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Is Michael Muhney set to exit Y&R?

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Today’s Nelson Branco posted an item that has Michael Muhney (Adam) possibly leaving the series, since the actor’s one year contract is set to expire. With Y&R’s Adam having been a real bad boy, and having caused all sort of troubles for all the major citizens of Genoa City…are his days finally numbered? 

From Branco, “This just in — Sources inform The Suds Report that one of soaps’ most popular stars and best recasts ever, Soap Opera Spirit nominee Michael Muhney, may be leaving The Young and the Restless after his one-year contract expires soon! The former Veronica Mars star recently auditioned for Hawaii 5-0’s reboot, amongst other high-profile projects. That sound you hear? Y&R fans putting pen to paper. ” 

So what do you hope for?  Adam to stay or go? Let us know!

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Michael Muhney is the best thing to happen to Y&R – they’d be crazy to write him out or let him go. But then again, if he gets some sweetheart offer from something else… they’ll regret not signing him on for 3 years!

I hope he not really going from Y&R he is a good actor and is good for playing Adam and with Sharon Case the show will not be the same it is the best part of Y&R please keep him

Adam should go.


Michael has so much talent. You have to have talent to walk into a character like Adam and make him endearing to the fans.

I don’t want him to go but I also want him to go as far as he wants in the business and if that means leaving Y&R, well, I can always start watching Hawaii Five-O (or any other show he might be on).

Michael Muhney is terrific as Adam. He took a bad situation and turned it into a memorable bit of acting in the wake of Chris Engen’s abrupt departure. I’m afraid Y&R’s writers have written his character into a corner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam murdered in late April or early May, with a who-done-it storyline to follow. As the mystery plays out, Adam will be seen in flashbacks and then Mr Muhney is free to go at the end of his contract. He will certainly find more work because he’s a very good actor. Perhaps he’ll be filming in Hawaii by the middle of the Summer for a Fall launch of the new Hawaii 5-0.

Now if Y&R could only dump Josh Morrow: He’s a terrible actor.

I 100% agree with you about Joshua Morrow. He is TERRIBLE!!! He comes across as such a sissy even when he’s trying to do the tough guy routine. He has to go, but I doubt he will!

I’m ready for him to go. He’s a good actor, but I don’t like Adam. I hope he makes it to a primetime show. But Adam has been ruined and I FF thru all of his scenes. So I’m ready for him to GO.

Not a fan of MM, I liked the original actor that played Adam. This actor didn’t play blind too well. However, there were times where he did a good job, but other than that the actor/character has run it course. However , I hope CBS/Sony find him a job, because he does have a family to feed. I’m ready for him to go along with some of these other boring characters such as; Lily/Cane/Amber/Jana/Daniel/Mac/Vicki and the list goes on…..

You gotta be kidding me… i think Adam should go but the rest of the names you mentioned – ARE HALF THE SHOW!

Are you serious? Lily/Cane/ Amber/Dainel/Mac/ Vicki are far from being Half the show… I like the origianl Victoria Heather Tom… The current actress is out of her element on this show. This Mac is boring. I like Dainel, but the writers write crap for him. Amber is too whining and always Mrs. C, Mrs. C….Lily/Cane are a drag. I could never buy Cane was Philip. Jana another one who needs to go! I’ve been watching this show for over 20 something yrs and characters like Victor, Nikki, Jill, Kay, Jack, Ashley, Traci, John Abbott, Brad, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis, Nina, Neil, along with Malcolm, Dru and many other make up the show and then some…

Yes I want Adam caught for everything he has done and be gone from the show.

Adam needs to stay, He is the best thing to happen to Young and the Restless in Years, its about time someone like Adam put all the righteous people like (Nikki, Jack, Victor, Phyllis) in their place. I hope he sticks around for a long time. Adam is a character i would love to hate but can not. Adam is one of the best Actors they have on the show presently!

Yes, I think it is time for Adam to be punished for all of his crimes and sent away to jail or a mental institution, with a permanent exit from the show.

Yes, I want Adam to admit that he switched babies, and Sharon and Nick to get their baby back and be together and happy. Phyllis is a good actress but after all, she did steal Nick from Sharon, so let her get someone else. Sharon and Nick should be together. Write Adam out, he can get another job. Joshua Morrow (Nick) is a great actor and they should keep him. I am 83 and have watched for years.

I am happy Victor is back and with Nikki, I like her hair dark.

Sorry but i really hate Nikki with dark hair.. it is so not her. She will always be a blonde to me. Who’s idea was that anyway! She can get away with it but i don’t think it is in her character. Go back to being a blonde Nikki! You are much more attactive as a blonde!!!

I love Michael Muhney. He is the BEST they have added to the Y&R in a long time. I keep hoping that he will be redeemed or take over Newman Enterprises or both. I wish the writers had taken the Adam storyline in a different direction. I would hate to see him leave Y&R, but would wish him the best. I can always watch Hawaii 5-0.

I totally agree. I like Michael Muhney and I want him to stay on the show and stay married to Sharon. I want Adam to be redeemed and outsmart Victor and Nick and take over Newman Enterprises.

I love Michael Muhney, I think he is an awesome actor,,,and he and Sharon are good together like billy and Vicki,they bring out the best in each other,,,look what other characters in Genoa city had done,,Kevin,,Michael,,Victor,,,and they all were forgiven.,, Michael Muhney adds spice to Y & R.:)
Nick and Phylis look good,,and of course Victor and Nikki:) You also did good putting Jack and Gen together,,,What happened? Tucker and Ashley are great:) Yes I like Cane and Lilly;) Now I like Sharon and Adam together.,,please don’t kill him off,,at least give him a 3 yr contract..he is awesome actor but not ready to see him leave.:(

GOOOOOOOOOOO. If he has to be this bad – get rid of him, Genoa City has enough villans! Put him back in jail and throw away the key.This way if you wanna bring him back someday it would work, and may be welcome.

Actually in MIchael Muhney’s interview I saw he says he is in the grey area. and too many villians?:/ C’mon they just got rid of Collin.


i admire adam’s intellect. however, he needs to come clean about his deeds. he is as evil and conniving as can be. i wonder why sharon cant see through him? her so-called love is way blinder than adam’s little sight. we all know that only one true love sharon has and that is nick. adam must be exposed very soon and of course get out of geneo city for good. his character makes me sick. yuck!

WORST recast in Y & R’s history….I can’t wait for him to be gone. The first actor who played the part was fabulous…..this one just doesn’t do it for me. And I totally disagree with the line being given about the “best recast ever and most popular star” Have you READ the posts from fans? This may be a PR line from Y & R but it’s not how the majority of fans feel.

Have YOU read the posts from fans? Sure there is a lot of hate for the character of Adam, but there is a lot of love for him as well. Fortunately most fans are able to differentiate between evil Adam and talented Michael Muhney and the majority of posters on the boards are in awe of the amazing job Michael has done in the role.


Sharon does know,,but she sees him as lost! and his blindness is like a bad karma what goes around comes around.:/ and Victor secretly helped Adam,,,he does care,,Nikki even saw that.:)

Yes what Adam did was awful but in the last week’s scenes he is realizing,,and wants to makes amends:)

He is a wonderful actor.

I can’t wait for Adam to be sent to hell for all the crimes and disgust he’s brought to Genoa city. Also, Please Leave Sheila dead. Enough is enough. And as for Patty…how stupid is this…a disturbed patient to get hair color and attack a doctor, and make that doctor take her pills etc. etc. really what wrong with these writers? I think Y&R might start tuning out as the storylines are soooo ridiculous.

I love Michael Muhney as Adam. He is out acting most of the other actors on the show. The writers, though, have written him into a corner. It would be a shame for him to leave the show. His character might be bad, but Muhney has added dimension to him.

I totally agree with you. MM has added so many complex layers to Adam. The writers have written Adam into a corner to an extent, but I really feel that he can be redeemed as Sharon brings the best out in him (like his Mother Hope did). If Phyllis and Michael can be redeemed after their sins (and neither have fully paid for their evil crimes), then Adam certainly can be too.

ditto! yes yes very true! I agree 100 percent!:) 🙂 🙂

The WORST re-cast EVER is by far, the Malcolm re-cast!! UGH!!!


agree with this one,,,,bring back Shemar Moore:) at least for a while since he is doing Criminal minds:) love that show.:)

I really love MM as Adam. He is doing a great job. I would hate to see him go. But if that’s what he wants then I wish MM all the luck in the world.

It isn’t Michael that wants to go….he LOVES being Adam.

We need to write to CBS to let them know we want him to stay on the show.

Put simply, Michael Muhney is way too talented to just ‘let go’. There is so much that can be done with the character Adam and if anyone is going to pull off a complex redemption with conviction is is MM.
I was ‘ho-hum’ about Adam before MM took over. Now I am completely in love with the character and in awe of MM’s abitility to make viewers love an evil character!!

KEEP MICHAEL MUHNEY/ADAM ON Y&R…….(if Maria lets him go, I think she is next to be committed to the mental hospital where Sharon and Ashley were….but she’d better watch out, there are some evil people lurking around between those walls…she might come out with a switched identity!!!)

I think Adam has been typecast. If all is forgiven what role could he possibly have?

I love Adam and I love MM’s portrayal of him.

I was right along with Sharon in wanting to believe that Hope’s little boy was going to change and become a better man, but the last day or two on the show is making me question that…and that fact that I care that much about this silly plot is completely due to the actors involved : )

i love michael muhney because he is a beautiful man with a handsome face and perfect body. even though nick, billy, jt, and chance are gorgeous, michael muhney blows my mind. he is sensual and i love his intimate voice. i can’t say what i would love to do with him because it is very graphic and kinky.

are you HIGH?! Seriously! I’m sorry, but MM is terrible looking, and guess what blows my mind? How anyone can be attracted to him! …he also sucks at acting, know who was great? CE. dude, get a life!

Whether you like the character of Adam or not, MM is incredibly talented (and of course they give him great material to play). He owned the role of Adam the first week he took it over. He’s a Gemini, so I’m sure he likes to do a variety of things; moving on of his own volition is no surprise. Anyone who can invent and portray himself in so many dimensions deserves credit. He really does give Energy to the show. Staying or Going, his portrayal is memorable. I wish him luck..

I agree with you,,MM has a lot to give to Y & R,,also to any other project,,hey maybe criminal minds working along side of Shemar Moore,,,now wouldn’t that be something:) 🙂

But for now give him a 3 yr contract 🙂 :)I love MICHAEL MUHNEY 🙂 🙂

MM has to stay, no other reason to watch Y&R now, he kept things really interesting. Even Victor looked the bungling fool. Not the mention the idiots he made of Victoria and Nic….Redeem him, Redeem him!!!


YR wanted to sign Michael to a multi year contract. Michael is the one who would only agree to a year contract. I love how vocal he has been on twitter about auditioning for pilots. He really has no fear of TPTB. So far nothing has come through with prime time. The only thing he has said is he will make an announcment around April 1. And acknowledging that April 1 is April Fools day and swears it will not be a joke, I am hoping he will announce he will re-sign with the show. He is the Todd Manning of YR. I don’t think they wrote him into a corner. He could reak havoc for years in a good/evil sort of way. I hope MM chooses to stay with the show even if it is for financial security. He is a gem! Loved Loved him as Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars!!

okay keeping fingers and toes crossed that MM will remain with Y & R:):)

Love him!

It is time for this character to move on. It has become almost cartoonish. What happened to his blindness, he could barely walk around a few months ago and now he sees fine? As far as his talent, Michael has limited acting range. He brings very little to this character. Writers have a way of keeping even the most eveil characters around, look at Shelia. By the way, the Adam baby switch deal is a rehashed plot from the Shelia days when she switched babies with Lauren. Adam could hang around Genoa City for another year, or they could move him to LA and join Bold and The Beautiful.

good grief! :/

adam should stay ….he is the best ……victor and adam is awesome …he was a better adam than the old one ………i hope that he stays because he keeps everyone on their toes……he’s number one

Thank you Betty:),,agree with you 100 %!

michael please stay!!! young and the restless is crazy if they let u go

Yes Michael please stay,,We love you,,,,hopefully you read these:)

NOOOO. I want Adam to stay he made Young and the Restless much more exciting.
and hes very good looking 🙂


Michael Muhney is a POOR recast for Adam. Chris Engen was fantastic: not just yummy good-looking, but an excellent actor. He made Adam a multi-dimensional character and demonstrated emotional range and depth. Muhney turned Adam into a one-dimensional villain; his acting was wooden and monotonous. He also lacked chemistry with all the female actresses on the show, including those he was romantically involved with, like Heather and Sharon. There was no sizzle. As Adam, Muhney fell flat…….way flat.

You have no idea what you are saying,,:/,,,Mm is an awesome actor!!

Muhney cannot exit the show fast enough for me. I liked Adam as a character before Muhney came on board. Either bring back Chris Engen OR please recast Adam entirely. And please choose someone who can act (NOT Muhney)!!

I agree I like Chris Engen! But left a msg below that states:
On the Y&R the following event happened:
– Emily (aka Patty) got Jack hankie
– Emily (aka Patty) went to find Adam
– Adam killed Rafe with Nick’s pen
– Emily (aka Patty) witnessed Adam kill Rafe
– Nick’s pen actually belonged to Victoria
– Adam took Jack’s hankie, put it in his mouth to obtain the DNA
– Adam then put the hankie in Rafe’ mouth who was already dead, to thwart his alleged death
– Adam then threw the pen on the ground to ensure Nick was to “Pay” for his alleged death!

for those of you saying he should go..the sissy comment? C’MON he is the best thing that happend to the show. He is hot, and a good actor Keep ADAM PALEASE!!!

i want michael to stay on young and the restless he plays adam really well and hes soooo fine and hes really cute

I’m sorry but please get rid of Michael Muhney, I really liked Chris playing the character of Adam. I hope they ask him to return.

I’m with you Maureen, I don’t think he has the right chemistry to be Adam, even though the story line keeps you going. I rooting for her to sail his chip to Hawaii.

Michael Muhney is not a bad actor, a little wishy washy, but tolerable. I miss the acting performance of Chris on the set as well. Can you believe they retaped all of the old Adam’s scenes on Friday’s episode to taylor to the new guy. I guess they won’t get rid of him after all.

He’s not a bad actor, but he is a little corny. I just wait for the commercials to come on when he’s acting in a scene. The other Adam, (Chris Engen) was a much better actor and a good reflection of the type of actors Y&R selects. They got Michael Muhney really cheap and it shows.

The positive postings on this blog sound like a Ripoff of Michael Muhney’s fan club. He probably asked all of them to post only the positive comments to keep him on the show.

The Adam character should have been sent to jail for all of the terrible things he has done, including murder, Why he is still hanging around is ridiculous. He has served his purpose with the Adam mystery story that never seems to end. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I really do not understand why the producers keep this waco character around. They had not problem eliminating the Emily character and soon the Chance character, who is a member of the Chancelor family, and one of the good guys on the show.

please dont leave the young and the restless…… adam and sharon belong together…. adam seems to love sharon in all his heart ….hope needs to, be back on the young and restless….

I think it is definitely time for Adam to be removed from the show! He has come in and turned the place upside down, actually enough for ten people. The way he has treated and mistreated the people who loved him from the moment they knew who he was. How much damage is one person allowed to do? I can say one thing about him though, he has more lives that 10 cats!

Please !!!!!!!!!!!! I want Adam off the Young and the Restless. Please let all that he has done come out. Killings and all.

They need to keep Murphy on Y & R. He is a great actor and he is good for Kaye.

Do not care much for his character, nor his story line. Having pair him up with Sharon was a bick mistake. I don’t like watching the two together, so I change the channel.
Also the storyline with him/Skye and … just not exciting…….

adam should not go he is a great actor and i admire him. and the young and the restless is my favorite soap i started watching it in 1980

adam should stay i love him and sharon together. if he leaves i will stop waching y and r. his dad or brother one need to go to jail. its bull that pick on him all the time.

plus im through w sharon and nick can u say BORING!

He’s the best actor on the show. Hell no I don’t want him to leave the show

He needs to “STAY” I just “LOVE” him and Sharon together. They prove that Love can Conquer ALL!! They have so much MORE HOT CHEMISTRY Than her and nick ever had. Please keep them together, if she’s willing to forgive him for all of his “Dirty Deeds” then let her be with him. He can’t help that he is Victor’s Son, think of all the “HORRIBLE” thing’s (and there’s ALOT) that Victor has done to so many of the people in Genoa City that are supposedly his friend’s-how come he doesn’t get treated like a Piece of Crap for “KILLING” Jack & Nikki’s baby, having his own daughter arrested on her wedding day, letting the garbage with Skye & Sharon go on so long, he is “NO BETTER” than Adam, and Adam can’t help that he has Victor’s “EVIL BLOOD” running through his veins!! So think back at all of the Crap that Victor has done and has “NEVER” paid his dues for any of it, at least Adam has admitted to “ALL”of his misdeeds and now all he wants is to be Good & to just Love Sharon!!

I usually don’t comment, but to loose Adam and to keep Maggie is just bad business, I almost quit watching because I thought Victor was leaving but I will definitley quit if Adam leaves and Maggie stays.

Michael Muhney is the best thing in a long while on Young and the Restless. Adam and Sharon should end up together he makes her character better. This on again off again thing with Nick is boring. ( like Victor and Nikki) . Please bring him back, he makes the show worth watching. There are a lot of other story lines that need to go, like Maggie, Lilly, Kevin not to mention Daniel and Jena – Boring
Bring back a character that gives the show something new for once.

i like adam in the y&r,and i hope he will be able to stay. he and sharon should be together. please put someone in a happy relationship and let it last .

He is the best thing that ever happened to Y & R. It would be a shame for him to leave. And…he is drop dead good looking!!

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As previously reported, Cameron Mathison (Drew, General Hospital) will be seen doing double duty this summer when he premieres in June as the host of Game Show Network’s Beat The Bridge.

Now, while Cameron will be the host with the most, that doesn’t mean he will stop playing GH’s Drew.  In fact, Mathison taped the game show in 2023, so it will now air for the first time in 2024.

Taking to his Instagram this week, Cameron shared his enthusiasm and some new hosting snaps, sharing, “Our newest game show host reporting for duty😎 Head over to the Game Show Network YouTube channel for your first look at the show and don’t miss Beat The Bridge premiering this June! I can’t wait for you guys to see this!”

Photo: GSN

In Beat The Bridge, an enormous interactive bridge dares players to cross by stepping on the right answers to challenging trivia questions. As they play, each steps forward and puts money in their team’s bank, with bonus money for each successful crossing. Here’s the catch: the team gets to keep the money only if it can “beat the bridge” by returning one of its players back across before time expires.

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Now below, check out the first promo for Beat The Bridge from the Game Show Network with you host, Cameron Mathison.  Then, let us know, will you be checking out the game this summer? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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The concept of Calabasas is based on the book If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous By Now by Via Bleidner.  King set to write the adaptation and will serve as the series showrunner.

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According to Deadline, Calabasas is said to be in the vein of primetime young teen and young adult soaps the O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210. The story follows “Via, a 16-year-old sheltered Midwestern Catholic school girl whose world is turned upside down when her family moves and she’s forced to transfer to the fast world of Calabasas High where nothing is as it appears and where everyone is trying to be someone else. It’s a place where dreams come true … but not without complications and sometimes unforeseen consequences.”

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So, would you be interested to see a teen soap called ‘Calabasas’ on Netflix from Kim and company? Comment below.

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Casting news from Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ellen Travolta is back taping scenes that will air the week of May 13th on the ABC daytime drama series.  When viewers learned that Carmine Cerullo, was also on his way back to Port Charles, now in the face and body of actor George Russo, it only made sense that Grandma Gloria would join Grandpa Cerullo. Look for them both mid-May.

As most people know, Ellen is the older sister to John Travolta. She first make appearances as Gloria back on GH in the mid-90s. Most recently, she returned to the Quartermaine mansion to meet up with daughter, Lois (Rena Sofer) and granddaughter Brook Lynn for Thanksgiving in Port Charles in 2023.  Michael Fairman TV interviewed Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton late last year where they shared what it had been liking working with Ellen, who remains very close to Sofer in real-life.

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Amanda shared: “We fell in love immediately. What’s crazy is my maternal grandmother was Grandma Gloria. I had her till I was 30 and we were so close. She was really like a second mom to me. So, when I got this script and I’m reading “Grandma Gloria”, it was so bizarre. And then in meeting Ellen, she looks like my grandma – same haircut, same high cheekbones. It really did feel like I had a few days with my grandma. It was very, very special for me. Ellen is sweet, prepared, professional, talented and funny to boot. So, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at work. I hope she comes back. My fingers are crossed.”

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So, glad to know that Ellen Travolta will be back for Brook Lynn and Chase’s big day? Comment below.

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