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Kelli Goss Says "It's Goodbye For Now" As It's Curtains For Courtney!



Another character bites the dust in Y&R’s Abbott cabin murder storyline with the younger set.  First, Austin (Matthew Atkinson) and now Noah’s gal, cop Courtney Sloan (Kelli Goss)!

On Monday, viewers of the number one soap opera saw Courtney take her final breathes after Noah (Robert Adamson) tried to revive the woman he was hoping to marry.

Goss took to her Instagram account today to say her farewell to the fans have been following her life in Genoa City for the past two years.  Kelli related: “I’m completely humbled by the outpouring of support, concern, well wishes, & love for Courtney. The Young and The Restless has given me the best two weeks that turned into two years and I will never be able to thank them enough. Thank you to everyone who has watched “Courtney the Cop” & her (tragic) love story. This isn’t the end because it never really is in soaps haha! But goodbye for now. xx #YR #RIPCourtney @youngandrestlesscbs

So, sad to see Goss leave Y&R? Do you think from her posting that she could actually return sooner than later, back-from-the-dead? What are your thoughts on this storyline that has taken the lives of Austin and Courtney? Comment below!

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Sooooo glad I gave this show up Five weeks ago!

Thinking of doing the same !! What a mess!:(

Sure you did that’s why your reading about it.

exactly NIkki!! no one is every really satisfied. it’s an interesting story that’s keeping everyone guessing and trimming a slightly bloated cast. i especially like the back stories we never heard of. yes the diving accident of Sondra Allen is from out of left field, but it’s character-based AND this is a soap – and like in real life there are buried secrets that sometimes don’t come to life for decades. as long as they don’t kill off Sharon or Mariah i’m fine with it!

Well my answer to that is just because you quit watching something doesn’t mean you can’t read about it with the hope that maybe it might come back around! Right now the new name for the show is Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Nobody is acting like themselves I believe they have. A storyline with Victor threatening to expose a secret concerning Ashley. Which he would never do because she is one of the few people he has always lived and respected . So answer to your comment I still am naive enough to think if they were to lose viewers they might stop the madness.


Also I have a sister who has only been watching about five years she still loves the show what helps her is she is not a long time viewer she does not own a computer or cell phone lives I a small town total different outlook which helps. Sorry Nikki but to me Pratt is abusing a child of mine Y&R and I can’t stand to watch it so I guess I will take your advice and quit reading about it to! Lol

Thats your right but are you a Y&R fan?

I never use the word FAN I relate that to the movie Misery and just so you will know I have watched this show on and off mostly on since 1973 I probably know more about it then these so called producers and current writers. When something Sucks I call it for what it is I am not a air head that says gee whiz Wally what a great concept to make someone feel good. The show stinks and anyone who has a brain knows it and all the Twitter comments from the actors will not save it it deserves to drop in the abyss you lay down with dogs you get fleas!

Good Lord! Folks have the right to complain about a story they don’t like without people screaming at them to love it or leave it.
I happen to still love Y&R, albeit, I admit I am frustrated with certain situations, but viewers who do not share my sentiment are not a bone of contention for me.

I hope Stich,Kelly, and Abby are next to go!!! I would love to see Wendy Moniz on !!!:)

Won’t really miss the character,but it is puzzling why Y&R is killing the younger set. I’m starting to get tired of the storyline. It feels everything is being backburned for this unpopular story. I’m starting to miss the romance and the business storylines.

I don’t think they’re dead. I think they’re doing a spin on “And Then There Were None”.

Courtney didnt have any family on the show. Either did Austin. Its tough to have feeling for their demise. I wont miss either of them but Courtney could have been more than what she was. ONE problem for any soap actor is being cast as a cop. They always look like fools!

Am certain this stint on YR will be helping her greatly in the future endeavours she will have as an actress. Best of luck to her always.

I like Pratt..
He doesn’t hesitate to kill off characters..
I’m waiting with bated breath for Pratt to get around to taking Sharon out !

ohh gee! Courtney will return in flashbacks showing us her demise..

imo.. Austin is not dead, no worry there..

But if Austin is not dead than Courtney is not either–right?
Honestly, I think they’re both dead.

Hi Harry 🙂
Thing is..
Austin in twitter has said we will see him again or some such thing..
He did not sound as being let go, he was teasingly saying ”not gone..
But.. ya never know..
Courtney did give her g’bye in twitter..
We will know soon ..

never met anyone who watches a show they hate so much!
pratt should hire you, he hates y n r just as much, at least thats what his product looks like

I do not hate Y&R, never once said hate anything..
I watch Y&R daily.. some stories I like some I dont like as everyone else but I do not rant over it,,
I never have written pages of hate rantes, as some do..
I like many characters and I like Pratt.. I never have said one bad word about JPF or any writer..
I do not like Sharon and want her killed off.. not a complaint,a statement..
If I were to write a complaining rant it would be sensational, spellbinding and captivating, for sure..
I am too lazy to write bitch whine and moan complain rants.. I do not nit pick nor overthink ..
I leave the overkill lengthy complaining rants to the professional complainers LOL 🙂

ya no what pratt sucks he needs too go with jfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The role of su0000 is being played today by Jamesj75…

The character of Sharon is vital to Y&R. She’s not going anywhere. She is a beautiful and talented actress, and the character is multifaceted and entertaining. “Complainers are not pleasant peoples.”

I think Sharon Case is so underrated. They keep throwing her this crap and bless her heart, she delivers. Lately, she is being made to look like the killer. (I am sure she is not but we viewers are suppose to suspect her at least). The script is calling for her to make these insane facial expressions and she does it.
I think she is consummate professional and needs to be lauded for it.
I want Sharon to win one for a change as I am tired of the Newmans always lording over her. The only time she was in the cat bird position was when she was head of Newman Enterprise. I loved that time in Sharon’s life but of course they had to make her new found assertiveness and confidence a manifestation of her bipolar disease.

I never complain about Sharon.. never a hate this or that rant..
I simply hope she gets killed off and eaten by cannibals..
That ^^^ is how ya put it out .. a short and sweet statement ..
no 20 page rant about anything she does I just can not tolerate her 🙂

su0000, I’m just having fun… 🙂
Loved your “eaten by cannibals” line!

Harry, I agree with you regarding Sharon Case. It’s not easy when they take a heroine and turn her into a villain. They tried to do the same thing back in the 1970s on GH with my all-time favorite Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor. The actress wanted to maintain her heroine status, but the writers tried to make her bitchy, unhinged, and unsympathetic. She was better as the heroin, and I think Sharon Case is better that way, too, but, as you say, she is handling all “this crap” they give her to portray rather well.

Maybe Courtney isn’t either. Do you remember that guy who was black-mailing Nikki and went to jail? I was wondering if he had gotten out. He’s the one who brought up Mariah, drugged and married her, which made no sense. I like Pratt too but I kinda wish he would read comments once in a while and instead of us losing Austin & Courtney he could have killed off Summer leaving Austin a very wealthy guy and most fans of Y & R besides her sister & family would be very happy.

NO, I dont believe in killing off soap vets. It ALWAYS comes back to haunting the soap.

Phelps & Pratt are killing off the entire show. Y&R has jumped the shark and is no longer the great soap the Bill Bell grew and nurtured for years. It’s just awful now. Boring, poorly written, bad actors abound, and frankly the show is insulting to its loyal, but abused audience. Why on earth CBS & Sony have these two soap killers running this show into the rocks is the REAL murder mystery.

I think Austin is dead. Chuck Pratt said in a Soap Opera Digest interview that he is dead. The actor said we ‘hadn’t seen the last of him’. Correct, sort of. We are still seeing him, via flashbacks. But I guess Courtney is really dead. I always thought Courtney had potential as a character. She was just not written for much. But considering she had no family, and no real ties to anyone else on the canvas, that’s why it was easy for the writers to get rid of her.

Suoo, I mean no disrespect to the actor who plays (played?) Austin but if his character really has not been killed off and is going to return from the dead, would it not make that actor dumber than a box of rocks to announce this on Twiiter?
I believe the actor Tweeted that we have not seen the last of Austin. This was followed by a whole swarm of Austin flashbacks.
I am afraid this is to what he was alluding.

I was upset over her departure! 🙁 🙁 🙁
Most of the soaps must be started starting on the cast cuts!

Why? She was never on screen and could t act her way out of a wet paper,bag!

+1 G. Y&R has a thing for young blondes with a bland demeanor who can’t act. What is there to miss?

Jill needs to be a badass and Gloria needs to bring some trouble to this very boring and sedate show. And a Neil / Nikki pairing could actually make the lisping former stripper memorable (speaking of minimally talented blondes with a bland demeanor who can’t act).

This whole storyline is just a stupid rip off of ‘How to get away with murder’. Noah proposing and planning to marry a day later was too fast, we can’t feel sorry for Noah in the way we would a long term super couple. Also, I hate the way that Chuck Pratt is rewriting history and changing people’s personalities on Y&R, the worst head writer and worst Executive Producer in daytime are turning this show into a joke.

brett on facebook join the JFP needs too go group 🙂

Do you mean ‘Fire Jill Ferren-Phelps’ group? If so I’m already a member!

I want the old Y&R back. I want to watch the one that has kept the soap the top rated daytime drama for the past 26 years. I do not want nor do I like watching Chuck Pratt’s and Jill Farren Phelp’s version of Y&R.

It’s still number #1.

GH will take over that spot in May!

Its all staged…none of them are really dead…dont be fooled!!!

Jim please God… no.

I think you’ve been fooled she (Courtney) had no pulse and everyone saw the body. On her twitter she actually says goodbye and thanks fans for their support.

And Austin’s lifeless body was dragged all over the place and then identified in the morgue, so I’m pretty sure he’s dead as a doornail too.

Exactly and his dead body was put behind the wheel of a car to make it look like an accident and Summer I.D. the body in the morgue.I guess they could all be on a sleeping drug but then why is Lauren & Michael not concerned that Fen never made it back to school and some dude is lurking outside Sharon’s house ready to kill her for being able to identify him/her? And who hit Abby over the head? The whole town would have to be in on the dream.

Engaged on Tuesday, wedding on Friday. Was anybody really surprised by Courtney’s demise? And it might have had more impact If Noah and Courtney had had something resembling an on-screen relationship prior to this mess.

Kelly Goss had a lot of potential — Courtney’s early appearances reminded me of AMC’s young Liza Colby — but then the show threw it all away by 21 Jump Street-ing her character.

As for the storyline — what’s not to love about a plot comprised of nothing but retroactive continuity, the show’s one dimensional younger set, and the sainted secret cult baby fixin’ to go all Sherlock Holmes to clear Sharon’s good name?

I liked her too, Alan. Was Chuck Pratt the head writer on AMC when they had all those ribbon killings? This seems like an exact replica of that story which also involved a whole lot of young characters being killed off.
And really, Summer does not need another excuse to blow into full throttle histrionics. She is going to lose her voice again. Oh well..I guess there are unexpected dividends to this story.

We can only HOPE that Summer is the next victim.

I’m sure it will be a long, drawn out, overacted death scene SZima!!!

There is no way in he– their going to kill off Summer. She is a greedy thing. I;m surprised that the other actors/actresses aren’t fed up with her being on every damn day. I wish someone would take her & dump her in a river. I don’t like to hate people but she makes it so easy. Poor Noah lost his girlfriend who he was getting married to but Nick,Kyle, Phyllis all went to see how poor Summer was doing. The only part of this show I really want to see is Adam/Gabriel and Chelsea. The kids at the cabin story are just sickening now. Victor running around with his finger prints that probably belong to Adam Newman. And why the hell is Paul not going after Fen for drugging everyone?

Megan MacTavish wrote the Satin Slayer fiasco which featured Dixie’s death by poisoned peanut butter pancakes.

Pratt gave us the hilariously awful scene where Zachary delivered baby Gabrielle after the tornado and held her up in that embarrassing “Lion King” moment.

Thank you, Alan. Yes, it was the Satin Slayer–thank you for the clarification. Does this murder storyline not remind you a bit of that Satin Slayer storyline? I think I keep blaming Pratt for MacTavish’s horrible mistakes.
The Lion King scene you mention must have transpired after I finally left my beloved soap which I had been watching since I was about ten years old. It just got so bad.
AMC was the first soap I ever watched. Yes, I was one of those latch key kids who embraced the soap characters as family.

I’m happy to say goodbye to Jump Street Barbie

Lou, you always manage to make me laugh.

It’s awful that that they are killing off two young talented actor/actress. Both characters were great and I was hoping that NOAH would finally get a story line along side Courtney, they made a great couple. Shame to the Y&R!

I know……they were such a cute couple. Noah has had so much hurt and drama in his life. Courtney was such a loving stability in his life.

I was very shocked by Courtney’s demise. I agree her and Noh made a terrific couple. To bad, sorry to see her go.

dont even know where to start with this shit!
pratt said in a early interview that the cbs brass gave him orders not to stray from usual y n r plotting( more character driven than the typical soap) pratt egotystically replied he would turn things upside down asap! …. and the result is complete garbage!
sharon and mariah had a complicated reunion and it could ve been even more when sharon pushed her aside because she refused to lie for custody of faith on the stand. instead we have neither actreeses in scenes together yet mariah is a side note in austins ‘ death’ ! and sharons back to cuckoo after finally being redeemed.
courtneys death was so anti climatic it was laughable! even noah who is actually a descent actor looked like he purposely gave up on that scene!
abby who used to be a feisty heiress is now a frightened whore possibly skanking it another one of her relatives husband!
victor and ashley who once rivaled a love as strong as victor and nikki are now bitter enemies and victor is threatening her relations with john abbott when victor once respected both abbotts the most. victor would never do that to ashley or johns memory.
neil was just reunited with leslie and yet there was no mention of their mutual adoration of eachother instead it played out like a typical client / lawyer relationship. even avery who was in the same room at gcac at the same time as eslie failed to get a scene together even though they were once good friends!
am i the only who wishes characters interacted with eachother that respects their histories as well as the previous writing regimes who spent time building them?!
like does pratt need me to send him a chart of who knows who in genoa city and how and why?!
last week abby told lily her and stitch were going to a wedding as though lily never meet noah newman! it was so out of place even liy was like ” oh , have a good time!” d uh!
dont get me started on the once brilliant musical score!
i could go on forever, so far pratt gets a B+ for the first week of feb sweeps and a d for eveything since. poor bill bell the writers with exception of few have little clue how to carry on his legacy. pratt will be out soon if this keeps up but hopefully the show wont

I know how much worse can this show get!! I miss the quality writing and musical score as well. I’m not sure what I’m watching anymore but it’s not the Young and The Restless. I’m so close to ditching this show for good!!

I agree with just about everything you said but you missed one that happened yesterday that actually made me laugh out loud. Jack & Ashley talking in the living room about Victor and her real father, she’s crying her heart out, tears coming down her face & Phyllis walks back into the living room and doesn’t even ash what happened or why is she crying. Phyllis ignores her and says Courtney’s dead. I got so fed up I turned it off and planted some bulbs in the garden.LOL

about that scene as well… as much as i loved that flashback and appreciate the attention to the past and using old clips is effective, it just reminded me how amazing y n r used to be. the old background music, the relationship between vic and ash and how human she used to make him. vic used to be so vulnerable with ash , more so than with nikki. vic s turned into a cartoon and the music is now unmemorable and plain junk, imo
oh well, hopefully we still keep seeing the occasional flashback to give us hope that y n r could be great again

Hey Nikki,

Girlfriend…I have a feeling that (after you turned off Y&R) you had MORE FUN planting those bulbs in your garden…LOL!!!!!

Later, Nikki. Peace.

Lol, Nikki. About Ashley’s real father? Who is he? Do we know? Imagine if he were Victor! Oh, my!

I’m not sure who Ashley’s real father was Cee Cee but I thought it was just some random guy her mom picked up in a bar. Victor wow that would be awful. That would mean she slept with her dad and what would that make Abby? YUCK

I’m guessing Pratt is completely jealous of the Bill Bell/Kay Alden success and intends to make Y and R HIS SHOW… and we can all certainly see where that is headed. Empty holes in the plot, moving along an outline that is only ABCD without any subpoints, and sophomoric storytelling at its best (or worst… or both.) Not one to see someone get unemployed like Courtney, but there was no future for her in this mess.

and why weren’t the grandparents at the wedding even Aunt Victoria; people are attending Noah doesn’t even like.

So true About the musical score. Miss it!


I have to also comment on the music! The original music of the 70s and 80s was thematically connected to specific characters– and it stirred tremendous emotion in viewers. I miss that connection so much– when an actor’s actions and facial expressions conveyed more than dialogue, when the music enhanced the scene and defined the characters.

Ashley’s father is a tennis pro who had an affair with her mother this story was played out in the 80,s . Only Victor Jack Katherine &Dina knew. Victor fell in love with Ashley during this time she had a nervous breakdown over it etc. Victor would never hurt Ashley like this NEVER. John never knew it is some more stupid crap that Pratt is doing.

I liked Courtney. Her character wasn’t seen much
and therefore not developed much, but if given a chance,
I feel as though she could have been a good regular,
and Noah would have had a storyline if she stayed.
I am disappointed that she was killed off. And hating
the whole murder storyline in general!

Just what you said! That is exactly what I think. Except for the whole murder sl in general …it’s okay. Soaps have these sl to move it along…but, Courtney (with Noah) had potential as a regular.

Several posts I’ve read lately, some think that no murders have really occurred, that it’s Kevin’s storyline. That would be great. I hate to see young, talented actors and actresses leaving this show.

This just made me sick and so damn mad today that I turned it off. First we lost Austin now Courtney and we haven’t seen Mark Harding the cop since New Years. We’re losing everyone we love. I was so happy Noah & Courtney we’re going to be married. I read somewhere that they we’re asked to cut actor’s/actresses for budget purposes. There is so much dead-wood there without losing the one’s we love. How about retiring Paul Williams as Chief of police and giving the job to Harding? Christine Williams is boring at best she can follow Paul out the door, Summer doesn’t suit the role of Nick & Phyllis daughter & she can’t act, the new Kyle is sickening to watch. There is 4 salary’s saved and bring back Austin & Courtney.


Wait… so we want to lose Paul Williams, one of the longest-running actors/characters on the show, another vet like Christine (who is recurring, and isn’t paid a contract actor salary) and is a member of the BELL family who created the series and its spinoff and are still involved in the show (so you know nepotism will always work in her favor at least), and the next generation characters of the Newmans and the Abbotts in Summer and Kyle… in order to bring back Austin and Courtney? And peripheral character Mark Harding?

No offense, I hope you never become Executive Producer of Y&R with that kind of creative vision. LOL

Yes I mean what I said: Lets put the past behind us, not all at once but if Paul Williams was replaced with Mark Harding there’s a great story there Mark had a crush on Courtney who in turn was going to marry Noah. Kyle & Summer can’t act worth a damn and they really are not too popular except with their own friends & family so nobody would miss them. I mean think about it do you really want to wait a few years and see old Victor in his wheelchair ? There going to wait until he dies and then replace him and nobody will like it. Look what happened when Jenny Cooper died we seldom see Jill anymore and it killed a lot of the show. Now that Adam’s alive he could be the next Victor Newman creating trouble in Genoa City and everyone believing he’s Gabriel Bingham. We need to breath fresh air into it.

I will say this again. NEVER kill off legacy characters!

Thank you, Timm and Paul Williams is a classic! Does anyone remember his mother, Bible thumping Mary who hated every woman Paul was involved with?
I loved Mary. I loved Paul’s police sergeant father (his name escapes me) and Patty too before Jack broke her heart and she went crazy. The Williams’ family offered us a glimpse of an Irish Catholic family. Paul Williams is one of those golden people.
You just knew back then that if you visited the Williams’ household that there would be doilies on the furniture, Reader’s Digest on the coffee table, Jesus on a cross plastered on the walls and the smell of boiled cabbage permeating the house.
See, back then all of the soaps served up realistic glimpses of families from various socio-economic demographics. You had the blue bloods and the working class serving as the two core families with various interloping character connecting the two aforementioned families.
Mary Williams reminded me of my best friend’s very judgmental mother while AMC’s Phoebe Tyler Wallingford reminded me of my grandmother. Somehow along the way, possibly after the OJ Simpson trials, the soaps lost their way and hence, lost their core families which grounded them and God I miss them. I guess that is why I continue to watch despite not liking much of what is transpiring -it’s a case of backward longing.
I apologize for the long winded comment.

I agree with you ..been waiting for him to ask her to marry him.. so long for Summer she cant act, she’s the reason the real Adam got fired ..and I liked Billy Billy..I dont like the Billy they have now… JS

Billy Miller was great I agree. He has now gone to GH as Jason isn’t that weird. Jason is Dylan and Billy is Jason AND he is doing a great job. It’s like he’s always been there. I miss the old Adam as well however new Adam is pretty good and believable.

I love Paul Williams. The others…..Christine, Kyle and Summer can go. There’s more $$$ to keep good actors, like Austin and Courtney.

I don’t understand why they sacrificed Austin for Kyle? Not like Kyle and Summer had this great love affair?

Paul’s fathers name was Carl Williams.

I am not a fan of Summer nor of Kyle….I mean, the present Kyle. He unnerves me.
However, young love had been blossoming for the two characters. Then, that relationship came to a halt when it was believed they were siblings.
So, I think their feelings have been dormant all this time and are now starting to stir…to reawaken, per se.
I can’t say I’m sorry for Austin’s exit, but I do wish Courtney were still on the show. I loved her and Noah as a couple.

I hate this…..why? I love Kelli so much. She was such a calming figure. …….just about the only character whose presence I looked forward seeing. She came with no baggage. I would much rather have seen Abby and Summer or Kyle get lost.

I like Abby but for sure they could have taken Summer or Kyle and leave Courtney & Austin alone.

Summer, Kyle and Abby are all members of core Y&R families – fans would be in uproar is one of them was killed off, ESPECIALLY with Delia’s death last year. Courtney was a minor character with no real ties or history on the show, just like Austin. They were the two easiest selections for the show to kill off.

Kelli was better for Jack. Summer SUCKS and so does NUKyle! Courtney and Austin’s main problem is they had no ties or history in Genoa City. Courtney could have had a prominent family attached to her and Austin could have had siblings. Sad writing.

l saw Kyle interviewed on the show Home and Family. He was very cute. He is from Australia and has a great accent!


This reminds me of the serial killer story on GH that killed Georgie… Is it really necessary?

Its one of their many regrets on that show. Georgie wasnt always front burner but she was likable and had major connections to other characters.

This storyline is ridiculous!! Someone needs to tell Chuck Pratt that this is daytime, NOT primetime. He has ruined Stitch, the Kelly/Jack/Phyllis triangle is utterly unwatchable, and nuKyle is a flop. Jack is in his 60s in such a juvenile storyline. And can any headwriter come in and save Sharon?? The writing hasn’t been good for her since the Ed Scott/Kay Alden days!! Ugh someone bring them back!!!

All soap stories are somewhat ridiculous..
Pratt was brought in to –change– , he is changing it up !
We do not who is actually dead, it is not as it seems

I would much rather watch a Hardy Boys Mystery than to watch a man dying a from cancer story..

so, I’m ok with it 🙂

Give it up, Su0000, Sharon Newman aint goin anywhere, she’s been on for 20yrs….LOL

I wish he would kill off Stitch!

hey Timmm ..
We should send Pratt a *kill list …!

I would nominate;

lol 😉

Yeah, I’ve had enough of Stitch myself. I just ‘wanna’ smack him upside the head.

P.S., Timmm.
I find this latest stint having Ben act as Abby’s bodyguard so incredibly pitiful. Could TPTB not think of another bright idea to bring ‘Babby’ together’? We all see the writing on the wall. Abby and Ben will hit the sheets….so what else is new? So predictable. Ni hope I am wrong….sigh!
And, dummy-dumb Victoria is so la-di-da about this guardian angel thing. ‘Gimme’ a break.
I just wish Abby, Kyle, Summer, Dylan and Billy were recast. I cringe each time I see them.

CeeCee, I agree, Victoria is supposed to be this high powered business women, a chip off of Victor’s block and she is stupid enough to let Abby, who is hot and screwed over Summer by sleeping with Austin Alone together in a hotel room with Shabby. Stitch is a slug. He will have slept with Abby, her mother and Abby’s step sister. Eww!

I agree CeeCee. I want you to stay with my sister and watch over her (what a bunch of bull stew). Nobody would be like that in real life. He’s a doctor not a security guard. Victoria what an idiot. What’s up with Ben anyway – I thought he was so in love with Victoria. This show is very screwed up. I still don’t have a clue about what Victor is up to not that it matters. Those two families????? There must be some inbreeding there somewhere. Yes I know Victor is trying to frame someone but who and why? Time will tell. I’ve been watching like every 2 or 3 days – know what? I haven’t missed anything.

lizzy…’what a bunch of bull stew’…GOOD ONE…LOL!!!!!

Like with all the billions of money the Newmans have old Victor could not hire her a bodyguard ! Another stupid plot!

I don’t understand why he had to kill Courtney too? We don’t need a bunch of deaths to make an interesting story. This is a real turn off. I thought that the Courtney character was a nice addition to the story.

Chuckie was one of the creators of Models Inc. on Fox……Which tells you what you need to know about his “talents”

Hey, I actually liked that show!! So over the top, but suited for primetime!!! It was killed before it’s time!!! Too much for the mid 90s(the good ole days) haha!!!

I think at the end of this Nikki will wake up and Paul will be in the shower and it will all just be a dream. LOL

Hahahahahaha!!! Where will Victor be?

Hopefully Victor will be downstairs in the Dungeon eating rats like he forced on his first wife Julia’s lover.

In the shower with Paul. LOL

LOL… I missed yesterday’s episode and caught the end of today’s, and when I found out Courtney was killed off, I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

Come on, this girl was not a central character, barely used, barely developed and still an unbelievable mess when she was made a secret cop. I didn’t even realize she was on for two years, is that even possible? Was Hollywood Heights on that long ago? I don’t know. Whatever. Bye Courtney!

Noah has been a criminally sidelined and underutilized character and he would continue to be marginalized if he was anchored to that nobody in an on-screen marriage. The best decision that could be made.

Austin was another satellite character, that while he was great to look at, played about as much of his potential as he could have with he rich girl/poor man class separation, and I don’t mourn him either.

What shocks me is as much as people complain about bloated casts on these discussion threads, we have a writer thinning a cast down, and there’s now all this backlash over the loss of two islanded, disconnected characters with minimal history and impact on the series as a whole? If we were seeing Jack Abbott, Ashley, Paul, Christine, all taken out by a serial killer I could see an uproar. But Austin and Courtney? PLEASE. LMAO…

Wouldn’t be surprised if Stitch was another casualty in a month or two.

I’m no fan of Pratt’s, I was the first to dread his return to daytime when it was announced, but this particular move isn’t irking me. At least it brought this younger generation of characters together in an actual story, motivated them, added some more colors and layers to them (Abby’s a slut! Summer didn’t realize Austin was a jerk! Kyle is shady!). Before Pratt, Summer/Austin were bland with no roadblocks, Abby was perpetually lonely, Noah/Courtney had no screen time and Mariah was cutting limes and lemons at Underground and snarking at everyone about her lot in life, and Kyle was off the show. No forward movement in anyone really. So at least this lit a fire under all these characters, even if this story had to play out retroactively in flashbacks to explain that all these kids were being more interesting off-screen than what we were watching before Pratt took over.

I completely agree with what you said. Austin and Courtney were two characters I figured Pratt would get rid of when the cast cutting started. They are the two least central characters of the younger set, and you’re right, I forgot Courtney was even a part of the show because of how little importance she is.

I figured Kelly would go too, but I don’t for a second believe she’s actually dead. As far as Stitch goes, I can’t see them getting rid of him because of his ties to Victoria, Ashley and now Abby.

I also totally agree about Noah, he’s a character in of one of the core families of the show, and Robert Adamson is a very good actor. He’s had NO story for so long, it’s nice to see him being utilized.

I’m also not a fan of Pratt, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t start messing with long term vets. But you’re right, none of the younger set had anything in the way of major story before this story began. The only problem, as you mentioned, is that it’s all being revealed through flashbacks.

Courtney was a fashion victim. That headband was hideous.

I will miss Courtney. Everything seems to be rushed–the storytelling. Wish this storyline would end.

The headband was pretty! She was a bride!
If you want to see a true fashion victim, check out Sam McCall from General Hospital
She dresses like a washed up stripper.

Nothing on Y&R is really appealing these days…..nothing.
Same pretty much goes for GH….and I don’t watch the other two.
I used to be a soap fanatic …..watched all the ABC shows ,Y&R and B&B.
…….sigh 🙁

You should have watched Y & R today. Summer pouting followed by Summer whining to her dad followed by Summer & Kyle complaining about their terrible life, followed by Summer putting on a dress and going to a charity event with Kyle. OMG I almost forgot Nick’s hormones started up again and he hopped in bed with Sage. Good news is soon we’ll have a newbe on Y & R so Sage can get jealous as Nick hops in bed with her.

Love your narration on Summer – – I agree – – it must be tough to be her.

lizzy, No I don’t think it’s tough on her at all. She’s an attention seeker and the rest of the cast is constantly telling her how wonderful & beautiful she is not to mention her wonderful acting skills. If you watched yesterday again at the Charity event, Nikki hugged her and said “Baby everything you’ve gone through” I wanted to barf. Poor Noah I guess it’s to hell with him & we had to suffer with her whining over Austin for two wks. now she’s hoping in the sack with Kyle. Like father like daughter. & with those amazon arms she shouldn’t wear sleeveless. Did I tell you I can’t stand her LOL!

I’m really liking the Adam/Gabriel story on Y&R and now that the Luke reveal has come on GH, it will be interesting to see where the show takes the character and story. I don’t watch DAYS regularly either, but B&B is heating up A LOT now that Maya has been revealed as transgender. If you ever have spare time, check it out

Really enjoyed her on there. Like sunshine that walked into a room. Great actress. Please bring her back from the dead as Courtney again. Wanted to see her marry and be with Noah. Such abeautiful girl Iinside and out.

I read somewhere where someone brought up some interesting suspects on the murdering of Austin and Courtney.

Detective Harding
Austin – he has an evil twin!
Jamie- the boy Summer bullied


What about Joe Clark – – by the way where has he been lately?

Hopefully he was washing the gel out of his hair!

This show is ridiculous…I really liked courtney and noah….i agree Summer & Kyle, Jill & Collen are boring and spoiled. Phyllis is so dramatic and lines she does she performs so crazy like. Sharon is looking like a lunitic…Nick is a man whore with Sage now…storyline is so out there…what is wrong with this soap?

there is nothing wrong with Y&R it is simply giving out tragedies..
Soaps are tragedies-dramas ..
death on a wedding day is great soap stuff= tragic drama !

one thing about all soaps..
no actor is safe from the *kill-off ..(and the actors know that..

This all happened VERY quickly. I know Y&R’s pace before Pratt was deathly slow – no pun intended – but the engagement, plans for a wedding and then Courtney’s death all happened really fast. As for her death, I didn’t really see a purpose, but looking at the characters involved, she was the most expendable. She is not part of big family, nor was she a core character. Noah, Summer, Kyle, Abby, Mariah and Kevin are all much more important characters than Courtney ever was.

A lot of people hate this story and say it’s not Y&R style, but at the same time, there hasn’t been a real gripping story on Y&R that adds this level of drama, intrigue and mystery in a LONG time. It’s also sped up the pace of storytelling that Y&R needs, because before Pratt came on board, Y&R was moving at a snail’s pace.

Before this story, Summer and Austin had pretty much no story, same with Noah and Courtney. Abby also didn’t have much to do, and Mariah was relegated to bartender at the Underground. This story has also brought Kyle back to town, and I’m really liking Lachlan Buchanan in the role. Blake Hood was also good. Hartley Sawyer was just a horrible miscast.

Here’s my question: are Austin and Courtney really dead? That’s the thing that I like, this story is not predictable, I never know where its going next. Courtney’s death was somewhat predictable, mainly because she texted everyone to meet at the cabin, but the story is intriguing. It provides something that encompasses the younger set, and it provides good drama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fan of Pratt’s storytelling style, But while some people hate this story, I don’t mind it.

I’m fairly new to Y&R, but I’m not minding the story either. A bit of a relief from Fluke, or everybody jumping into bed and/or cheating on each other stories. I did like Courtney. Wish they hadn’t killed her off.

I think that’s the key to the whole like or dislike if you are a longtime viewer as myself since the beginning you hate what Pratt & JFP are doing if you are a new viewer you don’t mind as much because you never have known what Bell’s vision for the show was. I am sure he is looking down with our precious Jeanne Cooper and they are both screaming somebody stop this. As of today I have I have been writing letters all day to the head honchos and have signed petitions. I figure I can devote that one hour of my day that I use to spend watching to saving it! I am determined to get this bunch out of there.

And I challenge other viewers who are disappointed to join me why settle for a beer when you can have champagne on ice!! Let’s get it done!!!

So sorry to see Court go…she should have been the girl cast as Summer…
Also don’t like the new writers….what’s up next aliens
Knew when she was so happy she’d probably end up dead…

I hope sharon is found guilty. She has messed with the neumans long enough and should be held accountable. she gets away with brwaking the law on mental issues. Urs getting old.

Sharon commits all her nasty criminal deeds knowing she can play the ”I didnt mean it I’m crazy, ya know, you can’t punish me ) she has been playing her crazy card for 2 years..
Shes no better than Victor whom by the way stands tall to his dirty deeds done dirt cheap proudly!

Did anyone notice the very strange camera movement in Tuesday’s episode at the police station? It occurred as the young cast was leaving the station, when suddenly a BODY moved across the screen (its back to us) before having the camera settle back into the scene. I rewound and watched it several times. I think the “killer” is someone who works at the police station– I mean, who else could so easily throw in a flashdrive in broad daylight and trash files?

some have wondered where Ian Ward is. I saw him on the first episode of Mad Men final episodes. he got a prime time job!

Love this blog. Y&R is the only soap I’m totally hooked on but totally hooked I am. LOL

why is everyone so sure that any of them are dead? the bodies disappeared, the actors are saying not gone for good, thinking maybe harding is only acting like he is with this guy to get him busted and the two are still alive? mean while their other halfs have moved on, should get interesting if this is the cast


REPORT: Matthew Atkinson Back to The Bold and the Beautiful

When we last saw The Bold and the Beautiful’s Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), he headed out of Los Angeles with his son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and headed to Paris. The decision to leave was prompted by Hope (Annika Noelle) turning down his marriage proposal once again, and by prodding from his sister, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Many Thope fans have wanted to see Hope and Thomas reunite and figure out where to take their relationship next, but he has been nowhere insight, and so has his portrayer, Matthew Atkinson.

However, in a new report from Soap Hub, their sources indicate that Atkinson will be back on screen next month by mid-June. In a tease, Atkinson posted a photo on his Instagram story (which has since disappeared, since IG story posts only stay up for 24 hours), where he was pointing at a TV screen behind him that showed Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Eric (John McCook) in a scene. No telling the true meaning of that snap, but it could be he is back at the show.

Photo: JPI

As Hope and Finn (Tanner Novlan) are getting closer, the timing could just work out in the most dramatic way if Thomas were to return. Since Hope and Finn are bonding over their parents, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Deacon’s (Sean Kanan), upcoming nuptials, will the doctor and the designer hit the sheets and Thomas walks in on it?

Photo: JPI

Now let us know, when Thomas returns do you want to see him reconcile things with Hope, or do you want him back to the obsessed Thomas of the past who hatched plots to get what he wanted? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Defends Sonny Going Postal, “It Could Definitely Happen”

Last Friday’s May 17th cliffhanger of General Hospital saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) beating up Dex (Evan Hofer) and threatening to shoot and kill both Dex and Jason (Steve Burton), who is restraining him outside the ballroom at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

For months, Sonny has been taking less than his prescribed dosage of medication to control his bipolar disorder.  The mobster has no idea that he has been duped by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), who is the one that set this dangerous situation in motion, in an effort to eliminate Sonny and eventually Jason from interfering in Pikeman taking over the territory.

One fan questioned the validity of Sonny’s reaction to Dex and Jason after the pei, when he took to X and expressed, “People off their medications don’t necessarily go around hitting people and being out of control. This was the WRONG message to send. I don’t expect anything from Frank Valentini and General Hospital anymore, but you could’ve (and should’ve) stopped it cold.”

Photo: ABC

Maurice Benard replied back to that comment and defended the actions of Sonny given the circumstances. The three-time Daytime Emmy-winner shared, “This is true but when you have a character like Sonny who’s volatile and is drinking and is manic and his thoughts are taken him over it could definitely happen like I said, ‘bipolar ain’t pretty.”‘

GH has portrayed Sonny’s battle with mental illness and the importance of keeping on your meds, plus the issues surrounding it for years. However, some fans have not been pleased by this latest plot point.


The pick-up of the story begins tomorrow on Monday, May 20th where teasers for the episode share: Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina (who walked in on her dad threatening Jason and Dex) and Jason summons Carly.

So, what did you think of the plot point of Sonny threatening to kill Dex and Jason, after beating up Dex, given his growing paranoia? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor Cast as Mike Manning’s Conservative Parents on ‘The Bay’

The ever-expanding cast of the streaming soap opera, The Bay, has announced two new additions for its upcoming 9th season, including Days of our Lives favorite Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin Reed). TV fans also know Patrick Muldoon from his role as Richard Hart on Melrose Place.

In story, The Bay will bring Caleb McKinnon’s parents into the mix. Caleb is played by Daytime Emmy-winner and Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee this year, Mike Manning.

According to Deadline, Muldoon, along with Jennifer Taylor (Two and a Half Men), will play Caleb’s ultra-conservative parents. When Caleb married Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelsen), they all but abandoned him.  The season looks to bring a major story for Manning and hopefully and eventually love and acceptance from Caleb’s parents.

Photo: JPI

The casting news doesn’t stop there. Rhonda Ross has been tapped to play Colleen Givens, the biological mother of Pete Garrett’s (Kristos Andrews) wife Vivian (Karrueche Tran) in the new season.

Coleen is brought into the mix when Pete searches for Colleen after Vivian becomes ill. In the backstory, Colleen is a jazz singer who gave Vivian up for adoption at birth. Now she may be Vivian’s only hope to stay alive.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

The series is up for 5 Daytime Emmy nomination at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th including: Outstanding Drama Series, Writing,  Directing, A Martinez (Nard0) for Supporting Actor and the aforementioned Manning.

What do you think of the casting of Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor as the on-screen parents to Mike Manning on The Bay? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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