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In the Rumor Mill: Has Jack Wagner been taken off contract at The Bold and the Beautiful?

© Gilles Toucas

Looks like the Marone family may have just gotten even smaller on the hit CBS sudser, The Bold and the Beautiful!  There are various reports from sources , and on the “all things Jack Wagner ” website, Wagner World, that the soap superstar may have been taken off contract by the series! In lieu of the fact that B&B had dropped Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie M.) to recurring as well as Brandon Beemer (Owen), and that Wagner’s Nick has not had a major storyline in quite some time, it would appear that the series has decided to shake some things up on their canvas.

Sources reached out to On-Air On-Soaps saying that they believe Wagner learned last week that his contract was not being extended, while at a music date at The Mohegan Sun.  There are also reports circling that B&B offered Wagner a chance to go recurring, but only if he would not appear on any other daytime series.

If any of this does prove to be true, and Wagner is taken off contract at B&B, it would be a perfect time for the new chiefs at General Hospital, (EP Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati) to snatch him up and create a return for the fabulous Frisco Jones, especially now that many of the 80’s heyday favorites are returning to the series, including Finola Hughes, Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms and Rick Springfield.

We will keep you posted on this developing story! Whatever the case, we wish Jack all the best!


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b&b are not utilizing jack anyway – maybe gh should consider bring the character of frisco back…………

Oh please come home to GH Frisco!

It would be so awesome to get him back on GH as Frisco with all the others!!! FV and RC do it! We would love it!!!

Never understood his appeal, hope he does not go back to GH.

This is totally stupid! What is going on at B&B?

He was the best and talented male lead B&B has ever had. I’m done with this show. Letting go of Jack Wagner is so stupid. I’m convinced that in the long run… Jack will be happy he left. I think the people who were writing his material on B&B for the last year were probably 8 year olds. A talent like him should only do business with people who know their stuff and are talented writers. Not this mess.
I say good for him. Leave the ship before it sinks, because it WILL go under. If it’s not this year, it will be next year.

I love Jack Wagner. It would be great if he came back to GH. I tried watching B&B for him but It is not good at all.

The more and more I read of how GH may shape up… the more I may watch. I gave up the show early 90’s… but did watch from 1977 to 1990, faithfully. The more people they sign from that period, the better, and it does make me want to start watching again. I also watched OLTL from the same start period, but never stopped watching it.

It is getting crowded in the Forrester basement with everybody joining Thorne! I have not watched this show in months I call in teenybopper time.

This show is the worst steaming pile of …..on television. How the ratings go up is beyond me. I tried to watch it for the first time in weeks yesterday and deleted it from my dvr halfway through.

Stories and acting are the worst Ive seen in years.

Kill Ridge off. The worst actor on television, he cant even read from a teleprompter.

Rob’s comments are strong but he is not alone. I guess Nick has romanced all the Logans and a Forrester or two so there is no longer any use for him.

I agree- this is the worst soap ever, and hard to understand how they get high ratings and awards. How about Taylor she is the worst actress in the world! She and Ridge acting together— UGH. Aside from that is it me or is this show borderline incestual? What makes it worse is that 4 other shows have recently been canceled, but this has survived. If it didn’t follow YR, it would be different.

I’m french and i’m too happy if it’s true. I hate Nick Marone. More Rick, Amber, Thomas, Stéphanie, Taylor, Thorne, Liam, Bill, Steffy…

You guys are right. B&B is unwatchable but I did because of Jack. Seeing Michael reports the ratings are so good, there are alot of bored people out there if the watxh this crap. Glad I’m done with this for good.

I agree Rob, an actor like Jack Wagner is fired while ron moss is still on, WTF?
Ron Moss is the worst actor on tv, it’s embarrassing to watch sometimes. It’s extremely sad.

That’s surprising … especially considering that just two weeks ago, he was introduced as the star of B&B during his big guest appearance on LET”S MAKE A DEAL!

With the loss of AMC and OLTL (which nothing could quite replace IMO), I must admit that I now have started taping B&B a bit, and I am enjoying it, yet Wagner’s character plot on that show (as it stands now) is so small, so to see Wagner’s Frisco return to GH would be wonderful!!!! The possibilities of the dynamic between he and Maxie (his now grown daughter – feeling the sting of the void he has left in her life), and he and Mac (who is basically the only father Frisco’s daughters have known for most of their lives), would be a pleasant welcome to the canvas. I say Frisco come home to GH!!!!

I know, If you are just tuning in on B&B now, one would think Jack Wagner is on the show?
Believe it or not but his character Nick used to be pretty much the star of the show for Years and Years. The first years he was on as Nick… he rocked his character.
Back in 2010 they put him drastically on the back burner. That’s what’s unbelievable about it.
The fact that’s he’s let go, is sad and proves the writer of this show is an absolute moron, but he will find a much better job where he will be appreciated. I’ll follow the guy to his next project for sure.
General hospital just gained a fan, and B&B lost one !

BB is starting like Days now, just showing the younger kids in major storylines and leaving the adults out of the picture, it’s sad because who wants to watch Steffy and Hope battle over one guy for last two months, its plain dumb and boring and it’s over and over.

Can they not come up with more interesting tales to show and tell
Bradley Bell – turn the show around, it was good when it was good, now it’s horrible, 30min waste and now your letting go talented actors for the younger ones, please!

Eh… Keep him away from GH. Frisco lost his appeal years ago for me when he abandoned his family.

Does anyone have an inkling–i.e. backstage gossip–about what’s going on over at B&B? The show has been a mess lately, but getting rid of some of its best players makes no sense.

i always thought b &b was so so made up of name.

hey. i was just wondering when is jack leaving b &b? if we want to write to him to let him know that we stand behind him and his choices, where do we write so that he will get our letters? does anyone know? how do we know it will get to him anyway? does anyone have an address? PLZ!!!! thanks.

Hunter Tylo said he was leaving in April, then going to GH.

I think the PTB are so screwed up over at B&B. Brooke and Nick should have been a supercouple, that Ridge guy was always in the way. BTW, the worst actor on TV, by far. Hopefully Jack will be on air again very soon.

I quit watching B&B years ago. It was bad enough to have to watch Brooke play lap dog to her rapist Ridge, and KKL’s talents wasted acting opposite that block of cement RM. That they gave JW’s character the worst storylines and then never used him was the final straw. I will tune in to GH for the first time in years if Frisco returns.

Bring Jack back to GH! That would open up multiple story lines;;;Frisco & Maxie, Frisco & Robert, If Felicia were to come back as a character…we’d have Frisco & Felicia once again, or Frisco & a new love interest..hey lets give Maggie to him LOL Yes Jack Come Back!!!!!

im getting real tired of the same old people on this show I miss Stephanie .and ridge with his fake or bad plastic surgery face.

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