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Orson Bean, Longtime Husband to B&B’s Alley Mills, Struck And Killed By Car

Heartbreaking news this morning.  One of the most beloved actors, Orson Bean, was killed last night in Los Angeles, California when he was reportedly struck and killed by a car.  Bean was 91-years-old.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful know that Bean was married to cast member, Alley Mills (Pam).  Their marriage lasted 27 years.

Various reports have been coming in on what happened at the scene: Los Angeles Police Captain. Brian Wendling initially said that a man had been walking in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles and was clipped by a vehicle, causing him to fall. Then, a second driver struck him again, which was the cause of his death.   It has also been reported that both drivers stayed on the scene and attempted to administer aid but Bean died at the scene.

There were also reports that Alley Mills, 68, who Bean was married to for 27 years and his third wife, was at the scene at the time of the accident.

Bean’s acting career spanned decades, where he appeared in numerous comedy and drama television series, as well as games hows.  In recent years he appeared on Modern Family, Desperate Housewives,  Hot in Cleveland and Grace & Frankie.

Mills and Bean has just performed together in a play Bad Habits which ended its run last week in Santa Monica, California.

Orson Bean is survived by his daughter, Michele, from his first marriage, and sons Max and Ezekiel and daughter Susannah from his marriage to Carolyn Maxwell.

We will continue to update you as any new information comes to light.

Share your condolences for Alley and the death of Orson Bean via the comment section below.


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So sorry and sad to read this. Enjoy his character on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Rest in Peace.

Remember him on Game Shows like the original(best version of game show Match Game and when he played on Dr Quinn as cranky shopkeeper and Ally played one of Quinns sisters…sad news to hear!!!

Sad news & so sorry to hear this. RIP!

OMG, what a shock to read about this. What a sweet man and longtime actor over the years in so many shows, as others have mentioned.My thoughts and sympathy goes out to Ally Mills, another favorite.

I remember Mr. Bean as an early supporter of Barbra Streisand in the early 1960s when she appeared on his talk show. Imagine the wonderful showbiz stories he must have had. And what a tragic way to go…he will be missed.

What a sad, shocking end for such a brilliant and precious individual! As a child, I grew up watching Orson Bean primarily as a talk-show guest/raconteur extraordinaire…his immense intelligence and sparkling wit always appealed to me, even when I was a mere youngster! Of course, his numerous episodic television appearances also delighted me throughout the decades, particularly when he would be at his highly-cantankerous and naughtiest best during his twilight years. He never, ever gave a bad performance! Having said that, perhaps my favorite aspect of Orson Bean was his most recent role as a genial conservative warrior….I truly enjoyed his insightful perspective on politics and popular culture since he had experienced life in Hollywood at both ends of the spectrum, which enabled him to compare and contrast two vastly different world views and subsequently gravitate to the “right!” Add to that, his massive influence on the Damascene political conversion of his son-in-law, the late, great Andrew Breitbart to his way of thinking, which eventually culminated in the launch of the popular eponymous website that survives to this day….an achievement for which Bean shares no small measure of credit. I mention this only because—Mr. Fairman’s fond farewell aside—there are no better, more beautifully-expressed tributes honoring this beloved, magnificent man than the superb ones found at Breitbart this weekend with a multitude of articles respectfully celebrating the overall genius and generous spirit of Orson Bean, written by those who best knew and admired him! They are incomparable in their scope and understanding of this versatile, greatly-engaging entertainer, guaranteed to bring tears to one’s eyes….a must for any avid fan of this much-mourned iconoclast of the 20/21st centuries! Deepest condolences to Bean’s family and friends, especially his dear wife, Alley Mills, and his daughter, Susannah, who has now lost both her father and husband under tragic, untimely circumstances. God Bless Them in Their Sorrow and Rest In Peace, Orson Bean… were a true American original who will be hugely missed but never forgotten!

Well said, Shay! He will be missed.

Thank you, Christine Harmon! By the way, I just listened to Orson’s (unfortunately) final podcast interview, and he was every bit the spry, sweet, sage and jovial gentleman as ever…you could easily envision that famously naughty glint in his eyes as he spoke!!! Here was a wise, accomplished elder personage who had lived an amazing life far beyond that of simply an actor, albeit an immensely talented one….and he was truly 91 years young with so very much left to offer!!! It’s an absolute tragedy that he was taken from this world so cruelly and suddenly. I’m still extremely shocked and saddened over his unexpected passing. (P.S. Incidentally, I normally refer to those I respect in a more formal fashion, but I couldn’t bring self to call Orson “Mr. Bean” because that name conjures notions of the buffoonish British comedy character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson! Just saying….)

Such tragic news. I enjoyed him so much on “To Tell the Truth” and many, many shows throughout the years. My sympathy to his family. May he rest in peace.

Shocked when I saw this. I immediately thought of Alley. So sad.

Was Orson in a crosswalk? I don’t know who had ROW.

I read he was not in a crosswalk. And probably didn’t have ROW. I guess he didn’t see the car and car didn’t see him.

Be careful when crossing the street!

it doesn’t matter right of way this person didn’t care was probably ” in a hurry” ran him over …I’d sue the driver no ifs ands or buts!!

That’s a cute picture with the article. One scarf wrapped around them both.

I wasn’t really a fan but to go by a hit and run that pissed me off , angered me and shocked me !!! I can only imagine alley who I knew from wonder years then went on to bold & beautiful ….such a shame

It wasn’t hit and run. Drivers stayed at the scene. It actually sounds like Orson was in the wrong.

they said hit and run maybe you should read the Google article .on my Android phone the news article said Orson bean killed by hit and run …I’ve seen these things before in my hometown it doesn’t matter who was ” wrong ” a person was killed unexpectedly killed shockingly killed I would die her ass ….a friend of mine almost died because another stupid woman wasn’t paying attention didn’t see her could’ve killed her .they may have both in ” wrong ” but she almost died but she’s such a Christian or tries to be a good human being she didn’t sue the stupid airheaded dingbat woman ….I on the other hand would’ve taken her to court !!

Yes, everything on the Internet is true.

Prayers to Alley Mills with her loss of her husband.

From the Netherlands, Orson rust in vrede. Je was een geweldige acteur.!!

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Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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David Gail, Former ‘Port Charles’ Star, Cause of Death Determined; Mother Speaks Out on Dangers of Pharmaceutical Addiction and Fentanyl Epidemic

David Gail, who played Dr. Joe Scanlon on Port Charles (1999-2000), and who also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, cause of death has been revealed. The actor passed away on January 16th at the age of 58.

According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

Gail’s mother, Mary Painter, spoke to Deadline on the findings and opened up to what led to David’s ultimate passing. Gail was found unresponsive by emergency personnel who attempted to save his life. Eventually, he was put on life support where he remained for several days till his death.

Photo: ABC

In her statement, Painter shared, “It breaks my heart to learn that my son died this way. David became reliant on medicine many years ago, after multiple surgeries on his hands and wrists. He lived in enough pain to prevent him from working for almost a decade, with relief only achieved through full disability, physical therapy and pain medicine.”

She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

Gail’s other TV credits included parts on: Savannah, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Perfect Opposites.

What do you think about the poignant statement offered up by the late David Gail’s mother, Mary Painter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Days of our Lives and General Hospital Receive 2024 WGA Award Nominations For a Daytime Drama

Nominations were revealed on Wednesday, February 21st, for the 2024 Writers Guild of America (WGA) Awards in the categories of motion pictures, television & new media.

This year, the WGA Award ceremonies will be held after the Academy Awards. The Oscars are set for March 10th, while the Writer’s Guild presentation will be on April 14th.

In the field of writing for a ‘Daytime Drama’, two soap operas are once again vying fo the prize … Days of our Lives and General Hospital.  Last year, the award went to Ron Carlivati (head writer, DAYS) and his writing team as they were the only nominee in the category. Overall, DAYS has won the award now three years in a row.

Photo: WGA

The nominated writing team members for 2024 are as below:

Days of Our Lives, Head Writer Ron Carlivati Creative Consultant Ryan Quan WritersSonja Alar, Jazmen Darnell Brown, Joanna Cohen, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Cheryl Davis, Kirk Doering, Christopher Dunn, Jamey Giddens, David Kreizman, Henry Newman, Dave Ryan, Katherine D. Schock; Peacock

General Hospital, Head Writers Dan O’Connor, Chris Van Etten Writers Ashley Cook, Emily Culliton, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Shannon Peace, Stacey Pulwer, Dave Rupel, Lisa Seidman, Scott Sickles; ABC

Photos: Peacock

As previously reported, Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor are no longer the head writers at General Hospital having been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and longtime GH writing team member, Elizabeth Korte.  In addition, both Van Etten and O’Connor worked under Ron Carlivati when they were all part of the One Life to Live writing team.

According to a DAYS spokesperson, the nominated episodes this year for Days of our Lives are #14663, #14678 & #14679, which revolve around Victor’s death/funeral, and part of Dick Van Dyke’s storyline as Timothy Robicheaux. We will update this story on what General Hospital chose for the writing competition as soon as it becomes available.

Photo: ABCDays of


No official word yet on if The Bold and the Beautiful or The Young and the Restless submitted for competition, or decided to sit this one out. The previous two years, it was only DAYS and GH in the running for the award as well.

The complete list of WGA nominations appears here.

So, what do you think about Days of our Lives and General Hospital scoring WGA Award nominations for a Daytime Drama Series? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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