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Jackie Zeman Set To Return To General Hospital! Why Do You Think Bobbie Will Be Back in Port Charles?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fantastic news this past week for long time General Hospital fans.  ABC confirmed that fan favorite Jacklyn Zeman is on her way back to GH to reprise the role of Bobbie Spencer.  Viewers last saw Bobbie when she appeared on episodes surrounding the Nurses Ball in April of this year.

On Friday, Zeman tweeted: “Just received my scripts 4 Bobbie’s return to #GH. Riveting!!! @valentinifrank @carlivatiron Thank you, Thank you. Am excited, very happy.”

So what could be bringing Bobbie back into the fold in Port Charles?  For starters, we think it has to be to do with the fact that the Julian Jerome (William deVry) story is about to explode.  And remember, Bobbie is the adopted mother of Lucas Jones who is the bio-son of Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury!   Is Lucas not far behind?  Lucas was recently contacted by Carly on behalf of Alexis Davis to get DNA evidence that he and Sam Morgan share the same biological father!

Fans have also been hoping another gay character might be on the canvas soon, and after all, Lucas is a doctor!  Or, are we completely off base …  and there is another reason Bobbie is back?  What are your thoughts on it? Whatever the case, its always great to welcome back Zeman!  Comment below!

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Hopefully she’s ushering Luke off the canvas.

What’s wrong with Luke? I still like him on Gh. And after all Luke and Bobbie are brother and sister and will want to see it other..

No, Luke is a very important character on GH, Barbara Jean isn’t ushering him off anywhere, he stays in PORT CHARLES.

I hate luke spencer. i hope they kill him off the show soon.

Luke Spencer is an iconic soap opera character, and Tony Geary isn’t going anywhere.

That’s the best reason you could come up with? LOL

great to see Jacke Zieman back, just sad to see that actors need to go the rought of plastic surgery, to the point that they don’t look authentic or real, I’m not opposed to tweeking things, but when too much is done….sorry you just look like your trying to recapture something that no one can, without looking like I don’t know what, but just not natural…..cuz the aging process is a natural thing, unfortunutly not in hollywood…. to bad for them, like I said i’m not a prude when it comes to making ones self look better, ie;refressed, but sadly they go too far 🙁

Jackie. zeman is back baby. i hope they sign her to a contract. I missed bobbie spencer so much. now get rid of franco. and aj. we don’t need them. they put me to sleep.

I agree. Keep Jackie zeman around at least on a recurring basis. Gh as too many characters. But Ron n frank know how to integrate storyline n characters like no other.

I agree they need to get rid of Franco and aj!!!

totally disagree Lorenzo. Love Roger…and his take on Franco…while in my opinion written like Todd (OLTL) with just a name change works for me. As for Sean Kanan’s AJ…love him! Waited a long “soap” time for AJ to get some respect and love. So glad they’ve developed a relationship between him and Michael and I’m hoping they aren’t firing Kanan or discontinuing the AJ storyline. I’ve missed him!

I agree that Franco can go, and the sooner the better!
However, I really want AJ, who is a long-time legacy character, to stick around. I’m kinda worried though since it’s been weeks since AJ’s story has been dropped.

Same here. Franco is not needed at all one the show, even if he were totally redeemed and found to be Heather’s son. AJ on the other hand is a legacy character and welcome on the show. I just wish AJ’s reappearance didn’t usher in the same ole crap with Sonny and everyone treating AJ as though he were incapable of growth and change.

I don’t understand the Tony Geary bashing lately? The man has won 7 EMMYS and can act his way around anyone on the show!! Besides he has great chemistry with Jane Elliot. They should get a romance storyline; not Genie Francis and him! That ship has sailed folks, get over it!!

Couldn’t agree more Jeff. Love Luke, especially whenever he’s with Tracy. The return of Laura was a real snooze; hoping they’ll find something that works for her if/when she returns. Luke and Tracy forever! Wish that had found a different way to bring back Roger Howarth.

Agreed 100% percent!!

Why do you keep knocking Luke.. He oviously got those emmy’s because he earned it. I think he has done a good acting job on GH for years.

lol some people are unhappy people and like to bash poor Luke just to be pissy … lol

LOVE Tony Geary and Luke!!! Iconic character, awesome actor!! Wish he was around more but I realize Tony goes off to Amsterdam a lot. Still, he needs to be there front & center!!

I agree..

Tony has no romantic chemistry with Jane no matter how much he enjoys working with her. Yes they are funny in their little pranks, but no more so than Tony has been many, many times in scenes with Genie. Luke and Tracy haven’t done one thing that wasn’t done earlier by Luke and Laura, and as well if not better. They need to get both Genie and Tony back. Not saying they need to be reunited but they both need to be on this show. They’re the reason the show has even made it this long.

Elizabeth, how right you are!

I love Luke, please leave him alone. As for Bobbie, glad she’s back but she does seem to over act sometimes and that plastic surgery she had , well not so good. Loved our old Bobbie.

Well, Pat, we certainly agree on JZ’s shortcomings….I find her very hard to watch for the reasons you listed!!! She falls into the category of those who belong in one-and-done episodes, in that would be more than enough to satisfy me….of course, Scotty, Lucy, and Doc are also in that group, and yet they remain lurking about! Then again, I was never an original Bobbie fan, and do not miss her presence. She is one of those “oldies” whose occasional visits definitely do not gladden my heart….there are still so many other vets who have yet to make a “50th Anniversary” appearance, or those that did that had far TOO brief ones…. mainly Frisco and Noah! As for other legacy characters, how about Jeff Webber, Celia Q., Jimmy Lee Holt, Blackie, Victor Cassadine, Stefan, Laura T., Claudia, Jade, Yank, etc. There’s quite an endless list from which to choose.

Same with Monica… Leslie Charleson went to the plastic surgery well with her face maybe three too many times….

So glad Bobbie is back! Just hope she actually sticks around. Id love to see her be there for Morgan. I wish they would bring Grandpa Mike back for Morgan as well. I also wish people would leave AG alone. Just cause Gossip sites are saying he makes so much money & does not want a pay cut, does NOT make it true. Just look at all the vet actors leaving GH lately, that speaks volumes.

Agree about “Grandpa Mike,” unfortunately they’d have to recast since Ron Hale retired….

katie your totally right, ever since this rumor about pay cut on Anthony geary came out its like all the hate started its so unfair. no one knows the truth and its not right that he’s being attacked.

The rumor was just that a rumor TG will leave when he wants to as far as he and Genie my only problem with him has been disrespect in interviews I agree that the chemistry is gone and maybe Genie’s time has come and gone she has been off the canvas for a long time. Concerning he and Jane Elliott when you want to address the elephant in the room then go for it personally I could care less about either character I think the show does fine without either of them. They have simply been fillers or as I say guest appearances over the years.

A possible Bobbie and Scott pairing, a return of Lucas Jones who will be in a love triangle with Felix and Brad, and involvement with the Jeromes, especially Julian, Lucas’s daddy…

I am glad to see Bobbie is back and everyone knows Carly need some serious guidance considering she is still attracted to dangerous men. I also think she will be there to protect Lucas from the Jerome family because enough people know who they are now so the secret is coming out soon. I heard a rumour that they have an actor whose name would be familiar to daytime audience. If the rumour is true there is no one I can think of that fit the role, people on other forums are hoping it’s Van but I do not think he would step in to another high profile gay role anytime soon. I personally would go with a newcomer but by now they must have an actor, I do not understand the long wait to send a press release now that they have Bobbie back.

I hope tony geary gets fired on general hospital. he is getting old and looks old now. bring back alan quartermaine from the dead. that would be wonderful. tony geary had his spotlight. now we need more lucy coe robert scorpio anna devane and monica.

You don’t fire people because they’re getting old or “look old.” Jeez! First off…it’s just an insensitive, shallow thing to say. But on another note, some of the older actors are the ones who have been on our shows forever and sadly pass are much admired like the actors who played Edward and Lila Quatermaine. And fyi, “Alan Quatermaine” is almost ten years older than Luke/Tony Geary. And he looks it too…but still love him!

I agree with you maria. luke spencer needs to go now.

I don’t think so at all….

having a bad hair day? ..

Tony is one of the greats and has proven himself a Great One..

Tony helped make GH and I love the oldie but goodie!!
Tony is an an awesome soap legend!

I agree with you!

Love me some Bobbie Spencer! Would love to see her on canvas full time… with son Lucas. So sure it will happen. Makes sense if we are reviving Jeromes and giving them a prominent place on the storyboard. (Even though I am no fan of mob plots!)

And everyone stop the Luke Spencer bashing. GH needs that core actor and character.

Id love Tony Jones to be held on Cassidine Island.

Why is everyone downing Luke????? He is a very important part of GH, and how many Emmys has he won, NO LUKE has to stay, I for one will miss him terribly if he goes on one of his adventures and doesn’t come back.

I love Luke most when he is sharing scenes with Tracy, not when he is drunk or sick from poisoning. I love Luke as a legacy, comedic character. Tony Geary is amazing.

i’ll billboard once again.

bringing back Bobbi…. will lighten the load… uplifting our hearts of ole.

she would steer with ‘so’ many on the canvas…

with luke
with carly
with Scotty
with all the talent mac/felicia/anna/robert/duke/lucy/kevin
WITH General Hospital

AND, if her son comes back…. YAY! MORE Brad… and why not Felix

as for Jackie Zeaman… The world who knows her… has neve abandoned her… and she owns a part of our Serial

Writers…. give her witty snappy dialogue… upfront no holds barred script for the other cast to support… and not give her those long camera shots…

her voice alone… her presence… god love her… she deserves a shot and time on

notwithstanding…. this would be a good time… for something to go wrong with Carly… she needs something very personal to catapult the Carly of ole as well…. screaming about her “lackluster” sons… (Morgan is more on than offput by Michael)… and her character always winning the menfolk….

give her an internal scare – medically – speaking… for these two to renew their presence

Hello Jackie Zemon… we’re home with you

Am I the only one that remembers that Julian Jerome was really not supposed to be Lucas’s father – that it was originally supposed to be Robert Scorpio? TPTB at the time were building up to a big reveal, and then completely dropped the story, saying instead that it was Julian. This would have been fine, except that Cheryl was not involved with Julian at all at the time.

I do not remember but if it comes up most likely they will say Cheryl may been with Julian once in secret because that is all it would take. I am guessing they will stick to Lucas being part of the Jerome bloodline because there is more drama from that story for the audience.

It was shown on screen with Cheryl and Julian,,,,,

Time for tony geary to retire. fire him or recast the role of luke

WHY, He has a major role in GH, Whether you like him or not he has a family in Port Charles and that is what is important family, Barbara Jean is coming back, He has LULU and LUCKY and ETHAN , And I like him with Tracy they are cute together the way they go back and forth with insults, NO Unless the rumors are true and he is pissed off about a pay cut, money changes everything, Luke has to STAY RIGHT WHERE HE IS .

I totally agree with you !

Luke is a major character on GH…He’s a definite keeper..

Great to have Bobbie back. She always brings heart to the show. Lucas should have been robert’s all along. But now I don’t care. When they made the character gay it kind of ruined things. No offense meant and no need for gays to get all agitated and attack me. I don’t like many types of stories…I don’t like mob stories, I am not insulting mobsters. I don’t like rape stories. I don’t like gay stories. Just my preference. I am not intolerant or close minded lol I just don’t like gay stories on soaps, that’s all. Welcome back Jackie Z and Bobbie.

I Love Gay people
I embrace Gay people
I live with Gay people
I stand with All of us

Hurray! Not sure who I love more- Jackie Zeman or Frank and Ron for bringing her back! Frank and Ron are the hottest show runners. They are so Hot- I hope they’re gay! -:)

Of course they are gay! That’s why it is so easy for them to bring true accurate portrayals of gay men like Brad and Felix.

I just hope that we don’t see her as randomly as we do our other veterans: We see Scotty maybe once every couple of weeks, along with Lucy, Laura is off canvas, etc. As much as I love having the vets return, it’s sad when I forget that they have returned. Then all of the sudden they are on-screen as fillers on a Wednesday episode. (This past week with Scotty outside of Kelly’s, running into Heather. I loved their scenes; but, I forgot all about Scotty returning to Port Charles)! On another note, I would have loved to have seen Carlos or Derek end nuMorgan’s ridiculous ranting over the other village idiot Kiki. Michael, when did you get so boring to watch? UGH.

I watched Bobbi Spencer for years and found her entertaining. Then, once Carly came and destroyed the Jones’ marriage I have found Zeeman’s delivery of lines to be patronizing to the point of grating on the ears. Bobbi talks to other characters as though they were 2 year olds.

Probably because most of the people in her immediate orbit act like it. How would you talk to a daughter like Carly?? “Sweetie,..see…this is why we don’t sleep around…bad things happen when we are promiscuous…do you undersgabd?”. Lol. It is partially the writing and partially the poor woman’s face has been pulled and stretched tighter than a bongo drum. Her lips don’t even touch anymore…so delivery of lines can come off as over enunciation or over acting but its actually just her being valiant at being able to say the lines.

Look forward to seeing Barbara-Jean back on GH!!

I look forward to having Jackie/Bobbie back!

I’m not picking on her, but I saw her recently on an interview and she was almost unrecognizable ~ if she’s returning to General Hospital, I hope it’s not to have
any cosmetic procedures done. I am not faulting an actress (or anyone) for holding
onto youth as long as possible, but some of them start to get that real paralized frozen face look, as if they were stuck in a freezer for a month.

I was just watching Some Stefan and Bobbie scenes on YouTube last night. Boy I have to say that the chemistry was through the roof between them! Shame they broke them up just because they wanted to pair Stefan with Katherine. Best wishes Jackie. 🙂

Can anyone tell me when Genie Francis is returning?

I would say no time soon! I would have liked a storyline for her but I guess we have decided to do the Scotty is Franco’ father bit. I am not shocked however poor Genie can’t catch a break when you have actors on the set that do not want her back. I think Bobbie’s whole reason for being back is to prop up the character of Carly who I am sooooo over!

Bring her back and give her something to work with–like dialogue that is not contrary to her well-established character.

Breaking News

51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations: CBS Soaps Score Most, Eric Braeden, Dick Van Dyke, Guy Pearce Receive Nods

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) have officially announced on Friday, the full list of nominees for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

While Thursday brought with it four reveals of the nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama, Talk Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress categories (as presented by various entertainment news programs), today’s nominations include all the other categories not previously announced.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast is set to be presented live on Friday night, June 7, at 8 PM EDT /delayed PT, on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. This will mark the 18th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys.

Photo: JPI

In addition, The Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 8 at t9 PM ET/6 PM PT and streamed on The Emmys apps and at The ceremonies will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles.

Television icon, Dick Van Dyke has received his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for his touching portrayal of Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s Days of our Lives. The nomination makes Van Dyke the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee in history at 98-years-old.  In addition, motion picture and TV star, Guy Pearce, is also nominated as Guest Performer for his longtime role as Mike Young in the reboot of Neighbours.

Speaking of Neighbours, the Australian soap opera also received its first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for Daytime Drama Series now that its a revival can be streamed on Amazon Freevee. In addition, The Young and the Restless iconic, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) received his first Daytime Emmy nomination in more than 20 years in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

In the Daytime Drama series categories, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless each scored 12 nominations more than any other show. Leading the acting nominations was B&B, who landed 7 performers in the various categories, a first in its 37-year history.

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President & CEO, NATAS expressed, “We are happy to once again honor the creative talent both in front of and behind the camera of America’s favorite Daytime programs. We look forward to celebrating the icons who enliven the days of audiences across the country.”

Photo: JPI

Brent Stanton, Head of Daytime, NATAS added, “Producing the Daytime Emmys is a labor of love for all of us at NATAS. The huge popularity of these shows continues to be must-see viewing for their fans.” NATAS also revealed that Lifetime Achievement Honorees, Hosts, Presenters, and Silver and Gold Circle honorees will be revealed at a later date.

The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in television programming honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be produced once again by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI). Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie executive produces from ATI.

Congratulations to all the men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes for their recognition as we take a look at who will be going for gold come June. Here are the nominees below starting with the Daytime Drama Categories.

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital


The Young and the Restless


Tamara Braun, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

Photo: JPI


Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo: JPI


Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Photo: JPI


Robert Gossett, General Hospital

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Wally Kurth, Days of our Lives

A Martinez, The Bay

Mike Manning, The Bay

Photo: JPI


Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

Guy Pearce, Neighbours

Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


General Hospital

The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

Photo: ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

The Kelly Clarkson Show


African Queens: Njinga

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

Start Up

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show

General Hospital

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Jennifer Hudson Show


Photo: WarnerBros


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show


The View

The Young and the Restless


“Shine” General Hospital

“Unexpected Truth”Unexpected

“We’re Home” Reconnecting Roots


The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tamron Hall

Turning The Tables with Robin Roberts

The View

Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

Photo: Disney/ABC


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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51st Daytime Emmys: Tamara Braun, Finola Hughes, Katherine Kelly Lang, Annika Noelle, Michelle Stafford, Cynthia Watros Score Lead Actress Nominations

The nominations were revealed for the 51st annual Daytime Emmys. in the prestigious Lead Actress in a Drama Series category by Entertainment Tonight.

This comes ahead of tomorrow’s full list that is set to be unveiled at 12noon/9am PST on Friday.

In the running for this year’s Outstanding Lead Actress are Tamara Braun (Ava, Days of our Lives), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, The Bold and the Beautiful), Annika Noelle (Hope, The Bold and the Beautiful), Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), Cynthia Watros (Nina, General Hospital) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: Getty

Previous winners in this category include GH’s Finola Hughes, Cynthia Watros and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford.  Days of our Lives nominee had won in the Supporting Actress category twice in her career.

Earlier, the Lead Actor nominees were revealed and you can find them here.

Make sure to be with us Friday night, April 19th for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special beginning at 5 pm PT where we chat live with some of this year’s nominees.

So, what do you think about this year’s Lead Actress nominees? Comment below.

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