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Noemi Gonzalez Announces Her Departure From Y&R

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

On Sunday, another Y&R cast member revealed they are also out and exiting the top-rated CBS Daytime drama.   Noemi Gonzalez, who has been causing trouble for the Rosales family in Genoa City says he is no longer with the series.

In her post on social media, Gonzalez shared:  My love’s it’s been a pleasure.  Then she added:  “I have been honored and blessed with an opportunity to embody such a dynamic character on such a special show! This is the hardest working cast/crew/staff in show business, let me tell you! A special thank you to Jordi Vilasuso, Jason Canela, Marisa Garcia, Kathy Jones and Patricia Denney.

Thank you so very much to Sony Pictures Television and CBS for gracing me with the opportunity to be a part of such an iconic show. But most importantly, thank you to our loyal fans.  Everything I gave was for you and the love of your stories.  I’m going to miss Mia Rosales and Genoa City.  I will be on the air for another month, but I’m off to shake things up elsewhere! Stay tuned for what’s next!

In story, under former Y&R executive producer and head writer, Mal Young, Mia came on to the scene as Rey’s (Jordi Vilasuso) troublemaker of a wife. She first appeared in the middle of November of 2018.

Gonzalez departure follows on the heels of Jason Canela (Arturo), Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) who both shared they are leaving the series, as changes are afoot behind the scenes at Y&R.

So, glad to see Noemi go … or will you miss Mia shaking up Genoa City? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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No surprise and no big loss. Glad the new regime is cleaning up Mal Young’s mess that he left behind.

Mia came on like a firecracker.

The problem with the Rosales family is there were on far too much. They seemed to be on every day and taking up a large portion of story. This made them not too popular with fans. Overall, I like the Rosales family, but they are supporting players and were made to be leads. That is where Mal and Y&R erred.

I don’t know what plans Josh has. I don’t think he needs to undo everything Mal did. Of all the Rosales, I would like Rey to leave the most.

I know a lot of people didn’t like Mia, I was not one of them, she brought some spice to the show. She made you hate her and to me that is good acting. I wish her well in her future endeavors. She is a beautiful lady.
Her time just came to a close.

Ohhhh, goodie!!
Now, does anyone really care about Tessa and her magical guitar?

Congratulations, CeeCeeGirl, et al! It sounds like slowly but surely you are getting your beloved soap back!.Y&R fans are so lucky to have a new regime which is being responsive to audience complaints about unpopular characters by getting rid of them. It’s a shame GH never followed that same policy! Instead of listening to its longtime fans’ opinions regarding who needed to go, the showrunners doubled down on shoving their unpalatable favorites down the viewers’ throats, as if that were ever going to make us like them! It actually had the opposite effect and made us loathe them all the more!

Yes, my Shaybelle…..slowly but surely, Y&R is coming together; getting back into shape……just a few ‘unsewn’ threads here and there still dangling at the seams—-but, I have hope.
You must be a little happy yourself, Shay…..No more Nina! Well, I should say no more Michelle Stafford. I do hope Nina will be recast….too much story left to tell ( Willow–Sasha).
By the same token, I am getting my real Phyllis back!! Yeayyy!!
Everything is rainbows and unicorns on this side of the Mississippi.

Shay, I think GH is riding Frank Valenti to the end and that is that! It sucks.

Not me. Although I am enjoying Rey and Sharon, Tessa always grated on my last nerve. I am hoping they don’t plan on making it a front burner story. Like I said before, with Kevin hovering in the distance, and Lauren getting caught up with the happenings at Jabot, with Jack back at the helm, it would be nice to see Gloria back at the reception desk and reunite the Baldwins. But their is only so much of Tessa and her insecurities that I can take. I still think she is hiding something from Mariah that has no to do with her sister.

I meant to say nothing to do.

Hi, Soapqueenforever,
You bet, my friend….I have been talking about Tessa’s nefarious subterfuge forever!! I feel it in my bones, LOL.
I truly think she helped dig JT out of that makeshift grave. Now that his sanity is at bay ( HaHa), JT may have conveniently forgotten ( with the writers’ help) certain details?
Whatever it is, I neither like Tessa nor do I trust her. Zach and Ian Ward keep swirling in my head…their insidious selves invading my brain.
There are no words to express my elation in anticipation of Mia’s explosive exit. Who’s baby is it? What a surprise for her!!
I am starting to get comfortable with Rey….problem is; he and Sharon will not last. This musical beds ritual, between Sharon and Nick, has been going on since the Stone Age.
And, yes… it would be fantabulous if Gloria would take her rightful place at the reception desk, with Kevin in tow. Sigh!!…. if only we could have our Y&R back!!

I know what you mean about Nick and Sharon. But given the chance I think that Sharon and Rey could have some crazy chemistry. Maybe our Y&R is coming back slowly in little bits and pieces. As the old saying goes, tune in tomorrow. Happy viewing!!!!

Yes, Soapqueenforever…I definitely see the chemistry between Sharon and Rey.
Nonetheless, if we think back, Sharon Case seems to have some kind of hidden voodoo-woman-spell, LOL.
She has had chemistry with every actor paired with her….to a certain degree, Sharon even had chemistry with Victor. …HaHa, what a hoot!!??
Sharon represents the eternal city of Rome for Nick….and, after all is said and done, all roads lead to her…..until the next time. Then, it starts all over again.
The new woman with Nick, today? Waaay too tall for him. Mousy!!
Nick is destined to pick up strays……poor thing!!

I am wondering if they are turning Nick into a male prostitute. As of the 4/10 episode this was the second woman he has picked up in a week. And where was poor Christian while he was out carousing.

I like Gloria too, she brings spice to what is becoming a boring show.

HA! “Magical Guitar”? Celia, that made me chuckle. On another note, (no word play intended) has anyone else noticed that Tessa looks exactly like Disney’s classic animated version of Snow White? Sometimes I expect to see bluebirds on her shoulder while rabbits and deer help her clean her one room studio apartment.

If I can be granted only one wish for the rest of the year, it would be that Tessa gets sent to prison in another state or country. Her singing reminds me of cats in heat on a hot summer night.

Oh, thank goodness, you hear what I hear, Dr Helen Ruth….right along with Ron. As I said, I am trying to see why this girl is so special. Mariah ( Camryn) does not need boosting—no prop necessary. She stands firmly on the acting ground!!
Tessa’s voice is lamentable….literally!!❤️

PS….I was laughing to myself about the cat reference, Dr Helen Ruth…..I am envisioning a myriad of cats coming out of the darkness, ‘neath the balcony, eyes aglow, meowing along in accompaniment.

Thank you, I was wondering why neighbors weren’t throwing shoes at her.

Hi Celia– I predict she will fall or be thrown from the apartment balcony… story from the 70s Laurie Brookes Prentiss era.

Hey, Ron,
Ahhhh, Tessa!! I am still trying to figure out who she is. Surely the character was not introduced merely for Mariah??
For some reason ‘ye gods’ decided to keep her after the stupid Zach storyline was done—I don’t get her…..not as drastic as Mia, whom we, at least, were in touch with her machinations. But, Tessa? There is no mystifying inspiration to make me want to know more about her. I don’t trust her, period!! That’s all she’s got going for her, in my opinion.
The balcony!!!! You crack me up. What is the symbolism? ROMEO AND JULIET!! She sang to the street below and, VOILA’, the night air, the rustling of the leafless trees ( it’s Wisconsin, LOL), the stars and the moon—it was just so magical!!!!….so much so, she created a masterpiece of a song—-ready for production!! In a magical, ” Disneyesque ” moment!!
Yeah!! Over the balcony with her!!!! ‘Tis midnight—-all is NOT well–

The writers blew a golden opportunity two weeks ago– they could have tossed Tessa in jail on extortion charges. Then she could really sing the blues. Shakespeare (if indeed “he” was really a “she”– we’ll never know his/her true identity) might hae very well written a “Juliet and Juliet” story. Maybe today’s 50 mph winds on the Illinois/Wisconsin border will aide in the balcony plunge!

Oh– we’re down to two college choices (FINALLY). Syracuse or Boston College. We’re so torn! But, boy, Syracuse really is pouring it on thick– nice package, admittance into a very select law school, and the admission director calling and saying, “Your application was over the moon!” Ahh, flattery will get you everywhere.

Enjoy the last weeks of school.


Yes, Ron….I agree. Tessa should have been thrown in the hoosegow!!… I said, there are different sets of legal rules in Soapland. LOL….
Indeed, Ron…..was Juliet a she? I can imagine how ‘gorgeous’ the Shakespearean female looked on a 16th/17th, Elizabethan stage.
So, you’re down to the nitty-gritty with College for your son? Tough choice–both excellent institutions.
I do have a weakness for Boston proper—the city has an unconquerable heartbeat. That’s the attraction. The mystery.
By Syracuse-PTB’s avid response? ….sounds like your son won’t have a problem acclimating himself within any academic environment…..
Good luck!!
Yeah….school’s year-end is around the corner.
Come September, I will be working full-time–a challenge!! LOL.


She and Marian have got to be the most boring I’ve ever seen. As far as her magical guitar, if Devon takes her back, hopefully she’ll fly away on it somewhere else.

Hey, Violet,
I think the couple is boring, as well…..but, I cannot blame Mariah.
Tessa is a downer, and because Mariah loves her, she tries to accommodate. The result “ain’t” pretty!!
I don’t find Tessa’s voice interesting, either. By the by: whatever happened to Fenmore?

Tessa is a horrible singer-
she sounds like a sick cat..
I wouldn’t download her tunes if paid for it, l I wouldn’t put myself through the misery of listening to her cat wallowing.. lol

I am not surprised but I have mixed feelings. A new family is due on the Genoa City scene. Mr. Mal Young, however, did not smartly or effectively integrate the Rosaleses. Would have liked more time to get to know and to understand Mia. her actions upon arrival seem driven by the past, hence we as viewers have no emotional connection to Mia and her point of view. Had she arrived in a meeker manner, and we saw her frustration with being an outsider grow, we could understand the ‘bad girl’ in her. Mia Rosales certainly was young and restless. She needed to establish some friendships. Her burning ember of love for Arturo needed to simmer more. As it stood, Mia was just a shrew. You have to have some love for the bad girls and boys too. (Erica on AMC, Lisa and Carly on ATWT, all those back-from-the dead villains on all the soaps!) Ms. Gonzales is a beautiful woman and she played Mia well as written… and unfortunately had to do so as many fans clamored for the whole family to be sent packing. I think Y&R needs a working-class element to balance the high and mighty players. Maybe Mr. Josh Griffith will be able to pull that off as he takes yet his turn to reset the drama.

Well said, lakovos!

That’s just it, Iakovos…..I find Mia neither beautiful, nor is she a siren. There is no “je ne sais quoi” element for me… starlets, such as she, come a dime a dozen.
I am a villain/villainess aficionada—-As you say, she represents a shrew….failed miserably in my eyes because she does not have that extra hmph. Unless written by Shakespeare; there’s a shrew, then there’s a shrew. LOL. I have a strong antipathy for Mia……she came on too strong and did not play the good girl/bad girl too well. I saw right through the character from day one. No mystery. No enticement. However, I am not a man—typically, men are too weak when it comes to coy women-with-a-kittenish complex. I will go as far as ‘gullible’. No offense, you guys!! LOL.
I do believe this is how a viewer perceives and receives said shrew—or any other character. One either likes or dislikes.
For instance; Michelle Stafford ( Phyllis) flew into GC like Succubus….I loved her instantly—while the docile, good-hearted and passive Cricket was/is just there. Stafford left an indelible impression on me—Mia? Too vapid. Yet, not everyone likes Michelle’s Phyllis, nor her Nina ( GH).
You are right in that the family came in like a storm; not giving the viewer time to take each actor in, digest him/her individually at a slower pace—ice water thrown in one’s face leaves one gasping for air. The oxygen was sucket out of every scene—-too much going on all at once.❤️

I agree, Celia. I know Erica Kane is before your time but one of the things which resonated with AMC viewers was her fierce devotion to realizing her dreams. Her most famous line (this is even before my time, but the line has been referenced many times) is when she said to Nick,”Well, Pine Valley isn’t exactly the corner of Hollywood and Vine.” Erica wanted to elevate herself up from the Pine Valley provincial set, and yet she found herself emotionally attached to it. Who can’t relate? Maybe Mia would have had a chance had she been afforded a better introduction as Iakovos asserts. Mia speaks of her ambitions and dreams but we never see any follow through. She threw a Mary Kay party while insulting her potential clients. Man, if folks were not already turned off of those home make up parties, they would be after watching Mia play the multi-level-marketing saleswoman from hell.

Iakovos, you write so very well and make some excellent points. Yes, the working class absolutely needs more representation on Y&R. The Williams family provided a profile of a blue collar, working class family but they are no longer with us. As it stands, Genoa City is dominated by that one percent. Making Devon an instant billionaire without having to work for it was a huge mistake in more ways than one. Suffice to say, Devon is about as self-made as Khloe Kardashian. The problem with the Rosales family is they were introduced clumsily and too swiftly. Sometimes I could enjoy Mia but most of the time I wasn’t enjoying hating Mia–she was not the woman I loved to hate. I didn’t think the actress was very good–she has a way of exhaling and gasping when she tries to emote which really irked me. And yes, you’re also correct when you say she’s not the only one who has gotten away with a crime in Genoa City. In real life there is no way the Four Jackasses of the Apocalypse (Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis and Victoria) would have gotten off for covering up a crime, lying to the police, illegal burial, etc. in real life. And in real life Phyllis would not have been granted immunity for her testimony. All immunity means is that the defendant’s testimony can’t be used against them in a court of law. While Phyllis’s confession could be used in a plea bargain, there is no way it could be used as a Get-out-of-Jail-Free card. That was so off the rails as far as the realities of the legal system is concerned. Meanwhile, a young mother with no priors is imprisoned for running a red light, and we the viewers are punished with whispering, remorseful Cane and the boring Ashby Twins.

i did like watching her play the bitch that she did but I’m thinking this is only the first of exits that will happen.

Nothing against Noemi, but I’m glad to see her character leave Genoa City. Which also is a back-handed-compliment to her acting since she played the Mia role as a shaker-upper beautifully. Good luck to her in her future ventures.

I’m not glad to see anyone go if they are giving good drama. I have noticed over the past few years if a character is doing villainous things then the call for her/him to get out of GC begins. It’s seems to me that the viewers of today do not understand soaps and would rather have them all nicey nicey. So many wanted her gone because she slept with her brother in law. This is the ingredient of a soap and if it’s against your morals, you need to stop watching. I don’t think Noemi was let go because she wasn’t a good actor, I think she’s gone because she isn’t necessary to Sharon and Rey’s budding story. They will send her off to be with her first love Arturo. I would have loved if the entire Rosales family remained intact but c’est la vie.

So unfair and dissapointing!
This young actress was fiery, beautiful and had the potential to be the next big vixen of genoa city!
Her term was cut short because of backstage shakeups and its a big loss and shame to fans of hers!
Why does the new powers that be have to be so calous in firing and undoing everything the previous regime has done?!. I know fans were tired of all the new faces but all these changes are causing whiplash!
First Arturo now Mia. This is pure b.s. ! While we had to be bored with the dragging on the JT story , Mia was causing a stir and entertaining. There was so much more to her story. With no Hillary, Mia was filling the void excellently of resident potstirrer.
Imo she is a victim of pleasing fans who endlessly whined about new faces! How many times has Adam come back from the dead?. Kevin bounced around genoa city in lacklustre romances?. Phyllis commiting crimes she never pays for?. To accomadate these expensive returns the other fans of the Rosales lose out on new refreshing faces who are the future of the show, not been there done that and tired. instead of a new exciting villianess with the acting ability of Noemi who could ve had plently of chemistry with Arturo, Rey possibly Adam, Billy, Nick..We get Adam vs Victor prt 10, Phyliss and Jack only to cheat on him part 5, Kevin being duped by a love intrest part 4.????
This is so wrong and I hope fans of Mia and the Rosales speak out! Heavens knows Lane fans were accomadated back when Cane returned ! If cuts need to be made im sorry but Cane should ve been gone when Lily went to jail. Why is he still there.? The scenes of his divorcing and whining for Lily put me to sleep. Ditto Devon. Zero charm. He gets a whole new step cousin and dad and storyline. Put him to bed. He also should ve gone when Hilary died.
But instead a talented sexy newcomer like Noemi gets the Axe!!
What petition can i sign to get her to stay?
I havent been so angry with this show in a long time. This is such a hasty short sighted dilerate move to pls one fanbase while ignoring the others who want new characters and diversity on the show. And am not a minority myself so if anyone jumps to conclusions I am simply a openminded individual who likes to see a colourful genoa city.
If sony or cbs read these website blogs pls reconsider! Bring back Mia and Noemi asap!
Sorry Noemi! We hope you will be able to return one day with Arturos baby and maybe bring Jason back with you!
Your fans love you and wish you all the success!!

Sounds like you need a time-out and a nap – nighty-night!!

Don’t let the door hit you or your Hello Kitty makeup-bag-on wheels! I won’t miss her–we have enough bad girls with Summer and Phyllis in town and do not need a third one.
She was too awful, never saw any redeeming qualities in ME-UH! The last straw for me was when she viciously attacked Lola thinking she was Abby. Rey figures it out and covers for her because she is “pregnant” thereby letting a dangerously unhinged woman run free. This really irked me because: 1. Rey’s job is to serve and protect. 2. She almost killed his sister. 3. He was all high and mighty with Sharon about obeying the law and 4. Pregnant woman who are incarcerated actually are given top notch prenatal care. Rey, in his position, could have ensured that his baby be given first rate medical care.
So ME-UH! Take your Hello Kitty make-up bag on wheels and go home.
Goodbye Kitty!

Paul should NEVER let Rey step foot in the GCPD again!

I did not like that Rey protected Mia for slamming his sister. But then again, who pays for crimes in Genoa City? Oh, Lily Winters does! Whatever happened to that young girl Hilary was mentoring anyway?

Exctly!! Lily should have never served any time in prison. It was an accident–no intent. TPTB make up their own rules—
Rey is the biggest hypocrite. As Harry said, Mia is a danger….possibly unto herself and definitely unto her unborn child.
Where is Rey’s reasoning here? He knows his wife is nuts; yet, he has no qualms about ‘his’ child’s safety…..allows Mia to roam free and be a mother to an innocent baby? Whether the child is his or Arturo’s is irrelevant at this point!!


Honestly, I’ll miss her. She just needed a better storyline. I wish her the best of luck.

I’m torn– a character like Mia is desperately needed on the show— everyone is upstanding upper class professional and white– a Mia was a refreshing change of pace– BUT– I didn’t care for this actress in the role–can’t really pin point the issue, but for me, she was like nails on a chalkboard— so I am sorry to see an interesting girl from the wrong side of the tracks go– I think the right actress in the role would have made the whole thing work better than it did.

If they had written her right she could have been the next Jill clawing her way into society nothing wrong with the actress. I blame Mal for this and then JG not having any fresh ideas y&r needed a new bad girl. Instead what is he doing bringing people back from the dead or people who were let go because they had ran out of new ideas or story for them.

FYI : Jordi V u am not familiar with his work all I know he has bent over backwards to get sling and to be a team player you oldies might just want to give this man a chance and get off you high horses everybody is s newbie st one time or another all if you old actors get over yourselves and stop being nasty to somebody who is trying his best to fit in !!! You think this show will survive on a 78 year old tyrant ?

So, you’re laying blame on Josh Griffith because his predecessor Mal-content Young created an ill-conceived, one-dimensional character that you want to stick around? She’s a terrible actress and the Rosales family sucks!!

Um, okay…….????

That’s exactly the thing, Bart……many here fail to see that “Mia” lacked charisma. No magnetism whatsoever!! I agree with your sentiment.
I am all for bad-girls ( and new faces) who cause mayhem……It creates drama. This actress simply does not possess the quality to attract and hold interest. “Abundantly physical attributes ” do not sexy make!! It’s those little nuances–the mastering of subterfuge–the weighty silence when ‘conversing’. Mia reminds me of a bulldozer amidst a meadow of delicate flowers.
Phyllis ( Michelle Stafford) has that bad girl/good girl quality —–but, her every movement bespeaks of drama!! She has the IT factor. Gina, an exceptional actress, lacked that main ingredient so inherently Phyllis. That’s the crux of the matter.
Of course, there’s also the antipathy I hold for both the character of Mia and the actress. I’m not saying it’s fair—I can’t help it. I don’t like her…..I doubt I would like her in any role.
On the other hand, I loooove Gina—just not as Phyllis.
I can see Noemi is able to go through her lines; yet, she has no flair. She’s hard looking and it projects into the character. No outward softness.
I think, for me, the character did not stir any emotion—-to compare her to other actresses is futile. Each individual has her/his own innate tool to capture an audience’s whim and educe a response. ….not meritorious of any accolades; not for me.
The same can be said about Tessa…. was/is a bust—my opinion.

^^^^ SHE , is so, darned CUTE. sorry it didn’t translate on the screen… is Mal Young not a good writer? I saw her at a round up.. of all the youngsters at the coffee shop… still owned by Dillan ? yawn… w/Summer holding court. blech ! any way… even I could tell their wasn’t enough camaraderie . sorry Mia. I just hope they leave Jordi Vilasuso, alone !

I will still say it doesn’t matter how much the lay of the land is bowled over. THIS WAS @CBS – Sony – Y&R ONE CHANCE to make it all right… and bring back the excitement of the lives of Genoa City. so what ???? Michelle Stafford and Kevin Rikaart ARE able to supplant and diminish the character of Michael Muhney’ Adam ? even bringing back Eileen Davidson wouldn’t put a lid on just how much Michael Muhney ADDED to this show. all the arsenal was whipped up in a frenzied free for all. it’s still a – meh – atmosphere… no matter what Josh Griffiths stories

okay one factoid : i’m so happy that Doug Davidson is back

No. Keep her. She is a clsssic soap troublemaker. Great fun watching her!

Josh Griffith and Anthony Morina are doing the worst, and I just knew they would. They’re hacks right now; they’ve completely made The Young and the Restless just another run-of-the-mill boring-ass soap opera, and it’s sickening. Watching the past two weeks has been a true snore fest. This is what people wanted? Haha. Those who did are beyond delusional. I hope the racists on this site, on Facebook and Twitter are happy, because this is what you wanted. #YRSoWhite This soap is quickly becoming the second-to-last worst soap opera on the air, next to its counterpart, The Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B is bad. That show is on endless continuous loop. Tho set in real-life Los Angeles, of the remaining four dramas, it is the least authentic. They exist in a vacuum.

The show got rid of the only Rosales with any potential…

not surprised. the writing has been on the wall for a while. I knew when the new showrunners took over their would be casting changes

Soooooooo glad she is leaving. And then there were two!

00ooh no!!
Arturo and Mia both gone, I luvs ’em both a 1000 times more than Rey, for sure.

Mia was a firestarter!!
Rey is a classic Bore!(I don’t care for the utility Rey)

Y&R rarely has a dark menacing villainous person..
It really needs a sinister skin-crawling character.

((((( Well, now we know ‘the Arturo baby is not Reys..

0ooh – Noemi /Mia has great teeth !!

if they wanted to get rid of a rosales,i would have gotten rid of rey. he adds nothing to the show and is so boring. he’s effectively Dylan 2.0

hi robert,
ISSSHHHH Rey is awful..
I could not force myself to kiss him not even for money – YUCKY YUK!
When Sharon and Rey kissed I gagged !!
Every time Rey gets all puckered-up I cringe!

I have to agree with you. He has not had the impact, or sex appeal he had on DOOL, or GL.

Filling out that CBS/Y&R questionnaire is finally starting to payoff.

“Mia” wants to wish you good luck. Please take Rey and Lola with you!

Not sorry to see Mia go; however id like to wish the actress well in her future endeavors.
Not her fault Mia was an annoying one dimensional character. Y & R is rediscovering it’s identity. I’m very happy to see Dina and Paul back on the canvas.

Good riddance. Take the rest of your clan with you! Rey is the worst.

Being that there is no where to make comments about the daily happenings, I thought I’d just throw in a few here. I thought it was a fun time in Vegas for Victoria, Billy and her new friend. I am still wondering what Victor is up to with this man called spider. The Jabot sibling competition is heating up, Jack vs Ashley. Kyle, Summer and Lola should get very interesting, especially since Lola has decided to give up her virginity to a married man, who most likely will become an expectant father soon. How about the new and improved Nate? I think he’s a keeper, good looking too! Last but not least, what are they doing to my boy Nick? They are slutting him up, and I don’t like it. Is he going to start sleeping with every woman he meets? So he broke up with Sharon and Phyllis. No loss there. What, he can’t be without a woman? Oye vey!

So, OK…..Kyle just moved up a few notches for me!! What a man; what a man; what a man!! That’s a MAN!! A real man!! The spoiled Abbott boy has integrity. Shockingly refreshing!! Kudos, writers!!

Ms Gonzalez could have been cast into a very different role and brought a lot of spice to the show. Why did they have to cast her as a poor insecure gal? She could have been cast as a self confident, beautiful gal similar to Joan Collins on Dynasty. I am beyond bored w/Sharon and her mental illness and dysfunction and Maria character really sucks. I really hope they bring her back in a much better role because she is beautiful and could really bring a lot of spice to what is becoming a boring show. And this bringing Adam back from dead…really this is the same crap I can remember going on in GH soap my uncle watched while i WAS IN GRADE SCHOOL. Also find a new wife for Cain!!!! His x is too self righteous! After all, he bitchiness is what killed Hilary.

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In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

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Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

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The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

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O. J. Simpson Dead at 76: Real-Life Murder Trial in Which He Was Acquitted, Changed the Trajectory of Soap Operas

Former Pro Football superstar, O. J. Simpson, who became infamous for being on trial for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, has passed away at the age of 76 of cancer.

Simpson’s family put out a statement sharing, “Our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”

It was the murder trial that overtook the airwaves back in late 1994 and through most of 1995 that changed the landscape of daytime television forever, and in particular soap operas that many will recall.

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On June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson, O.J.’s former wife, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were brutally murdered. When O.J. became the prime suspect, a wild pursuant of him by the police while in his white Ford Bronco was viewed on every network by some 95 million viewers. This June marks 30-years since the incident.

Ultimately, Simpson was charged with Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders, though he was acquitted in what was dubbed The Trial of the Century.

The trial permeated the airwaves of every network and any time of day. Networks consistently interrupted soap operas while covering the day in and day out of the spectacle that was this star athlete and TV and film star’s trial.

With many of the soaps pre-empted on a regular basis, the public fascination of Simpson’s trial was to many better than a soap opera as it has all the ingredients. Writer Dominic Dunne noted the themes via an article in Vanity Fair of “interracial marriage, love, lust, lies, hate, fame, wealth, beauty, obsession, spousal abuse, stalking, brokenhearted children, the bloodiest of bloody knife-slashing homicides, and all the justice that money can buy.”

Because of the trial, soap operas lost a significant amount of their audiences. The murder trial went on for 11 months from November 9, 1994, to October 3, 1995.  They never were able to fully rebound as reality television became the next big thing.

O.J. Simpson is survived by four children: Arnelle and Jason, from his first marriage, and Sydney and Justin, from his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson.

So, do you remember being frustrated that your favorite soaps could not air during the O.J. trial, or did you find the murder trial more intriuing than the soaps themselves? Comment below.

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‘Melrose Place’ Reboot in the Works with Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton

Looks like some of former residents of Melrose Place will be getting back together in a revival of the popular Fox primetime soap opera of the 90s.

Now comes word that original series stars, Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton are set to reprise their signature roles of Amanda Woodward, Jo Reynolds, and Sydney Andrews.

The project is currently being shopped and looking for a TV or streaming home and coming from CBS Studios. The new offering is written by Lauren Gussis, and in story, Melrose Place picks up years after the original series and would provide an update on the characters, one of whom may no longer be with us.

Photo: Fox

In the premise, former residents will reunite “when one of their dearest friends dies suddenly.” However, things don’t go smoothly when old traumas, the reigniting of old romances and old resentments, and new secrets are revealed. Thus, throwing our characters into chaotic drama that’s reminiscent of the past, but with a much more modern perspective.

The original Melrose Place debuted on Fox back in 1992 and aired for seven seasons till 1999, and followed the young residents of a Los Angeles apartment complex. Locklear’s Amanda was a ruthless advertising executive. Leighton played Jane’s sister Sydney and Zuniga played photographer Jo. The cast also included: Marcia Cross, Josie Bissett, Andrew Shue, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Thomas Calabro, Doug Savant, Rob Estes, Brooke Langton, Lisa Rinna, Kristin Davis and Alyssa Milano.

According to Deadline, more original cast member will sign on if the show gets the green light. This is not the first time a Melrose Place reboot has made its way to television.  The CW revived the series in 2009 with a new cast which lasted only one season. However, Locklear, Zuniga and Leighton all made guest appearances.

So, do you hope a Melrose Place reboot with several of its original cast makes its way back on network TV or a streaming platform? Comment below.

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