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Victoria Principal Issues Statement Revealing She is NOT returning to DALLAS!



After months of speculation and hope that Victoria Principal might return to Dallas in the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing, today that has come to an official halt.  It has been previously reported that it is the Ewing clan finding out that J.R. is behind Pam’s disappearance that will be the reason that J.R. meets his maker on the late Larry Hagman’s final episode on Monday night’s March 11th episode of the TNT reboot.

However today exclusively via, Victoria Principal came forth with a statement as to why she will not be returning to the show and explains why she would never reprise her character, last seen in a fiery car crash on the original series.

Here is what Principal stated: “Since the inception of  Dallas, the creators and fans around the world have referred to Bobby and Pam, as the Romeo & Juliet of Dallas. I could not agree more. And since the original author of this scenario, William Shakespeare, felt compelled to make theirs a tragic love story, of epic and unforgettable deathly loss, I think I shall respect that very successful example, and leave the legacy of Bobby & Pam’s tragic love story, undisturbed and intact.

When I filmed Pam’s fatal car accident, for me that was the punctuation mark on my role as Pam. I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers, once I left Dallas, but I do take responsibility for my decision, not to risk tarnishing Bobby & Pam’s love story, with a desperate reappearance. I made this decision a long time ago with a loving and respectful heart for Dallas, Bobby & Pam and all faithful fans.”

Alright long time Dallas faithfuls, how do you feel about Victoria’s statement?  Are you upset that she won’t be coming ba to the show?  Let us know!

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Upset?Not at all.I wouldn’t want the contrivance of a revivified Pam.

Oh Please! Give me a BREAK! Why do actors feel the need for this crap?? You claim the be actor…THEN ACT! You played Pam Ewing on a nighttime soap that made you famous…FANS made yuo who you are not Shakespeare. You didn’t origunate the role of Scarlet O’hara…show some respect for your fans and come back. But to give everyone this BS about respectingbbobby and Pam as Romeo and Juliet??? It’s Horseshit. If she wants to be honest just say the truth…MONEY! It’s ALWAYS about money.
Hey Vicky P….See U Next Tuesday!

From what I read about Shakespeare if he could make a buck on it, he would have easily written a sequel to Romeo and Juliet where he would explain how they did not really die at the end of the last play. It is amazing how artistic integrity goes out the window if you flash the right amount of dollars signs in front of someone.

I guess I’m a cynic, but I with you joe- this is about cash, not preserving the artistic intention of the story, because regardless if she plays Pam or not, if the producers want the character back, she will be back. If VP really wanted to preserve the story, you would think she would want to be the actress to portray the character she help breathe life into, in order to be certain it was done properly and with respect to the history of the show.

I feel the same. It all about money. If it wasn’t for her fans she would not be famous.i feel she should just tell the truth. Even if its not about money. But to same something about Shakespeare sound dumb.

Joe – I think youre right on the money except for one thing that I vehimently disagree with – the stuff about respecting the love between Bobby and Pam is NOT horseshit – its RHINOSSAURUS SHIT. Remember – Rhinos leave better loads than horses!! So it is for the respect of the love for Bobby and Pam.

“Desperate reappearance”??? Wow, wonder if that is how she feels about all the veteran stars who are part of the Dallas re-boot. I think they would find that comment insulting.

Agreed. If she doesn’t want to come back, then just say so, instead of engaging in all this jibberish. I haven’t seen the other characters “tarnished” in the new series so why does she think Pam & Bobby would be???

agreed !! for her to say the reboot is a desperate reappearence is and insult to all of us who love te show and characters ,its fine without her ,they can always recast anyway !!

“Desperate reappearance”? Reboot? In my opinion, its not a reboot. When the last episode of season 14 ended, I didnt think it could be the end. To many stories where left untold. These last two years arent “reboots”. I consider them seasons 15 and 16. Bringing the original cast back…it wasnt a desperation move. It was a logical move. If V. Principal thinks it was a desperation move by the others, Im VERY glad she is not involved. I want to see Dallas where the actors WANT to be there. Not be there just for the paycheck.

I liked Victoria Principal’s portrayal as Pam, but the simple answer is to replace her if Dallas wants to bring back the character. It is done on the soaps all the time, sometimes with successful results – Laura Wright as Carly, Kassie DePaiva as Blair, Trevor St. John as Todd and Robin Strasser as Dorian. It can be done.

The producers of the original Dallas were not fools- like all good soap writers they made sure the heroine “died” in a manner that if recasting became necessary- disfigurement and plastic surgery could explain her new appearance, and damage to her vocal cords changes to her voice. Of course there will be some fans who will never accept a recast, but for most people, those us used to soaps, a recast seems logical if the writers wish to bring Pam Ewing back to the canvas.

I don’t think that Victoria’s decision will matter one way or the other. The show has proven to be a success without her (although, it could make for an excellent story line if she did return), but the show will definitely go on. I am always looking forward to a good Monday night in Dallas!

Is she really needed? No but I’m not going to bash the actress

I wish she would return but I’ve read that she is very busy with her cosmetics/fashion business. I loved Pam & Bobby. I think it would give the show a much needed storyline carried over from the original. If not Victoria Principal’s Pam, how about bringing back Priscilla Presley – Bobby’s first love, Jenna Wade?

Presley has had so much plastic surgery that even if she returned it would look like a recast.

Presley did not play Pam…Victoria Principal did!

Uhm….yes….but I was referring to the last line in the comment ….about Jenna Wade. Yeesh….

That’s what I was thinking too, bring Priscilla back as Jenna Wade. I guess I was one of the minority who had hoped to see Bobby and Jenna end up together.


There are times when it is best to have things stay as they are..
It was great exit and will live on..
She is right not mess with it ..
I believe soap fans are to damned used to the dead coming back, and they should not come back. it’s stupid.. and not at all in the legacy of Dallas..
Leave it be as it is and should be .
Victoria is very wise to leave it as it is, one of the great tragic love stories of all time.

one would think she would make an appearance just to support christopher but it seems to me she feels dallas is beneath her – they should just do a re-cast if they really want to bring pam back for a few episodes…………..

Bullshit! She is a drama queen. I say recast with a better actress and make VP eat her pathetic words. Not impressed by her statement at all. She married a wealthy physician and forgot all about Dallas. The show did well without her and it will again. Very disappointed in VP.

Actually Dallas did recast Pam for hospital scenes played by an actress called Margaret Michael’s. Miss Ellie, Kristin, Digger Barnes (Pam’s dad), Gary Ewing and Jenna Wade were all played by multiple actors. In fact 3 different actresses played Jenna with Morgan Fairchild originating the role.

I respect her decision and understand completely.

Who cares?

It must be nice to be able to turn down a role when there are so many over 50 actresses who cant find work because Hollywood, they claim, wont write good roles for their age group. If the show really needs to bring back Pam, im positive they could find a willing actress to take over the role. Its been done b4.

I meant to say its even been done b4 on Dallas with Jenna, Kristen, and even Miss Ellie for 1 season.

I would have been shocked if she came back she is a very wealthy lady and she basically retired from acting quite some time ago. This is one time when an actor declines and says no she means no. Leave it alone. Their were a lot of feelings when they made that whole year a dream just because Larry Hagman decided he needed his buddy back a lot of storylines were just dropped. I guess Pam dreamed over at Knots Landing since Gary mourned Bobby on that soap. Linda Gray won’t be honest about it anymore but she left because they kept making her a drunk., now she’s back and they still are bringing it up I do not watch it because I like the good old memories maybe like Ms. Principal.

Wow. Doesn’t she realize that current day audiences don’t even know who she is/was? It’s a good thing she’s not returning. Her head is so big, there’d be no room for anyone else to share the screen with her. Shakespeare? Juliet? Surely she jests.

that speaks volumes…. because it’s TRUE. and sigh…. a lil’ sad.

the current day audiences don’t even know who she is/was?

remember in our day… when… I looked forward to all the awards shows… because we were current… ie: the oscars, emmys, grammys….. OH… they’ve all aged with us…. and are out of the scene… snuffed out their lights… and it’s vigil time.. no more autographs…. Marlena dietrich “i vant to be alone”.

i can count on one hand… all the genres… no list of current stars… save for maybe Amy Adams… GOOD actress… i can’t even list names…

at our age… vanity is what it is… and i think she doesn’t need to… but, has she aged well? for her? to find her mark? Her juliet will not rise….

her plastic surgery husband… has nipped and tucked at her… she’s in hiding.

Personally, I don’t care if she comes back! I prefer Bobby and Ann. I know I may be in the minority here, but Brenda Strong is my favorite cast member on the rebooted series.

I agree!

That’s Good That You Always Agree On, Toscanti!

Oh… if it weren’t for Ann…. and the lines drawn with… and that’s saying a lot… between Ann and Sue Ellen…. these two Rock. I’d like to see Harris Ryland… go after Sue ellen… he really would make a wonderful replacement for the new baddie… and it would just help intensify Sue ellen’s character… and give pause for Ann? who knows… and the backbone of Dallas… Bobby Ewing… has been stelllar at helming the legacy of all that Dallas is.

I, for one, am glad she’s not coming back. Her statement is so stuffy. It makes it sound like she needs to remove a stick from somewhere. DALLAS doesn’t need her, and frankly, neither do its fans. May she be content to push her face cream on QVC.

Zing! Her statement seemed sweet but packed a punch, didn’t it? I think they should recast the role. Like it or not, Pam did survive and did leave her son behind in the original Dallas. There is a lot of story left to tell.

Uh, yea Victoria because you have had such a great acting career since you left Dallas? Give me a break. I always thought you were a little off. Good riddens and oh, nice disrespect to Larry Hagman!

I agree with Miss Principal’s assessment. Life has moved on to such a degree the character of Pam is no longer relevant other than to revive old story. The reboot successfully incorporates enough history to make DALLAS 2.0 appealing and fresh, and not a rerun.

PULLLEASSEEEE —- $$$$ and vanity are the the issues (not the storyline or Romeo & Juliet). Victoria Principal has ALWAYS had issues with that character, and returning vs. not returning. She’s also very concerned about her looks etc…. Gimme a break…..

I believe in “Real Life” She’s married to a Plastic Surgeon! I Wouldn’t be at all
surprised if the Writer’s/Producer’s/Director’s etc…figured out a real Doozy, and it turns out to be Pam who kills J R!!!

wow some judgmental replies..
Victoria owes nobody anything ..
She did her job was paid and then she moved on..
If she wants to leave it as it is its’ ok with me, her choice to do whatever she wants to do and doesn’t concern my life lol ..
There is no place for a Dead Victoria in Dallas, that is stupid, to raise her from the dead..
Really folks, a resurrected from the gave Victoria back? Get real .. 🙂

This is Victoria from Dallas not Dixie from AMC..

Um Bobby died on the original Dallas and came back Dusty Farlow died in a plane crash and was brought back. Gary and Val died on Knots Landing and came back. Dallas was gonna bring Jock back but audiences didn’t want Jock alive and played by a new actor, so it turned out it was. Jock impersonator and the real Jock Ewing was still dead after all. There are rumors that the producers are thinking about casting EMMA SAMMS as the new Pam, but isn’t she back on GH?

If they recast Pam, thats if they intend to bring back the character, id like to see Jacklyn Smith if they can get her to do it. She has more the Pam look than Emma Sams.

No the fans deserve to have Pam Ewing back and the answer is to recast with another fine actress! My choice: Jaclyn Smith or Jackie Bisset!!

If V.P. doesn’t want to be on the Dallas re-boot then hey fine.
She did her job and decided to call it quits.
Since Pam went out in a fiery crash and was “last seen” in bandages…
she could easily be replaced by another actress – if the Dallas creative team decide to bring Pam back.

I don’t think she’s really necessary on the new show, it’s been a success without her, but I just find it shockingshe wouldn’t even come on for a few episodes since, who I think, the heart of Dallas, both in character and actor, passed away.

I do respect Victorias feelings on not returning but also disappointed; im sure the fans would of loved her to return and reunite with Bobby; her history with the family cannot be replaced; newbies r good but history is history; she would of brought great memories connected with the new story line now involved; wishing Victoria all the best; u r missed!!!!!!

I like Ann. Good actress and she is awesome with Bobby.

I think the actress is rich from other endeavors and probably is out of acting and has been for long time. Unless I am wrong she is doing better in business. Pam was great character and well liked but Victoria was not necessarily a character actor, if you know what I mean. Plus she may not want to play Pam as older women.

Daytime soaps have characters that are beloved even though the actor is not great. I will let it go at that. Recasting is iffy. I liked NuBlair but not NuCarly. That is me.

she’s focusing on going to the moon?

wasn’t it said, at one time… she was readying herself?

if you google her itinerary: her FLIGHT plan….. Dallas Star, the first woman tourist… shells out x amount of cashola to orbit and shoot straight up 70 plus miles above us all… here on earth.

While I do respect Victoria Principal’s decision not to return to Dallas (that put her where she is today, a BILLIONAIRE that unforunately is what MONEY AND SUCCESS DOES TO SOME PEOPLE). Out of PURE RESPECT for Larry Hagman that died she should atleast make one apearance.But then again acting on DALLAS IS BELOW HER. If her MEGA EMPIRE goes Bankrupt it would serve her right, the world will get MAD at her and that couldbe detrimental to HER EMPIRE. I am not a fan of soap operas but this one DALLAS was never missed the original and the sequel.

On the original DALLAS Jock Ewing (Jim Davis died), now J.R.Ewing died(Larry Hagman), now is the time for Josh Henderson (John Ross) J.R.’s son to step up and take over his Daddy’s place on the show. John Ross has already established on the show that he is and can be just as backstabbing busunessman as J.R. Ewing ever was, he even UNDERMINED J.R. on one episode already. Just put thar hat on and those boots and you have a 21 year old J.R.Ewing only more undermining than Daddy was. Josh Henderson had a good teacher in Larry Hagman. The show will go on.

Jacklyn Smith would be the perfect recast 4 Pam if they bring back the character and if the actress is willing to sign on.

I Agree With You, Jim!

Kristen could come back to finish J.R. off. Maybe the producers just mention a possible Pam return to throw fans off, and its Kristen coming back. If she was killed off…which i think happened on the show originally…they could change history like most soaps are notorius for and say she escaped a mental hospital where J.R. kept her all these years. Kristen was known for ‘Who shot J.R.’ and now she’ll be known as the person who murdered him. I think the late great Larry Hagman would approve.

I’m disappointed that vp doesn’t want to return but respect her decision. I for one can think of at least a couple of jobs that i have left and would not want to go back to doing. I have also returned to a previous work place before and found that it’s not the same second time around, better to have good memories than compare how it was, to how it is now. I am also quite shocked how some view vp as being up herself and imply it was not enough money for her, this is the same vp that donated a six figure sum to help clear up the oil spill in the gulf!

I watched very little of the original Dallas,.I watched Knots Landing loved it. I did make it a point to watch Bobbie in the shower. Didn’t care who shot JR. didn’t watch. But I like the new Dallas,if VP doesn’t return good luck to her,and lets move on.I like ANN and as I have no idea of her history and what happened to Pam. Fine. I really don’t care,I think the show may have been better if Bobby’s son acted like JR and John Ross was the good brother,but WTH. I like the show and its a great time for a prime time soap. TIIC of the daytime soaps think they are over.
Notice ABC keeps cancelling the daytime soaps and putting them on at night. The shows they have at night are all glorified soaps, ,revenge,Once upon a time, red widow, etc etc etc.
VP can do what ever she wants,and the show will be the same.

Recast her. Shes had so much plastic surgery that even if she came back she doesnt look like “Pam” anymore anyway.

Shes been gone long enough that most people could live with a new Pam.

Personally, I disnt miss her the first time around and I wont miss her now. I find her comments insulting to the veteran cast members as well as the audience.

Well you might find it insulting but the late Larry Hagman did not. The final season of the original Dallas LH was on Larry King and was asked if Victoria Principal was going to make an appearance he said no and he respected her decision he told Larry King she was a very successful business woman her cosmetics company is worth over 1 billion dollars he said why would she need to come back. She chose another path and if they decide to recast I am sure she will not carry on like Ron Moss from B&B did when he left.

Since Pam did not die…it would be nice to see cameos of her. It doesn’t seem natural for a mother to permanently to stay gone (because of a car accident; no matter how horrific). Think about it…there was no indication she didn’t want to be a mom. People get divorced; life goes on. There are times we go back (i.e., death, sickness, reunions, business etc).

I love Bobby and Ann. I think VP is just being selfish. She must be selling a hell of a lot of Principals secret.

Personally I think it is selfish that VP is doing this. As much as I would like to see Pam and Bobby back together Ann Ewing is growing on me. If VP does not want to come back I think a good scenario would be that she comes back for a few episodes. It is discovered JR did have something to do with her disappearance. When it is discovered what was behind the disappearance Bobby and Christopher finally have closure and they move on and attend Pam’s funeral along with Ann. Pam tells Ann on her deathbed to please continue to look after Bobby and Christopher and Christopher’s twins. Finally she disowns Cliff as her brother and forces Chris’s fraudulent wife’s hand and makes her hand over those babies to Christopher and Elena

I’m a bit disappointed. but I’m fine with it overall.

I’ve learned from sources close to the set, whom I cannot reveal (of course, duh), that Bobby dreamed Pam crashed into an oil tanker 25 years ago. All bets are now off.

Yes I am very disappointed that Pam will not be back on Dallas , I thimk that it would be great if she came back, I feel a lot of fans would watch if Pam returned and was reunited with Bobby and Christopher.

OMG – I am deeply disappointed at Victoria Pricipals “politically correct” statement. I’m not at all convinced that she truly means any of it. Pure rubbish! Juliet didn’t go on to do Pantene Commercials & Info-mercials! There is no such thing as the perfect Romeo & Juliet in the soap series DALLAS! Hogwash! Pam is… And will always be the true BEAUTY on Dallas… Beauty of epoch proportions. Bring Pam-Victoria back. Pay Her What She Wants… She Is Worth Every Stack! If not… Replace her with one of the living original CHARLIE’S ANGELS ! The character Pam always carried that sort of class & beauty that today’s actresses lack. I LOVE PAM

Yes i am very very disapointed that Pam will not be back on Dallas. They should offer her more money or do whatever it takes to get back on Dallas. I really don’t care for Bobby’s new wife..She’s ok but they are not a match….

An actress with Principal. How refreshing! I have a lot more respect for her having heard her explanation.

I can’t believe that Victoria Principal won’t come back why? I’ve been a huge fan of Dallas since the beginning & I still watch the original series & I also took a trip to Dallas, Texas and I visited Southfork Ranch and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

IT CAN BE DONE call the episode Bobby’s Nightmare

Well, I Never Heard Of Bobby’s Nightmare And I Never Will, Teddy? Sorry?

don’t you remember in the dream season pam married mark and then awoke to find bobby in the shower what if bobby awoke to find Pam or April sleeping next to him + remember the guy who played pam’s doctor (Dr. David Gordan) is the same actor who played Clayton’s heart doc when he had his heart attack

Victoria is a bitch!!!! Who needs you? Good riddens!! Cast a BETTER actress! No cosmetic can cover up your ugly and better than thou attitude.

Victoria is a bitch! Good riddens!!!


If you don’t want to come back fine..I won’t stop using your products they are Awsome! But really you should rethink your decision for the Fans who followed you from Dallas to your Skin Product Greatness! Come on back for a couple of eipsoides. Oh and excuse Kelly the person before me calling you names. They do not know what they are saying. Keep those Skin products going girl…Time to reorder I”m running out LOL. They do not know what they are saying. Love you!

Sorry for mispelled words typing too fast.

It’s OK, Don’t Apologize For Misspelling Words Too Fast And So It’s No Big Deal!
Right? Thank You!

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