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Jack Wagner Relates His Disappointment On General Hospital 50 Comeback As Frisco!



Jack Wagner who came and went as Frisco Jones in a blink in an eye during General Hospital’s 50th anniversary celebration and storylines, where many long time favorites returned, took to Twitter very late last night/early this morning to voice his displeasure at the way his comeback went down.

The GH 50 return focused on Frisco trying to woo back Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and being reunited with his daughter, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) only to have him venture off and and exit Port Charles … yet again!

Wagner related to his fans:  “Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.  The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character, I could have f**kin screamed n should have but didn’t want 2 make waves.  Shame on me.  It’s my fault, I should have had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy.  I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad. I also think so much reality TV is bullshit! A lot of the people r wasted most of the time. Sad the networks sell this shit message 2 kids. BTW I checked w God b4 I chose 2 FINALLY speak my truth about a couple things, He said “It’s about time”. TY God 4 having my back!! Sleep well tweets, I know I will…lv”

OK General Hospital fans, what do you think about Jack’s sentiments? Do you agree that Frisco’s return was botched? Do you feel Jack got a raw deal? What do you think about what he voiced via his tweets? Weigh-in!


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When I was growing up, Frisco and Felicia were my favorite supercouple on General Hospital, only to be followed by Sonny and Brenda in the 90’s. I really liked how Frisco was written this time around, his comedic bantering with Mac. I was saddened to see him leave again. I love him and Kristina on-screen together. Brings back good memories from when I was younger.

I think Jack Wagner spoke the truth that a lot of people are too polite or nervous to voice. GH did not do Frisco judgment. They had the character making a stand for his daughter, only to turn around and leave town when he was romantically rejected. This really makes Frisco look cruel. Disappointing. Who can blame Jack for voicing his disgust?

I agree

that last comment was supposed to say justice, not judgement

I SO agree with Jack, I’m so bitter over the way my all-time favorite couple was treated, I haven’t watched GH since! Frisco should have left on a hopeful note, with a tender scene between him & Felicia, didn’t have to reconcile, but they needed to leave the fans some HOPE! And all the trust he’d built up with Maxie was blown. Felicia shoots him down, so he’s gone. Making Maxie (and US) think Felicia is the only reason he was there. HOW could Carlivati, a self-professed “long-time fan”, do Frisco like that? I do not blame Jack Wagner one bit, he is an actor, he’s playing a part. It’s up to the writer to be true to the characters, and Ron Carlivati failed MISERABLY in regards to Frisco Jones.

Brava, Jack!

All F&F fans knew that something about the way the tide turned at the Nurse’s ball did not pass the sniff test. The ending was harsh and didn’t just not redeem Frisco, it doubled down on the gross mischaracterization over the years.

I, for one, am sick of hearing how much Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini “love” vets when I see their half-assed attempts to placate the old guard. Jack’s return, in particular, was a debacle. It didn’t seem that It was going to be, but they definitely baited and switched. Why bring back a character to have his exit end with him solidifying the against-character (offscreen happenings, all) that were put into place by other regimes?

As for F&F, I don’t know that any of even the most diehard of us expected a reconciliation, but we expected and deserved respect. No, Ron and his sub scribes made sure to twist the knife there, too. “Man of my heart,” Felicia said in her rejection of Frisco? Yes, by all means, let’s take something elemental and that was a lynchpin of F&F’s story and spin it to be pro-mac. By all means.

Characters who don’t even know him making jokes at his expense after the public (out of character) proposal? By all means. Have Maxie (who sided with Mac’s puppet show) tell Mac days later that he’s her real dad and always was. Let’s definitely have Frisco count himself out in front of the audience so they can say, “See. This is how he really is.”

Finally, and perhaps most significantly (though it’s hard to make such distinctions when everything is so foul), Frank and Ron lying about Jack’s schedule being the reason they only had 10 episodes. Jack made it clear in SOD, SID, and just now on Twitter that he wanted to stay and was told by them, no.

Mac and Felicia had more of substance to do with Jack’s Frisco back on the canvas and now that he’s gone they’re back to being incidental to everything, including the planning for their own farce of a wedding. Is the irony lost on Ron who used Jack to prop this milquetoast pairing that not even he is interested in enough to write for?

Jack, I’m proud of you!

Well said, you summed up perfectly the way I feel!!!

Hear! Hear!

You said it perfectly!

very well said

Totally agree and I don’t really care about the Felicia/Frisco stuff. I was wanting Frisco to stay for Maxie. All three of them (Felicia, Frisco, Maxie) were golden together in scenes.

Salimah, you and your F&Fer’s need to quit bashing JJY on twitter. I don’t know the man personally, but neither do you. I am starting to notice animosity towards KW also. I don’t know the woman personally, but neither do you. At the same time you and yours lavishly praise Mr. Wagner for fighting his demons saying what a wonderful person he is. Maybe he is a wonderful person. I don’t know him personally, but just remember neither do you.

Your reply isn’t directed to the actual contents of my comment on this article and it [your reply] carries with it an oddly, but specifically personal tone.

The first thing I’d offer/suggest is that referring to “me and my F&F’ers” assumes a lot. I have never bashed John J York (JJY is your familiar-sounding shorthand for the actor you’ve confirmed you don’t know, yes?) on twitter or anywhere else. I am not responsible for, nor do I police what anyone else says about him–be they self-described “F&Fers” (we don’t use an apostrophe because it’s plural, not possessive) or not.

Your condescending admonishment to remember that I don’t know him, Kristina Wagner, or Jack Wagner is not needed. I don’t purport to know any of them. I never have.

I do have strong opinions about the way Jack’s return as Frisco Jones, a character I do “know,” was handled. I’ve laid out those opinions above. It is irresponsible of you to drag an entire, and general group of people into a highly editorialized accusation. “I am starting to notice animosity towards KW also.” How, praytell, and what is your definition of animosity in this context? That’s a rhetorical question.

I have plenty of dislike for this iteration of her character and Mr. York’s. Let me say that again. I have plenty of dislike for their *characters,* and it is in the context of their characters that I discussed them in my comments on this article.

I disagree and find the timing rather odd. I’m coming at this as a newer fan, that wasn’t watching when he was originally on.
But to me, the only part about this return that I didn’t like was the abrupt exit. It confused me after he finally took a stand against Britt for Maxie and then left because Felicia declined his marriage proposal. I thought maybe Frisco would turn over a new leaf and be there for his daughter even after he left town, but no…
If Jack was disappointed in the way his character was written, why didn’t he say so while GH’s ratings were higher? Now that the show seems to be in a slump, his comments appear, to me, to be bitter words from one who’s jumping on the GH bashing wagon. JMHO.

Sorry, but Jack is wrong about Frisco being written out of character. I loved Frisco and Felicia in the mid 80s, but like it or not Frisco left his wife to pursue his dreams in the WSB. He was presumed dead, Felicia moved on to Colton, Frisco returned with promises to be a good husband this time. He last about a year, maybe two, and was off on another mission leaving Felicia to raise Maxie this time. On his final return to the show in the 90s, Felicia tracked him down to tell him she was pregnant, and he admitted he didn’t want to be a husband and father, he wanted to stay with his life as a WSB agent. Nothing about his return negated his prior behavior at all. He was a craptastic dad and husband. The only one written out of character was Felicia who wasn’t having his nonsense this time.

I’m sorry Jack wanted to stay longer and wasn’t allowed to but he left the show everytime a better opportunity presented itself in the 80s-90s. So, I’m not particularly interested in his sour grapes at this point. There’s a lot wrong with GH right now. There are many things that need to be changed, but SORRY, Frisco and Jack are at the bottom of the list of what needs to be fixed imo.

well Jane, Jack Wagner wanted out of the show, so that’s why Frisco joined the WSB. There was never a man more devoted to his wife than Frisco was to Felicia – until the actor wanted to leave. THEN Frisco joined the WSB, they had to write him out somehow. That’s the problem, they didn’t want to recast Jack Wagner. So they let him come back for short little stays and every time he left the WSB was to blame. It makes me mad, because that is not the Frisco&Felicia I fell in love with. They were uber popular & uber romantic, and many of us would like to see Frisco redeemed, not brought back to be used as a punching bag one more time.

i agree

I agree

No matter where the character and actor are on this list you speak of, when you bring a beloved vet back in order to get his/her fans to watch the show, it’s generally a good idea to write them well… it’s not like he hasn’t returned and is asking for fixing, he DID return and they made things worse. Even if they weren’t going to keep him on, they could have been kinder to the character, and the FANS.

I totally agree!

that is how i feel as well y bring him back at all

I heard that!!

Well said Jane!

I agree Jane with what you are saying I just think they should have left him off the canvas what was the point of his coming back? They used fans to reel you back in and then it was back to the three OLTL people that they keep forcing down everybody’s throat. Like I said in the post below they are not at OLTL anymore please move on RC &FV!

Yes, please move on RC and FV… to any other show that might take you… before you totally ruin GH beyond recognition! (Oops. Too late.)

He left in 1995 for the final time, because the fans were sick of his short stints and not wanting to stay longer. Felicia needed to move on. Mac was there and raised Georgie and Maxie. Even Felicia never stayed around. Both were lousy parents. Mac did a great job overall. Surprised that Georgie and Maxie never changed there last name to Scorpio. Frisco came back and insisted he changed, but he didnt. Robert and Anna have done this as well.

Complete missed opportunity. All you say is true MK, but fans would have loved a contrite Frisco coming back to MAXIE not Felicia and begging for a relationship with her. Frisco could have changed and regretted his choices and made peace with a a messed up Maxie.

Bingo Jane. I loved Frisco And Felicia. His exit was badly written. I cringed while watching it, but I have a life outside of the make believe soap world and I don’t dwell on it. I’ll be labeled as not being a true Frisco & Felicia fan because I agree. So be it. According to some F&F fans no one else compares to them if your opinion differs even slightly from theirs. They also think they “know” Jack Wagner. In my opinion there is only one person who knows him the best and that would be his ex wife. She probably saw him go through many trials and tribulations. She did it without the bs of social media. She lived it for crying out loud. I’m guessing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Is this side of him we see on twitter the real Jack? If it is then I think someone made a smart decision.

Really enjoyed seeing Jack Wagoner back as Frisco. Was so sorry to see him exit in such a sad way, I was looking forward to more of him, but yet again the writers are not listening to their fans. I think you have a mole among your writers. Someone is certainly trying to sabotage General Hospital and it’s probably the same person or people that got All My Children and One Life to Live cancelled. I’m glad Jack voiced his disappointment and think many of the other characters would love to say something but would surely be out of a job.


I agree jack .
I was so.excited just like many more lifelong fans when the veterans were brought back. Excitement was so.short lived.

I think Jack said it perfectly. It was botched and given the momentum from the Nurse’s Ball, they could have launched some terrific storylines. Instead they focused on the 3 OLTL actors and how to integrate them into GH as “new” characters again. This show has be hijacked by this effort and the whole Franco storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 3 very talented actors and know they faced tough day ahead in new roles, but this is where Frank and Ron chose to go and it backfired. There were times I thought Laura was gone as she wasn’t seen in weeks and then she was having lunch with Lucy and talking about a business deal. UGHHHHH

Jack told the truth and I’ve never been so proud to call myself his fan – dating back to his first day on GH. I only wish the rest of the GH cast – VETS – not the influx of newbies and OLTL pawns – would speak out. The bait and switch to get GH fans to watch only to have the newbies and the OLTL 3 that contract breaching Craptini turned the whole show upside down for shoved down the audience’s throat is disgusting.

These two hacks don’t give a damn about GH. They care they lost the show they really loved OLTL and that PP didn’t roll over when they breached a contract. They tell vets like Jack and Tristan Rogers they don’t have it in the budget for their return because they needed it to fight their pissing match with PP over RH, KA and ME. They change GH history at will. Bring back the DEAD ON SCREEN of who THEY like and pretend DECADES of story that they don’t like never happened. They write the VETS completely OOC – the 30 seconds they appear. They promised a Monica/Quartermaine story and then proceeded to have Toddo (like PP doesn’t know what they’re doing with RH’s ‘new’ character’ set up residence in MONICA’s house while she nor any Quartermaines are to be seen. Monica would NEVER okay the person responsible for her grandson’s RAPE to be let in the door let alone hole up in the livingroom with a contrived Jerome.

Every GH story and character has been pretzeled to fit these 3 OLTL rejects that BOMBED the first time out back in the canvas as ‘new’ characters. The REAL GH stars that the GH audience want to see have been sidelined. What Jack is telling you is just ONE of the many wrongs done by these two to facilitate their OLTL revival wetdream. I really wish the rest of the vets would tell it as well or just walk en masse. See how much lower the ratings will drop.

Oh and for every soap blogger out there that wrote Craptini were the second coming and ‘heroes/saviors’ of GH. Shame on YOU!! It’s a frickin travesty and you all need to mea culpa and speak out as well. Or you were never GH fans to begin with.

God Bless Jack Wagner. You GO boy!!!

Craptini, LOL!

I SOOOO AGREE. I watched MOSTLY ALL OF THE SOAPS ON ABC, LOVING, RYAN’S HOPE, GENERAL HOSPITAL, ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE. And what they have done to GH is not good. Steve Burton’s decision to leave had to do with his family but in my personal opinion, his interviews came across to me that he was not very happy with the direction of his character. JaSam lovers including myself were screwed over and other twists were hyped up as a ploy. They baited the OLTL fans with their characters only to destroy the integrity of the characters and while I am happy that RH, KA and ME were able to move on once OLTL cancelled; they appear to be a bit shady. GH was restored and when PP tried to restore OLTL and AMC, TPTB kept their main leading men even though they really don’t need them. So I am glad that JW spoke up. JMO.

Based on the time of the night/morning he posted the message, and the tone, which is uncharacteristic of Jack Wagner, I wonder if he didn’t maybe have several adult beverages under his belt when he wrote that, lol. Just a thought on my part.

I’m not saying he doesn’t make some valid points, but I just think that was a weird time and place to make his feelings public. And if he had such a problem with how GH used him, why did he wait more than 3 months to say anything?

I was glad to see the character of Frisco back on GH, but I definitely think there was a lot more they could have done. I just think with everything they had going on during the 50th Anniversary, and all the returns, they did the best they could to fit everyone in, and it would have been hard to satisfy everyone.

It was 11pm CA time where Jack lives so it wasn’t so late for him. Jack is a recovering alcoholic so no he wasn’t drinking> He has been through a lot lately and was just speaking his mind

Either that or he fell off the wagon. I just hope in the light of day he is still happy to have gotten the message off his chest. The jist of it was certainly spot on.

Thumbs up to BrookeChandler’s post as well. My sentiments exactly!

if you no anything about jack at all he is a recovering alcoholic who is trying to stay healthy . everyday is a struggle to stay in recovery. he has been through a lot in the past couple of months. I am proud to call myself his fan for 29 years and good for him for speaking up. he said what all of his fans have been saying for months. so please dan becareful what you say about people

If you read the entire tweet,it seems like JW may have been a bit inebriated when he wrote it.I’m not saying 100% that he was,but the tweet was rambling and had a few F bombs.

That is what think too..

Cry in his beer ‘tweet ..

integrity – shutz pa – telling it like it is.

Reality Stars…. ugh! the pits… drain load…. brain freeze… dumbing down…..

Jack Wagner spoke the truth….. more than 1/2 the cast is always loaded… high.

this makes for riveting “drama” – more like drivel.

A lot of the people r wasted most of the time.

Im sorry but i have to back Ron carlivati on this. jack only wanted to do 10 episodes. so Ron did not have much time to redeem frisco.

Jack stated he wanted to stay more-R and F told him no

i did not know that he wanted to stay bonnie. I dont have twitter or read sod

Well, JW is saying he would have stayed. I don’t care if it was ONE episode. The focus should have been on Maxie and her dad.

More time wasn’t necessarily the issue (although certainly would have helped…) He needed a different script.

Jack said in several magazines and on twitter that he would do more then 10 episodes and was told by FV our plate is full right now .

I don’t blame Jack Wagner one bit I don’t like how they treated my Favorite CHARATOR how dare THEY do Frisco this way they should of took Mac out of the 50th anniversary n put Frisco and Felicia n maize for a reuniting n remarrying for the 50th :'(

Agree with Jack 100%! I thought Ron & Co would fix the wrong of how Frisco was treated as a deadbeat dad in the past. So much storyline potential with Maxie. (I would love a F&F reunion but I understand the real life sensitivity of that situation.) Nope, they’d rather glorify a psycho serial killer nowadays.

Frisco is the only one Maxie told about the baby. Even Felicia doesn’t know. Why bother keeping Mac & Felicia on to appear once every couple of months and then have a ridiculous wedding with purported guest Richard Simmons?! Puhlease.

GH lured me back in with promises of vets with the Nurse’s Ball and shortly thereafter it became OLTL Part 2 and I took it back off the DVR. I thought we’d have Anna, Duke, Robert, Frisco, etc. Nope. Bye GH!

Jack was a guest, nothing more or less..
He is pissed he was not bowed to.
He was written to leave again as is his normal , leaving..

The story was not about him, but about Maxie..
I think Jack was crying in his beer last night/t that he wasn’t asked to stay on GH.

Being he was not staying on he was written to go bye bye in a way to affect Maxie..
I thought all went well ..

self-pity never looks good on a man 🙂

I agree with you…plus where were most of these complaints about Jacks exit months ago…and why didnt J.W. complain then?

JW twitter fans have complained via twitter many many times
since april 8.
The tweets get posted to twitter time line.

You might want to also keep in mind of how Tristan Rogers/Scorpio was treated twice and believe or not both of these guys were loved on this soap. This is not OLTL if you still think so RC&FV then please approach PP for a job.

I loved Frisco & Felicia in the day and Frisco returning was one reason I watched GH 50th anniversary month. He left abruptly and as much as I like Mac, the chemistry between Frisco & Felecia was never utilized. Yes, I know they are real life ex’s, but both were in agreement that they would work together so why not go for it. They could have gone their separate ways but with some good love scenes and emotion. I also agree – for them to have Frisco & Maxie work on their relationship to make Frisco out to be a dead beat dad was ridiculous and a let down. However, RC/FV are true to form, they did they same to John McBain – destroyed history and moral character. Good Luck to Jack Wagner in whatever you do, I’m a longtime fan and only wish you the best!

Of course he did, I was a real Frisco/Felica fan, I even named my daughter after her. However, the come back was a big disappointment. They the actors were a disappointment. I found felica too phony and dumb blonde. Not cute and sweet as before.. Frisco was like old and afraid- timined in his acting.

I was one of many who was doing cartwheels from February – May as GH brought back a slew of veterans that fans have been clamoring for. We were all so giddy with excitement, we didn‘t even care about the quality of the writing. Now, looking back, and seeing the shocking, garbled mess that the show is just a few months later, it is time to look back on our collective euphoria and see that most of thvets return storylines dishonoured history, destroyed characters and couples, and generally fizzled. Frisco and Mac were made out to look high school posers fighting over a cheerleader. It cheapened all three characters. Brenda and Jax were ruined after we thought they would finally get their long awaited happy ending. Brenda was once and for all sacrificed on the altar of Sonny for no good reason. Laura and Scotty returned, and were quickly married and rarely seen afterwards, while Luke and Laura‘s genre defining epic love affair was compared to a tattered old sweatshirt and tossed aside. Bobbie came back for a blink and you miss it return. Lucy brought insanity and vampires back from a chapter that should have remained closed. Now she appears once in a blue moon, and is manic and hypercharged in EVERY scene. We got one episode with Alan and Emily, two characters the audience has beenbegging to have back on a full time basis. Stavros played like a bad Saturday morning cartoon. It was nice to see everyone, and kudos to the show for doing it, but I think we all got carried away with our lavish praise and accolades. The writing did NOT support or honour the show‘s legacy. Jack Wagner has a right to be mad. Then it was like they couldnt wait to get the vets off screen so they could roll out an entirely new vision of the show, one filled with newcomers, disturbing storylines, and senseless stories. I am not a fan of this incarnation of GH…obnoxious newbie nobodies, more sick children, more mob violence, teenagers tying each other up in sex bondage, a cavalier attitude towards rape, gay sexual predators, etc, etc. This show has SERIOUSLY lost its focus and its heart.

you are so RIGHT! I was so livid over the treatment of Frisco, I almost forgot about all the OTHER classic characters & couples Carlivati trashed, even Luke&Laura! That Brenda&Jax thing was PATHETIC. Shouldn’t have even brought them back at all if that’s what they were gonna do. I was expecting a Luke&Laura adventure story, that’s what was promised, but NO.. we got, like you said, a bad Saturday morning cartoon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Carlivati brought these actors back, I love them, I just wish he’d spend as much time on storylines for them as he does for his boring “pets”. Yes, I got BORED with GH, quit watching the day after the “OLTL 3” returned with their new characters.

I think the truth is that RC cannot write. I don’t know what he does for FV such that he keeps his job, but it can’t be writing. As someone else said here, his second grade writing style and all the stupid twists and turns all indicate that he can’t do anything else. Shallow camp yes. Drama, romance, nuance, integration, sophistication – can’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

The return was not only a hideous disservice to the character and his fans, but most of the story did not support either Felicia’s ultimate choice OR the way Frisco chose to leave town. There was little indication that Felicia wanted to choose Mac — the only character I’ve ever seen get thrown under a bus and still get the “girl” — and every indication that Frisco really did have an interest in Maxie’s life and feelings. GH *could* have had the WSB call Frisco to help save the kidnapped Lulu, refuse, and then have Maxie *ask* him to go to save her best friend. It did not have to end so abruptly and cruelly.

I completely agree with Jack. I was really disappointed with his abrupt departure, the rediculous proposal and the jokes made after. It was disrespectful to a beloved character. I also do not like the direction GH is taking now with Morgan, Kiki. A lot of the good about GH is missing now. Not enough screen time for the GH vets like Felicia/Mac/Anna/Duke/Lucy

I agree with Jane above 100% well said!!!! He isn’t all that great at acting anyway. I was fine with it and felt it was in total Frisco character to RUN AWAY

Wow, that was interesting…

I feel that these tweets taken out of the context of Jack’s TL may make him look bitter and that is clearly not the case for longtime readers of his tweets. You may want to amend your article with the following tweet added to give it some context, Michael. Jack has been nothing but a gentleman about returning to GH and doing what he was told to do. He is only stating what I’m sure other actors may feel and are not willing to come out and say. Especially the part about the way the momentum of the 50th was blown and fans were misled. That is the only new thing that was tweeted by him and it feels great to me as a fan that he’s willing to say it out loud on Twitter to an audience of thousands. Everything else he covered is already in the history books.

Jack Wagner ‏@JackWagnerhpk
This is nothing against Frank, I liked him n working w him. He n Ron, whom I’ve never met, hv their vision n made their choice, so b

I like that Jack spoke out about how Frisco was written during his return. Being a huge Frisco and Felicia fan I was not happy with the outcome. I’m upset about the way the show is treating all of it’s veterans who have returned, but they are so focused on former OLTL actors. This is why I have stopped watching GH. I know this is not going to change anything but at least I’m not the only one that has noticed. I wish he would have done this when it happened, maybe there would have been a different outcome..

JW Twitter fans have complained ever since Frisco left.
That is many many tweets about what happened since April
JW just took longer to say the same thing.,

I also love how Jack takes responsibility for not speaking up to TPTB re: his character. He is truly writing a forgiveness letter here to his fans that follow him. That is what this is all about. The part about momentum being lost is very timely though and newsworthy. I just wish it wouldn’t be used as news fodder as it’s more personal than that to many of us.

Frisco was a scumbag, deadbeat dad so his departure from PC was really no surprise. TPTB need to bring him back to take care of Maxie
when her time comes to deliver Little Miss Spinelli. Of course considering that Jack & Kristina are divorced no one with a brain
thought there would be a Frisco/Felicia reunion.

I am so happy that he finally spoke up for his fans. As a Frisco fan back in the day and now, they did a horrible job and used him to gain ratings for the 50th Anniversary. I believe if he knew what was in store for the character, he would have NEVER came back. He knows what an iconic character Frisco was to the show and his career. Don’t fault the man for moving on and furthering his career back in the day. The writers wrote around it the best they could, but it was Guza who tarnished Frisco and it was Carlitini, who could have fixed it, but chose not to. If you watched him in the last scene with Maxie, you could tell he was not pleased. It was so evident. I also think Mac and Felicia are a joke.

Frisco is still hot and I loved his song All I Need (is a little more time). Wish we had more Frisco time. Hope he comes back again soon. Agree on reality tv. I don’t watch it. Never saw jersey shore or lard Ashland.

Frisco has storyline and shoul visit Maxieote often.

Jack Wagner aka Frisco got a raw deal, there was no reason for him to get such a shitty exit, after all them years on GH he deserved better. WTG Jack

Really? God told him to speak his truth— Geez I always thought God was about forgiveness and not holding onto to bitterness– oh well– I am sorry he didn’t have a good experience — but I am curious– how did cashing the paycheck make you feel Jack?

I agree with you Mary…why say something now when he couldve said something right after leaving the show? Plus more than half the comments complaing about his exit i dont recall reading when he left…so why now? No one really complain when he left. And why is he doing it now? Attention? Publicity? So he left…TPTB might have asked him back in the future but i doubt it now.

no one complained when he left really. did you not read all the tweets back on 4/813 about the horrible way his return was handled. and also read the magazine letter to the editors . there were a lot of complaints i for one complained every where i could.

I felt Frisco was written well… I love that he tried to woo Felicia and she was right to turn him down for Mac (unless Jack Wagner was wanting a contract?). I felt like they left it at a good spot for him to return at any point. Also, there has been mention of the character by Anna and Luke as being helpful (off screen) and also by Britt, Maxie, and Felicia.

I find his language and choice of words to be tacky and distasteful. Not sure what sparked this negative tirade by him but I hope he pulls it together.

I didn’t think it was out of character… Frisco left and wasn’t heard from for d all of Georgie’s life and then some. So for Frisco to come and get sortof involved and then leave abruptly, I felt it was normal…

but someone just mentioned him the other day on GH, so I figured there would always be a chance he would come back again… like when Maxie has her baby. Be nice if he’d come back and bust the Britch and her momma and bring back Robin.

don’t burn your bridges yet, Jack!

I think Frisco’s return was definitely botched – at very least if he and Felicia didn’t reunite he SHOULD be here for Maxie.
Given that he knows the truth about the baby he should be supporting Maxie when it all blows up.
But it’s over with – Frisco has come and gone…better to focus on the next venture Jack.

I so agree with Jack Wagner. They destroyed Frisco and Felicia and the Frisco character was not portrayed correctly. (I don’t count Mr. Guza’s version of Frisco – as we all know, he ruined most of what was great about GH – including Frisco and Felicia!).

Frisco wasn’t the only character written out of character since the new regime joined. Can we stop a moment and consider the farce of the Robert stories, or reactions to his coma, or the shell that is now Anna Devane, or Jax’s last comeback? There is no attention to the history, relationships and character development that made GH unique and must see for decades. The crap on now with Kiki and Franco is just embarrassing. Most folks devoted to RC/FV won’t even listen to criticism –and reject it completely like it will just go away. Life long fans are tuning out in droves and ratings are down–and instead tweets are ignored, posts on message boards deleted. Finally an actor speaks out! I applaud Jack and I thank him for voicing what so many others are thinking/saying. Viewers are baited with the “return of the vets” who have been marginalized/mocked and written negatively, while newbies and “pet rocks” clog airtime. No thanks. I have YouTube fortunately that reminds me why I used to love GH so much….

so true .. Carlivati claims to have been a fan of GH back in the day, but all he does is mock the characters with campy storylines like the Faison debacle. WHICH I wouldn’t mind so much if the RELATIONSHIPS were true to form. Anna abandoning Robert while he’s in a coma? Mac doesn’t even go to visit him? And Robert in a coma is laughable anyway, he was WAY too smart to turn his back on a woman with a hypodermic needle – oh yes, I too can go on and on with the stupidity. I have wanted the vets back, but not with Carlivati writing, he’s not capable of giving them the respect they deserve. Sri Rao needs to be contacted, he wrote for Night Shift 2, with real affection and love for the Scorpio family and their relationships with Luke, Mac and Sean&Tiffany Donely.

Yeah, they did him an injustice. I believe they’ve done that a few times. Jack has also left the show on his own, too.

I will also add that the current regime really disappointed a lot of fans, including myself, with the handling of the 50th anniversary. They brought back all these vets and then either wasted them or did more damage to character history than we already suffered under years of the Guza era. His handling of Frisco’s return is a prime example of that.

While I always loved Mac and Felicia, you couldn’t touch the chemistry and real love connection between Frisco and Felicia by comparison. The current regime should have honored the supercouple of Frisco and Felicia and wrote the story accordingly. Instead, the writing for super couples and legendary characters was hit or miss and mostly miss. It’s clear to me that Ron and Frank haven’t watched GH consistently for decades – only parts of it and chose to rewrite history as they saw fit in their twisted vision. Not a smart way to win over a large chunk of GH fans at a time when soaps are in serious jeopardy and GH is clearly on borrowed time.

I agree. I don’t think Ron and Frank have watched GH CONSISTENTLY. They watched bits and pieces. If they watched it consistently, there would be a lot more changes on screen.

Totally agree, was shocked that they finally brought him back only to send him off again. We the fans waited so so long to have him return, too bad they messed it up.

PP has no obligation to Jack, none..
PP owes Jack noting..
They asked him if he would like to return for the 50th, Jack agreed..
Jack is an actor who was paid for acting, his job.

Why Jack expected to be treated with love and have the story written the way he would want it, is not in the job description..

Jack was a guest appearance, that is all he was.

Jack is looking for attention and bit of pity…

I enjoyed the Frisco appearance at the Nurses Ball and his interaction with Britch, but when he left town I wasn’t disappointed.

First I must say I began watching Gh as a tween only because of a frisco and Felicia! They were magical, funny, chemistry was amazing and iconic because we are talking about these characters, especially Frisco almost 30 years later. I did watch Gh because Felicia, Sean and Anna were beloved characters. I even grew to enjoy Mac and Felicia if we couldn’t have Frisco. Once Gh went off the deep end writing Felicia into a corner of an unauthentic resemblance of the original Character, I was done ! I truly tuned into Gh went vets came back like KW! Then I started watching gh with Frisco’s return! Yes, I didn’t think the characters would reunite due to JW and KW divorce, however I never expected that absurd Nurses Ball disaster! The scenes between Frisco and Felicia were still magical !! Though the ending at nurses ball was painful and cringe worthy to watch! I asked tptb why could you not let these characters have a mutual goodbye in accordance to how you wrote Luke and Laura? Why have Frisconmake a public marriage proposal and Felicia uses ” mam of my heart” comment was so disrespectful to F&f and Gh fans. The funny thing is I never watched YouTube, but was catching gh episodes in evenings when I tuned back in. Wow, I discover classic Gh and tons of F&f videos and fans! Now I am watching Gh 1986 Frisco and Felicia! Yes, tbtp missed the boat in this and I hope they don’t take Jws public statement on KW and kill her character off! JW of you read this, please go look at you tube and all the comments that your fans have written about you and Kristina! You two truly created a legendary super couple and real fans have blocked your ridiculous as well as bizarre exit!

You thought the mutual goodbye between Luke and Laura was something to behold? The vast majority that I know and reactions on the message boards thought it stunk to high heaven. Having the most iconic couple ever created on television end their almost 30 year relationship by comparing it to an old sweatshirt that didn’t fit? I agree, what they did to Frisco was worse. But I wouldn’t hold up the LnL goodbye as the threshold to meet!

My intent was to convey that if tptb were not goi g to not have these couples together to at least write Frisco and Felicia off with some mutual respect. No, by no means do I think l&l was great but just why bring a frisco back to actually have F&f leave on a sour note? Not even a hug goodbye? wish the other well?Why have JW do so much promotional shows for Gh 50 for that embarrassing ending? I rather they used other Gh actors then make it look like Frisco return was going to be more rewarding.

Pretty much everyone that writes abt gh online has the same thoughts as wagner does abt gh. But people are going to have opinions whenever an actor’s really vocal abt his unflattering opinions on any tv show he’s acted on. But he’ll probably get attacked for talking abt religion. That’s definitely frowned upon amongst hollywood’s tolerant crowd.

That is false and ridiculous..
The millions that love all about GH do not go line and bitch whine and complain abut it.. We are content happy fans..

The habitual complainers are the cry babies who watch every day and then say they hate or dont like GH, and still they watch every day and complain every day..
A Psychiatrist could write a book on them LOL ((there is a name for those types lol

I loved Frisco and Felicia back in the day!!! I like JW!!! I love GH!!! I am trying so hard to not be upset with RC & FV and support the best soap and the best cast and crew!!! I was so disappointed that JW/Frisco did not get more time with Maxie and Felicia and Anna and many others. The scenes between Frisco and Maxie were truly exceptional and I wanted soooooooooooooooooooo much more!!! I loved seeing the legendary characters come back and yet it was just a taste and not much more which was very frustrating!

I have been trying not to buy into the conspiracy theory that RC/FV want to tank GH. I want GH to be on for years… but I want it to be true to GH. The newbies that we just don’t care about… the annoying and icky characters… the Franco mess… the OLTL3 characters and small amounts of air time the greats are getting are all adding up to a bad recipe and it’s just so sad!!! I truly hope that RC and FV get a clue and move some of this crap along. I like RH but I can’t wait for his scenes as Franco or faux Jason to be over!!!

I would love to get Jack back as Frisco so if they are listening at all… please!!!

Jack try for the role on DOOL and then still come back to GH and see Maxie!!!

I just finished Monday’s episode and I don’t usually say or think this… but… what the F**K!!! Excuse me but… holding Danny up and almost dropping him and shooting a faux Elizabeth and the happy notion of Franco jumping to his death which of course is not real… major disappointment… except that the story is making a move down the road! Excuse me but what… are you thinking here?!!!

I would really love to wake up tomorrow and hear that this current Franco storyline was a figment of my imagination or just a really bad dream!!! I really feel sorry for RH… but more so for US!!!

Maybe Jack watched yesterday’s episiode and it drove him to say what he said because it was sooooooooooo very…. words escape me… so over the moon and not in a good way! What were they thinking!!!?!!!

Actually it was Franco confronting himself.. which is essential to his story.
His tumor added hallucinations..
Franco hates himself and didn’t want his crazy physo bloodline to continue on in Danny and create another him/Franco. or Jason ”killers”.
It was well done and very much what a person in his condition would be like..

Anybody in high school or collage who had Psychology class ”got it” .. lol 🙂

Thanks su0000!
I guess it takes one beautiful mind to know another. I actually have a degree in psychology… and after processing what I saw… I came to the conclusion that they were playing the schizophrenia story to the heightened level. We did not have any storyline prep for this and usually with this type of story you have a character that is not evil incarnate to go through this and certainly not without more warning than one minute he has a seizure and the next he has a brain tumor and the next he may have severe schizophrenic episodes. This level of illness would not come on that abruptly. I would have expected this kind of a storyline to build and be with a character that we cared about… so we could champion for him..This is hitting us like a mack truck and it’s the despicable Franco and at least James Franco was reasonably attractive to get caught up in. They have RH looking like a badly beaten up cartoon character and it’s just so painfully pathetic and so very unnecessary. I adore GH and want so badly to love it all but this is just too over the top and beyond.

Where were all these negative comments around the 50th and when JW left? I dont recall this many…you were enjoying it then but because you arent now you suddenly fine fault with it back then too…

Disagree. Frisco fans have been very vocal, including calling and writing to TPTB and getting letters published in the soap mags.

I was talking about here on this message board…i mostly read positive comments about the 50th and vets return, and very little negative.

i disagree i and many other jack/frisco fans have been very vocal . calling writing tweeting anything i could do i did.

I was refering to this message board…months ago i didnt read many negative comments here about the shows 50th or the vets return(most were meant to be brief including J.W.) Most comments were positive…now suddenly there is more than before on this message board and i find that strange…as for tweeters…i havent looked there or in a soap mag in over a year…my comments were about what ive read here and not in mags or on twiter ect.

I cut off too soon…i meant to say more negative than before…but now there is?

I agree with jimh !

Just b/c folks weren’t writing on THIS message board, doesn’t mean they weren’t expressing it. There are tons of message boards out there–and many people have been disappointed for a year now. See the reactions to the Jax-Brenda return, the handling of Robert, the use of Frisco, the front and center of Todd/Star/McBain — and now Franco/Kiki/Silas. The thing is I know there are folks out there that are supporting TPTB, but folks shouldn’t just discard the negative feedback. There is A LOT. Not b/c people are “whining” — there are things (pace, story lines, use of characters) that fans are not enjoying. Instead of insulting dedicated viewers, perhaps folks should worry about whether there is something to what they are saying, if viewership will tank, etc.

Geez- he must’ve been drinkin a few before tweetin. Back in the day, JW was hot. Now, not so much. While it was great to see him briefly, he just didn’t have chemistry with any of the other characters/actors on the show. His ex- Kristina Wagner looks AWESOME- and it was great to see on screen again. It’s a shame that he felt the need to burn his bridges- I’m sure the GH execs wont’ be asking him back any time soon.

that is not very nice if you no anything about Jack he is recovery and is dealing with a lot of things . so stop talking and saying things you no nothing about

Please see my reply to Salimah. Do not act like you know him like know one else does just because you follow him on twitter.

Sorry, that should read “like no one else.” I do know the difference between “know” and “no.”

There is something deeper going on here. I hope his loved ones intervene and get him the help he needs. I read that he had past anger issues as well as the alcohol problems. I think it is real concerning, though not uncommon, for someone with these issues to pop off like this. He seems to be struggling even in recovery. He even tweeted a couple months ago that people should calm down before making heated phone calls or e-mails, yet he does something like this. Emotional struggles for sure. Hope he someday finds peace.

General Hospital

Cameron Mathison Takes You Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoot as Host of New Game Show ‘Beat the Bridge’

General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) will soon step into his new role as game show host when Beat the Bridge bows on June 10th and will be seen weeknights at 6 pm on the Game Show Network. As previously reported, Cameron is also staying put in Port Charles.

Ahead of the summer series premiere, Mathison took part in a photo shoot for the game show and as the face of the game. Looks like Cam is about to become a 2024-version of classic game show host, Wink Martindale!

Taking to his Instagram, Cameron shared some moments and images from the photo shoot and how they came to be. Many will be used as publicity photos for the show as it ramps-up its tune-in over the next several weeks.


Along with the behind the scenes images and video, Mathison wrote, “Making me look good🙃 Take a look behind the scenes at a photoshoot we did for Beat The Bridge📸 (Especially the massive hangtime I get at the end lol) It’s all coming your way very soon! Beat The Bridge premieres June 10 at 6p only on Game Show Network👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼”

Several of Cameron’s friends, and former or current co-stars, also commented on the photos and the BTS view, such as soap icon Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, All My Children) with whom Cameron worked closely with as his Pine Valley alter-ego, Ryan Lavery.  In fact, as AMC fans know, at one point Ryan and Erica were an item. Lucci wrote, “SOooo handsome, talented, charming, and kind—that’s Cameron🥰👏👏👏”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Cameron’s current castmate, Kate Mansi (Kristina, GH) commented on his athletic moves in the shoot, sharing, “Woooaaa Gene Kelly over there 🔥”

While in the middle of his busy work schedule at GH and for Beat the Bride, Cameron took time to appear in last week’s Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up For Cancer – We All Have a Story.  During his segment, Mathison appeared with Y&R’s Colleen Zenk (Jordan) and both spoke on their battles with cancer. For Cameron, surviving kidney cancer, plus the star spoke on the loss of their mothers, both to cancer.

If you missed the daytime star-studded event for a good cause, which featured Cameron, you can watch in full below.

Now let us know, will you be checking out Cameron beginning June 10th on Beat the Bridge? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first check out how Cameron fares with GSN game show trivia in a promotional segment below.


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A post shared by Cameron Mathison (@cameronmathison)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy Learns Gregory Died from Cody; Finn and Chase Share Their Grief

Friday’s May 24th episode of General Hospital featured some very touching scenes.

First, when Tracy (Jane Elliot) returned to the stables for a ride, she is met by Cody (Josh Kelly). He tells her she is needed in the house. Tracy doesn’t think anyone needs her there.

Tracy relates how Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) are on a plane to Florence. Cody tells her that they couldn’t get on that plane. Cody can only say, “He’s sorry.” It’s at that moment Tracy is hit with the realization that Gregory passed away.

Cody tells her what he knows of Gregory’s passing, but Tracy says that she knew this was eventually going to happen, but this feels so sudden. Cody is sorry she had to hear the news from him.  Tracy says, she’s not. She poignantly thinks Gregory must have been a lot like Cody when he was younger. Tracy goes on to say they both have an open way about them as he doesn’t miss a thing, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t push people around, and that he gives people a lot of grace. Cody is moved. Tracy decides she needs to head out.


Next, Tracy comes to the hospital and meets with Stella. Knowing Stella (Vernee Watson) is a patient advocate, Tracy tells her if anything comes up for Gregory’s death regarding bills or anything she can handle with her hands or her checkbook, to let her know. Tracy reveals that she doesn’t want Gregory’s family to worry about anything right now. She goes on to say to keep her name out of it.

Stella tells Tracy this is her loss to and its OK for her to grieve. Tracy shared that Gregory changed her, and she doesn’t want to let him down, at least not so soon.

At Finn’s, Chase tries to console his brother. Finn tells Chase he also lost his dad, but Chase can see how hard finding Gregory dead has hit Finn; given he has been drinking. Finn tells Chase that the person he found in that bed didn’t look their dad.  He cries that he didn’t want this to happen and Chase hugs his brother tight and says neither did he.

Sitting down together, the two brothers have a heart-to-heart. Finn realizes he handled the entire situation the wrong way and even pushed Elizabeth away.  Chase says there is no correct way to grieve. Finn feels such guilt over how many times in their lives he hurt their father, and now he threw his sobriety away, which Gregory was proud of him for.

Chase says he rebuilt his relationship with their dad, and he can do the same now with his sobriety. Finn asks Chase to get rid of the liquor bottle and so Chase takes care of it.  When Violet (Jophielle Love) and Brook Lynn return, Finn tells Brook Lynn he is so sorry that she and Chase had to miss their honeymoon. Brook Lynn assures him she is here for him for whatever he needs. Next, Finn says he needs a meeting and Chase says he thinks that is a good idea.


Meanwhile, in Albany, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is having all sorts of trouble in her attempt to get her law license reinstated during her her hearing vs. Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies). The judges will render their decision within 30 days and notify the parties. Will she head back to Port Charles, find out about Gregory, and wind up at an AA meeting with Finn?

In this episode, the always fabulous Jane Elliot touched out hearts in her scenes as well as Josh Kelly, Michael Easton and Josh Swickard.

So, what did you think about Tracy’s reaction to Gregory’s death? The scenes between Finn and Chase and what will happen to Alexis next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital to Air Encore Episode for Memorial Day

Coming up on Monday, May 27th, ABC’s General Hospital is the only daytime drama slated to air an encore presentation of a previously aired episode. The episode that is said to have originally aired on October 5, 2023.

The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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