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New Adam Newman, Justin Hartley Tweets: "Can't Begin To Tell You How Excited I Am To Be Joining Y&R!"



We have finally heard from the man of the hour on social media this morning in a tweet just sent out by Justin Hartley.  As was announced earlier this morning, the former Revenge, Smallville and Passions star, who is currently airing on ABC’s Mistresses, is joining The Young and the Restless as the new Adam Newman!

Finally, with the cat out of the bag, and lot of congratulations from the daytime industry and his fans, Justin sent out this tweet!  “Can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be joining Y&R Great show Great cast Great fans!!!! Thanks for all of your kind words.”

If you also look at Hartley’s Twitter timeline, he also tweeted very late last night, “Some good news coming out tomorrow morning that I’m really excited about!!”  And what news it turned out to be!

Hartley also took a moment on Twitter to address Michael Muhney’s earlier tweet stating:  “A thank you to Michael Muhney for the well wishes. Very much appreciated. Thank you.”


What do you think of Justin’s tweet thanking everyone for their support and sharing his excitement at the big casting news today? Share your thoughts below!

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Nice move Y&R. But I think he would’ve been a better re-cast Jason on GH.

No no no he is perfect for Y&R good for him !!

Yeah, I love Justin Hartley…fantastic choice, Y&R…pat on the back !!!!

he is 6’3” no shoes with shoes he’d come in at 6’4”? !! (Melissa Claire Egan is 5’3”)
also he looks too young and pretty ..

Nope, not good not good at all..

He looks good and can act.. but that doesn’t mean he can be Adam..

ohh just sigh .. sigh ..

You know i was starting to like Hands Newman…he was just starting to make the role his own too…maybe Hands Newman will be hired by the GH people if Hands Morgan doesnt work out…i think Hands Morgan in that scene on GH with Victor looked a little too old for the part and somewhat overacted…ok, ill wait and give Hands Morgan a chance since he only appeared in one episode…lol

Does anybody remember Hands Collins on Dark Shadows…in that scene where it rises from the coffin and grabbed Willie Loomis by the throat…im talking about the original from the 60s tv series…fine acting there…lol

I had to reply here.

I’ve never seen that scene. I’m sure a lot of viewers had their “hands” over their eyes.

The way you described the scene…reminds me of ‘Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman’ or one of those old Universal monster movies…which I loved!!!

Oh, yes. I remember Hands Collins very well. He was my first soap crush. He was such an evil bad boy with a dark side.

Hands Newman had my interest more than this Hartley dude recast. Because I was waiting for JFP to get a clue and hire Muhney back. Now that she has chose to recast Adam with another of her FOJ friends, my wait is over. Tuning out forever after being a fan since 1975. Won’t be tuning in unless JFP is gone and her hatchet job corrected. RIP Y&R. Expecting others like me awaiting MMs return to tune out as well. Ratings should drop below 4,000 soon.

Su00, would you stop dwelling on the height? The new Adam is only one inch taller than MM. He’s a perfect choice. Picking on his height makes me want to ask,’Is that all you’ve got?’
Besides, what do you care. You don’t watch Y&R anymore.

Right, Harry. I always get picked on by my family because of my height. My husband is a foot taller than I. So what? Trust me…it does not make a difference.
Wasn’t Justin married to Lindsey Hartley? She’s about my height….I know he will be great, bringing some life to the show. Next step, Y&R? Get a new a Billy, pleeeease!

I agree!
Big, big sighs.

He is 4 inches taller in shoes or more..
and being good looking and a good actor doesn’t not mean he can be a good Adam..
most are assuming because he an actor and cute he will be a good Adam, that is not logical.. lol ..
and I do watch Y&R at least 10 mins an episode..

@Suooo How would you know if this guy can fit in the role of Adam before he has even aired? I think you like to bitch just to have something to do.

He’s 4 inches taller in shoes or more? Now wait, is this if Justin is wearing shoes with a two inch heel while Michael is in his stocking feet? Both actors are lanky and in their stocking feet, there is a mere two inches of disparity between their heights. Sue, how much more does Justin weigh than Michael? What is his body fat percentage? What blood type is he?
Sigh. I have given this non issue already way too much time and attention.
Cee Cee, as long as someone’s feet reach the ground, they’re tall enough for me.

See, I think Hartley would have made a perfect JT Hellstrom. He’d even make a better Billy Abbott than Burgess Jenkins (who I think is wildly miscast and looks to old for the role.)

I said that too about him as Billy…

@Soapbaby…and it’s sooo off putting. Burgess looks as old as Jack and every time he comes on the screen I LITERALLY say…Why did they do this??..And that’s the truth. It’s a very jarring recast. I know Justin from Passions for sure and Primetime..he never really took off in any role after Passions…though he almost got that super hero spin off on the CW..I don’t know..but at least they can give HANDS his severance check and send that character walking…so we’ll see.

Maybe HANDS can thumb a ride. I hope some studio gives him a helping hand.

Thank you. I couldn’t agree more about Burgess Jenkins as Billy. He is probably attractive and perhaps a serviceable line reader, but I’m so jarred by his age and lack of resemblance to the Billy I loved that all I can focus on is “He’s not Billy”. If Victor refers to him as “Billyboy Abbott” I will laugh (and not in a good way).

David Tom was working! Why did they do that?
Now we have a Ken doll (parts and accessories sold separately) trying to be animated Billy. He’s like the anti thesis to Billy. And this comes from someone who wanted to give him a chance after David Tom was not afforded one himself.
David Tom WAS Billy to those of us who accepted Billy Miller’s exit.

Every time NuBilly comes on screen I have to think a mili second, who is this guy. Terrible recast.

I never thought of him as J.T. but that is a good idea! I, too, said he would be good for the role of Billy. Burgess Jenkins was completely miscast in the role, I don’t understand at all why Y&R hired him for this role. Not only is he a bad actor and sounds like he’s reading a (poorly written) script every time he talks, but he just doesn’t fit the role at all! He and Peter Bergman look very close in age and he doesn’t have the charm or charisma that Billy Miller brought to the role. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish they hadn’t fired David Tom for him!

@soapbaby @MBmomof3 and @Jimmy..I thoroughly agree. But soapbaby J.T. wasn’t really that interesting of a character to watch after a while so I don’t think there’s a reason to bring him back. They probably looked at Justin Hartley for Billy and when MM told them to take a hike..because they wouldn’t most likely make Hunter King retract her statement..they just went for Justin Hartley as Adam instead of Billy because he has a built in daytime/primetime fan base. And once again as for Burgess Jenkins..I look away or do something and look back to the screen and for a moment i’m like..who the heck is that talking to Victoria or some other character…and then I FF.

Jenkins is a horrible actor. Billy is on a front burner storyline and I, for one, can’t get into it because he is soooooo bad.

You said it Jimmy, charm. Thats whats missing from the recast of Billy.

Jonboy, I don’t know why, but Nu-Nu Billy makes me think of sawdust.

Wait–according to Wikepedia, Justin is thirty-seven and Michael is thirty-nine.
They are about the same age just as they are about the same height.
Listen, I loved Michael Muhney’s Adam– I think the actor is absolutely brilliant and I still miss him terribly. But comments nit picking about Jenkin’s height, the color of his eyes, his age and even on his looks (he’s too handsome) seem to be rather flimsy and to me, it seems some fans are still in a state of denial that Michael Muhney is never coming back as Adam. If he’s moved on, shouldn’t the fans follow his example and give the new kid on the block a chance?

OMG..Please say it ain’t so…it’s curtains for HANDS NEWMAN???…No one can replace HANDS in this role…NO ONE…I’m TRULY turning this show off now. NO HANDS NEWMAN…NO ME!!! Good going Phelps..

I hope Hands Newman’s final exit scene will be add libbed using a certain finger to the producer(not seen of course but we know who it is) who had replaced him…lol


Ha ha! Another good one, Jim. I vote for you as story consultant for either Y&R or GH.

Hahahahaha !!!!

I, too, have grown to love Hands Newman. His acting is pure brilliance and I can’t fathom a Y&R without him! But if you’re really in desperate need for some great acting such as that of Hands Newman, just tune in to GH and watch Hands Morgan electrify your screen!

LOL..Oh right how could I forget limpy grabby arm??? That’s one sexy arm I must say. Thanks Jimmy.

Has anyone read an article on whether GH hired Hands Newman after appearing on Y&R and Hands is actually doing double duty at the moment. Oh that sneaky GH!!!

No need to reply. When the announcer said..The role of Jason Morgan is now being played by A PAIR OF HANDS…I KNEW…I JUST KNEW…GOOD LUCK HANDS…

I was hoping it would be Michael Muhney once again, but I was also hoping it may be James Scott ( ex EJ DOOL) I think he would have made a brilliant Adam …imagine his scenes up against victor…he would certainly have held his own with that guy!

Ooooh…I hadn’t even thought of that but James Scott would be good. Too bad he’s got the accent but I think I could live with it 🙂

I’ve always thought Trevor St. John (ex-Todd/Victor) would make a great Adam Newman.

I am sad that michael will not be be returning. However i do think justin will do well as adam.does anyone remember him as fox? Adam and fox were very similar so.i think that justin willfit in nicely.he even looks similar to mm. In my mind there is no other adam but i think justin is a great recast better than what was done with billy the current actor cant seem to warm to him. Bring back Billy Miller.

You all know what to do. When Adam (MM) left I started watching (BB). I have to admit when I heard about the hands I got hopeful they would bring back our beloved (MM) but now that it’s for sure he’s not coming back, I get an extra hour in the garden and enjoy (BB) and the new Ridge.

He will be perfect as Adam.

Excited to hear about Justin gettings the part. He’s a great actor! When you can go from daytime (Passions) to primetime and jump back to daytime you can do anything. He’s was awesome as the Green Arrow and on Revenge. He’ll fit right in with the cast at Y&R


but that doesn’t mean he will be a good Adam..
You can say the same about Burges and he’s a horrible Billy..

I am going to look on the bright side. I think this is a great choice.

As for age he is two years younger than MM and height is no big deal when it comes to film.

su000. Michael is not coming back so either give the guy a chance or Y&R could have just kept him off screen indefinitely.

It is really confusing why this dude chose to take a part where he will always be compared to a brilliant actor who was forced out by a person called The Soap Killer on a soap she has caused to plummet in the ratings. Has he never heard of what happened to David Tom?

This is great news!!! Very surprising as I never thought of him in the running! I am a huge Muhney fan as well but I was happy to see Hartley’s name in the headline. I remember him from Passions and right from the beginning you can tell he could act. Yes he is a blonde but there’s nothing saying he couldn’t just die his hair. And yes he is 6’3 but only one inch taller than Michael Muhney.

I don’t think that they could have picked a better recast. Wait until he airs in the fall, I really think this is going to work. Let’s all just please move on from the negativity regarding Muhney’s firing. I am all for Team Muhney but I have always loved Justin’s acting style and I think he deserves our support.

And both actors have wished each other well. Time to move on and see if this can save Y&R.

What’s also interesting is that Hartley is good friends with Melissa Claire Egan in real life so I wonder if she had anything to do with it…

Love your attitude, Little Ricky.
The height issue which an outpatient has brought up redundantly is a non issue.
Size doesn’t matter!

Who did he play on Revenge?

Good luck Justin. Hope things go better for you than the two Billy recasts.

He has the look. I would have preferred Cameron Mathison but with all the nasty comments made for actors that come from other soaps, I guess this guy was a good choice. The show definitely needs to hurry up and bring in these new actors. The show was becoming the Dillon show. It will be nice to see some story lines with Adam and Phyllis again. Still missing AMC but trying hard to develop an interest in Y&R. I like the new Billy by the way. Right now the only characters I don’t care for is Dillon and Nikki. Hope to start liking them. So glad to see that there have been some makeovers. So glad that people are getting the hair out of their faces, the whispering has stopped and the sets seem brighter, not dark. I think the soap is moving in the right direction.

MIXED FEELINGS once again… But yay Adam! Ok this justin guy looks promising. And I agree with most fans, MM will always be forever adam newman in my heart, love that man!!! His acting is golden.
Willing to give this sexy new guy a shot… Gonna miss hands” too lol.
I haven’t been watching faithfully y&r, been out of the country for summer but sooo much has happened… At least the storylines are getting better.
Still think some scenes r cheesy but that’s JFP style I guess. Oh well.. Still a ynr fan! Excited to see where this Adam goes? 🙂

Justin Hartley is good looking and a good actor who was on prime time etc..
That still is a ticket to be Adam .. Just because one is good looking an actor may not qualify him to be Adam..

Burges is handsome, a good actor, and was on prime time etc, and he is a horrible Billy ..

Adam being requested will most likely fail.. they should have left the Adam character dead in the accident and RIP..
and not attempt to recast him..

time will tell ..

hahaa sorry ..
I was using voice to text.. and words come out weird at times / I have a bit of an accent ..
— requested to be recasted ..

Su0000…. Burgess is handsome? Really! I guess we have different tastes in men. He has no lips , his eyes are lackluster, his hair color non-descript and his voice makes me want to grind my teeth. I was still in College when I first saw Justin on Passions. My roommate and I used to swoon over him….however, you are correct. Good looks do not a good actor make. The thing is, this guy can really act. I can’t wait to see him again…..

I agree with your Burgess description!bright non..
but a great many do see him as being handsome so went with it.. lol

time will tell if Justin can be Adam ..
I just don’t see it ..
the Adam character should have stayed dead and the character retired..

I agree, su0000. No one can fill MM’s shoes. He made that role his. But, that can be said about any actor/actress. I am still having a hard time watching Michelle S. As Nina. And, as much as Tognoni’s talent is supposedly so legendary, I do not know how I will accept her. The audience becomes comfortable and complacent with a certain protagonist’s role. That’s a fact. But, we must keep an open mind until such time that we just can’t stand it any more…lol…like watching Burgess…Lord, help me!!!lol….this guy is neither easy on the eye, nor is his acting commendable.
So, being familiar with Hartley’s acting, I feel pretty confident he will excell, albeit I agree with some posters as seeing him more in the JT role. But, I am happy anyway. Go Justin, yeah!!!!

RIP MM as ADAM NEWMAN,,,, you were the y&r, the best.
At least he kinda gave JH his blessing… I think mm would like to see the role go on.

I agree he would have been better as JT…although I would prefer if they brought Thad Luckinbill back were they to revive the character. I remember him briefly from Passions and while he isn’t an awful actor I just don’t know if he can bring Adam’s edge to the role. There was a hardness to Adam,,,even if at times it was tempered with vulnerability. I hope he can pull it off.

I have tried to view the show again in anticipation of the Kay death anniversary show…but, still find a lot of it only worthy of hitting fast forward. Even the “who is Mariah” ending can be seen a planet away. Just not that much to intrigue me in most of the stories or characters.

As an aside….I never saw Cynthia Watros as Kelly but was not impressed with Cady McClain in this role at all. Kind of ambivalent about Burgess Jenkin’s Billy. Miller, like Muhney, was a tough act to follow. I like him well enough, but not invested enough in the show to really care. Sad, because I used to really enjoy Y&R .

Ahh, Harry…you wound me. Yes, some of our comments are superficial and nonsensical. But, that is the society we live in. You must admit that Jenkins is blah, bland and looks like sawdust. Someone wrote that…was it you? Lol. Anyway, the description “sawdust” fits perfectly….only in fun, Harry…only in fun.

I say get rid of the woman that is ruining the Young and The Restless. I agree with everybody else this guy playing Bill Abbott can’t act. Also he talks through his nose. a nothing personality. Bring back David Tom. just when he was getting good again she got rid of him. I say its all screwed up. the one playing Summer is also a non actor. .maybe she can read her lines but that is it..


Justin Hartley Talks on Wife and Y&R Alum, Sofia Pernas’, Upcoming Role in ‘Tracker’

Coming up, you can catch two Y&R alums for the price of one in the sixth episode of the first season of the new CBS drama, Tracker.

Justin Hartley (ex-Adam Newman, Y&R) stars as Colter Shaw and in the premise of Tracker, Colter grew up in a survivalist family, helps private citizens and law enforcement find missing loved ones. There is also a mystery involving the death of his father at the hands of some government agency, or possibly his older brother, when Colter was 15 that plays into the backstory.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Hartley reveals that his real-life wife, Sofia Pernas, who played the role of Marissa Sierras on The Young and the Restless, will be appearing on the show.


Hartley previewed Sofia’s appearance, “Sofia is coming in episode six. She is a blast from the past. Colter had a relationship with her, and they were kind of in the reward business together. And then she sold him down the river. It wasn’t great. And so, they had a schism that happened in their relationship, and she comes back into his life for a certain reason and they’re forced to work together in a way to get to a common goal.”

Photo: JPI

While Justin and Sofia are happily married in real-life, from Hartley’s tease, it doesn’t look like their Tracker alter-egos will end up the same way! Justin shared, “By the time you get to episode six, you will see this is outside of Colter’s comfort zone. There is obviously an attraction there, but something that happened that is very sad.”


The episode featuring Sofia entitled “Lexington” will air sometime in March. We will keep you updated as to the specific date when it becomes available. Make sure to watch Tracker Sunday night on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ beginning at 9pm ET.

Looking forward to seeing Justin and Sofia together on-screen on ‘Tracker’? Comment below.

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Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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The Bold and the Beautiful favorite and Daytime Emmy winner, Darin Brooks (ex-Wyatt) looks to be set to reprise his signature role in the upcoming sequel to the comedy series, Blue Mountain State that is currently being shopped.

According to Deadline, a couple likely destinations for the reboot would be Amazon, where another series star Alan Ritchson headlines the hit show Reacher, and Netflix, where Blue Mountain State found cult status following its initial three seasons on Spike TV. Ritchson is attached to this project.

In the original series premise back in 2010, Blue Mountain State told the tales of three incoming freshman played by Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson and Chris Romano try to adapt to college life while juggling football, girls, classes and of course nonstop hazing.

Photo: SpikeTV

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In 2016, the movie Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, continued the story and was funded by a kickstarter campaign with Brooks, Ritchson and Roman all reprising their roles.

During Darin Brooks recent livestream conversation with the Michael Fairman Channel not only did he address his exit from B&B, but his role on Blue Mountain State. You can check it out below.

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