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Michael Easton's Thank You Message To Fans Includes, "No Word Yet On When We Might Return To Work …"



There probably isn’t a more popular guy right now than the one and only Michael Easton (John McBain/Caleb) of General Hospital!

Just a few hours ago he gave his legions of fans an update as to his situation in regards to heading back to work on the ABC soap after it was put on a temporary hold as Prospect Park, and ABC and General Hospital, figure out the conclusion of the character rights issue, since John began on One Life to Live.

Easton in his facebook message, complete with adorable picture of him and his little girl, Lilah Bell (See pic at right) stated,  “THANK YOU…. your kind words of support mean the world to me. No word yet on when we might return to work but the fridge is stocked, the bills are paid, and I get to spend lots of precious time with my little girl.”

So soap fans, do you hope that Michael can go back to work at GH soon?  Do you still want him to come back to OLTL for a visit? What do you think of his message and picture with his daughter? Let us know!

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I really want Michael back on GH ASAP. I really do not undertand why it is taking so long to work this all out! Michael fits in perfectly with the GH cast and his chemistry with Kelly Monaco is off the charts!

I totally agree with you. I will also add that Michael has done so much in recent weeks with his dual role. He absolutely must return to GH. I’ve loved him since his PC days, loved him on OLTL and love him even more on GH. I have never seen him shine more on screen or display such a vast range of emotions than when he is playing the dual roles of John & Caleb. GH is giving him a great storyline and he is rocking it. So glad to hear that his fridge is stocked and bills are paid. That was definitely a concern with him not being able to earn a living and having a family to support. Michael, you are awesome. Can’t wait to see you back in Port Charles after this OLTL crossover is done.

Agree with you both! He needs to stay on GH!

Absolutely. He fits in so well on GH; I hardly noticed him on OLTL, but he really gelled with the cast at General Hospital and flourished. Going backwards to OLTL would be kind of ridiculous at this point. Plus, that chemistry with Monaco is unbelievable; you can’t BUY that. To squander it would be a complete waste. And he also has really great dynamics with other characters — particularly Anna.

Incidentally, he didn’t abandon Liam, either. He was legally BARRED from seeing his son.

So yeah, John should stay in PC; he’s built a whole new life there and it suits him. To have the character go back to Llanview would only reduce him.

Sorry there is no one on GH John is as good with as he was with BO. ME and RW played so well off each other. And anyone who didn’t notice john on OLTL could not have been watching, because he had many stories centered around him. One of the biggest was solving the murder of his father. As for Sam I guesseveryone has a different opinion on this I find them coma inducing and ff their scenes. His scenes with Tea and Lucy were much better.
And yes he did abandon his son he left his 2 year old son for months to get even with the killer of a sister no one ever heard of and he only met once. And the John I grew to like would never let Clint or anyone keep him away from his child. He has a SON he has not seen in 8 months and he hasn’t even tried to see his 2 1/2 year old.

You GH fans are incredible, You’s don’t own John McBain the character and from the article I read when the 3 were coming back to OLTL, ABC said that they don’t care if the 3 go back because the Anniversary was coming up and they had NO story lines for them, and they are giving them the option to come back to GH or stay on OLTL. Even if they do all go back they will NOT be going back as John Starr or “Todd” as PP owns those characters and they are OLTL! Let’s see how you GH fans will like this, OLTL & GH doe crossovers with characters from both shows and we decide that we are going to Keep Sonny, Sam and Robin because they “Fit in so nice” or because we are OLTL fans there for we are entitled? Is that not the same way you’s are acting?
Joanna I completely agree with your post! RC is trying to so hard to ruin the character of John McBain it’s disgusting. John found out that Liam was his son only what 2-3 days before he left to “go get Todd” and just never came back THAT IS NOT JOHN MCBAIN! I agree about that sister Excuse to! John would have helped from BACK IN LLANVIEW but he sure as hell would not have stayed away from Natalie and Liam over some sister that was created right then,That whole time he thought that Little Liam was not his KILLED HIM, There is NOTHING that would keep John from his son, Nor Keep him from Natalie! Your right whoever did not see John on OLTL was BLIND John had been the front runner of MANY MANY MANY Story lines on OLTL and some of the most memorable ones, Like saving Todd from being sent to death for a Murder he did not commit! Saving Natalie and Vangie from being burned alive, His horrific car accident, And those are just some of the incredible s/l’s John has been in! Your right when you say that John would not let Clint or anyone else keep him from his son and he sure as hell would not become Anna’s Lackey when he is the Chief of Detectives for LVPD! And for the poster who thinks his chemistry with KM is so Great! Try watching scenes with Natalie and John, Like John’s daydream about him and her being married and they make love on the pool table at Rodi’s that is chemistry! The chemistry that he has with MA IS UNMATCHED!!!!
ME loves the time he has with his family and his new daughter, and if wants more of that, I bet he signs on with PP since ABC is giving them a chance to do it!

First of all Joliefan LET me remind you HOW it is that these 3 characters came to GH. It was cancelled then Prospect Park (LEASED) OLTL /AMC from ABCD and PP said they would be bringing OLTL/AMC online. In November 2011 it WAS PP that made the announcement that they WOULD NOT be bringing OLTL/AMC online. NOT one shred of a mention by PP in that statement that they would continue to work on this, DONE deal not happening! This brings us to GH the ONLY reason the 3 actors were NOT brought on as new characters was a way of paying tribute to the fans that lost their soap. YOU know who said that in an interview? IT was FV the EP of GH the former EP of OLTL. I will say this after reading your post and a couple others WHO are bashing GH at all for this HOT MESS you need to step back and look at who made it! Clearly IT WAS PP! PP is stating they want to share the characters with GH well PP ONLY owns the characters as YOU stated. It is ALSO very clear by different statements that were being put out regarding s/l and the fact ME has no plans to return to OLTL online that GH was IN process of changing ME’s character. PP ordered ME,KA and RH off GH set by February 8th those ACTIONS prove this was about FORCING the actor (WHICH PP HAS NO RIGHTS TO) to do this crossover! I think YOU need to go BACK and read WHO put that statement OUT that you are putting YOUR OWN ENTIRE SPIN on. I am sure YOU will discover that was NOT ABCD statement. The majority of GH VIEWERS embraced and WELCOMED these actors to GH they ARE a part of GH! AS far as I am concerned and MANY other GH fans have waited patiently for this to be worked out but PP forcing ME off set is BS! GH needs to and I feel certain they WILL work this out to change ME’s character and he will stay ON GH! THIS IN THE END will be a PLUS for the GH fans WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE THE JM baggage of GNAT!!!!!!

OK Susan I am going to try to make this as simple as I can for you Blind Little ABC Sheep……1 PP BOUGHT the rights to AMC & OLTL they did NOT lease that shows And FYI when they BOUGHT the rights to both shows they BOUGHT everything that comes with them shows including CHARACTERS!!!!, It’s called checking your facts, you should do it sometime! PP Sent ME KA AND RH to LA to be on GH until they had everything in place for the shows to Return, Because John and “Todd’s” story lines ARE NOT OVER contrary to what Your Master ABC tells you Bahhhhhhh! Just like MOST GH FANS you need to learn to read Because PP MOST CERTAINLY said that they were not giving up trying to bring them back, After Backing Fell threw due to no fault of their own! Paying Tribute is more BULL shoved in your face by the kings of all Liars ABC! There IS A CONTRACT between PP and ABC, Because it was ABC that came and ASKED PP to lease them these 3 characters until the shows were back up and running and PP agreed because they did not want them to be out of work and they wanted to be able to bring them back ((meaning the actors since characters can always be recast )) when the show was coming back on! Another thing you GH fans don’t seem to Grasp is that this is about the Actors not the Characters, By legal standards ABC does not have a Leg to stand on as they do NOT own the rights to them characters and IF ABC’S Contracts with them 3 actors was on the up and up THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING BECAUSE PP WOULD NOT HAVE A LEGAL LEG TO STAND ON AND THE 3 OF THEM WOULD STILL BE TAPING…..
Fact 1 Like I said there is a Contract between ABC & PP
FACT 2 If ABC abided by the contract none of this would be happening!
FACT 3 LEASE does not mean OWN! When you lease a car you don’t own it do you???
FACT 4 ABC did not have any right to contract actors to play characters they DO NOT OWN
FACT 5 FV is nothing more than ABC’S little lap dog! You should be proud of your EP for taking over Brian Frons job for ABC!!!
FACT 6 ME signed up the first time and SAID that if PP ever got the show up and going he would like to be a part of it!!!
FACT 7 Not once has ABC ALLOWED the actors to speak to the media YET puts out “Statements” VIA ABC spokesman for the same Actors they banned from talking to the Media!! If the actors ((ME)) are telling ABC that they don’t wanna go back and again the contracts were on the up and up ABC would not have to let the actors go back they could keep them on as other characters with out all this, & why not just let them say it for themselves? BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WHAT IS BEING SAID!
If ABC did everything on the up and up and followed the contract they have with PP NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING! ME and RH and KA would NOT have been shocked to find out that they could not play them characters on GH as of the 8th, Lawyers would never have been involved, PP WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LEGALLY ABLE TO TAKE BACK THEM CHARACTERS , ABC is the one that SCREWED them actors NOT PP! PP has every right to Something they OWN! So much to what you know RC all ready said that they are only doing the “vampire” S/L to pay “homage to PC” and had no intentions of keeping the Caleb character so what OTHER character were they changing ME into…Do tell!!!! PP is the one that offered to do the crossover your Master ABC is the one that doesn’t want to!!!
Sorry hunny unlike you and your other Good Little Blind ABC Sheep I don’t have to “put my own spin on things” See I am a LOYAL OLTL fan and have followed PP since the cancellation, I have read everything from both PP and ABC and Guess what?? ABC is the cause for all of this……It doesn’t matter what you GH fans think you are ENTITLED TO, Those characters BELONG TO PP AND OLTL and the only one SCREWING THE ACTORS IS ABC TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF HUNNY IT IS A MUCH CLEARER PICTURE!!!!

Joliefan Forever- I have read most of your comments and have to say- Who are you to Scream and Yell and chastize the GH fans? Remember, GH kept OLTL actors working when PP dropped the ball (for whatever reasons, they dropped the ball and left MANY actors, crew and writers out of work.) Yes, your show is coming back, Hooray! They can honestly take ALL their characters back and leave GH alone in my opinion, however, many OLTL fans came over to GH and love the characters there.

I don’t think ABC owns the characters, just like PP doesn’t own the actors, so apparently I am not a “Blind little ABC sheep” as you so eloquently called many GH fans. HOWEVER, your OLTL characters did not SAVE GH. Remember, ABC only kept one show, that would be GH right? Not OLTL.

If ME choses to stay at GH, that would be his decision, along with any other actors that decide to leave or stay any other show! Again, I couldn’t care less if he or Starr or Todd stay or go, they do not enthuse me at all. However, you annoy the snot out of me with your name calling and bullying to get people to shut up with their own opinions.

I just had to say, not all the GH fans are “sheep” and I am pretty sure all the OLTL fans are bullies screaming at other fans!

Quick Correction!- I just had to say, not all the GH fans are “sheep” and I am pretty sure NOT all the OLTL fans are bullies screaming at other fans!

I agree I want him back on GH

Well let me see Angela, I KNOW FOR A FACT that ABC does NOT own the characters of John, Starr or “Todd”, All ABC owns is the contracts to 3 ACTORS. NO GH will not end up with OLTL’s characters in the end! GH and RC will end up trying to figure out how to take these 3 Actors that played 3 characters for a year and now explain how they look the same but are completely different ppl!! Have fun! It’s a GREAT THING NOT CARING WHAT YOU THINK OF ME! MOST GH fans on this topic are Good Little Sheep! It is not my fault that MOST GH fans can’t grasp reality and LOGIC and can not distinguish between actors and their characters.
BTW yea it was our characters that brought the FANS your show so desperately needed in order to keep your show from being axed which it was EXTREMELY close to being just that so YES our characters SAVED your show!! Why do you think ABC went to PP ASKING to USE our characters? Because they needed the fans from OLTL!!!! BTW I could care less if you think I am a bully!!! LMAO!!!

Wouldn’t hold my breath on him coming back as McBain that character belongs to OLTL and needs to stay there, that would be unfair to the OLTL fans. If he wants to stay at Gh then more power to him but it should be as a new character, he could always resurrect Caleb or whoever. PP has plans for John and I doubt that includes a straight splitup with Natalie, especially considering the original plan was for Jolie to get married. GH has had the character for what a year? OLTL created the character and had him for 9-10 years. ME can do what he wants but they need to leave the Character of John alone

I second what Becky said!

Ditto! The character of John McBain will always belong to OLTL. I wish Michael would reconsider and come back to OLTL but that’s his choice. The character of John McBain had more air time on OLTL than any other character. Essentially, he was the show’s MVP. OLTL fans deserve the character to come back. JOLIE is the best love story since Luke and Laura!

That being said, no one is better than Michael Easton.

If Michael would play John McBain on OLTL and Caleb Morely on GH during the downtime, that would be great.

I agree partially with you. John may have started with OLTL and have a connection there but that doesnt mean anything. Skye Chandler was a major character on AMC and then went to GH. She may not have left behind a kid but she still started on AMC. Many fathers dont live in the same town with their kids. I feel he could stay at GH as Caleb, and turn up missing as John which could work out for both shows. Natalie wasnt always with John and theyd probably, like most soap couples, wouldnt stay together anyway. Natalie and Sam could grieve for the missing John on both of their shows. Many women like Natalie do raise their children without their father and its been done often on soaps b4.
To loose John isnt unfair to some of us OLTL fans because we lost many favorites from this show b4 and if we like or not we move on.

“Unfair” to OLTL fans? Are these fans aware that many GH fans, like myself, have been OLTL fans for decades? Also, having John,Todd, and Starr on GH allowed Llanview to continue. As GH ratings rose, so did PP’s chances of bringing OLTL back. Crossovers would be good for OLTL and let us not forget that for OLTL to succeed, it needs all the viewers it can get. How about all of us OLTL fans embrace everything that will help it succeed and welcome all viewers, including GH viewers? Jolie getting married was the plan for the past regime, there is no telling where the present regime plans to go. If John is recast for OLTL and Michael Easton returns to GH as another character, that is fine too. I’m willing to go along for the ride and enjoy some great storytelling.

Uhm, Roger Howarth will be back as Todd Manning after a four week return to OLTL. It has been confirmed. I am sure that GH will be allowed to keep all three characters in the end. The updated OLTL cast list does not include John, does not include Star, and does not include Todd longterm.

Totally agree Becky. Will miss Michael Easton but John McBain needs to stay in Llanview with Natalie & Liam. I don’t see much chemistry with KM myself. That may be because I’m such a hugh JOLIE fan!

Sorry Phil but you are wrong it has been confirmed that RH is Returning, there was NOTHING stating “Todd” was returning! GH fans really need to read the articles……PP owns the character and they DO NOT have to let “Todd” return to GH

I want Michael Easton to stay on GH because I have no intention of watching the OLTL reboot. He has awesome chemistry with Kelly Monaco and belongs there with her.

I think ME should be where he and he alone wants to be. I would prefer him going back to OLTL because he and Melissa Archer also had great chemist and he played in a lot of story lines so he was one of the leads. I don’t feel the attractio between ME and KM at all. However, I respect him highly as a person as well as an actor so I think if he is where he wants to be, he will shine more. The character of John Mcbaine should go back to OLTL and it would be fine with me if there was a cross-over. No matter which show he is on, I will be watching because I think that much of himn ry

I’m loving McBain on GH. I like Easton, but I also like McBain, and it’d be fun to see him, Sam and Spinelli P.I.-ing up a storm in Port Charles.

Since Canadians will be denied access to One Life To Live..I am so,hoping that Michael will stay with General Hospital..He and the others from One Life are the only reason that I even tuned into General Hospital at all..I watch the soap ONLY because of them..

Double DITTO!!!!!!~

I too, like many of those writing above am a long time GH and OLTL fan, and Michael Easton has always been one of my favorites. IMO, the most important point here, is that an excellent actor is out of work right now, because of contractual /character issues, and no one, especially he and his family are gaining from this, nor are the fans (whether they be for John McBain on OLTL or GH). Behind the scenes politics can really take a bite out of a storyline, not to mention out of someone’s livelihood, and that is truly sad. I understand things like this happen in business, but clearly if the decision is taking this long, they know how valuable and important ME/John McBain is, and I hope Michael can benefit from that once this is resolved. I personally, loved him with Natalie on OLTL, but as was said above, he is now so enmeshed in the GH storyline, and truly thriving and entertaining playing the dual role, not to mention the chemistry he has with Sam, as played by Kelly Monaco, so I hope he does remain on GH. I hope this is resolved soon, and I certainly hope the result is something that makes Michael Easton happy, and I know all of his fans will be happy once he is back to work again. How nice of Michael to share that adorable photo of he and his daughter with us. It is too bad that his playing the dual role on GH came after the deadline for Emmy noms, as he would so be worthy of that nod for sure. Here is hoping he is nominated and wins next year!!!!!

Please just get him back to General Hospital STAT Sam and Danny need him, he needs them!

John has a son that NEEDS him! Let Sam find someone else to take over Jason’s role as Daddy to Danny!

WOW! First of all “Joliefan” do you realize that these people are not real? As far as ME, RH and KA are concerned they are people. People who have lives, families and bills to pay. Do you think PP was going to pay them to sit around until they (PP) got their act together? To imply that PP “owns” anyone is absurd. Also if memory serves me right PP had one year to bring OLTL and AMC back or the rights would once again revert back to abc. I think that’s called “leasing”. Believe me no one was more angry and shocked by the way abc treated the shows and their fans (I was/am a fan of ALL abc soaps since 1970!) and I do not watch anything on abc except for GH since April 2011. So your implication of all “you’s” (Note YOU’s is not a word) abc fans thinking GH owns these characters is laughable at best. I will not get into name calling with you but you need to back off a little. You are all over the place carrying on and starting crap with people and just giving OLTL fans a bad name. The show is going online in a half hour format and their won’t even be 5 shows a week. In the big scheme of things it may not work financially for some of the actors. I would think the paycut would be substantial. You should just calm down and lets see how this unfolds. Believe me it will all work out in the end. Maybe you should consider reading a book on proper grammer while we wait for OLTL to come back.

I like ME’s JMcB on GH though,he needs to go back to OLTL & settle things with Natalie & then fly back to Port Charles 😉

lol he needs to settle nothing .. He has dealt with it and moved on..
He is no longer John of OL he is now McBain on GH ..
Why go back to the same old junk when John McBain has grown into a new and improved man, an awesome men living in Port Charles..

LOVE the new GH McBain it suits him well, very well..

He does have to go back and settle things with Natalie since they do have a child together! Once he does that without Clint’s interference, then whatever happens whether good or bad, they do need to settle things! If they don’t get back together than there has to be some kind of an arrangement where he can see Liam while he is in Port Chuck! And you never know. maybe Melissa Archer might be in a few episodes of GH!

I also feel that he has nothing to settle on OLTL. Im shocked to see that people think he does. If Natalie wasnt on the reboot would people want him to go back to OLTL? I really dont think PP will let him go back to GH. Also, they will keep Todd on OLTL, they won’t let him go, I can see it coming. This is why I won’t watch the new AMC or OLTL, PP is bulldogging these actors. I love them on GH, more then I ever did on OLTL.

And I love these character much more on OLTL than GH. I feel like they stick out like a sore thumb on GH. And I hate to break this to you guys but John HAS HIS OWN SON LIAM living in Llanview. And the more he ignore his son the more unlikable he becomes. John is supposed to be such a good guy but he has not seen or even talked to his own 2 1/2 year little boy, what type of man would do that? The John I grew to like on OLTL would be fighting for his son not wandering around a strange town looking for something to do.

I agree with suOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a Port Charles resident now! I like were his
character on GH ! New & Fresh! New START! He can do both. Settle up w/Natalie & get visiting rights to see Liam.

You have lost your mind su0000! Something that ALL of you GH fans need to Understand is this……..ABC DOES NOT OWN S**T! THEY DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OF JOHN STARR OR “TODD” THOSE CHARACTERS BELONG TO PP, Now I hope that is cleared up and you GH fans stop acting like you are entitled to something you have no claim to! John is OLTL, He Originated the character and Played him for over 10 years so don’t say that he is no longer John of OLTL, HE WILL ALWAYS BE JOHN FROM OLTL!
KateK, John has a SON what the hell part of that don’t you ppl seem to Grasp! John grew up without his Father, He would never ever let Liam grow up without him! And the LOVE OF JOHN’S LIFE IS NATALIE! You want Caleb & Livvie go to youtube and type in Port Charles and watch all you like, If you wanna see John tune in to OLTL! No one is Bulldogging anyone, ABC had NO right to contract them actors to play Characters they DO NOT OWN, the only ones that lied is ABC, If they had been on the up and up with the actors there would not be all these problems and actors not knowing anything when it pertains to them! Stop being a Blind ABC robot and see what they actually did! To bad for you that they don’t belong to you!

agree SU!

So what if he has son..
80% of the soap opera dads have a daughter/son and they do not see their father again until they are grown if even then..
It is soap opera and couples split , every month, with and without children and some of the children will never see their fathers… no big deal .. It is normal in soaps..
John is not the exception 🙂

Me/John belongs on GH .. nothing for him in OL .. that fell apart ..

There is a lot more forb John in Llanview than there is for him in Port Charles. I’m not exactly even sure what he has there, but I know what he has in Llanview his son, Natalie and all of his good friends that have meant so much to him through the years. He would not even be able to see his brother Michael or mother because they belong to PP. And I’m sorry it looks bad that John hangs around Jason’s son while not seeing his own son. One of the things everyone loves about Patrick is he is such a dedicated dad to emma, and even Luke is with his children. A character looks bad when they don’t fight to be with their own children.

I watch both shows, and I like Michael Easton, but fighting this way isn’t right. I think Michael should do what is good for him. The Character John McBain belongs to OLTL, and if Michael wants to stay with GH it should be as a new Character. That would be like Tony Geary going to OLTL for a while and wanting to stay. He would need to go as another character other than Luke Spencer, because that character belongs to GH. Sharing the character makes more sense, but that would probably be too easy of a solution!

su0000 – you are so wrong!

I want to see him stay on GH too! Sharing the character makes a lot of sense
to me! His character has grown a lot since OLTL!

You are going to be really pissed off su0000 when the REALITY that ABC does NOT own John McBain finally sinks in to your head

Joanna I completely agree it is so refreshing to see someone who actually gets it!

I agree with you. look how long it took Frisco to come back to see his daughter. it didnt seem to tarnish his character.

omg this joliefan forever sounds more like psycho fan forever. look cray cray, your argument doesn’t hold up no matter how you spin it. clearly the actors don’t want to go back to oltl full time its obvious they want to stay at GH. yes, your right pp owns the characters but why are they so desperate to get all 3 characters back? i think its more about them wanting the actors back to play the characters. and tell me why isn’t Jessica being brought back? isn’t she a vital character? i don’t see any hoopla being made about that character, and why not?, that character had more on air time then any other character on the show,yet i have yet to hear it being recast, is the character even coming back? so why pp so desperate to bring star back her storyline ended on oltl finale, john and todd were left hanging so i understand them wanting to tell their storylne, but still its funny how pp is so desperate for these 3 characters on GH BUT NO MENTION OF JESSICA BUCHANAN

I think they want these three because they want to benefit from their popularity on GH ans are hoping for GH viewers to tune into OLTL. Your point is valid.

Ana Only if I cared what you think! My argument as a matter of fact all OLTL fans arguments are FACT, See unlike you good little Sheep I and MANY MANY MANY others have followed PP since day 1, So I have read EVERYTHING unlike you GH fans whom only started Well Trying to read anyways, Since it has “affected” your show, Which you have your Precious ABC to thank for that! Facts are Facts Sweetheart and you can ignore them or not but the FACTS remain! Ya wanna know why OLTL fans seem so “crazy” or “Emotional” Or whatever, Because we have to deal with Ignorant Uninformed PPL like you, Having to repeat the same FACTS over and over and over gets aggravating because you Good little Blind ABC Sheep just won’t see what is right in front of your faces and just keep spewing ABC’s Lies like it was gospel bashing a company that has every right to them characters!! John Starr and “Todd” are OWNED BY PP AND OLTL and we should not have to give them up for GH and their fans no matter how you Spin it they belong to OLTL and 2 of them 3 are FRONT RUNNER CHARACTERS and have been since the day they came on!
You GH fans are some of the most ignorant UNLOYAL delusional Bunch of Sheep I have ever seen! You’s read in to the things that are not said, You GH fans keep Saying that he said that he did not want to come back to OLTL, Yet nothing has been printed or spoken BY MICHAEL that he does not want to come back! All you have is an ABC Spokesman’s word for it! Oh yes how TRUSTING ABC IS! While on that subject IF ME had actually said that to ABC why then does ABC have the actors on a ban from talking to the media??? Why not let the actors shout it from the roof tops tell any one that will listen?? And Riddle me this, why is RH’s Family still living in NY, If everything on ABC’s End was on the up and up! Smarten up Little Sheep! How do you know that Bree has not been signed or they are not talking to her? Do you know her personally? I doubt it! Are you her agent? Highly doubtful!! John and Todd were not left hanging…..It is called Open ended for OLTL so PP could tell the rest of those stories any way they wanted and Guess what Hunny they CAN! John had just gotten Liam and Natalie back so NO he was not “Left Hanging”, The 2 Todd Story line is FAR FROM OVER, PP does not have to follow that cocken bull story that RC tried to pull to explain “Todd” walking free around PC! It’s funny that GH fans can not grasp simple logic and thinking! Shame really!

EVIE, Benefit of what popularity? They were popular on OLTL….And we don’t need GH’S fan base for our show Unlike you’s needed OLTL fans to save your pathetic show!

I hope he will be able to go back to work soon. Love the character of John McBain on GH and Michael Easton is a good fit on GH

I agree. They should cut the bull and bring Michael Easton back to work on Gh & OLTL!!!!

I want to see him on both soaps. Michael Easton is such a huge talent , I’m sure we will see more of John on TV. Such a adorable picture! Michael , in joy your time off with family!

Hope to see him in Llanview. I want John back with Natalie & Liam!!!

That would make oltl perfect for me.

For me too!

and ME!

I would also love to see that. I’m looking forward to OLTL coming back and Michael as John would only make it better.

Most importantly, Michael Easton seems to be one of the nicest guys on television, so I hope everything works out well for him.

I have alway’s liked John with Natalie. It has been a rollercoaster with their
relationship. On again,off again. Will they STAY together this time if there is a next ti me. I wish they would stay together once & for all and stop breaking up!

Natalie doesn’t want to see John because of the picture Todd sent her a while ago of John kissing Sam…Clint is preventing him from seeing them both. He can do both!

And that right there is the reason why he needs to be back in LLanview…..can you imagine the juicy stories and confrontations that would go down between Clint, Natalie & John?! It would be sooooo good… : )

Susan if you know anything at all about Jolie, Her getting a Picture of him kissing Sam would be NOTHING! PLEASE! They have been threw WAY WORSE and survived, Sam would NOT do anything to JOLIE…..And John would NEVER Ever Let Clint or anyone else keep him from his son…..RC and GH are trying to ruin the character of John McBain!

And Me too! JOLIE and Liam forever! Let GH bring back Jason for Sam and Danny John has his Own Family in LLanview P.A.!

Oh please. Please. I’m a GH fan, but I’m also a One Life to Live fan. Haven’t we been hurt enough????? Can’t we please have our show – and our actors back? Please?????

no, request denied, lol, just kidding.

Uh…the actors dont belong to OL, they are free to be on any show they want. The characters are part of OL history and can be recast or, if PP is smart they will allow the characters to relocate to Port Charles (GH) just like people do in real life.

If PP is smart they will KEEP THEIR CHARACTER’s for the reboot. Whatever the actors decide to do is up to them, but my days of watching GH are over. Any show that hypes Genie Francis’s return and than ignores her will not get my viewership anymore. And with OLTL back I don’t need to get my soap fix there.

No one is ignoring Genie Francis. She has a huge storyline coming up. The writers are weaving tales for all characters. Sometimes you see some more than others and then it reverses. It keeps the momentum going and keeps the show interesting.

Great post Joanna!!! I am also amazed how un-loyal GH fans are! They are all over these boards making comments like if The 3 from OLTL leaves GH will collapse, and making such a fuss over characters they don’t own and barely saying anything about all the Alumni that are coming back Alumni mind you that MADE THAT SHOW, If I were the Alumni or even the actors on the show now I would be disgusted at the way they are acting!

BTW Erin, Your precious ABC had NO RIGHT to contract actors to play Characters they did not own epically knowing that their use of these characters was LIMITED. The characters are PART OF OLTL NOT JUST IT’S HISTORY no matter how much you want it to be that way! It so amazes me that you GH fans only think about yourselves, Recast them, Who cares if that is not what the OLTL fans want! You’s screamed BLOODY EFFEN MURDER Over the Chick that Plays Elizabeth Leaving, and her character was going to be recast, so it is not ok for your characters but it is for ours? GEE HOW SELFISH OF YOU’S!

Thank Jolie fan I feel the same way you do.

Cray cray usually agree with each other! And koliefanfirever is as cray cray as they get !

Aria, if your going to try to get in to this Convo Might I suggest you first learn how to Spell! Sarcasm is not Cray ((EYE ROLL)) or Bullying, it is obviously a concept many GH fans don’t get!

There’s a big ol’ grammar and punctuation beam in your eye, Joliefan.

I think he could make a visit back to OLTL once in a while, but I really think he should stay with GH.


Michael belongs on GH .. He has started a new life/career there..
With OLTL he was not used very much, just the same old crap for him year after year, he never grew on OL .. He’d only end up being Nat’s and the Buchanan’s underdog..
With GH Michael has grown into an awesome John!!
He is now a GH Star!! and LOVED!!

He is a star on GH.. And he never was a star in OLTL, he was just John nothing special but on GH he rocks!!!!

Selfish people think of what they want and not what ME would want, and I feel he loves the’ new him ‘ on GH ..He has found his path , he has arrived on GH ..

Long Live M. Easton on GH his new home. !

good point.

This is so true. All you have to do is look at his appearance on OL the past couple of years. He did not look healthy or happy – rather that the show/role was killing him and he was wasting away.

On GH he looks magnificent – healthy, happy, alive. Clearly everything about the move to CA, the show, the co-stars and the storyline appeal to him. No wonder he has ‘no plans to return to OL’. Why would he want to? Allow him to shine on GH – it will be good for the show and good for him!

They all looked miserable the last few years on ABC, it was horrible there, but now it is not being done by them, all the actors are saying how nice it is there so he would not be wasting away, Prospect Park let those characters go on GH because they were still working on reviving the soaps with the stipulation that when they were up and running they would come to OLTL and abc agreed (KA was never going to go back full time but said up for every once in awhile & RH was not announced because they suspended production while working on getting the right backers)
But ME was signed to do it. It would be nice if they were able to go between both, I know that would probably be a logistics nightmare. End result I want what the actor wants because that is who is important in this messed up equation.

@ Erin you do realize that, they had him playing a man on the edge after “Losing” the son he thought he had and losing the love of his life, John went on a Downward spiral with Alcohol , And before that all the Crap with YUCKY and her losing their child etc. Second he was SENT TO LA and GH because PP wanted to keep him, RH ,and KA working while they finalized everything for OLTL so they could have them come back and play them PIVOTAL characters IT WAS UR PRECIOUS ABC THAT DID NOT ABIDE BY THE CONTRACT WITH PP FOR THESE CHARACTERS!, “Todd;s” story line ((from the OLTL point of view and that is the one that matters)) is not over, John and Natalie’s Story line was just beginning, Starr is the only one who actually ended her story line and moved to LA with Cole and Hope. The things you GH fans grasp to is kinda funny! You actually thought that he looked like that because the show was “killing” him? OMG!!!

What show were you watcing Michael was a top player on OLTL. John Mcbain had one big story after another. On GH he has been boring and has no direction, no family and no ties. And he seems like a jerk leaving HIS SON LIAM and not seeing him for 8 months.


Double Ditto!!! 🙂

totally agree with you Su.

I have mixed feelings on this situation! Visit Llanview but stay on GH ..

BOY su0000 you got some effen nerve! So when did you become ME’s Agent? Or better yet his confidant? Do you talk to him on a Daily basis? My guess would be NO to all questions….Michael Easton is and always was a MAIN PLAYER on OLTL so you can take your NON KNOWLEDGE self and shove off! There were plenty of times during the 10 + years on OLTL that if he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unhappy and bored that he could have said No thank you to OLTL and walked away, BUT SURPRISE he didn’t did he?? I love how you gh fans know exactly what these actors whom you have never met are thinking and what they want! John has been in some of the best S/L’s OLTL ever told, The execution S/L, Him taking Cole under his wing like a Son, The Horrific Car accident for which he was in Contract negotiations with OLTL again he could have easily walked away! How many times he saved Todd, Just to name a few. He found his Path? Oh so I suppose OLTL hindered him from finding his path for 10 + years! Really su0000 just stop posting cause the more you post the more your stupidity and lack of Knowledge of both ME and his character of John McBain shows!

You do realize that you’re coming off as a total and unhinged lunatic, don’t you?

Joliefan forever if there’s anyone who sounds out of their rockers, it’s you! What are u on ?cause u sound cray cray! Look, take hour pill, chil because no matter what we want its now up to ME and where he wants to work and play who ever he ends up playing. You just make no sense with your argument. You sound cray cray n more cray cray.

Ah More comments from Aria! You should be proud your a GH fan and you got something Right! Bravo to you! Now I will tell you what you got right, Are you paying attention? Michael is the only one that can make that decision…..All you ppl see is Caleb and Livvie, I see a Man that is a first time dad, not being able to spend as much time with his little girl as he would like because Taping for a Soap on a Network is extremely Hectic and the actors barely get any time off to spend quality time with their loved ones…..Do you know how many Daytime actors have missed out on so much of their children’s life because of the hecticness of doing that job? A job that is for OUR ENTERTAINMENT! You’s should be happy for him that he is given this opportunity with PP to do what he loves and still be there to watch his little girl grow up and be able to spend time with his wife…..Or doesn’t that matter to you GH fans? From the posts on here and other sites my guess would be NO! Because it is all about you GH fans isn’t it? Maybe Michael wants to a part of this New Medium He did sign up the first time and has made statements that If PP was able to bring back the show he would like to be a part of it, But that doesn’t matter either, because ABC & GH OWN HIM which some of you GH fans said that, Now that is Crazy, Slavery was abolished By President Lincoln!
You keep saying he has to do what is best for his family….As long as that means he stays on GH, Because I guess, Fame and Money are more important then being a dad to his little girl and a Husband to his wife! But OLTL fans are selfish! You’s try to use this statement as proof of how much he wants to be on GH, Yet there is nothing saying that, All his Statement says is he does not know when he going back to work but he is ENJOYING all the TIME he is getting to spend with his daughter, His statement was not Depressed or Dark like some of you GH like to believe it is…..The man is not Financially suffering, He is enjoying spending time with his family!
None of us knows what is going on inside his head ALL THO MOST GH FANS SEEM TO THINK THEY DO! No one knows what is going on behind the scenes…… But PP has a heck of a lot more to offer Michael that ABC can not match! And you GH fans might not like the way this ends!

I want nothing more than to have John back in Llanview with his son, Liam and Natalie. They belong together. Whether that means Michael stays on in the role he created or they recast the role. I want nothing but the best for Michael Easton! I adore him(and his little girl is just the cutest little girl ever)! The character of John belongs on One Life to Live! One life to live fans deserve to have THEIR characters back!

You said what you want, what about what Michael Easton wants? It is his life, ya know? BTW the character of John was hardly used on OLTL, on GH he has become a star. Why would he want to do an online show when he can be on tv? Thats why most of the OLTL cast didnt sign back on.

She said she wants John back on OLTL, she didn’t say it had to be ME. And once again did you actually watch OLTL ME was always in the top 3 on appearances. And had many stories centered around him. On GH he seems more like wallpaper. And actually a majority of the major players have already signed on to OLTL including ES, JVD, RSW, HBS, KD, MA, FL and RS. And AMC have most of their big names back. By the way I wouldn’t put PP down GH fans might need them when ABC finds a cheaper replacement.

Are you serious with this response? “John was hardly used on OLTL?” Ridiculous! Of course he was used! Michael’s episode count as John McBain were among the HIGHEST! As for what I originally said , go back and re read it! I adore Michael Easton and will support him on WHATEVER he chooses to do, but the CHARACTER he portrays belongs on OLTL! I have no problem with Michael on GH, but make him a NEW character. None if this would be happening right now IF that had happened from the get go! This is on ABC , by trying to bait the OL fans into watching GH(to save GH) by bringing 3 of THEIR characters over to GH! You can ignore that or not, but it is FACT!!

You’re kidding, right? Most of the OLTL cast DID sign back on.
One Life to Live Cast List:
Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan Banks)
Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)
Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan)
Robert Gorrie (Matthew Buchanan)
Laura Harrier (Destiny Evans)
Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth)
Florencia Lozano (Tea Delgado)
Kelley Missal (Danielle Manning)
Erika Slezak (Victoria ‘Viki’ Lord Buchanan)
Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan)
Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord)
Andrew Trischitta (Jack Manning)
Tuc Watkins (David Vickers)
Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)

Most of the ones who didn’t had more than run their time on the show and others had moved on to different projects. You have every right to be unbalanced about the issue but that doesn’t mean you can make incorrect blanket statements and go uncorrected.

Easton can do what he wants. But he doesn’t own the character he plays. Frankly, I think he’s been much better on GH than he was on OLTL and hope he stays there. But he doesn’t have the right to keep the character, and neither does GH without PP’s approval.
Easton is pretty lucky. He has two shows that seem to want him, while other actors go begging.

How do you know what ME wants? OH that’s right I forgot the ABC Spokesman said so, Funny if he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy being on GH and does NOT want to go back to OLTL why didn’t ABC let him say it? Why did they tell the actors not to speak to the Media but then “Make statements for them” Smarten up this is all ABC pulling their same sneaky shady s**t they always do! He was hardly used on OLTL huh? Really?? Let’s see he is the Chief Of Detectives for LVPD he is also the Owner of Rodi’s, He has family that lives there, His son and Future WIFE lives there, His friends are there, Ya know what at least be informed before saying such silly things!!!
Why would he want to do an Online show, Maybe to be a part of something extremely huge, Do you know how many ppl watch “TV shows” online or flat out watch ONLINE SHOWS???? Sooner or later all Soaps will be on this new Medium. Maybe he would like to be able to spend more time with his family something he will not be able to do doing a show on a network with a VERY HECTIC SCHEDULE! With PP he will get at least a week to 2 weeks off to spend with his family every month that is something neither ABC nor GH can Match! BTW ME signed up the first time to go with PP and made comments about signing up again. So you know all the Cast members from OLTL huh? Funny, Erica ((Viki)), Jerry ((Clint)), Hillary ((Nora)), Robert ((BO)), Kassie ((Blair)), Flo ((Tea)), Kelli ((Danni)), Andrew ((Jack)), Tuc ((David)), Patrick ((Little Sam)), Shawn, Vimal , Rama, And Cutter and they have yet to announce more signings so please really……

You are right John MCBain belongs on and is needed on OLTL.

Thank you Cheryl – Totally Agree!!


I would like him to come back to OLTL full time if possible but if that can’t happen then i’d like to see him come back for a visit to finish up some loose ends there with Natalie before heading back to Port Charles on GH! I like what he said on FB and the picture is cute!

John needs to be back with Natalie and Liam. The build up was way to intense to not let it carry on..the chemistry between John and Natalie so tangable…John come home. 🙂

I agree he needs to come back to his son and the woman he has loved for the last 10 years Natalie.

They are on the outs again!

BRAVO! Completely agree!!!!

Looking forward to seeing him back on GH. I think he’s a better fit with the GH cast. I so love the undeniable chemistry between him and Kelly Monaco. They sizzle. I could never see his “John” with Melissa Archer’s “Natalie”. Just not a good fit. There was no spark, so sizzle, kinda boring actually. Was so happy when the writers began to pair him with Kelly.

I agree, Judith. It’s time for both McBain and Sam to move forward in their lives – I see no reason for him to return to OLTL, especially since he doesn’t want to go. That hot, hot, hot chemistry he has with Sam is palpable – and I think he’s really been delightful on GH – he fits in so well with the rest of the cast there.

If he wants to stay than they can create a new character for GH. And sorry him and KM just bore me to tears. John had more spark when Tea was in town and with Lucy than he has with Sam. I find myself ff through John and Sam scenes!

Joanna Great post!!!!!!! PPL that want to see him and KM can watch Port Charles over and over on Youtube!

People who want to see John & Natalie (aka Jokie) can watch them over and over on YT. They are over!

Nah that’s ok I can and WILL watch them on OLTL, raising their son and Planning their wedding!

He needs to go back to OLTL it is a kick in the teeth to his former cast mates that he isn’t back there already, He’s not really integrated into GH in the same way as OLTL

What about all the other actors who didn’t sign back on, are they screwing over their castmasts as well? Michael Easton owes the fans nothing,. BTW he is way better on GH.

What other actors are you referring to? 90 percent of the OLTL cast are the ORIGINAL actors!! Reading is fundamental!

LMFAO @ Reading is Fundamental!

Without Bo John is not as likable.

Michael was one of the first to sign with PP a year ago. You can’t fault him for moving forward with his life. He’s moved out to Cali with his family now. I’m ecstatic that OLTL is being brought back but it’s a year to late for Michael.

I’m fine with Michael moving on, but John needs to be recast than and return to Llanview.

Who are all you ppl to actually give answers for Michael!? None of you’s know him personally and most don’t know anything or very very little about his character because they never watched OLTL but RUN their mouths like they are some kind of Authority oh him and his Character and what he wants to do!

Want Michael on GH as #McBain. Let Liam belong to Brody and Natalie and call it a day. He fits so much better and there is so much more potential for him on GH – bigger canvas, new characters interactions, network TV show, chemistry with Kelly Monaco (which is off the charts), and excellent EP and HW who know his talent and style. It would be a major step backwards and a complete waste of his ability and popularity to be on a 30 min online soap, 4 days a week with 5 week arcs. Just typing that last sentence shows how ridiculous it is for him (or anyone) to even consider it. Prospect Park has mangled the strategic decisions and PR on the Easton issue and given themselves black eye in the minds of his and GH fans. Does not bode well for how Prospect Park will treat the actors who have already signed up or their ability to really make the reboot successful. They look amateurish.

Oh so OLTL just needs to bow down to GH I don’t think so. LIAM IS JOHN’S SON and why should that change for GH. ABC kicked OLTL fans in the teeth enough and trying to steal one of OLTL’s characters is going one step to far. And to be honest I have not seen much potential for John on gh he seems rather aimless to me. On OLTL we got to know his brother, mother, sister in law, cousin an even his father. On GH he is like a jerky nomad who up a abondons his son.
And in my view PP is doing an amaing job just look at the new photo shoot and listen to the excited stars. And PP has EVERY RIGHT TO WANT TO KEEP THE CHARACTERS THEY PAID FOR!

Joanna, I know you are invested in the character of John but I am more invested in the Actor. PP is keeping this man from earning a living, taking away his livelihood. I read elsewhere that a sticking point is PP insisting that the actors pay their airfare to work on OLTL. That has nothing to do with ABC and is all PP. They are hurting real people, with real families to support. I get that you love John, Natalie, Liam. You want the character on OLTL and only OLTL. You blame ABC. Right now, it is PP who is hurting this actor. This actor who is trying to earn a living. PP isn’t allowing him to play another character on GH. PP is insisting he not work at all. That is not cool

Gillian this is once again on ABC because they can just make him a new character. I wan he best for OLTL and that includes having their best character.

Michael Easton belongs on GH! LUV ME on GH! It has been very obvious who is at fault for this mess and it is PP. It was PP that announced in Nov 2011 that they would NOT be able to bring OLTL/AMC online. In that statement it was very clear done deal was NOT going to happen. The reason these three actors came on GH as the same characters from OLTL was a tribute to that soap and fans of OLTL.( FV said this in an interview.) I think all of us should realize it would have been way easier to bring them all on as new characters. It is now 2013 and PP is all of the sudden bringing these soaps online and wants the characters back. Then forces Michael Easton off GH. That is rediculous and unfair to the actors and viewers of GH. Michael Easton moved his family to CA. People need to understand the online OLTL is going to be taped in CT. That is where the set is. NO way should ME have to go back and forth. If GH has to change Michael Easton’s character that is what they need to do. If in fact PP wants the character back that bad then why did they force Michael Easton off the GH set? I think that speaks volumes about PP. What a beautiful picture of him and his daughter. I really hope to hear soon that Michael Easton has returned to the set of GH.

Actually PP always said they were going to try to get OLTL and AMC back. They loaned those characters to GH to keep the show in peoples minds with the understanding as soon as they were able to get up and running they would get their characters back. And to be honest it appears Roger is doing both shows, and the way they tape its not that bad for te actors. Also CT is only a train ride from NY or a short car ride. Thorston Kaye seems to have no problem with it. Also PP is not forcing ME to do anything they just won’t let GH use their character anymore.

NO Joanna you are WRONG I read the statement put out by PP November 2011 and also read all of the backlash from soap fans that read it. So obviously PP was very clear it was a done deal wasn’t going to happen. What I find WAY out of line is YOU are MAKING things up. NEVER was their a statement by PP that the reason they loaned these characters to GH was to keep OLTL in peoples minds while PP got it together to bring OLTL online. PURE NONSENSE! For ANYONE that has a BRAIN there is NO way GH NOR the actor would PUT themselves in that situation. YOU state PP is NOT forcing ME to do anything REALLY having the actor FORCED off the GH set tells anyone with common sense that PP is MAKING it difficult for GH to change ME’s character. The worst thing about this is GH and all three actors involved were trying to do SOMETHING respectful in honor of OLTL and the fans that watched it by keeping the actors the same characters they were on OLTL. THEY ONLY did this becuase OLTL WAS CANCELLED and PP BAILED ON BRINGING IT ON LINE! GET IT! IT would have been SO much easier for the actors and GH to just BRING all three on as NEW characters!!!! NOW SOME of you OLTL viewers want to bash anything a GH viewer has to say or bash GH. Then to expect or EVEN think that doing a crossover should be NO big deal for the actor ARE YOU serious? GH IS located IN CA this online thing is in CT. LET ME BE clear ONCE again CA WEST COAST CT EAST COAST. SOME and I dare say SOME of these posters need to step back and realize PP needs viewers and we shall see what happens next if PP continues in the direction they have been going. Forcing an actor out of work and off the set NOPE don’t believe that will bring viewers. YOU stated PP only wants character back so TELL us what is your spin on that one. NEVERMIND all of us that have common sense KNOW why PP did that.

Susan you need to slow your roll~! YOU are the one that needs to learn to read it was REPORTED that even tho PP was not able to Get everything done MAINLY the Guilds contracts and backing fell threw due to no fault of their own! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MAKES STUFF UP TO JUSTIFY ABC DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING! IF YOU ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO READ YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THIS IS ALL HAPPENING BECAUSE OF ABC!!!
You are the funniest kind of poster a misinformed, uniformed Blind little Sheep that makes comments they can’t back up, Questions are put up to you’s and WOW BIG SHOCK THERE IS SILENCE! Open your eyes, Take off the Blinders little Sheep, Get rid of your entitlement feeling and get some common sense Before going after someone with your “Logic”

Erin, ABC dropped the ball when they cancelled OLTL, then PP fumbled the ball when they couldn’t get everything put together in such a short time. I didn’t see the contract between ABC and PP about the 3 characters coming to GH, so don’t really know who to blame for what is happening right now. I feel bad for the 3 actors, because they just want to work and make a living. Actors can be replaced, and it is done all of the time, but the characters need to stay with the shows that they were created for!

Great post Tali! I agree! Michael is an awesome Actor…..And your right this entire mess is all on ABC. What really aggravates me is the Entitlement Attitude that GH fans have! And then to have the nerve to call OLTL fans Selfish because we want the Character of John McBain back ((Preferably for me with ME)) but that Decision is up to him and him alone! His post sounds like he is enjoying spending time with his daughter, she is the only child he has, I find it very Selfish of GH fans to want him to go back to the Extremely hectic Schedule that GH and ALL network soaps have, Instead of being happy for him to be given the Opportunity to keep doing what he loves and still be able to see his daughter grow up and spend quality time with her and his wife! See they don’t think of that do they? NO because just like Good Little Blind ABC Sheep all they see is what they want…….
If ABC’S Contracts with these 3 were on the up and up and did not Violate the Contract with PP this would not be going on because PP would not have a legal leg to stand on …..

Joliefan Forever It is clear by your attacks on my comments and others that you and your friend Joanna are only on here to bash people. Your rantings go from one extreme to another. It was pure nonsense the way you were contradicting yourself and it was a complete waste of time to respond to you or Joanna. That is why I didn’t respond. There is NO need to go back and forth,you believe what you believe. It is also very apparent you think everybody else doesn’t know what they are talking about. There is one thing all of us have in common on this board we “LUV” soaps. One thing the majority of soap fans are loyal don’t get them angry or you shall see what happens. We all saw what happened to the replacement shows on ABC. Bottom line I think it is clear that it is a BIG mistake to order an actor off set and not allow him to work. Those actions SPEAK volumes about PP. How we got here is really irrelevant in the big picture and who’s fault. Bottom line this will NOT bring PP viewers if they continue to not allow these actors to work at GH. Clearly if PP wanted their characters ONLY back PP would NOT have taken legal action put these actors out of work. Slice it dice it however you want yell on who’s fault it is but if this legal action is NOT lifted ASAP to let these actors return to work. We shall see how this turns out for PP.

Get off the Innocent Act Susan you are the one that attacked Joanna…..”NO Joanna you are WRONG”…..Look ^^^^^^^ about 6 posts and Read YOUR Ignorant Attacking Post to Joanna! Which is what you GH fans do When FACTS that yous can not disprove are put up in your face! All the facts that have been PUT UP IN YOUR FACES not once have ANY OF YOU’S Countered it with FACTS! Wanna know why because you have none all you have is this entitlement feeling because your Network has lied to you and them 3 actors from the get go. And not being able to see and understand logic just shows what kinds of minds we are dealing with…..I have not once Contradicted my Self because, Myself and Other OLTL fans have to constantly repeat the same FACTS over and over again, all you’s do is try to spin the FACTS to your liking, it does not work that way! Funny chick What I believe are FACTS KNOWN FACTS……You talk all this shit about PP YET ABC is the one that caused all of this, PP Is Legally IN THE RIGHT, Something else you GH fans don’t seem to grasp! Here is something else you GH fans don’t know THERE IS A CONTRACT BETWEEN ABC AND PP for the characters and obviously for the actors otherwise PP would NEVER EVER Legally been able to say that them 3 could not tape after the 8th and ABC’s lawyers would have had that squashed in a Heart beat! COMMON SENSE SUSAN, ABC did not abide by the contract and now the actors are on “vacation”….Bottom Line is ABC caused all of this regardless if you wanna say it out loud……I don’t get where you think you Gh fans have some kind of power over the outcome of OLTL here’s a clue hunny you guys don’t! OLTL has a VERY VERY LARGE FAN BASE and Here is something else for you to chew on A LOT OF AMC fans are also OLTL fans, SO I really don’t think some fans from GH is going to make or break the shows!……

I wait with baited breath each day to hear when Michael Easton & John. McBam are the perfect couple on GH and the best one to come on in years. Kelly Monaco & Michael Easton have the type of chemistry you don’t find very often.

McBain has been fabulous on GH. I think there’s “more work” for him in Port Charles vs. Llanview, but I think he will need to go back and forth between the two and arrive in Llanview now & then. It would be nice if he could do both. I’m worried that not many cast members are listed for OLTL.
Michael has done a wonderful job recreating Caleb. Do you think Caleb will take “John’s” place in Port Charles and the “real John” will go back to Llanview. OLTL has no claims on Caleb!
Michael words were very heart-warming. It was a beautiful sentiment along with a beautiful picture. You can’t help but know that Michael is a good man!

I can see Starr going back and forth. Visiting PC but living in Llanview or visa versa. I’d actually like to see her lving in PC and visiting Llanview. I defi. like Todd better in PC. He’s funnier there and I’m sick of T. and B. But I hope Michael will be given a large role in OLTL. I Vampire story line, while not his fault, is horrible. But it’s not fair that he’s not allowed to work on GH and OLTL hasn’t started production. I think they should have been allowed to stay until OL begins production. I think PP should have to pay them for the time they are not working.

How do you know their not?? You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes none of us do….

When you say, “how do i know they are not?” I am not sure which part of my post you are referring to. If you are referring to -how do I know that Prospect Park is not paying them?- Michael Easton posted this on his page: “THANK YOU…
…your kind words of support mean the world to me. No word yet on when we might return to work but the fridge is stocked, the bills are paid, and I get to spend lots of precious time with my little girl.” When he says this, I have to assume he is not being paid.

Gee LIN let’s look at what you said Michael Said……. “THE FRIDGE IS STOCKED, BILLS ARE PAID, AND I GET TO SPEND LOTS OF PRECIOUS TIME WIT MT LITTLE GIRL” Where in that does he say that he is not getting paid? You know what they say about ASSuming something right???
BTW Getting to spend LOTS OR PRECIOUS TIME with his daughter I bet is going to be very appealing to Him when it comes to PP and the WAY LESS HECTIC SCHEDULE something ABC can’t match!

As much as I like Michael Easton if he decides to stay on GH he has to do it as another character. John McBain belongs to OLTL! The character of John belongs with his family Natalie and Liam. Plus his good friends Bo, Nora, Blair, Tea and even David. So far I’m very impressed at the returning cast of OLTL and AMC and would love Michael to come home to Llanview as John just like Thorston Kaye is going back to pinevalley. But if he decided not to than lets get a really good recast of John. But I will say this not even Michael can keep me watching GH. I have gone from watching everyday to maybe one or two times a week and I’m not sure how long I will even do that.

Bye-bye Joanna…we won’t miss ya. GH really only needs GH fans: welcoming the new while honoring the traditions of the past. Seems like you are the loudest (and lone) voice for OL/PP. Enjoy your 30 min web soap 4x a week. Keep the McBain character since he seems to be a obsessive focus for you…it won’t be anything w/o Easton and thankfully he won’t have to endure the torture that was Jokie.

Well Erin I guess GH can afford to lose fans, if that trend continues trust me with how rxpensive the show is to produce it will be ABC that says bye-bye to GH. And actually I want OLTL to have all 3 of their characters back and away from the mess GH has made of them. But this convo happened to be about ME which is why he was the main focus. And I love ME but he is a 46 year old actor and I’m sure PP can cast a new John with some fresh blood that will pull fans in. Its sad that GH fans feel the only way there show can be any good is by keeping characters that belong to another show. Esp when GH already has their own great characters. Also look at all the relies there are many here who are supporting PP.

She’s hardly the only voice. I love Michael Easton. I’ve followed him since his time on Days of Our Lives. I have quit watching GH because I can’t watch the character destroyed anymore. I fell in love with John on OLTL and he isn’t remotely the same character. If Michael wants to stay on GH then I want him to be able to do that, but as another character because he’s really playing another character already. John McBain belongs on OLTL.

Ya know Erin you are AWFULLY Cocky for someone who’s show was SAVED BECAUSE OF OLTL Fans watching that CRAPPY SHOW!
That’s right we will enjoy watching our 30 minute NO COMMERCIALS One Life To Live 5 days a week til it gets picked up by a Network and their a few that are all ready interested Mrs Know so Much! OH and by the way Erin your show is only a Half hour long as their are a half hour of commercials so keep getting cocky it is so fun to watch you little Blind ABC Sheep, Just blindly going with whatever ABC says! He won’t have to endure Jokie? Boy that is really funny since in 10 + years he had many opportunities to “free himself from that hell & Torture known as Jolie” and yet HE DECIDED TO STAY, Hmmmm what does that say? That you like so many other GH fans think you know so much when you actually know very little!!!
Welcoming the new while Honoring the Traditions of the past? OK so it is Tradition for you fans to FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON 3 CHARACTERS THAT DON’T BELONG TO YOU AND IGNORING TALENT LIKE GENIE FRANCIS, JOHN STAMOS, RICK SPRINGFIELD……GMAFB! Let me tell you something she is NOT THE LONE VOICE AND SHE AIN’T THE LOUDEST HUNNY! Never under estimate the Power of the Fans of OLTL you all ready have seen when we want something we GET IT!

Joanna you keep posting because I totally agree with 99% of what you are saying. I love OLTL and Michael Easton and watched GH in the day, but its been boring and only started watching again because OL characters and that didn’t last long – BORRRRRIng. You GH fans can have Michael Easton, but I too want John McBain in Llanview!

Thank you Tali and I agree with everything you wrote.

I disagree that the OLTL characters and fans saved General Hospital and you have nothing to back up that statement unless it’s just your opinion but you stated it as FACT!! That’s some crazy thinking…the ratings have been increasing but have taken their biggest jump long after the OLTL characters joined and the show has had an influx of returning veterans, better writing and turned into an ensemble. As a GH fan, I will be the first to admit it was in poor condition before Ron and Frank too over. I don’t believe OLTL fans or actors saved GH. I believe the collaborative efforts to revive the history of the show and mix new blood in with the old has brought up viewership. It’s only what I believe not what I know or can state as FACT.
Joliefan forever ~ you attack Erin but were you one of the fans pushing GH to hire Melissa Archer and bring her over to GH a year ago when PP’s venture with OLTL was dead in the water? You see it’s funny because so many of you OLTL fans seem entitled to me but you don’t own Michael Easton and ABC has him under contract. He has made no statement as to his preference but his sentiments on facebook do seem to favor him wanting to stay on General Hospital. I don’t think this is about power of fanbases but you talk about OLTL’s as if you are the Great and Poiwerful Oz and that is funny to me because the network and PP doesn’t care about you…they care about making money ~ the bottom line is business. I hope Michael Easton stays on GH and I would like him to stay as John but I loved him as Caleb and his chemistry with Kelly Monaco of which there is an abundance so I will take him in any role GH decides to create. As far as Jolie…you can have them but 1/2 of them will probably have a new face. JMO ~ could you tone it down and be a little nicer.

Sorry Shawna Wasn’t me I don’t watch GH, So why would I want MA to go to a Show I don’t watch?? Sorry Chick the only ones that FEEL ENTITLED TO ME is GH fans WE OLTL FANS WANT JOHN MCBAIN BACK I KNOW IT’S HARD FOR GH FANS TO DISTINGUISH THAT FACT that ME and John Mabain are different see since one is an actual person and the other is a CHARACTER! It’s so funny how you GH fans think that everything Michael says is directed to JUST GH FANS like ME has no other fans at all except GH FANS! MY DON’T WE THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES! SEEMS TO BE SAYING IS NOT SAYING IS IT! Anyone can read anything in to anything, I have not read anything from ME saying, Insinuating, Confirming or anything else about him wanting to stay on GH GEE ya wanna know why Because ABC has Banned the actors from speaking to the media, Didn’t ya find it weird that they have not said anything except for being shocked about what is going on, sounds to me like they were lied to and since they are “contracted” to ABC, ABC is the one that lied to them NOT PP! PP doesn’t care about the OLTL fans?? WOW this coming from yet another Little Blind ABC Sheep who believes that ABC is some stand up Network , and HAVE PROVEN that they care nothing about the DAYTIME FANS and when they find a cheaper show than yours to Produce SAY BUH BYE TO GH! I could tone it down but Sorry I have a VERY LOW TOLERANCE for flat out ignorance and uniformed PPL trying to shove their misinformation down the throats of OLTL fans! Even if ME stays on GH he will not be there as JOHN something else you GH fans need to understand that even if all 3 of them go back to GH PP does not have to let them take those characters with them!

You don’t watch GH, You don’t watch GH…Happy Dance!! Thank you Soap Gods!!!

Yea I watch shows that are ACTUALLY GOOD and GH is Definitely not one of them!

Wow reading this i’m like what? John Mcbain was created on OLTL for Micheal Easton to Play on OLTL, the character belongs to OLTL not GH I’ve hated every minute John Mcbain has been on GH’s they made his character so OOC on GH it was almost painful to watch, i quit watching GH made me sad what they did to the OLTL characters……I want them back home to Llanview…..I cant imagine John being played by anyone but ME either

What she said!

I’m a fan of both OLTL and GH and enjoyed his storylines of John McBain more on OLTL. So far not into any of the s/l that’s been given to him on GH.

I agree, Lynn and Joanna!:)



Agree 100%

Totally agree. GH has a lot of good characters to use in the storylines. John needs to go back to OLTL. If ME doesn’t want to do it that is fine but John doesn’t belong on GH.

Nice Brenda! So Refreshing to have someone that understands that John McBain does not mean ME!

Michael Easton already said via his management that he has no current plans to return to OLTL. So talking about him returning to that show is a moot point. Easton clearly defines “going back to work” as “going back to General Hospital.” I personally prefer him on General Hospital because I think the character of John McBain has livened up and become more interesting as a result of interactions with new characters. I also adore Easton’s chemistry with Kelly Monaco. Regardless of what I prefer though, it is simply unfair for Prospect Park to keep Michael Easton at home when he should be at work and clearly wants to be. I hope he returns to GH soon for his sake and the fans’.

PP is not stopping ME from working GH can just create a new character for him to play. PP just wants their character John back. Oh and good luck with any character Ron creates, he is not good at doing that.

Yes, they are doing just that. Please do more research. PP won’t allow GH to use him as another character now.

I am a gh fan and I agree john belongs to OLTL, plus Ron can’t write, I never thought I would miss Guza but damn looking at the mess Ron has turn gh into I dont know who would want him writing for them! Ron cant write his way out of a paper bag if it can with an arrow pointing : this way out!

Callie you need to do research GH can not USE ME to Play JOHN on GH, RC is the one that is not making a different character for him and please don’t try that oh it takes time crud cause he came up with Vic JR and A very short period of time!

Great posts Melissa and Joanna! I completely agree 1000%
Melissa You hit the nail on the head , RC is most definitely the worst Writer in Daytime! Look how long it took us to find out who Rex’s dad was, The Stacy and the B.O.B ((Bag of Blood)) S/L was Ridiculous….Taking over a Year to reveal the Marty changed Natalie’s results and John is Liam’s father was OMG!! The 2 Todd S/L is the MOST RIDICULOUS STORY EVER WRITTEN! And he takes other shows Story lines and tries to Tweek them just enough to say “Oh look at what I wrote” Connie/Kate D.I.D, Gee I wonder where that came from? The Vampire Story line, GEE I wonder where that came from! The man can not come up with an original idea to save his life!
JoAnna as usual I completely agree with your post 🙂

I totally agree with you Joanna! PP is coming across as nothing but bullies! To think I considered watching the reboots but they just lost a TON of viewers with this nonsense!!

Amen Melissa! I saw the character destruction on OLTL and now am witnessing it again on GH. The man is a horrible writer who is completely full of himself. Most of his stories are half baked and plot point driven, not character driven as a good story should be. He under uses key players and jumps all over story wise. And I do not see PP as bullies I see them as protecting their investment ABC are the bullies who have never had respect for their daytme drama’s.

I adore Michael Easton. This note the fans was so kind as we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for some kind of news. And to give us reassurance that everything is OK and a picture with his daughter just speaks volumes as to this mans character. I would love nothing more than to have him stay on GH at McBain but if that’s not possible I’ll take him in any role they want. Just keep him on GH! It’s his home now.

I think that both shows are being very shortsighted… and should just share the characters which will benefit both shows in the long run especially since OLTL will be shooting in such relatively short schedules.

PP is probably (understandably) upset because the Llanview Three have been through so much this past year that they may have trouble fitting back into Llanview..

Fortunately Todd fits in so easily everywhere that he can return without a problem.

But John has really become an integral part of GH and while I think he should go back to Llanview to do some scenework with Natalie and Clint and everyone else as there’s plenty of drama to be had, ultimately I think there’s too much damage to his relationships for him to remain in Llanview.

Starr is co-owner of the Haunted Star and is now been said to be going to school in Port Charles.. it will seem like a huge narrative shift to take her back to Llanview. I’d hate to see her recast if KA doesn’t want to go back to the East Coast.. and I’d hate for GH to do loop de loops to find another role for her so that they can keep her.

It’s a shame that three actors who moved to the west coast for work are now caught in a tug of war for a problem that they didn’t cause but will now have to make the best of.

Actually PP offered to share its ABC that is the problem.
And what life has John started in Port Charles? He has no family there and just seems to float around town. And his relationship with Natalie and his son Liam is not ruined he just needs to actually talk to her. It actually would be a good story for PP to do. John fighting to get his family back would be an awesom story.
As for Starr killing off her family was beyond sick. And having her away from her family with no interaction is heartbreaking. But once again PP can fix these issues also itsnot like soaps don’t resurect characters all the time.

What she said!!

It would be very hard to write for 3 shared..
Starr, Todd, and John have lives and ‘loves’ in GH/Port Charles..

How could Todd be with Carly on Monday and Thursday and Fridays and with Blair on on Monday and Tuesdays lol .. won’t work..

Thing is they are no longer John, Starr and John of OL they are now Todd, Starr and John of GH..
sharing will not work ..

And why would they want to go to a 30 minute 3 day a week show on the internet when they could be with #1 GH, an established soap on ABC..
Not to mention the 3 live in CA and it would be very nasty going to the East Coast to film short stints or worse yet to have move back East ..

OK fine then they stay on GH as new characters!

You do realize that these ppl lived in NY ya know the East Coast for DECADES Right?
BTW How could RH be on GH on Monday and OLTL on Mondays?? It’s called proof reading you should try it!

Also want to add that PP should be grateful that Ron and Frank on GH kept OLTL in the fans minds for the past year. And all of this talk of the show is great free press for them… they literally couldn’t ask for better PR. 🙂

I agree with you Andrew — both shows are getting PR out of all of this mess. Maybe that is their plan! The fans are the ones that are getting so upset. Both shows are in a better place than they were 2 years ago when they were talking about cancelling both of them. Who knows with ABC, GH could be with PP in a year or so. Hulu has a nice size screen, and I watch GH there when I miss it during the day. It won’t be long now and we will see if PP has kept our show alive, or just the name — I hope the stories will be somewhat like they were before all of this mess.

Trust me, PP isn’t happy about the PR it’s getting from this debacle. Or if they are, they’re completely hopeless morons. From my perspective, they’ve really screwed their own pooch.

And what Pooch would that be? The mighty GH fans? The same fans whom almost got their show cancelled before the 3 characters from OLTL brought the OLTL fans and Saved your show! You can ignore it or not but facts are facts!!!

I never paid much attention to John on OLTL, but I adore him on GH. ME is such an endearing and versatile actor I have come to find out. i really hope he’s heading back to GH soon.

John is no exception to a broken marriage with a child..
In every soap all the families are broken and the children are seldom seen or heard of again until they mature to teen and even then they may never return..
Liam may become a memory, most do .
John and Nat are over, he took care of that ended it GH,
he only wants liam, not Natalie..
again, all soap couples part and their babies vanish for 20 years ,,

Well there is Patrick who is a great Dad, sadly GH kills off too many of their children. And on soaps no break up is ever perm. And lets admitt it the way the did it withJohn and Natalie was really dumb. And if GH is such a wonderful show that has miracle powers that even seems to some to make ME look younger (sorry I don’t see it he looks 46) than why did Steve Burton leave and go to YR and why is Julie Bergman leaving.

Steve Burton wanted to move to Nashville and try something different after 25 years of Jason. Julie wanted to try something different after seven and a half years. It happens. Actors want to try new things. Good luck to them. GH has close to three million viewers now. More power to them! They are doing a lot right.

Not the really great ones. They get soras’ed. LOL

Emily that is what was told to you! Why would an actor who has a HUGE following on a show and played the same character on that show for 25 years SUDDENLY decide to Leave! So he wanted to move to Nashville? But stayed in LA and go to another show in a very short period of time for someone who said one of the reasons why he was leaving GH was because he wanted to spend more time with his family and Then WHAMO he is on Y&R…….Yea there is more to that story! Just like I am sure that there is more to Julie’s story too! Funny how all these Long time actors on GH that had not given a clue that they were unhappy or planning on leaving just up and leave, and all this started when the OLTL characters came over and the GH fan base showed their real colors! HMMMMMM

He is a class act!

Yes he is I completely Agree!

I find all these OLTL statements about how GH fans, who have come to love John, Todd, and Starr on GH, have to give them up because they are OLTL characters and belong to OLTL. However, a year ago when Prospect Park faltered all those same OLTL fans were telling GH fans to deal with the OLTL characters that they were happy OLTL was going to live on in some capacity. So, according to OLTL fans it’s all about what is good for them, hell, if this reboot didn’t get off the ground with PP ~ you all would still be talking about brining Melissa Archer to GH. I don’t think OLTL fans have been very fair to GH fans. I was against the OLTL characters coming to GH a year ago but now I love them ~ I love Todd and Carly, I love John and Sam and Starr and Michael. I also love the relationships these characters still have with each other and have developed with others.
We opened our minds and grew to love the characters and now we are being punished by PP for doing so. I was planning on watching the OLTL and AMC reboots online but not now. I don’t appreciate the way PP has handled this matter. ABC has paid them all year to have these characters on GH ~ it’s not like they were gifted back to ABC. Also, ABC gave them an extension and in return, they are barring what are now GH characters from appearing on the show and disrupting the actor’s lives and the decisions they have made for them and their families. I had no ill will towards PP before but now I can’t stand their tactics and won’t watch anything they put out. I was a GH fan first although I watched OLTL and AMC over the years so with GH is where my loyalty remains. Prospect Park has alienated other GH fans and will continue to do so the longer this drags out. So, good luck to them after all is said and done.
As far as, Michael Easton ~ I couldn’t stand John McBain on OLTL but I loved Michael Easton as Caleb on Port Charles and Tanner on Days of our Lives. However, even my adoring history with the actor couldn’t get me to watch him stick out like a sore thumb in a town of cowboys and businessmen not to mention that forced relationship with Natalie where there was zero chemistry. It was awful from the get go and he was so limited there. On GH Michael Easton is like a new John McBain, he still sizzles beyond compare with Kelly Monaco and has great chemistry with the other actors. McBain is a cop and GH is crime central of all the soap operas so he fits.
John McBain on One Life to Live instead of GH is as awkward as Anna Devane on All My Children instead of GH. The kind of character John is fits very well on GH and his best leading lady ever is over there, Kelly Monaco. Michael Easton’s acting especially while he tackles dual roles John/Caleb has been phenomenal, I have loved every minute he is on my screen and could never fast forward him. I love everything about him on GH and fans of John/Sam have been thwarted enough for a year by outside projects like Dancing with the Stars, Steve Burton leaving GH, and now this PP mess. Let’s get this done so John and Sam fans can move on and Michael Easton can return to work at General Hospital.

Hopefully Michael Easton will be back to GH asap but not as John! Sam can have him as someone else. I don’t see the chemistry with KM that so many talk about but I did see it with Melissa Archer. Too each his own. Good Luck to ME on whatever the outcome.

You made an absolute EXCELLENT point! Many OLTL fans were very happy John (along with Todd and Starr) came over to GH a year ago because it allowed Llanview to live on during a time when everyone that OLTL was dead and buried. And then when other OLTL characters like Blair and Tea came OLTL fans wanted more of then. There was an uproar from OLTL fans when Kassie Depavia was not given a contract. But it didn’t end there OLTL fans wanted the Tomas story on GH, the wanted Trevor St, John to come over so that the tale of two Todd’s could be told , and course the voice OVER and OVER again that Natalie should be brought over. But now that GH fans have come to accept and love the character (what GH fans were told to do a year ago) OLTL fans are now saying “They are ours so just get over it”. OLTL fans need to be careful if they want this PP launch to be successful. I don’t care how many “new” “younger” actors and actresses PP casts, it doesn’t mean that these newbies will stick with audience. Online viewing is a new medium but it is not just a medium for young people. I watch a lot online and so do alot of people my age but I WILL NOT watch if PP steps on GH in the process. As Shawna wrote it is as if OLTL fans think GH fans are doormats for them to walk all over to get to see what they want to see on screen. Before OLTL ended I was a fan of the show. I watched both OLTL and GH but actually would have said I was more of a OLTL fan then GH but seeing how disrespectful some OLTL fans are being towards GH fans, I now stand as a GH fan FIRST and foremost.

You are so right! Been a fan of both shows for 35 years. These self proclaimed OLTL fans bashing GH fans are proving how nasty and narrow minded they are. One above flat out said she doesn’t care about the real life actor, only the fictional character. What?!? She floods this board as do two others ranting and raving. These “fans” are giving OLTL a bad name. It is insane. I know the internet allows people to hide in the shadows but it would be nice if they would jump into the light and take a good hard look at themselves. Caring more about a fictional character than an actual person who is financially suffering because of this is selfish, callous and something one should be ashamed of. Each of these GH fans are showing more class and compassion than these three obsessed posters combined.

Excuse me Eve, You GH fans should not come on here trying to act like you’s have some ENTITLEMENT to Characters that you don’t own!
Second Don’t go lumping up everyone in one category here chick! YOU GH FANS NEED TO LEARN TO READ! Us wanting JOHN MCBAIN back is wrong in your eyes? OH WELL PP & OLTL OWN THE RIGHTS TO THAT CHARACTER! SEE it is YOU GH fans that can’t seem to separate Michael Easton from his Character of John McBain, If you’s did you would see that OLTL fans want the character of John McBain If ME decides he wants to Stay on OLTL Great OLTL and the FANS WILL WELCOME HIM HOME WITH OPEN ARMS, If he wants to Stay on GH well there is nothing we can do about it HOWEVER PP does NOT have to let him go back as John, something else you GH fans don’t seem to grasp! You GH fans run all over these boards with your ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE, making statements for a man you don’t know and are more than likely not a close personal friend of, Making up stuff to justify ABC doing what they did to cause a ll of this! Blaming a Production Company who PAID OUT MILLIONS for the rights to these shows and EVERYTHING that comes with them and go after OLTL fans and think what we should just bow down or something? “THESE FANS” are defending not only OLTL but PP as well, Since you Good Little Blind ABC Sheep like to blame them for everything because you are to BLIND to see what ABC has done and is doing! You show me where ANY of them said they are Financially suffering? Michael sounds like he is enjoying himself and enjoying the time with his little girl……I understand you GH fans want Michael to be laying in bed in his bedroom with the shades drawn so it is dark, crying uncontrollably, Spiting PP for taking him from his “Love” GH! You PPL are ridiculous!! Michael is enjoying spending time with his daughter which he does not get to do much of because of the HECTIC schedule of taping a Soap on a Network they barely get time off! With PP and OLTL he would get at least a week to 2 weeks off every month, I’m sure that will appeal to him too, and I’m sure a move back to the East Coast would be more than worth it to a father that does not get to spend enough time with his daughter!
You GH fans have no idea what it means to be classy, You act like a Bunch of spoiled rotten Kids that are not getting their way…….

I am amazed at your attitude Joliefan forever and you attacking us GH fans and putting words in our mouths. I am not a blind ABC sheep, I am not someone who does not know the difference between Michael Easton and his character or someone who wants him to sit at home and be depressed. Do you know how to listen or just run your mouth? I donated money to the causes of keeping OLTL and AMC on the air and reversing the decision to cancel them. It’s awful that fans like you make me regret that decision. You want John and Natalie and that’s the only point that you have made over and over and you want John and Natalie at any cost. Also, you are the one putting thoughts out there that you don’t know Michael Easton has about OLTL or GH. You drank the Prospect Park cool aide and you will shout to the heavens that they are the Good Guys and we, GH fans are BAD BAD BAD and so is ABC!! I care nothing about what you have said and you have come across very irrational and angry and in all your ranting there was not one coherent thought that made any sense. I hope you enjoy OLTL when it is on the air and I am so glad you will not be watching General Hospital because it’s fans like you that give Soap fans a bad name.

I wonder how PP will work with the story lines that GH gave the three OLTL characters. Todd is supposed to have killed Victor, the whole Natalie and John issue and Star losing her family. If the characters have to leave GH and they are recast for OLTL I will be very disapointed and I will miss them. I have come to really enjoy them on GH. I was a long time OLTL fan, it was the one story I never missed but I am not sure I will even be watching it online. It is a cool idea and I do watch some movies online but I do not see myself watching it every day or every few day or even catching up and watching them all at one time. I just find it annoying to watch on the computer and I will not pay to be able to watch it on my tv. Who plans on watching OLTL when it returns online?

I am first and foremost a GH fan! Secondly an OLTL fan.

I hope Michael Easton gets to do whatever is best for he and his family first and foremost!!! If ABC and PP are smart they will work it out and let him do both if that is what he wants to do. I love him on either one or both. I would really like to see him and Anna work together more… but I do love him working with Bo. As for the Natalie and Liam situation… it is not like he didn’t try to see them.

I would like ME to be able to have a job and make a living for his family and that… in this economy and this time is most important… and for him to be taken away from doing that to be made to work on an internet show that pays much less and is more risky is just not fair for him. Good luck Michael and hope you get back to work ASAP!!! Love you on both shows!!! Except as a vampire… retire the teeth.

Need go back to OLTL


At first glance I thought, ‘Wow, well, there seems to be quite a bit of support for the OLTL side here.’ Then I looked more closely and saw that all of those messages were pretty much coming from one person.

I’m happy to see the majority agree the character of John McBain works better at GH, because I agree with them. I also agree that it’s nothing new under the soapy sun to have a father estranged from his child (although John never wanted that to happen — that was all down to Natalie and HER father).

Characters start new lives with new people all the time. I never saw even a fraction of the spark with Natalie that I see with Sam, and it would be almost a crime to let that fall by the wayside. If McBain returned to Llanview, he’d be nothing more than a whipping boy at this point, toeing the company/family line. Bleh. He’d just fade back into the woodwork again.

Keep the character on GH. Even if they re-cast the part — at this point, McBain and Easton are inextricable in the viewer’s minds. Putting a brand new actor in the part would, I’m afraid, fall kind of flat. If Easton plays him on GH, with phaseout crossovers over 1-2 years, I think it will work.

I totally agree with you.


That’s your prerogative. You’ve made your position very clear. I happen to disagree with you.

He is one of the only actors from OLTL that has the least ties to Landview. I definitely agree, his character is a lot edgier at GH. You can stay at GH.

Are you serious with that comment? John is the Owner of Rodi’s, He has a Son and a Fiance, Friends, Family, and ppl he considers family, And he is the Chief of Detectives for LVPD!

We keep hearing PP wants Todd and John for OLTL so what about Starr?

Well Starr’s “S/l” was done on OLTL and she moved to LA with Hope Langston and Markko then Cole showed Up……And you should know the rest….

Thats true. Im enjoying her now on gh with Micheal. I just wonder if she would return to OLTL just for a brief visit. I thought they might do a brief story arc with her where Marty, original or recast, shows up, without Patrick, blaming her for the death of Cole and Hope by moving away from Llanview, and Marty is caught and tells Bo that Victor helped her escape when she fled town to avoid arrest for her previous crime and that it was Victor who helped her escape, then have Tea having to defend her man. Thats if they bring back Victor as well.

Well there really is no reason for Starr to Return UNLESS they are planning on Bringing back Cole and Hope……Or her mom gets married for the umpteenth time LOL

he is an awesome actor, both shows would benefit from his talents,,, they have already set the scene of why he is in port charles,,, so I say go with it,,,,he blends wonderfully with the gh cast, alot of chemistry with the fellow actors/actresses,,,, a few visits to llanview here and there, should keep everyone happy i would think,,, stop bein greedy pp and abc,, he is a valuable asset,

I say leave all the characters on General Hospital. Most probably won’t be able to watch One Life to Live in it’s new format and it gives them a little bit back of what they lost. Should OLTL become more readily available to the public . . . well then I might change my mind.

John is much more interesting and useful on GH. I don’t see a single reason for him to return top OLTL. I thought Natalie and John were awful together, and who cares about Liam? This is fiction. Clint won’t let him see Liam. The end. I am no fan of Kelly Monaco, but the PCPD is reinvigorated with John, he clicks with everyone he comes into contact with, and I can see John/Luke, John/Tracy, John/Sonny, John/Helena, John/Duke and John/Anna stories going on for a while.

I would watch Michael Easton on any screen. He is an awesome actor/person. But, if I had to choose where I would prefer he go…it would be GH. Why would you go back to Prospect Park/online thirty minute program, when you can be seen on a one hour TV program.

I love him on gh and I want him paired with Kelly Monaco

I love him oh OLTL and I want him paired with Melissa Archer


I would love to see Michael continue on GH. He seems to fit comfortably with the cast, characters and story lines. I have enjoyed him much more on GH than I ever did on OLTL.

Geez, when OLTL was canceled most fans were happy to see favorites like John, Todd, and Starr make a comeback to daytime on GH and they were just fine but all of thats change now that OLTL is back? Many unfamiliar faces joined GH over the years and for me seeing John, Todd, and Star show up in PC was a lot easier to connect with then trying to get used to
completely new characters. If OLTL can go on without other charcters it can go on without John or replace the actor if M.E. doesnt want to do it if John is really needed. I see no reason why John cant go back and forth and do both shows but that would be up to GH and OLTL plus the actor as well. Whatever the outcome ill be glad when the mess is over.

I think he should stay at GH. He has a following. He plays the part of John really great. I think Sam’s character and his character will become a big love interest. The fans are into them being a couple. Oltl I am sure will be able to recast. Keep your fingers crossed fans.

Houston we have a problem! Lol How in the world are you going to fix this one stop and think about this do you want to do a job in Connenticut in a warehouse or sunny LA in a studio. Just kidding ME does not sound like he wants to resurect anything back in the warehouse. Too bad but who could have seen this coming if PP recasts are the OLTL going to accept it. Will miss him!

Recast – and ME can be someone else on GH! I’m a OLTL fan first then GH.

I would really like for him to return to OLTL but whatever he does, I still think he is awesome.

All three should have never came to GH to begin with. GH characters were wrote ooc for them. I want to see GH characters especially with the uncertainly of soaps lasting on tv. Let Michael Easton go home to oltl. FV and RC need to fight this hard to keep the actors that are leaving GH and let go of their pet livers.

Great post Leslie!!!!!

I would like to see him come back to One Life to Live and go back with Natalie and Liam. GOOD LUCK

Me too Pam!

I agree 1000%

I love Michael no matter which show he’s on, I’ve been a fan since PC. I do think GH has been greatly improved with the addition of the OLTL characters and writers. The best case scenario would be if ABC would agree to share the characters. Even if John just goes back to OLTL to wrap up the Liam/Natalie issue and maybe makes an appearance occasionally would be fine with me. And to the person who won’t watch the reboots, REALLY? Soap fans have fought so hard and so long to get our shows back and you can’t support it when it finally does happen? Just have the characters return to get those shows off to a good start and then let them head back to GH. The shows should never have been cancelled in the first place and I’m wondering is spite has something to do with ABC’s refusal to share.

Have to say for me John belongs on OLTL. Can’t abide him with Sam on GH. Ugh. Hated them on Port Charles and they’re no better now. Ready for OLTL to be back and John belongs there!

I guess John can ‘end’ his fake life on GH just like he ‘supposedly’ ended his OLTL life to be on GH. Works for me.

Ready to see Natalie and John get some family time, waited a long time for them to be together and then they cancelled so I think it will be good to see what could be with them now that OLTL is coming back!

ME your so needed on OLTL and I love that your liked on both shows but really hope you stay with OLTL not GH.


Wonderful Post JR!!

I was a fan of his from the beginning. I loved how he was the bad boy yet bad ass kick machine. John saved all the girls several times on oltl. I always hoped he and natalie would gettogether and be happy. When they finallysettled i was so excited. Then not long after oltl went off the air. He came to gh and at first he was a little off in a odd town. Then he took to sam and wow do the have chemistry. I love seeing john with sammaybe more then with natalie. I do however want to see him with his son liam. Im not sure how ifeel about the whole dual character vampire thing. The other day i told my mom please john will save her he saves all the girls. I think john and starr now belong on gh. I am so looking forward to when i can watch all three shows again but i wouldbe saddended if john left gh.

I loved John and Natalie but have to admit John and Sam have smoking chemistry. Michael and Kelly always have, though. Ever since their PC days. Michael and Kelly bring out the best in each other. He has said in interviews that he loves working with her and it shows on screen.

He also said he wanted the JOLIE story to continue, that there was alot of s/l yet!

Do you think bullying people helps your cause? It doesn’t. People are entitled to voice their opinions without having you jump down their throats. If you’re so desperate for a fight, go somewhere else. It seems that most of us are trying to have an adult conversation with valid points while you and a few others repeatedly try to provoke and intimidate. All caps and exclamation points don’t prove your points, they prove you’re rude.

You don’t like it BY PASS IT!!!! How was Tali bullying the poster?? Where??? Oh I’m sorry was that to many ?? EYE ROLL…..Valid points are being made by the OLTL fans certainly not the GH fans…made up stuff are not valid points…..And you GH fans spewing made up stuff prove you know nothing!!

I love John and Natalie so much!!!!!!!! two of them belong together!!!!!!!! All three John,Natalie and Liam should stay together and John and Natalie should get married, they both have been through so much together, they have never stopped loving each other at all!!!!!!!! I think that Natalie and Liam should move to Port Charles to be with John!!!!!!!!! I think that Sam should find find someone else to love,leave John alone!!!!!!!!!!

He hasnt tried to see Liam, HELLO the child’s mother has a restraii.g order on John If je bomed in contact with tje vhild, he is arrestef! How does that help anything? Pay attention to the facts so u will at least sound intelligent. He needs to stay on GH, nothing left for him there with the dhamegul treatment Jessica has given him. PP, do the right thing, let them go!

You need to get the facts and sound intelligent – Jessica has nothing to do with John except as her sisters fiance’!!

I assumed he was in CT shooting OLTL. Had no idea he was out of work and on a forced strike. I would like him to resolve his oltl story and then back on GH.

General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Interviews

A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

Photo: JPI

Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GH’s Evan Hofer Talks Life for Dex After Sonny’s Beatdown, Giovanni Mazza, and If Josslyn is Love Endgame

General Hospital’s Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been at the epicenter of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) paranoia, which led to the beatdown of Sonny’s former right hand man.

Now, Dex is licking his wounds, and trying to move on with his life after joining the PCPD; following attempting to move away from working for the mob and under Sonny’s thumb. Problem is, Dex has a soft spot for Sonny. Meanwhile, looks like there still may be a future for Dex and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) as the two are trying to mend their once-fractured relationship.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Evan Hofer at the 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmys (in which Hofer was a presenter during the ceremonies), to discuss the current life and times of his Port Charles alter-ego.

Photo: DHoferIG

Evan has now gotten to see and feel first-hand what is like working in soaps and television, when you have to wear prosthetics on your face after Sonny accosted Dex at Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding reception.

Hofer recalled the experience. “Our makeup team is incredible. Priscilla, my makeup artist is just so talented. She layered silicone every day so she could control the swelling, so that way, she would have control over how it looked as it progressed and, you know, decreased, increased,” Hofer revealed. “She was incredible and very, very detailed.”

Paying a nod to actors who have to take on TV or movie roles where they have to wear complete facial prosthetics, Evan shared, “I do not envy people who wear full face prosthetics. I think my longest tape day was probably seven hours in it. I got a little claustrophobic. It does cause you to have a lack of of depth perception, which is a rough one.”

Photo: ABC

Hofer weighed-in on if he thinks Dex will ever turn in Sonny and press charges against him for his character’s recent beatdown. “I hope he doesn’t. It’s hard though, because he loves him (Sonny) and that’s the problem,” stated Evan. “That’s what we do with people we love. It’s almost an abusive parent relationship, isn’t it? I have this theory that Dex almost feels like he deserves these things.”

Now might be the time for the GH writers to explore more of Dex’s backstory which could include a backstory of abuse. “I really would love them to. I think it’d be incredible,” hoped Evan. However, he added, “I’m just grateful for whatever I get to do every day and excited for whatever story we get to tell.  Something like The Departed – undercover with the mob- would be cool (for a storyline), and then everybody’s wondering which side I’m on the whole time.”

Photo: ABC

Is there hope for Dex and Josslyn fans that they will still may be each other’s love endgame? Hofer teased, “I think they start spending a little more time together, but who knows what’ll happen. You never know on a soap opera. Maybe Dex’s evil twin will show up and steal Josslyn away.”

Photo: ABC

A few months back, Evan shared some major scenes with the one and only Finola Hughes (Anna). In story, Dex admits he was going to kill Cyrus on Sonny’s orders. Hofer shared it was a big moment for him since his time being on GH. “What an honor to get to do those scenes with Finola. I had only worked with her once before and that was when Dex broke her out of prison and he got shot the first time,” recalls Hofer. “She’s all about working the scenes ahead of time, which I am, too. We got to get a lot of reps in and when we get up there on stage, she’s incredibly affecting. I’ll kind of have an idea of maybe of how the scene will go, and then I’ll just look in her eyes and suddenly I am just so in a different space that she’s pulled me into. In those scenes, having Dex feel like someone cares about him was really beautiful.”

Photo: ABC

Recently, Giovanni Mazza premiered as Gio. In Hofer’s first on-screen scenes with Mazza, the two talk about Gio’s dad having been in the military and Dex’s experience in the Army and serving in Afghanistan.

This raised some GH viewers eyebrows to what if the two characters could somehow be related? Perhaps, brothers? Evan responded to those inquiring minds, “Oh, I don’t know. We look pretty alike. There is the military connection. I think it’ll be interesting. Those first scenes we had together were incredible. I was so excited to work with Geo. He couldn’t be any nicer really. He’s an incredible person. He’s so easy to be around. We hang out outside of work all the time, already.”

Photo: JPI

Does Evan think there will come a day where Jason (Steve Burton), Dex and Sonny will all be working together on the same side, and thus, Sonny will have both his former henchman at his disposal?  While Hofer doesn’t know what’s coming down the pike, he expressed, “It’s been incredible to have Steve around. He’s a really wonderful man. I’d only met him on Zoom previously to him coming back.  I hope we get to work together more. We got one batch of scenes together and I hope we get to do more soon.”

Photo: ABC

As to what GH viewers should be on the lookout for in the weeks ahead, Evan teased, “We’ll see what Joss and Dex get into, and we’ll see what happens within the police department.”

So, are you rooting for Dex and Joss? Do you want Dex back working for Sonny, or hope he stays with the PCPD? Would you want to see more of Dex’s backstory explored? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

Airdates: 5-20/24-2024