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Ian Buchanan Returns To The Bold and the Beautiful As Dr. James Warwick!

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The Bold and the Beautiful has certainly delivered to its audience some major surprises and none more so then the return of Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter … but that’s not all, folks! Former GH favorite, Ian Buchanan (Ex-Duke Lavery) is now also making a comeback to the CBS Daytime drama series, reprising his Daytime Emmy-winning role as Dr. James Warwick.

Buchanan chatted with TV Insider for a bit of the inside scoop of what brought him back to B&B, and while Ian is not contract, it considered to be open-ended.

So how does James come back to the canvas? Eric Forrester recruits the shrink to evaluate the mental well-being of Sheila!  Now the twist on this is both Eric and James were married to the loony-tune. Ian said:  “To keep everything discreet, Eric wanted to go to somebody in the family. (Laughs) There are lots of nutcases in the family, but only one psychiatrist. So here I am! But one of the things I like about James is that he always took the high ground, even though he went off the rails occasionally himself. He always wants to do the right thing. And, of course, Sheila is beside herself, because James and Eric are the two men she loved most and now here they are—all three of them together! It’s like she’s starring in an episode of  ‘All My Exes.”’

Ian began shooting his scenes today on July 5th and will first be seen back on-air August 16th.

So, what do you think of Ian Buchanan reprising his role of James Warwick on B&B? Comment below!

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I’m sooooooo excited that the Good Doctor, James Warwick will back in LA!! He was always one of my faves.

This is great! B&B has been amazing lately!

I love the addition of James coming back on the canvas but I wonder how Sheila is going to hold herself when this starts. James could be making twice the salary if anyone remembers to have him counsel Quinn. Either way, I am just glad to see this story being told. I’ve been thanking God every day that Sheila is back with us.

that’s Duke !!!
he belongs with GH…
((it stinks that BB got him))

((same stink as Y&R getting Tristen/Scorpio))

Feels like the good’ol days are coming back!

I always preferred Ian as B&B’s James and TWIN PEAKS’ Dick Tremayne over GH’s Duke Lavery.

Hopefully this will result in the return of daughter Mary. B&B could use a next generation trouble-maker with a mama who isn’t afraid to help her baby girl get what she wants.

I’d prefer Daisy over Mary. Daisy is bat sh!t crazy just like her mother.

Alan…Ian in B&B was before my viewing time with this show. But it was fun seeing him in Twin Peaks since I knew him as Duke from GH. Always a dandy of sorts. Also another one of my favorite soap bad guys is in Twin Peaks… Ray Wise/Ian Ward from Y&R. What a performance. Love the promo’s for the upcoming reboot, especially when they play the “music.”

Oh, I hear you about Twin Peaks’ “Dick Tremayne,” Alan! Especially when he took that obnoxious little bad seed psychopath “Nicky Needleman” on the camping trip in matching outfits and his “bimmer” had a flat tire!!!!…OUCH!

It’s always great to see him anywhere. He’s a good fit on B&B. Their gain is silly General Hospital’s loss.

Didn’t Sheila have a baby with James?

Should be interesting. I just hope Eric forgives Quinn.

I’d like him to forgive her, too, yet at the same time she did admit that she loves Ridge as well. Not sure if I would trust her again…even though I believe her devastation is real. I think both she and Ridge really love Eric and are beside themselves thinking they lost his love and trust. And, I believe they’re sorry they hurt him. But, can they really stay away from each other? The show’s been great!

This is amazing news for the long time fans who’ve watched for years and years. So excited to see James and Sheila meet after so long! 🙂

Now bring back Mary and put her in a triangle with Zende and Nicole!

Yay! Now bring back their daughter!


HAVE to agree, with; @Mister Media

” … It’s great to see him any where ”

YES big capital Y – E – S

this turns my heart.

I have to confess…. when it comes to watching – Romance – he fits the bill big time.

if I was seeking romance… even for one night or… in Anna’ case @GH. a lifetime

and that’s what I miss for these two actors. pure sublime heart chock full of loving

Dukes thee Man. his smile… never waver from his dancing eyes. YES we get Duke

even if it’s Dr. James

GH’s unnecessary loss is B&B’s fortunate gain….but that still leaves our fair Anna without a romantic soulmate! Duke is largely irreplaceable…and any other run-of-the-mill man will simply not do for the “Divine Devane!”

It’s a nice treat for us viewers to see IB regularly, and really, I hope it gives him a good reason to turn down a few of GH’s future lame requests for his return as an apparition or as Olivia’s vision of him, because they simply need to hear the word NO. I would like to see them clean up the show and restore a better vision before Duke returns in any form. I understand the need to focus on younger, cheaper actors but don’t gut out every actor that made the soap great especially the 70s-80s ones from the Golden Era because God knows how long they’ll be around and still interested in acting. Best to use them while they can because everything else has become stale, and FV’s new vision for the show is less than average.

JMER…I could not agree more with your sentiments! The character of Duke, like so many other great GH characters of glory days past, was horribly abused and misused in his last appearance in Port Charles. So, whilst I would like to see him rewritten back into the present tense at some point, your assessment of the poor treatment not only Duke Lavery, but other assorted legacy players, have received at the hands of recent GH regimes is spot on. Let’s hope they wise up before the chance to save both the show and its rich history of superb characters is forever lost to the ages. In the meantime, it’s nice that at least one of the remaining daytime dramas is currently utilizing Ian’s unique talent….he is a valuable soap vet who has such an unforgettable and engaging way about him…not to mention a most dapper manner of dressing!

Fantastic…B&B is so WONDERFUL GOOD…daytime drama at it’s best…So wish the show was an hour for the half hour goes by way to fast…

Also a good time for Taylor to come back. By the way, how old was Mary the last time she was part of the story, please?

She had a romance with Rick, I believe. I think Sheila was pushing her to do that.

I was referring to Mary, although Taylor did too!

She was around 17 in 2002. Sheila was pushing her to get pregnant by Rick.

He is divine!

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Favorite Sal Stowers Debuts in New Role in Tyler Perry’s BET Series ‘Sistas’

On Wednesday night, November 29th, Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant, Days of our Lives) joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s BET dramedy, Sistas.

In it, Sal debuted as Penelope , the sister to Jordan in the episode titled From the Blindside. Additionally, in story, Penelope finds herself romantically involved with the character of Gary played by Chido Nwokocha.

Sistas, which premiered back in October of 2019, tells the story of a group of single black women as they navigate the modern challenges of life, including careers, friendships, romances, and social media.

Photo: JPI

Stowers recently made a return to Days of our Lives back in July of this year, when Lani came to the rescue of her father Abe (James Reynolds) who was being held hostage by Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles).  Sal has always said she is more than open to make more recurring appearances on the show, if she is available and if there is story for her to play.

Soap fans first noticed Sal in 2013, when she played All My Children’s Cassandra during the 43 episode run of Prospect Park’s streaming version of the beloved soap opera.

So, looking forward to catching Sal on Sistas? Hoping Lani will return to Salem soon? Comment below.

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The Cast of ‘The Bay’ to Preview Upcoming 8th Season in Live Chat

Four Daytime Emmy-winning stars, and two fan favorites, comprise the very special guests when cast members from the upcoming 8th season of the The Bay participate in an upcoming livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel on Monday, December 4th beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Scheduled to appear are: A Martinez (Nardo), Mike Manning, (Caleb) Kristos Andrews (Pete/Adam), Maxwell Caulfield (Sir Thomas Kenway), Alicia Leigh Willis (Avery) and Eric Nelsen (Daniel) who will tease what’s to come for their character in the new season and much more.

Daytime fans know A Martinez best for his role as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, a role that won him a Lead Actor Emmy.  In addition, Martinez has appeared on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Mike Manning, previously played Charlie Dale on Days of our Lives, and took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program for his role as Caleb on The Bay.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

Kristos Andrews, the series lead of The Bay, who has taken on the dual roles of Pete Garrett and Adam Kenway,  is an eleven-time Emmy winner and made history as the only individual to ever receive Emmy recognition in four key categories: Acting, Producing, Writing and Directing.

Eric Nelsen, also took home a Daytime Emmy for his on-screen performance on The Bay for Supporting Actor in a Digital Series, but also has two more Emmys as a producer. All My Children fans remember Eric as AJ Chandler in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.  Recently, Nelsen also appeared in the hit show, Yellowstone. Alicia Leigh Willis is remembered by General Hospital fans as Courtney Matthews, the biological mother to Spencer Cassadine, and Sonny’s half- sister.

Photo: ABC

One of the major editions to the new season of The Bay is Maxwell Caulfield, who many primetime soap fans recall as Miles Colby on both Dynasty and The Colbys. Caulfield has appeared in numerous soaps, primetime, and motion picture roles, and is married to former Passions star, Juliet Mills.

Photo: JPI

Be on the look out for 14 all-new episodes of The Bay, when they drop beginning on Monday, December 11th, that will include The Bay’s 100th episode special, that premieres on Thursday, December 14th. The 8th season also includes the final performances of the late Jackie Zeman in her role as Sofia Madison.

92 episodes of The Bay are currently available on Tubi, Prime Video, and Popstar! TV, with several episodes also available for streaming on Peacock and The Roku Channel.

So, what has been your favorite role and performance from these six actors? Have you enjoyed their work on ‘The Bay’? Let us know if you will be with us in the live chat next Monday via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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