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Jussie Smollett Charged With 16 Felony Counts; His Lawyer Mark Geragos Cites:”Redundant & Vindictive Indictment” By Grand Jury


A grand jury in Chicago on Friday returned with 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct and a false report of offence against actor/singer and Empire star, Jussie Smollett (Jamal Lyon).  As previously reported, the final few episodes of this season of the music biz soap opera have removed Smollett and his character when they air on Fox.  These new charges come on top of the state charges Smollett receive last month were he could face up to three years in jail.

According to the grand jury, the new counts are based on false statements Jussie allegedly made to Chicago PD officers and detectives while they were investigating the alleged hate crime and attack levied on Smollett which included; racist and homophobic remarks, bleach being thrown at him and a rope ending up around this neck, back on January 29th of this year.  The Chicago PD have provided evidence that Smollett allegedly orchestrated his own attack.

Each of the new charges carries a potential sentence of up to three years , though they are usually bundled together as one upon convictions. However, iu cases where there is Class 4 felonies, usually this is revolved through a plea bargain and probation then long jail time.  But that could turn on its ear, if Smollett decides to fight the charges at trial.

Following the indictment on Friday, Smollett’s defense attorney, high=powered lawyer Mark Geragos came down on the charges stating: “The fact of an indictment was not unexpected  We knew that there is no way they would expose their evidence to a public airing and subject their witnesses to cross-examination.  What is unexpected, however, is the prosecutorial overkill in charging 16 separate counts against Jussie.  This redundant and vindictive indictment is nothing more than a desperate attempt to make headlines in order to distract from the internal investigation launched to investigate the outrageous leaking of false information by the Chicago Police Department and the shameless and illegal invasion of Jussie’s privacy in tampering with his medical records. Jussie adamantly maintains his innocence even if law enforcement has robbed him of that presumption”

Empire is back for the remainder of their 5th season next week on Wednesday March 13th, where some of the earlier episodes of the back-half of the season will feature Smolett, according to reports.

Smollett is due for hisarraignment on Thursday March 14th.

So, what do you think of the latest legal trouble for Smollett? Is it over-the- top as his lawyer, Mark Geragos says? What do you think will end up happening next? Will Smollett end up with jail time? Probation? Or, will somehow his defense team get him off on the counts or a lesser degree of counts, or prove that he is somehow innocent? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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  1. Satan

    March 9, 2019 at 10:30 am

    16 counts seems excessive, but obviously the prosecutors are planning for a plea bargain, so they want to start with the best negotiation point possible, from their perspective.

    Seems inevitable that Smollett is going to do time for this. I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but on the other horn, y’all know if he was a rich white guy, any potential sentence would be minmized to a ridiculous level, if not eliminated completely. Just ask Paul ManaFart about that.

    • Jason Anders

      March 11, 2019 at 12:51 pm

      Really? Honestly? Hmm…it seems that OJ Simpson was a rich black male who got away with murder. Do you sincerely think that this guy, who orchestrated this whole ridiculous staged attack and sent the Chicago Police department on an expensive tax payer Wild goose chase is being charged excessively?

      • Satan

        March 12, 2019 at 7:16 pm

        The real reason OJ was acquitted is because a racist pig named Mark Fuhrman framed him with faked blood evidence. Why would you go to the trouble of framing a man who was most likely guilty? Because that’s how the racist LAPD rolls…. at least it was in the Daryl Gates era. Maybe they’re less blatantly so now, or just better at hiding it.

        What happened to Mark Fuhrman? First he moved to Sand Point Idaho (the part of the state where neo-nazis are known to congregate) then later he took a job at FAUX “news”. Go figure….

        Ironically OJ eventually went to prison… not officially for the murders, but for basically stealing his own stuff back from whomever stole it from him. Don’t have a lot of sympathy for the guy, but it was a really cheezy way to get around the double jeopardy laws. Everybody knows why he got locked up.

      • Celia

        March 14, 2019 at 12:27 pm

        No, he is not, Jason; you are soooo right…..he deserves that and more. But, I’m afraid the sixteen counts will probably be ‘bundled’ into one. He pled not guilty….the gall!! Impudent!! Arrogant!! Everyone, and then some, believes he is the orchestrator; yet, his attorney(s) will find loopholes and he will ( in all likelihood) only get probation. What message will that send to the gay community? To real victims of said crimes?
        I hope I am wrong.

  2. Jimh

    March 9, 2019 at 10:33 am

    He did the crime?..He should do the time!…had a white person falsely claimed to be attacked by two African Americans there would be more outrage than what he is getting and even marches to have that person do jail time…sorry but thats the truth..i feel a little bad for the actor but still i dislike how(if true)he had staged this just to draw attention to himself!!!

    • Celia

      March 10, 2019 at 9:15 pm

      Absolutely, Jimmy. It is true……I worry that real victims of such crimes, and beyond, will be scrutinized and not taken seriously.
      This is a multi-faceted outrage…….to audaciously implicate Trump supporters; to imply that we are vicious racists ( I take it personally) etc., deserves jail time.
      You are right—-if the situation were reversed, there would be an outbreak of violence……and the name-calling would go unchecked.
      If this guy does not serve time, it will be a miscarriage of justice. His minions should not get off easy either, my friend.
      Yet, even certain congress-people get away with anti-Semitic, hateful remarks, whom “others” excuse as nothing…..enablers, is what they are.

      • Jimh

        March 11, 2019 at 1:54 pm

        Weell said as always…

        • Celia

          March 12, 2019 at 9:55 am

          ❤️–thanks, Jimmy…

      • Shay

        March 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm

        Exactly, CeeCeeGirl! This criminal incident concocted by Smollett was disturbing on so many levels…and that is what it was indeed, a CRIME of many different counts! I applaud the Chicago PD for swiftly investigating this farce and calling it out so forcefully….I only hope that the judge and jury of this craven attention-seeker will now duly convict him, not just because he deserves the maximum punishment for pushing this deplorable nonsense which could have incited violence across our entire country, but also as warning shot to other potential troublemakers who might be entertaining similar stunts for personal and political gain. This behavior has gone too far and it needs to stop…as you have pointed out, it discounts the suffering true victims of such attacks experience, as well as takes precious time away from law enforcement officers who have better things to do with their time—-like protecting innocent lives— rather than dealing with hate hoaxes and other immature conduct upon which the left currently seems to thrive. And certainly last, but not least, the extreme hypocrisy demonstrated by the Democrats must be put under scrutiny…especially that of a number of freshman class House members!!!! Instead of projecting specific attitudes and opinions upon their political opponents, they need to look at their own party for the racism and bigotry they love to accuse Trump supporters of harboring!!!

        • Celia

          March 12, 2019 at 10:36 am

          The problem with some of these nouveaux riches, Shaybelle, is that they think they are above the law ( “Can’t Touch This”…..Hollywood at its best.
          Another example, of the elitist mind-set?…..the Kennedys.
          Getting away with the unthinkable…..or the Clintons….and so many more…yet, those misdeeds get swept under the rug; while others, whether true or not, conme out in full form. The hypocrisy abounds.
          First thing on the news this morning ( as I was driving) was another crime committed by several Hollywood elitists….Lori Laughlin ( the picture of purity and innocence) and Felicity Huffman…..among thirty-three others. Bribe upon bribe to College affiliates to get into the curricula.
          From where I sit, amica mia, every smear thrown on Trump’s face, his family’s, members of his administration’s and his supporters’, can be thrown right back to the Dems’ faces’ and the radical leftists’!!
          There is no excuse for not literally kicking certain people in Congress on their collective arses. I have nieces whose ancestry is partly Sephardic Jewish. They are being reared R. Catholic….however, my brother-in-has them attending Hebrew classes, in order to appreciate their Jewish heritage.
          Thus, it is truly offensive when someone, such as Omar, who is supposedly a naturalized American, upholding American values, which include tolerance and freedom or religion, denounces people their Jewish faith.
          I care not how she or Pelosi spin it. This is not about only the state of Israel, it’s a direct hit to Jews……Anyone who knows his/her global history is aware that the Arabs will always resent and reserve hate for the Jews——since the beginning of time.
          As far as Smollett; he just sent homosexuality a few steps back. He appropriated the disdain some people have towards gays and used it to his advantage; giving gays a bad name.
          I must have said this a million times, Shay, how my two best friends, with whom I grew up, are gay, and whom I love as brothers……..They are disgusted by this guy and how his actions negatively affected the gay community…..sinful!!
          I am not saying that he should be dragged through the proverbial town square and hanged……just let justice be served—-it is the right thing to do and his punishment will challenge anyone with the notion of faking another crime.
          For shame,,..
          Later, Shay….

        • rose

          March 13, 2019 at 10:10 am

          HI Shay & Celia…Thought I would try something different between us…I actually agree with you on some of your points…Smollett, Kennedy (before there was a media, social or not, that would expose his infidelities…what a jerk), Clinton (beyond naughty and he lied) and even Omar. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt for now, based on her history, that they are “rookie” communications mistakes, on how she has expressed them. I’m thinking Pelosi is trying to “school” her on how to get points across to be more effective. Hard in this day and age.
          But it’s not just Dems who make big or small mis-steps, rich or not…Reps do, too. And other respected institutions. But I won’t go there. Can we just agree that there has been too much to spread around? Glad networks are trying to at least finish their news shows with good news stories showing the best we can be.

          • Celia

            March 14, 2019 at 1:21 pm

            You have misconstrued my point, rose.
            I hold fealty to no party, except to my country, the US of A. I am bi-partisan–Independent–more Libertarian, if you will. I offer opinions, not solutions. I give suggedtions–yet, in the lingrun, people make their own choices–good or bad. That’s our Democracy–God help us if Socialism ever comes into play; where the government holds our very life in its hands.
            I am a Trump supporter. This fact does not make me a Republican.
            And, I get my news from unbiased sources, not the three typical networks of fame or ill-repute, albeit I give them the usual daily “run” to see which way the river flows.
            My point is that, when the Republicans even blow their nose too loudly; it is considered life or death news–worthy of continuous litany and fabricated fallacies. They are constantly under the microscope.
            Yet, when newsworthy ‘happenings’, such as discoveries found concerning the actions on the other side of the aisle, they are never discussed or scrutinized.
            Eg: Lisa Page and her testimony ( yesterday) against Hillary Clinton….the chips are all falling in the right places. She spilled the beans –from Hillary’s payment to Steele for that infamous, fabled Dossier; or the fact that Obama told Lynch and crooked members of the FBI (who are no longer agents) to stand down, when the walls ( Ha!) were closing in on Hillary, to obstruction and suspicion of treason. Mammoth-sized cover-up!!!!!!
            The word is MUM on the Hillary news-camp.
            Do you even realize what she did? Then, blamed Donald Trump?
            If the president did anything which deserves punishment; sobeit! But until then, let’s all keep our knickers on tightly!!
            Omar—please feel no softeness towards her. She’s a racist; cultural and otherwise. Despicable human being. She should be more humble and thankful to God for having escaped her plight–if not simply for that reason. Her spite and revenge are directed towards the Jews? As I said, it is an innate phenomenon for the Arabs to hold such animus for the Jews……They did not take their land. Thst is another fallacy. The word Palastine did not even exist when the Jews lived on the land.
            Far from me to give History lessons, but, I am sure you know this.
            The Dems accept her venom as much as they accept Farrakhan’s; Obama’s buddy! Let’s not forget “Reverent” ( what a joke) Wright; who does not mince words about his hate for whites and gays.

          • rose

            March 17, 2019 at 6:54 am

            Celia…I have trouble politically identifying myself since I am a small “i” independent, Aquarian person, with mainly just two main parties to pick from. It can be hard. And character is really important to me. I respect you have your reasons for supporting Trump. I had originally watched him in The Apprentice thinking I could learn something about how to be successful in business, and leadership. He lost me back then after a couple of years when I realized it was all entertainment, setting up competition and conflict. And then there was his main prop, Aramosa. Won’t comment on the last few years.
            I usually get my most news from from the main networks. One thing is that that are pretty consistent with what they report, with each having a % of news they identify as “seen only on ___.” And I try to watch most hearings live, like Cohen recently, and somehow have picked up on some of the other “personalities” you have mentioned. Lots of swamps here.
            As for Omar…I did say I would give her the benefit of the doubt for now. I should have also added, and only once. I don’t speak for Dems, but I don’t think they should get painted with a broad brush about accepting anti-semetic remarks from anyone. Anymore than all Reps for anti this or that groups sometimes associated with them. However the Israel/ Palestine/Jerusalem situation is complex. Has been since time was, and it didn’t help after WW2 when they formed Israel.

            The college thing has me furious. If anything is good about Lori and Felicity being the poster people for this scandal it is that their “fame” highlights the list of all the other rich and famous from all walks of life that have cheated their kids into college. My sister who taught at Ohio State University for a number of years, brings up another variation on this scandal. She had a few athletes in her classes that also seemed to get “extra help” to get in and pass. Also she noticed they are encouraging more international students to enroll since they will pay more. “Oh,” for the days when I went to school there based on my high school grades, not the SAT’s, etc. nowadays, for $100 a quarter, plus books. And before the Gingrich inspired tea-party types took over the state. I know it wasn’t an elite, ivy league school, but OSU had good teachers, with good reputations, and very good medical, business, agricultural, etc. programs, which provided a good education to those who went there to learn.

          • Celia

            March 17, 2019 at 2:05 pm

            Very well written post, rose. Amazing how, when we delve into ourselves, we are more alike than not!!
            The policies ( most of them) presented by President Trump are more appealing to me than what’s thrown at me from the democratic officials. They all say the same thing, which amounts to nothing.
            Now, that Beto guy jumped into the ‘ring of fire’—those hand movements are so distracting, he loses my attention. Plus, he’s parroting the same thing as all the rest—-if something is not done with the environment; in twelve years we will what? Perish? The earth will turn to mush? This is such political, fear-mongering, Rose—-Physics is my thing—-no way, no how is what he and the others are spewing true!! Not in the next multiple lifetimes. Yet, they offer no solution except to suggest what? Get rid of airplanes? That we do not need cows?…… to somehow stop cows from far****ummmm, excuse me; passing gas. I love cows–poor, poor, placid cows…
            Then, DeBlasio dares to tell citizens what to eat? Fake steaks? I don’t eat meat, but, I would think that no one wants to be told what to do and what to eat and not eat. That’s the problem with democrats—they are under a cloud of delusion, where what they say is more sagacious than the “others” on the other side of the aisle. And, God-forbid if anyone dares to naysay what their full-of-hot-air decree suggests.I doubt they even believe it themselves. The average person takes this propaganda as gospel.
            What’s sad for me, is that there’s yet a candidate who is up to par for me. I reseRched every single one and their pristine facades are all tainted. From Biden to Booker collective and alleged behavior.
            No one is perfect….however, I do think that the reason for this malicious resentment towards Trump is strictly political. He is shaking the might corruption living in the swamp.
            I appreciate discussing both sides without resorting to name calling—and, I, also, respect your thoughts, and everyone else’s.
            People have lost their minds–I heard, through the grapevine, that couples actually divorced over their political stance.
            As far as the Loughlin/Huffman pay to play scandal, as I indicated on another site; it is the educator who makes a difference in a student’s life, not the institution.
            The only reason I attended a certain University was because of family tradition, Rose—-and because my husband ( then boyfriend) was in med-school and, also, lived in Beantown.
            I worked for my grades, as you did. Again, mental discipline could be taught. My parents never gave us anything that was not merited.
            They gave us a little push here and a little tweak there as encouragement….but, we siblings, had to work for every crumb.
            These Hollywood parents will never understand the harm and injustice served to their own children–the girls sound shallow and superficial, thanks to shabby parenting.
            I believe this was a very selfish move by the adults—-this was done to satisfy their own ego—-their need to feed that compulsion erased any hint of integrity. Keep up appearances?

          • Celia

            March 17, 2019 at 9:10 pm

            PS, rose,
            I am sorry, I completely forgot explaining what I meant about Palestine. This land was known as Judea. It belonged to the Jewish people since King David and the existence of Jerusalem ( circa 3500 BC). The Romans referred to it ( when they descended upon the land) as Philista, which was a small parcel of land in Judea.
            Therefore, the notion that this was a Palestinian area occupied by the Jews is fallacious.
            The Balfour Declaration of 1917 declared to make Israel a legal state–it was not until 1948 that the State of Israel became a legal formality.
            Israel is not a new name, per se….it is mentioned in Genesis, where Jacob, as per the order of God, His children, (the Jewish population ) were to be called, “The Israelites”.
            So, the interloper has always been the
            You are right—the issue is very complex. The Jews ARE the persecuted peoples of the world. This is the reason they have dispersed everywhere—-They are especially resented by the Palestinians because of the Gaza Strip ( which Palestine claimed) and Jerusalem, which has always, theoretically, belonged to the Jews.
            It is time to end it. The Palestinians need to stop the war-zone–I do not put much faith in that. They are warring peoples–poems have been written about the Arab massacres throughout the Ages. Israel is not the instigator.
            It will never end until they incinerste each other. Israel has every right to defend itself, condidering the Arabs are their natural enemies.

      • su000

        March 11, 2019 at 6:49 pm

        hi Celia 🙂 !
        the actual victims of these crimes and the people that commit them, most likely are laughing their arses off at the Idiot fail..
        It was a total FAIL and all know it..
        The only person hurt and hurt badly by the dumbass stunt is Jussie Smollett himself.bwahaa!

        His deed should be in the in records of dumbest criminal stunts.
        Jussie Smollett is not right in the head.
        He looks more like a Fool than a hardazzed criminal.

        • Celia

          March 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

          Hey, SusieQ,
          I don’t know about the laughing bit, my friend….victims of such crimes would be saddened, I would think. ……especially, rape victims or those who suffer under the umbrella of racism, and homosexuality. The pressure, I imagine, becomes unbearable, for some….to the point of suicide.
          I bet they hurt, as this would obviously bring them back to face their ordeal all over again.
          Maybe, you’re right—something mentally wrong with him?
          Sane people do not do this. This is not a prank. This is serious. And, he’s no juvenile. Actions and words hurt.
          This time, thankfully, it backfired.

          • su000

            March 12, 2019 at 10:13 pm

            hi Celia.. 🙂
            Thing is-
            There is no victim other than Jussie Smollett himself…
            The only one hurt was him.
            And that is laughable, the stupidity of producing a scene that stamps Idiot on his forehead.
            And can’t feel sadness for a criminal that makes himself the victim, no others hurt.
            Jussie Smollett needs mental help..

            If there were an actual victim, other than himself, that would be a different story.

            ahhh, the whole mess, what he did is a tragedy, for sure; a fools folly.

            Waiting for my Lucifer!(NetFlix)
            it’s taking forever.. looking forward to seeing what Netflix will do with the series.It will be darker.

          • Celia

            March 14, 2019 at 12:41 pm

            Hey, su,
            I don’t know about that, my friend. Culprits are never victims…..other that an abused spouse/lover, who defends herself/himself.
            As I said, there are multiple victims—victims of Smollett’s cruel hoax are in the millions–world-round.
            Unexpected victims….just because they may have a different mind-set; be of a different faith; be a different color and race; have a different sexual orientation.
            Smollett and his ego-centered-self hurt everyone of the above….and himself. Yet, I do not find it within myself to have any pity for him. He brought it upon himself. And, those other two jerks were blinded….for a pittance!! Greed is a cancer.
            It is more than a mess, SusieQ; it is an inhuman, sinful and unnecessary, hurtful crime.
            I hope you can see that—-unfortunately, there are people who do take it as a joke…..and that, my friend, is just sad!!

    • Timmm

      March 11, 2019 at 6:52 am

      BINGO! You are 100 percent correct Jim! I have no remorse for the actor just as he has no remorse for his silly crimes!

      • Jason Anders

        March 11, 2019 at 12:57 pm

        Actually, not ‘silly crimes’ but serious crimes – and extremely expensive to hard working Tax payers and a WASTE of time to the hard working Chicago Police Department – if his so-called Career is over, it should be over. He hurt the gay community and insulted the Black community as well by orchestrating his own ridiculous attack. It impacts people who truly ARE victims and those who have been victims of hate crimes in the past.

      • Jimh

        March 11, 2019 at 1:55 pm

        Yes,,,no remorse…maybe just a little would had been something but there wasnt any…thats his downfall!!!

  3. su000

    March 9, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    The way the Media and police handled to the situation was total grandstanding overkill..

    When I saw the police department giving a breaking news report I thought another school killing or a terrorist attack, but it was just about Smollett allegedly orchestrated his own attack.
    ((many have never even heard of the guy))

    It was a public crucifixion, for sure.
    Raw meat for the media on a slow news day.

    If it is all as reported, then Jussie Smollett did a horrible thing.
    However; it was not a sane thing to do.
    I’d be more worried about his mental condition then the act.
    He isn’t right in the head.

  4. Toscanti

    March 9, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    He had the world at his fingertips, attractive, intelligent, good actor with a role on a popular prime time series. It’s sad that he couldn’t get out of his own way. It is unacceptable to fake a hate crime against anyone, especially African Americans or members of the LGBTQ communities. There are real hate crimes occurring and he has just diminished the individuals who are victims of these hate crimes. I hope he can get the help he needs.

  5. Momo

    March 11, 2019 at 5:05 am

    He is in a world of trouble and he only has himself to blame. What an idiot!

    I just don’t know what planet he is on that he thought staging an attack on himself was a good idea. I hope “Empire” fires him because he obviously needs some time to get his act together. And hopefully some jail time.

  6. jaybird369

    March 11, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    PRISON TIME!!!!!!!!!!

    End of story.

    • Celia

      March 12, 2019 at 7:14 pm

      Agreed, Jay……would you believe ( I do watch reruns of “Laugh-in”, LOL) Smollett is still sticking to his guns?
      I understand that he refused to let go of that “bone” in court today. WOW!! Perniciously sanguine, my friend. I blame his attorney for not advising him to cut the cord and come clean….instead of wasting more time and taxpayers’ money over this mentally unstable criminal.
      If I were the judge? I’d bang that gavel until it splintered and then throw the book at him!! Why accomodate him? Oh, yeah….due process. Right!!

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