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Heather Tom Set To Direct Another Episode Of B&B: Meanwhile, A Shattered Katie Reads The Riot Act To Brooke!



It’s a very busy time for five-time Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom (Katie) on The Bold and the Beautiful! First, the actress revealed on Saturday via her Instagram account that she is indeed prepping to direct her second episode of the CBS daytime drama series.

Heather will be directing this Wednesday on February 3rd, while viewers will see that episode air on March 14th.  In her social media post she expressed: “Just sitting here doing some work for next week! #director”

But at the same time as she is busy behind the camera, Katie has major story coming up that kicked-off this week when she found her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) professing her love for her husband Bill (Don Diamont).  Later, When Brooke finds her almost passed out on the floor at Spencer Publications,  after Katie took a drink to calm herself after overhearing Bill and Brooke, Katie reams Brooke for wanting to steal her husband.  Then, Katie reads the riot act to Brooke, and basically tells her she is no better than a common hooker!

Watch Katie laying the smackdown on Brooke after the jump.  Then let us know … are you glad to see that B&B is letting Heather direct more episodes of the soap?  What were your thoughts on Katie telling off Brooke?  Heather shared in a tweet last week that the story is not going to be the same ole’ same ole’ triangle,  so what twist do you see coming next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I don’t even watch B&B but Heather Tom is always on target in her scenes. That girl is spectacular. Kudos to her for a great display of her acting chops once again. Her acting reel from last year’s Daytime Emmys was just out of this world great. And this should earn her another. Bravo!


I love her acting and it’s so real and great to see that she enjoys her work. I hope she stays with Bill or if not someone new that really loves her. I hope to see her son on the show soon.


Great acting by Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang… but here we go again. Just when it seemed like Brooke was going to be given a good story-line…she’s back to being the fall guy!!!

What about Bill??? He started it! And let’s not forget about Dishonest, Selfish, Manipulative, Self-righteous Ridge!!! He used women, is currently concealing a lie from his son about his unborn “grandson”. But oh right! Remember he dropped Brooke because she was dishonest and he wanted a peaceful life! Such Crap!

When are these double standards going to end for my favorite characters..Brooke Logan, Sharon Newman, etc.

I think I’m going to take another break from B&B; Y&R.

Also…what is Michael Muhney doing these days! He was wonderful. Black listed it seems unfortunately!!


Ollie, I couldn’t agree more… Y&R’s Sharon and B&B’s Brooke are the heart of each show, and the actresses deserve much praise and Emmy glory!

Now, Michael Muhney was an awesome actor! It’s reprehensible the way he was treated. Talk about being a fall guy…


I don’t like Brooke at all. I especially hate the triangles she’s always in but this story with Katie who is always playing the victim. Maybe she should remember the wedding Brooke & Ridge we’re having when she pretended to pass out just to keep them from getting married. I wish Brooke would have slapped her back because she needs it. If I could give Katie advice I would say get a backbone and stop playing the victim with the heart condition & if I could give Brooke advice I would say you don’t need a man and for gosh sake the next time poor victim Katie slaps you, SLAP HER BACK.


Why are they repeating this already “done to death” storyline?!?!?! The Bold and The Beautiful can be very Monotonous & Slow and sometimes it takes a lot out of me to remain a fan of this show, but that’s just a personal struggle.


ICYMI WATCH: OWN’s ‘Ambitions’ All-Access Special & Get Ready For Its Soapy Debut Next Week

It’s time you start familiarizing yourselves with the new families of soapdom from the mind of its creator and executive producer, Jamey Giddens (former Daytime Confidential editorial director and co-owner).  In Ambitions, it’s the Lancasters. Carlisles and the Banks, who head up the series familial backstabbing power and sex hungry drama.

Giddens new series with producer Will Packer is set to debut next week on Tuesday night, June 18th (10PMET/9PMCST) on OWN.

Robyn Givens heads the cast as Stephanie Lancaster   Look for former daytime favorites, Matt Cedeno (Ex-Brandon, DAYS) and Rick Hearst (Ex-Ric, GH) to show up on the series as well during its run.

Earlier this week, OWN featured an all-access special so viewers can get a preview of the story and learn more about the characters they are about to take a ride with during the first season.   You can watch it in its entirety below.

In addition, the series released a segment on Giddens, illustrating that, as we all already knew, this guy knows his soaps and understands the genre!

Check both videos out below, and let us know if you will be checking out Ambitions when it bows on Tuesday night via the comment section below.

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Guiding Light R.I.P.

Guiding Light & ATWT Alum, Tom Pelphrey Is New Series Regular In Upcoming Season of Netflix’s ‘Ozark’

Well, soap fans knew when they saw the character of Jonathan Randall debut in Springfield on Guiding Light that the young man who portrayed him was going to go far in his career, and that has been what’s been happening since he left daytime for Tom Pelphrey.

Pelphrey, who won two Daytime Emmys for his role on GL and later did a run as Mick on As the World Turns, has gone on to star as Ward Meachum on both seasons of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, appeared on Cinemax’s Banshee and more recently did a guest spot on NBC;’s drama Blindspot to name just a few of his projects.

Now comes word via Deadline that Pelphrey is joining the third season of Netflix’s drama Ozark as a series regular.  The series stars Laura Linney and Jason Bateman and details the life of a family as the navigate within a dangerous drug cartel.

Pelphrey has been cast Linney’s younger brother named Ben Davis, and in story, he arrives for an unannounced and inopportune visit. He quickly reminds Wendy (Linney) who she used to be and who she is running from.

Upon the announcement of his casting, Tom took to his Twitter account and said, “Dream job!”

So, will you be checking out Ozark to see Tom in his new role?  Did you love him as Jonathan (Reva’s son) on Guiding Light? Comment below.  But first watch Tom’s winning moments and acceptance speeches at the 2006 and 2008 Daytime  Emmys.

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Days Of Our Lives

Matthew Ashford Talks Jack’s Political Decisions & Amnesia On All-New Episode Of ‘Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast’

The latest installment of of NBC’s Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast is out now featuring conversations and segments with three of the popular stars of the long-running daytime drama series.

First, host Michael Fairman chants with Matthew Ashford for a return visit and six-month check-in since he first returned to DAYS as the beloved Jack Deveraux but with a twist!  Yup, Dr. Rolf got a hold of the guy, and he has amnesia.

Now after this return, he is won the mayoral race in Salem, placed Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) as the police commissioner, and is trying to get Haley (Thia Megia) deported out of the country in the immigration storyline, even though his son, JJ (Casey Moss) is in love with the young woman.  In the meantime, Jack is upsetting his family and loved ones with his latest personality change, while Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) hopes somehow she get still get through to her one true love, so he remember his past.  On the podcast, Matt dives into all of it.

Later in a dressing room, segment, Camila Banus (Gabi) and Freddie Smith (Sonny)  chat about working on the show, with each other, and some other fun tidbits as they catch up.  And as viewers know, Gabi and Sonny, as well as Will (Chandler Massey) all have a unique and special relationship with one another.

To listen to the podcast go to iTunes to download or you can head over to and listen there as well.

Now, let us know in the comment section below; how you are liking the current machinations of Jack, and if you prefer him with Eve, or are you still hoping for a reunion with Jennifer?

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Video du Jour

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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