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Gregory Harrison On GH’s Gregory’s Battle with ALS: “He’s Not Going to be Able to Continue to Keep the Disguise of Being a Completely Healthy Fella”

Photo: ABC

General Hospital is known for tackling social issues of our time, and heartbreaking medical dramas. The latest is Gregory Chase’s battle with ALS played by actor Gregory Harrison.

Currently in story, Gregory has not told his sons Chase (Josh Swickard) and Finn (Michael Easton), or anyone in his immediately family, that he is afflicted with his most terrorizing disease.  Thus far, Gregory has only shared the news of his diagnosis with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

But as we have seen on the soaps, keeping health conditions a secret all have a way of coming out at the most inopportune or most riveting time in the storyline.

Photo: ABC

In the current issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Gregory Harrison spoke on his character’s plight and resolve to not let anyone in. However, as the symptoms of ALS manifest itself, Gregory Chase finds himself conflicted on what to do next and in a scene between his character, Brook Lynn and Chase, he wants to get his son and his girlfriend to get married sooner than later.

Gregory Harrison offered up: “I don’t think he’s thinking ‘I’m going to ask them to lunch and I’m going to try to get them to get married,’ or anything like that. But I think it’s eating away at him, his own eventual demise. Everything for him revolves now around looking down the road and trying to make sure that his family is happy and taken care of and prepared for his departure.”

Photo: ABC

When Gregory has his symptoms show up while with his granddaughter, Violet, (Jophielle Love) it’s a game-changer for him. It becomes a moment truth.  Harrison expressed: “He’s not going to be able to continue to keep up the disguise of a completely healthy fella.”

So, what do you think of Gregory Harrison’s portrayal thus far of Gregory dealing with the onset of ALS? Are you looking forward to seeing how this story plays out on General Hospital? Comment below.

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I think it’s a horrible story and I don’t know why GH feels it has to “teach” its viewers about every horrific disease known to man. It’s not about not caring; it’s not about not being empathetic. It’s knowing that diseases like this exist, can effect any of us or those we love which is why I personally love escapism; to not think about all the horrors that can befall us. These current writers (not the temp writers) have gone from brain tumors to leukemia to alzheimers to brain dead babies to Huntingtons and now this. It’s not what I tune in for and I won’t watch this story.

The hospital was a place for characters to gather; to meet, fall in love, gossip, solve crimes, bring in victims of crime…with an occasional medical story and most of those stories had cures. This is way too much.

I wonder if this is what Gregory Harrison signed up for. Why would they want to write off this very popular actor? Why not keep the door open if the reason was he didn’t want full time soap work? My understanding was he was brought in to be a love interest for Alexis. Instead, he was rarely on, when he was he was taking care of Violet, and as soon as it seemed he and Alexis finally got around to their part of the story we learned of his diagnosis.

Utterly, totally, depressing story. If people enjoy fictional stories on fatal illness let them rent a film. But to keep throwing in suffering and disease on GH means that viewers have to tune out on as show they otherwise enjoy, And to top it off, this was immediately following complaints they got on Britts’ diagnosis.

OMG, you are so right and I totally agree. It’s like they aren’t happy unless they have someone sick and dying from something. This thing with Gregory, I was hoping for a misdiagnosis but we have never even seen him at a Dr’s appointment and yet he tells Alexis he’s getting worse. I have so much sympathy for the guy but on the other hand he’s a pain in the butt with him not doing anything or telling his son’s. We just got through Willow’s illness and now Curtis and poor Sasha which they could have written out for a while instead of putting her through this Gladys and rotten Dr. induced agony.At least Nina is living up to true form, wanting to know all of Sonny’s business and since when was Sonny’s P.House ” our home”? I’m getting off track now and rambling, just too much to find fault with these days.

For me Violet, Willow, Curtis, and Sasha’s stories don’t bother me that much because all of them will have happy endings. Curtis will no doubt walk again, and Cody will probably ride to Sasha’s rescue and hopefully they’ll become a couple (and let Mac know FINALLY that Cody’s his son) and obnoxious Willow, lived. But Britt’s story was never going to have a happy ending. Had Kelly Theibaud stayed with GH we would have watched her deteriorate and die. I guess the writers couldn’t fulfill that dream (sarcasm) so they moved on to Gregory and decided to give him an even more horrific disease.

I can’t watch these types of stories with no hope. I find them too stressful, frightening, and depressing. I’m well aware what could befall any of us, and I don’t need it played out on a show. To top it off, they’re destroying this adorable family: Finn, Chase, Violet, and Gregory, who are so close; they’re always uplifting to see. And instead of that family growing maybe with Finn and Liz, Chase & Brook Lynn, Gregory and Alexis (and her family) OR with Tracy (had Jane decided to stay longer) they’re going to do another gut-wrenching story. As if covid and other diseases and the political situation and just about everything isn’t heavy enough in real life, these writers are brainstorming how many fatal illnesses they can cram in back-to-back.

I like Gregory (the actor and the character). I just won’t watch if we don’t find out he’s been misdiagnosed. From the actor’s comments in this piece I’d assume he hasn’t.

Huntington’s Disease and ALS are EQUALLY HORRIFIC Diseases! I have seen loved ones who have suffered from both!

Rebecca, I so agree with you, I love GH, and I do love that they tackle heart breaking storylines, but its been a couple of bad years for the country, most of us are still affected by how horrible covid has been to the world, and I want escapism. I don’t want to have to see a major character die of the horrible disease of the month or week or year. Leave that for something to tackle maybe every couple of years, and if you want to play doctor with major characters have them do doctor check up to check on their high blood pleasure, or maybe diabetes but enough with killing of characters with these heartbreaking diseases.

Hi Aria; I never watch stories on fatal diseases. I don’t care which show or how many accolades a film received, it’s not something I want to have in my mind. I’m already concerned enough with reality and all the possibilities that can befall me or someone I love. I truly don’t want to get attached to a character only to watch and feel that anguish or that fear. Between the producer (Frank Valentini) & the writers, there doesn’t seem to be a brain cell between them. WHY would they think this is something a viewership still dealing with covid being out there, families having lost loved ones, etc, that people would look forward to a story about yet another fatal illness, loss of mobility, etc. They literally just got through with Britt having to cope with hers, and we, the viewers, who loved the character, having to watch her despair. I can’t… Makes no sense that this is what they’ve come up with for this charming actor and his likeable character. Gregory Harrison may appreciate the intensity and the responsibility as an actor to play the role, but the better he plays it the more it would bring me down.

In response to Rebecca, I understand what you’re saying. If I want an escape I pop in The Sound Of Music. G. H has always been about current things of importance. You’re still watching it.

Idiotic reply. Thanks.

Totally agree!!! I wish they would listen to the viewers just ONCE in a while!!!

GH has been a bitter boring!! Watching since a teenager on n off. Now everyday…we can record…lol. I’d love to see Ned retrieve his memory, Nina get busted n Sonny leave her. In my opinion it will put some suspense n action going. Cannot believe Sonny hasn’t seen Nina for who she really is. Just my opinions n suggestions.

I totally agree with you. Terrible story line.

I complete agree Rebecca. They introduce a new character we all love and he’s going to die. As far as I’m concerned they could have let Willow die and keep Gregory. I live his character so much more than whiny Willow. I am so bored with some of the other storylines. Give Gregory life and let him and Alexis live happily never after.

I agree. Keep Gregory and live happily with Alexis. A great couple. Also Sonny dump Nina she’s obnoxious.

Some of the most memorable stories GH has done have been about AIDS, BJ dying, Monica’s breast cancer, Mike’s alzheimers…it’s been this way since the show started. What you’re asking to see is a sitcom, not a soap OPERA.

You can’t watch The Price Is Right and ask them to stop playing so many games.

I agree and isn’t General HOSPITAL the name of this game? Of course there is gong to be medical story lines.

Wow, your comments capture my thoughts on this topic precisely. I really liked the arc his character had been on and my heart sank when I learned of this development. I won’t be watching this storyline either,lol.

I agree with Rebecca. We’ve heard of this awful disease and how devastating it is. I watch soaps to escape to the realities of life. Watching a horribly depressing story line is not an escape. The actor is doing a superb job, but we don’t need to watch this.

Thank you Serlinda. Exactly.

G. H I’m a part of these conversations. Why are you not posting mine. Because I don’t agree with everything that’s said?


You needed GH to tell you this? The disease has been around forever. Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend just died of this. Michael Zaslow, the soap actor, died of it. There was the ice challenge a while back which was in the news, celebrities along with non celebrities participated in it to raise awareness. Stephen Hawking was incredibly renowned, had it for years,until he recently passed. It’s a horrific, degenerative, disease that is not “entertainment.” And we don’t watch GH to get informed; (contrary to what a few think). We watch for escapism and for “soapy” problems. When people on a soap get sick they usually get better. In GH’s sixty years they barely had fatal disease; Stone had AIDS when the disease first came around and yes, at the time that was very informative (as well as heartbreaking, devastating, and something that still brings tears to my eyes when I think of the Stone’s death scene) as it was a new disease that was in the news and on everyone’s minds at the time. There was a stigma around it and the story was able to break through for people to understand that it wasn’t “just” a gay mans disease, it touched everyone. It gave the disease a face.

My point is if you and a few others salivate over getting close to a character only to see him physically and emotionally suffer, want to watch him deteriorate, go into spasms, no longer be able to do things for himself, watch him face his own death, his future and all its endless possibilities be taken from him, watch his sons and grandchild go through grief because your life is so tragedy-free that you feel you need a huge does of ongoing sorrow in a daily soap, you’re in luck.

Isn’t the current world situation sad enough we got through the pandemic for the most part. All the other sad stories in GH are still ongoing. When will there be a little excitement with nostalgia, crime, solving, love in the afternoon, intrigue, etc. Why did the riders think we need sad, sad stories with diseases and heartbreak and betrayal. Isn’t there enough of that in real life?

I so agree with all. There have been TOO many devastating illness on this show. Before characters would “die” but they always show back up. I understand they are wanting to show “real life” crisis events, but enough already.

I agree. I won’t be able to stomach it as the storyline progresses. I lost my dad to ALS.

Once Al’s has been diagnosed you have about 5 years to live. It takes its toll differently but quickly. I hope the writers take this serious.

I say, good for this story line! More people should be aware it can happen to anyone, any day, any disease!!! Like this real life connection!!! Keep the story line moving forward…

I watched my brother-in-law die from ALS. It’s real life alright, no one deserves to suffer from this debilitating disease let alone watch your loved ones suffer from it.
I have watched GH since the 60’s and I don’t care to watch an incurable disease storyline. I prefer hope and rehabilitation.

Most people are aware of all the things we can die from at any given moment, heart attacks, strokes, etc,etc. It doesn’t mean we want to watch beloved characters suffer through these things on a daily basis, or maybe some people get off on this kind of sadistic crap., so you enjoy it,o.k?

I recently lost a close friend to this Horrible disease very rapidly thru the early Pain in her muscles we lost her in a matter of weeks & Months till she requested Hospice care & went quickly to avoid the suffering RIP Sweet Friend Jennifer Esser// Amen

Yes I really want to see how Gregory handles.his ALS and how he.tells both Finn and Chase about his condition. I really want to see his plight with his medical condition with both his sons. I love Gregory in General Hospital.

You love him yet you want to watch him suffer and die? Great story. (Eyes up in head).

OMG, you are sadistic to say the least.

Some of the best, most well received storylines in GH history have been medical stories. The Stone/Robin AIDS story, BJ’s death/Maxie receiving her heart, Monica’s breast cancer, Mike’s Alzheimer’s, Lulu’s blood disorder when she was a baby that brought The Cassadine’s back to town etc.

The show literally has the word “Hospital” in the title. I don’t understand complaining about medical stories whatsoever. Medical stories have been part of the DNA of GH since day one. Sometimes characters live, sometimes they die. It’s called daytime drama for a reason.

I personally enjoy watching a show like GH because of the variety of stories they tell us, the variety of emotions they can make us feel. They can make us happy, make us laugh, make us mad, make us sad, make us cry, make us think. That’s escapism to me. It’s not all sunshine and roses, it’s not all doom and gloom, it’s a mix, and I think they do a great job maintaining that mix.

Gregory Harrison is a great actor, and he’s gonna play this story for all it’s worth. I’d rather watch him portray a real life, serious illness as an actor than see him sitting in the office with Alexis blabbing about the newspaper, or babysitting Violet. Those scenarios are boring to me. A well told medical story, that’s classic daytime drama!

BJ died from a bus accident. Maxi lived. Monica survived breast cancer. Lulu survived her blood disorder. Watching a 16 year-old Oscar deal with imminent death and die of a brain tumor, watching a 30-something, vibrant, Britt learn she was going to go through a degnerative disease and die, watching Franco run around hoping for a cure for a more fatal brain tumor, watching Sasha and Brando go through grief over a brain-dead baby, and now watching a charming relatively new character go through spasms and degenerate knowing he will soon become dependent and die is not “entertainment” or escapism. The world “Hospital” in the tile was never meant to be a show about fatal disease, death, grief. The hospital was the hub for the doctors, nurses, lawyers, cops, criminals, to gather and cross paths, develop romance, gossip, etc. GH has become a steady stream of fatal illness. It’s freaking depressing,

I’m sorry you feel that way, Rebecca. I usually find myself agreeing with most of your comments here. We just have a strong difference of opinion on this one. I’ll leave it at that.

Sorry if I’m so adamant about this Dan. I just truly abhor stories about fatal illness. We’re all too vulnerable as are those we love. People who watch soaps could be battling illness, be a caregiver, have just lost somone, etc. I don’t see the point or the joy in watching a show that causes sorrow; that’s all this story will be. Poignant moments with the knowledge of what lays ahead. I want to escape into soaps and I in no way agree with people who think soaps shoudl be the place they “learn” about things. A few social issues thrown in; okay. But fatal diseases? No; that’s not escapism. There’s plenty of drama to be had that doesn’t include gut-wrenching loss of life and grief. To top it off, we have to watch a character many of us have gotten close to go through the stages. Not sure WHY anyone would want to watch that. Maybe they haven’t experienced something tragic in their own lives yet and can detach; not so easy for those who know what life can bring.

Very well said

My uncle passed from ALS and as long as long as the story is presented compassionately I don’t have a problem with it . But the LGBTQrstuvwxyz /<×@! story lines are horseshit.

My brother passed away with ALS. Horrible disease. So sad..

I believe that they should bring in a real life ALS actor someone like Kenneth Mitchell who can bring substance to the story line.

I don’t agree with Rebecca at all….
I think that more information you have about any disease is power!!!! I’m glad g.h
Is doing this story about Gregory, just like they did the story of ” stone & Robin about h.iv. and aids ”
Keep doing those stories g.h.
Number 1 fan since 1979
Love you all g.h.
❤ suz

Then ask your doctor or look at an organization online that can give you info. Most don’t want to see a beloved character lose mobility, become dependent, have no future to look forward to, and die. How utterly morbid, sad, scary, and the opposite of what escapism is all about.

I do not like this storyline. I love the actor and would like to see him characterized differently. Very disappointing.

Don’t the doctors at GH know that there is now a medication that fights ALS?

Well, if they do, they are saving it as a last ditch effort to saving Gregory’s life.

There’s no cure for this disease.

I don’t enjoy the storyline ..I wish they bring Sam Dad back. Why they release him for what. Like I said William Defery needs to come back. ..and Jason needs to come back for Sam

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Kelly Monaco Celebrates 20 Years on GH and Sam’s Evolution: “All the Pieces Don’t Fit Perfectly Yet, But It’s Certainly Not Broken Anymore!”

Sunday, October 1st will mark the 20th anniversary of Kelly Monaco’s debut on General Hospital as Sam McCall.  And as the story goes, when Kelly finished her run on Port Charles as Livvie Locke (2000-2003), and the show had been canceled, the three major networks were all interested in her to join their soaps.

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Kelly shared with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, how she viewed the Sam of old, to the Sam of today: “Sam came on to the canvas only having herself and her brother, always taking care of someone, and never being taken care of.  I think the biggest evolution for her is starting from being a really lonely, scared woman and becoming a woman who is still really independent, but is protected by family and friends and love and relationships and loyalty, and she never had that before.”

Photo: JPI

In a very poetic way, Monaco added on her character’s development: “She came in bent and broken, and I feel like there’s a lot of her that’s still broken, but she’s constantly sort of putting the Rubik’s Cube together. All the pieces don’t fit perfectly, yet, but it’s certainly not broken anymore.”

Throughout Sam’s two decades in Port Charles she has been in love, suffered terrible lost, found family members, had children, and has been involved in some of the most dangerous and criminal cases involving many a villain as she tried to help bring them to justice.

Photo: ABC

Currently, Sam is involved in a romance with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).  Viewers wonder if Lulu ever wakes up out of her coma, would that spell trouble for their relationship, and in turn, give Kelly some great meaty story to work with?

Now, in the comment section below, share your congrats to Kelly for her 20-year-run on GH. Then let us know, what has been your favorite Sam story over the years?

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General Hospital and daytime drama favorite, Roger Howarth (Austin), can now also be seen in the independent feature film, What Doesn’t Float, currently premiering in limited release in New York City this weekend, and then on to Los Angeles next on October 6th.

On Howarth’s Instagram account, the talented actor shared some photos from opening night of the film with his co-stars and said: “What Doesn’t Float has conquered lower manhattan!! Thanks to these amazing creatives. Next is Los Angeles! They are beautiful talents and cool sweet people.”

What Doesn’t Float is dark comedy and anthology that follows seven stories in one city. In it, a group of characters, New Yorkers, are at their wits end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego reflecting our true character, while the rest sinks to the bottom.

Photo: RHowarthIG

Howarth takes on the role known as “Paddle Boarder.” Along with Roger, the film stars: Pauline Chalamet, Cindy De La Cruz, Joel Nagle, Larry Fessenden, Declan Eells, Joseph Longo, Chanel & Dior Umoh, Keith Poulson, Lily Sondik, Amir Royale, and Alexra Templer.

What Doesn’t Float comes from the Creative Collective and Gummy Films: Executive Producers David Tedeschi, Bernadette & Michael Fitzgerald, produced by Rachel Walden & Pauline Chalamet, written by Shauna Fitzgerald, directed and edited by Luca Balser.

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Friday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it what every Sprina fan has wanted and waited for in what seems like an eternity – a love scene between Trina and Spencer where the fan favorite duo finally find themselves between the sheets.

In story, the New York City romantic adventure continued for Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) as the shared an intimate dinner, following the theater. Spencer is happy to see Trina so happy. She thanks him for such a beautiful night, and then tells Spencer she loves him very much.

Spencer can’t believe it’s taken Trina so long to say those three little words. He shares that he knows he is not the most patient person. Trina laughs, and says, “You?”

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Next, Spencer tells Trina that he’s loved her since the very first day he met her.  Then, Sprina fans received a heartfelt montage of some Spencer and Trina moments from the history of their relationship. Coming out of the flashbacks, Spencer says, “The best is yet to come.”

When the waiter asks Trina and Spencer if they would like dessert, they both decide to skip it, so they can head back to their hotel to be together. Next, upon arriving back to their room, Trina is touched by all the rose petals strewn across the bed that Spencer arranged before they came back to the hotel.


Now, alone together, Spencer and Trina make love for the very first time.  Afterwards, they cuddle up and Spencer admits that he’s the happiest when he’s with Trina. They kiss and Sprina fans rejoice!

So, what did you think of part two of ‘Sprina in New York’? Was it everything you had hoped for? ICYMI: check out the montage from today’s episode below, and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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