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Is Christel Khalil OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Reports are swirling this morning and one in particular which comes directly from Christel Khalil’s (Lily Winters) website.  It now appears that the fan favorite and recent Daytime Emmy winner for Outstanding Younger Actress may be indeed out at the number one sudser, The Young and the Restless.

In a statement posted at by her webmaster it says, “Rumors can be such an ugly thing so here is the answer floating about the internet.  Christel Khalil is indeed leaving The Young and the Restless. It is not her decision to leave.  An agreement could not be reached during contract negotiations.  I have confirmed this information with the source. At this time I do not have an end date for Christel’s last appearance on The Young and the Restless. The casting call posted by Soap Opera Digest  yesterday is indeed a casting call for a new “Lily Winters Ashby”.

The casting call being referenced is for an African-American character who is:  “Vivacious, energetic, ambitious.  She’s a mom balancing work and family. She’s had her share of tough times, but always bounces back from even the most trying situations. Sexy, romantic, fun-loving, with a delightful sense of humor and an eternal twinkle in her eyes.”

So soapers, how would you feel if Christel is out at Y&R?  Let us know!


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No loss there. Never cared for this actress. In fact, I never cared for the character either.


Please Come And See! Come to the studio and support Christel!!! Let the Y&R Team see how much the fans support and want her contract renewed.

*Subject*: Christel Kahlil Fans! Fans have gotten together and rented a plane with a banner to fly over Y&R Studio’s. To show there support of Christel’s contract to be renewed. There is
no way that anyone can replace her. The fans say we won’t give up until we know that Christel/Lily is here to stay!

*Date of Event:* Thursday September 6, 2012 at 12:00 Noon

*Event Location:* The Young and the Restless
Bell-Phillip Television

*Event Location:* The Young and the Restless
Bell-Phillip Television
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

This actress never had any talent at all! Who I mean what did she do for that Emmy!? It sure wasn’t acting lol This girl is the reason we didn’t get our Victoria Rowell Drucilla back because she cried and complained! Good replace her!!!

DONNA < NO WAY This Lily actress is a bore and a joke like that Chelsea girl gross! Have Drucilla come back and recast with a sexy Lily ! Kill off Chelsea and Eric B it's time! Phyllis jail!

I really believe mostly everyone wants Drucilla back. She is missed every day! I think we need a different Lily in my opinion.

FIRE THIS LILY GIRL!!! Bring back Drucilla Victoria Rowell is so missed!!!

Not a loss to the show. It will go on. I just hope Lily returns Cane’s balls to him before she waltzes off…

It is a major loss to the show and if you cannot see that, you really do not know Y&R and its history.

I’ve been watching since 1980 and sporadically before that. Khalil is a marginal actress at best. TPTB have a pool of talented actresses who would be happy for the work and can do a better job playing Lily than Khalil. The show will go on and I’m looking for a new actress to actually breathe some life and FIRE into the character which is something Khalil is incapable of doing.

No We think she is boring a true snooze! Drucilla can make her interesting though Anyone in a scene with Victoria Rowell is worth watching. She is fab

Well I’m sorry you feel that was Lisa, but Christel is a superb actress and does a fine job bringing all ranges of emotions to Lily. I’m sorry you are unable to see such talent she has. Is she the greatest actress? No. But if she great at being Lily? Yes.

Agree she is Lily!

Scott she is horrific! I fast forward through her and that Chelsea chick! ZZZZ

That’s your opinion. I love her and Chelsea!!!!

I agree with Lisa!!!

This is unfortunate. Considering ‘some’ always felt she didn’t personify “Dru”, I never felt that this character had to be the stereotypical “angry AA woman”!
She is a talented actress who made you ‘feel’. She and Daniel Goddard are magic! To bad the TPTB did not recognize and write accordingly.

I couldn’t agree more…. Dru, overacted…. it was like, relax… girlfriend. Chill out.


This actress who plays Lily is so boring like the Chelsea girl! RECAST ASAP!!!

I could care less about her but I dont think she should be recast. Maybe they can make Cain interesting again. There was some chemistry with Ashley but obviously that aint gonna happen….

Daniel Goddard and Sharon Case are so close in age, they could be a potential match. Someone that is NOT a Newman for Sharon would be good … heck anything would be good for the Sharon character at this point. She is really unlikeable these days.

I thought Ronan would of been a GREAT match for Sharon that would be HOT but nooo that old guy with his ego had to have her and Diane both! Retire Eric and his little blue pills already! lol

Sharon is too good for Cain but she is to good for any of those men on the show. Sam the Dr. was smoking HOT!!!

When the hell was Cane ever “interesting”? A useless horrid character during the Lynn Marie latham era that should be exiled from GC & never to return, IMO.

Ditto Bart!

It is always unfortunate when someone loses a job. I am sorry for Christel, but a lot of fans have complained about her portrayal of Lily as well as the Lily character.

I hope if Daniel Goddard stays and Cane is with Lily that they can find someone that has some great chemistry with him. Cane and Lily are just cloyingly sweet sometimes, but I don’t see the fire like Cane had with Amber or even Chloe.

Don’t like this actress never did love Dru! Victoria Rowell come back PLEASE!!!!

WHAT Drucilla kill it! She rocks!!! I no soooo many fans want Victoria Back Rowell is sick!!! She is the best!!!! Uneplaceable,

I preferred Davetta Sherwood’s Lilly. Y&R should bring her back!

AGREED I do not like this actress and do NOT like the ME actress who plays Chelsea THEY ARE THE MOST NON SEXY BORING EVER!!!

I don’t like Chelsea at all I can’t understand for the live of me who thought this was a good idea. Worst actress in a long time the worst

Bring back the original…..I always liked her better.

Which original Torrey?! Christel was the one who took over the role when the show SORAS’ed Lily. Christel then left for a year or so and Davetta Sherwood came on and took over the role until Christel came back and regained the role.

Alls she did was cry and complain she didnt like Victoria Rowell and said she didnt want tp work with her. Well this chick Lily is boring as hell! RECAST and bring Drucilla home

Christel is the original, Davetta Sherwood replaced her initially.

DS was not the ‘original’ – in the role less than a year. As ‘teen angst’, OK – no depth.

What do you mean the original. When they first SORAS Lily, Christel was it.
Davetta Sherwood replaced her.

Good Lord people, calm down….Ok, I misspoke and thought Davetta was the original. Is it that serious? LOL I still prefer her version over Christel.

Well, Davetta may not have originated the role of Lily Winters, but she breathed life into the Lily character. After Christel vacated the role for green pastures, I was prepared not to like new Lily but Davetta’s performance and screen time with Victoria Rowell changed all of that. In addition to that, Davetta’s Lily blended in well with the Winters family. I’m glad they are recasting the role. Hopefully they will hire an AA actress who won’t balk at having an AA man as a love interest among other things pertaining to AA lifestyle and culture.

LOL. smelling salts for Torrey Please!

Good Lord people, calm down….Ok, I misspoke and thought Davetta was the original. Is it that serious? LOL I still prefer her version over Christel.

LOL. I think she’s lovely…. especially, since i liked the father/daughter relationship with Neil… even tho… she’s Malcom/s and Drus? right? I really liked Malcom.. I thought he was fun to watch…. Darius McCrary.

I actually liked the story when Christals’ Lily… was seeing things… ghosts.. spirits… visions… and when no on believed her… that truly captured Lilly and Canes chemistry… the love these two emoted on screen… was romantic.

As for Cane… dag! now that was another… uproar… imminent fan frenzy (when he was let go/and rehired)… remember that? he’s charismatic.. lends himself to old serial romantic leading man status… and i like his chemistry with mom genevieve….

she’s certainly not on par with… say: haggie maggied out victor… nevertheless… she’s on par with quality younger actors.

Cane and Lily bore us as much as Adam and Chelsea bore us!!! UGGG Bring Drucilla Back and recast Lily! Kill off Chelsea and Eric B.

I knew as soon as I saw the casting notice that it was indeed a casting call to recast the role of Lily Winters Ashby. That was a no brainer! It didn’t even surprise me when I found out today that she had indeed been let go.

well with the new regime we can only wonder who will be next………

True… perhaps a Newman another Abbot? Ms. Chancellor for goodness sake… this new regime is goingto ruin Y & R!!!

I thought I heard they put out a new casting young black male also. Is that the new Devon or a new romance for Sophia? Julia Pace H is not even filming she is in NC with her new Hubby

I believe she is a sweet girl but always felt her acting was just so so. Hope they cast a true daughter to Dru. This really has been a writing issue not Khalil’s. Not sad and looking forward to the new.

Send Cane off with her.

sorry but the character is not going anywhere – they are just changing actresses……….

I’m so sorry to hear about this. While I thought most of her storylines were lame, I always felt (and the Emmy’s agreed!) that Christel brought something very real to that character. I’ll miss seeing her on the show, but she’s hot off an Emmy win and I know she has a bright future in front of her. Wishing her the very best!! 🙂

I never liked this actress. I enjoyed the character as portrayed by Davetta Sherwood. Lilly & Cane are FF material to me. Still hoping for the day I see Dru climb back up that cliff! But getting rid of this actress is a good start.

Cane should be the one leaving. Can’t stand him.

I wish she would take Cane with her. He’s hot, but then ruins it with his horrible acting.

I’m glad that she is going. She has a chip on her shoulder. Her and Daniel Goddard never got along.

and you know this because……………….

LOL. WTF are you on? Of course they get along!

Jill Farren Phelps has just started her destruction… Evil, evil, evil…

yup – i wonder who will be left standing…………..

Oh, that’s right! Yikes.

They need to get rid of dead weight…so long. Please take Cane with you. The show needs to get back to the basics with the core cast and strong stories. Bring back Brenda DIckson as Jill and let the fun begin!


Is Jess Walton NOT returning as Jill? The last I heard she asked for a leave of absence to deal with a family situation. I really would like to see her come back.

Jess wanted 6 months off because she’s going to be a grandmother and wanted family time. I look forward to her return.

I really like Jess Walton and her character Jill. But I miss her and wouldn’t mind Brenda Dixon filling in while she is on leave.

She was going to return in Oct. But I don’t think she is filming right now so guess they changed there minds. I LOVE JILL AND COLIN

I can’t believe they’re doing this to one half of my favorite couple. They need to keep Christel and really write some good story lines for Cane and Lily! From day one, I thought they had off the charts chemistry. They are the ONLY reason I still watch the show. I love both Christel and Daniel and hope TPTB find a way to rectify this.

A decent actress, but her character has lost interest. She would actually be better off she moving along.

the character is being recast so there will still be a lily on y&r – i believe this recast is just the tip of the iceberg with the new regime now in place……..

i totally agree….this is the first axe to fall….

ps love Cristel as Lily

WRONG MOVE Y&R, WRONG MOVE!!!!!! Christel Khalil is amazing as Lily and no other could fit. Davetta was not a fit, and no one else will. Do not recast, let the character off the show. And take Cane with her since no one else should be with Cane but Lily Winters Ashby!

Scott sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong It’s been a snooze fest. Without her bff Colleen she is so so evn with cane boring I still say she can be saved if Drucilla comes back and helps her have some spark

Sorry to hear that Christel Khalil is leaving Y&R. It’s not going to be the same. She will be a tough act to follow. I hope whoever they hire will be as good, especially with the chemistry with Cane. This is not a good move for the show. I don’t think they should replace the character. Whoever makes the decisions should reconsider the move.

They are getting rid of the wrong person, dumbazz sharon glass should be leaving, she can’t act to save her sorry azz. What a frakin waste of camera space. They also need to get rid of the chick who plays abbey, her over acting is driving me crazy, plus the chick who plays eden, WTF! why is she even there? Boring boring boring. Finally please recast Jack’s son, that boy is horrible!!!

Tommy Sharon Is the ONLY reason Im still watching the show! The girl rocks!!! Chelsea is a waist of everyones time wake me when she is toast and Phyllis OMG please send that nut to jail already and Nick needs to grow up . So does Victoria character. The steal a billion and a half from daddy and NOW they are worried about his company. Please spare me!!!

I absoutely LOVE Christel Khalil! She’s such an amazing actress and there’s so much chemistry between her and Daniel Goddard. It will NOT be the same without her.

Oh I hope christle. Sprays nobody take her place and she is. So beautiful. Nobody. Could fill. Her shoes

Oh I hope christle. Sprays nobodyHope. You keeh take her place and she is. So beautiful. Nobody. Could fill. Her shoes

I must be watching a different show. I see no chemistry between Lilly & Cane and find both of the actors really boring. They are attractive, yes, but I’m not seeing the talent. And I agree with other posters that other actors/characters either need to go or be recast.

I’m relieved to find out I’m not the only one who really liked Davetta’s version of Lily. But I must say that since Christel reclaimed the role, she’s won me over. Still, Lily is recastable.

(This has Jill Farren Phelps’s fingerprints all over it, I have to say. It’s so-o-o-o-o like her to use somebody’s contract negotiations early on in her tenure to strike fear in the cast’s hearts.)

GOOD Jill F isnt the only one Josh G has a lot to say and he is awesome so if he thinks this Lily should go then Im with him!!!

I’m not happy to hear this at all, I think that Christal Khalil has been a wonderful asset to this show, and her leaving would be a big loss. But if she does end up going , I have one request: please do NOT bring back Davetta Sherwood! I did not care for her!

What are they thinking at Y & R losing Kristal? They had another take her place before and it was a big mistake then and an even bigger one now!

What are you thinking? She is amazing actress and they should be doing everything they could to keep her on the show. She has been on the Y & R for a long time, and does not deserve this. There are other actress like Summer, Kyle that can go because they are BORING, BORING, BORING. They really need to re-think their decision before they regret big time. Many fans may switch off because off this??????

The powers that be need to rethink their decision to replace Christel Kahlil. She is perfect in the the role as Lilly. No one else can nor should take her place.

I am so sick of these changes on young and restless stick with same people and be done

No I would not like another Lily. No one will meet up to her. A lot of characters have changed over the years and is not the same. It can have viewers stop watching. Big mistake to replace her.

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