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OWN Releases Promo Featuring Oprah Winfrey Announcing Summer Fling With AMC and OLTL!



Oprah has spoken! This time in an excited fashion ushering in All My Children and One Life to Live’s landing successfully on their new television home, Oprah’s OWN beginning on Monday July 15th for OWN’s Summer Fling with the soaps!

In the first video where Oprah is promoting her network’s decision to air the iconic returns of All My Children and One Life to Live, she exclaims, “I heard you! You posted, you tweeted, you Facebook’d, and I listened … and now they’re here! Pine Valley, Llanview, Victoria Lord, Adam Chandler, Angie and Jesse…  all of your favorites.  We’re having a summer fling with the soaps!”

As far as the programming schedule on OWN for All My Children and One Life to Live, even though both soaps will launch on Monday July 15th to kick things off the first day, OWN has scheduled back-to-back to-back half-hour episodes starting with the first three episodes of TOLN’s All My Children which will air from 12:00-1:30 PM ET/PT, with the third episode repeating at 1:30 PM ET/PT.   One Life to Live will air the first three episodes from TOLN from 2:00 PM-3:30 PM, with the third episode repeating at 3:30 PM ET/PT.

Then, starting on Tuesday July 16th, All My Children and One Life to Live will begin it’s regularly scheduled time slot at 1:00PMET/PT for AMC, and  OLTL at 3:00 PM ET/PT.  The soaps will air Mondays through Thursdays for 10 weeks equally the first 40 episodes.

Now, watch the promo featuring Oprah after the jump! Certainly a far cry from the video a few years ago AMC and OLTL fans! But, are you excited that the shows are coming to cable? Do you like Oprah’s Summer Fling with the soaps promo? Let us know!

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Good for her. That’s why she’s Oprah. She does listen and she isn’t afraid to do what is best, even when she has to own up to making a mistake. However, it isn’t exactly true that she said there was no money to be made from soaps. She said it, but the context is important because it was before there was a PP to produce them. She said it when we were asking her to produce them. I think she probably didn’t see how she could afford to do that and now that PP is covering those costs, OWN can afford to pay the licensing fees.

well said. LOL. like the inference.

the bottom line, for me; that soap actors’ have other avenues to venture… to find employment. and we’re talking AMC and OLTL… etc… so… I applaud Oprah for furthering what was “RIP”… MIA… and is now a part of our lives, again.

Oprah is cyclical… she knows that.

Oprah Winfrey… Fans have “long” memories… Thanking You for the duration of what helped you.


Bravo !

I believe your statement 100 %. Very well said.

I think this is wonderful getting our soaps back.Please ,I hope it is not just for the summer, please keep them on for good. Thanks for coming to our rescue.

You are correct, context is important. She DID say there was not one more dime to be made from soaps and that there was no more audience for them. No problem understanding that statement. For me, it was her arrogant, condescending attitude toward the very people who made her a success that ticked me off most.
And I don’t know what videos you’ve seen – but NOprah has not owned up to any mistake. She is doing this for her network.

That being said – I am glad these shows will have a chance on a cable channel though, even if it is OWN. I will watch on Hulu and OWN and then watch her eat crow as we prove her words of two years ago wrong.

Thanks Oprah!!!
It is needed and great help to get our soaps out there!!!

“I heard you” = I did but didn’t care until I realized running these shows could drum up some revenue for my in trouble network.

I see right through you Winfrey, but lucky for you my love of these shows supersedes my disdain for you.

you said it perfectly….

“…my love for these shows supersedes”.

Oprah is now legitimately human….

Her reign Supreme has dimmed.

SOS – save our soaps

Bottom line is;
Oprah is a big benefit to PP and our soaps, that need new and more and viewers and through her network it will help keep our soaps going and prospering ..
This is way more beneficial to Us and PP than it is for Oprah ..

I an glad she now able to help..

You know what, I’m actually sick of seeing these types of comments. Not just you kcphilly, but others like you.

How easy do you think it is for Oprah to secure syndication rights from both ABC and Prospect Park?

Do you people think she can just snap her fingers and get what she wants?

What about the cost factor in all of this?

Do you know how much Brian Frons lied about the state of AMC/OLTL, and he did so for years?

She has repeatedly said that soaps were expensive. Just because she’s a millionaire doesn’t mean she should just shell out HER PERSONAL MONEY just to make the viewers happy.

You people really have some nerve. First, you’re mad at her for not having the shows (on HER NETWORK, not yours), and now you’re mad at her for having them, again on HER NETWORK.

If you people are just going to keep complaining and not look at the business side of this situation, then just piss off and don’t watch the network.

That way, when the soaps do cancel once and for all, both on internet and tv, you can’t complain about how she didn’t broadcast them on HER NETWORK.

My problem was not with her being unable to pick the shows up, it was the rude way in which she did it. Kind of like your reply right now.

All she had to do was say that while she was sad the shows were ending, it was not something she could take on at the time. But she didn’t do that, she basically put down the shows and said they weren’t worth anything.

THAT was the slap in the face to the fans.

I think the fans are well aware of the business side of the situation, we do not need to go “piss off.”

We have a right to speak up. If YOU don’t like that then don’t read fans responses.

I totally agree. It is a big difference between saving the shows and airing them; I don’t think people realize that. She wasn’t in a position to save the shows, and now she is in a position that she can help. I will watch the shows on both avenues. I support PP and whoever makes the effort to keep them on regardless of the person or network. This is business, not personal.

JustSayin’….it was NEVER about the fact that she wouldn’t (or couldn’t – whatever) help try and save/revive the soaps. It was her attitude toward the daytime fans and the genre. She was condescending and insulting and forgot these were the same people who made her successful. And still no apology or acknowledgment….
(soaps won’t be canceled once and for all either….)

kcphilly and others – Clearly Oprah was wrong and condescending. But that was 2 years ago.

How long is your disdain going to last? You people just keep waiting for that apology.

Disdain? That’s pretty harsh. Did you have a bad experience with the woman on a personal level? Lol.

We are all mature and informed enough to realize that the business of soaps is the same as any other facet of show business. The dollar is the bottom line. Unfortunately, business supersedes our (the fans) love of the soap genre. Business is and will always be business.

Oprah’s OWN is no different than TVGN airing Y&R. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’m pleased to see the support coming in from OWN, TVGN, online outlets etc. It only means that our beloved soaps will continue for years to come. So lets move on but most importantly lets be sure to WATCH!!

I don’t like Oprah for many reasons, her attitude and statement about the soaps two years ago was just pushed it over the edge.

I said I would be watching them on OWN, I’m glad for the shows that they will be on tv.

Soap fans that get OWN will be “moving on” and supporting the shows, but doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge the fact that she’s eating crow now. She said there was no money to be made from soaps, basically that their time was over. Now her network is in more trouble than ever and she now is hoping the soap fans will tune in and give her network a boost. There is no harm in pointing this out. It means another win for soap fans over the big guys.

You said it – I was thinking the exact same thing.
All of a sudden she’s the giant superhero as she proclaims
“I heard you” evidently forgetting that she said the soaps were
a thing of the past.

Yeah! She finally heard us two years later… All the things she said about people work and are not home to watch the soaps! When I was working I would record them. So that statement was not true. And a thing of the past.. This is only a temporary thing just for the summer and they are episodes we have already seen. I would rather see new episodes than ones I have already seen. I hope the soaps get a lot of publicity by showing these repeated episodes and get more and new viewers for both soaps..

If Oprah couldn’t have saved the soaps.. then it’s not in her power, case closed. Oprah went OUT OF HER WAY to release a tape telling the soap fans that the genre was DEAD!!! Oprah said if there was another dollar to be made from the soaps, they’d still be on the air. Oprah said that soaps simply didn’t have a fan base anymore and that there time had come. She didn’t have to say all that, no reply would have been just fine.. telling us the soaps were dead and to stop bothering her was pompous and arrogant.. and I take issue with that.

Oprah now talking about how she heard us..who’s us? If Oprah is referring to the people too lazy to go online and watch the soaps, who BTW, did so using twitter and facebook.. found online.. then she heard them, but the people that wrote letter after letter to the networks, local ABC stations, signed and created dozens of online petitions and some even picketing the ABC NY HQ.. we don’t thank her.. because to her it was a waste of time.

Best believe if Oprah’s network wasn’t failing.. she wouldn’t have given a sound thought about the soaps. The soap audience is the same audience that supported her show for 25 years.. 25 years were she was given a GREAT lead in everyday.. when we need her she spat in our faces.

I’m happy the soaps are on TV so the fans that can’t/won’t watch online will see what they’ve been missing.. just wish it wasn’t on OWN. If Oprah APOLOGIZES.. perhaps many will get past their ill-will towards her, but given her massive ego and belief she built herself into something single-handedly won’t allow her to do that. Oprah owes us an apology, because she was dead wrong about the soaps being un-profitable, without a fanbase and dead.

Absolutely correct. I will watch them on OWN too just to get the ratings for the soaps, but wish it was on another network, and not hers. She was very condescending. And, I am one of the many who started watching her years ago only because it was on the same channel after my soaps. She has no gratitude to the fans that helped make her show so famous.

AJ she won’t apologize…

And if she doesn’t apologize that is fine. We will watch the soaps on OWN because we love the soaps. I still won’t like NOprah. IF she ever does actually apologize, that may change my opinion of her. But I don’t think she really cares either way, and I will not thank her.

Good…lets move on and enjoy our soaps…at least the ones we like, and let others who enjoy the ones we dont!


That’s a pretty enthusiastic promo! I dig it!

Cool they’re starting with a marathon…but then that creates a snag – if they air the first three episodes of each show in a marathon on Day One, then at some point during that ten week run, they’ll need to show a repeated episode on two of those days. Unless they actually end up airing the first 42 episodes rather than the first 40 during the Summer Fling.

I am very happy to have this limited showing of these shows on ANY cable channel! This will help out fans who can’t watch online and will hopefully give us some new fans. The shows are very good and just need more publicity.
And proving NOprah’s words of two years ago wrong will be sweet as well – even if she is going to profit.

Great to see this!

Does anyone know what channel OWN is in New York?

There is a problem with this promo. To those who are “not in the know,” this could be perceived is rerunning the abc version. She needs to tell the ignorant that THESE ARE NEW SHOWS……………………

Good Deal. I am getting tired of the lame storylines on Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless. Looking for new options until they can / ice / fire Brad Bell who is a pervert.

Alright, if in the ends she saves them, then fine. Grumble. Fine. Ok. Thanks.

Eye roll, cue music and wind, I look into the camera…breath and click the remote to OWN.

Because I’d rather have these shows on my DVR to watch in bed, than on a laptop. Bottom line, I look at a computer all day…..I don’t want to use one to watch TV at night.

Soaps belongs with blankets and cats in my weekday ighttime world. Don’t ask what’s on the TV on a weekend!! Okaaaay.

Exactly! I watched online only 2 days and then stopped watching because it’s inconvenient. I usually watch tv as I play my games on FB so this is Great!!!!

Inconvenient = Lazy

She did not save them, Prospect Park did!

If your TV has the right ports – you can use it as a monitor and watch them through your television online. I’ve been doing that for years now. All it took was a $12 HDMI cord.

How I wish we could see it from the beginning when I was in school and would skip just to watch AMC…..I’m sure I speak for all that that would be AMAZING! I would buy the dvd’s if they were sold. Put this to the soap addicts like me and see what they say. Thanks Oprah for bringing us so much happiness. Can’t wait!!!

Thank you very much Oprah!

Oprah did this out of the GOODNESS of heart, instead of trying to save her failing network!

Oprah told us the soaps time had come, and they had no audience and there was no money to be made, so it wasn’t worth her time.. now that they’re profitable here she comes trying to benefit off other hardwork!


Igorance is bliss. Multi-Billionaires didn’t get that way by making silly decisions based on idiotic feelings. Grow Up! The entertainment business is full of rich people who do what they do in order to stay RICH!!! They want to entertain you YES, but they also want to control you!!! Stop hating and enjoy the entertainment of truth and lies coming from your TV & Computer.

I have watched OLTL & AMC faithfully since their return on line thanks to Prospect Park. I enjoy both soaps as much as ever. I know what Oprah said about not taking the shows to her network two years ago but I am not holding any ill wills. I am glad she is bringing the first 40 episodes to OWN. She now wants a piece of the action because they are doing well online. If we support this Oprah may start airing them on a regular basis. I have faith. I honestly think this is a trial and we all will get our wish So let us all support this.

Well said! I still can’t stand NOprah – but I will watch on OWN and hope they get picked up permanently!

Reality check. The soaps will help salvage OWN. Karma bites Oprah!

Exactly, where’s the apology or her saying she’s wrong?

Oprah has actually convinced people she’s doing them a favor!

Are people so naive that they believe OWN was the ONLY channel that wanted the soaps? I’m sure there was a bit of a bidding war: Lifetime, Oxygen, OWN, TVGN and a few others. OWN had to really wanted them to get them, Oprah being the ‘smart businesswoman’ likely overpaid.. but either way it made national headlines and gives PP/TOLN great publicity.

I’ll watch, but Oprah is so full of sh*t it isn’t even funny.

I agree with you AJ !

Please tell me how she is wrong. She’s a Multi-Billionaire making decisions based on viewer particpation. Why should she lose money money on a dying industry that only caters to a certain type of audience???? I guess if she’s not giving away free prizes than she’s not worthy, what a bunch of hypocrites!

Good grief. Why should Oprah apologize for making a business decision? So what if she was wrong? So was Brian Frons. So was CBS. So was ABC. They were all wrong about the soap industry. Now you want an apology?

She made a business decision and thought that soaps were dead. Clearly she was wrong, but it was still her decision to make. So if she wants to change her mind, so be it.

Hold grudges all you want. At least she’s broadcasting the soaps again.

You still don’t get it. WE do get it. It was a business decision, a financial decision. She could have just stated it that simply. BUT she went out of her way to tell us that there weren’t enough of ‘us’ to make it worth her while in a manner that was rude and condescending. THAT is what we would like an apology for. Not her decision – her handling of that decision and US. You know – the fans that made her successful in the first place?

And apparently you can’t read, because the vast majority of US have stated we WILL WATCH on OWN. Holding a grudge would mean we wouldn’t watch, we can watch and still not like her.

CTwildheart – What I read is a bunch of people complaining that Oprah is NOW broadcasting the shows. You know, instead of 2 years ago when she had the chance to save them.

And yes, she was rude. So what?

2 years ago, she was a rookie to owning a network. Now she’s no longer a rookie. She can’t afford to be a novice. She can’t afford to jump the gun and make MORE bad business decisions. But no one is taking that into consideration.

Oh nooooooo….

It’s all about how rude she was…. 2 years ago.

The fact is Oprah is going to make many, many more business decisions. Some bone-headed, and some smart. And yes, she’s going to shoot her mouth off and say something else that’s stupid.

But people are always going to come back to…. 2 years ago, when she was rude.

Thank u Oprah!!

thanks prospect park, hulus plus, iphones and oprah…….

I have to agree with both sides of this debate. OWN picking up AMC and OLTL is a good thing, and I appreciate that it’s contributing to their ongoing survival. Oprah didn’t have to do it (though I’ll bet another network would have). But I feel compelled to point out that she wouldn’t be, if it weren’t profitable for OWN to do so (which supports the argument that some other network would if OWN hadn’t). And I find her advertisement disingenuous at best. This isn’t about her “listening” to anybody. She made a business decision then (when she said soaps were dead and she wouldn’t pick them up), and she’s making a business decision now. Had she not gone out of her way to be dismissive two years ago (which, I’m sorry, she unmistakably was–people were as upset by the WAY she dismissed the idea as with the fact that she made the decision she did), she might be able to pull off an “I heard you” campaign now, but given what she said then, she needs to try a different approach. She’s contributing to the shows’ ultimate survival, but she’s not the savior this ad campaign seems to be trying to make her out to be. She had that chance two years ago and chose not to take it on (which was a legitimate business decision, and I supported her right to make it even if I disagreed with how she did it); somebody else did take it on and has saved them, and the most she can claim now is a supporting role.

So yes, I am grateful OWN will carry the two shows (I might prefer watching them on my TV, not sure yet), but I roll my eyes at her PR campaign, which makes me feel as though she thinks I’m stupid or something. That part could have been far better handled, and she’s showing the same tone-deafness as she did two years ago. For somebody who built a career on how well she projected empathy, understanding, and such, I’d say she’s surprisingly out of touch with how that commercial comes off: not at all sincere, and rather cynical.

Extremely well said, it almost IS INSULTING for her to say ” I heard you ” – and I’m like — whaaa–t?
You are right she should approach it in a different manner, one that reflects what actually is happening.
Something like “Oops guess I was wrong, same as when I ate that pork shoulder last night”….now that at least would be funny.

She finally heard us the soap fans two years later! I think her own channel has low ratings and by doing this she will boost her ratings on her own channel. I’m glad other people will get to see OLTL & AMC especially if they couldn’t view them on-line..My impression she didn’t care ,when making her annoucement about not saving the soaps..That’s the way she came across to me. That was my impression of the whole thing…Oh well I hope other soap fans enjoy watching the repeats just for the summer that miss the oppurtunity to see them in the first place…

Wonderfully well said Michael!


totally happy to see them anyway I can:) happy they will be on tv

whats funny is that Prospect Park was in AGREEMENT with F/X Canada and broke it leaving Canadian fans not able to watch at all and your all thanking Oprah who told you all it was EXPENSIVE to run these show now 2 years later she is saying she heard you??? REALLY what a slap in the face to real soap fans, Oprah is a self serving person who does NOT deserve ANY praise at all, and if you do praise and thank her your just a fool!!!

love the idea but not for summer only we want these shows back for good

I’m glad that Oprah is going to air the repeats for the people that haven’t been able to see them online. As for Oprah, it’s too little, too late for me. After proclaiming for years that she was the biggest AMC fan her rude, condescending video to the fans 2 years ago was a slap in the face. I think she owes soap fans an apology before she rants about how she “heard” us because she really didn’t.

Exactly-I’m glad that SOMEONE is airing AMC/OLTL, but this “I heard you” business is disingenuous at best. Sorry, Oprah, you should have kept your mouth shut in the first place.

OMG! I can’t wait! I already have my DVR set to record so I won’t miss an episode. Oprah is the greatest and only she could pull it off! Thank you so much!

Maybe if she said “I was wrong believing there was no more audience for soaps – I’ve heard you all this time and now I’m gonna do something about it.” or something anywhere near this – we wouldn’t still hold bad feelings for NOprah. But she didn’t. So we will support our shows on any and every network, cable outlet, online website – just like we supported our shows for two years when they weren’t being produced. But we still don’t like her.

Exactly-my biggest problem with this ISN’T that they’re being shown on OWN, it’s her “savior” attitude. I sincerely hope these shows find the audience they should find, but those of us that have been in the trenches since Black Thursday know her true attitude, and can smell BS when we hear it

What “savior” attitude? Are we talking about the same person?

Good grief….

Yes, it’s her “savior” attitude clearly attributable in the promo-when we ALL know that there’s a YouTube video out there with her true feelings on the matter. Let me be clear, I’m thrilled that OWN-or any cable outlet-decided to pick these shows up, but as a thinking soap fan, I reserve the right to call Oprah out on her BS

Well that promo made me want to puke! Let’s just call it what it really is and stop trying to kiss the proverbial butt here. Oprah went out of her way to say how the genre was dead and didn’t have a dollar left to be made because of the high production costs. Ok, got it and understand that side. BUT what Prospect Park did OWN could have as well. They could have licensed AMC & OLTL and made them into webisodes and ran them on the OWN website. They already had a platform (OWN website) up and running. And it shouldn’t have been that hard to get partners involved with it being Oprah and all. But like many have brought out, OWN is in trouble ratings wise. It’s not bringing in the numbers that he daytime talk show did. The most logical choice probably should have been creating some content that mirrored daytime in the beginning to bring over the soap watchers. When I heard that she had partnered up with Tyler Perry (whom I love) and that they were creating a soap I almost lost it. I immediately thought back to what she said about the soaps. Apparently, a TP soap must not have those same constraints or ratings issues as she spoke of in her message to the soap fans. (NOT!) So as I said, let’s just call it what it is – an opportunity for OWN to bring up their ratings by correcting a mistake in judgement in hopes that it will help. For us soap watchers let’s hope that the ratings fair well and that this partnership with Prospect Park will be mutually beneficial to all.

I am so happy you are going to air AMC and OLTL this summer. Please continue to air these two soaps after the summer fling is finished. Oprah, you have so much influence in the showbusiness industry. If anyone can bring our soaps back to television, you can.

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All My Children icon and Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), apparently was being considered for the lead in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

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Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

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Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

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Joining Mark and Kelly in the race are: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View
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As previously reported, The Talk is coming to its end when its upcoming 15th and final season ends in December of 2024.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmys are slated to be broadcast and stream live on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th

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Consuelos replaced Ryan Seacrest who are six seasons decided to be back on the west coast full-time. For Consuelos, now having the opportunity to work off of Ripa as co-hosts has been something of adjustment for him, but viewers have been eating it up.

Live with Kelly and Mark has remained the No. 1 entertainment talk show on television over the past year, growing 3% in average total viewers to 2.23M per episode.  It is also the most-watched daytime talk show in the last year in key demos of women 18-49 and women 25-54. All of this, since the real-life marrieds teamed-up.

Photo: ABC

Speaking with Deadline, Kelly Ripa shared why the two are gelling on-screen, “I do think that there is something very possibly relatable about our relationship. We have disagreements like a normal couple, and we’re not afraid to let them unfold on the air and in front of America, and I think people find a lot of themselves in that.”

Mark weighed in how he has progressed as a host, and what he could improve at, sharing, “I’d like to get better at my interviewing skills. I’d like to get better at reading a teleprompter…I think I’m getting better at throwing to commercial. The other day in the middle of the show as we go to commercial, my sign off was ‘See you guys around.’ I mean, the show wasn’t over. The most obvious thing to say would be, ‘We’ll be back right after this.’ But I just said, ‘See you around.’ So we went to commercial and one of the producers (goes) ‘What was that?’ I don’t know… So for the next few sign offs, as a joke, I’d say ‘See you around.’ We got a kick out of it.”

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Kelly has given huge props to Mark, “I find Mark utterly compelling, really interesting, super funny, and he’s bold in a way like nobody else. He says what’s on his mind. If he’s thinking it, he says it.  I’ve done this a long time and oftentimes people will adjust their natural personalities to pander to what they think the audience wants to hear, and Mark will tell people what he thinks, and he doesn’t care if it’s not a popular opinion. It gives him an edginess that I think is really missing in the landscape today. Everybody’s so afraid to say anything, and Mark is unafraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.”

In a statement, Debra O’Connell, President News Group and Networks, Disney Entertainment shared, We could not be more thrilled with how Mark has seamlessly joined the show family as permanent co-host. His undeniable charisma and his and Kelly’s natural chemistry are evident as they deliver the laughs and smiles to our viewers each morning. We are incredibly proud of how Live has continued to evolve and that the audience is responding so enthusiastically.”

So, do you think Mark Consuelos is the best co-host his wife Kelly Ripa has ever had on ‘Live’? How would you say he is doing as co-host after one full year on the job? Comment below.

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