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Max Ehrich On Why He Was Not Back At Y&R To Reprise His Role As Fenmore Baldwin

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

When the Baldwins have their holiday get together this year, it will look a bit different, because the actor who is best known in soapland as Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) and Michael’s (Christian LeBlanc) son, Max Ehrich, will not be on-screen reprising the role of Fen.

Ehrich took to his Instagram over the last 24 hours to explain: “Dear #YR fans: I was asked to do a special stint back on the show, but due to the bizarre stalker issue I had; It was unsafe at the time and I had to postpone. I grew up on #YR and learned so much. Forever grateful for the privilege of working on such an iconic show. Unfortunately, was unable to be there during that time of filming.”  Max first made mentioned of his stalker situation back in October of this year.

The talented young star added where fans could see him next: “Excited to say I do have a new Jenji Kohan/Jamie Denbo series premiering early 2019 as well as a Netflix movie & my music. See ya on screen soon. X”


According to Soap Opera News, Fenmore had to be recast and the series went with actor Zach Tinker when Fen comes home to Genoa City for the holidays.  Tinker has appeared in TV dramas: Murder In the First, and  Law & Order True Crime, 

So sad to know Max is not returning at this time to Y&R? Share your thoughts below.

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So sad when actors can’t work due to some nut job!!!

Wouldnt find the new Fenn, Zach sticking around he would make a good looking couple with Summer.They could do a nice young love quad with Kyle and Lola. Also it would give Lauren and Michael some screen time!

Too bad….love Max—he fit the role so well. Plus, he gets hotter as he gets older.
I am going to give Kyle and Lola a chance, albeit she over-acts.
It’s actually Tessa I want to be forever gone. I never liked her…..ever since she came to “town”….almost at the same time as Zack. I knew she was was not on the up-and-up from the onset. … glad when she left.
When she returned I commented that this girl had something nefarious going on. I bet she’s not even gay…..
This entire situation reminds me of Adam, when he slept with Rafe Torres…..a means to an end.
I hope Mariah ( whom I love) gets smart …..
On another note. ……Rey knows everything there is to know about JT….he is playing cat and mouse. Chances are he had the body unearthed……it’s a set-up; even the watch.

“thank you” for saying : “love Max—he fit the role so well. Plus, he gets hotter as he gets older” yowzah

Max Ehrich: with all due respect . to put in to perspective… you also shared @one time you almost took your own life @ 15. for bullying

Heart Reach… it’s not something you will forget. You have moved on.. yet this latest trial and tribulation is not a stranglehold. all I can share.. is the intensity of my own experiences … being bullied… I felt like the whole town of 800 people were against me… I had to leave … have been gone for a good 35 years, plus.. having only returned for funerals AND surprisingly enough for a couple of vacations… only having been that much more comfortable in my own skin

I salute you young man… at eye level

as a fan.. ! you have an audience and a wide fan base… Sincerely wanting the best for your path

alas, many a post , remain vigil; candle light for

Sweet, sweet, Patrick. So sorry. You’re one of the good guys. I salute and honor your endurance.❤️
I had no idea Max was bullied. Sad. I can’t even imagine. Yet, the older I get, the more I realize what a cruel world this is. No one should have to suffer to the point of wanting to die.
I know suffering, my friend, after having lost my boy…… the world was dead for a time; but I never had thoughts of suicide.
So glad to be here with you.
Much love❤️

“thank you” just wanted to empathize with Max. as are you. appreciate you. aside from that… can you believe the heart pitter patter… ^^^ that GREEN SHIRT is a stunner… I’ve likened him to @GH Harrison Chase.. similar facial feature… yet Chase is right their… w/Max and/or Finn… you have that underlying current … OF
no? sensation abound.

Oh Celia, where do they FIND these people? One is sleazier than the other! Granted, Cait Fairbanks has really been terrific in the terrific “exposure” scenes, but I never trusted Tessa either. Poor Mariah. She seems to have inherited her mother’s lousy romantic instincts. And how brilliant is Camryn Grimes… she literally stops my heart when she’s firing on all cylinders like this. Elsewhere, do you really think Rey is THAT deceitful? I can’t stand the guy but, if so, he may need a taste of Miss Nikki’s form of “justice” as well!

PS….Tessa, the blackmailer!!

I’m very sad that Max is not returning as Fenmore, as I’ve always wanted him to return. He was stellar in the role. However, given the circumstances around his decision to not return, I am understanding of the decision to recast the role. I wish Zach Tinker the best in this role, and cannot wait to see what adventures come for Fen!

Well said, Scott, and I agree. Max is a special actor, talented and easy on the eyes, and I hope he’ll go on to great things.

He is. He’s got multiple Netflix projects coming in 2019, and he’s working on his debut solo album.

Fen could have put the brakes on Vyle’s disgusting libido!

Hi, Timmmy,
I love your “Vyle” name ….Perfect!!
Max is one-of-a-kind actor.
I would have loved to have seen Fen, Lauren and Michael interact ……now that he’s a man, the scenes between them would have been something to see. A challenge, perhaps?

Its good to see your name and your response again darling! I was neutral about Fen UNTIL I saw the actor in “Under the Dome.” He was fantastic and thats when I wish he would have returned full time at Y&R WITH a great story!

Thanks, T,
I have been very busy….between subbing and helping at the shelter, which gets pretty overwhelming around this time of year, throughout the holidays.
Yes and yes about Fen……he’s a welcomed character, always….if he ever comes back.
I wish him the best!!

Mr. Ehrich is an appealing, talented actor who is sorely missed by Y&R fans. I am thrilled he has other projects in the works! At the same time, we should embrace Mr. Tinker as he steps into the Y&R role.

Hello, jamesj75! And you’re as gracious as always regarding the Fen recast. I think there’s sometimes a reluctance to even give recasts a try, as we’re so invested in the previous performer (I was guilty of this regarding Kyle/Michael Mealor and now feel like a complete heel since he’s become one of my favorite actors). So, hopefully Max and new Zach will both succeed and be embraced. Lovely to hear from you again, jamesj75.

Thanks so much for your sweet reply (and kind words therein), Soaphound! I totally understand your thoughts on Michael Mealor, and I agree he’s doing a great job. You are correct about fans being reluctant to casting changes, which often work out very well. I also posted unwelcoming comments when the role of DOOL’s Chad DiMera was recast with Billy Flynn. Wow! Was I wrong! Flynn, by virtually everyone’s estimate, has done a phenomenal job since day 1! He is an appealing, highly capable actor. If I could find my old comment and had the ability to delete it, believe me, I would! Take care, Friend!

Am glad we have the Baldwin family back. Michael and Lauren are a pillar couple for Y&R. Let’s get them involved! I would be happy too if Scott returned so there was a family again. I would love to see a story that dissolves the inane sisterhood created for Jill and Lauren. Not believable. And I do miss Kevin and Gloria. There is a lot of talent and personality and story with all of these people.

Fenmore is not a return, he is Thanksgiving walk though..
Most likely he’ll have 20 lines and gone..

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Ellen Holly, Groundbreaking Actress of ‘One Life to Live’, Passes Away at 92

Ellen Holly, who portrayed Carla Gray on ABC’s One Life to Live, had died at the age of 92.  Her death was confirmed by her cousin Grant Shipp via his Facebook page. The groundbreaking actress passed away on December 5th.

Holly appeared on One Life from October 1968 through December 1980, and from May 1983 through December 1985.  In his post, Shipp related of Holly, “She was a pioneer in daytime television. Starring on One Life to live for 20 years. Playing Lawrence Fishburns mother on the show. She appeared in several movies, and performed on stage with the greatest black actors of her generation. Sidney Poitier, Harry Beafonte, Cicely Tyson, Robert Hooks, James Earl Jones to name a few. You had One Life to Live and it was amazing Life. You were simply one of the best. Now you know the secret. God rest your soul.”

Following several theatre roles, Holly came to One Life to Live and took on the role of Carla Benari. Secretly, she was born Clara Gray, and eventually went by the name of Carla Gray. Agnes Nixon, iconic creator of the soap opera, wanted to tell an important social issue of the times, when in story, Carla was passing herself as white, in order to get a job. This was also an issue Holly faced in real-life and shared publicly in an essay she wrote for the New York Times, “How Black Do You Have To Be?”

Photo: ABC

In story for the first five months, the audience thought Carla was white. However, in a landmark moment, Carla came face-to-face with her mother, Sadie (Lillian Hayman) who was a housekeeper. Her mother felt she betrayed her race. Carla was embroiled in an interracial relationship with a white doctor, Jim Craig (Nat Polen), who was her boss at the hospital. Caral also was involved with another resident Prince who was Black. After breaking it off with Jim, Carla came clean about her race.

Eventually, Holly would star opposite Daytime Emmy-winner, Al Freeman Jr., and the love story of Carla and Ed Hall, became a fan favorite in the soaps earlier years.  The couple adopted a teenaged son, Joshua played by now motion picture star, Laurence Fishburne. When Ed and Carla’s relationship fell apart, she eventually remarried Dr. Jack Scott played by Arthur Burghardt.

Photo: ABC

Holly said in a 1979 interview with Ebony magazine, “There are enormous stretches in this country where they don’t know anything about Black people…Our viewers tend to regard us as neighbors. People at the supermarket, total strangers, will throw their arms around you and treat you as a neighbor…My mother on the show has been a domestic and is now head of the housekeeping staff at the hospital; my ex-husband on the show is a policeman, and Arthur [Burghardt] plays a brilliant heart surgeon…I think we’ve opened up our viewers’ heads a little bit more to the variety that exists in the Black race. And the more that happens, the slower somebody will be — when they’re confronted with any given Black person — to jump to conclusions about who and what that person is.”

After Holly departed the show in 1980, she later returned to Llanview in 1983, at that time, Carla was now an assistant district attorney. She also was reunited with Ed Hall. Ellen last played the role in 1985.

Share your remembrances for One Life to Live’s Ellen Holly via the comment section and make sure to check out Holly speaking on the importance of her early storyline with the Television Academy below.


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‘The Price is Right’ Decks the Halls with Five Holiday-Themed Primetime Episodes & Pet Rescue & Adoption Week on Daytime

Talk about getting into the holiday spirit! The Price is Right is set to air five brand new holiday-themed episodes airing in December on primetime, plus the daytime version will also have a special week. Host Drew Carey will preside over the game show proceedings!

Daytime’s The Price is Right holiday week (Dec 18-Dec 22) will feature animal trainer, author and host of CBS’ Lucky Dog Reunions, Brandon McMillan, and Robert Valandra, nephew of legendary host Bob Barker, who both bring along some furry friends up for adoption. The week concludes with ‘Price is Right’ model Amber Lancaster, an advocate of animal adoption, and some adorable dogs who need a home for the holidays.

The Price is Right continues to network television’s #1-rated daytime series and the longest-running game show in television history, broadcast weekdays (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT).

Photo: JPI

On Primetime, here is the holiday lineup of shows (the week of Dec 4-8):

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY (Monday, December 4, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings coworkers and colleagues together to cheer each other on as they play for prizes that can be shared and enjoyed by all of their office mates.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: BLIND HOLIDATE (Thursday, December 7, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings in a matchmaker to pair up an audience full of single, eligible adults, and lucky contestants will meet for the first time when they are called to “Come on down!” and compete together as a team. They play for fabulous cash and prizes, pairs of cars, and maybe they’ll even win a love match!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: COLLEGE STUDENTS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Friday, December 8 at 8:00 PM ET/PT) welcomes college students home adorned in their best school spirit gear, teamed up with their parents to play for exotic trips, amazing prizes, and cash for college!

Photos: JPI

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAYS WITH THE FAMILY (Monday, December 18, 8:00 PM, ET/PT). Parents and their young children compete for some of the most desired gifts Santa has in his sleigh. Decorated in their holiday best, families work as a team to win prizes to make their holidays oh so bright!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAY HEROES (Tuesday, December 19, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) salutes the military to thank America’s brave heroes for keeping us safe all year round. Active-duty military members in uniform compete for luxury items, including trips to remarkable destinations, $50,000 in cash, and cars!

Of note: Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Lots of The Price is Right holiday cheer and pet adoptions coming your way. Will you be watching? Comment below. But first, check out a clip from one of the primetime episodes.

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96th Annual Academy Awards to Start an Hour Earlier, While Jimmy Kimmel Shares, “I Always Dreamed of Hosting the Oscars Exactly Four Times”

In a move to keep viewers not up past their bedtimes, the 2024 Oscars telecast will now begin one hour earlier than usual.  According to news from the Academy on Thursday, the ceremonies will begin at 7 pm ET/4PM PT on March 1o, 2024.

That is an hour shift when the broadcast usually begins at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.  The official pre-show will also begin earlier, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The 96th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles with nominations being announced on January 23rd.

Photo: ABC

A few weeks ago on November 15th, Jimmy Kimmel was officially named the host of the Oscars for the fourth time. The hosting gig marks the second year in a row for Kimmel. The comedian also hosted in 2017 and 2018.

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney will also one again, co-write and executive produce, the telecast.  In a statement on presiding over movies biggest night of the year, Kimmel joked, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times.”

Photo: JPI

ABC also plans on airing a special episode of their hit comedy Abbott Elementary, immediately following what should be a three-and-a-half hour telecast of the Oscars.

So, what do you think about the time shift with the Oscars starting an hour earlier? Happy about it? Won’t be settled in at that early time slot to sit and watch the show? Comment below.

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