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Joshua Morrow and Hunter King Welcome Gina Tognoni To Y&R – Watch The Video!



Monday, August 11th is a big day for fans of The Young and the Restless when two-time Daytime Emmy winner Gina Tognoni makes her debut as Phyllis Summers.

When the story starts, Phyllis will still be in her coma.  Question is: with Victor’s help …  will Phyllis spring to life sooner than later?  The Young and the Restless brought out the cast welcome wagon for Gina in this new video from, where Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Hunter King (Summer) chitchat with Gina!

During the clip, Gina gives Joshua a hard time for learning that Nick is now back with Sharon! Gina also says that Phyllis’ first concern when she wakes up will be the well-being and what is happening with her daughter Summer.

Watch this video ditty after the jump! Then share your thoughts below on the return of Phyllis below!

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Considering that the actors who play Stitch and Billy are horrendous, I’ll give Gina a chance because I know she can act but there is no one as good as Michelle!

So true.
.”the actors who play Stitch and Billy are horrendous”

Phyllis/Red, was a very distinct unique character ..So not holding my breath..
Y&R has been gutted of all its’ great talent core characters 🙁

Stitch… and Y&R desperately needs it now…. alot

think, no, Billy or Adam

Stitch reels avante -garde soiree


I think she’ll be a great addition,can’t wait until Aug.11th. Hope her and Nick get back together.

You said it!!!! Yeah!!!!

Michelle is incomparable . She had Phyllis in her head, and made the character her own…..her speech, her moves, her emotions, her moods…all the qualities attributed to the Phyllis with which we were familiar. I hope Ms Tognoni can walk in those shoes. I know her work and I am sure she’ll bring her unique idiosyncrasies to the show…she’ll be great.
The nuBilly…? He is so bland…I am really trying to give him the chance he deserves, but I can’t . I know it makes me sound harsh because this poor guy (actor) was probably working so hard to get a part….but, golly gee…lol…he is faceless. Nothing about him stands out or makes a lasting impression, except that he has zero charisma and can’t act.
Stitch? He’s ok. I know this makes me sound superficial….but he’s hot…..bad acting or not.

Gina and Hunter look a lot alike! I think that’s what they were going for when they recast Phyllis, seeing as HK will be one of GT’s main scene partners.

Fans (cough) sometimes complain about Josh Morrow’s acting skills. I find him thoroughly enjoyable as Nick, and he seems like such a fun, down-to-earth dude when he’s in these promos or during interviews. Must be fun working with him.

I can’t stand Summer, but really WANT to like her. I hope GT’s Phyllis can bring something to the story that makes me root for Summer. The only one I’m currently rooting for in this storyline is Sharon. Please don’t throw tomatoes or creamy-nude lipstick at me. I love Sharon and won’t apologize for it. I can still love Phyllis and Nick too. (Avery’s grown on me, reluctantly)

Agree with everything you said.

Josh Morrow : off the playing field… on his own… sparks… gives life to this genre

Y&R has to thank their lucky stars he reals for.

Do I think he’s captivating… as NIck…after all this time… thereafter… where to place him and what to do? It’s certainly not with Victor… as it’s father/son plateau’ed out..
his loving commitment to mother Nikki… faltered so long ago…

it’s with Victoria.. he should have more scenes with… to bring her… and him along

Sharon is so rung out… Avery languished … MS’ Phyllis is gone… his interview.. clearly emulsified … combustion

so… it’s stagnant for :

he’s a delight projecting… his diligence . “Thank You, Josh Morrow”

I will never be able to get past Summer… behind the scenes question. Her emmy win does nothing to curtail… Y&R wins another gold… SO WHAT

“…I love Sharon and won’t apologize for it”

Sharon Case is the bubble within a bubble… a leg in… a foothold… she will always remain with an audience core… a celebrate

Avery: hummm? she needs to go back to the glasses and court person’a’. she had that steely tough exterior… and they let that go.

I plan to watch and only record fridays ep’s

Patrick, I agree with you about Avery. Her association with Dullen hasn’t helped. Like her better as the tough attorney.

I’ve thought about only doing Friday ep’s too. It might save the FF button on my remote.

Patrick…always prosaic and in a run-about way getting to the point…I love your style. Both you and MBmom and I are totally in agreement. Avery was never someone I was crazy about to begin with, now that she is with the old Jason? What’s his name? Oh, yeah, Dillon? Dylan? Even worse.
But, Nick? Oh yes, he’s always welcome on my screen.

Well fingers crossed that this recast works out better than others of late. Don’t think this show can take too many more casting blunders. It is hard to tell by this clip but she looks more like Hunter King than MS, so the mother daughter aspect looks believable. But it will all depend on her chemistry with other major players– whether she can make Phyllis her own and make fans forget MS in the role.

Why is Victor involved?

I would like to know who the family member was that signed for Phyllis treatment. It had to be Danny or Summer. Victor is in everyone’s business. Can’t stand his character.

Victor is convinced Sharon is hiding a secret that only Phyllis can finally tell him about … one that will hurt Nick badly (it’s the paternity switch Sharon did when she was off her medications showing that Nick was not Summer’s biological dad; Phyllis knows Sharon did it after overhearing Sharon tell her secret to Cassie’s grave; when Phyllis and Sharon confronted each other in the stairwell at the party, Sharon caused Phyllis to fall, striking her head and going into the coma in the first place, so Victor wants the info that Phyllis may have for him all about this…IF she remembers it when she awakes).

That’s why Victor’s involved in this at all, other than his trying to drive Sharon crazy by having the ghost of her dead daughter haunt her by using Mariah, Cassie’s doppelganger, to do the dirty work for him.

But to hear Victor tell it, he does this stuff to “protect” his family…

Yeah, wolfsmistress, you said it. Victor, the eternal superhero, superdad, super husband ….so altruistic is he. Always for the love of family. I never liked him and I never will. Can’t wait for this character to be put to rest…I do not mean that literally…figure of speech, people. Victor will always be in everyone’s face…that is his main function on this soap, albeit he should expose Sharon….for once, I agree with what he is doing. It’s just that I dislike his character so much, everything he does irritates me…along with Nikki .
This post will probably not appear since every time I write ANYTHING negative about Victor, said post vanishes from the screen. Not fair. Sigh

Victor wants to know Sharon’s secret — he knows Phyllis knows the secret– sees her as his best chance to bring down Sharon, hence his involvement to awaken Phyllis.

Absolutely, Mary. And, thank you for not putting a comma after the word hence. Most people would have…you know your grammar.
Victor’s hatred, when he feels he has been wronged by someone, goes beyond the extreme. He has the memory of an elephant….never forgets. But, if he does someone wrong, well then, that’s allowed because he is Victor Almighty. And, he always uses his family as an excuse/shield to convince himself and others that he was compelled to slay the dragon(s).

It says a lot about what a creep Victor is that HE wants to wake a woman from her coma just so HE can find out some secret. Can’t stand Victor. Wouldn’t want to be his grown child with his manipulations. UGH!

The truth of the situation concerning Summer’s paternity falls clearly on good old spoiled frat boy Nick. His excuse he didn’t want to lose another daughter. When Sharon overheard his confession at Cassie’s grave she should have confronted him on the spot. Instead we make her b/s crazy and plot to get him back. And Jack ever the brain thrust does not bother to have his own test run. I also love how anyone can run into a lab and bring up tests and change them. Only in a soap opera! Hey Joan Wilder from the movie Romancing the Stone write us out of this one.

MBmomof3…WELL SAID!!!!! Thank you. Victor is just being Victor. Blech. Honey…I would not want to be related to Victor…PERIOD!!!!!


I think Gina is an excellent choice–can’t wait to see her in action. Her old castmate and pal Kassie is burning up the screen on Days. I suspect Gina will do the same for Y&R.

Gina Tognoni welcome back to daytime, You will be great as the new Phyllis Summers. Gina I love your new haircut, you look sexy. I loved Gina as Dinah Marler on Guiding Light, Gina has won 2 daytime Emmys for her work as Dinah.

Still wish that Gina was Nina on GH… but all the best to her and her new role.

Or Ms Archer, the actress who played John McBain’s wife on OLTL, the now Silas, on GH. That would have been quite a coincidental treat, no?

no… was thinking more along the lines of Michelle Stafford going back as Phylis on Y&R and Gina Tognoni being Nina on GH.

Not fond of recasts… and have always been a fan of Gina’s since her first time on OLTL… just think she would have been a better cast as Nina.

Yeah, I get that, Brian (that’s my husband’s name, btw) I was just thinking what a coincidence it would have been if Natalie (Ms Archer) played Nina. Natalie Buchanan and John McBain were married on OLTL…they would have been
Regardless, I wish they would move things along…such as, revealing Kiki’s true parentage. I really think Nina is her mother.

People were so concerned about GT’s age. She actually looks like she could be Summers mom and doesn’t look too young.

I knew she would be okay. 🙂

And I was one of them I was wrong and when I am wrong I admit it! Wish her the best of luck.

No, Nicole. You are forgetting that Phyllis has an older son, Daniel…..that scenario is already iffy as it is. Considering that in real life MS is only 14 years older than MG in real life, it is even weirder that Gina is only 6 years older than Michael. Seriously, are we stupid? …I think not. Granted, this is only a soap, but there is no attempt at keeping it as real as possible. The writers cannot push back time and make Daniel just about the same age as his sister? Maybe they could. I understand that when the younger Mike Horton returned to Days, he was about 20 years younger…so, anything could happen and probably will.
Gina could very well be Summer’s mother, but not Daniel’s……more like husband and wife.

Daniel will never be seen on screen again so it is a mute point.

I don’t know about that, k/Kay. Daniel may return, and the point will be moot only, as I stated earlier, if he returns 15 years younger.
I was also wondering if the writers plan to have Phyllis and Jack reunite . If so, he is old enough to be her father. Yuck.

@Cee Cee you are probably right he could appear again but they have the ages over there so screwed up I was thinking they might avoid another train wreck. This nu-Billy just has the look of an old man and the fun spirit and humor is gone. I would have liked Robin Christopher to have played Phyllis more with the age of the character. Also if you are a long time viewer of Y&R you probably know the Jack you are seeing the man who falls in love at the drop of a hat was not the Jack/Terry Lester that Bill Bell created. Jack was a scoundrel and could have cared less about being faithful to anyone. MAB started this by ageing the character of Summer and then Phelps bringing Cassie/Mariah into it . Cassie should have stayed a ghost. Where is Noah in all of this would he not be concerned with a woman who looks just like his dead sister. Lily & Kevin seemed to be the only ones in town who were actually creeped out by this. This is why it is FF material for me if at all.

Yeah, k/Kay, I know exactly what you’re saying about the ages.
I know of Terry Lester, unfortunately I never saw his work. I wasn’t even born when he introduced the Jack Abbot role.
There are a million and one holes in most storylines. I’m still taken aback how the kids age, they become adults in the span of a few months, but the parents do not.

@CeeCee Sometime when you have time check you tube on Terry Lester he was a great actor. MM at times made me think of him with his style. Little disappointed that GT did not do those scenes without makeup it would have been much more effective. Our family can’t get the nursing home to change our father-in-laws diaper and feed him much less put on lipstick and false eyelashes. lol

Gina was super as Kelly Cramer on OLTL. I wish her much success at Y&R.

She was also great at Dinah Market on Guiding Light. She will be fine.

I meant to write she was also great as Dinah Marler on Guiding Light. I hate spell check on cell phones!!!

It’s gonna be great.
I can’t wait….
I can’t wait….

GT was a recast on GL as Dinah and won 2 Emmys. I am a fan from OLTL. I think she is talented enough to replace MS and make the character of Phyllis her own.

Gina isnt the only OLTL at Y&R…Mitch Lawerence…also known as Ian Ward is there with Natalie Buchanan also known as Mariah and soon you’ll see Roxie as Maureen who will be more down to earth than her OLTL counterpart…now Mitch and Ian both had cult followers and Natalie and Mariah both were troublemakers when arriving in town…like Vicki on OLTL who learn she had faternal twins Natalie and Jessica, Sharon will learn she had identical twins Mariah and Cassie…Mariah believed Maureen was her mother just like Natalie once believed Roxi was her mother…of course there are differences to hide the copycat storyline…Maureen was married to Ian but because of his obsession with Niki, Niki, Niki, Maureen has turned to alchol and possible drugs…she hates Niki because of Ians obsession with her but the two have never met…yet! Maureen and Niki meet at a bar and when Maureen learns who Niki is she befriends her as she secretly plots to destroy her because she blames Niki for destroying her marriage to Ian…Maureen turns out to be Katherines long lost estranged sister, and unaware that Niki was her late sister’s best friend…sorry, not going to happen…Maureen is more than likely Stitch’s and Kelly’s mumma!!!…lol

Very clever. Lol.

Of course it’s clever. It’s jimh talking….his writing is always clever.

Welcome Gina! Looking forward very much to your portrayal of feisty Phyllis Newman. Hope that you don’t hold it against Victor for “waking” you up, in fact you should ask him why it took him so long. Anticipating some fireworks when you finally meet up with Sharon & I hope you warm to Summer’s husband. I hope that you also drop Jack like a hot potato & put Kelly in her place. Oooh it has been much too long without Phyllis on the canvas. I can’t wait.

gina will love watching you on tv again after all this time love ya your fan mary

I couldn’t stand phyllis she wasn’t a good actor this new lady I have to see how she act I just hope when she do come out her coma she not acting stupid that she don’t remember nothing I hope she expose Sharon and give jack hell I am so glad he will be hurt to find out summer is not his daughter I hope Devon and Hillary get together so sad Neil will be hurt..

it’s disheartening… for any “actor” to act… stifled… stuck… lacking mobility

Joan Crawford did it…. with Bette Davis

not being melodramatic… but in the best of circumstances… Michelle Stafford is not doing it… on GH … like i’ve said from the start… she needs to relapse… and for GH production… to go in an entirely another direction… she needs out of that chair… she’s too much of a rest so long… stagnant… and power her act.

I hope the same for GT…. but… as MarySF stated… if the chemistry is not their… for Victor, Jack, and Michael…

she needs to wake up… get out of that bed… and approach Genoa City with two feet and written full steam ahead

You know what tickles me about everyone’s anger at Sharon about the paternity. Phyllis did the same thing concerning Daniel, Chelsea lied over Connor and Victoria blackmailed her with the knowledge Adam was the father. The list goes on and on over paternity Ashley concerning Abby, Dru concerning Lilly. Sorry just can’t get worked up over Sharon’s involvement with Summer. No one seemed to have a problem with Nick lying about not knowing for sure if she was his daughter. I know I forgot he is a Newman and they are entitled to everything.

Cannot stand Kelly she is to cheeky miss Adam such a wonderful actor I wish he would return whatever happen to drucilla one time I thought the show was going to bring her back she is such a beautiful intelligent actor I am not interest in seeing malcolm why bring him back I don’t like him can’t stand lily although she is a good actor Cain also cannot wait to get home to see the young and restless I record everyday it’s very obvious Lauren and Mickel put on never show them kissing just lil smacks on the lips never in bed together like the other actors they never really express there love wondering if he gay in real life they always say they love each other but never a love seen..very noticeable

I didn’t like the new Billy but he has grown on me. Still miss the old Billy’s smile though.
I have followed Victor since his teenage years on the old Combat and The Rat Patrol days.
No matter what Victor does I like him. Also love Austin, he is cute and has a nice smile and he really cares for Summer.

“Oh, Lordy”

there’s nothing feminine sexy, daring, or out their… about her looks (get that hair shoulder length, just saying) think, B&B Quinn… (Rena Sofer) what a bombshell dynamite all that … when she was on GH lose the short hair… go big

hey, it’s not going to work with even, dull, over, look over your shoulder, Victor and Jack

just saying

Phyllis commando’ed ALL

I can’t even go their… even when ED starts up… and she will…

back to MS’ : “Phyllis”

height sexual is all their… with MS phyllis…. I like that she said on GH… as Nina… “I cant wait to get in to my 4 inch heels”


the prowess obvious has to be their to turn her

I don’t know

I already have misgivings… seeing the “premiere”

I loved her on GL

she’s going to need Daniel to have that connection… to feed off of if it’s not a hit with Victor and /or Jack

will she hit it off with Michael… her best friend

it’s too bad… cause… Victor and Jack … who are needed desperately to even keel Genoa City…. don’t have it either

it’s not her fault… GT

Watch out Gina! She had Michael Muhney fired!!

I am thrilled Phyllis will come out of her coma. I hope her memory is intact. She needs to put Sharon in her place. When everyone knows the truth about Nick/Jack the show will explode!

I will wait and see what she’s got but I have a feeling that she might pull it off as phyllis better than the last recent recast talking about billy recast.

Maybe Phyllis will bide her time once she awakens. How thrilling would it be if she pretends to have memory lapses just to keep Sharon on her toes and twisting the knife in? Sharon will remember all the misdeeds she has done against Phyllis, Nick , Jack and Summer simultaneous to Phyllis coming out of her coma. Ironically, she will act and go through the same motions as Nina on GH.

Love Gina and Hunter! Joshua is cool too. I wish Gina all the best in her debut.

You guys at Y & R lost it when you dropped BILLY MILLER as BILLY. Yes, the original Billy was too young… I agree with that, but this new Billy is totally BLAND and represents “warmed up spit” in my opinion. Does nothing for the Billy role. He needs some salt on his tail. No matter what you have to do, (contract wise or otherwise), you’ve got to bring Billy Miller back. He will re-invigorate your ratings… He really made Y & R worth watching. His looks, attitude, smile, devil may care presence, all of that made the difference and he was perfect for Victoria. Also, you need to include JILL in more scenes. As for VICTOR, I don’t agree with the nay sayers… Victor Newman is the heart of the soap and I absolutely love his character… He keeps me watching (since 1973) btw. As for LILLY, you can throw her back into the fish pond. Give NOAH more lines too. As for NICK, bravo !!! He is excellent in his character. And with regard to the new PHYLLIS, I’m willing to give her a chance, but rest assured, they’ll never be another MICHELLE STAFFORD as PHYLLIS. She absolutely owned that role and exemplified that character’s truest personality.
Kelly is weak and not really good for JACK… Stitch is excellent in his role and Dylan… I can take him or leave him. Also, would be nice to see more of TRACY, and bring Ashley back periodically if she can take time off from her “Days” character. Continue giving PAUL more scenes and Christine (Cricket) too. Would also be nice to see PHILLIP and NINA come back occasionally.
Well that’s my two cents worth. There you have it. Anyone agree with me ??? Let me know, thanks.

Michelle is unique and IRREPLACEBLE….. In my opinion. Gina seems a lot older than Josh… I hate it that Michelle left the show!!! No one can play her character the way she did… But it was her choice to leave and I respect that. Anyway, good luck…

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