting partners with respect. Not many actors could have taken the character of Franco and not only humanized him but made him root worthy. The love story he and Becky Herbst are playing for us fans is unlike any other couple in daytime. My only complaint is we don’t get enough of him.

  28. mealso

    September 9, 2018 at 5:10 am

    This interview is way too focused on storylines and fictional characters (in the big scheme of things, who cares?) than in what he THINKS and FEELS about the job. That would have been way more interesting than whether or not he believes Franco’s tumor could come back and make him behave badly.

  29. Marjorie

    September 10, 2018 at 8:49 am

    I like the character Franco. He loves Elizabeth and the kids and wants them to be his family. Roger howart portrail of Franco for me is very good. I think it was a very good idea to bring up Franco’s childhood abuse because abuse of young boys is often forgotten in the media. GH has to be very careful about political correctness because if taken too far would destroy the essence of GH altogether. I’m not big on homosexuality and there has been more time given to those characters than usual.Keep as much normality in the show as possible please and GH could go on for a very long time.

  30. Wilhite59

    October 26, 2018 at 1:39 am

    Roger, Becky, Billy, Jon, and Greg. Were great in these scenes. Especially Roger. The man is brilliant when it come to delivering dialogue. They don’t come any better than him.

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General Hospital

GH’s Mark Lawson Fuels At-Home Workout With Soap Opera Competition: “Dante, Dante, Dante, Dominic, Dominic, Dominic … But What About Dustin?”

As fans and colleagues of General Hospital and former One Life to Live star, Mark Lawson (Dustin, GH) know, he often posts on his Instagram account at-home workouts from his garage including: exercises with: kettlebells and free weights. In real-life, Lawson is a fitness guru, as well.

In one of his most recent posts over the holiday weekend, Mark used the constant chatter of a potential return of Dominic Zamprogna to GH to reprise his role of Dante Falconeri (which would pit Mark’s school teacher alter-ego Dustin at-odds with Dante, for the love of Lulu (Emme Rylan)) to charge up his workout routine! So what’s a guy to do?  Bicep curls!

Next, fueling his workout in a hilarious send-up, Lawson, as he is curling dumbbells remarks: “You want Dante back? Dante, Dante, Dante … Dominic,Dominic,Dominic … It’s all you talk about.  It’s all you care about, but what about Dustin?  What’s up with Dustin?  Where’s good guy Dustin? School teacher Dustin, who never shot nobody.  Never hurt anybody and all he wanted was a girlfriend.   All everybody talks about is Dante, Dante, Dante. Dominic, Dominic, Dominic.”

You can watch Mark’s IG post below!

Then let us know, if you hope there will be some healthy soap opera competition for the love of Lulu down the line between Dustin and Dante, if Dominic returns to the show.  If he does return, would you be Team Dustin or Team Dante? Share your thoughts via the comment section.


View this post on Instagram


Dante Dante Dante. #anactortrains #trainasif #healthycompetition #goodguydustin #dustinislosingit

A post shared by Mark Lawson (@themarkmlawson) on

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General Hospital

GH’s Michael Easton Posts “Ask Me Anything” Part Two

Over the coronavirus pandemic General Hospital star Michael Easton (Hamilton Finn) has been answering several fans questions posted to him in a series of posts on his official Facebook page. 

This week, Easton posted part two of his “Ask Me Anything”, and the fan favorite said he he will do his best to get through everyone’s questions and thanked those who made donations to America Health Care Workers and food banks during COVID-19.

In part two; questions ranged from: his connection with his on-screen brother played by Josh Swickard, if he would ever consider a return to Days of our Lives to reprise the role of Tanner Scofield (his first soap role), what is his favorite part of playing Hamilton Finn, and the casting of his on-screen daughter Violet played by Jophielle Love and more.

One question posed to Easton revolved around the just completed Daytime Emmys, when he was asked: “How many times have you submitted yourself for the Emmys? Some actors seem to put a real emphasis on being nominated but you don’t seem to care that much?”

Michael responded: “I’m pacing myself. I’ve maybe submitted three or four times in twenty years. It’s a lovely honor but not something I focus on. Everyday I try to give the best, most truthful performance I can and as I long as I can do that…I live with myself.”

Make sure to “Like” Michael’s official Facebook page, if you have not already to see more of his “Ask Me Anything’s”

So, what are your hopes for Hamilton Finn when Michael returns to taping new episodes of General Hospital in the future?

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General Hospital

WATCH: 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Winners Virtual Interviews

This year’s 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were back on television for the first time since 2011, and back on CBS.  Due to the times we are living in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual kudofest, honoring the best in daytime programming, had to move from its originally scheduled live event to a virtual one.

That also means for us at Michael Fairman TV, the usual backstage “Winner’s Walk” interviews conducted immediately following some of your daytime drama favorites big wins also had to altered for this unique year.

So we had our own, if you will, “Virtual Winner’s Walk” albeit without the walk and without the glitz and glamour.  That being said, it all felt much more intimate as we spoke immediately following Friday night’s broadcast with these newly crowned winners:  Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series winner, The Young and the Restless’ Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott); Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series winner, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie Logan Spencer); who tied One Life to Live’s Erika Slezak (Ex-Viki) with the most wins by an actress in Daytime Emmy history with 6,  Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series winner, The Young and the Restless’ Bryton James (Devon), and Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series winner, The Young and the Restless’, Eva Larue (Ex-Celeste).  All four of these conversations were emotional, candid, and touching.

Over the weekend, we caught up with Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series winner, Tamara Braun (Ex-Kim Nero, General Hospital) for another heartfelt chat on her second all-time win in the category, and Outstanding Writing Team in a Drama Series winner, The Bold and the Beautiful’s executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, who won this award for the fifth time in his career as he shared how much he learned from his late legendary parents and Y&R and B&B co-creators: Lee Phillip Bell, who was part of the In-Memoriam tribute on the telecast, and the late Bill Bell.

Each of these interviewsare also posted on The Michael Fairman Channel on You Tube.  Make sure to “subscribe” to the channel for more celebrity interviews and features.

Now watch the reactions, thoughts and emotions of this year’s major Daytime Drama Emmy winners below!  Then let us know, who you were most excited about being honored with the Emmy, and more via the comment section .

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Video du Jour

B&B’s Heather Tom talks with Michael Fairman immediately following her record-tying win in the Lead Actress category during the 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Heather and Erika now hold the most wins for an actress with 6! Leave A Comment

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