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Jerry Douglas Set For Another Return To Y&R!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

John Abbott continues to be in the hearts and minds of the Abbott children on The Young and the Restless,  and coming up on the September 26th episode, look for Jerry Douglas to be back on the scene as the late patriarch of the clan.

In recent episodes, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) were reminiscing about their dad and wishing he would make another a “ghostly” appearance.  Will he help them in their times of needs?

Douglas left the show in 2006 once the character of John Abbott was killed off.  A move that many wish hadn’t happened.

So, do you think killing John was a mistake?  Would you have liked to have seen him mixing it up weekly with the troubles of his children?  Do you still enjoy him touching base with his children from the great beyond? Comment below!

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Killing off John was the biggest mistake ever . The actor is still alive and in good health it seems so why rush things ? should have kept John and did a Gloria Dina John triangle turning Young and restless into a mini Dynasty : here you would have had a good rip off of Blake Krystle and Alexis . You could have had both Dina and Gloria going after John with the help of Victor to take over Jabot . John could have romanced Nikki Newman and even married her . I can just imagine the look on Victor’s face but happy grins from viewers now excited about their soap ! At least we have John back as a ghost but it is not anywhere near enough and our Young and restless hearts are still broken !

I really like this idea. Obviously, it would not have been original but it definitely would have worked — if written properly.

Can I add one suggestion: Dina has been seen very rarely in the past 15 years. Her portrayer, Marla Adams, was good. However, given how little Dina has appeared, I think the part could be recast fairly easily. I’d recast Dina with Elizabeth Hubbard, an actress of the right age whose appearance has been sorely missed since ATWT was cancelled. (I think it is a crime that one of the remaining soaps didn’t snap this woman up when she became unemployed).

Hubbard and Judith Chapman would be dynamite in scenes confronting one another. Also, Dina showed glimpses of being a “schemer.” Hubbard is good at playing that and it work (explaining where Jack got his underhanded ways —- it definitely was not from his dad!). I’d also point out that there is a slight physical resemblance between Hubbard, Peter Bergman, and Eileen Davidson —- not huge but enough that you could “buy” Hubbard being their mother.

I like!

It was pointless to kill him off just to have him popping up around plants and nobody running screaming from the room. And just why Jack hasn’t seen a psychiatrist after multiple John Abbot sightings and convo’s is beyond me.

All Stephanie Forrester can do on B&B apparently-after wreaking so much havoc-is just knock her picture down. Now THERE’S a ghost I would LOVE TO SEE go after Quinn AND Eric…

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost”, dav……besides, I don’t sleep much, anyway. LOL.

Hmmmm, dav. Great observation. Jack should see a shrink; for so many reasons.
Why don’t people go scrambling whenever John’s specter walks the earth? No one else sees him but Jack.
Actually, I would welcome an appearance from my deceased loved ones. I would not be frightened one bit.

OMGhost…i wouldn’t sleep for weeks!!!

I agree, CeeCee. Would be wonderful…

Terrible they killed off character. At least we get to see ghost but not enough,

The situation with Jerry Douglas is just another example of the folly of misguided producers/writers. Almost instantly, they must have realized that killing off the character of John Abbott was a huge mistake. The same thing happened with Stuart Damon (GH’s Alan). So when such a mistake is made and realized, the options include the dreaded “previously unknown twin” storyline or resurrecting the character as a ghost, neither of which is believable.

So often over the years, such producers/writers have shown a lack of respect for veteran (aka older) actors, thinking that the prized younger demographic can only relate to younger models (‘er actors). GH was notorious for casting their aging actors aside (GH’s Anna Lee anyone?) or sparingly and rarely using them, trotting them out maybe 5 times per year (maybe at Christmas), despite their terrific acting skills, and then casting them aside (GH’s Rachel Ames anyone?).

The irony in all this is that Y&R otherwise had a great record of respect for veteran actors (Jeanne Copper anyone? — she was frontburner throughout her tenure on the show). So, for long-term viewers of Y&R, any return of Jerry Douglas will be a welcome treat. I just wish that the soap producers/writers would, in general, offer up a bit more respect for aging actors. Ageism is so unappealing…

Again my dear James. I find myself in a quandary searching my store of adjectives to describe your impeccable, taken-to-heart writing.
I agree that killing John Abbott was not a judicious move on the part of TPTB. And, this is why Jerry is called upon consistently. They do regret it.
As you denote, Catherine/Jeanne lived most of her life and ended it on Y&R. The same could have been done for John/Jerry.
As far as the older cast? I have four living grandparents and a great-grandmother……they are so spirited and funny and a tome of information. TPTB don’t know what they’re missing.
I suppose Victor Newman serves the soap best? What does that tell us? Evil conquers all?
I also have difficulty, James, with Jack. Despicable Jack ( not one of my favorites) turned into a marshmallow? If TPTB are trying to turn him into his father? Well, they are going in the wrong direction.
John Abbott was a noble soul….a wise, dignified gentleman; not to be mistaken with weakness…or a marshmallow!! LOL. later, my friend.

Hello Celia! Thanks for the compliment! I also enjoy your well-written commentary on this topic! You are right to worry about the character of Jack, and your support for the character of John Abbott is admirable. I think most fans are on the same page on this topic.

But you also expound eloquently about respect for, and enjoyment of, the elderly. This is how I feel as well.

I am sure that your grandparents and great-grandmother are so blessed having you in their lives… Take care, Friend! 🙂

C, you hit the nail on the head with Jack. They may be writing him towards being the family Patriarch BUT so far he has been more like the family PASTRY!

James…A-M-E-N to what you’re saying here, Brother!!!!! Also, as far as I’m concerned, killing off a beloved patriarch like John Abbott was (and still is) the STUPIDEST thing that Y&R has ever done!!!!! Morons.

As always, peace, Brother.

Jaybird! Thanks for your reply! It’s at least refreshing to see that the general sentiment around here is the same: this decision was a huge mistake… Take care, Friend!

AMEN, James. You know, I recently read a post which read, I’m paraphrasing, that we need to accept that the “older stars” just can’t “carry a story” the way they used to. I guess this represents much of the current, diseased thinking that runs through society in general. And they couldn’t be more wrong. How much more of Summer/Luca type nonsense must we endure until someone gets the message?

Soaphound! We meet again! Thanks for replying! It’s sad that some view the older actors (and older people in general) with such disrespect and irrelevance, as you have related. Brilliant critique! by you: “I guess this represents much of the current, diseased thinking that runs through society in general.” And don’t get me started on Summer…

James, great post. I said for years ONE of the big differences at Y&R over GH is they respect their history and employ and write for their legacy characters. If Melody Thomas were on GH all these years, she would be buried and forgotten just like Jackie Zeman and Leslie Charlson. What a shame!

Timmm! Thank you! Then what you have been saying for years is absolutely correct! And, yes, thankfully, Melody Thomas Scott (and Eric Braeden, for that matter) are lucky to be where they are… Best to you, Timmm!

Didn’t watch John was killed, but love his visits.

Same. I agree with you.

Yeeees!!!! I love, love, love, Jerry. When I see him on the screen, it seems everything’s fine with the world.
Perhaps John can kick Billy in the butt, giving him some perspective on life, AND, wake Jack from this indolent stupor he is in, by boxing his ears, and good!!

I have an idea, Celia. Since John Abbott now has “supernatural” powers, let’s ask him to bring Billy Miller back to the role and get things back on track. And maybe he could bring back Gloria, Fen, Avery, while consigning Summer, Luca, Bethany, Stitch, and sweet little Max to the scrap heap.

Oh, my dear friend, Soaphound…..I wish!!

I totally agree Soaphound. I love when they bring Jerry Douglas back to the fold. I use to love watching in the eighties. His character was such a wonderful father. He had great inreraction with his kids. I always get a happy feeling inside when has his heart to heart with Jack, and Ashley and Billy for that matter. And I would love having Gloria back. I miss the way she would drive Michael and Lauren nuts. It would at lest get Lauren out hiding. And in response to your Stitch, Abby, Max, Luca, Summer, Bethany commet, to quote Family Feud good answer, good answer. And on a side note when John Abbott is using his specil powers for Billy, Gloria, Fen, and Avery, let him get Gloworm back for Gloria. Ioved when she was running that restaurant. She seemed so in her element. Thanks for listening, and sorry about the rambling. I sometimes get to caught up in the moment. But you made some wonderful points

I dont know that Billy sees “Ghost John?” This is why Jerry should have never been killed! Can you imagine John chewing scenes with Jill again? Victor? Dear Ash? His little girl Tracy!

John may start ‘jolting’ Billy unseen, Timmmy. LOL.
Jack will never replicate John. PASTRY is right!!

I’m still mad that the writers killed off John; completely necessary.

Killing off John Abbott was a very stupid move. Never figured out what the reasoning was behind it but the other part that sucks is that they never “undid” the dumb mistake they made. Crying shame if you ask me.

Biggest mistake they ever made. Killing off John Abbott

I wouldn’t have minded the show killing off the character if it had paid off with Gloria becoming the lady of the mansion, kicking all the Abbott children out, and becoming a real villainess (with the reveal of the tainted face cream plot forever looming in the background). Instead Gloria was turned into a cartoon and we got saddled with endless visits from the late, great John Abbott.

My biggest problem with characters making guest appearances after they are killed off is the same one I have with shows like The Vampire Diaries: the actors continue to age even though their undead characters shouldn’t.

Like with Delia (the aging part). It’s more noticeable with kids.

I never noticed any Vampire Diaries characters aging. They all looked pretty much the same to me. Funny though because Paul Wesley said he didn’t want to do the show for too many years because at some point it would be ridiculous for him to be 17. They always looked like they were late 20’s or more to me. Should have had them meet in graduate school instead of high school! (Loved the show as well as True Blood and The Originals). Oops ! I return you to your soap talk!

I love Jerry and the character he played/s! There is something inspirational and for me quite emotional when he appears on the scene.

Killing John Abbott was a huge error in a decade of odd turns on this once elegant and stately of all daytime dramas. I miss Mr. Douglas’s regular appearances and the strong family vibe that once defined the Abbotts. And now, with so few grandchildren meaningfully on the canvas, it seems we can never again enjoy that tradition.


Killing John Abbott was just as bad as GH killing Alan Quartermaine. NOTHING good came from either of their deaths!

I can’t wait for them to bring him back ,even if it is his ghost. I love John Abbott. What a bad mistake it was killing him off. Just pointless. We need to get our characters back. Tracei Abbott,Lauren Fenmore, how about a guy for Ashley? A little more Kevin, Mariah, Jill, Colin, and a lot less Summer and please send crazy Chloe back to her mental hospital.

August 18, 2006 John was killed..

So== who was responsible for killing off John?

John F. Smith 2003–06
Became co-executive producer with William J. Bell and David Shaughnessy while still serving as co-head writer with Kay Alden and Trent Jones (until 2004). Worked as a writer on the show since the early 1980s. Still maintained the co-EP title after William J. Bell’s passing in 2005. Stepped down in 2006 as EP while remaining as co-head writer until November 2006. (John killed in August)

Lynn Marie Latham 2006–07 Brought on as a “creative consultant” under John F. Smith in November 2005; Latham would later fire Smith as co-head writer in 2006.
Promoted to head writer with Kay Alden and Smith in February 2006, then promoted to executive producer, becoming the show’s first female EP in October 2006, after the show went that summer without an EP.
I like when he guest appears, even if in Jack’s imagination ..(he is not a ghost)
looking forward to seeing him, once again ..

Y&R has a history of killing characters that are central to story way too soon. And sadly all were tied to the Abbott family. First John. Then Colleen. Then Delia. And recently Jack’s balls!

johns was the worst because it left a hole that forces us to see central characters act like loony toons by talking in coffee shops, elevators, offices and the GCAC and talk in public to themselves!

When are we going to see a central Newman killed off. As much as I love Nick or Victoria, either one would make a perfect foil to any Victor story by killing one of them off. It would gut Nikki, crush Victor and even cause the remaining siblings struggling to understand the afternath of losing a sibling.

Too funny, Paul.
There were several Newman miscarriages. Do those constitute as deaths?
Cassie was killed off. She wasn’t a bio Newman, but neither is Ashley Abbott, a bonafide Abbott.

So let’s say that Ashley’s doctor, Simon Neville, was actually in Genoa City back on August 18, 2006, when John Abbott was “killed” off….after he was taken off life support, and everyone left the room, a younger Dr. Neville, was wrapping up the final “death” details, when he noticed that John still had a pulse…..Dr. Neville was then able to whisk John away to his private clinic to where he has been taken care of him all these years. So the “ghost” that his children have been visited by over the years, are just the Abbott children need their dad to be there for them. In a couple of months, I see John, getting better and he miracleously recovers and makes his way back to GC where he resumes his life and Gloria returns to claim “her man”……i know it’s far fetched, but I would overlook this, if we could have Jerry Douglas back on our screens for years to come…..maybe Mal Young reads these posts and will make it happen…I mean Eastenders brought back Kathy Beale 10 years after she “died”….i’m sure there’s room on the canvas for John Abbott……and we’d get the return of Gloria, Dr. Neville…just throwing it out there….I would totally buy this storyline…..

great idea.!..
great minds think alike…
i posted a similiar plot but with tracey involved… see below
but i like yours better… anything to have john abbott back

would nt it be amazing if tracey was keeping the real john and colleen hidden after all these years from the same villian who had threatened brad and his mother all those years ago when it was revealed brad was keeping his real alias a secret?!… sounds pretty lame but i d suspend my disbelief to get john and colleen back on the screen…
john abbott and his children are the heart and soul of y n r … i meet jerry douglasin real life once… the mans a legend… that hack head writer at the time LML was so shortsighted to kill him off…they even brought him back as a doppleganger.. wat a sick joke. moron.
they found a way to bring back cane after they killed him off. and he s useless except to 10 vocal fans.. surely tptb can find a creative way to bring jerry and john abbott back!!1

Yeah, sounds good, damien.
I also think Sami is keeping Will and EJ ( DOOL) hidden, somewhere in Switzerland. LOL.

..than i could watch days again?

Yes killing John Abbott off was a terrible decision.
That being said – having him come back from time to time as a ghost or Jack’s conscience ,I’ll take it !
Love Jerry Douglas and always look forward to his returns.


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Brooke is not happy that Thomas has apparently won over Hope, when she is wary of the guy. Katherine added, “Thomas was stalking her (Hope) and he did all that crazy stuff with the baby. He just hasn’t been good for her, you know, especially when he was totally obsessed with her. So, Brooke doesn’t believe that that’s completely gone, that there’s still got to be some of that in Thomas somewhere and she’s worried about her daughter. So, of course, she would kind of say, ‘This is not good. This is just not a good situation. With all the men in the sea, why, why do you (pick Thomas)?”

Photo: JPI

However, many might see that as the pot calling the kettle black given how Brooke has often given into her desires with the men in her life and made some pretty bad choices herself!

So, is Hope turning into a ‘mini-Brooke’? Should Brooke continue to warn Hope of Thomas’ past, or should she just mind her own business at this point? Share your comments via the comment section.

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