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GMA’s Lara Spencer Says, “I Screwed Up” As She Apologizes For Insensitive Prince George Ballet Joke

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

After a major backlash, Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer apologized Monday morning on-air during the ABC morning show, over comments she made last week over now six-year-old Prince George taking ballet classes.

In her apology, Spencer told GMA viewers: “I screwed up.  The comment I made about dance was insensitive, it was stupid, and I am deeply sorry.”

Several key figures in the dance community spoke out following her remarks, and Spencer herself also spoke to them over the last few days telling viewers: “I have listened, I have learned about the bravery it takes for a young boy to pursue a career in dance.”

From there, a previously recorded group interview Spencer conducted with three male dancers; Robbie Fairchild (Cats), Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance) and Fabrice Calmels (Joffrey Ballet), was shown as each expressed their personal journey and often the humiliation they felt as young boys when they were laughed at and made fun of because of dance.

All of this was kicked off by Spencer making a comment during the Thursday ‘Pop News’ segment on GMA, in which she talked about Prince George’s  “curriculum”.

Lara said in her commentary: “In addition to the usual first- and second-grade things like math, science and history, the future King of England will be putting down the Play-Doh to take on religious studies, computer programming, poetry and ballet, among other things.” She then paused which gave way to chortles in the audience and went on to say: “Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts. I mean, he might! He might end up … Between the religious studies and the computer programming, I just want to go back to the Play-Doh!”

From Debbie Allen, to Rosie O’Donnell, to the wife of the late great dancer Gene Kelly, these women were among those who took swift action commenting on Lara’s remarks and how she mocked ballet.  Outside the GMA studios Monday morning were hundreds of male dancers doing their ballet moves, as well.

So, what do you think of Spencer’s remarks and her apology? Comment below. But first watch the segment and what went down this morning on GMA.

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Lara is a nice lady, she did nothing wrong. People are so sensative grow some balls lol.

You’re on a nationally syndicated program. Millions of viewers. Your personal opinions should be checked at the door daily before you go in front of an audience. She spoke before considering what was about to fall out of her mouth and THAT my good man, is on her. You’re blessed to have such a job, use common sense while doing it. I get it. After so much time you lose the sense of the larger audience and let a truth spill out. It wasn’t well received. Lesson learned. Insensitive is knowing your in front of millions of people and not paying attention to what you’re saying. That’s insensitive.

I don’t want “balls”—I am fine just the way I am., thank you, very much!! What kind of a remark is that? I suppose you and she have the same mind-set. Soeak without thinking??
This has nothing to do with sensitivity, but rather with ridicule. Even the most thick-skinned person is not immune to such toxic, offensive verbiage.
I wonder how Lara would feel if someone commented on her botched nose-job–or made derogatory remarks about her children—-she cannot utter such far-reaching, radical words, without consequence. It’s abhorrent!! She’s a public figure, and as such, she should measure said words; use a modicum of self-control and show respect for the public.

Everyone can have opinions chill out Celia.

Lara should have known better her scorn and derision would cause a Plinian eruption—-my gay, were very much offended by the implication, consideringnone of them is a dancer—-all over Instagram. I can quote some lines written by my friend, if you wish.
I have no issue with sharing opinions. As my profession dictates, I am open to diverse opinions—-for the sake of argument. An open mind and hear is good for the soul–
However, telling the general public, which includes women, is not an opinion, but rather a command.
And, while I appreciate metaphors as much as the next person, ordering moi, a woman, to grow some balls, was pretty ballsy of you. Hmmmm….

That should read my gay, very close friends,….

I agree with you George, Lara is a nice person. too many cry babies out there trying to cause trouble.

I just think Lara is not very bright, hollow and immature.

Harry Lara is a goddess, she tells it the way it is. Lara speaks her mind, good for her.

I believe EVERYONE has said things they were either misinterpreted or should have been had more thought into what was said. Lara has apologized this weekend via social media and this morning on “GMA.” Apology accepted, now let’s move on. How many celebrities have said things that they wish they could take back? We all make mistakes. As soon as we own them, all we can do is hope that the apology is accepted and a lesson has been learned. With everything that is said in Hollywood and the political environment, I would have hoped our skins would be a little thicker. For little boys who want to take dance, singing lessons, play an instrument, become a beautician, I say do what you want as long as you are happy. At the end of the day, you are not hurting anyone.

I am sick of everybody having a need to apologize for every little boo-boo or opinion..
Political correctness has become dangerous, America is turning into a nation of Snowflakes.

The ‘me too’ movement is more than ridiculous..
it is out of control. bring up thing from 40 years ago when the nation lived by different lifestyles.
Most of those women that got a pat on the shoulder and a complement of their hair or dress, or a too tight of a hug, destroying lives careers and families over piddly junk they themselves could of have well-handled themselves at the time and put an end to it.

If a woman was raped, molested, bra snapped, skirt lifted up, pants pulled down etc OK but destroying people over a too-tight hug, a comment, a flirt, shameful, more-so than the hug.

Stop whining and apologizing over little thing that is not earthshaking.
Political correctness is becoming a weapon of destruction, a get even tool, a tool for revenge, and it needs to be pulled back.

Politeness, manners, self-dignity, thoughtfullness is all that’s needed..
Don’t complain handle it then and there not 10 years later by complaining.

(( its a peeve of mine ))

Let’s hope a daughter or son of yours never has to “whine” over being treated badly or harassed by someone in power. And when and if they do, let’s hope that people with more empathy and compassion than you are there to listen to them and not belittle them. Grow a ❤️.

Very well said, su! I totally agree with your sentiments…The reason people cannot talk with each other anymore is because simply stating an honest difference of opinion has become weaponized warfare via virtue bullying and imposed political correctness, especially on social media. It’s ridiculous that whenever someone expresses a point of view that doesn’t comport with the self-appointed thought police that they are raked over the coals, forced into a course of “re-education” and made to publicly apologize, often for the most innocent of comments that had no intent of personal harm. Although I am no fan of Lara Spencer, I don’t believe that she meant any offense to either “The Little Prince” or ballet-dancing boys, in general! Hence for her to be forced by ABC to issue a major mea culpa was patently absurd.

maybe wrong for her to say but really wants wrong with it…would this be in discussion had it been a girl…i hear stand ups say all kinds of things about people and no one seems offended…perhaps the kid might like other things better than dance…nothing wrong with that…im sure there are kids that do like other things…i liked other things that age other than dancing,,,

@Jimh…Despite the emphasis on Prince George’s love of ballet dancing and the ensuing brouhaha surrounding it, he’s really a well-rounded little chap who enjoys the same activities as most boys his age…he is said to be an avid tennis player and swimmer, not to mention, one who spends a lot of time just playing outdoors with his siblings per his mother’s love of nature which she has imparted to her offspring. I don’t know if this was properly explained on GMA, but his ballet classes are part of his school’s required curriculum for all of its students…while it seems that he has taken particularly well to them, there is nothing unusual for young males to partake of such instruction in the British private (what they call “public”) educational system. Ballroom courses will undoubtedly come next….bet he aces those, too!!! P.S. You are so right about the offensive things comedians say, yet they are frequently given a huge pass for truly unforgivable comments. Bill Maher definitely comes to mind…

Ahhhh, Shaybelle—that’s all well and good….but, Lara scorned the boy!! She is the one who looks foolish, in the aftermath.
She should beat her chest with a million mea culpae—and a few Acts of Contrition.
As I said to Su, had the ‘subject’ not been a child, I wouldn’t even have given it a second thought. . Considering she named her kid “Duff”, I would have kept my mouth shut. I can bet this child has had a few run-ins with the cruelty soooo inherent to many a child. ❤️

Point taken, CeeCeeGirl! Then again, Lara tends to look foolish more often than not! I’ve never seen anyone who gets so effusively excited over practically nothing, so I was certainly not defending her as a personality….nor as a mother who named her kid “Duff!!!!” (Crikey!) I just think compared to the outrageous suggestion that Barron should be put in a cage or the outright vilification regarding Ivanka’s choice of pet for her daughter’s birthday present, having a giggle about the obvious cultural differences of US vs. more classical European educations was not such a big deal. Especially when you consider in the scheme of things the truly crazy stuff that makes the daily rounds regarding the Royals….Given the intensive coverage constantly provided in the UK press and social media, I seriously doubt that Wills and Catherine even gave this one a second thought! They are mature, grounded parents who seem to have a healthy, humorous perspective when it comes to bringing up their family quite normally amidst most unusual circumstances, plus, believe you me, there is much more dubious material out there in reference to Prince George! A particular Instagram account comes to mind, which is half-hilarious and half-horrifying in its portrayal of “Le Petit Dauphin” as a catty, flamboyant, potty-mouthed-to-the-extreme fashion icon who regularly slams all and sundry in the royal lineup…and then some!!! Although I’m admittedly a fan of the website, I do believe that it sometimes (okay, frequently…) goes too far—like when pint-sized Prince Louis drops copious f-bombs just like his big brother—but it does have its really cute and clever moments, as well!!!! And it’s almost always good for a laugh…Needless to add, it took care of Lara and her ignominious gaffe in short—-and cunning——-order with no less than three different posts! Never fear, our snappy princeling always has the last word on everything…..and anything!

Hi, Shaybelle,
I would like to let you know that I did respond to you on two separate occasions.
Apparently, my replies did not meet standard protocol.
We better stick to discussing soaps—LOL…but, but, but,….Cosi’ e’ la vita!!
Ciao, bella❤️

Understood, CeeCeeGirl! Thanks for your efforts, just the same! One always wonders was it what one said or how one said it that wasn’t up to snuff???…LOL! At any rate, I see people are still commenting on this issue…so, some further thoughts. Even though I consider Spencer to be a totally vapid talking head, I’m still in agreement with su that what she said wasn’t all that egregious…it was just plain stupid not to possess a sense of forethought as to what a reaction it would bring in these heightened politically-correct times in which we live…albeit I still believe she spoke without malice! I realize that for many, the concept of a male ballet dancer means only one thing, but as I refuse to engage in stereotypical thinking, I don’t necessarily make that assumption…hence I took Lara’s remark as a fellow mom to be more about the extremely transitory nature of a child’s interest in anything…one day they love to fingerpaint with a passion, the next, their attention is drawn to some completely different activity. As I was not initially triggered by Spencer’s words when I read them, I even suffered through her video to be sure I didn’t miss something in the written translation…Nope, I did not! I also did a bit of an exercise by substituting other pastimes like “horseback riding” and “fencing” for “ballet,” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the otherwise identical statements. As I previously said, I know that this particular art form may carry with it a specific association for some, however, I don’t necessarily subscribe to that notion. Therefore, I took this whole brouhaha as an overreaction that really did not require an apology, let alone an entire segment on Lara’s so-called “re-education,” even though the dancing presentation in and of itself was quite awesome! Later, mia amica!

Hey there, su000, so disappointed that you would make a statement like “The ‘me, too’ movement is more than ridiculous.” Sees like a facile dismissive remark. Just because “the nation lived by different lifestyles” doesn’t make it right, then or now.
“Time’s up” for “piddly junk they themselves could have well-handled themselves” (your words.) They could NOT have handled it by themselves.
You say this is a “pet peeve” of yours, well, I can personally attest–and bear witness–that “handling” was not possible “40 (and more) years ago” when one was told not to make waves or could not find a law in place to support their complaint.

hi nancy 🙂
MeeToo used to have a purpose but it has gone way off track..
destroying lives, families, career over a too tight of a hug or a comment is overkill.

Some deserve it others do not.
MeToo is one line only, no different degrees. That is not justice that is revenge.
Some men are given no chance to defend themselves, that is wrong.

Some women are out to destroy the man how done them wrong with a lie, some have ligament claims.
the MeToo needs to give the accused men a voice, but they have been destroyed before they can say a word in protest.

Every person has a right to face their accuser, that does not happen, pointing at a man destroys him, his business, his family, and that is wrong.

Hey again, su000, how long have women been without a voice, been without an avenue to face their offenders, their rapists, their harassers? I think it’s time to give women an equal chance at justice–that’s what the movement has done. Silence and shame no longer. Justice for all. It’s been a long time coming–much too long. There is now a light at the end of that long, dark, tortuous tunnel. I speak from experience.

hi Nacy!
I’ve always stood for myself no matter who was in front of me.
Apparently, some can not.

The MeToo is far from perfect and that movement has destroyed careers and families when the men were later shown innocent, it never washes off.

too many women have accused simply for revenge or for whatever reasons.
we hear the few biggies on the news but there are cities, towns across the nation where the accused are destroyed Before they can speak, that is not right.

Women are not weak, we are the stronger of the sexes, actually.
they have fear, insecurity about standing for themselves and that is on them nobody else.

If a man touched me improperly I’d blast him out there and then, heh might even break his nasty fingers ahaaa! many women would and could.

MeToo is working and it is not working, that’s the problem.

Very true—I agree that MeToo has gone too far—-but, the culpability lies with those who take advantage of the theory behind the movement.
Not every one person is a rapist or an harasser. The system does not always work. And, you are so very right that many lives have been ruined—-the reason why many crimes fall through the cracks.
That’s a separate issue–I am an Independent Libertarian!! I will always stand up for children and women!!
Yes, we women are strong–more power to us—-I scare my husband sometimes; and he towers over me. LOL.
The best weapon to besting a man is the knee. Hits the spot!! Yeah!!❤️

Su, if you will permit one personal, very painful story. When my sister was mercilessly harassed by one of her profs, she went to the dean. Know what the dean said? “Just give it back to him.” And he offered her a Kleenex. At that time, as I said, there was no recourse because there was not a sexual harassment policy AT ALL at the college (or any other colleges.) So, my very young, very naive, very shy sister just had to ENDURE the pain and go on. I hope that painful experience doesn’t have to happen to today’s young women in college, at least not so often because of the strides made by women’s groups such as MeToo. Of course, it’s not from lack of trying! Women tried in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s–you get the picture. But fighting for shining lights on injustices such as this one–and the making of laws and policies is a giant step also. Yes, I am for justice for EVERYONE; maybe it’s coming–however slowly.

And there was no policy by the American Psychiatric Association in place as late as the 1970s–and therapy is still a closed, incestuous society where horrible sexual abuse is taking place with therapists’ abuse of power. That’s an area crying out (pun intended) for more laws, more oversight. Let’s all hope it’s coming. JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Yeah, SuzieQ—Agreed. But, no one should make fun of a kid—say mean words and laugh it off at a child’s expense. As a mother, that’s what bothers me–we, as adults, can take it—it’s cruel to ridicule a child.

hi 🙂 Celia!
(I’m watching Luciferp Mr Morinstar makes my mouth water, Netflix is bringing the best out of him!!
That woman said;
” “Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts. I mean, he might! ”
and for saying that she’s been forced to lick shoes in apologies, no one was hurt by it, it’s piddly. 🙂

Thumbs up to devilish Morningstar, SusieQ!! Hot, hot, hot—those eyes–that mouth!!
On the subject of Lara –Hmmmm. Not so piddly for some; but for those kids who endure ridicule and bullying every day of their young life, it is a big deal.
Many were hurt by her insensitivity. I didn’t like it—I am not the only one, believe me.
However, I do agree that, at this point, apologies are moot. The damage has been done. I can, also, assure you that the this new trend of apologizing is completely insincere.
Later, my friend❤️.

Hi Celia 🙂
she said;
Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet.
((She was talking of the Father not the son, the father-

I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts. I mean, he might! ”

She said nothing bad about George/son.
”How long that will last” is Not mean towards the son,
it was simply ”how long will that last, it might.
It could be said of any child in a sport etc, wonder how long that will last.

And saying that still was not an abusive comment towards George.

Yes– Lucifer on Netflix is much better than when on broadcast tv.
He is so hot!!!

I realize that, SusieQ….I guess I got a little carried away. Perhaps her words did not say much ( negatively speaking); yet the implication ant her tone said it all.
My friend, who is gay, has a completely different opinion—-he took it personally….is it because he’s a dancer—-including ballet? Maybe—-but, regardless, we should all put a cork in it where there is such a fine line of saying the wrong thing these days. My friend, let’s call him Mike, wrote a very scathing remark for Lara…..
Plus, if nothing was untoward, then why apologize? It was forced. And, that, my love, is worse than not saying anything at all…..
In the future, she should just shut up so that there will be no need to apologize.
Oh, yeah….I will NOT share Lucifer with you…..HaHa….❤️

she did not make fun of the kid…
She was not cruel.
George was not ridiculed, wondering if something may or may last, is not cruelty nor ridicule ..
it was a simple ‘un huh’ question no harm intended.
and people were freaking out hot & nasty over it..
that is what’s wrong-
making that woman lick boots in apologies over it, that’s what’s wrong.

some times things get too crazy..
anthills made into mountains..

people can be mean & cruel to kids, but not her, she was not. There was no intent no malice.

luvs 🙂

Another one on an apology tour. Can’t stand it.

Naturally there are people here who say we should never apologize. The thing about this is, how is it possible for anyone to be this tone deaf and clueless in 2019? She SHOULD apologize; she’s living in the 70s and just doesn’t get it.

“We all make mistakes”. Such a juvenile reaction. Sure, this person robbed a bank – so what, that guy over there was speeding and I’ve seen people rob TWO banks! Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you’re ignorant and say something stupid, you should apologize.

she was trying to be funny and witty, and it backfired. you can’t play to both sides. I did find it surprising considering the show gma always has dancers (male) from dancing with the stars on and I Bet all those guys took ballet. so yeah, it was insensitive and it makes her look fake in all her interaction with the dancers who come on the show when she sits there and makes fun of a little boy liking ballet.

Lara Spencer is not well liked, she is a diva and she should have kept her mouth shut. Lara please have several seats.

I think Lara Spencer would be a great fit on FOX News.

You mean with the rest of us deplorable, smelly, dumb Walmart shoppers? Funny, how I’ve never walked into a Walmart—-not because my nose is stuck in the air, but because there is no WM in my vicinity.
I do believe you speak out of turn yourself, my dear Harry—-❤️

Walmart’s not a good place to be for you mortals. Too damn many of them are getting shot up lately. (Not to mention the poor quality made in China products, and the way they treat their own employees)

Sam Walton’s in Hell, but he’s got it easier than his kids will when they come down. At least Sam made a point of only selling American products when he was in charge. Still a predatory businessman in most other areas though, which is why he’s here.

Thanks, but no thanks, Harry! We Fox viewers have much higher standards than that!

When GMA tried that idiotic afternoon show at 1 PM that lasted about two weeks, I think I put up with it about 5 minutes without turning off the TV. That airhead was the main reason why. She made some of the idiots on “The Chew” look like Rhodes Scholars, by comparison.

OH Lara, Lara will you ever learn? There are only certain people that can say unthinkable things without fallout or criticism. No matter the crap, etc.that comes out of their mouth, it is accepted without question. They are still looked up to and become an idol to many others. BUT, the minute you give in to this foot in mouth disease, many of us have, all hell breaks loose. I know because I have it, and have taken medication for years, but it doesn’t always work. I’ll tell you another little secret.The older you get, the worse this disease gets. I think our muscles just get too weak to pull that damn foot out in time.

A forty something year old woman stuck in a state arrested development is not a pretty sight. I never could stand Lara Spencer–she’s a bubble-headed boobie!

I’m actually surprised that nobody’s asked Ron Reagan Jr about this whole situation. I seem to recall him being a big fan of ballet back when he was a teenager, and got called a whole bunch of names for doing so, a lot of which came from his father’s fan club.

Think Ron still works for NBC in some capacity though, so it’s not likely that Disney/ABC would put him on the air.

Hey, Satan! As a staunch supporter of President Reagan, I found Ron Jr. to be a delight back in the day of his father’s administration. I very fondly recall his quite game guest hosting of SNL (when it was actually funny….) as he performed a Cruise-like dance in his skivvies during a send-up of “Risky Business,” not to mention a “Hellcats of the Navy” spoof featuring a drag queen portraying his own mother, as the former actress, Nancy Davis….(In fact, Terry Sweeney’s Nancy Reagan impression was savagely en pointe and hilarious, although I actually thought the woman herself was a fine first lady who was totally devoted to her husband and his place in history…) Having said that, I always appreciated Ron’s generally diplomatic behavior toward his parents when they were alive….although not so much for his political comments in recent years. Still, he was a model son compared to that “Sister from Hell!!!” What a disgrace…..

This is absurd and she has nothing to apologize for. Anyone in the free world is free to make ANY hate speech they want about Donald Trup. Stand up comedians say rude offensive curse filled things about anyone they want. And she makes an innocent remark and gets slammed for it! And um…sorry…Rosie O’Donnell “weighing” in on the benefits of ballet doesnt cut it!!! Sign up for Dancing With The Stars, Rosie ..then talk about it!! These “stars” so hyporitical and two faced it makes me sick!!

GMA people talk as if everything is funny. They laugh all the time like morans! They think it’s party time on TV. I never watch GMA as I was supported by a 6 year old child “these GMA people are giggling all the time like everything is funny!”

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What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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