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All My Children

N.Y. Times Report: Prospect Park Own The Rights To General Hospital If ABC Cancels It!

In a brand new article out today from the New York Times on tomorrow’s premiere episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live, the piece speaks with Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz about the journey he and his company have taken to get the reboots of the two shows off the ground and running, and the production model they have implemented that changes the face of soap opera production in a new medium.

One of the more interesting notes from the NY times piece, was when it related about the recent lawsuit filed by Prospect Park on ABC for $25 million dollars in regards to, in part, the issues they faced with the reboot of One Life to Live and the misuse of characters.  NY Times stated, “Meantime, the companies remain in business together, since Prospect Park is paying an $8.5 million annual license fee for the shows and ABC will share in any profits made by One Life to Live. Prospect Park also owns the rights to General Hospital in case ABC ends that one, too. ”

In regards to how production costs size up, the NY Times revealed,  “On ABC the soaps had an hourlong format — roughly 40 minutes of storytelling, 20 minutes of commercials. Each episode cost about $175,000 to produce. Prospect Park has cut that down to about $80,000, partly by switching to a half-hour format, with 25 minutes of story. Paying actors a weekly rate, rather than per performance, and filming both soaps at the same studio in Connecticut, which provides a 30 percent tax incentive to producers, has also helped pare costs.”

Andy Forssell, the acting chief executive of Hulu who will run daily episodes of AMC and OLTL on his platform stated, “The gold standard online is the combination of a passionate, engaged fan and a show they love and want to watch day after day. That combination means great results for viewers, content owners and advertisers. You can’t find a better example of this than All My Children and One Life To Live.

So soap fans, what do you think of the shocking news to some that Prospect Park owns the licensing rights to GH should ABC decide to cancel the 50 year old series?  What do you think about how Prospect Park has cut down production costs for their half-hour versions of the new OLTL and AMC?  Weigh-in!

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WOW!!! NOW you GH fan should REALLY WORRY!!!

This GH is not worried at all 🙂

well, That’s because OLTL people are on GH!!! Todd, McBain , Star…!! That show is 200% with them on it…they will be back may10th…as different people (Characters) though…that should be interesting…and you also get Ron Carlivati, and Frank Velentini..A great team…

Different characters, that’s going to be really weird. Something we’ll all get used to though. The One Life episodes are also a little different too in the way we watch, and in the storyline and characters. But we’ll get used to that too. Great concept to be able to watch online or Hulu. I’ve subscribed to Hulu Plus just to watch One Life.

Nope. OLD news. This was worked out at the same time the original deal with OLTL/AMC was achieved.

i’m not surprise, GH has more value then amc and oltl put together, so when Abc was trying to get rid of their soaps,and pp came in an bought it i’m sure they wanted GH if abc was willing to cancel it, give credit to abc for first dumping its two least valuable soaps to test the waters if you will and , for being smart enough for now for keeping GH, even if pp didn’t have that deal, i’m sure GH would of been picked up by another network unless abc was to greedy to sell it to anyone.

give it time abc will cancel GH ratings were going up but there back down

Sorry but OLTL had much higher ratings than GH for several years.GH may have had more value because it was more expensive to produce, but the value for viewership has been going down. I will bet ABC will cancel this show soon. ABC is not seeing the return on these soaps, so they will cancel. In fact, I just read that this network in its entirety is losing their ad revenues year after year.

I AM shocked. The NYT says 40 minutes of programming. Who are they trying to kid? I have recorded it for 10 years and if they are over 35/36 minutes, I’d be shocked. 😉

i “dump” episodes of “GH” from my DVR to my VCR and edit out the commercials. An hour of that soap ends up using about 37 and a half minutes of tape time.

Im not worried and really dont care! But im still going to watch the best soap anyhere…GH. And if it does get cancelled, i doubt certain actors would move to Conneticut! PP would most likely have to open up a California studio…most actors on GH are California based and i doubt many would uproot and start over! Some might but not all!

Not worried because this is old news. It was revealed when OLTL and AMC were originally cancelled. As a matter of fact, way back then, it was revealed that PP originally wanted GH and OLTL (not AMC). It has been well known for two years that of GH is cancelled, PP will get it. That’s why many of us feel that PP waas trying to sabotage GH when they were trying to have creative control over the characters and when they later decided to sue ABC. Now that the two shows have premiered, I have to say I’m not impressed with the writing and direction of OLTL. Perhaps PP should concentrate more on the quality of it’s own shows than on GH. For all of you who snarkily wish for GH’S cancellation, worry about your shows. If the viewers are not there, your shows will be cancelled too.

WHAT???? NO WAY,PP get your own way with 2 good soap shows. We want to keep our favorite soap on TV to stay there. Who tried to kid us about PP want GH so bad?
ABC,don’t canel that show, they tired to rob u out

ABC tried to rob PP? Seriously? ABC has trashed all three of their soaps – GH included – and trashed the fans big time. They have treated everyone involved with all three shows very badly. They’re only hanging on to GH right now because they have nothing to replace it with, and even more importantly, because they are embarrassed that the two shows they treated so cavalierly are coming back.
Don’t waste one second of sympathy on ABC. They’ll cancel GH without giving the actors, the crew, or the fans one second of consideration the minute they decide it’s in their best interests to do so.
And if I were you, I’d thank my lucky stars that there was an entity waiting in the background to pick up GH if and when ABC kills it.
Because kill it, they will.

Abc would be a fool to cancel now when they are in the hot seat and people are not happy with the lineup. everybody should know by now.

Exactly, boes. EXACT-LY!

Amen boes!!!!

BRAVO BOES!!!! Completely totally agree! Once they see AMC & OLTL take off they will Kill off GH in a heartbeat!

I have to agree with you boes. I don’t trust the swine at the alphabet network for a second.

I figured as much!

Exactly, ABC was going to cancel all of thier soaps including GH, until they saw what they replaced them [amc OLTL] with,and how no one who watched soaps was watching the spew or that other show I cant even remember the name of now. So they kept GH on. BUT for how long? And when they do cancel it eventually, PP will be there to pick it up. GH fans better hope for that! Or no soap at all.

I have come to hate ABC,when a show works for 50yrs,why would you kill it?

ABC is making 8.5 million off of AMC and OLTL without doing a thing! I’m sure the filthy ABC scum could get another 5-6 million for GH. Why not cancel it and sit back and earn approx. 15 million, in addition to any profits made off of the 3 shows, without breaking a sweat. While PP does all the work, the ABC boys need do nothing more than sit back and scratch their sacks.

GH fans should be glad that they won’t have to wait 1-2 years for their show to come back if it gets cancelled. It would behoove them to support AMC & OLTL on PP to ensure GH’s continuity. Afterall, GH was headed for the dumper until AMC/OLTL Fans pulled it from the brink. We supported ALL the soaps after we were treated so badly by ABC because we didn’t want other fans to lose their shows like we did. We also were (and still are) trying to keep the entire genre from disappearing. If online is the only future for our soaps, then we need to stand together and support it and each other. Not make snarky comments to each other. We have ABC trolls to do that.

ABC has shown absolutely no respect for the soap genre whatsoever. The plug was pulled on OLTL coldly and cruelly when it was soaring in the ratings. The last week of production, cast members of OLTL were ordered to remove all personal belongings from the ABC production premises in a gesture that basically said “Get the hell out!” The news that Prospect Park has dibs on GH in the event of cancellation is miraculous news. It assures each and every fan that GH is protected from any treachery ABC may invoke.

EXACTLY. Well said. PP is trying to SAVE these programs. ALL, GH included…so when abc, Canc GH, PP will be there to put it on HULU! What ABC /disney did to the SETS, and the way theu treated the actors, crew DISGUSTING. I still to this day BOYCOTT ALL OF DISNEY/ABC, except for GREYS, CASTLE, Body of proof, and GH…period. I will support all night SOAPS/shows…nothing else. ever.

Also, I watched TODAY!! YEA!! I Love that they are back….!! things are different, but I am going to support and watch…as they are going to be great!
David vickers, and his chipmunk tatoo live!! LOL Funny stuff!

I just watched OLTL and AMC and they were great! What I liked was that HULU put GH on next, so you can watch all 3 by just selecting OLTL. It would be nice if it was on TV, but HULU has a decent size screen, and it wasn’t bad. I like this better because I can watch when I want to and have the time without having to record them. I still like to watch the evening news on ABC, but I avoid them the rest of the time. I think ABC still plans to cancel GH, just trying to cover their hiney right now after the backlash from the cancelation of OLTL and AMC. Atleast I can watch GH on HULU and don’t have to watch ABC. Great work PP and HULU! Happy soaper!!!!!!!!

I do see it on my TV, I have hulu plus, and my samsung blue ray player…I see it right on TV! And If I travel I can see it on my I pad, or laptop too…anytime, anywhere!! it is Great!

It means nothing to me. I don’t care if PP pickups GH, if ABC cancels it, cuz I won’t watch. I already see the way PP has changed OLTL & AMC. If I want to watch a vamped up show Ill watch Skinamax or a turn on a teen drama, cuz thats what PP turned our beloved shows into.

Katie, don’t you think you should actually watch an episode before you render judgement? Right now you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

I watched all the shows so far. I would prefer if they never came back. I still watch because Im waiting for a miracle I guess.

How was the premiere sorry you had such a HORRID time!!!!!!!!(Sarcasm)

How on EARTH do you know what OLTL and AMC have changed into IF YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT YET?
The folks who jump to conclusions based on absolutely NOTHING have me completely stumped. I guess these are same people who decide what something tastes like without eating it, decides what something smells like without smelling it, decides what something feels like without touching it.

I doubt the phrase “beloved shows” has any real meaning when you turn your back on them before they even begin.
Maybe, finally, the genre can rid itself of this type of “fan”.

Love your post Boes!!

The premiere episodes of AMC and OLTL were amazing!!!!!

I agree with you!

You are right Katek they arent like the used to be! And not as addictive as be 4…maybe others are fine with it and thats ok but that too could change for worse or better!


The fact that PP owns the rights to GH, on the unlikely event it is canceled is ANCIENT news. I am quickly tiring of of PP’s publicity game, not in terms of their shows, but in regards to ABC.

This may be ancient news to you but it’s not to many. And it has particular relevance considering what is currently going on.
Waste your pity on ABC if you must – they’ll have none to waste on you.

NOT ancient news to me, I didn’t know. I had hoped they did, and now I know if ABC in their infinite wisdom(LOL) decided to cancel, PP could pick it up and continue it. I watched the premieres of the revamped AMC and OLTL this morning and I am already excited as to what the future brings.

No one wanted to take on the soaps, but PP..
If PP were not now ready and willing to save them, nobody would..
So, it is good to know if GH were to be canceled that it would live on and not go to the graveyard of dead soaps..
With Smart TV’s the soaps are no further away from our TV screen than clicking on a channel as we do now to watch GH..
We click on ABC to watch GH and with Smart TV’s we click on HuLu, no big deal..
Most all homes will have Smart TV’s within years.. That is what are being made.
I and most all I know have a Smart TV.. It’s just a matter of time.

Why is everyone acting like this is something new? We were told of this at the time Prospect and ABC first came to terms. Has everyone been living under a rock?

Besides which, GH has been doing extremely well in the ratings, and I doubt very much ABC wants to do anything to jeopardize their afternoon line-up at this time. In fact, Vikki Drummer, who is the head of the day time division, among other things at ABC, recently confirmed the network’s interest and commitment in keeping GH very much a part of ABC.

We have the same name Rita, but different views! I have been watching GH for over 40 years (some good shows and some bad), but I disagree with you about ABC. What they say is not always the truth! It is all about the almighty dollar, and ABC is like any other business — they want more money!

Rita 3rdout of 4 soaps every week including the oh so big yahoo 50th anniversary week and the nurses ball is not doing WELL in the ratings! OLTL was number one out of the 3 ABC soaps and they cancelled OLTL they only care about ratings and money I give it a month b4 you hear of the cancellation!

I dont think this is any indication that GH will be cancelled. Back when the original deal came about in 2011 before either soap ended and GH was closer to the chopping board is probably when PP got in on getting General Hospital if it ended.

exactly, if i was pp i would want to buy the rights to GH over amc and oltl so i’m not surprise by this at all.

uninformed and DUH is no way to go thru life Aria!

Self absord and delusional and wannabe know it all is also not a way to go through life jloliefan. Snack on that . Oh n by the way saw 1st episode of new OLTL n it was duh!

I am still wondering how long they will be able to stay afloat.. that is a lot of money for the both soaps to run .. You all better be buying the products that the advertisers are advertising during the shows to keep these soaps up and the actors employed.. I am going to keep watching GH.. might check out OLTL if it is as good of writing as GH is.. but if it is boring. I will not continue to watch…

The deals made with Hulu,ITunes,and Fox Canada are among the many backers, at the premiere Citi( as in Ciitibamk Financial) was all over the back drops on the red carpet. PP has the opportunity to take these international like Sony does with Bold and Beautiful. There is a huge opportunity. I don’t worry about the money. I read this mornings reviews. I can’t wait to watch!!

Another thing to keep in mind about this is that the many older dedicated fans that use to watch soap on tv.. are not necessary that tech savy to watch these soaps online. They need to find a newer generation.. It reminds me of how JC Penney tried to get new customers and lost off of their existing customers due to their new promotions…Will enough watcher really go to Hulu…. time will tell!!! I hope I am wrong!!!

Ahh, I KNEW the voice of doom wouldn’t miss this chance to find a dark lining in a silver cloud.
It’s tough, I know, for all those who said this would never happen to see the shows finally back. After all the long drum beats of “fuggetaboutit, ain’t gonna happen”, the new one is “the online venture will fail”.
As long as you’re happy, I guess.
Make sure to take an umbrella with you EVERY day, it just might rain. And watch out for falling meteors.

I live in Seattle.. it rains all the time. .you need to always have the umbrella and raincoat with you!

That is why SOME of us are offering our help to anyone (regardless of age – but especially the ‘older’ ones) who wants help! Whether it is help in what is out there or actually setting things up. I will assist versus just griping.

No griping here… many of you are very sensitive!! The older SOAP generation aren’t on here even reading the blogs…

Don’t count us old soapers out yet (been watching since 1968)! Nothing will get an old soaper learning new tech like desperation to see their soaps!

I know MANY ‘older’ soap generation people who would be offended to read your post.

That’s very interesting about GH and raises a lot of questions for me. I expect that GH will stay on air for a few more years but as soon as ABC has something to replace it with and they think they can get away with cancelling it, they will.

Then what happens? Will PP move the show to Conn and who in the cast will follow? I know it’s early to be thinking about these things but this does raise some interesting questions…

They could just have another part of their production company go out and produce shows in Cali as its much cheaper then Connecticut.

They are actually based in CA themselves, so I agree with Marcy…they will find a place out there.

i say do not cancel General Hospital i’am a really big fan of all the soaps other wise you all will have unhappy fans

GH won’t be canceled in the near future, it has years to go…
From day 1, it was in the deal that PP would get GH if the day ever came that it would be canceled, also…
It’s always been that way and GH is doing well..
Why are people going looney assuming over something that has been in the deal from the beginning lol
nothing has changed concerning the soaps it’s still all the same ..

I agree…amen,Pp is play game against abc to take everything from it, I guess Pp want everything for sue against abc I wish they quit accusing sue abc….abc sure have big mouth to cancel both shows to add 2 new shows are pretty boring in 1st place… And second place, Abc shouldn’t leave them alone. I hate play mind game from Pp . It broke my heart after these years to GH are good things. I hope abc don’t cancel my show.

Never trust the Mouse! We should have learned this after the cancellations of AMC & OLTL.

Well said, anyone who doesn’t think GH will be cancelled because it is “doing well’ must be blind. OLTL , and AMC were “doing very well” but it isn’t about that. It is all about MONEY, for disney/abc..PERIOD. They want to put on cheaper shows, that cost pennies to produce, and put more dollars in THEIR OWN POCKETS. GH will be on HULU within the next year or two..I..NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

You got that right Carol if ABC can sit back do nothing and make money on ALL 3 shows YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THEY WILL CANCEL GH REAL SOON!!!

Not shocking but hope PP would have a separate studio in CA for filming GH

Unbelievable.. A mention, just a mention, of GH going to PP IF it were to get canceled and some people go wacko, as usual..
It is what we all knew anyways, PP would take on the 3 ABC soaps..
GH is nowhere near being canceled, calm down with the crazy assumptions.

GH will go on and if it doesn’t it will get a new life..

OH Yes that is right SU always has some “inside ((her own head)) info!!

Given that ABC-D proved ruthless with the first two shows, I’m glad to know PP has the rights to GH should ABC decide they don’t want to be in the soap business again. They clearly don’t care about what I want. PP does. I am hoping that new method of delivering programming will be an unfettered success.

I’m excited as can be to see OLTL and AMC once again! But it’s also a great relief to know that if ABC ever does make the foolish decision to cancel GH that PP will be able to take it over and continue the legacy! But it is doing so well right now I don’t think that will happen for many years. Plus, I think ABC knows darn well what a huge mistake they made to cancel the other two.

I take most of what ABC says anymore with a grain of salt after their ping ponging of saying that OLTL was not going to be canceled then all of a sudden it IS canceled and with ABC its all about the $$$$. IF they start losing the moolah as to high production costs as they have way too many actors as it is on GH and they are now bringing even more actors on the show with the addition of Jerome crime family,
They may start getting rid of actors, then who knows what will happen.

People just don’t get it.. the number ONE thing with ABC IS MONEY as they said they have wanted to keep production costs down.. that’s why on ABC you’re seeing crap shows such as Celebrity SPLASH and more low cost reality shows.

I wouldn’t put it past ABC to cancel GH on Network TV and put it on the web if the costs start heading up as they’d STILL be making money because of the lower production costs.

If you all read the business news reports, the upfront meetings this month were very negative for Disney. And GH has really not picked up a huge amount of viewers as you would think.

Thank you Vicki! Someone with common sense and knows how to do research!!!

Watching the new one life this morning was painful, are the cameramen just out of school? It doesn’t have the quality it did on ABC seems almost elementary.

You might want to get your eyes checked. The camera work was excellent, and it also happens to be the all the same directors and cameramen who shot OLTL for decades for ABC.

And it looked a hell of a lot better than it ever did on ABC. Maybe you should get a better internet connection!

I never knew that PP had the rights to GH, but it makes sense since GH was on the chopping block and got a reprieve. I loved the new OLTL, can’t wait for the next episode and love online, I can watch it multiple times and as many times as I wish. I’m 50+, not real good on computers but found out how to watch for free and WALLA!! As for GH, I don’t watch it anymore, they ruin John McBain character and trashed history of the soap. Shame on FV & RC!! Gotta go, OLTL is online!!!!!!!!!!!

I read this a long time ago. I read that GH was also part of the deal. ABC is a business, there to make money. They don’t care about anyone thing but, the almighty dollar. What ever they replace the show with, I will do what I did to cbs when they replaced my GL and ATWTs never watch it, no matter who they put on Never. GH is slowly going back to the old ways, all Sonny and every guy wants carley wth the golden who har? and Did did , Did ! GMAB. I am totally bored with the show. I like AJ but if he allows Carley in his bed, or jumps back in the bottle I give up. I am sick of mary Sue Sabrina .

grow up Sabrina. Patrick ???When did he become so just plain stupid. The player is now the victim of a phoney pregnancy scam. he is a doctor didn’t he ever hear of birth control especially with a wife with HIV ? FrankenRon need to stop writing
the show like the viewers are brain dead.TPTB know what the viewers want ,they lost Robert, the only change is Jason is gone and we know why. He didn’t want to take a pay cut, so he jumped to CBS and Became a FOJ Good riddance ,now Stop writing OL and calling it GH. Plus I like Ellie,now she becomes Siobhan and gets murdered. ? I even can stand Spinelli with Ellie something I have never been able to do before.

I don’t understand why or how this is shocking when it was public knowledge back in 2011 when the PP/ABC deal was first announced.

This is good news because gh will have a home if abc cancels it. the chsracters and show would still live but online

I would LOVE to see General Hospital in the hands of people who care about the genre and the fans!

I have thought for some time, since the soaps starting cutting back on their production costs, that they needed to switch to a half hour format and pare down the casts a bit. Now PP is making an episode that costs less than half than the network’s paid to produce an episode. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to produce the shows affordably, but the network people didn’t care enough or just weren’t smart enough to figure it out.

here is what they figured out….That if they put a so called REALITY show on, with a cast of 4 or 5 people, …they put a Bad show on for PENNIES.!LOL! They don’t have to pay anything close to what a soap cost, with writers, crews, actors etc…1/4 the cost…they only care about ! Thats why there is mostly Garbage on T.V now…cHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! with now talent losers like Housewife shows, where they beat each other up, yell ,scream etc..what miserable LIVES and people. Low rent, Low lives IMO
And as long as they have an audience for Garbage TV..makes more money for execs…and There you go!

As we have found out ABC has idiots running it. Why didn’t they think like PP. PP had some smart people doing their thinking. I would love to have GH on here. Then I would not have to watch ABC at all.

Edna, you can watch GH on HULU too, that’s what I love about it. I typed in OLTL, watched it then AMC came on next, and when that was over GH came on. GH is a day behind, so I didn’t watch todays and will watch it tomorrow with my other 2 shows — and don’t have to watch it on ABC.

I can’t afford to pay like that to Hulu might have or will have GH

HULU is free if you don’t mind advertising. The adds are short and it isn’t bad. I don’t pay to watch HULU because I don’t have HULU plus, but that is okay because I don’t mind the advertising. HULU is free Jeffrey, just type in which show you want and select the one that says HULU.

I don’t watch abc anymore – ever. I have never seen the shows they replaced the soaps with and will never watch them. Who needs more cooking shows? I love the fact that I can watch OLTL and AMC any.time I want during the day/night. I don’t have to record them. Don’t mind the commercials too much. Miss Rex &Gigi but love Bo and Nora. Will miss John McBain.

If GH is cancelled God forbid, I will not watch it on Prospect Park. They cut down on the cost of OLTL but they also cut down on the quality as well. Since the actors don’t get paid as much, it shows in their performance.

All My Children

Billy Miller Memorial Scholarship Endowment Created at His Alma Mater to Help Others ‘Realize Their Dreams’

Two months since three-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Billy Miller passed away, the beloved All My Children (ex-Richie), General Hospital (ex-Jason/Drew) and The Young and the Restless (ex-Billy) star, will now have a permanent scholarship endowment in his honor at the University of Texas at Austin which was Miller’s alma mater.

Through the scholarship, it will be able to help radio/television and film undergraduate students with financial need. Billy’s family and friends have established this permanent scholarship in his memory, naming it the William Jon Miller II “Billy Miller” Memorial Scholarship. They hope the endowment will be a legacy to his life and love of acting.

Before becoming soap-famous, Billy graduated from the the university’s department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) at the Moody College of Communication. On its official website, they shared the news of this special memorial scholarship and how Miller died at the age of 43 after surrendering his life to bipolar depression, which he struggled with his whole life.

Photo: JPI

Megan Hubbell, Billy’s sister, expressed, “We want something positive to be held in his name in perpetuity through the University he loved. He would be honored to know that even in death, he can help someone else realize their dreams.”

She added how she hoped her immensely talented brother will be remembered: “I hope BJ (as Billy was known by to his friends and family) is remembered for the kind-hearted, silly, funny, goofy, generous, beautiful soul that he was His megawatt smile, deep belly laugh and gorgeous mug were gifts on screen, but his true self was a bright light that will be carried with us forever.”

Photo: JPI

According to Miller’s family, Billy had his picks of schools and UT was his first choice. When he first came to the university, Billy started in the zoology program before switching to radio-television-film, where he felt he belonged. Miller was one of just 20 students at the time accepted into the department’s prestigious production-sequence program.

“BJ was extremely proud to be a Texas Longhorn and always remembered his time there fondly,” Hubbell said. “The time he spent at UT allowed him the space to explore who he wanted to be and what he wanted to accomplish.”

Photo: JPI

In honoring her brother’s work and strength to persevere in the often heartbreaking world of entertainment, Megan related: “I always admired the guts it took to go after a dream in Hollywood that so many people tried to discourage. He heard, ‘You’ll never make it’ more times than I care to count, but he used those comments as fuel and said, ‘Watch me.’”

Miller’s roles went far beyond those on daytime soap operas, as throughout his career he played major parts in primetime’s Suits, Ray Donovan and Castle to name but a few.

Photo: JPI

In his death, Billy’s family is encouraging people to take stock of their own mental health. “BJ would want anyone struggling with intrusive thoughts to seek professional help,” Hubbell said. “Do not suffer in silence or try to muscle through on your own. Mental health is vitally important and shouldn’t be spoken about in silos behind closed doors but rather in open forums with open arms. Shame has no place in the discussion to seek help.”

To donate to the William John Miller II “Billy Miller” Memorial Scholarship click here.

Share your thoughts on Billy’s family and friends, along with his alma mater, setting up this memorial scholarship endowment to help other talented young people in financial need get a shot at realizing their dreams via the comment section below.

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All My Children

‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Touchdown in Ratings with Taylor Swift-Inspired ‘Halloween: The Eras Show’ Delivering Largest Audience In Over A Year

More great numbers for Live with Kelly and Mark. The talk shows Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show scored an impressive 2.9M total viewers on October 31, making it the most-watched Halloween episode in four years, according to the Nielsen ratings.

The episode also delivered some of the highest ratings in seven months for the morning show, particularly among women 18-49 and 25-54. Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show also pulled in a 1.92 household rating, as well as a 0.47 among women in the key 18 to 49 demo and a 0.69 among women 25 to 54. Those are up over the last two years of Halloween episodes and since Consuelos first started in the co-host chair back in April.

According to Deadline, Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show, also pulled in the largest audience numbers for a single episode in more than a year and half.

Photo: Disney/ABC

As is tradition with “Live’s Halloween” episodes, they are always filled with costume and pop culture moments and special guest surprises. Ripa and Consuelos were right in step with the biggest social media love story at the moment; that of Swift and her burgeoning romance with Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce.

During Halloween week which started on Monday, October 30, Live was up up 11% versus the week prior in total viewers, and averaged 2.6 million viewers throughout the week.  Year-over-year, the talk show was up that week by 15% in terms of total viewers.  It looks like the former All My Children’s alum on-screen chemistry is just as palpable as it off-screen; as the two marrieds are making quite a successful run together on morning television.

Photo: Disney/ABC

So, what do you think of the impressive numbers for the Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on ‘Live’? Did you enjoy their recent Halloween episode? Share your comments below.

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All My Children

‘All My Children’ Star Peter White Dead at 86

Peter White, best known to soap fans as All My Children’s Linc Tyler, passed away this week at the age of 86. The cause of death was revealed to be melanoma.

The late actor’s former AMC co-star Kathleen Noone (ex-Ellen Shepherd Dalton) confirmed the news to multiple outlets sharing that White died in his home in Los Angeles of melanoma on Wednesday, November 1st. His death was first reported by Soap Hub.

White’s first soap opera role was actually on The Secret Storm in 1965-66. Then in 1971, he joined CBS’ Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, where he took on the role of Dr. Sanford Hiller. However, he became soap-famous for his role as Linc on All My Children which he began in 1976 and it would be a role he would play on and off till 2005.

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In story, Linc was in love with Kitty Cole and later her sister Kelly (both played by Francesca James), despite his mother Phoebe’s constant interference and disapproval.

Peter later appeared in numerous primetime shows including: The Colbys, Knots Landing, Dallas, Sisters, Hill Street BluesThe JeffersonsThe Paper ChaseThe West WingStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sisters, and more.  His film roles included: Dave, Flubber, Armageddon, Thirteen Days and First Daughter.  

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However, White jumpstarted his entire acting career in 1968 with the starring role as Alan McCarthy in Matt Crowley’s original Off-Broadway production of The Boys in the Band.  Later, the drama was made into a landmark 1970 film, White and his original co-stars were all featured in it.

Share your condolences and remembrances of All My Children’s Peter White via the comment section below. But first, check out this clip when Linc was trying to help Kelly after the murder of Eddie Dorrance.

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