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“I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good Night” Says ‘Big Brother’ Host On First Appearance Since Husband’s Downfall From CBS


Four days after her husband, Les Moonves was officially ousted as CBS chairman, Julie Chen returned to television hosting Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother for what was to be a double eviction night on the reality-competition series.

Chen has not yet returned to her spot on the table as co-host of the afternoon series, The Talk on CBS.

Since more women came forward last Sunday in an article from Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker that accused Moonves of inappropriate workplace conduct and sexual harassment, followed by the CBS board learning that Moonves tries to buy an accuser’s silence by getting her hired at the network, thus Moonves is now reportedly not receiving his $120 million exit package, Chen stood by her husband when at the end of tonight’s episode of Big Brother she closed with this statement.

“From outside the Big Brother House with Brent, I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night.”
Until that statement, Chen has been radio silence since more accusations came to light about her husband.  Chen’s co-stars on The Talk have been talking about the hot button issue about their friend’s husband, and have held Moonves accountable for what the accusers have said against him and the workplace culture.

So, what did you think of Julie’s show of support for her husband, Les Moonves? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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So sad; she’ll have to face the inevitable soon enough.

Questionable is all I can say…not sure what to make of Julie Chen’s choice. In all honesty I was a little distracted by the hotness sitting next to her. Lol.

Lol truth!

If he is convicted of any of the accusations, she will probably have a change of heart, but for now, she is standing by her man. I dont have a problem with it. Many times in marriages, the first sign of trouble, the women usually leaves and bleeds her husband dry! Yes, it can be the other way to, but its still rare! Julie is smart, she will not look like a fool when all is said and done!

I interpret this as a message to her “The Talk” co-hosts who have come down hard on Les Moonves. That’s got to be tough on her and maybe she wanted to draw a line in the sand before she returns to “The Talk” – IF she returns.

I don’t want to see by again. She disgusts me’

same here Ellen, she’s a huge hypocrite. Always talked trash about cheating spouses on the show.

Good for her! If she wants to stand by her man despite his problems, it’s her business.

I don’t think it was her best choice.

it was a very soap opera moment, she’s standing by her husband, he’s her family . this must be difficult beyond explanation. I can’t judge, no matter how you look at it its heartbreaking for her family and for the accusers its no picnic either. it is sad all around…period!

I see you, Julie.

The worst part of her statement was when she called the guy Brent instead of Brett!

True, she was so focused on ending with her husband’s last name

I definitely don’t want her back on TheTalk. She is weak, submissive and money hungry.

Same here, hopefully CBS drops her off both shows now.

Hopefully this means CBS will drop her from both shows. Chen bot.

This is difficult, he is a powerful man and if someone did want to ruin his reputation, get him out of his position of power, there is no better way in today’s climate to do it. So it comes down to, who do you believe the women or the man? In the Cosby’s case Julie was all for believing the women, but when it comes to her own husband, he is the victim–and these women are turning consenting sexual encounters into assault? Or perhaps she believes this was all before her time and she changed him– I don’t know, it is her marriage– her choice– Personally if she wanted to stand by him, and believes CBS is in the wrong–resign from both shows- why would you want to work for the company who unfairly fired your husband? If she believes he did these things, and she forgives him then I don’t think she needed to make a public statement either way– it is none of our business. CBS didn’t believe the first 6 women, it was only when 6 more came forward that anything was done– so for people who wonder why one lone woman never came forward in the first place– that is the reason– when it is a case of he said she said- the she is never believed–when it is a case he said they said– then something is done, sometimes, unfortunately even with the Cosby case, no matter how many women came forward, some still believed Cosby’s side of the story.

Great that she’s supporting her husband, but doesn’t change what he did.

The Talk is nothing but a gossip show. Her husband is suddenly the object of the gossip. Now she knows what it feels like to be the subject. She can stand by him all she wants. She probably knew what he was doing all along.

Big Brother

‘Big Brother’ Winner Xavier Prather to Appear on The Bold and the Beautiful

Continue with the long-standing tradition of having contestants and winners from CBS’ Big Brother crossover to The Bold and the Beautiful, now comes word that Xavier Prather, who was just crowned the season 23 winner will be making an appearance.

Xavier became the first black champion of a non-celebrity edition of the popular CBS reality-competition series.

He also won in dominating fashion with a unanimous win, only the third contestant in the history of the show to do so.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful nabbed Prather for some upcoming appearances to air on November 8th ad 9th and Big Brother’s twitter feed shares some photos of him from the CBS soundstages where B&B is taped (see below).

So, looking forward to seeing Xavier on B&B? Were you rooting for him to win this season’s Big Brother? Comment below.

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TONIGHT: ‘Tainted Dreams’ & ‘Big Brother’ Star, ‘Mr. PEC-Tacular’ Jesse Godderz Spotlighted On Special Broadcast On YTA Network

Friday night, June 19th,  OVW television will give wrestling star Mr. PEC-Tacular Jesse Godderz his own hour-long television special that will air on the YTA Network.

It all begins at 9 pm PST/12 am, EST.  Fans also know Jesse from his role as Dylan in Sonia Blangiardo’s (Director, Days of our Lives) digital soap opera Tainted Dreams, plus his turn on CBS’ hit reality series, Big Brother.  Godderz also frequents CBS’ The Talk as their ‘Summertime Santa’.

On tonight’s special, Goddeez shared: “I got my start in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) and it’s some of my greatest memories.  I’m honored that this historic company would celebrate my time on the roster in such a way.”

Mr. PEC-Tacular cut his teeth in the OVW ring from 2011-2013, the place that also saw John Cena and Dave Bautista get their early career stars. Godderz won the OVW tag team championship five times and is also a former television champion.

“Our alumni represent a who’s who of professional wrestling and entertainment,” OVW owner and Gladiator Sports Network CEO Al Snow said. “We were there to guide and train them from the start and we hope fans will enjoy this look back on Jesse’s career.”

The Mr. PEC-Tacular television special will feature some of Jesse’s greatest OVW matches and a new interview with him sharing some of his latest television projects.

So, will you be checking out this PEC-Tacular special? Comment below.


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‘Big Brother’, ‘Tainted Dreams’ Favorite Jessie Godderz Returns To Wrestling And Wins OVW Television Championship

In a shocker, none other than Mr. PEC-Tacular, Jessie Godderz made a surprise return to the Pro Wrestling world winning his first ever singles Wrestling title in his career.

It all happened in Louisville, Kentucky when Godderz hit the ring and defeating Adam Revolver to win the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Television.  Godderz big win aired today on OWN TV presented by Gladiator Sports Network (GSN).

In an statement for Michael Fairman TV, Jessie shared: “My surprise OVW return has been such an amazing experience, beyond my wildest expectations. Reaction to my OVW TV Title win has been extraordinary.  I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from everyone both inside and outside the wrestling industry. I’ve heard from friends at CBS, ESPN, Pop TV, and MTV who are so excited for me, as well as from buddies at WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA, CWFH, you name it!  The Legendary Al Snow was the one who made this all possible.  He has truly revolutionized OVW and transformed it into the true powerhouse it is today.  Ohio Valley Wrestling is one of the most prestigious wrestling promotions in the world, and it’s been a tremendous honor to return home and represent the company as the OVW TV Champion, presented by Gladiator Sports Network (GSN).”

Previously, Godderz was a mainstay on Impact Wrestling and with this win as the OVW TV Champion, it marks Jessie’s 8th title win in his career.

Soap fans know Jessie from his role in Sonia Blangiardo’s web series, Tainted Dreams, appearance on The Young and the Restless, and for his time on the hit reality competition series Big Brother appearing in seasons 10 and 11.

In a post on his Instagram. Godderz shared: “Ladies and Gentleman, meet your new OVW Television Champion!! What a tremendous honor and privilege it was to return home tonight to the iconic OVW presented by GSN (Gladiator Sports Network). This win marks my first singles title…and 8th Wrestling title overall.”

So, excited to hear Mr PEC-Tacular is back in action and in the ring? Comment below!

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