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GH’s Trans Actress Cassandra James On Her Portrayal Of Terry: “It’s Not Lost On Me The Importance Of The Work I’m Doing”

Photo: ABC

As we continue Pride Month, and World Pride this weekend in New York City, trans actress Cassandra James talks on her journey and her role as Dr. Terry Randolph on ABC’s General Hospital.

When viewers first met Terry, she was introduced as a longtime friend of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), and later became the doctor overseeing Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) cancer diagnosis and managed the case till Oscar’s passing

Through an interview clip released by the series via social media; Cassandra relates her thoughts at this key time each year for the LGBTQ community where struggles and plights are remembered, and the fight for equality continues on, as celebrations in cities and countries all over the world for being your authentic self are shared.

James expresses in the video: “It’s not lost on me the importance of the work I’m doing.  The importance of Terry, the role that I play – an out, trans woman, who is a doctor, who has love and support from her friends in Port Charles.  I think it’s fair to say that these types of portrayals are still quite rare, but there resonance is great.  I want the transgender community to feel well=represented and well-loved by this amazing industry that I am a part of.  The work that General Hospital and ABC has and continues to do certainly makes me proud.”

Watch the entire clip below featuring Cassandra below.  Then let us know, are you hoping there will be more inclusion for Dr. Terry Randolph on the Port Charles canvas to come? Comment below.

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I hope so. I think it’s important to realize that people are people. And while we have different journeys, we have so much in common. Including Cassandra, as Terry, in story on GH helps us all to be aware that there may be differences, but so many more commonalities. I am glad that GH has a trans actress/character on the show and hope that she will continue to be around and given story for a long time to come.


Every body is s victim what the hell


I truly LIKE Terry character a lot. You would think… that @GH Shelly / Chris … would AT LEAST TRY to capitalize… on Elizabeth Webber’ Liz character… with Terry – AND – Kim… as BFF’s, right? WHY NOT MAKE THESE THREE YOUR NEW LEADING LADIES !!!!! HELLO ?

GOD … Carly AND Sam are so stale… so over used.. so over DONE. BORE’s

why couldn’t Shelly AND Chris attempt to do something NEW ???? I haven’t seen the ratings in a long while.. yet I can bet … the dullard troupe’ have yet to trigger any 18-49 WOMEN DEMOGRAPHIC. of this i’m certain. BORES

GOD this show gnaws… what could Frank Valentini possibly think of the personalities of HIS chosen / token characters ??? this is a HUGE REFLECTION OF YOU: Frank Valentini… you lack; you’re boring; you have no imagination

Finn ; Peter ; Franco ; Michael ; Sonny ; Jason ; Carly ; Sam just WOW on their trigger factor. I cant’ think of one effin reason these characters continue to be front and center.


There are a whole legion of GH fans who more than disagree with every word you have posted


I agree Mary. Who does Patrick think SHOULD be front and center?

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Terry didn’t catch the bridal bouquet for the hell of it. I’m sure there is something in the works for the good doctor.


Don’t think Terry has been around long enough to be a lead character, though I do wish they would use her a little bit more than just the occasional appearance to remind us all that a kid was dying from brain cancer.

Hopefully she will get her own storyline one day. I like her, from what little I’ve seen of her. Good thing about her appearances, as rare as they are, is that she’s been portrayed as another doctor in the hospital and they haven’t been pigeon-holing her as “token trans character”.

As far as Liz goes, being a Hardy & a Webber she should theoretically have a bigger role, but as long as she’s tied to the most ridiculous character in GH history (yes, even Casey the Alien made more sense than Frodd, the “reformed” serial killer) it’s probably best that we don’t see any more of her. And Kim??? well, her meltdown seems to be front & center at the moment, even if it is only being used as a plotpoint in the overall Shiloh fiasco, apparently.


I agree..I like her too from what little I’ve seen too..She should be given a storyline to explore the bigotry transgenders face or maybe a conflicted romance with a male or female actor in the show.

I loved Roger’s Todd in OLTl..But this whole Franco goody two shoes is just awful and going on way too long..Just bring Todd back to GH..The brief time he was there, he was fun to watch and it was a good storyline!!

General Hospital

OLTL Favorite Mark Lawson Appears On General Hospital

Viewers of ABC daytime were in a for a surprise (although rumors had been circulating), when former One Life to Live alum, Mark Lawson showed up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital.   In it, Mark came on to the Port Charles scene as Dustin Phillips, a man Lulu (Emme Rylan) was meeting with at the Metro Court for her “story” on online dating, and a potential suspect in the home burglaries tied to a dating app.

Meanwhile, while Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is away originally being deprogrammed from his nightmare in Turkey, Peter (Wes Ramsey) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) got news from Mac (John J. York) that there may be a lead to his whereabouts in Ithaca, New York,

Maxie is taking it upon herself to locate Dante and bring him back to Lulu.  In addition, when she noticed Lulu enjoying the company of Dustin a bit too much, she was somewhat alarmed that her bff would be having a good time with another man.

It’s been a minute since daytime fans have seen Lawson, who played Navy Seal, Brody Lovett on One Life.  His character was involved with Jessica (Bree Williamson) and all of her alters: Tess, Bess, Wes, et,c and also Jessica’s sister, Natalie (Melissa Archer).

Once fans got wind of his GH appearance, Lawson posted on Instagram along with his workout videos: “Well .. cat’s out of the bag, Stay soapy, my friends.”

So, will Mark continue on GH as a new love interest for Lulu?  Could Dustin be tied to the crimes Lulu is investigating? Would you like to see Lulu move on with her life if Dante is off the canvas for a long time, or do you hope Dominic Zamprogna returns, and there becomes a triangle, or none of the above? Let us know what should happen for Luly in the romance department via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Cause of Death of Disney and ‘GH: Night Shift’ Alum, Cameron Boyce Deferred Following Autopsy; Industry Heartbroken Over Loss

Fans, and the entertainment industry including; many soap opera notables, have been saddened over the sudden death of the very popular Disney Channel star, Cameron Boyce over this past weekend.

On Monday, an autopsy was performed and the cause of death was ‘deferred pending further investigation’ according to the L.A. County Department of Medical Examiner Coronier’s office.

Boyce was found unresponsive in his home on Saturday afternoon.  A spokesperson for the Boyce family said in statement previously that the beloved actor died from a seizure in his sleep: “It is with a profoundly heavy heart that we report that this morning we lost Cameron.  He passed away in his sleep due to a seizure which was a result of an ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated. The world is now undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights, but his spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved him.”

Although, best known for his roles on the Descendants and the TV series Jessie,  as well as the movies Grown Up and Grown Ups 2 that starred Adam Sander, Boyce was only 20 years old.

Boyce also appeared on General Hospital’s spin-off, GH: Night Shift in the role of Stone, the son of Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato Jr.) and Karen.  Upon learning of his death, his former on-screen dad, Sabato Jr. tweeted: ” Rest In Peace Cameron Boyce, it was an honor to have worked with you and spend our time together. Man my heart is broken, what an amazing kid with an amazing future. My deepest condolences to his family & friends. We will all miss you. #brokenheart.”

Kimberly McCullough, (Robin, GH) posted, “#CameronBoyce Had the pleasure of working with him on Night Shift where he played ‘Stone Jr.’ Broke out some crazy legs one day on set.  That’s how I’ll remember him. RIP bright soul.”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) shared a video with Boyce.  Michelle’s daughter Natalia was a big fan of Boyce.  Staffotd wrote in her Instagram post: “NO ONE and NOTHING is way cooler than you, you beautiful, sweet, Talented shining star. Anyone who has young children has probably watched this man 1 million times! And seen just how talented he is. What an honor to have met this young, charismatic man who joyfully sent this message to my daughter who is IN LOVE with him. I want to send out my love and prayers to Cameron’s family. This is a GREAT loss for all of us. God Speed. You will ALWAYS shine bright ”

Share your condolences and thoughts on the passing of the talented Cameron Boyce, who was gone too soon via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Kim Drugs Drew, Hayden Returns, Liesl Overboard As Secrets Mount

In a Monday’s installment of ABC’s General Hospital, the series left viewers with three major cliffhangers and the week has just started.  All of the action and the drama centered around the long-awaited wedding reception of Franco (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

As everyone gathered at the ‘Haunted Star’ for the celebration, many of the guests are on edge, and one is schnockered.  When Kim (Tamara Braun) arrives with Julian (William deVry), Drew is speaking to Terry (Cassandra James).  With a moment alone, Drew asks Julian how Kim is doing.  He tells Drew to take a closer look, meaning she is not doing well at all since Oscar’s death.  Later, when a conversation ensues between Kim and Drew, he reassures her that even though Oscar is gone, they will always be family. Kim wonders if that means it’s still possible for them to have another child together.  Drew tells her he cannot do that right now.  That sets the stage for the shocker of the episode that has had fans tweeting since it aired.

When the fuses apparently blow and the lights go out on the ‘Haunted Star”, Kim and Drew go to locate it, and once at the fuse box, Kim stabs Drew with a syringe.  Then, Kim knows exactly how to turn the fuse box back on, and we see Drew blindsided by Kim’s action.  Has GH made Kim unhinged?  Does this mean that she is going to rape Drew?

Elsewhere, Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is drunk.  She has many secrets that could ruin several lives of the citizens of Port Charles at the reception. She tells Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) that Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) relationship is going to hit the skids.  Brad overhears this!  Add to that, Liesl gets Nina (Cynthia Watros) to introduce her to Jax  (Ingo Rademacher) and starts asking him if he’s heard from his brother, Jerry. She informs Jax that they go way back to the Helena Cassadine days.  Franco (Roger Howarth) comes to get a drunken Liesl and she breaks down in front of him about how lonely she is and all the secrets she knows about Wiley, Brad, Lucas, and Wiley’s real father.  We see someone else eavesdropping on their conversation.   As the episode comes to it’s conclusion, Liesl is pushed overboard.  But who did it? Brad, Valentin, someone else?


Throughout the episode, guest star, Veronica Cartwright plays psychic, Sibley Gamble, who is hired by Ava (Maura West) to reconnect her to her late daughter, Kiki.  But in the process, Sibley drops bombshells at those at the Metro Court … and at the wedding reception.  She tells Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) she has a cryptic message from Madeline Reeves revolving around tweezers. She tells Franco he won’t be feeling himself soon and she warns Finn (Michael Easton) that he’ll still have more women in his life than he can handle.  And ,,, wouldn’t you know? Who should arrive at the reception … Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig)!


As for the backdrop – the wedding reception – Liz and Franco had their romantic dip, Liz’s sons: Cameron (William Lipton), Jake (Hudson West), and Aiden (Jason David) performed an adorable song for their mom and step-dad, and Terry caught the bouquet! Will they give the good doctor a love interest?  If so, who might it be?

So, what did you think about Kim drugging Drew? Who pushed Liesl overboard? What trouble will Hayden cause?  Share your theories via the comment section below.

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