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Judith Chapman Dishes On Diana On All-New Episode Of “Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast”


Oh, the mother from hell has certainly come to NBC’s Days of our Lives ,now that it has been revealed that Diana Cooper is in actuality none other than Diana Colville, who shared a romantic past with John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and is Leo aka Matthew’s (Greg Rikaart) worst nightmare!

Daytime fan favorite, Judith Chapman is back on Days of our Lives in this delicious new take on Diana, and on the latest installment of Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast.

During her interview with host Michael Fairman, Judith talks about how she was asked to take on the role, and found herself reunited with her former on-screen son from Y&R, Greg Rikaart.  She also teases what is to come in this twisted mother and son relationship, reveals what it has been like working with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, and talks about her former soap opera roles that included: Natalie Bannon on As the World Turns, Ginny Blake, General Hospital, Charlotte Greer on Ryan’s Hope, Angelica Deveraux on Days and Gloria Fisher Bardwell on Y&R- quite the resume.   When not on TV, Judith can be found in the theatre, where she is currently starring as Tallulah Bankhead in the show, Looped now through February 10th in Palm Springs, California.

Later in the podcast, John Aniston (Victor) stops by Suzanne Rogers  (Maggie) dressing room, where the duo talk about how they work together running scenes, and going through a tape day, and some fun historical anecdotes from Salem, and more.

To get the extended version of this interview with Judith, make sure to download it via iTunes and all major pod platforms.  To listen to the version make sure to click here and enjoy.

Let us know what was your favorite part of our chat with Judith and if you are loving her thus far as Diana on DAYS via the comment section below.

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OH My God… with respect to the higher up

crème de la crème ALIVE ! this is maddening how MUSTER FEAST!

Judith Chapman : for the ages

^^^ “what a resume ” you want to partay .. wine bubbly splash something ON

can’t wait for this weekend ( to listen )

one of – OUR – Grand Dame un momento


OH, yeah, Patrick—a gem has walked onto Salem’s soil….Miss Judith is the femme fatale, shrew, calamity personified–can’t tear myself away….
I didn’t know you spoke Italian, Patrick?!?!?!LOL…. un momento…..
Aside: Why can’t Abbi put two and two together and figure out Jordan took the baby? Ben will find Charlotte and Ciera–
But, will Ciera be lucid enough to defend Ben, once he is accused of the crime?
Furthermore, Patrick….What in Hades are the PTB doing? Why make Jordan nuts? Is it to prove a family trait? Jordan was always the good guy, who cared for her little brother.
Everything was going so well with Days…..I beg ‘ye gods’ not to turn it into mush. ❤️


Celia…youre breakin’ my heart…You obviously know very little of Ron C’s writing. And if I am wrong there, I apologize. He will ruin ANY character….overlook any detail…rewrite anything from the past…as long as it helps him in his ultimate goal of pushing and pimping his “redeemed” bad guys, psychos, and murderers. Any day now, I expect Xander to have blinding headaches and a brain tumour, have it redeemed, and he will be all sunshine and rainbows, rather than the sleazy rapist and murderer he is.


Lets get one thing straight! I love Judith Chapman! Having said that, I now feel compelled to talk about how Ron Carlivati is now pulling the same crap he pulled at GH that led to that show having ALL TIME RECORD LOW RATINGS!! I will start with this Diana debacle and hopefully touch on other areas. If you never watched Days circa 1987- 1989, you wouldnt know the character of Diana. She was a spunky spitfire 25 year old journalist with a loving heart and a passion for the truth. She was a college friend of Mike Horton’s, and became love interest to John Black, who thought he was Roman at the time. Fast forward to today…and the character is harsh, bitter, vindictive, and cruel. She is psychotically obsessed with “getting” John. The problem is in the writing, the rewriting of history, and the acting. Chapman is a fantastic actress, but I always KNOW she is acting. She is a very campy and theatrical actress from the old school of stage and screen. Genie, on the other hand, is a very low key, heartfelt performer who brings a natural and realistic element to her role even if it something outlandish like freezing the world. As a recast, this fails on every level. Chapman is also 11 years older than Francis, and in this particular instance, the age gap is very gaping and apparent. There is absolutely no similarity whatsoever between the two actresses, which makes for a very jarring recast. Next is the writing, or rather rewriting. This absolutely reeks of a last minute decision!!! I can actually almost hear Ron C. flustered, wondering to himself “How can I weave my sleazy new gay creation Leo more into the canvas and fabric of the show?? I have to look back into history and find a character who could be his parent! It would be great if Judith Chapman could play the part, because they played mother and son on Y and R!” So, he settled on Diana, and has gone about completely trashing and destroying the memory of what was a very enjoyable and pleasant love story. Diana was a character viewers cared about. She was not a one-note, cartoonish, plot twist villainess as she is being rewritten by Ron. I have ALWAYS hated when soaps bring back a formerly good character as a bad or evil one. It rarely makes sense in the narrative, there is never a good enough reason to justify the drastic change, and it completely ruins the enjoyment and any memories of a good character. You read it here….this casting decision and future storyline has ALEX NORTH written ALL over it!! Nuff said there! Much has been said about Greg Rikaart’s character, and how funny and entertaining he is. I find him to be neither! He is a disgusting sexual predator and rapist! He is an annoying little gnat that Victor Kiriakis would have squashed like a bug about 5 seconds after he pranced into… Read more »


Judith Chapman is doing a WONDERFUL job as Diana on Days. Her Diana and son Leo/Matthew give me life, classic soap acting/delivery!


I am LIVING for Judith Chapman’s appearances on DOOL. I am so glad she has a role she can run with. She is soap opera royalty and we are lucky to watch her brilliance.

Barbara from Atlanta
Barbara from Atlanta

I like Chapman very much and appreciate the interview. However, the article employs a HORRIBLE photo of the actress. I’ve always thought Chapman looked good and “holds” her years well until I saw this picture. That photo does her no favors.


I have to listen to this.

Diana is certainly no Gloria. Wow! I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Something must have happened to her after she left Salem because I don’t remember her being this bitchy. I guess having a sociopath for a son can change you!


Judith is analogous to the giving tree—–better and better with each scene!! She superseded my expectations….donna magnifica!!

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Jussie Smollett Scenes Cut From ‘Empire’ In Lieu Of Attack Investigation

As of Tuesday, the production of Fox’s hit series, Empire has slashed Jussie Smollett’s upcoming scenes following reports that the suspicion is now on him for allegedly staging the “hate” attack he reported to the Chicago PD back on January 29th.

According to production sources viaTMZ: Jussie was supposed to have nine scenes and a big musical performance in the second-to-last episode of Season 5,  Now, five scenes and the musical number have been axed.  Smollett’s character is also no longer the focus of his remaining four scenes, which will now feature an ensemble of characters.

The actor/singer who portrays Jamal Lyon will be working Friday and possibly Thursday but won’t be rehearsing.

The Empire writers are said to have been scrambling over the last 24 hours to revise this season’s scripts.

All of this despite despite strongly expressed renewed support by Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney on February 17th.  The goal now is said to be to reduce Smollett’s role both in dramatic stints and musical performances.

Empire returns for the remainder of its fifth season on March 13.

Smollett claims he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack near his Chicago apartment, but things took a turn when he may have paid two friends to help stage the assault.

This case is said to be going before a Grand Jury as early as today.

What are your thoughts on the latest developments in the Smollett case and Empire reducing his appearances for the remainder of the season? Comment below.



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TODAY: Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Visits ‘The Talk’ As Her 40th Anniversary Week As Nikki Newman Kicks-Off

On today’s broadcast of the CBS afternoon series, The Talk, the ladies welcome Y&R icon, Melody Thomas Scott, who this week celebrates her incredible 40th anniversary with the show as Nikki Newman.

During her segment, Melody chats on Wednesday’s upcoming standalone episode where Nikki is in jail reflecting on her life.  Wednesday is also the exact date of Thomas Scott’s 40th anniversary with the CBS Daytime drama series.

During the segment Melody fills the ladies in on the “All About Nikki” episode, as she relates:  “I was so thrilled that they did this. It’s truly, really the life of Nikki in the entirety of the episode. It’s all about Nikki. And she’s in jail. She’s writing a letter to her grandchildren so that she can explain who she really is, how she got to where she is.  I have to narrate it, I’ve got a voice-over, a long voice-over. And then, as I’m thinking about all these different times in my life, I can’t believe I’m referring to me as her, her life, then we see the flashbacks. And for the longtime viewers, even current viewers, it is such a trip down memory lane. I mean, you are on that train and you’re not getting off…all of the clips have not been seen since they were first aired.”

Photo: CBS

In addition, Melody addresses the passing of her longtime co-star and friend, Kristoff St. John relating:  “I adored him. We all adored him. There was something very unique and magical about him. He would just draw you into his wonderful world. And all of his bear hugs, I can’t believe I’ll never get a bear hug. Going to any kind of event, any party, the first thing I said when I got there was ‘Where’s Kristoff?’ I want to find Kristoff, I want to be with him, I want to be in his air space. Because that’s the kind of guy he was, and I think that came through on camera. I think everybody sensed that, I mean everybody adored him.”

So, will you be checking out Melody on today’s episode of The Talk (2PMEST and 1PM PST) today? Comment below.

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General Hospital Writing Team Wins WGA Award In Daytime Drama Category

In duel ceremonies currently underway in both Los Angeles and New York, the Writers Guild of America is handing out the 71st annual WGA Awards for excellence in writing in the fields of motion picture and television at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. and at the Edison Ballroom in New York City.

Already given out and announced was the winner in the Daytime Drama category and the winning writing team was ABCs General Hospital which bested the only other nominees in the category, Days of our Lives.

The team consisting of head writers: Shelly Altman, Christopher Van Etten; Writers: Barbara Bloom, Anna Theresa Cascio, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O’Connor, Donny Sheldon, Scott Sickles, took home the prestigious honor.

This win for GH marks the fifth win in a row for the ABC series, which make its a record-breaker for the Daytime Drama category at the WGA Awards.

For a complete list of winners click here.

Congratulations to the team from Port Charles and General Hospital on their WGA Award win.  So, what do you think of GH besting DAYS?  Glad the ABC daytime drama won? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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