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REPORT: Contract Talks Break Down Between William deVry And General Hospital



Not good news Julexis fans, if this holds true. A report on Monday that has made its way around the web has that William deVry’s (Julian Jerome) days with General Hospital may be numbered due to a breakdown in contract negotiations for the actor’s new deal with the series.

According to Soap Opera Digest,  “Barring a last-minute change, the scenes deVry shot before GH began its three-week summer hiatus on June 30 will be his last in Port Charles.”

deVry has been with GH since 2013 when he came on to the canvas as Derek Wells and was revealed to be the very much alive Julian Jerome.  Along with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, Will formed one of the most formidable and impressive fan bases on all of social media, “Julexis”.

As to how this will end, remains to be seen.  Could there be a last minute reprieve and Will signs on the dotted line with GH?  Stay tuned.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below on this developing story.


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Well, he’s a good actor and I wish him well, but I’m really over the mobsters on GH. How about goodbye to Sonny and company, too?!?

Omg. William DeVry has more acting ability in all his fine form than sonny has in his no lips. Carly and sonny have clearly run their course with nary a blip in the ratings. Its time for them to be shown the door.

Maurice Bernard is one of the best on daytime. It’s SB’s return that is shaking this soap to it’s core.p. Keep him out!

I love DeVry, too! I say Amen to your comments.


That was going to be my exact reply! Thanks for showing up, thanks for fathering half of Port Charles, thanks for being a cowardly wimp to your many “bosses”, thanks for ruining the character of Alexis, now take Sonny with you!

I’d say Alexis went there all too willingly! Julian was not her first dip in the sexpool of criminality….the women has a habitual tendency for shagging those bad boys….Sonny, Ric, Jerry, Shawn….have I missed anyone?

LOL, Jovin. It’s not quite fair to say Julian “fathered half of Port Charles” unless you include, Sonny, Jason, our dearly-departed Alan Quartermaine, Rick Weber, and Alexis, Olivia, Carly, Liz, Sam (though her baby with Sonny died…so many of the “people” in Port Charles have children from different people!

I don’t think he ruined Alexis; I think he gave her the love she’d been searching for a long time. Granted…the path kinda took a far off turn…but Alexis fell and made her way back.Just makes her stronger….

Love Julian.

Yes! The mob has run it’s course. Sonny and his mob have been holding GH captive for decades.

I agree with you.

While he and NLG undoubtedly have chemistry (and at one time a large fanbase) it’s time to let the character go.

The knife (same one that killed her mother) to the throat was the final dagger, lol. Alexis did nothing to deserve that treatment. Add Carlos and the hit on Duke and there has never really ever been any remorse.
Years ago, Alan tried to kill Monica, but it was because she was cheating on him with Rick. I’m not going to give any Sonny/Carly examples, because those two despicable characters deserve each other.

Coming out of this, let’s see Alexis once again as a strong, independent woman.

I do agree with ‘rebooting’ Alexis, Steve, but this process could be done without firing William.
The Alexis/Julian relationship was a destructive one. It seems that his presence obfuscates Alexis’ mind to the extend where we see how she struggles not to give into her feelings for him……thus, for that reason alone, this is not a redeeming couple.
Each is greater and more productive without the other.
I heard that Michelle Stafford ( sigh and weep) , Dominick Zamprogna, and Anthony Montgomery may, also, be out the door. Is this all to give Burton a wide berth? Sad!!

They aren’t really “firing” DeVry, he just doesn’t like their offer (granted, we don’t know how low it is). If they really wanted him gone, there would have been no offer.

I’ve hear the rumors about DZ. while I’d hate to see him go, he’s a great actor who could seize this opportunity for greater things. Staff might be wishful thinking by disgruntled viewers. Montgomery wouldn’t be a major loss, as his character doesn’t have much presence.

Yes, Burton is one reason. I’ve also heard they want to free up additional money to use more of the large recurring cast frequently.

I have never … seen the smart independent woman for the ages. where does she get all this ? I do know.. that when she’s in a court room story… she is capable

to see her cower and be usurped by her own daughters… makes me gag

to see her struggle with her virtue and moral code of top tiered ethics ? she supreme court robes every thing.

Alexis ! get up off your high horse. LIVE a little… HAVE some FUN. run naked .

OK.. I truly get when you say… it’s obvious that we can see her inner struggle because her husband tried to kill her. OK OK OK… I wish this was Carly and Sonny.

the character of Alexis was made bearable because of William DeVry. who can name her last relationships that had a sustainable path

what will our Alexis do now ? be a grandma ? will she become the town drunk and take out Sam. the writers are too lazy to write a long term court story… heck they have Diane and OLTL Nora for that. this is another case of a character being left by the wayside.

I swear… if it gives us less airtime of Sam.

I will be miffed peed off… disenchanted… grousing that much more the ruination… as posted “…This is as broke down as GH will ever get ”

should I be angered by Steve Burton… yeah this is a business decision.. dictated by unimaginative writers and executive producer. run amok

this board … which does do wonders for commiserating and celebrating and “challenging” thought.

yeah, it gets tearful when posting. I want Alexis and Julian. I WANT ALEXIS AND JULIAN

they have risen
they have spotlight
they have sustainability

they are better than: sonny and Carly , Jason and Sam , Finn and Hayden, MIchael and Nelle… Franco and any one.

get that TPTB.

bring back Tyler Christopher w/ James Patrick Stuart. w/Robin Christopher

NOW ^^^ that’s sizzling I can easily say – that – about Alexis and Julian

I pray and hope that it’s not true about Nina and Dante, and Andre.

Oh, CeeCee! Do I dare to hope???? It’s like my long-dreamt-upon wish list for departing GH characters is being granted, one by one! (Save for Dr. O., of course! Liesl’s leaving is an absolute travesty!) Then again, if I had my druthers, Alexis would also vamoose with that loser lover of hers and we would no longer be subjected to her neurotic need to bed the bad boys! I other words, I prefer her character’s “booting” to “rebooting!” Time to start afresh in Port Charles with a return to the show’s more traditional premises and people….perhaps Steve Burton’s arrival will be just the beginning of that necessary process to save this soap from oblivion.

I’ve loved Alexis, Steve, through the good and the bad. Just as in life, people have different sides. They also go through triumphs and tragedies. I didn’t see her as weak when she fell apart; I saw her as human. Very real. And, she’s back. Her entire emotional breakdown was way justified. I think Nancy Grahan loved having that rich an arc to play…never losing sight that Alexis is still the brilliant lawyer, doting mom and wise woman she always was. Her feelings for Julian? He seemed to be the love of her life. With his explanatory letter, his desire to ATTEMPT to make things right but his wllingness to walk away, I can understand why her feelings are pulling her back while her mind says no. If she truly believed he would have killed her, if she didn’t believe that he was being controlled, if she didn’t believe that Sam, Danny, Christina and Molly as well as Scout’s life were in danger, I don’t think her feelings would have ever resurfaced. If DeVry stays I wonder if they’ll put them back together. If he leaves…they can have Alexis decide with her mind instead of her heart…and write him off the canvas as he leaves rejected, dejected and in search of self.

You and I will have to “agree to disagree” on this topic. Natasha Cassadine would never need an ice cream sundae to get her through the day. For support, we should see her talking to Kevin or Andre to help her get her strength back.

I’m sure you were disappointed to see Stella get her groove back the other day 🙂

LOL, Steve! Don’t you remember how neurotic Natasha always was? She had commitment phobia…she broke off her engagement to Ned…she always joked about herself…she posed as a butler to steal her baby (Kristina back), she fell for Sonny and was insecure in the relationship, she confronted Alcazar about her sister’s murder, pushed him out the window in self-defense but had to pretend to be more loopy than she actually was over the whole horrible chain of events from her sister’s death to Alcazar’s and was committed…to beat the murder rap, I believe.

Point is, Alexis WOULD have eaten the ice cream sundae….and eventually pull herself together as she always does. She LOVED Julian with a ferocity; you just don’t get over that feeling so quickly just because of a little attempted murder. LOL, I jest. Sorta. Well, ya know. “It’s complicated.”

But yes, agree to disagree. And, I wasn’t disappointed that Stella got her groove back (but wasn’t Taye Diggs hottttt…) 😉 Sigh. If she stays on long enough I’ll probably wind up liking her. That’s how I roll; can’t beat em; join em. She seemed to be coming around personality-wise, but if this were a card game I wouldn’t trade a Mac, an AJ, a Nic, a Scorpio, a Valenin and certainly not a Julian…for a Stella! 🙂

Thanks, Steve. I thought Julian was being fired. ….did not realize they were re-negotiating his contract.
I appreciate you taking the time to explain anything and everything to me. You’re a really nice guy!! I mean that!

Always happy to help – especially a great fan of the show like you

Thank you, Steve.

He can go. I’m so over the mobsters too. The show needs to be restructured. So over the Mob and Sonny

I don’t want him to go.

Good actor but im so done with some of these characters who do all these evil things and nothing happens to them…he tried to kill Alexis-and i wish he succeeded-sick of her characters still in love with the slime who tried to murder her…Julian should be sent to prison…lets move on!!!

Hi Jimh ,,
I have to say this, again.
well to be fair-
Julian was near killed, stabbed by Alexis with Helena’s dagger.

They are even up, they both tried to kill each other with a knife.
Julian was simply more dynamic about it ..

Hi, su,
I have mixed feelings about Julian, as pertaining to the knife ‘thing’. I still cannot reconcile myself with , “Oh, my looney-tooney sister made me do it.” There was so much he could have done to bypass her “orders”. But, TPTB sort of put together a patched up story ……last minute decision/creation.
I would like the character to stay, but within a different landscape altogether.
If I had to choose between him and Sonny, I think you know whom I’d pick. LOL.
After today, Sonny may join Satan—I did predict that Sam would ‘harm’ him or Carly.
One thing, su……if Sam’s mental stability is an issue, then why would she purposely keep it from the good doctor? She’s as astute as crazy gets.
Next thing we know; she will not remember, as she had an out-of-body experience. Yeah!!
I don’t trust the writing team to have done its research. And, Sam is too young to have dimentia, I would think.
I am aware of the fact that suffering from post-partum-depression can cause a woman to be violent; but, am not aware said person premeditates the crime. Any ‘harm’ would be carried out impulsively.
However, Sam took the time to eye the scalpel ( which is a mystery in itself for being left there) and abscond with it. Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

@su….Sadly, Sam is not too young to have dementia…there is such a thing as “Early onset,” and it is now occurring with alarming regularity amongst the later Baby Boomer/Gen X crowd…However, having said that, I would certainly hope that Sam will not befall to this terrible affliction…especially when there are enough other already witless GH-ers who would be far better prime candidates for such a storyline!

Hey, su,
Oh, I agree about Helena’s curse upon Sam’s head, as it were.
That was one of my suggestions, from the onset of this ridiculousness.
I did make a faux pas, LOL; I actually thought she had, indeed, stabbed Sonny with the scalpel….but, it was all in her head. She may still do it.
Again, su; you are usually right on the mark. And, yes, the writing seems to be penned by a 15-year old tyro giving this art a go, in my opinion.

Thank you, jimh! Could not agree more! Of course, if Julian is sent to prison, it probably won’t be too long before Alexis shows up at Pentonville with a “permission slip” from some judge granting her unlimited conjugal visits! Hey, it’s either that or losing herself in that proverbial wine cellar again!

Now, Shaybelle. ….that’s funny. And, I agree. Julian is an infection in Alexis’ blood.
Yet, I feel sorry for her. I know she brought her ‘misfortunes’ upon herself, but she’s really trying not to trip and fall into the carnal abyss.
Could be her addiction to Julian, as any other addiction is wont to affect a weak personality.
She needs a different kind of man, to say the least. The new doc?

If he doesnt stay with the show, it could be a lengthy stay…broke my computer-dont get email at this time and getting on this site been difficult so i dont get to see all replies-doing this on an outdated system-think its a sign i should take time off once in awhile…i have been steadilly ill for a year and its been worse the last few months…havent mentioned it but if i dont make a comment or reply i didnt want others to wonder…nothing serious but bad enough-im hanging in there…i finally got to make this post after much difficulty.

LOVE the “permission slip” part. When will Alexis run wild with abandon If ever ? I see this as her last call. I BLAME Shelley and Frank.

When alexis gives herself permission. I like her

What an enviable position
Two of the hottest men orbited

Stud muffin brother ; Valentin
Stud muffin lover ; Julian

The prognosis for Alexis does not look good

@CeeCee…”Carnal abyss…” That is a fabulous way to put it!!!! And Alexis falls into it every single time she attempts to repeat her now-perfected pattern of playing footsie—and so much more!—with her amoral amores!!! Really, just how many instances of epically-failed life outcomes does it require for someone to see the error of their ways? Does it really take an Einstein to observe that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” Because this supposedly smart woman—well, according to some—is dumb as dirt when the subject of what constitutes a suitable mate is broached…she hasn’t a clue!!!! And a new man won’t fix what is wrong with her….she needs to work on herself big time and figure out why both bad boys and the bottle so beckon her….Particularly at her age, the clock is ticking….Lol.

Be upset with the writers; not Julian.

Never forget—

Alexis told Julian she hated him and the tried to kill him, she stabbed him.
Julian told Alexis he loved her and did not stab/cut her.

Julian would never kill Alexis and even tho she stabbed Julian Alexis would never kill Julian..

bottom line– they BOTH tried to kill each other, to blame one and not the other is not right..

hey Celia!
you write;
”I don’t trust the writing team to have done its research. And, Sam is too young to have dimentia, I would think.”

Why I see it—
they are attempting to have Sam’s crazy be from Helena’s Curse..
I’d bet it has to do with the curse..

It is simply horrible writing, but still the curse………….


I always start with…”it’s a soap.” Sam having hallucinations? I like it. I’m interested to know what’s going on with her. I do think as many others do that it has something to do with “the curse” which I like…t back in the day (probably before you started watching) Helena’s curse fell upon Laura and much of the Cassadine story was centered on their evil, “out-of-the-norm” ways…much of their evil was “out there.” But even if Sam is just experiencing a real medical condition, I personally think it’s funny that the things she’s hallucinating about are actually very valid and what she should have been fearing before her current mental state. Worrying about Jason, fearing he’ll succumb to harm or worse, fearing losing him again after only recently getting him back, resentment that he’s always doing Sonny’s bidding and putting himself in danger, resentment that Sonny usually ASKS him to…these are the things she should have been feeling all along. Jason constantly putting his own life on the line for Sonny is what he always did…and continues to do even though he keeps claiming he doesn’t work for Sonny anymore. Sam wanting to kill Sonny makes perfect sense; whatever is going on with her has taken away her filter. Many people subconsciously think things they wouldn’t act on …negative impulses are pushed down…but it seems whatever feelings she’s been harboring or suppressing for years are suddenly flooding her mind.

As for Julian, I agree he is who he is. I get what you’re saying about keeping him as he is without redeeming him. You and a portion of other viewers like the criminal/dangerous character to balance against the law-abiding, characters. I understand that. I think I like the bad buy with the heart of gold. I like Julian because he’s a mix of both. He’s not a brutal psychopath…he’s a guy raised “in the business” and yet he has this incredibly engaging, sexy, loving and yes, even emotionally vulnerable, way about him. To you, LOL, that part may be what you don’t like. For’s what makes me love this character.

I also don’t think it’s “horrible writing.” I think GH has been quite good these days. Well, minus Aunt Stella. Hahah…nice lady with good intentions but give me Mac back. Steve Weber. Keep Dr. O. Bring back Nic already…and possibly Morgan. Jax!! The list goes on and on. (oh. and make nice with Sean Kanan and bring him back…if not as AJ than as some twin stolen at birth. Perhaps Helena hypnotized all the Qs and they never knew an AJ twin was out there.) Would help to build up the Q family too….

No worries, jimh! We know you are always here in spirit, even when you are unable to check in for whatever reason(s)! But I understand your concerns….I often reply to people and when my responses don’t materialize online, I feel like some may think I am ignoring their remarks! At any rate, it’s more important that you feel better….just take care of yourself first and then hopefully your computer problems will be able to be addressed after that! Until then, hang in there….you have many friends at MFSoaps who will be greatly anticipating your return to regular posting, and it will no doubt be worth the wait…it always is! Later!

Hi Jimh…(Hope this isn’t a duplicate.) Just catching up on MF and saw you haven’t been feeling well lately. And to top it off trouble with your computer. I can relate to that. But since you have been one of my favorite go-to commenters since I started MF have been missing your “interesting” take on the soaps. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

He would be good as Kristen Dimera’s brother at Days…Peter Blake!!!

Wow that is really really true!!!!!!!

and a new love interest for Sami if EJ remains dead!!!

Good premise, Jimmy. As far as Sami’s new love? I doubt Alison’s is a long-term stay.
Hope you feel better, my friend.

Hey, Steve,
Wow!!! Oscar is the scion of a crime family? It makes sense. Why intoduce him, if not for something ‘stunning’.
Needless to say, Joss’s horizon needs to expand; but, this makes Oscar that much more relevant.
I love Joss…smart, intuitive, recalcitrant, beautiful …..and, the icing on the cake? She detests Sonny and what he represents.
I think, most of us expected Nik to return ( in the form of Tyler?), just as Morgan will…..eventually.
It will be interesting to see the escalating confrontation between Nikolas and Valentin, albeit I have always believed his murder was staged. Valentin’s behavior on the island was either due to some spell of Helena’s; or Nik and Val were partners in ‘crime’.

GH can’t afford to lose any more fan favorites !
Alexis and Julian are a great couple, they are soapy complicated..
Julian is connected..
Ava sister
Sam’s father
Leo’s father
Lucas’s father
and he’s a grandpa
Importantly- I like the guy!
and he and Sonny are enemies (well, until J&S totally ruined them, that is)

It is not a good thing to rid of Julian, they should just give him the little he asks for.
It wouldn’t bankrupt ABC or DIsney..

Totally agree that Julian is a key character and I really enjoy his role. DeVry’s a really good actor and brings much better energy to the set than whoever plays Sonny. Bringing Steve Burton back means adding a lifeless actor back. Good grief, the show’s making some mistakes here.

I agree w/you 100% He is part of a pairing w/Nancy Lee Grahn that is extremely popular. He is a very good actor. Maybe they need to stop the traitors from coming back. It seems as though too many heads are beginning to roll to accommodate this!

Steve Burton is NOT a traitor! Its a business!

Su…So agree with you. And least we forget Jeffrey Vincent Parise/Carlos, Richard Burgi/Paul Hornsby’s, and if rumors are right Kathleen Goti/ Leisl O. I’m also worried about James Patrick Stuart/Valentin.

I truly do root for some thing – any thing

Julian and Alexis fall in to this category.

What other choice do we have. If they are NOT written?

Go kiki and Dillon when we can.

I was watching him today visiting Ava. He is as smolder as it gets. And the scene was ruined as soon as sonny walked in.

Actors are not stupid knowing what is going on on the sets. Who is courting favor. Sonny and Carly will never go Down in the soap annuls as supercouple. Just PLAIN dull

I can barely tolerate anything outside of Valentin / Nina / Charlotte. And Kiki and Dillon.

Watching Carly be motherly to Jocelyn over a rave party. That Bobbie was much better at expressing. I loved it when she told Carly. Go ahead and get back with him you’ll have to go ahead without Me and go and live with Jax

What a treat to see Jocelyn stand up for herself. Who wins in the sonny and Carly arena. Reason people. They are so dullard.

Julian and Alexis are given the green light because of how stale the writing

William devry adds pulse
William devry appeals to the whole audience
William devry triggers endorphin and palpitation

William adds that much more with bad writing

Julian and Ava can go, su! Collectively, how many murders can a sister and brother commit and how many nefarious schemes can they plan collectively? One too many, from my point of view. Hey, while we are at it, why not count up all the murders and schemes that have taken place on GH? Dangerous place to be (and to view!).

Agreed, Nancy! I just wish they would take the deluded Alexis with them. The only place left for this character to go now is crawling back into the bottle. Well, at least until the next criminal shows up in town to bed her…..I’m sure she already has called “first dibs” on him!


I agree, su0000. The guy is hot, hot, hot. And we need core characters, not Nurse Amy and her mystery brother (yawn).

Julian is not a core character. AJ and Nikolas were core characters

AJ and Nic are gone, Steve. At least for now. Julian has been linked to many key players and has become a core character…or at least he was before he took time off. Core characters on a show this old are becoming obsolete…time to make room for others…

Core characters are what keep a show going. While the Jeromes do have some history in PC, Julian is linked to core characters (the Cassadine and Spencer branches) but is not core himself.

Every few years, TPTB bring a different crime family to do battle with Sonny. We’ve gone through the Smiths, Scullys, Alcazars and Zacharas. The Jeromes are just part of that lineage. Speculation is that Oscar (Joss’ new beau) is connected to one of those families through his unbeknownst father.

Before this show ends, Nikolas will return. AJ is permanently gone. But the Cassadines, Quartermaines, Scorpio/Jones, Webber and Spencer core families remain (albeit in different forms from their heyday).

Steve…I do agree with you here. But whether they brought Julian and Ava back for a short stint that or intended for them to be long term…both characters were popular from the get-go. They weren’t doing short arc like Helena or Faison. So, they’ve been weaved into the tapestry. Perhaps moreso then when they were first introduced years ago…as I mentioned I don’t know if I was watching then or when Julian Jerome first made an appearance, and I’m not sure Ava ever did. Is she a new character? But, as you said they are connected to core characters…to the major players…and I think they’re both a great addition. I love Ava, too. They’ve softened her since she had Avery and now that they’ve burned her to a crisp I’m not sure how tough she’s going to be. Unless they make her so facially hideous that she becomes ruthless. (Wasted beauty…but would be interesing. Then I’d like to see her get a miracle makeover and return to her former stunning self!

I’m not going to tell you all the reasons I love Julian; ummmm…I think I’ve made that known. And, of course I’d love to see a comeback of the Q’s, the Cassadines, the Scorpios, the Weberss…but there really is barely anyone left from these families. It’s just not going to be the same. The Q’s have half a chance if Jason returns to the fold, if Ned sticks around, if Monica is more present…but who’s left to squabble? The old Q magic has gone the way of Jake’s magic kit. Who’s left of the Scorpios? No one. Robin, Mac, Robert…they’re all gone. Would we be happy with new actors playing these roles? No for me…I’m pretty sure most would “rebel.”

As much as I’m disappointed that so much is gone/lost…I’m still enjoying the show and I’m relieved to see that it’s hanging in there. Times have changed and so many “core” people are gone..the budget is less…so I’m just happy when characters like Robin, Lucy, Scott, Jax make their sporadic appearance. At least it gives the show some continuity; like family members that live far away that come in and out of our lives.


While we don’t always agree on characters and direction, I must say I admire your passion for the show and your thought-out, well-written comments.

And Ava is a “new” character with Victor Jerome (who died choking on a necklace he gave to Lucy) as a father and Ryan’s Hope’s Delia as her mother. Julian and Olivia Jerome were both on from around 88-90. You might get a kick out watching some of those scenes on YouTube. TW was especially gorgeous then with those piercing eyes.

Thank you, Steve. I feel the same about you and your well thought-out, very informative, detailed posts. I always say this; when it’s a good discussion it’s almost like a book club! You and I, even with our different views at times, always manage to sum them up with a smile or a laugh.

I”ll check out those scenes on YouTube. I am familiar, though, with how beautiful Tonja Walker was (still is) in her “yute.” (ala Vinny Gambini.) I watched her on OLTL…but I must have stopped watching GH for a bit and then came back to it.

Love your words about Julian’s role; I want him to stay.

I also want Ava to stay. I pray she will recover…..
Maybe both Morgan ( different casting) and Connie dhow up. Thst’ll put a wedge between Scummy and Carly.

I really hope ABC keeps this talented actor on GH. I have really enjoyed the Jerome family, and hope to see them reunite, along with Alexis and Julian.

I completely agree, free spirit!

He held a knife to his so called love of his life’s throat . His days were numbered then. GH needs the money for Steve Burton’s flights to Nashville. Bye, Julian.

I love his character and hope he is able to stay. Quit getting rid of all the characters just to bring back Steve Burton. Yes Steve was a great ” Jason” but Rebecca Budding and William Derry have great storylines! I’m ready to throw in the towel on GH. Tired of great characters getting killed off.

So well said, Carol!! I don’t even want to know who is ‘next’ on this list to make room for SB!

And they should have found enough $ to have Tyler Christopher back or replaced by now, not Steve Burton because SB will always be associated with the character Jason. That’s why Michael Easton has never worked out for me either; McBane was the character that stuck on me…Finn and Dr. Clay, not so much. He and Hayden were ill-fitting, more like brother/sister. Definitely keep Julian and Valentine around just for me though! 🙂

Agreed. I know it’s a soap, tott….but, even so, what twists my heart so, is Spencer, and how he is struggling with his father’s death. He hides it well, but his body language tells a different story. Gets me right here.
This kid is one heck of an actor….refined, for one so young. And, so handome, cute and adorable……and, well-spoken.
For the longest time, I thought he knew his father was alive and that they had been in-communicado.
Nikolas Cassadine should return, even at the risk of recasting, if Tyler and the ‘biggies’ cannot come to an agreement.
Nonetheless, Burton may not be a permanent fixture. I think that once Sam’s ‘malady’ is overcome, he will be gone.
I have suggested that Burton’s Jason may be a figment of Sam’s imagination, where the two Jasons pose a conflict for Sam….but, all in her head?
We shall see. However, I would not like to think that Rebecca, Kathleen and/or other actors are getting their collective arses kicked out the door for Burton.
We don’t really know that.

I agree! If they are dumping William and Rebecca to get Steve Burton, that is à bad deal.

So right, Carol. This SB nonsense is really getting me angry. At the rate we’re going, he’s gonna have a one-man show. Maybe that’s the goal?

I hope not, Soaphound!!! You know what that would mean, right?!?! More Sonny.
I keep wishing for this stint to be temporary. But, what if Sonny passes the buck to Jason, as in Steve B?

That is now 3 that go for Steve Burton. Next will probably be Jordan and sadly Maura West.

Sounds like a fair trade to me…Burton may not be all that in many viewers’ eyes, but at least he is an original GH player…If his return causes the elimination of many superfluous characters that have never really belonged in Port Charles, well, that’s just the icing on the cake!

Lets pray you are correct!

Hope not Maura, Ghlover. Why not Sonny?? I would think Maura makes more of an impact than Maurice, as far as acting goes. But, I must admit, you are probably right.
All I see is a once ferocious beast ( or so depicted by all. Really?) turned kitty-cat who puts on a nice-guy face. Turns me right off.
Perhaps this ‘technique’ the writers are employing ( testing the waters?) may work for the Sonny lovers, but it “ain’t” working for me.
Old Italian adage/proverb….. “il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio”.

Oh noooooooooo……..I LOVE “Julian”, whether he’s with or without Alexis. One of my favorite characters. Pay the man!!!

Well said, Rebecca!

Thanks, Abruzzfan! Haven’t “seen you” around “here” lately. Always enjoy your comments!

@Rebecca1 – I applaud you for “trying” to defend some of these actors, which takes courage. It is much easier to ignore these mean comments from posters, as I usually do.

Hey Abruzzfan…I just thought about you. It’s been months and you haven’t posted. Just decided to send you this under an old post…maybe it’ll wind up in your email. Hope all’s okay and Happy Holidays!

Thanks, Rebecca! I have been crazy busy lately, so I have been too busy to check-in. Things are starting to settle down now, so I should have time again! 🙂

And…you’re back! Bravo to your comments on the “other” page. You made us proud. 😉

Hey Rebecca!
It is so nice to hear from you! XOXOX How is my fearless leader doing? How are those mean posters treating you?? LOL … kinda kidding! 🙂 NOT!

I have been really, really busy on the home front … just finished a major kitchen remodel! My husband can’t handle all of the construction and flips out, so I had to keep him calm when things went wrong (as they always do) and attempt to take charge. 🙂 Holy cow! It took months, and I have no clue. I am still dealing with the post-traumatic stress from the whole experience! 🙂 It looks great, but it was traumatic not having a kitchen, all of the dust, etc for so many months.

Anyway, thank you for the holiday wishes! Everything has been great – Thanksgiving was wonderful with the new kitchen! Had to learn how to cook with a commercial strength stove and oven! Sigh! BTW, I don’t like cooking since I got burnt out always helping my mom cook 3 meals a day from scratch!. LOL 🙂 My husband loves food, so he is really into it! I am slowly letting him take over that arena. LOL.

I am absolutlely loving GH! How about you? I am rooting for Billy Miller and Sam! it is not looking good for my team but what a great storyline. I am recording and watching the shows twice! hahaha! Y&R is kinda boring, but still enjoy it. I have been watching Days hear and there but don’t know who everybody is yet. What are your thoughts regarding the SOAP world? Which Soaps are you enjoying and not enjoying?

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you!

Are the bloggers being nice? I needed a break – so sick of the actor bashing, writer bashing and producer bashing! Mind you … the bashing is from unaccomplished folks behind their computers.

I’m am so upset by this news. I loved Wil, Julian and Julexis. I don’t want him to leave. If this is true, GH has lost a longtime viewer for good. I no longer have faith that GH can recognize a great thing when they have it.

Please oh please @Days

William devry is the next peter Blake. Has all the sensual to mix with
kassie Depaiva and Eileen Davidson


I like it!

I don’t like the idea; I love it!

I really like him as an actor, but the writers killed any chance of Julian ever being redeemed in my eyes. It was an idiotic mistake that can’t be undone with their ill-conceived story twist. So maybe writing Julian off is the only way to go. What a waste! Best wishes to Mr. deVry.

It’s a soap; it can always be undone. Personally, I’m more than willing to get past the last mistake they made by taking this character so “out of character”…or from the man he had become…to keep DeVry on. I absolutely adore Julian. I can rationalize that he never would have gone through with his threats…as brutal and “in her neck” as they were…but was doing so because he knew Olivia had eyes everywhere. I’ve finished the scenario by adding that if Sonny hadn’t swept in, Julian would have whispered something to her to “go along with it” until he thought it safe to explain…

I can suspend my disbelief for a great character. (Not saying you should, too, just saying there are those of us who can.)

hi Rodd
Why would Julian need to be redeemed?
Julian is Julian and he doesn’t need to be redeemed he is what he is and that is what makes him who and what he is, Julian the way he is.

Redeeming everyone destroys great characters….
The world is full of unredeemable people perhaps because the world needs balance; the good and the bad.

“The world needs balance”? “:The good and the bad”?
But, su, we ARE the good and the bad–each of us. But we are not all “bad.”
Thus, we want to view people who are like us, made up of both good AND bad–not evil caricatures, nor “saints.” (Btw, I haven’t viewed any “saints” on GH! ) LOL!
But I would like to see characters who possess conflicts with that quality of verisimilitude–people I can identify with. See the difference? I want to see more “flawed” characters, if you will, who are struggling with moral choices, like the great characters in literature. That’s why we enjoy reading about them. Would like to see that reflected in more GH stories.

This is true, Rodd. The writers painted him into a corner. Olivia Jerome came into clean up the mess they made of Julian but did they ever really explain why he tried to kill Alexis after framing her for killing Carlos? No they did not.

hi Rhonda,
well to be fair-
Julian was near killed, stabbed by Alexis with Helena’s dagger.

Even up, they both tried to kill each other ..

the writers had the perfect opportune time… to dump all the “said” crimes against Julian and Ava….

the devil made them do it.

wasn’t that how Olivia was painted ? to have let Olivia be the one behind the scenes take responsibility and thereby setting Julian and Ava “free”

Rhonda, you are right.

“Painted him into a corner” –sacrificed character for sensationalism. That’s what TPTB have been doing for the longest time now. That’s precisely what has caused the demise of once-classic soapdom.

Not a fan of his. Oh, well! He probably wants too much money !!!

This is alarming. Only because great actors are being let go to make room for a sub par actor like Steve Burton. Jane Elliot retired. Tyler Christopher was let go — due to contract talk. Rebecca Budig gone. Probably Michael Easton as well. We never see Ryan Carnes any more. Perry Shen as well except for his pouting over not getting his way. I don’t like all the Sonny Carly hatred here. They are important characters but none of these fine actors deserve to be let go simply to make room for a plot device like Steve Burton. They have friggin’ BILLY MILLER!!! Who needs steve burton? (lower case letters intentional) I have one serious question. When one show has Maura West, Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller and Nancy Lee Grahn why would they even bother with Mr. Burton? He has zero depth as an actor. I thought he was off in Nashville making baked beans in his “restaurant”. Let him go back to nature and pay attention to the winning cast you have now. I like GH. I think the current cast is strong. They don’t need to make huge cast changes now. With the writing team taking a hit they need to shore up the writing team and leave the gimmicks to shows that border on the verge of cancellation. (Yes I am speaking to you DAYS) We don’t need gimmicks. Billy Miller is now Jason Morgan and he is doing his usual perfection. I am so tired of soaps trying to repeat history of the 80’s. The 80’s are over, set them free. There is no more Luke and Laura. There is no more Sam and Jason of the past. The new Jason has arrived and carried the character into maturity. If Will Devry goes there will be another hole in the cast. I realize that money is tight on the soap opera lane. But a good story doesn’t need a gimmick, it needs to be told well and acted even better. They have the cast. They can strengthen the story. Leave Steve Burton back in Nashville. Give me Tyler Christopher and pair him up with Maura West. They had fire together. Get rid of wanna be psychiatrist Josslyn Jax and send her to boarding school and have her re-appear in 20 years when she can act. I love Nina on GH but she has drifted due to poor storytelling. Nina was great with just a little of her bat shit crazy coming out once in awhile. I like her scenes with Nathan. They work well together. You can believe the brother/sister routine. What worries me most about all of this upheaval is that it leaves GH vulnerable to being replaced with some stupid show hosted by some fired journalist wanting to talk about the world. I think we are full up with people’s opinions on world events. I want stories. I want drama. I want excitement in my day. Stop the firing. Stop the gimmick hirings. Get back to the stories at hand. I know that the resurrection of Steve Burton will be tied into Sam’s current emotional problems. That disturbs me because Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller have mad chemistry. Steve Burton is about as exciting as a love interest as a rusty nail. Please fix the contractual issues on GH. This is more about getting the show cancelled than it is about actors being unhappy with their earnings. Happy actors, great show. Unhappy actors leads to cancellation. I don’t want any of these actors going to DAYS because I personally believe DAYS will be done by 2018. They were barely renewed this year. And the show has been awful. Ron Carlivati has his work cut out for him. Already they are trying to use gimmicks to get viewers back – Sami coming back for a short time. Chandler Massey returning from the dead. Even one of my faves – Eileen Davidson– coming back is a gimmick. Let’s remember to make the show great not put on a dog and pony show.

Mateo, man crush aside, Steve Burton can act circles around “Mumbles Miller!” And I remind you, GH was ALWAYS a gimmick type of soap. It separated itself from Y&R. Besides Burton, they need to rehire Burgi and cut Easton and West now!

You have great words and I agree with some of them. However, I don’t believe that Ron is using gimmicks for Days ; I think that he is trying to right some wrongs that were done by the last writers. If Ron can do for Days what Sussman and Young are doing for Young and Restless, look out! I think that it was Tyler’s substitute who had the chemistry with Maura; I would love for him to return.

Hi, Mateo, I agree with some of what you wrote, especially about the need to focus on story-telling, not the cartoonish, gimmick drivel the viewers have been subjected to over the past few years. I, myself, was a fan of Claire Labine’s writing in the ’90’s. We had storylines that had a beginning, middle, and end. Also, in order for the writers to focus on the great actors that we have on the show, they need to entirely clean house of the “filler” cast. In my opinion, that includes nuAmy, Aunt Stella, Kiki, Nelle, etc. and please, oh please, do not introduce more of the teen scene to Port Charles (Joss’ friends). Long time, loyal viewers do not want to see an on-slaught of the summer teen scene.

Hi Mateo…great post and very well written! I agree with much of what you said but for a few points…

I think the actress who plays Joss is quite good. She’s perfectly cast looks-wise. She actually could be the daughter of Jax/Ingo. I think she’s the epitome of the pretty, trendy, good girl with growing pains and a natural resentment of Sonny…as well as a wonderfully acted portrayal of a teenage girl having problems with her mom’s choice of partner. I think the actress is a natural!

I also love Nina. I thought she played cray-cray to perfection…LOL…and I understood the motivation and the angst that caused her to be so psychologically disjointed. But the fantastic evolution they gave this character is just that…fantastic. Nina is warm, loving, devoted…quite touching in her love for Charlotte…as well as her heartbreak over Valentin. I find the dialogue they give her very believable…her insecurities, her desire for family…take just one scene…Nina singing with Charlotte over the phone…Nina’s voice cracking with despair. Truly, Nina has become a favorite of mine.

Thanks Rebecca! (Had to reply here since no reply option above.)

I immediately regretted my comment once I hit the send button. There is no delete button as we all know! Haha! Since I usually ignore the comments I don’t agree with, I thought to myself … WHY did I engage?

FYI. My son has a nack for always being in the middle of any trouble that happens at school. He is rarely the instigator but moves to any new action as soon as anything starts up! Of course, this makes him very popular with his friends sine he gets in trouble, but my hair is completely gray and mom needs to see a counselor! I always tell him … as soon as trouble starts, step back quietly, walk away and don’t say a word. It has been working for a little while so far since I haven’t gotten a call from the principal in a little while!! LOL – its summer! ……………… Mom needs to stick with her own advice.

I guess it was pent up demand, then when I saw comments directed to me, I felt I had to respond. I usually log in once a week or so. I thought I was agreeing with April, so I was shocked when I checked in 2 days later to see all the comments. LOL As you have seen firsthand, when people imply how moral they are and invoke their support for orange face, it sets me off and makes me choke!

That evening my friend had sent me this you tube commencement speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command – Navy Seals (check it out), where he recommended 10 life lessons to the UT grads. One life lesson was “stand up to the bullies” “and “don’t back down from the sharks”, then I felt a “little” better.

BTW, I saw your Doppelganger on a TV interview last week. When I see her, I always think of you! I love Marisa Tomei so much!!!

I am thinking that I need to take 1 month off like C did, plus also start counseling sessions immediately???? LOL

Warm regards, Carla

Please keep William DeVry on at GH
He’s one of my fav actors. At least think bout it
I really love him and Alexis together

Such a warped story. Any believeability in that one?

These items are usually leaked in order to rile up the person’s fan base– it gives them the push they need to try to convince the brass they are worth what they are asking.

The tactic can back fire like it did with Christopher Tyler– lets face facts, there are like maybe five or six soap stars on today who can ask for the moon and still get it– maybe, because soaps aren’t big money makers for any network– in his case it depends on the issue– if they are asking him to take a pay cut, I would hold my ground, if he is trying to get a large raise– his character is less important to the history of the show than Prince Nik– and look what happened to that character.

So here’s hoping they will work it out, because I do like him with Alexis, but honestly if they let him go, I wouldn’t cry about it.

He is a good actor but I wouldnt cry if he left. He should just accept the contract they offer. Where would he go otherwise?

I like the way you phrased your post, Timmmy.
I do like William, but when you put it that way? I guess I feel the same as you. I wouldn’t mind if he stayed ( without Alexis); by the same token, I would not mourn him if he left……
……though, it merits this thought—to whom will Ava be tied? Kiki? Well, now…..she’s Nina’s daughter ( lol) ….then what!?!? There’s always Leo, Sam and Lucas. LOL.

GH needs new writers!! The show is way out of control! Getting rid of all the great actors and changing storylines every other day is getting ridiculous!! Steve Burton is a good actor but not so good that the other actors on the show have to be compromised!! Hayden is gone (stupid move) and now William Devry?? I have been watching GH since i was 12 and i am now 66 and i have never seen such confusion. Everything is going to backfire on these writers and producers and GH will be no more. Very sad!!

In agreement!

I already posted but this is seriously wrong. William DeVry is one of the best things about GH! He’s got a great story with Alexis, Sam, Olivia, Ava, Son (cough, splat) ny, Crimson magazine, Danny, Leo…he’s hot, sexy, smooth…loving, conflicted, mellow but strong…he’s just got a charm that just jumps off the screen.

ABC…do not F this up!!!

Rebecca…I am tired of all of the gangster story lines on GH, but why is it okay for Sonny to be a badass for years with no consequences, and not Julian? Plus as you mentioned, he has a lot more dimensions to him than Sonny. And sister Olivia provided an interesting interlude with great acting from Olivia, Anna, Robin and Griffin.

But I would like to see more stories focusing on the never ending soap inventory of the Cassidines and Q’s. And more Jax, Laura and Kevin, quality doctor stories since it is GH, even Spencer who can sometimes drive me nuts, and adventures.

Hey Rose…
By the way, did you ever get my message with this lil fyi…Chad Duell (Michael) is dating the actress who plays Sally Spectra on B&B! They’ve supposedly been together for a while! They give off such a different image…it’s one couple I would never have guessed! But they seem really happy (from the little one can glean when reading entertainment “news.”)

To answer your question…it’s not okay. For some reason the character Sonny Corinthos took center stage a long time ago and he’s now a fixture. I don’t mind the gangster aspect of the show if it’s interesting…but it’s not. It just shows Sonny “talking tough” and thinking he’s above everyone else. Used to love The Sopranos. If you’re going to do a gangster story…do a gangster story. All we have is the “image” of Sonny and what he used to be. There’s so little budget that he spends most of his time talking to a “connection” on the ph one. There are no rivalries, gang wars, etc. Just talked about. Yawn….
Aside from that, he obnoxious. The opposite of Julian. For some reason they’ve fleshed Julian out to show a guy really conflicted. He was tough from the time he was introduced (with DeVry)…

hit send while typing by accident…hate that!!!

I was going to say I don’t remember Julian from whenver…I just know him as DeVry. He was a double-sided coin/character from the beginning. Tough, and yet he donated his bone marrow to Danny without knowing he was related. There was something right then and there to show you he had heart and was redeemable. Sonny always seen as the aggressor who never admits to wrong; Julian comes off to me as on the defensive. Even when they were in jail together it was Julian who “played nice” first. And then there’s Carly. Saying this is redundant is in itself redundant but neither she nor Sonny ever showed remorse for what they did to AJ. You would THNK that two people who would do anything for their children..who woudl fight to keep their children, would look back and understand what they did to AJ was wrong…and why he went to the lengths he did to see Michael. Point is, Carly and Sonny have an air of superiority I can’t take. Just completely turns me off. Julian seems more humble to me.

I’m not one for medical stories. I’d actually rather see mob than medical because illness is all around us; we’re all vulnerable, we’ve all lost people to illness and we ourselves at some point will succumb. Depresses me. I dont’ see sickness as entertainment. If however they just wan to focus on the hospital being the focal point where people converse, meet up, etc, etc…which they have been doing…that’s find by me.

The Cassadines and the Q’s are really a thing of the past. There’s no one left. We can’t compare a full house of each to the barely few that are left from each family. That era of GH is gone…

hi rose ..
there has not been an actual mob story since beginning of 2012 and some 2013..
The mob stuff has been fleeting incidents not stories, noting much to even mention.

Julian and Sonny is not mob it is personal..
they are 2 mellowed out retired mobsters both without a visible mob .. ahaahaa!

There are No mobsters in Port Charles , once in a blue moon a call to an invisible mobster..
for a very long time- There are No ”gangster story lines on GH,” None 🙁

There are no actual mobsters or gangster stories..
(( its 2 men bickering and no action to speak of ))

Rebecca and su…You are both right…there has not been a “good” gangster story on GH for quite a while. And I think you could still have a lot of story without a lot of guns and killings. There are always territories to hold onto, head games, grudges and revenge, personal relationships, egos to stroke. But like the Q’s, the Corinthos don’t have mob heirs either to continue their legacy either. And since we can “suspend our belief,” I’m sure there are still some of Q and Cassidine stories that could be invented.

And when I said more stories revolving around GH, I wouldn’t like the medical issue ones day in and day out either. Maybe once in a while, and for not too long. Too depressing. But there are a lot of personal interest stories with staff that could be expanded…Monica, Griffin, Brad/Lucas, Dr. O (bring back Faison/Britt into her life, even Amy, which I liked for a diversion, etc). And then special psa type stories like Jill/Jess on Y&R, or the kids hospital around the holidays once in a while.

Rose, you’re correct, there are lots of stories to tell still regarding the Cassadines and especially the Quartermaines. Kevin and Laura are one of the best couples on the show. We just need one or two more doctors on contract to enhance that area.

Like Sonny (for AJ) Julian has shown no remorse for killing Duke and Carlos. Could you imagine Sonny saying he killed Jason just because a back-from-the-dead Courtney told him to? Of course not! And, I say that as someone who has significant contempt for the character. The “sister made me do it” plot is equivalent to the “dog ate my homework ” excuse.

Ava follows one of the classic soap character traits – she does bad things, but you’re interested to see how she wiggles out of them. And that’s solely due to Maura West’s abilities. Now, if this show hopefully makes it another 5 years (and MW is still on), I have a sick feeling we’ll still be reminded about Connie’s murder while AJ only appears on a plaque.

Hi Steve…actually, I do think Julian showed remorse for killing both Duke AND Carlos. More than any remorse I’ve ever seen Sonny show.

I think Julian seeing Carlos’s ghost was his guilt…and I think he felt guilt for killing Duke (and I may be remembering this incorrectly but I thought it was Carlos who talked him into it in the first place). But he seemed genuinely sorry at several points and most recently when he tried to make amends with Griffin.

Five more years of GH? I’d be shocked. Seriously. Happy…but shocked. But I agree with you…AJ will never get justice; the total disrespect for this character is so ridiiculous I wouldn’t be surprised if they take his plaque down and replace it with Sonny’s one day! LOL…sad.

I agree, Rebecca1. I don’t want them to foul it up either.

Hi Boop (Betty?) LOL. Ever watch old b&w classic Betty Boop cartoons. Very cool!

DeVry/Julian? Yes; let’s hope…

Wil made a big presence on this soap. I don’t care about some other soap or sudden new interest in getting him on other soaps with other actresses. He and Nancy made Julexis themselves on General Hospital with a magnetic chemistry that can’t be translated anywhere else. GH better not let him slip away. He has suffered through the worse writing on this show in years and still garnered love and support on General Hospital…nowhere else.

I fail to see the big picture.

Sonny / jason / Michael / Finn / Franco do NOT hold a candle to Julian expertise and drool.

This is a lost show

The blame solely lies with Shelley and Frank Valentino

hope he stays on though his storyline seems to have hit a snag; hopefully, the writers have something stupendous in mind – the Dr. Finn storyline with potential baby story and interactions with Liz had potential …GH seems to be in trouble and floundering –

I – am loving the Andre and Anna move

enticing their and smack on let’s go their

I was completely taken – ( d – I – s – c – o )

an unexpected treat filled with FUN

they looked so good

like they truly enjoyed the dance

They were looking good!

Yes, Patrick, that was fun. And we had a bit more fun with Olivia today, didn’t we?:)

Right, Patrick….pretty avant-guarde of Anna. I have no clue as to Anna’s demeanor/behavior when it comes to men….but, does this ‘forward’ action, toward Andre’, fit her personality? This is her moment, after being on the shelf for so long.
What grabbed me was her sexy, yet dulcet tones ( powerful combination) as she invitingly and freely ‘opened her door’.
Mamma mia!!!! You go, Anna!!


Oh Patrick…The DANCE…probably my favorite show in a very long time. It really put a smile on my face, and had me tapping to the music. I will truly never look at Andre the same way (you know a bit of a stuff shirt). He can really move. And as for Finola/Anna…she was orginally a song and dance girl in her career. And she’s still got it. I remember her starring with John Travolta in the movie “Staying Alive.’ And loved her in “Charmed” before she came to Port Charles. Also liked her teaching Griffin how to dance, and doing the samba (?) with Duke at the Nurses Ball years ago. Hope they keep finding story reasons to have her dance on GH.

Yes! I loved the dance between Andre and Anna. Those two were attracted right from the beginning, which is where I thought it was going before Andre started dating Jordan. If you remember Anna seemed jealous and Jordan seemed threatened. I still think they’d make a great couple; I’ve said that before. Andre’s a good-looking guy; they just haven’t let him loosen up til now.

The dance was so fun…and yes, Rose. I remember Finola on “Staying Alive,” too. I was thinking they were giving a nod/wink to it because Andre’s opening moves are so “disco” from back in the day.

It was nice seeing such lighthearted, charming fun on the show and I agree with Nancy, too…the Olivia scenes were hilarious. (But the wedding was gorgeous…loved Ned’s song.)

Bull’s eye, Patrick!
I have a newfound ‘admirarion’ for Andre’s hips….LOL.
Golly gee!! Who would have ‘thunk’, that I would actually witness the ‘bore’ dance its way right out of Andre’s system? Double LOL!! (Still catching up—-breathing a minute, here).
Well, now…who knew Andre could shake, rattle and roll with those moves? ….that backside!!
Just when I had remarked on his ‘dud’-self?? Shiver me timbers! Spoke too soon, I did….. ARGH!!!
There was a 4th of July parade, here on MV, Patrick, with this huge Pirate Float where the swashbuckling buccaneers were dueling….a parade of manly sinew and muscle. Ha! I thought of Andre. LOL. Impressive!
As for Julian? In the minority here….I do not want him with Alexis ( for her own good); but, at the same time, I want him to stay put. I love William….one sexy dude!! And, an even greater actor. I am sick of looking at Sonny!!!! Do not like him, no sir.
Also, I have another newfound interest in how well Dillon wears those jeans; or shall I say; how those jeans wear him. Yup!!

for wonders – ???? this was a startling surprise… and I will prop for the moment ; either Jean / Shelley / or “nonetheless” frank

it was so a·vant-garde, je ne sais quoi ? No ?

since it happened so near the closing of the days ep… and we were given the next days sneek peak.

there was Anna… INVITING Andre to her home.

I didn’t think it was THAT relaxed and easy going feel.

hot to trot just don’t run so fast. Anna ! wait

Its was great Patrick but I hear Andre is going to snap and its Valentin to the rescue!

goodbye, and bring Rebecca Budig back.

He’s a good actor. He was a good character. I just can’t get past the knife to the throat of his wife and now the possibility of said victim going back to him. I like Alexis as a strong woman, not running back to someone who was on the verge of murdering her. Yes, the writers may have written all that poorly, but what’s done is done. I still don’t like Franco but at least they (lamely) explained his change (tumor). How has Julian changed that anyone can accept him?

Exactly, AJ. The knife scene is hard to digest and forget. Yet, Julian can be redeemed, but keep him away from Alexis. As I always say, the soap gods have the power to ‘fix’, ‘change’, and ‘manipulate’ situations, at will. I suppose it, also, depends how we, as fans, favor the actor/character. If we love him/her, we overlook certain ‘stuff’, to compensate for his/her lack of integrity.
If Sonny, who is pathetic, in my opinion….no offence to the actor and with all due respect; the acting is not up to par—. The lisping, the muttering, the mumbling and the poor enunciation of words, does not a good thespian make.
Of course, you are right. Getting away with murder has always been the bane and contention of the soaps’ “existence, in general, for me.
Nonetheless, if these “outlaw” allowances are made for Sonny, why not Julian, whose general, devastatingly alluring presence surpasses that of Sonny’s, hands down, at any given moment? Sonny’s persona just looms like the Angel of Death, with a speech problem, over PC.

Redeeming Julian is Killing the character..
Julian is Julian and not a love-in guru..
He needs to be who and what he is, Julian..
He is like Sonny 2 sides of the coin..
GH has one wayward priest and doesn’t need 2 more.

Such a good point, Steve.
Shouldn’t Nathan be abreast of all things “police business”? I must say, though. I enjoy looking at him, regardless.
And, yes….very disappointed about Ms Gati’s exit. TPTB have completely shut all doors to the character ( Liesl). Such a jem … be treated so shabbily, leaves much to be desired.

Correction: gem
Re: Kathleen and Rebecca—I have no idea why these actresses have been eliminated….
However, if it were, indeed, done to make room for Steve Burton, why get rid of multiple characters? Wouldn’t one suffice? Is Burton sooo dear that TPTB would jump through hoops just to accommodate him?
It seems unrealistic to me. How much pull does this actor have?

Shabby doesn’t begin to adequately describe the treatment Kathleen Gati and her magnificent Liesl have been handed by the GH showrunners. Here was a highly original character—so extremely rare in Port Charles these days—-portrayed by a truly gifted and multi-talented actress who was unceremoniously shelved for far lesser players and storylines time after time. It was absolutely infuriating! And now the ultimate indignity….Dr. O. has left the building! Totally unforgivable!

Buh Bye! Please take your sister with you!!
Two unredeemable characters played by wonderful actors that were ruined by horrible writing!

The BEST comment right here!

Umm, thank you?!?!!!

Seriously, what is going on with the writers? Please listen 2 us fans, don’t let William D., go he is a great actor, just dont pay Steve B, soooo much so u can keep the good actors & actresses, Get rid of Jocelyn, Nelle, Amy & Orbrecht, they have no use in any story lines, Writers try 2 work something out with W. D., & Rebecca H.

I like Orbrecht for her treachery ; plus, she needs to inform us as to who Nathan’s father is. Also, I liked Amy at the bringing.

Another dropped storyline, who Nathan’s father is…

Love, Liesl, Boop…. you are so right. It would be nice to give us some closure to many stories.
This is so typical of GH; as I become more familiar with this team’s style of writing.
As dmr pointed out, the stories are struck down mid-stream….a shaky beginning, a senseless middle, and no end.
It’s no wonder the viewer expounds his/her disappointmend.
We may never find out who Nathan’s father is. TPTB just teased the viewer with Liesel’s cryptic words. They have no clue to whom they will bestow that title LOL…
Faison and Victor are out, it seems…. at least, according to Dr O.
Valentin has not been proven to be the fiend we thought he was—so……
Helena’s husband? Could it be Mikkos?


Does Nathan even know his muttah was arrested? He didn’t mention it with the Man Landers dribble that was on Friday. Dante found out his mother was brought in almost immediately. But nothing from Nathan. Would have been fun to see Olivia & Liesl in adjacent cells talking with their sons. Blown opportunity. With the NB snub and this, they really are not treating Kathleen Gati well on her way out.

Heck, if we’ve never found out in 40+ years who Monica’s parents were, I guess the wait for Nathan’s father is not so bad.

@Steve…Tell me about it! Jimh more than once suggested that Monica would have made a great additional sis for Liesl Obrecht, especially after Magda was sent up the river! I certainly could have gone for that highly-comedic scenario….Imagine how much hilarity would have no doubt ensued over such a revelation! Can you not picture the gleeful mirth that would have emanated from Tracy had a shameful secret of this magnitude emerged over Monica’s long-mysterious origins????

Good. I like William but TPTB wrote his character into a corner, and Alexis looks pathetic hanging onto him. “GH” needs a major shake-up.

He is a great actor GH is going to regret letting people go . There is hardly anyone left. GH better wise up

GH could “run” for a long time with Laura and Kevin and Ned and Olivia! More, please! Those four seasoned actors give lessons every time they are on screen.
And, we like them; we really like them! 🙂

And Anna, don’t forget Anna, who I would love to see reunited with Noah or Scorpio, perhaps even romanced by a returning Frisco!!! There are too many great legacy characters that need to revisit Port Charles! I’m hoping Steve Burton coming back to the GH canvas is just the beginning of a parade of “old, familiar faces!”

I know Nathan Varni has said recently this show is about bad characters, and we explore why these characters do some of the bad things they do. He calls this type of writing multi-layered. Mr. Varni, perhaps because they’re mentally ill and raised in a violent environment such as a mob family? I’m not saying it cannot be interesting in a horror film or serial killer TV movie kind of way or even a niche show on some subscription network but never would this type make it in real life as a romantic lead or even survive into middle age without dying or going to jail. And why is this content suited for a mostly female audience? To manipulate them perhaps and subvert the only art form that they have called theirs from day one.

I have to admit, I much prefer Jason Culp’s version of Julian. He has a great, distinctive voice that all soap stars used to be required to have (with a NYC accent), and I just loved-to-hate (and momentarily liked him when he was manipulating me and characters on the show into doing so) which gives me some objectivity and distance.

The thing is the Julian character was never meant for romantic lead status and exemplifies what’s wrong with this show’s crooked morality compass along with a few other romantic lead villain types. It’s bad enough that he had a psychotic past in the 80s and was an enemy to core characters on the show who were and still are deeply loved. What made it worse is he was committing crimes out of the gate as Derek Wells, still an enemy to those same core characters and then some (including his own hitman in perfect Jerome family form), called out a hit that killed a favorite core character from when GH was at its peak–followed by manipulating his wife while he was still in the mob and later abusing her and holding a knife to her throat, the one that killed her own mother!

So if fans haven’t figured it out, every single one of the Jeromes is classically mentally ill in some regard which Julian has and still does fit the bill of. It’s nothing to swoon over, it’s nothing to root for. In fact, what’s chasing many fans away is that other fans root for characters that are villains and doing terrible things to core characters that we’ve grown to love. It becomes a debate over which character is doing worse things and who is better among all the villainous characters. The answer is none of them and it’s killing this show and has been for more than two decades. As long as fans buy into this type of writing, the longer this show will suffer in popularity.

Excellent post but I have a different take. Julian Jerome and (Ava) ARE multi-layered..and while I wouldn’t be rootng for these people in real life they’re two of my favorite GH characters at the moment. Perhaps it’s because they’re written with, at times, humor…angst…compassion, as opposed to Sonny and Carly whom I just find smug and obnoxious. DeVry has the ability to give Julian an intelligence, a vulnerability (I can fee the hurt when he’s rejected by his kids…when he’s hurt by the realization of what his life is, when he’s denied access to Leo, when Sam looks at him with disdain.) He never comes across as smug or callous…just as a man who was redeemed, happy and then fell…again. (I still don’t think he had evil intent; for whatever reason Olivia Jerome held power over him…seemingly had more of an ability to destroy his family if he didn’t do (or pretend to do) as she ordered and I truly don’t think he would have killed Alexis. I’d like them (if DeVry stays) to further explain that their house was bugged and that Olivia had eyes on him always; thus the knife scene in and out of the house (where she had people) was for show only…and had Sonny not intercepted he would have whispered to Alexis to play along.

Far fetched; I know. REALLY stretching…but, doable. The letter he sent Alexis could have incorporated that info…so, in fact, he “seemed” to do what he had to do so that Liv Jerome wouldn’t start taking out his family…

Bottom line. DeVry IS a romantic lead and he’s tied to so many characters. Whether he and Alexis ever got back or went their separate ways…his love for her and her conflicted feelings for him are worth the journey; even if it’s to explore thru group or individual her feelings toward a man who “seemingly” turned against her.

If Maura West is staying…her journey would be made much more interesting with Julian by her side.

Mentally ill? I’d say that fits the Olivia Jerome bill. Ava and Julian? They seem more like good guys gone bad due to upbringing, etc…who struggle with their conscience and rationalize their actions. If we were to say these two are mentally unstable well then so is Carly (there’s a MUCH bigger argument for her instaiblity), Sonny, Jason, dearly-departed Duke, Luke, etc, etc…so many criminals in this show and yet theirs a distinction between mentally ill ala Heather Weber, Franco of yore, Olivia Jerome, Helena (pure evil/sociopath), Stavros…Ava and Julian? Naaaa…they’re just good, bad people. LOL.

As for fans who remain loyal to Julian Jerome, I think it’s because we’re trying to BLOCK OUT how the writers stupidly and unexpectedly turned him against Alexis…and choose to focus on the Julian that he had become through and because of his love for Alexis (and family).

I’m a big Julian//DeVry fan. Really hope they can resolve the negotiations and keep this actor and Julian “in town.” As far as killing the show for two decades…soaps will NEVER have the audience/numbers they once had. It’s history. Great soap history, but just that.

To be honest, I think you’re confusing your love for the actor with your love for the character which is clear in the way you word your post. And if you were aware of GH history, you wouldn’t be saying most of the things you’ve said. I get that the show is so lacking in romance that you feel you need to cling to a story and couple that is much less than it should be.

We’ve reached a time in GH’s history where we can either move forward or keep moving backward. When this show is more about actors than it is about story and the characters that inhabit them then it’s time to rethink the history and what the show’s intent and purpose is. Most fans can agree on that.


To be honest, you’re wrong. If you didn’t understand my extremely long post explaining why I loved the character, as well as Ava, then so be it. I LOVE Michael Easton but I haven’t been thrilled with any of his GH characters yet. Granted, I wouldn’t want him to leave the show..but I think his character needs to be less quirky. I DO like DeVry…nothing to do with the fact that I really like Julian. I also am not attached to Julian and Alexis. I’ve said before I’d be willing to suspend my disbelief if they get back together with whatever rationalization the writers give…but I also stated in paragraph three that it’d he’d be interesting “even if they went their separate ways” and followed it with Ava’s journey with Julian by her side.

I have no idea where you get I’m not familiar with the show’s history. I’ve been watching GH for years.

And, “most fans” don’t agree on anything. This is but a small sample of the viewers.

JMR…one more thing. I like Julian. LOL. I don’t need to justify it.

Rebecca, No you don’t need to justify it but you should know who and what you are rooting for. As you have said a couple times above and I quote, “Perhaps moreso then when they were first introduced years ago…as I mentioned I don’t know if I was watching then or when Julian Jerome first made an appearance, and I’m not sure Ava ever did. Is she a new character?”
So clearly you can’t have a conversation with me about Julian’s past when you are unaware of his 80s history. I can cite their many, many crimes–they are an evil family, no question about it. I’m was watching an episode where he’s telling Duke has IS going to be a part of the Jerome family business whether he likes it or not. This is after Duke leaves the mob due to falling in love with Anna and doing his jail time, paying his fine. And in fact, you seemed to not only be blocking out his knife to the throat but most of his time on the GH canvas since he returned as Derek Wells. You say you don’t like Sonny but Julian is depending on how you look at it, the same or worse than him. They are very much two peas in the same pod. But since you won’t do your homework on what seems to be your favorite, I can only assume you are a WDV fan that is not interested in a character at all, but an actor.


I started out replying to your post with a compliment. I wrote, “excellent post” but then I explained why I didn’t share your view. You chose to answer me with a rather snippy reply.

You said…”you don’t know GH history” which I do. A lot of it. IF you said “perhaps you weren’t watching when Julian Jerome was introduced years ago” I would have said you’re right.

However, I like THIS incarnation of Julian. If you read the comments here…many do.

I’ll say it again. I like Julian Jerome. No…I LOVE Julian Jerome. If I had a rooftop I’d sing it from there. I don’t know how else to declare “my love.” LOL…I’m not going to argue over a fictional character. I’ll argue/defend an actor I like if I think he/she is being dissed…agism, sexism, racism, anti-semitsm, etc. But I’m not going to go round ‘n round over a character unless it’s an interesting debate. I do have to admit this is a first…being told who I like and why from another poster. I went into a lot of reasons why I love the character and yet you seem to have missed them. You’re so stuck on who he WAS that you can’t seem to fathom I like who he IS. If you resent that GH changed the history take it out on them…not me.

I’m going to keep this light…and just say…you “assume” I’m a WDV fan (I am) and from that you’ve assessed that I’m not interested in character. Which is funny, because I post a lot and always talk about character…motivations, development, angst, from every psychological perspective and more.One would think we’re analyzing a Dostoyevsky novel. So; you couldn’t be more wrong and seem to have either not read my post copletely or couldn’t get past the fact that you don’t agree. Beyond presumptuous of you. But, that’s okay…assume all you like.

oh, and JMER…I think you also assumed wrong when I mentioned that I wasn’t familiar with Julian from years ago and asked if Ava was a new character. I wasn’t talking about today’s Julian and Ava…since WDV and Maura West joined the cast. I was referring to the 80s/90s…whenever Julian Jerome first appeared. I didn’t watch then. I’m well aware of Julian’s criminal history (and Ava’s) since they’ve “been in town.’ Love em both.

Varni actually said that about the bad characters? So presumably that’s ABC’s “vision” for this show? Yikes. Most of us sort of suspected something of the sort, but to have an executive actually say it! Wow!

My biggest problem (on a long list) with that approach–which you’ve suggested in your post, JMER–is that the show doesn’t really portray the bad characters as bad. Sonny, Ava, Julian, Franco, et al. more or less function as accepted members of Port Charles society, rather than being called out for their behavior (in anything more than token fashion) and treated like pariahs as they normally would be in any normal environment. There’s nothing “multilayered” about that; “warped” would be closer to the truth. I appreciate the dramatic value of exploring roots of antisocial (and even criminal) behavior, and one does have to have characters whose actions cause issues for the protagonists–but that isn’t what goes on in Port Charles: instead, the bad characters have become the protagonists, and it’s been killing the show for more than two decades now, as you pointed out. Moral ambiguity is one thing; abandonment of any recognizable moral perspective is entirely another.

Amen to your thoughts, Michael (not Fairman!)….”Warped” is an excellent word to describe the totally out-of-whack, upside-down values and mores of present-day Port Charles. Whilst it was quite one thing for a few mob miscreants with clearly sociopathic tendencies to become a soap staple through the years, at least they once came with the caveat that their less-than-acceptable conduct was treated as such by the rest of a presumably upstanding cast of characters, however, this has not been the reality on GH for far too long. Ditto goes for the copious assortment of other major players with a multitude of inexcusable sins attached to their personas…lying, cheating, addictive behaviors, mental instability and rampant sexual promiscuity….all of these less-than-desirable human tendencies have been assigned mainstream status and been accepted as normal—even admirable—in most instances. We’ve gotten to the point where there is practically nobody left in Port Charles with a clean reputation….each and every person—even those with a longstanding status as a “good character”—has had to be sullied in some way, shape or form in order to “fit in” with the modern, non-judgmental vision dictated by the last few regimes. What benignly began decades ago with a few recognizably socially-ill-bred bad apples that made for high drama has now spoiled the entire bunch of residents in the community of Port Charles…seems about all that’s now left is a lot of low-hanging fruit storylines and dubious characters that are too easily plucked and proffered, providing a very unsatisfying and unpalatable viewing experience.

Michael (not Fairman), Yes, NV said that in the June 8, 2017, Daytime After Dark Blogtalk interview at around 39:00-ish. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think and if your interpretation is different.

Thank you for expressing this in these words and may I add that the genre itself is not itself when the moral center is absent. “Moral ambiguity is one thing; abandonment of any recognizable moral perspective is entirely another.”

Viewers end up siding with and feeling the rage of characters who are vengeful when really these characters don’t have the right, most of the time, from a moral perspective. There is no emotional intelligence in the writing with this perspective and then GH wonders why its fans are so hateful on social media. It’s laughable. Frons used to say they were training viewers and they certainly are.

Shay, JMER and Michael…..
How eloquent are the three of you !!!!!!!!
I only wish I could express my thoughts as you have. You speak for me.
I have been watching soaps since I was a tot, yet I am still very green compared to you.
GH is still a ‘foreign’ concept for me….nonetheless, the ferocity of idolization shown for certain characters by some; where the line between reality and fiction becomes obscure and confused is not so remarkable in other soaps that I watch and have been watching for the past twenty-five years.
It seems that GH has gone through a revolution—-I appreciate, “When this show is more about the actors than the show…….”. ..
…..Well, this says it all for me. The words are all-encompassing; that is, when a criminal’s actions are perpetuated and accepted as the norm ( as it has become so commonplace in PC), the wrong needs to be righted and, the message rethought; as you said, JMER.
And, Michael….I love your words…”….instead, the characters have become the protagonists”….
Does not get more tactile than that….yes, I can almost “touch” the words. LOL.
Shay….”What benignly began decades ago with a few recognizably socially ill-bred bad apples……”. Ahhh, Shay; you make my heart sing. You said it !!!!!! To the letter!!

the julian character is a weasel plain an simple, how he became this romantic figure i’ll never know, don’t count me as one of those who thinks julian and alexis are this super couple, no way jose, sorry, love alexis, but she always looks desperate when she wants julian.

Alexis always looks desperate…period! That’s why I have never seen why this woman is held up as some great example of womanhood by certain viewers! She is the utter picture of a weak, ridiculous femme who lacks even a modicum of dignity or self-respect, especially in her repeated “romantic” exploits with lowlife criminals!!!

Completely agree!

I like Julian ; not because I’m fascinated with mobsters or evil. In that case, I would love Sonny . However, I dislike that guy because he is truly allowed to run rampant on the show without any consequences to his character and the citizens tend to love him. Plus, they have the nerve to call Julian a criminal and place Sonny in the good guy light. Am I missing something? No, I’m not ! There is no way that a man can kill my father, son, nephew , or any relative of mine , and I am okay with it. These writers have allowed for Port Charles to accept any and everything.

I’m with Boop! hahha..(sorry; that sounded funny.) 😉

I like DeVey as an actor, and have to admit it clouds my feelings about his role as Julian on GH. I want him to stay. And I don’t mind a smaller % of crime stories. Just not GH revolving around them. One would hope there would be a moral compass in Port Charles that would win out more often than not. Not that the Q’s were always perfect pillars of society. They just committed their white collar “crimes” mainly in the boardroom or bedroom without killings or violence or Pier 54 (?).

But I do have to agree with other comments about the emphasis and moral decay of General Hospital when they handed the town over to the likes of Sonny and Julian with no consequences for there actions. In the past there were great court scenes with best lawyers Alexis and Diane representing their mobster clients, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. But nothing ever stuck for long if they were found guilty. Then figure the lawyers being the girlfriends of Max and Julian. Conflict of interest anyone?

I don’t honestly care about the “moral compass” of GH. I care about the moral compass of our country..,our leadership…and individuals who I have contact with. I care about the moral compass of doctors, the moral compass of how people treat the elderly, how they treat animals.

Soaps have been a hotbed (no pun intended) of absurdity, twisted values, everyone sleeping with everyone, many marriages, divorces, children out of wedlock, prostitutes, etc. etc.

I want justice for AJ and I want Sonny to pay. Not because I need a “moral compass” on GH…I’m just pissed! I can’t stand how Sonny gets away with everything, how smug Carly is.

With that said, there are good people on GH. Kevin, Laura, Lulu, Dante, Ned, Michael, Monica, Liz the kids, Kiki, Alexis, Diane. Some of these people have been involved in “scandals” but, ultimately, they’re good, grounded people. We’re seeing more of them lately.

There hasn’t been much mob emphasis on the show for quite a while. Just a lot of “tough talk.” The Alexis/Julian arc messed with a good thing…for those of us who liked this couple. There are those of us who still do, those of us who like both characters but don’t want them back together because of the unfortuantel way the writers twisted their story and those of us who like the character Julian in spite of what he did. I do. Others don’t. It’s a moot point if negotiations are dead.

“Crooked morality compass”–yes, and, yes! What I said–have been saying. “There’s a glitch in the system.”

Scandals, etc., okay. They make for drama. But ultimately I care a lot about moral compass anywhere, including GH. I think our stories have to reflect what we want to be as humans and to each other.

Sadly in the current real life it is lacking in word, deed, spin, generosity, conflict of interest, respect for others, civility, truth, and on-and-on. Certainly with many politicians, make-believe politicians, and the 1-2%’s who directly or indirectly have great influence. And the NRA.

Do love it when the “fake media” has their good news stories on the best of what we can be with good examples. Great tonic in the face of what we are facing both nationally and internationally.

Hey Nancy (this will fall under your comment.) Hope all’s well with your mom!

@Rose…I understand what you’re saying about the “moral compass” but perhaps I’m not making my view clear…or I just view it differently. I guess what I’m trying to say is, and, again, I know I’ve repeated this but because it’s a soap, I differentiate it from other genre. Soaps have a history of being melodramatic, over-the-top, to the extreme and, loopy, etc. Which is why it always got a bad rap. As longtime viewers, we know that soaps offer so much more. There’s the (I’ve said this, before) familiarity, the continuity, the escapism of walking into this fictional world on such a regular basis…

I don’t expect the same morality on a soap that I’d demand in real life or expect on a cop/crime show. Why? Because a couple of core characters/vets would have to leave the show if they got killed off or sent away for a long time. So, they’ve obviously had a moral compass with actors they gave the boot or who wanted to leave…Steven “Lars” Weber, Johnny Zachara, Olivia Jerome, most recently Dr. O, Paul Hornsby…there was a moral compass and these people paid. Unfortunately, we’re left without these great characters/actors.

So. It seems it basically comes down to the one debatable fan-divided character. Sonny. If we’re talking about the lunacy of the town actually accepting and still being friends with him…it’s definately insane. But, they made him, so long ago, a friend to so many…even Lila Quartermaine liked him! So, where was the morality then?

So we’re back to…it’s a soap. Why would Monica, Michael, even Jason, have anything to do with a man who tortured, stole and murdered their son, father, brother? There…I agree 100 percent and more that the writing is completely ridiculous and so frustrating that it makes it difficult to watch. I also think there’d be more interesting stories and conflict if they did pit these people against him..or at least snub him, etc. The writers seem to pick an choose who the town goes against…AJ, Franco, Ava, Julian get the finger-pointing…Sonny is loved by all. So. Is that a moral compass gone wrong? In that sense, yes, I agree. But I think it’s more a lack of realism in situations that SHOULD be realistic…like a mother, brother, son not loving a man who brutalized their loved one…as opposed to the stories I don’t expect to be realistic like Jake’s magic trick or the chimera, etc.

And you know we agree on the current state of real life….

I think it’s outrageous that GH is willing to let this talented
actor. This on the heels of Rebecca Budig leaving. Count me
in as one who wanted Burton to come back, but not at the expense
of WDV and RB.

Who is next on the hit list to make room for we-know-who?? Cut some of the peripheral characters like Amy, Nell, Joss to name a few. Keep Mr. deVry and Ms. Budig. A few fans wrote about Mr. deVry being a great Peter Blake! I can see that. My first thought was having him move to Genoa City and to mix it up with Ashley, LOL! He would be dynamite with ED either way!

They spent too much on Steve Burton now they can’t afford real actors.

Mike, you dont know that to be true. I applaud the show for cutting the cast. It was too bloated. I hate to see anyone out of work but they need to reboot.

As much as I don’t want him to leave, I am still more upset over Rebecca Budig being fired! I am not liking these cast changes on GH. I am not at all excited about Steve Burton returning and Budig’s dismissal is as I said horrible! I won’t stop watching yet, but the moment Finola Hughes exits I am done!

theres no way they would cut finola hughes, omg,, if that happens all hell would break loose.

Are they losing their mind. DeVry is worth the money. Are they really going to lose him just to pay Steve Burton. deVry can act rings around Burton…so could Rebecca Budig. This is how they lost Tyler Christopher. What stupidity. I’m also so tired of the same old Sonny nonsense, with or without Carly. There are awesome actors there that should come to the forefront and deVry is one them. Besides his acting chops he has CRAZY CHEMISTRY with any one he comes in contact with, and that’s hard to say about the other good actors on the show. Great soap actors are better then many primetime actors, who’s pay for one episode is more than a soap actors gets in a year. Not to mention primetime actors have much less to memorize and only work a few months a year. Soaps suffer from bad writing and poor judgement by producers who can’t realize who’s the talent and who isn’t. GH pay deVry…before you lose more ratings!

Agreed, yet, we have to endure nuAmy, ughKiki, boringNelle, and yes, the Carson Show.

Yvonne, DeVry does have chemistry with every character he comes in contact.

I’m not surprised by this news — when I read that Steve Burton was coming back I knew that the show was going to have to make some cuts to afford his return.

Sadly, Julian was pretty much written into a corner with the whole threatening to kill Alexis thing. That was a mistake that these writers never should have made and were never going to be able to correct.

Yes they were…they already started. I was way past what he did; just love Julian.

I like both the character and the actor but let’s be real — soaps are still viewed as a female medium with a predominantly female viewer base and stories about women forgiving a man who tried to kill them don’t go over very well.

There really is no valid story twist to excuse what Julian did. Jean and Shelly should have thought out the ramifications of Julian’s actions and how or if they would be able to redeem him before going ahead with the story.

I wrote something similar, below, Alan. Ugh, I forgot about Steve Burton returning. You are right.

I’m with you Alan, even if Julian were to get off with the lame “my sister made me do it”, there’s not much story for the character if he reunited with Alexis. The both of them would head to the back burner.

Hey Alan…who needs “valid” on GH? LOL. I mean…Michael forgiving Sonny, killing AJ off the show, Sonny threatening to kill Carly (when she accidentally shot Olivia and he didn’t now if she’d make it…he was vicious and quite menacing). Yet, voila! There they are. Franco and Liz…they REALLY stretched to redeem Franco; yet they did. Luke and Laura? Man! The guy for all intents and purposes raped her/forced himself on her…however it went down (I didn’t see it but so I hear) and they were THE couple of the day.

So. Though none of this makes sense in reality but for the show?… I’d hate to lose a great actor/great character for a writers mistake. We need to click our heels and just believe…I’m willing to click for DeVry. I wouldn’t be focusing on what went down between Alexis and Julian. I’d just find a way to block it out or buy what the writers were selling to make ir right as I’ve done in the past. Some characters/actors are worth it.

And, should DeVry stay and they don’t reunite him with Alexis (I guess they’d gauge viewer reaction)…he’s strong enough an actor and character to move on to another story.

I agree that probably the only way to salvage the Julian character is to pair him with another actress and perhaps revisit the Alexis/Julian pairing farther down the road. Alexis going back to the man who tried to kill her not only sends a bad message to female viewers but makes her look weak and plain stupid. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen because the show is putting all its eggs in the Steve Burton basket and is wiling to lose a fan favorite like DeVry because they think Burton is the answer to the show’s ratings problems.

True enough, Alan, but I say let’s give these “Julexis Junkies” the happy ending they so clearly crave….send those two perpetual teenybopping-bonejumpers off together to parts unknown for a never-ending shagfest! Given Alexis’ well-documented tendency to allow her overactive libido to lead her astray, I say this is the perfect opportunity to keep her character totally consistent….she’ll be choosing the dangerous sexual thrills she always does over all else, including her three unfortunate daughters who have suffered the dire consequences of her shambolic love life time and time again. Good riddance….

If they give them the “happy” (!) ending–then BOTH must go. I was hoping for redemption for Alexis, however. But . . .

That’s the point, Nancy! It’s time for both of these sex-crazed characters to take a hike…if they do so together, all the better! Honestly, as much as I love to endlessly jest about their physical activities in hyperbolic overdrive, I’ve never seen any soap couple—even younger ones in the throes of first passion—be portrayed as so erotically-obsessed with each other. My God, there were times when they barely came up for air during the height of their unquenchable urges…it was simply too much and seemed so utterly ridiculous that it couldn’t help but invite laughter and cheeky commentary to which I happily complied! As for “redemption” for Alexis??? I cannot imagine any future possible scenario that could accomplish that, except for a cloistered existence in a nunnery where she could “pray away” that nasty, uncontrollable yen for the bad boys 24/7!! Perhaps that’s the only tenable solution to her lifelong attraction to unsuitable men….to finally adopt a new “habit!”

I agree with your description of Alexis—desperate ( I think due to insecurity).
I, personally, would never describe her as the perfect example of womanhood—that would be, not only an insult, but also, an assault to women, in general.
Nevertheless, I do consider her as the epitome of emotional weakness. There are some women who do relate. I, therefore, appreciate the reality this character represents—-the good and the catastrophic.
I agree with Alan, in that soaps cater mainly to the female audience.
Even in these soooo ‘modern’ times, and the burning of our bras, as it were, women are still, and mostly, regarded as the weaker sex.
We forgive ( not moi—depends what it is. LOL). Alexis is weak; not stupid.
I ask why she was written this way. I say ‘was’ ( past tense) in the hope the writing will change by giving her a backbone, and steer clear of Julian—avoiid temptation.
If Alexis cannot do that, she will never get out of the hole she finds herself. Yes, she has her licence back. But, I detect tiny, little details that still define a very weak psyche when making decisions. ….when she tells Julian , ‘No”, for instance, she does not sound convincing.
He is as good for her as the black plague.

Oh my G-d! An “older” body. People in their late 40s and 50s are soooo old that having passionate sex is just too much for their “old bodies?” Yikes! Did I ever think that way when I was 30? Don’t think so…maybe…naaa…don’t think so.

Also, funny how viewers view and remember different things.

Alexis doesn’t and didn’t have a “sexual disorder.” I’m sorry, but I’m cracking up as I type this. Sexual disorder…too funny.

oh and…”Hypersexual Disorder Syndrome?” Really??? Compulsive sexual behavior is sometimes called hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, nymphomania or sexual addiction. It’s an obsession with sexual thoughts, urges or behaviors that may cause you distress or that negatively affects your health, job, relationships or other parts of your life.

THAT’S how you see Alexis; a woman who had great sex with her husband? No words…

To all…Boy, some just can’t let their opinion of Alexis and Julian enthusiast, adult, consenting, lovemaking go. Wonder if there is a name for them since they kept belaboring this point. Same type of comments, with different spins. Now possibly HDS? Gotta be careful diagnosing and speculation…many ailments have similar symptoms that can apply to other things. On a personal note, I didn’t fit the demo’s (mainly younger men) for the “exotic” syndrome that put me in the hospital at the beginning of the year. But tests with great doctors figured it out.

Really liked Alexis and Julian when the found each other again. But i do have to admit, the writers are going to have to have to come up with a good redemption story for Julian, and a healthy, strong, independent Alexis before I can see them as a couple again.

LOL…hey, Rose! I have no idea where the comment went that “someone else” wrote about Alexis and her “older body” not up for that kind of sex…and that she suffers from “hypersexual disorder.” LOL! It was posted here which is what I responded to..and now it’s disappeard! I know that many of our posts don’t make the cut…but I’ve never read one on here that disappeared! hahaha…

Yes; infuriating, isn’t it? The on and on and on about one character’s sex life and the emphasis on her age. Talk about obsession! Sigh…I guess it’s up to us 40-something ladies to set the record straight… By the way, I REALLY try to ignore it; I do. But it’s like a bull seeing red. Haahahaha…too funny.

Hope all’s well! 😉

Cut it out, rebecca. Grow up and stop spinning. Stop ridiculing other posters. Gosh Almighty, do you ever stop?
The writers made Alexis look like a sex addict. A lawyer with criminal cases to win….leaves court to go do the hanky-panky in the middle of the day, in the middle of the living room where her daughter and boyfriend walked in on them. I am no prude, but who does that knowing anyone could walk in? Yeah, that’s really normal for a mature woman.
Obviously, the writing changed. Had she been a sex addict, she would not be ‘cured’ so easily.
And, please stop re-creating my writing style. Not becoming.
Have you nothing else to do but dog me?
You know darn well what I meant. An older ‘body’ meaning a person has not the stamina to endure lovemaking several times in a matter of minutes. Biologically not possibe; especially for a man. Not even a twenty-year -old can do that.
Not once did I say older people are not to engage in sexual activity. You are not funny, and your sarcasm is a wash!! You are obsessed with a character—-it’s fiction.
Then you are aghast when certain posters ‘attack’—-happened very recently. Why can’t you , for once, allow other posters to express how and what they feel without you berating them unless their opinion matches with yours????
Then along comes, ‘Jones’, your minion who kowtows and parrots everything you say!!!! Lordy, Lord.
Sainthood has never tasted so hypocrytical .

Oh CeeCee…same old, same old. You and Shay never cease to talk about Alex/her age and the fact she has sex. You somehow cannot wrap your head around a middle-aged woman have a healthy sexual life. I’m not twisting anything; just see Shay’s comments above and the never-ending, every-single-comment she can’t seem to post without talking about Alexis and her sex life. And then you chime in and we and it’s annoying. And you KNOW it’s going to get a reaction from me. It’s happened time and time again. I’ll repeat…I’m not defending “Alexis” (thought she’s one of my favorite characters and I do realize that you’ve come to like the character) but I rsent you posting on a site that for the most part has women ten to maybe 40 years older than you…figure a lot of the women who post here (and even the guys) are in their 40s sto 70s. Not all…but probably a lot. And yet, you, as a 30-year-old…and you started saying this when you were 28?, 29? (however long we’ve been posting here) that Alexis is “too old” to be so sexual”, she should “be home knitting booties” you don’t want to see her in her low-but blouses and look at her “wrinkled breasts.” I don’t know how to explain this to you, if you don’t see it…that those are offensive statements. Not because they’re about Alexis…but they’re insulting toward older women. And, yet…you persist. You did say, not once, but several times…that it is so unrealistic to you that Alexis (at her age) would want sex so much with Julian that she must have “hypersexual disorder.” Do you realize that is nymphomania? Which is when a person is a sex addict…who looks for sex with many people all the time; who can’t be monogomous, who is obsessed to the point they neglect everyhing in their lives. Alexis was passionate about Julian and he with her. As it should be when people are crazy about each other. For you to think she has a “disorder” …

I didn’t mention your name but you obviously knew I was referring to your comments. “Aghast when posters attack?” First, the “attack” happened because I said I didn’t interpret Jane Elliot’s interview the same as many and a die-hard fan got up in my face in a nasty way. I responded in the same manner and you know the rest. It takes all kinds… But that didn’t stop you from jumping right in by saying, “oh I know, I’ve been there…” or something to that effect. LOL. And we were getting along! I can only imagine what you would have said if we weren’t!

I’d say more but it’s not worth dignifying. If you don’t want to be called on certain derogatory comment you make; don’t post them. (And, please, don’t give me a “we’re free to post anything we want speech because I agree with you). I’m just saying then don’t be surprised when you get the same response.

If you insult someone’s religion, race, sexual preference or age it’s bound to offend someone. Why do it?

Time for another “intervention,” I see…not that the last one had any real or lasting impact. But one can always live in hope the next shall do the trick….and stick!!!!

I love William deVry and I love Julian Jerome! I love Alexis and Julian, too! Unfortunately, the writers did write Julian into a corner when he tried to murder his wife; however, I digress…Mr. deVry is very talented and shows so much emotion and passion while delivering his scenes. In order to come to contract terms, why can’t TPTB clean house of the recurring characters and explosion of new characters that we see one day, and then do not see for weeks…instead, we may lose a great actor and compelling character.

yep. agree….

OK…you know what: It’s BAD ENOUGH that (1) the TOTALLY UNWATCHABLE Sonny and Carly are STILL ON GH and that (2) that ONE-NOTE Steve Burton is on his way back to GH!!!!! To let the RUGGEDLY HANDSOME AND EVEN MORE TALENTED William deVry leave GH…THE WORST NEWS EVER!!!!! SHAME ON YA’LL, GH!!!!! MORONS!!!!!

jaybird369, you nailed it! I can’t add anything…

I can’t believe they are cutting all of these really good and popular actors just to have enough money to hire back Steve Burton. Steve wanted to leave and now he wants back. Tell him to go back to Y&R

The show approached Burton’s agent and made the offer. If anyone has issues, they should criticize Valentini and Varni — not Steve Burton

You are so right. This is a budget move and that’s it. I don’t disrespect Steve Burton and their right to bring him back. Several shown are doing this right now because the idea of cancellation is so big but cut the fringe cast…Amy, Jordan, Molly, Kristina etc. This sucks as his chemistry with N LG is off the charts. Hope they can fix it

You are probably correct.

Bonnie…H-E-L-L NO!!!!! 4 years of him on Y&R was QUITE ENOUGH!!!!! Steve Burton needs to go away…PERIOD!!!!!

Take care.

Do we know, for a fact, that this is what truly happened? “Letting go” of multiple actors/characters , to make room for Burton?

Remember how great he was and “all my children? “

The man will land on his feet this is the business they are in I never watched the scene with the knife to the throats but please Sonny has talked women down and treated them like whores and you people are going to attack Julian ? I have a psych chair just waiting for you !! Please you people need help Sonny is a sick character he needs to be squashed like a bug him and his cue cards!

the reason ( ? ) this is so distressing

it’s the mere fact that more mob act’ion is on the horizon. I absolutely, agree that Steve Burton – is – Jason. Billy Miller, for the life of me.. it’s like he doesn’t know how to act… or more to the point.. he knows.. HES STUCK with a character that lacks any and all potential for MOVEment. I think he realized it right from the beginning.. and hates phoning it in. I want to believe it gnaws at him.

gawd he is highly prized and lauded. HE IS… still

I want so much more for him.. and yes.. lighting does not strike twice ? or at all ?

any way… this mob stuff… if ABC / Disney / GH had all the cache to spin and turn like HBO’ Sopranos’ then we’d be talking

WHY… TPTB continue to spin and turn this shit. I quit asking.. but will nonstop and vehemently direct this trash right back at.. Shelley and Frank. it’s got to start somewhere.

what goes on behind the scenes.. with TPTB and Shelley and Frank .. after all these decades.. SHOULD BE SPELLED OUT. I hope so.. in our lifetime. this is garbage.

heck.. I want Hayden, Julian, Dr. Leisl, Nikolas.. BACK

I cannot stand the focus and spotlight and all the attention driven just for the courted favor… DULLARD reign

Jason / Sam / Sonny / Carly / Michael / Nelle / Franco / Finn / Hayden

I love my repetitiveness. because it means something.. and I hope .. beyond hope that it gnaws @Shelley and Frank.

good gawd these dullards are stuck in a bubble of their OWN MAKING.

roaring laugh out loud… and we are witness to the worst spiral in all of GH history. i’m certain of this.

all the hoopla and champagne is spotlighting Steve Burton.

Shelley and Frank have lost all zeal gusto and drive. if this is all going to be about Sonny / Carly / and Steve Burton.. then it’s a no holds barred onslaught of press .. for the ruination of this show.

it’s not so much that I was a “Julexis” fan… it’s because of William DeVry high caliber acting… and yes… he has all the serial recipe for… TUNE IN.

I wish Robin Christopher ( Skye Quartermaine ) was returning.. that way Julian would have his leading lady.. and we can forget all about Alexis and Sam.

after all this disgust and lame product… I simply want Tyler Christopher to return. OK Jeffrey Vincent Parise.

I can’t wait for the deer stuck in headlights… Sam

oh wait she has performance anxiety because she had to step up to the plate.. and was no longer hiding behind steve burton

gawd.. I cant stand it.. or perhaps I should

as the writers rightfully channeled James DePaiva.. as her doctor.. and it was so distracting . you wanted to watch him… because it’s that easy to forget Sam.


so whatever is on the horizon.. it’s all lost .. because the actors just do not rise to the occasion.. or are in the same caliber as so many on the canvas that TPTB choose to forget

*or are in

OR, ARE, not in the same caliber as so many others on the canvas that TPTB choose to forget.

Golly Gee, Patrick….reading your posts is a true joy!!

Well that is one fine shirtless cameo I’m going to miss! 🙂

Is this the end of the Jeromes?

General Hospital

Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out the scenes from her arrival below,

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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