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OLTL Favorite Eddie Alderson Reveals He Is Cancer-Free After Long Battle

Photo: EAldersonInsta

We must all celebrate and send our thoughts and love to Eddie Alderson, who was beloved as Llanview’s Matthew Buchanan on One Life to Live.  For Eddie shared in a touching post via his Instagram and across social media on Monday, that after his over three-year battle with lymphoma cancer, he is now cancer-free.

Not only did Eddie share the news but his proud sister, who loves him so much, former One Life and GH star, Kristen Alderson  (Ex-Starr and Ex-KikI) also weighed-in on the big moment in Eddie’s Life.

First, Eddie shared: “Today is a good day. A damn good day. For the most part I’ve been quite private and selective about updating the status of my health the last few years. I’ve shared some of the down times and some of the good times. Today, I had a scan that showed no active disease in my body. For the first time in the past 3 years, I am done chemo and treatments. To think of all the ups and downs I (we) have gone through, this day is worth celebrating. I’ve used the phrase “No Surrender” these past 3 years to hopefully inspire some of you that nothing is worth giving up over. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and look at where I am today. I am fucking proud of this day. I am proud of myself and ALL of the people who are fighting today or have fought. The impact that my family and friends and all of you’ve had on me has given me the drive to fight. I will always fight and spread awareness for #LLS This may not be the end of my fight, but this as damn close as you can get to shutting the damn door on cancer and saying GOODBYE. I will always be ready to fight. #NoSurrender 💚”

Then Kristen posted on her Instagram:  “No Surrender! Celebrating my amazingly brave, wonderful, & cancer-FREE brother tonight & EVERY DAY!!💚”

To say that we watched from afar at this young man’s ability to get through the ordeal of rounds of chemo, the ups and downs of treatment, and the disease, it has been nothing short of inspiring.

Now, share your well-wishes for Eddie via the comment section below!

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Hell to the s*** yes! Congratulations Eddie on your victory for beating his dreadful ugly satanic disease! You are one of my favorite Buchanan children on One Life To Live and I miss seeing you and your sister as well who played Starr Manning! #FuckCancer


Praise God you are free from cancer. Congratulations on fighting with a no surrender attitude!! I truly believe a positive mindset is half the battle and you won that battle the day you claimed “no surrender”

I am so happy to hear this!!! I miss Matthew Buchanan just as much as I miss all the other OLTL characters. I would so love it if GH brought Eddie on to be his former soap role along with his sister Kristen to be back as Starr. Prospect Park really F’d things up for all the actors on OLTL as well as AMC. Anyway, God bless you, Matthew!!

Prospect Park no longer have anything to do with AMC and OLTL.

God bless you Been through it myself. I am always so happy to hear this great story. Brave and strong man. Have a great life.

I am so very happy that you are cancer-free, Eddie! I pray you stay as healthy and happy as you are today!!!

So very happy for you, what a relief for you & your family. Best of everything going forward, love & miss you & your sweet sis on OLTL!

This is thrilling news. Congratulations to Eddie and his amazing support team. You fought the great fight and are victorious!!!!!!!!!!!! No Surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Eddie and Kristen so very much. They are such lovely young people. I wish them both tremendous happiness throughout their lives.

I miss our beloved One Life to Live every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is good stay strong keep the faith

So very happy for you and sending healing vibes to keep this monster away forever. I had a histeroscopy (so) yesterday to remove uterine lesions, now waiting for hopefully benign results. Keep up the good fight.

So glad you have beat this love watching you and your sister on oltl

Congratulations to your great accomplishment

So good to hear!

Checking for news here is part of my “start of the day,” and this is the best possible news. #nosurrender

So happy for you Eddie (Matt B) My prayers for you that you will continue to live your best life and never give up. God has a plan for your life to excel and be the best in everything you do and to share with others what God has placed in you, your special gift. much love.

So Happy for Eddie. You have been blessed. Miss both you and your lovely sister, Kristen, on the much missed ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

I am sooo very happy for you, Eddie! You are a strong, determined young man. You kicked cancer’s ass!

Happy for you. Been saying prayers for your recovery

Thanks Be To God. Watched both of you grow up on TV. MY FAVES. DIE CANCER DIE!

amazing god bless, its good to hear and read good news. No surrender.

Wonderful to hear that you’re cancer free! No one should have to go through what you did. Being a long time OLTL FAN, I’ve followed both you & your sister! Be well, stay healthy & give peace a chance!

So glad for you Eddie! Sending best wish hugs and prayers.A faithful fan.

This is wonderful news. Keep getting better Eddie!

That’s really good news now you can take better care of your self for now on take care fan of oltl

Congratulations. So happy.

i am so happy for u

SO happy to hear this good news and to wish him and his loved ones all the best!

Cancer was the battle and you won the war!!!!! That is my motto as I fought cancer. I am so damn proud of you and how hard you fought this horrible disease. Look ahead and put this in your past because that is where it belongs. Look ahead to a bright healthy future. God Bless.

That is such great, great news! Congratulations to Eddie and all the Alderson family.

God Bless You, Eddie!

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