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Marco Dapper's Surprise Return to The Young and the Restless!

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If you have not seen yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless you may not want to read any further!  If you have, than you know that none other than Carmine Basco as played by Marco Dapper is alive and kicking!

Dapper shared with Soap Opera Digest, his surprise that he was returning to the CBS daytime drama relating, “There was always talk of maybe but nothing was ever matter of fact. I figured I was done. ”

The sexy star then revealed he received a star telling him he was reprising the role of Carmine: “They contacted me direct and basically said, ‘FYI, you’re coming back but don’t tell anybody!”

So is Carmine Basco going to have nine lives just like crazy Sheila Carter before him in Genoa City? What do you think about the Dapper sighting on Friday’s Y&R? Let us know!

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there is nothing wrong with admiring beefcake!

smolderingly hot – sexy to boot – I’ll take him

his act works

Beefcake loses its charm when the beefcake torments and tries to rape and kill. There are plenty of pics of Dapper for some to pant over on line. We don’t need him on the show. What womern would be with a man who will tape them without their knowledge and stalk and humiliate them? Carmine talks a good game but he is a major loser. Wish MD success but not on Y&R.

Hhhh Linda, excuse me but it a soap opera, and they are made from drama, and Carmine is bad boy drama..
I saw Dapper nakid, very nice indeed.. 🙂

((Carmine is a make believe guy, no need to be angry over a fictional dude.. he ain’t real, honest…. 🙂

Maybe all of Michael Muhney’s obsessed followers will find relief in this? Dapper is about 200x hotter than Muhney on his best day.

And he doesn’t tweet that he is God on a daily basis. 🙂

ummhh – no ! Carmine is one thing…. but… he certainly is not Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney is the creme de la creme

Marlena, Adam was played by a brilliant actor who managed to inject nuances and subtlety into his performance. Adam is a deeply flawed character but even when he is doing something deplorable, you always see his vulnerability.
Dapper as Carmine is one dimensional and a mustache twitching villain with cookie cutter good looks. In short, as a villain, he’s a bore. I guess he’s “hot” if you like that sort of thing, but how long can you stare at a pin up model?
I follow MM on Twitter and don’t recall him having a God complex at all.

@ Harry I use to read some of MM’s twitter I just always found him to be a little quirky & sarcastic but I never found him to have a God complex. Their are a whole lot of actors who will go nameless who pick fights or are constantly showing their bodies in pictures I find that a real turn off. I will be glad when everyone will be allowed to put the MM stuff behind them he had a good 4 years now it is time for him to have another chance to move past this.

@Harry in other words I totally agree with you he must have sure got under people’s skin to keep at him like this ! Lol

Patrick…Y-E-S…AGREED!!!!! Marco Dapper is so RUGGEDLY DREAMY…with or without the beard…HOLLA!!!!!

No longer watch the show after the 1/30 episode. DOOL is looking really good with amazing actors returning and joining the show. Sorry Y&R, FIRE JFP and I will begin to watch again.

I have seen Marco Dapper in other rolls and he is very good however the roll Y&R has him playing sucks.. He could get much better than Carmine..
anyways, I and I’m sure many others knew he would be back, it was obvious that Carmine was alive etc..

I’m glad he is back but it means I will have to FF through more of awful Lauren, now..

It wasn’t a surprise to me. I realized the character wasn’t really dead months ago. I have no idea where they are going with this. That worthless slut Lauren is the cause of all this trouble by getting involved with the dirt bag bartender in the first place. She needs to suffer big time.

What do you think she has been doing the last 9 months? I guess being kidnapped, nearly raped and killed is not suffering? What a double standard. Women get called nasty names and men get a pass for cheating. I am tired of the Baldwins being dumbed down and made to look bad over a slimy bartender. Carmine is not needed on the show.

LOL he is all make believe don’t take him so seriously..
He is a soap character bad dude 🙂

Those killer raper guys make good soap character’s and they are needed so I don’t fall asleep while watching Lauren whine and whine over Fen 24/7 months on end.. ..

By no means do I feel men should be given a pass for cheating on their wives. The episode between Billy and Kelly broke my heart and mad me sick. My complaint against Lauren is getting involved with the stupid bartender in the first place. Michael was the DA and their stupid brat kid,Fen, was accused to pushing Jamie off the roof. Michael and Paul BEGGED Fen to tell them his side of the story and he wouldn’t talk. All he did was get huffy as if to say “how dare you question me.” The brat deserved to go to lock up. And what did Lauren do? Hop into the sack with dirt bag Carmine. Your son is in jail so you go do the horizontal mambo with the bartender. That made a lot of sense. If not for her stupidity, the Baldwins probably would have never heard of Carmine. From what I’ve seen, Michael has been a loving husband and father. Why he forgave that faithless slut is beyond me. If he was mean to her or beat her or was unfaithful to her I could see it. But this. There is no excuse. He needs to dump her like the trash she is.

I agree partly with you Linda…Lauren has suffered but who’s fault is it really…she is a married woman, and if she truly loved Micheal she wouldnt have cheated on him…but no woman, no matter what, deserves to be nearly raped or killed!!!

Llanviewer717…I totally agree with you about one thing…Michael and Lauren’s kid Fen is such a stupid (and spoiled) brat. And, on yesterday’s episode of Y&R, the charges against Fen were dropped and Fen was set free. HUH????? That is so insulting!!!!! They should of kept Fen’s stupid and spoiled ass locked up. Fen is so annoying and so out of control. An idea: Michael and Lauren (and the show’s writers) should ship Fen off to a boarding school far far far away. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

Saw this coming for some time now!!! We shall see how it plays out.

Daggit! I thought we were done with Carmine! But, I guess the signs were there. Nothing against the actor, but I hope it is short-term.

I really dislike the character of Carmine but I feel that he could have been played so much better by another actor, because most of the reason I dislike Carmine is due to Marco Dapper’s acting. Seriously, I don’t know where they found this guy but aside from his looks (which the ladies love), he has very limited acting abilities. If they had hired Trevor St. John or another actor good at playing crazy to play the role, I think he would have caught on more with the fans, especially me. Aside from Fen being free now, there is no upside to Carmine’s return and I kind of wish he stayed dead so I wouldn’t have to see Marco again.

Jimmy is right.

And no one had to fly a banner to get him back…lol

But they just might fly one to get him off. “Return to Sender!” it would read.

Lmao…thats a good one!

I think Carmine Balsco should have been the next Brad Carlton. Hooking up w/ the Newman (Summer) and Abbott (Abby) heiresses and having a child by one or both of them (Summer when she’s older of course). Then Carmine coould have wormed his way into Jabot & or NE. I don’t care about Carmine being a crazy, he’s way more expendable that way.

The guy is too gorgeous to kill off!

Who didn’t see this coming? The “mystery” has been poorly plotted from the get-go and everything has pointed to his return for months.

And Carmine is NO Sheila Carter.

Sheila and carmine, are brother and sister. Sheila carter will be back, and hopefully beat the crap out of slutty lauren. Marco is so sexy and hot. oh ya eye candy. Lol.

Stefano…that is so TRULY FUNNY…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And, Y-E-S…Marco Dapper is VERY SEXY AS HELL!!!!! Yum.

Stefano…you are so HILARIOUS…LOL!!!!! And, YES…Marco Dapper is SEXY AS HELL!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!

Stefano…you are SO HILARIOUS…LOL!!!!! And, as for the idea/possibility of Carmine and Sheila being brother and sister…HELL YEAH!!!!! THAT WOULD TRULY ROCK!!!!!!

Sheila was great for her time but she is done. Nobody wants to see her return to stalk Lauren again.

Stefano…dude…you should pursue a career in stand-up comedy. You are TRULY HILARIOUS!!!!!


You’re absolutely right, this mystery story about Carmine’s “murder” was poorly conceived and executed.

Sheila was amazing, entertaining and crazy. Carmine, however, is a sleazy, slimy and stupid bartender. Marco Dapper has nowhere near the acting caliber of Kimberlin Brown. Carmine is a mafia-related sleaze from Jersey, who has no past established connection to Sheila. He was brought on the show by MAB as Angelina’s ex. If they wanted someone to be connected to Sheila, they should have hired an actor like Trevor St. John and had him play Sheila’s brother from the get-go. I really hope he’s only on-screen for a few weeks or so and then he’s gone for good!

Carmine is back because he has ties to the mob.
JFP loves writing Mob SL’s. lol

I thought this whole torment of the Baldwin family by slimebucket Carmine was likely just an excuse for JFP to bring the mob to GC.

JFP loves to steal from GH ..
If its a hit on GH then JFP will copy it for Y&R..

If I had any flicker of doubt about quitting Y&R after the the 30th of January, it has been extinguished by the return of Sheila, er, I mean Carmine.
Nothing against the actor, but this is redundantly boring. It seems the Y&R writers don’t know how to write a storyline for Lauren which doesn’t involve her being harassed, tortured and stalked by some psycho, who for some unfathomable reason, is obsessed with the very ordinary, unremarkable Lauren. Lauren–the quintessential nut magnet.

I too thought we were done with this idiot. So sick of him and his useless self I knew this fool would return. This dude needs to die for good the sooner the better. I was not surprised but if he stays I will be pissed for a long time.

Can’t say I’m happy to see him back ,but I guess It gets Fenmore off the hook!

Finally, someone stated the obvious. That he is being brought back to clear Fenmore. I hardly watch this show anymore as the writing, directing and even the acting has gone way down hill. Can’t fault the actors, they are not being given quality scripts and direction to work with. But I watched Thursdays episode for the Adam/Billy scenes and was surprised to find out that Fenmore was back in jail.
It sickens me to see how bad this program has become. It used to have it’s own style and substance and now comes off like a thrown together, thoughtless production. Oh, and those still photos they are using to depict the Abbott home and the Newman ranch are just hideous!
Just the thoughts of someone who started watching Y&R when it first went on the air.

he can torment me any day!!

Me, too…LOL!!!!!

add me also. LOL. CARMINE can kidnap me, anytime. he is one fine man, marco dapper I do have a boyfriend, but you can join us anytime. i will even share jaybird, with us. lol. jaybird you rock, my friend. you always love my comments as well. I AM GAY addorable boyish friendly and always loyal to my friends on line. I am your online buddy, JAYBIRD. PEACE.

So…the character of Carmine Basco is still alive, huh??? Oh I am so surprised…N-O-T!!!!! It’s a soap…what soap character (male or female) remains dead??? Let me see…NONE!!!!! DUH!!!!!!

I had a feeling that Carmine wasn’t dead. After all, it’s a SOAP!!!!! Soap characters don’t know how to stay dead for very long. It is what it is.

Nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw him back on the screen!!!
His storyline when he was hitting the sheets with Lauren was the only thing worth watching last year imo. Josh botched the climax of the story by making him supercrazed. Marco is tooo hottt to waste , put him back in abbys orbit and do a hot triangle with him , abby and tyler!!! Carmine and tyler in a heavy and hot triangle with abby would melt our screens!!! Maybe abby could redeem Carmine by having him model for jabot. that way he could even interact with chloe who could use some distraction after her horrible year. she could resist him but later give in to his undeniable charm .thus even reintroducing the early rivalry btw chloe and abby! y n r is lacking in romance and lust!! lose kevin and this Mariah character while at it!

Lauren was rather disgusting in those love scenes. It was like watching a muppet with hair extensions do naughty things in public.

I had a feeling that Carmine wasn’t dead. After all, it’s a SOAP!!!!! Yep.

Just more evidence of unimaginative story lines and lazy writers. After 40 years, I hung it up last week…once I saw Carmine, I knew there was no chance of turning this mess around.

Glad he’s back.

BTW, Fenmore would be in protective custody, not in general population if his life were in danger. Him pleading guilty to murder just so he can go to another prison is so stupid!

I knew a long time ago that Carmine wasn’t dead but thought he was framing Fen himself not working with the feds and going in the witness protection program. Carmine could have been an interesting character but turning him to this ugly sleaze ruin the character for me. I hope he is only back to “save Fen”—- because I am- really sick of Lauren as the victim story line– starting with that guy who buried her alive when she was younger, to Sheila, to Daisy, and now Carmine– can’t Lauren have a different story– please— please– please.

I a very glad Dapper is back… Im Glad Carmine isn’t dead..I think he should kidnap Kevin and then lock him up and then Kevin breaks down..and they talk and find out they both was abused as kids and fall in love!

Ella…that’s kind of twisted. Yet…WICKEDLY FUNNY…LOL!!!!!

Whatever. Next…

LOL, it will be revealed that he’s Sheila’s long lost brother!!!!! They share the same criminal father that Sheila never knew. She was always angry at her mother (just trying to protect Sheila from the mob life), for taking her away from her “daddy”, hence all the crazy Sheila stuff. Just kidding of course. I guess I should forget about that career as a soap writer…

I’m glad he’s back. He’s really creepy!

Or maybe Carmine will pull off a mask and all this time he was Sheila!

First of all the guy is incredibly hot. Daytime is FILLED with actors who aren’t the best at the craft, but entertain. And that’s what Marco does.

The Baldwin marriage breakup because of him was the best YR storyline last year, and even though it went a little south with him stalking Lauren and then his death…yes, it’s a SOAP, so there is PLENTY for this hottie to do.

We knew he wasn’t dead anyway, c’mon people! And STILL it was a great soap moment to have Michael at his door delivering one line “surprise”. Awesome!

Welcome back stud.

bringing back sexy love that smile

In my new posting from a few minutes ago, I meant to say ‘should have’ instead of ‘should of’. MY BAD!!!!!



OH MY GOD!!! I hope people re-read their comments when they are SOBER!!! LOL!!! Funny Shyt!!!!

MORE DAPPER! So glad he’s back! Y&R is in desperate need of some male eye candy! Now, let’s get those clothes off!

Y-E-S!!!!! I AGREE!!!!!

Was there ever really any doubt that Carmine was still alive, that had to be one of the most telegraphed twists of all time which is strange because was anybody really clamoring for Carmine’s return? he is a lousy villain and a lousy character – Daisy was a better villain and she was terrible, if they want to bring back a real villain, bring back Patty or Ricky Williams – Carmine was just plain lame. By the way, the FBI put Carmine in witness protection and then was just going to let Fen go to jail for his ‘murder’ – really?

What a complete waste of actor and character alike. He was turned from a charming lovable goomba bad boy into a garden variety psycho and rapist for no reason. For a cougar Lauren is hot but I doubt her loins have the power to send Carmine over the edge. The story could have gone in so many interesting and different ways…dude has mommy issues because his mom left…or dallying with cougars gave him a new appreciation so he wanted Jill next….or reconnect him with Abby and get her out of dullsville. But noooooo…those things would take creativity. When in doubt…resort to rape and violence. Enough stalking Lauren!!!!!

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Having lived through a writer’s strike before (when he was at One Life to Live in 2008), Carlivati explained how he dealt with coming back and adjusting the stories including that the plan was to, “blow things up, jettison anything that I did not like, and get back to a show that I understand and can enjoy and tell. ”

Photo: JPI

Look for a Carlivati-style ‘wink-wink’ on Friday’s episode. As he puts it, “I did want to make it clear that this was the line of demarcation, that the writers were back and there was a change happening. We have a little nod or two to what was going on in the first day and I think it will be very obvious and clear to the savvy viewer. Luckily, story-wise, certain things were coming to a head already.”

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In addition, and as previously reported, when Carlivati returned, he crafted the series 15,000th episode which is set to air in early December, and will also pay tribute to the late Bill Hayes with the passing of his on-screen beloved character, Doug Williams.

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If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

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