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Kim Matula Set For A Return To The Bold and the Beautiful!



Missing Hope Logan?  Well, Kim Matula (Hope) who left The Bold and the Beautiful late last year, and who last aired on the CBS Daytime drama on December 12th, is making a brief return to the series for an upcoming episode set to tape this week on Wednesday, March 4th, according to Soap Opera Digest.

When viewers last saw Hope, she had a heartfelt goodbye with Liam (Scott Clifton) before she headed to Europe to clear her head after losing her and Wyatt’s  (Darin Brooks) child in a terrible fall.  Viewers literally saw the emotional scene where Hope sort of dissolved into the frame of the video and vanished after coming to understanding with Liam about their relationship.

These days, Liam’s plate is full with his new girlfriend Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) and the return of his former flame Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)!  Will Hope walk in on all of his? What brings Hope home to Los Angeles? Is it to help her mother Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) cope with her battle with the bottle?

Share your thoughts on the news of Kim filming again at B&B?  Do you hope that eventually she will return full-time?  What do you think brings her back on the scene? Let us know!


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Please no..stay away show is so much better without her

I haven’t missed Hope in the least! Thankfully it’s just for a short time…1-2 episodes…so thatt’s fine, but she can then disappear like most of Brooke’s children.
Just keep her away from Liam. He’s not been sappy since Hope’s been gone. Liking him much better!

I don’t want more of Hope and the love triangle. I thought Wyatt was a great match for her because he never faltered from loving her. Her constant longing for Liam while she married him really turned me off to her character. Wyatt deserves better. I am sure she will hand him divorce papers and help her crazy mom and go back somewhere. Now if we can get Brooke’s crazy son, Rick, to go with her!

hope and liam belong together. they had there ups and downs but so do most couples. i hope returns to soap land because we need some romance back to daytime.

I disagree totally!! Hope is the main character, without her the shows way less interesting. Her and Liam are the dream couple and the writers need to stop messing around and let them be together fir once in a blue moon. All this ivy and steffy stuff is just stupid. Bring Bach hope and bring back Lope! Although three girls fighting for Liam would be an exciting and new twist to the useful a triangle……..

I don’t care what Mr.Bells reason God bringing (Kim) Hopd back I’m just so happy had did the show wasn’t the same without her Kim and Scott character brings life and love to the shoe it’s boring without Kim and Scott,,, and thank God Mr. Bell didn’t bring back different character for Kim that definetly would not work Liam and Hope now that’s chemistry the show will be hot again they make it that way!!!! Didn’t you know Liam and Hope the way it was mean’t to be . I’m so happy she is back can’t you tell , she’s beautiful and great for B&B watch you’d ratings go up Mr. Bell

i agree with you hope and liam are the super young couple for daytime drama. there families are intertwined and they make love worth while. thank you mr. bell for bringing her back

Please came hope we miss you a lot. Your mum need you Brooke
Please fight with ivy get your men back once for all slap her on face or
blackmail. Her easy done stand up to her. From Aimee mason

Quinn hands off hope father what are you thinking marry him for what
Money hope been through enough. Just stay away her father get that from Aimee mason

Team Steffy!! No more Hope!!!

I for one will be glad if Hope stays forever and If she and Liam finally get the happiness they deserve. I like Ivy so I guess I am Team #Hope&Ivy….

Yes I would love for her to come back she is Part of the Bold and Beautiful.

I don’t like Hope never did

me either

Team Steffy.

I think she will only stay long enough to give Wyatt divorce papers and help her mother, then she will leave again. I kind of hope she does leave again because although Liam is with Ivy now I would like to see him back with Steffy.

ivy is kind of too weak to be with liam . she needs to be more aggresive and she is just kind of wishy washy. maybe her character will change later.

Why do you think Ivy is wishy washy? She’s one of the few people that has told Rick and Maya off. Even told Maya to rub her feet. She was sticking up for Ally who is quite wishy washy….. I think Liam and Ivy are cute together. I have liked Liam’s character alot more since he’s seemingly moved on and not manipulated by crazy women that don’t know what they want. Ivy truly loves him. Let Brooke become sober, strong and run Forrester Creations…..forget about a man in her life. It degrades her character. Let’s see more of Carter!!!!!!!

So happy to see Kim as Hope again, even for an episode! The show hasn’t been the same without her, I hope she eventually returns full time!

I hope Kim will come back to the show fulltime, coz she’s such a fantastic actress. She has great potential and there’s no one who can play a better Hope than Kim. I hope ‘Hope’ will be back to help her mom 🙂

I’m thrilled that she’s back – even for a short visit. I wish it was more permanent. I think either she’s back to support Brooke or Rick or maybe KM is back to support real best friend Linsey G.

Just so glad and again – wish it was permanent – miss her so much on the show.


I had hoped we’d seen the last of this actress in the role.I hope her return is brief.

Please, no.

Oh, please…NOT AGAIN!!!!! Well…as long as Hope’s visit is B-R-I-E-F…then I’m good. Yep.

I agree with you jaybird Let her come long enough to find some sort of positive closure witn Wyatt, baby-sit Brooke before she turns into a full fledged drunk, and then send her on her way. I am quickly becoming a Liam and Ivy fan, and if they turn Hope’s return into atriangle, I will throw my remote through my TV set. A d when she leaves she can take big brother Rick and his girlfriend Maya with her. I cannot beleive they are quicklh turning Ally into a lap dog. What happened to the crazed nut tha tried to take an axe to Taylor. Let her channel that Ally to Rick and Maya instead of giving Maya foot massages. I know the axe wielding Ally would never stand for that

I guess the rumor that Kristen Alderson would be taking over the role of Hope is completely bogus

She (KA) apparently denied that rumor anyway—but of course, that wouldn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t true.

The character of Hope needs to in story full time, played by Kim or someone else.

Why do we need her? I can’t understand how anyone could like her, she was the complete focus of the show and it was the most boring, long, drawn out storyline ever. I don’t think they should ever bring her back or recast the role, the show is far better without her.

Brett…A-M-E-N!!!!! I feel the same way. For almost 5 L-O-N-G years, that Kim Matula chick (and her totally ho-hum B&B character Hope) made me want to watch B&B less and less. And…more and more, Hope’s stupidly sugary behavior and personality made me wanna R-U-N to my dentist’s office for an emergency dental appointment…L-O-L!!!!! So, now…for the first time in quite a while, I feel like I can fully watch and fully enjoy B&B without that self-righteous and annoying Hope whiningly dominating my TV screen. Brett, most of all, that it so true…I (also) think that B&B should N-O-T recast the role of Hope. A-n-d…I think that B&B is W-A-Y better now…now that Hope is off the B&B canvas…Y-A-Y!!!!! S-A-Y-O-N-A-R-A!!!!!

Have a good one, Brett.

Quick correction: It should have read, “that is so true”. Sorry about that.


Oh NO!!!! First Brooke is back now Hope and this Maya business. Looks like I may be tuning out for awhile. Only reason to stick around now is for Bill & Katie and Ridge and Caroline especially Ridge (and Caroline too of course) Sorry but I like men that look like men. The rest of the cast has gone nuts. What is up with Eric? It is just too much how he puts up with Rick.

Thankyou ! Thankyou! Thankyou Kim for coming back! Please stay we miss you, it’s not the same without you

I don’t think we need her to come back. Hopefully a recast will happen sooner rather later.. Hope she is in and out fast! LOL…and take your mom with you!.

If she’s not coming back to stay then what’s the point?i would like her to come back but it only gets harder to recast if she shows up now & then. Either come back even on a limited basis or give the fans time to get used to a recast.

I could not have said it better. Either come back full time or leave and let fans get use to someone else.

Don’t care why she’s back just over the moon that she is and hope for a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time to come. Love you Kim. B&B wasn’t the same without you!

LOVE KIM!!! She needs to come back!!

They ruined Steffy this time around. Its beyond lame that these women hold torches for that idiot Liam.

PLEASE don’t bring Hope back, the show has proved it doesn’t need to rely on tired triangles to be entertaining.

I agree with you R8b The minute I heard she was coming back I immediately j6mped ahead to a Liam Hope Ivy triangle, and there is no way that I will sit through that anytime soon I qas enjoying things quite nicely without her. The rest of the incredibly talented cast was finally able to start working again

Bring her back!!!!

I like Kim and Hope, but if she’s only coming for one episode, I would prefer she and the character not return. Recast if Kim isn’t willing to commit to a contract.

I have enjoyed the show now her character isn’t the only focus of the show- glad to see Brad force to write for someone else other than Hope. But the character is a legacy character and a soap’s future depends on retaining their legacy characters, so I’m glad Hope is still an option. If she plans to return full time some day then quick visits now and then keeps the character in viewer’s mind, but if they are going to recast at some point, it is better if she stays away— it just confuses the issue when the recast is found, also it kinda spoils the nice goodbye they gave her when she left, if she is constantly coming back for a day or two.

Kim is always welcomed back in my book, but she has the talent to do so much more than what the B&B is offering. I hoping she books a primetime series this year. I would love to see her playing a witch or a vampire.

Missed Kim…bring her back, but not to Liam or Wyatt..they are not deserving…bring in someone new and charming to sweep her off her feet and push her put her mean brother in his place

Oh Crap! Just when I was finally enjoying B&B. I hope this is a very brief visit.


I don’t think the show needs her to return for any length of time. It’s doing great without her.

OMG – not again – – please no more – Liam-Wyatt-Liam-Wyatt-Liam-Wyatt I thought we were thru with that. It was such a relief to be over that. Will we ever be free of Brooke and Mini Me.

The only reason I have stayed with the show after she left because they said she may be back so I have waited to see, I am thrilled to have her back I just hope she stays, if she does I will keep watching, OTHERWISE? She don’t have to be with Liam opr Wyatt, just let her do HOPE FOR THE FUTURE and let a new man come along just for her.

its great to see Hope back even if its just for one episode because they really did kind of rush hope off screen and whilst Hope and Liam may have had some kind of closure on things I think I want to see hope and Wyatt confront each other and to officially end there marriage on a good note if that’s even possible, there needs to be forgiveness on both sides. I also would like her to give a lesson in morality to her brother Rick and I want hope to give a lesson to Brooke on being alone and single. Hope I would say has learnt a lot in her three months off screen and I think whatever soul searching she has been doing we will see that and she is going to bring that message back to her mother and brother I hope anyway. Now I’m happy hope is back for an episode and not re signing on as a regular. As much as I missed Hope when she left I knew that after 5years of being the center of the show that character needed a rest so I really respected KM’s timing to know when it was time to move on. I would like for them to give the character at least a year off screen after this so when it is time for Hope to return they can really refresh the character and if there is a recast it will really help the process however I do hope that it would be Kim returning when that does eventually happen.

Please bring Hope Logan back to Liam . They belong together!!!!

Please bring Hope Logan (Kim ) back to Liam! Keep her on the show! She is my favorite character on the bold and the beautiful. I have watch this soap sent it first aired.

Absolutely love the idea to have Kim Matula back as Hope Logan in any way. According what we have now, Steffy took her plane back to Paris and Liam’s not dealing with LIVYvsLEFFY problem. From the other hand Hope’s dad just got engaged to Quinn, so Hope’s return might have something to do with it too. Add Brooke’s drinking problem (per spoilers Brooke gets injured when she falls down). Spoilers don’t say a thing about Hope and Wyatt’s marriage. It won’t be the first time for Wyatt to think he lost Hope…and the opposite to happen.
About Steffy- we didn’t see anything new with this girl: forever picking the wrong guy and then crying. Any explanation why we were reminded that Steffy was related/engaged to Rick Forrester? Agreed, he was her first lover, but she dumped him and told Brooke she beat her in the sex department (since Brooke can’t have sex with her own son, that made Steffy kind of winner in Steffy’s book).Then there were Oliver, Owen, $Bill, Liam…I liked the young Steffy with Marcus, but she dumped him for Rick, so…. Anyway, her character fits for a soap too, lol

I am glad Kim is back. She is a great actress and did ghe best she could with her character, considering the writing that was done for her. I’m betting the show would have never lost “Hope” had the writer’s finally let Hope and Liam have their happy ending some time ago!

Yes bring her back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I really want her back for good…I loved her on the show..I just wish you would put her with Liam where she belongs.

Aww I really hope she stays the shows very good without her she needs to stay all her fans miss her so much to the point of not watching b&b till she returns home.. im so excited to c her return#!

I will be brief and to the point with all the KM aka Hope haters out there. At the end of the day the main reason why Bell convinced Kimberly Matula to comeback is because a recast will not be acceptable in his eyes. In other words, in Bell “eyes” Kimberly Matula is “Hope Logan”.

PS. Go back and watch that defining moment Bell had for Lope. It doesn’t matter if your are a Lope, Hottmess ,Slime or Livy fan, the message Bell sent to the audience was crystal clear folks that Liam & Hope are soul-mates and will never be over each other period. You don’t have to like it or accept it but What is that old saying? “It is what it is”

I am so excited to have Kim Matula back! The show really hasn’t been the same without her! Hope is a very important part of the show! I am Hoping she comes back for more than Just one episode! No one else can play Hope. Kim Matula is Hope Logan. She is Amazing! I am so Happy she is still here!

hope come back and you and liam need to get married and take ove forrester creations and get rid of rick and the tramp

Kim Matula; we are so excited; we really missed u, Liam and Hope, true love wins in the end. Hope and Liam are soul mates. You are one kind actress, Steffy and Ivy not for Liam . Plz stay!!!!!!, we hope you will stay for Good. Kim Matula return! Kim Matula is awesomeness,epic,excellent; great; marvelous,admiration, or astonishment; surprising; extraordinary,incredible,amazing; astonishing actress.

I am glad that Kim Matula is back as Hope miss her and liam hope she stay little while long on the show because a lot of people need her.

Please come back full time Kim! We miss you!

I am glad she’s coming back maybe she will the one to bring Rick down or she will go against Liam and this will be the nail in the coffin for him…
My hope is she is back to get her soul mate LIAM

Please don’t bring her back! She brings nothing but whining and not being able to make a solid decision. Please developed stories with Steffy & Thomas, the younger Forrester’s.

B&B had become the ‘Hope Logan Show’, and while I like the character, it was all Hope for far too long. It’s been nice to have other characters front and center. I hope her stay is short-lived.
On another note, what is it with the Bell soaps and their continued morbid desire to kill unborn children?!? It was Steffy and Hope on B&B, and now Christine on Y&R?!? Why make characters pregnant if there’s no chance of it going full term. It’s absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

Hope needs to come back for good she is missed on the show,she way better than steffy. She can stay away for good. Steffy has no propose for the show.hope come back for good. We love ya,

yes,yes come back KM(Hope) we have missed you! The show not the same …come back and get you true love Liam! Ivy and Liam is no chemistry, she said she loved him to quick! I always thought Ivy had a secret agenda because she came on bad mouthing Hope and the Logan women. Ivy also wanted a picture with Liam while he was with Hope ,so Miss Ivy is sneaky, don’t trust her..last but not least Ivy is a Forester and she knows about the takeover and haven’t said a word to her Uncle Eric, so she is a snake in the grass. Rick yelled at her but Ivy was yelling also!!! Come back Hope and stop all this foolishness, you have always been good for Rick and he needs you now. Most of all Liam need you now, so he can remember true love and what that feel like because love is not easy especially on the Bold and the Beautiful! Come back!!!!!!!

Ivy is a breath of fresh air compared to whiney Hope who could not make up her mind and Steffy the tiger who goes after what she wants no matter who she hurts. Kim Matula wanted a career in Hollywood and obviously that did not work out thus she comes back to B&B…….. she made a dumb decision which obviously she now regrets……………Let well enough alone and let Liam have some peace with someone with a heart and a sweet one at that. Liam is a fool if he takes her back after the way she pitted him against Wyatt and how without a second thought she married Wyatt in Paris! Stay away Kim!

I want Kimberly Matula to come back for good. I miss Hope. The soap is boring without her. I haven’t watched since she left, its so boring. Please Hope come back for good.

So excited Hope is back!

Yeah happy Hope is back, please let her stay xx

i am excited she makes the show more interesting. i think she needs to take liam away from ivy hope and liam are forever no one can take her place i was almost to a stopping point in watching the show now back on again

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“I went in on a cattle call for Superman, and then it turned into a month-long audition experience where I was auditioning again and again and again, and flying out to New York and doing chemistry reads, an flying out to LA doing chemistry reads, flying back to New York, flying back to LA to do a screen-test,” recalled Bomer. “And it looked like I was the director’s choice for the role. This is a very early iteration of Superman, written by JJ Abrams called Superman Flyby and it never came to light.”

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During the podcast, Matt explained, “Yeah, that’s my understanding That was a time in the industry when something like that could still really be weaponized against you. How and why and who I don’t know. But yeah, that’s my understanding.”

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